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Dad and Chris

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Dad and Chris - Page Text Content

S: The Gift of Life - August 25, 2011

FC: “I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.” - William Penn | The Gift of Life August 25, 2011

1: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Posted Aug 23, 2011 10:53pm by Leann Bier Hi everyone, Dad went through his first round of plasmapheresis (desensitization to rid his blood of antibodies that could attack a foreign organ) yesterday and everything went fine. One more round tomorrow, and then it's transplant day on Thursday. The exact time of the surgery is a little uncertain, but it will be sometime in the morning. Leann Posted by Russ Slaby: Good luck Dad and Chris! Thank you Chris. | Leann, Chris, Russ and Lisa Wednesday, August 24, 2011 The day before the transplant

2: Update: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 Posted Aug 24, 2011 3:35pm by Leann Bier Hi all -- Time change: Dad and Chris' surgery is now scheduled for 2:00 pm on Thursday. Dad is going through round two of the plasmapheresis right now. Love to all, Leann Posted by Dale Slaby: Thanks for setting this up and giving updates....God's Speed to both Chris and Ron and they will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Wish Ron and Chris well...We're all pulling for them back here. Posted by Andria Slaby: Ditto! This is awesome. Thanks cousins. :) Please send Ron and Chris all my best! Thinking of them a lot this week. Will be checking back often for updates. Posted by Don Zoromski: Thanks for sending this out. Our thoughts and prayers will be with both Ron & Chris. We will be down in Madison this weekend bringing Zoey to school. We'll keep checking for updates. Don Posted by Dennis Zoromski: Thoughts and prayers to Ron and Chris!!!! God bless you both, from all of us on the Thorp side of the state. Posted by doris cook: Hi Leann, This is an awesome way to communicate. Thank you for setting this up. I talked to your dad Tuesday evening for just a bit because he had had a long day. Tell him we love him and will be checking this posting frequently the next few days. We will refrain from calling so that we don't interrupt things. Love to you all, give your mom and dad a big squeeze for me and tell them I love them very much! Give my best to Nancy and Rollie too. Thank you Chris for such a blessed and unselfish gift!

3: Posted by Dale Slaby: Leann - Tell your Dad and Chris I'll be thinking of them especially at 2pm today....beautiful summer day for a successful kidney transplant!! And tell Chris and his parents thanks also. Love to all!! Look forward to seeing your post of success later on. Posted by Dale Slaby: Ooops...meant to mention special thoughts to MaryAnn who has been a pillar of strength and inspiration for Ron through all of this...God Bless You MaryAnn...Love Dale Posted by Amy Slaby: We will be praying for Ron & Chris, and all our family! May God be with them today & in their recovery! Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do to help all of you during your stay here in the Madison area - our doors are always open! LOVE TO YOU ALL - Amy, Doug, Matthew & Troy Posted by Eric Zoromski: Praying for Ron, Chris and the whole extended family. Get it done, get better! Posted by Carrie Zoromski: Went to mass this morning. We'll do our part, and let the doctors do theirs. Just called my mom and she will have her Eland friends praying. Also just called Trixie to give her the time of surgery. We look forward to the next Zoromski gathering when Ron will be able to join in! Good luck and love, Don, Carrie, Zoey, Tillie and Jed

