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Curt and Sonia's Book

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S: Sonia and Curt

BC: Made with | by your grandchildren

FC: Sonia and Curt

1: Happy 90th, Curt | Happy 85th, Sonia

2: Curt

5: Sonia

10: Sharon and Arthur | Dear Mom, All through my life, you have instilled in me wonderful values. You set an example with your kindness, thoughtfulness and love. Your love and devotion to Dad, your children and grandchildren, family and friends is unconditional. You make everyone you know feel so special and loved. I have been fortunate in life to have you as my mother! My childhood is full of wonderful family memories- summers at the beach, shopping trips to the lower East Side, Shabbat dinners and your delicious holiday meals! Our loss of Barbara is so deep, yet you have persevered and continued to create the bond of life we all share together. You are my inspiration! May we continue to share life’s greatest gifts together- each other! Happy 85th Birthday! I love you so much, Sharon Dear Dad, I feel so fortunate in my life to have you beside me all these years. I remember as a little girl waiting at the door until you came home from work and wanting to be the first one to greet you and kiss you. Well, that feeling has never changed. When I am with you- there is such a strong feeling of security and love that warms my heart and soul. Your calmness, ability to give loving advice and devotion to Arthur, our kids and all our family has made you a pillar of respect and admiration. Everyone who has the opportunity to know you or work with you over the years, only has the highest regard for the person you are! Our lives are enriched by having you there for all these years. Happy 90th Birthday! I love you so much, Sharon

11: The first time I met Curt and Sonia was when Sharon brought me to their home on Sterner Road in Hillside to introduce the boyfriend to the parents. I walked into the home and was immediately impressed at what a good looking couple they were. Curt was beginning to gray but had this thick head of hair, and a slight Henry Kissinger accent. Overall a thoroughly distinguished look. He took my hand in his and gave it a firm shake making me feel at ease and welcome. Sharon told me what he did at MONY and I realized that in his quiet, sincere, intelligent way he was sizing me up. After a few minutes a big smile was on his face that warmed up the entire room. Sonia instantly welcomed me and before I took my jacket off offered me something to drink and eat. After watching me finish what was offered she had a beautiful smile on her face as well. I knew we would be kindred souls. To this day I remember how gracious and kind she was trying to make me comfortable. 30 years of their being in my life have gone by and Sonia and Curt a little older are still a handsome couple. They have devoted their life to their family and I am very lucky to be a member. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for us from advice to weekly articles Sonia sends about interesting topics. They are the stabilizing force that keeps this family close. Today’s outpouring of devotion to them is but a small testament of how much they are admired and loved. I love you Curt and Sonia for being such an important part of my life for all these years and for caring about me. Arthur

12: Dear Mom and Dad, Happy and Healthy 175 years! Mom, I want to wish you the happiest and healthiest 85th birthday! To say I am the luckiest son in the world would be an understatement. Your love and kindness throughout my life has molded me into the kind of husband and father I have become. Your thoughtfulness and love for your grandchildren is evidenced in your own special way. You never have a bad word to say about anyone and have an amazing memory for people you have met. The love and devotion you share with Dad has been a perfect role model for Amy and me. In all my years, I do not recall you and Dad ever raising your voices or having an argument with each other. The love and respect you show for each other for the past 63 years is second to none. I love you so very very much, Marc Dad, I want to wish you the happiest and healthiest 90th birthday! As my father, you have always been my best friend, role model and mentor throughout my lifetime. You have also been so supportive of my basketball playing and business career. I could not express in writing how much love and respect I have for you and how fortunate I am to have you as my father. All of my children look up to you in their special ways and you have made Amy feel like a daughter. Every time I meet a former business acquaintance of yours, they always hold you in the highest regard. You have always been so generous to my children with your abundance of love and always have made an effort to support my kids and attend their activities. I love you so very very much, Marc

13: Dear Mom and Dad, Congratulations on your milestone birthdays! Mom--you are one of the kindest and most generous people I know. The word "no" does not exist in your vocabulary. Whenever anyone needs anything, you are always there for them. Dad--you are one of the wisest people I know. You always have great advice to share. From the very first moment I met you, you both made me feel so welcome and you have always treated me like a daughter. I feel so lucky to be part of your warm and close-knit family. You are both amazing role models for my family and me and we are so lucky to have you in our lives. Wishing you both continued good health, contentment and love. All my love, Amy | Marc and Amy

14: Dear Mom and Dad, We have a special relationship that is indeed remarkable. It has been over 40 years since I became your son. My feelings for you both are so strong that it is hard to put into words. Over the yesrs, I have often thought of how lucky I was to have had Barbara in my life for 22 years from the 1st Grade until her tragic passing at 29. She was the love of my life, as you well know. Your continued love, devotion, compassion and (I could go on and on with more adjectives) has been never ending. You both have been there for me throughout my life. The love that you have shown not only Marissa, of course, but Scott and Eric over the years, truly shows what incredible parents and grandparents you are. Now, I am blessed with my growing family and you have added grandchildren in Glenn and Sara. All that you do is amazing. Lastly in your legacy, great grandchildren Brett and Jake are the most significant proof of what the Halper-Rosenberg genes have produced. Love forever, Bobby

15: Bobby

16: Marissa & Glenn

17: Dear Grandma Sonia and Papa Curt, It is hard to express in words how much you mean to both of us. You have been a very important part of my growing up into the person I am today. You have both given me advice, direction, and encouragement through all stages and this still continues today. I am proud to be your oldest granddaughter. You took care of me as a little girl and always told me how much Mom loves me. You, Dad, Aunt Sharon, Uncle Marc, and other family members are my memory and I love and cherish all of the stories about my beautiful mother. I am proud to be Barbara Joan Rosenberg Halper’s daughter. We know she is smiling about her two beautiful grandchildren. I remember like it was yesterday our weekly sleepovers at Sterner Road when I would help Grandma “cook” Shabbat dinner and we would wait for Papa to come home with flowers for both of us. I traveled to amazing destinations with you for Papa’s business meetings (Hawaii,Washington DC, San Diego, Toronto, etc) Our trip to Israel for my Bat Mitzvah was memorable and special. In the metropolitan area, I went to countless shows, tennis matches, and of course our shopping trips. From the moment Glenn proposed, you have welcomed him to our family and treated him as your grandson. This means the world to him. Just as I do, he loves spending time with you doing just about anything from fixing something in your house, chatting about current events, and of course hearing stories about both of your childhoods. The births of Brett Morgan (Berbel Mazala) and then Jake Seth (Yakov Simcha) were our best days. Being parents is our most important and rewarding role. You are our role models as we take care of Brett and Jake, teach, guide, and love them. As you know, Brett came home from school recently with a picture of Grandma and said, “Grandma is my hero because she takes care of me and helps me.” Grandma and Papa, you are both our heroes! Grandma, Happy 85th Birthday Papa, Happy 90th Birthday We love you a Million Trillion! Love Always, Marissa and Glenn

18: When I think of Papa and Grandma there are three distinct memories that come to mind. First, that summer we spent in LBI as kids that is famously captured in the photo of me with Bari and Papa. Those memories of just being a kid, running around the beach with the Draznin's and having a great time. The second memory has to be Papa's pocket watch with his initials. There is nothing that will ever fade that memory. The last is Grandma's cooking. I remember being a teenager and just eating for hours anything she would put in front of me. Thanks Grandma! As for Sara and I in these recent years, the memories of just being together at family events and holidays. The special bonds that an entire family shares at holidays is unbreakable and we are so happy that we have been apart of those. Lastly, how we were honored that you both were at our wedding and were able to walk down the isle as part of our special day. We love you both! Scott & Sara

19: Scott and Sara

20: Dear Grandma and Papa, It’s hard for me to put into words how special you both are to me. Your love and devotion to each other is the foundation of our family’s closeness. You have set the bar high for all of us with your lead by example ways and we are all so determined to make you proud. Growing up I always considered myself lucky to have you around every corner I turned, coming home from school or waking up from a nap to Papa on the couch watching his favorites sports and Grandma in the kitchen preparing something delicious. Seeing and speaking to you is always the bright spot in my day. I am pretty positive our special bond started the moment I was born. It is absolutely amazing and a huge testament to how incredibly special and unique you make every single one of your grandchildren feel- that we all believe we are the favorite. You both have more love in you then anyone I have ever met. Grandma, I strive to be as generous and loving as you are. By cutting out magazine clippings, buying me books, clothes, journals and making me a life member of Hadassah- you make me feel like you’re thinking of me everyday in everything you do. I love how when we speak you share the intimate details of your day, an interesting thing you read or a funny thing you heard. Thank you for teaching me so many wonderful recipes and family traditions. I can’t wait to use them with my own family one day. Papa, going through pictures the past few weeks for this album, I quickly realized that I could fill an entire book of just you and me. There is an amazing gentleness about you, mixed with a strong will and clear mind that makes you the most lovable person. I am your biggest fan and knowing you are in my corner when it comes to work, life, friends and in marriage makes me feel strong like you. Your confidence in me and smart words of advice has helped shape me into the person I am today. Thank you for always believing in me and showing me so much love. You both welcomed my Andrew into our family and into your hearts from the very start. He feels such a strong connection to you and thinks of you as his own grandparents. I love watching his face light up when he is with you and I love even more how much you love him. You continue to teach us so much and instill in us the values that we live by each day. These lessons will serve as our foundation for the life and family we hope to build together. You can count on us to carry on the traditions of our heritage and family forever. We love you so much, Bari & Andrew