4: Update: Transplant Day Posted Aug 25, 2011 11:29am by Leann Bier This morning, Ron, Mary, Lisa, Russ and Chris got together for "breakfast" at the hotel (Dad and Chris couldn't eat!). Seth and I arrived just in time to see Chris off as he left for the hospital. Chris is scheduled for surgery at 12:10; Dad is scheduled for 2:00. Everyone seems to be in good spirits, but understandably nervous. Chris is truly amazing - he seems the most relaxed! Our family is at a loss for words at times; it's difficult to express to Chris how grateful we are. As Russ said to me last night..he is an angel on earth. Love, Leann Posted by Mark Zoromski: We're praying for you all! Mark & Jill Zoromski Posted by renee divine: Sending good "jew-jew" your way (figured Seth would like that coming from one of his favorite jewish siblings). Hugs to Ronnie! Posted by Dale Slaby: Awesome news...and great that you could all get together this morning.....great picture of all of you with Chris.....very cool and a happy, happy day!!! Love to all....God's Speed today! Posted by Amy Slaby: Leann - Thanks for the update! We will be thinking of Chris, Ron and the entire family! Love to you all! Amy Posted by Paula Slaby: Great picture, love the cheese Chris. Prayers from us left here in Wausau for you right now. Ron good luck and I am sure Makayla sends you an Eskimo kiss right now. And a small little one from me. Love to all Posted by Teri Shore: This brings a tear to my eye. I agree that Chris is an angel, and I'm sure he knows and feels how grateful all of you are. We're counting down with you - what an exciting day! Love to all, Teri and family

5: Posted by doris cook: He truly is...Keep us posted and I will call grandma as I see postings okay? Posted by Royana Black: I love you guys!!! Leann, my "lesson" today is, "There is nothing to fear." Mucho appropriate. Posted by Jimmy Paulsen: Good vibes and love coming your way!!! Posted by gene zoromski: We are so thankful for the updates. Our thoughts, prayers and spiritual strength is with each of you. Ron and Chris may god be with the surgeons and staff through this day also. Love Z & Lil | The Ron Slaby Family - morning of transplant day

6: Update: Delay Posted Aug 25, 2011 1:56pm by Lisa Habeck Surgery is delayed due to a prior surgery from this morning yet. We will keep you posted! Lisa Posted by Dale Slaby: Love the family pic. Beautiful....Ron looks pretty darn excited with anticipation.. great to see that spark in his eye!!! Posted by Gordon Froeb: Good Luck!!! My thoughts and prayers are with your family!!!! Posted by Nichole Moyle: Hi everyone! Grandpa you are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and can't wait to see you again! Grandma, aunt leann, mom and uncle russ I love all of you also! Can't wait to see the update that the surgery is all done and everything went great! :) Love you all, Nicki, Brian, Hunter and Lilly Posted by Craig Wojicechowski: Our prayers are with the entire family as they go through this together. God will watch over them. Woody and Tari

7: Update: It has begun! Posted Aug 25, 2011 3:21pm by Russ Slaby Chris has just gone into surgery. It has begun. God speed Chris and Dad. Our prayers continue for success and a quick recovery for all. Russ Posted by doris cook: God be with you all...It is all in His hands Posted by Bonnie Zoromski: To Mary Ann and family. We will keep Ron and Chris in our prayers. And stay strong family. Glad you are all there with him. Gerald & Bonnie Posted by Dorothy Zoromski: We will keep you all in our prayers. Thanks for the updates! Posted by Amy Slaby: Prayers for the Doctors performing the surgery(s), Chris, Ron and Family! Looking forward to hearing good news soon! Love to you all - Doug, Amy, Matt & Troy Posted by Patti Kraus: You're in our thoughts and prayers! Patti and Louie Kraus Posted by Mary Uttecht: St. Luke, pray for us! May God guide the surgeons' hands! Praying for you all! Posted by Scott Zoromski: You are in our thoughts and prayers uncle Ron, Chris and Family. We hope that you both get well soon. Scott and Sue Z.

8: Update: Surgery Posted Aug 25, 2011 5:39pm by Lisa Habeck Hi to all! Dad just went into O.R. and word on Chris is so far so good! Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers. Love to all from Lisa and family Posted by Dale Slaby: Whooooo-Hoooo...Praise the Lord...hope the rest goes as well....so glad it all went well for Chris...please extend my best and gratitude.. Posted by Dale Slaby: Say hi to Lou and Nancy!!....nice picture of them all...and tell Lou I saw her on TV last week...she a celebrity!! :-) Posted by renee divine: Rhoda (Renee) & Jim are sending good vibes to Chris & Ron. We love you all. Hugs. Update: Kidney out Posted Aug 25, 2011 7:09pm by Leann Bier Chris' kidney is out and ready to be placed in Dad! Chris is getting closed up and he is doing great...Keep the prayers coming! | The Waiting Room Chris' brother Eric, Aunt Sue, Mom Nancy and Grandma Lou

9: Update: Status of Chris Posted Aug 25, 2011 7:58pm by Leann Bier Chris' doctor, Dr. Foley, came down to let us know that Chris' surgery is done and he's on his way to the recovery room. Everything went perfectly for Chris. Yay!! Posted by doris cook: Awesome! Posted by doris cook: Really? His name is Dr. Foley, how ironic. That is the name of some urological products. Posted by KAREN CHMELIK: Sending our love, thoughts, and prayers to Uncle Ron and Chris and their families. We will continue to keep you in our prayers! Love, Karen and Jeff Chmelik Posted by Carrie Zoromski: I'm writing this for Trixie and Joe. We're praying for you and hope everything is going well. We're at Steve and Annette's so we got to see this website. Love, Joe and Trixie Posted by Rita Slaby: Our prayers are with you. Great to hear that everything went well for Chris. Hope that everything goes well for Ron. God is with you all. Posted by jon habeck: Great!! Posted by Sara nelson: Wonderful:) thank god! And thank chris!

10: Update: Status update on Dad Posted Aug 25, 2011 9:23pm by Leann Bier The surgery is still progressing but so far everything is going well. Will likely get another update in an hour. Posted by Sara nelson: Good to hear!!! I'm ready for an update! But will wait patiently;) hang in there everyone!!! Posted by Sara nelson: I love you guys! Posted by Annette Zoromski: Please know we have all of you in our prayers. We pray that our good Lord guides the hands of the doctors, nurses and all who will care for our loved ones. May He continue to be a source of strength and comfort to you. Our love, Steve & Annette Posted by Mary Uttecht: Storming heaven on behalf of you all! Stay strong! Loving Father, I entrust myself to your care this day; guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed, I may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with you and with those around me. Through Jesus Christ. Amen. Love you all! Posted by Diane Gunderson: Hello to all. I just found out about the site at about 5 p.m. while I was out and about getting Katie ready to go back to school. Never mind any of that, I am just so very very happy to hear that things are going well for both Chris and Ron. Everyone has been in my thoughts and prayers all day. Since I was going on the last news I had heard that surgery would be around 9:30, I assumed a.m. and thought that if I wasn't hearing anything, then no news was good news. Pictures are wonderful. Hugs and kisses to all of you from all of us. The prayers will keep on going. Love to all of you. Diane

11: Update: It's IN! Posted Aug 25, 2011 10:28pm by Leann Bier Just got a call from the OR nurse and they are starting to suture him up. It may take an hour or so to close him because of x-rays they have to take, but "so far, everything looks good".....!! Posted by doris cook: You must be just exhausted. I hope he will be out soon and all is well. Take care of yourselves too. Love you all. Is Chris awake and doing well? Posted by Nichole Moyle: What awesome news!!!! Posted by Leann Bier: Hey Dori...Chris was awake and aware...just groggy. Doing very well. Nancy is still with him. Posted by Mary Uttecht: Sounds wonderful so far! Glad to hear Chris is doing well too! Posted by Dennis Zoromski: Sweet news to hear! I'm sure everyone is super exhausted. A very long day to all. But all sounds GREAT!!!! Everyone take care :)) | Waiting....