21: Bari & Andrew

22: Andrew | I feel fortunate everyday to have both you in my life and believe that the example you have set for our entire family has become a defining quality present in each of us. Your love for each other resonates through the affection, generosity, and honesty that you share with your friends and family. The lessons and experiences you have instilled in me have helped to shape the every decision I encounter. -Papa your humor and general philosophy of treating everyone you meet with the same degree of respect makes our world a better place. -Grandma your desire and ability to provide each of us with comfort and understanding while upholding traditional values that have been lost through the years is inspiring. While you both impart wisdom individually, I can't begrudge Papa without his better half. Papa always says jokingly that grandma doesn't know how lucky she is to have him, after all how many other 90 year-old men are still "active"? I think Papa knows who the lucky one really is, although we are all truly lucky to learn from the love that both of you share. To-date in the U.S they say that only 1.2% of all marriages reach 64-years, leaving roughly 540,000 couples to understand the scope of such a milestone. This means that we have been privy to first-hand advice from a couple that has surpassed 98.8% of all couples in the U.S. As both of you have said to each of your grandchildren in the past, words cannot describe the special bonds we share-- you have both taught me the value giving and receiving love and the importance of laughter, diligence, understanding, and family. Happy 90th birthday Papa and 85th birthday Grandma, I look forward to many more wonderful times together. All my love, Your Grandson Andrew

24: Eric | Marissa, Scott and I are incredibly privileged to have three sets of grandparents. As we celebrate Papa Curt's 90th birthday and Grandma Sonia's 85th, it is a great time for me to reflect on how special my relationship is with these two loving people and the entire Draznin and Rosenberg families. As a child, I was at 9 Oaklawn Road what felt like everyday and the memories I cherish most with Curt and Sonia are the casual nights we spent hanging around the television and chatting together. Grandma would always be cooking and offering us food while Papa would be cracking jokes. Eventually Andrew and I would disappear to either play some basketball, trade baseball cards or mess around in the basement. Whenever we came back upstairs, Grandma would offer us food again, Papa would crack a joke, and the cycle continued like that for years In college, I always enjoyed visiting Grandma and Papa in Boca for an amazing home cooked meal. Our intimate conversations over those four years are some of my favorite memories – I will cherish those conversations forever. Papa's stories have left a lasting impression on me and I will never forget how he traveled cross Europe, on his own as a teenager, to escape the troubles of World War II. His courage and bravery during extraordinary times is amazing. The three words that come to mind when I think of Grandma are: loving, resilient and family. She is the true matriarch of the family, in every sense of the word. I love you both very much. -Eric

26: When most kids are asked to describe their grandparents, few are able to go into such detail as to match their signature scent or list their daily routine from start to finish. That’s because most grandparents are not like mine. Most describes a typical group. My grandparents are not typical. They are like a second pair of parents with 12 protégé (and growing) that look up to their every move. Each one of us children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren is different. We all command attention in uniquely different facets, yet we are all praised individually for our accomplishments. Grandma Sony and I grew particularly close over our shared love for crafts and bargain shopping. Grandma would pick me up from my house of rambunctious boys and give me all the attention I needed by accompanying me to the Rag Shop and allowing my imagination to run wild as I picked out fun activities for us to do together. We would then spend the day together with our faces buried in craft books. She recognized my artistic talents at a young age and always pushed me to pursue this hobby. Through her generosity, careful words and warm hugs, I learned a great deal from her and continue to every day that we share together. Papa has been an inspiration to me since the day I was born. Even though we do not spend every day together, I feel as though I do when I am with my father, as they share the same philosophy on life. My father and Papa are arguably two of the most hard-working men I have ever met and also two of the most loving people. They place a value on family that no billionaire could ever afford. Papa has always encouraged me to try my hardest at every thing I do. Coming to America at a young age and starting a new life in the hustle and bustle of the city is something unthinkable to me, especially as a senior in college who is trying to make life plans for after graduation. He is living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. No words or actions could describe or illustrate the amount of respect that I have for my Grandma and Papa. I love them so much and am honored to be spending this milestone with both of them, as Grandma turns 85 and Papa turns 90. I am only looking forward to making more memories and sharing more joyous occasions in the future.

27: Blake | { }

28: Haley | Since day one, I have always been your Haster. As you have watched me grow up each year, you both have always been there for me. You saw me take my first steps, you visited me at camp, you were by my side at my Bat Mitzvah, you cheered me on in my tennis matches, you came to see my life at Emory, the list goes on and on. I think I am so lucky to have the two of you in my life. There is not a day that goes by where I do not think of both of you. GRANDMA SONNY- you are some baleboostah! You know how to make people happy. There is no one I know who is more generous and loving as you are. Whether it is baking us cookies, sending us popcorn packages, cutting out newspaper and magazine articles, buying us jewelry and clothes at the flea market, you always are thinking about your grandchildren. I love listening to stories from your past. I am always so curious to hear about your life at Weequahic High School, your first date with Papa, your brother Mickey and sister Hannah, the house on Sterner Road, your family trips to Mississippi, and of course beloved Aunt Barbara. You have lived such a remarkable life and I admire you very much for the amazing woman you are. I only hope you have many more happy and healthy celebrations in the future. PAPACURT19- you are a real mensch! There is something so special about you that makes you such a warm and caring person. I think you are so smart and brave. Our beautiful family exists because of your courageous journey from Germany to America. I love hearing you tell me about your life in Offenbach, your mother Hedwig whom I am named after, your studies in Italy, and your job at MONY. I respect and listen to all the wonderful advice you give me. I think you have all the best characteristics a man should have. I only hope to meet a man with the same qualities as you. Grandma is a very lucky gal. I know this milestone birthday will remind you how great a person you are and how everyone who knows you truly loves you. The bond between you two is everlasting. Your unconditional love and devotion to each other is what makes our family so close. When I grow up, I hope to share a love like that with someone special. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face I love you with all my hearts. Love, Haster

30: Alex

31: Dear Papa and Grandma, I am so grateful to have you both in my life. Ever since I was little, you would always came over to visit me to see how I was doing because we have a special connection that I do not share with anyone else. Whether you were watching one of my games or just coming over to my house, I always felt your presence and enjoyed seeing you. Every time I see both of you, I can tell that your faces light up from seeing me and that makes me feel more special than anything. I cannot thank you enough for the unconditional love you display towards me every time I speak to you or see you. You are the most loving and caring people I have ever met and it's those characteristics that make our family so strong. When I grow up, I hope that I share a love like ours with my children and grandchildren. I hope to continue to make both of you proud of me as I enter college and begin the next phase of my life. I love you both very much! Love, Alex

32: Dear Papa and Grandma, You two are truly the best grandparents in the world! As hard as it is to eat just one Lays potato chip, it is even harder not to smile when I see you guys together. Papa, we share a special bond in that we are the only two Rosenbergs to play competitive soccer. You are my role model and I enjoy listening to your words of wisdom. Nothing makes me happier than to see you at a family occasion with your rainbow striped shirt. Grandma, you are the most generous and loving grandmother (not to mention the most stylish as well!). I don't think we have ever had a conversation when you did not ask if I needed more school supplies or a new Polo shirt from Marshall's. The great Jane Howard once said, "Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one." Luckily, I was fortunate enough to be born into the most loving and caring clan of them all! I love you both very much, Drew H. Rosenberg

33: Drew

34: Dear Grandma and Papa, Words cannot explain how lucky I am to have grandparents as awesome as you! Throughout the years, you have taught me many valuable lessons that I will never forget. Whenever I see you, the only thing I can do is smile and give you hugs and kisses because you always brighten my day. i always appreciate it when you come to watch my soccer and basketball games. Papa--you always have great advice for me to become a better soccer player and person. Grandma--you make the best cookies and I miss you when you are in Florida. I am so happy to be part of your milestone birthday celebration! With tons and tons of love, Will P.S. Drew says that he loves you more than I love you but he is lying!

35: Will

36: Dear Great Grandma Sony and Great Papa Curt, We love visiting you and spending lots of time together. We love getting and giving you big hugs and kisses. Brett loves anything she does with Grandma and Papa. Grandma is the best cook and Brett loves putting on her little apron and being your big girl helper. Grandma and Papa are the best at reading books and telling stories about when Mommy was a little girl. Papa is an expert at doing puzzles. Brett loves to tell you both about all of her activities at school and all of the things she is learning. We have so much fun when we sing songs. Brett loves showing you all of her dance moves! Jake loves to snuggle with both of you. He loves when you feed him and rock him to sleep just like you did with his big sister Brett. Jake loves giving his Grandma and Papa big smiles and talking “baby talk.“ Pretty soon Jake will be keeping up with his big sister. Happy, Happy Birthday Grandma and Papa! We love you a million trillion just like Mommy and Daddy! Love Always, Brett Morgan and Jake Seth xoxoxoxox | Brett & Jake