12: Update: A miracle happened today. Posted Aug 25, 2011 11:08pm by Leann Bier Dr. Oderico came down to tell us the great news. Everything went as planned! They used the blood vessels from my kidney along with some vessels from the blood bank, and successfully transplanted Chris' kidney. He is already producing good urine, which is a wonderful sign. He is in recovery now and we will get to see him in about an hour and a half. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement and prayers... will continue to keep you posted!!!! Love to all, Leann P.S. Chris just texted me, if that's any indication of how he's doing!! Posted by MARYE ISAACSON: Our prayers are with your whole family. May your dad keep up the fight. What a person this Chris must be. God Bless. Gary and Marye Posted by Gordon Froeb: That's AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Nichole Moyle: That is so awesome!! I love you all so much! And thank you chris for this wonderful gift you have given my grandpa :) Posted by renee divine: Fantastic. Wonderful. Stupendous. Chris is a selfless man. Hugs. Posted by Diane Gunderson: This is totally awesome. Chris thank you for doing what none of us were able to do for our brother. You are a truly wonderful person. God bless you and may you both have a speedy recovery. Posted by doris cook: This is wonderful news! It is a long awaited miracle. I hope all of you will be able to rest easy tonight. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. We will continue to pray for speedy and uneventful recoveries for both of them.

13: Posted by stella westfall: Oh my goodness! This is a wonderful reminder of what power and strength your family has. Your unwavering courage and compassion are an inspiration and have profoundly affected more people than you will ever know. Thank you for your strength and will. Posted by Eric Zoromski: Woohoo! Posted by Lois Woychik: SO GLAD TO HEAR EVERYTHING WENT SO WELL! And thank you, Leann, for letting us know about this site and keeping us updated. Out thoughts and prayers will be with both of these fine men, especially in the immediate future! Hope all continues to go so well....by the way, does this mean Ron will feel like a 27 year old again?? Posted by patti peters: AWESOME!!! The power of prayer! Posted by Sara nelson: Yay! Great news! Thank god. I knew it would be alright ;) Posted by Sara nelson: Chris!!! I love you! I'm grandpas granddaughter!!! Your awesome and an amazing person! God bless you so much! Posted by Mark Zoromski: Such great news! Thank God for gifted surgeons, the power of prayer and the power of love! We're so happy for all of you, and we'll continue to keep you in our prayers. Mark & Jill Posted by Sara nelson: I'm thinking about you guys:) Posted by Paula Slaby: Miraculous - thank you Chris.

14: Posted by Bonnie Zoromski: Thank you God, and thank you Chris for your gift to Ron. We will pray for a speedy recovery. May God keep you all strong in the recovery days. Posted by Dale Slaby: Outstanding News!!! I echo everyone else's sentiments.. Thank God for the gift of People Like Chris who step up to the plate, and the dedicated professionals at UW that performed the surgeries....God's Speed to a speedy and full recovery for both Ron and Chris and CONGRATULATIONS to all of Ron and MaryAnns Family, and well and Rollie and Nancy's!! Posted by Gail Luedke: Excellent news! Posted by Annette Zoromski: God is good!! So happy to hear this wonderful news. May He continue to give them and all of you strength in the upcoming days. Posted by gene zoromski: What a wonderful message to wake up to. Thank you God for Chris' gift and the successful transfer to Ron's body. May every hour give you more and more hope. God is good. Z & Lil Posted by Amy Slaby: Praise the Lord, for yet another "Slaby Miracle"! He is so good! We will continue to pray for all of you - keep the news coming and give everyone our love!!! Doug, Amy, Matt & Troy Posted by Mary Uttecht: Thank you God! Chris, you are an awesome, selfless person! Leann, you are too. Since we didn't have this when you gave your incredible gift, I don't want it to go unnoticed that your dad's receiving this gift because of the wonderful gift you gave him years ago. Hugs and kisses to all of you! Give Uncle Ron a big hug and kiss from me! God is SO, SO, GREAT!! My kids and I went to Mass this morning and prayed hard for a speedy recovery for both Chris and Uncle Ron!