38: Arnie & Ramona

40: Aunt Sonia and Uncle Curt, We are so thrilled to celebrate this special occasion A tribute to you is so very worth this special celebration. A special Aunt and Uncle you are by far, Your loving touches follow us like a shining star. You remember each birthday and special event in our lives, Sharing these moments with you is always such a delight. Through warm firm handshakes, caring advice and life lessons, Uncle Curt you are our hero and we admire your loving wisdom. Aunt Sonia we look forward to your loving ways, Holidays are the best with you sharing your fantastic cooking and cookies. One thing for certain Aunt Sonia and Uncle Curt, Family comes first and this is for certain. Role models you are for our entire family Being with you sharing each moment in harmony, Has made our lives so very rich, Thank you for enriching our lives. Happy Birthday and may we all be together, To celebrate many more great and healthy years forever. With much love, Bruce, Rhonda , Matt and Max | The Ehrichs

41: TheLevys | Dear Aunt Sonia and Uncle Curt:On your very important 85th and 90th birthday milestones, we wanted to tell you how much we love you and how lucky we feel to have such a wonderful aunt and uncle. We have shared so many wonderful times together that we really cherish. Over the years, you have both brought such warmth and strong family values to each of us. We can always count on Aunt Sonia for her wonderful cooking and especially the crescent cookies, and Uncle Curt has always been full of wisdom and guidance. You both continue to be wonderful role models and an inspiration to all of us. You have touched our lives in so many positive ways ,and we are so thankful! We wish you many more happy and healthy years! Happy Birthday! All our love, Jody, Stewart, Lindsay and Jessica

42: We loved it when ya’ll came South to visit us in Clarksdale. We also loved coming to Newark! I remember Sunny telling me just after Mickey and I married in Chicago. You’re one of us now! And I thought what a warm welcome that was to the family. -Leah | Dear Aunt Sonny and Uncle Curt, My congratulations on your wonderful milestone birthdays. My favorite summers were when I spent them with "you guys" in New Jersey. I have so many fond memories of those times. I saw Mickey Mantel play in Yankee stadium with you. Going to New York and seeing the empire state building which may not seem like much to y'all however for a kid from Mississippi it was unreal. Playing basketball with you and Mark in the driveway and catch in the back yard was priceless for me. I remember my dads favorite thing was when Aunt Sonny would pull out the lox and bagels and smoked fish for breakfast, a delicacy we couldn't get in Mississippi. One thing I have always known is the love you have had for me and my family. I know I have always been in your hearts and you have always been in mine no matter what the distance is or the infrequency of our seeing each other. With all my love I wish you wonderful birthday and good health. Love, Alan

43: Uncle Curt: You used to call me Lulu-belle and I loved it! I’ll always remember our summer trips to New Jersey and your office in New York, participating in the company’s art shows for children. Aunt Sonia: Dad’s love for you was contagious and we grew up adoring our Dad’s favorite little sister. You were the shopping maven of my youth, taking me to Daffy Dan’s for my first formal dress and to the lower east side for unforgettable outings. When you visited me in Italy- we sat on the beach together, sharing memories and family history. The two of you make up a most special place in my heart, both in the past and the present. -Stella | Ehrich & Brownstein Families

44: Schaeffer, Weisblatt, & Simon Families

46: Dear Sonia & Curt, We are so excited to share this celebration of your 85th and 90th birthdays! It is truly a special milestone and we couldn’t be happier to honor two of the most special people to all of us. Our families are so fortunate to share such wonderful role models Miriam & Ben and Sonia & Curt. Sonia, you have a heart of gold who never forgets our birthdays or anniversary or just checking in to see how Brooke, Devin & Dustin are doing. We love scooping into “The Jello Mold,” Grandma Miriam’s tales of you & her shopping on the Lower East Side “The best snow suits are found in July” (1981). Writing down Miriam’s recipes (thank you!). A wonderful host and chef (Thanksgivings in Hillside). When we see you, we see Mom/Gram and all that our families have shared. CurtYou are always so interested in Brooke, Devin & Dustin’s achievements. We love you and Papa Ben going to Lunch, saying the Motzi at our simchas and celebrating the joys of both being a great grandpa. Brett & Jake are so fortunate to have you, Sonia & Ben in their lives. We love you both and wish you continued good health! All Our love, xoxo Janie, Steven, Brooke, Devin, Dustin & Ben

47: The Halpers & Eisenstats

48: Friends and Cousins

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