16: Update: Friday, August 26 Posted Aug 26, 2011 11:48am by Leann Bier Well, it's been a rough few hours. Dad finally got back to his room around 2:00 this morning. He was in a significant amount of pain, but it seemed to be a little more under control by the time we left, around 2:30am. We also saw and spoke to Chris last night who was doing very well. This morning we got a call from the hospital that Dad had a heart complication, so we arrived at his room around 7am and found out that he had an irregular EKG so the cardiac team needed to do an ultrasound and further investigate what happened. Apparently, his blood showed a small amount of a protein enzyme that would indicate a minor heart attack. Dad had no symptoms of a heart attack throughout the night and was feeling pretty good when we got there. The cardiologist came to see him and concluded that he did indeed have some of the "heart attack" enzymes, but that it was not terribly unusual given the amount of stress the heart was under from the surgery, and there is no evidence of significant damage to the heart. This was very good news to hear. They will continue to monitor his heart, but for now, he's been given the all clear. It was a big scare to say the least, but the end result is good. The cardiologist said his heart is likely no different than it was a week ago. His new kidney is working incredibly so far. He is putting out a lot of urine and his numbers indicate that it's doing its job! Chris is doing extremely well. He went for a walk around 5:00 this morning, and his pain is under control the majority of the time -- it hurts most when he needs to turn or twist. His vitals are all good and he may be out of the hospital sooner than anyone expected! He looks great and is in amazing spirits. Off to get a couple hours of sleep. Will update again this afternoon. Love, Leann Posted by Teri Shore: This is amazing news, after hearing about the heart scare this morning. Thank God!! We are thinking about you constantly and sending love. I will see all of you around 2:00 today. Love and hugs, Teri and family

17: Posted by Dale Slaby: Whew!!! Good News.....will keep praying for both of them.....please tell Ron and Chris to keep up the good work! Thanks for the update Posted by Betty McCormick: Lisa, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Betty McCormick Posted by Holly Kohl: What a true miracle!!! Your family is amazing... thanks for the updates ~ we've been waiting to hear positive news. We are thinking of you & your family and keeping you all in our prayers. Stay strong...! ~ Love Holly & Rick Posted by Kay Kostroski: Hi Lisa, We were so happy to hear that the surgery went well and things are looking good. We will keep you in our prayers. If you need anything, please let us know. Love Kay & Terry Posted by doris cook: Thank you for the update and get some rest. I will call grandma and let her know that they are both doing well. I will refrain from mentioning the heart condition for right now as long as Ron is doing alright. She sends her love and had a big sigh of relief when I told her the kidney is functioning well.. Posted by Lois Woychik: Glad to hear the current status! We were all so concerned about the actual surgery that we sometimes forget there can be other complications.....another good reason to keep both these men in our thoughts and prayers. Did you ever think you would be so excited to see someone pee? (I am hoping a few of these off-hand remarks catch you as being funny and helps relieve a few seconds of the stress you are all under) Posted by Andria Slaby: So happy to hear the end result was a good one and they're functioning well! You're all a true godsend for being there and sharing with us. Muah to each of you!! Keep puttin out that urine, Ron. ;) Posted by Patti Kraus: Sounds like things are going pretty well so far. I hope this is a sign of things to come. I will continue to think good thoughts for all of you!

18: Update: Recovery Posted Aug 26, 2011 6:38pm by Leann Bier Hi Everyone, Things are good. Mom and Lisa are at the hospital right now and both Dad and Chris are doing well. A new EKG on Dad came up normal, he is still putting out good urine and his sugar levels are under control. They are getting him up for a walk in about 30 minutes. Chris is sleeping comfortably. Whew! The day came in like a lion, but out like a lamb...Seth and I will go over first thing tomorrow morning and will give another update then. Love, Leann Posted by Gordon Froeb: That's great news!!!! Posted by doris cook: Thank you! This is really GOOD NEWS! Give them our best and I will call grandma:-) Posted by Nichole Moyle: Awesome news! Thank you so much for the updates :) love you all and so glad things are going good!!! Posted by Mary Uttecht: Thinking of you all this morning! Hope all is going well. Thank you for the updates!

20: Update: Saturday, August 27 Posted Aug 27, 2011 11:07am by Leann Bier Both patients are doing well. Chris may post here later and the word is that he will get to go home tomorrow morning! He walked 4 or 5 times yesterday and the doc said he is doing great. Dad is doing pretty good as well. He's not getting much sleep because they're constantly bugging him and having to check his blood sugars every hour, but considering surgery was less than 48 hours ago, he looks great. His creatinine today was 2.67, which is way down from yesterday (6). That is awesome and means that the kidney is functioning well. He wasn't able to go for a walk yesterday, but hopes to do so yet this morning. Recovery day 2 starting off great! Love to all, Leann Posted by Nichole Moyle: Such good news! Keep up the good recovery grandpa and you'll be home in no time :) love you all, and wish I could be there!!! Posted by Amy Slaby: Glad to hear they are both doing well. I saw Shores last night at the football game and they filled me in! Hope everything continues to go well! Give everyone our love! Doug, Amy, Matt & Troy Posted by Maria Mansavage: Lisa and Family, We are glad to hear that everything seems to be on track and going well with your Dad and Chris. Truly a miracle! May each day bring improvement. We have you and your whole family in our prayers. Kurt Mansavage and Family Posted by Sara nelson: Thumbs up!!!

21: Posted by doris cook: Happy, Happy, Happy!I took my computer with me to grandma's this morning to show her the pictures and read the updates. She was all smiles. She sends her love and will keep praying for all(me too)! Posted by Mark Zoromski: Awesome! Still sending prayers your way from Grafton. Posted by gene zoromski: (supercalifragilisitexpialadoshish)I can't spell it but this is the phrase to explain what has happened. We love you all and we pray for continued recovery. Z & Lil. Challenge me on the spelling!!!

22: Update: Update on Ron Posted Aug 27, 2011 7:52pm by Leann Bier Dad is doing well, but getting to the 'beyond exhausted' stage. He hasn't been able to get more than a few minutes of sleep at a time. Luckily, they took him off the insulin drip this afternoon, so they won't need to bother him for blood sugars every hour. His heart enzymes went down again, which is very good, so they will test one more time and if it goes down again, they will not need to worry about that anymore. He went through another round of plasmapheresis and handled it well. They just took him off IV pain meds, so we're hoping that goes ok for him tonight. The kidney is still functioning great...superstar kidney! The nurse mentioned getting dad out for another walk tonight....hopefully as far as chris' room -- he's been wanting to see Chris badly. He had a walk earlier and his incision bled a bit, but the doc said it was normal and should be fine. He was truckin' along at a pretty good pace with a wheely walker. The most important thing thing now is for Dad to get some sleep; everything else is coming along fine...Will update in the morning! Love, Leann

23: Update: Thank You Posted Aug 27, 2011 9:19pm by Chris Slaby Hello, all! Thank you so much for the well wishes and recognition. I am humbled by the appreciation being poured out. Fortunately I get to head home tomorrow as long as nothing happens over night. I was able to have my IV pain drip removed this morning, and have been tolerating the actual pills just fine, and actually not needing much so far. I was also able to have solid foods for the first time since surgery, all good signs of recovery. It felt wonderful to take a shower, and put on real clothes today as well. Energy level seems to be stabilizing some, not really crashing so much right after eating and walking. Special thanks to my mom (Nancy) and Great Aunt (Sue Parisi) for being so supportive and helpful during this time. Continued thoughts and prayers to Ron and his entire family for a speedy and full recovery. Chris Slaby Posted by Leann Bier: Chris, you are amazing. Without knowing you for more than 3 days, I can sincerely and genuinely tell you that I love you... You have given us a gift that is immeasurable. Posted by Diane Gunderson: Ditto to Leann's words of an immeasurable gift Chris. May you continue to have an uneventful recovery. Give your Mom and Dad words of thanks from us as they should be commended for their role in raising such a fine young man. Your story should be shared with the Coulee area as one of "OUR HOMETOWN HEROS." God bless you. Posted by doris cook: Chris, I know you have been told that we are grateful and we are, but you truly are a godsend to us all that were not able to give this precious gift. May God bless you and reward you for your unselfishness. We hope you continue to have an uneventful recovery and things go well for you. Say hello to your mom and dad for me and tell them that they we think they have an amazing son. Love to you and I hope you and Ron are able to keep in touch with each other.

24: Update: Going home Posted Aug 28, 2011 10:12am by Chris Slaby Just talked to the doctor, and everything is looking fine. By the early afternoon, I should be on my way home. Got a pretty decent nights sleep, and had my first really good bowel movement (too much info I know, lol) and the nurses were so happy. Went for a walk this morning after breakfast, and my stride is starting to return to normal, with a longer duration before irritation occurs. No pain meds since about midnight last night, and still feeling good. Doc just removed my bandages, but left on the steri-strips. Briefly saw Ron on my walk this morning, and he was looking and sounding good. I will check in with him before I leave today for sure. Chris Posted by Sarah Huibregtse: Chris, Happy to hear you're feeling good and heading home. :-) You are right about too much info, but I know the nurses are always very excited about those little things. It's great that both of you are doing so well. Take care and travel safely! Sarah Posted by Bonnie Zoromski: Chris, Glad to hear you are going home today. May God grant you many blessings. I was in Wisconsin Rapids yesterday, my friend had foot surgery. Posted by Bonnie Zoromski: Mary Ann, Tell Ron Char sends her best. She had foot surgery yesterday. They put 18 pins and screws in her foot. She is doing good. But not without a lot of pain Posted by doris cook: This is wonderful and it sure doesn't take much to make a nurse happy does it;-). Take it easy when you get home, don't overdue. The weather is still nice so I hope you will be able to sit out, go for short walks and enjoy it. You deserve a nice rest. Posted by jon habeck: I am truly amazed that this can even be done, let alone be successful. Ron is one tough man, & Chris is a very brave selfless man. i hope everything continues to go well. SPEEDY RECOVERY

25: Posted by Lisa Habeck: Well Chris, we just said our good byes and watched with tears of joy as you WALKED out of Dad's room on your way out of the hospital! Once again...you amaze me. This has been quite the experience for all of us and especially for you and my dad. You two will share a special bond for the rest of your lives and our families will be forever connected in a way that not many families will ever share. Thank you, again, for giving my dad the best gift anyone could ever give..life. And thanks to Nancy, Rollie and Eric for being so supportive to Chris through all of this...you truly have a wonderful family. Please also tell Sue and Lou that it was my honor and pleasure to meet them and that it was wonderful to see the love and support they also have for you. Take it easy these next couple weeks and take care of yourself. I look forward to seeing you again soon. With love and the utmost gratitude, Lisa. Posted by Diane Gunderson: Chris, may you have a continuous healthy recovery. Again God bless you. Thanks again for giving my big brother the gift of life. Now maybe, just maybe, he'll be able to come and see my home. Just kidding Ron (its just a house) and your health is so much more important to me, I hope you know that. Speedy recovery to you both. Posted by Amy Slaby: So happy to hear that everything is going well! Uncle Ron - you look great! So good to read that Chris is recovering well and able to go home! Amazing medicine these days!! Thank God - We look forward to future updates! Love to all of you! Doug, Amy, Matt & Troy

26: Update: Sunday, August 28, 2011 Posted Aug 28, 2011 2:31pm by Leann Bier It's a great day. Our angel got to go home today, looking wonderful and feeling good. Pics of the donor and recipient should be in the photo gallery soon, taken right before Chris walked out of the hospital... Dad is doing very well. He was taken off the morphine drip last night, so he's been in a little more pain than he had been, especially since over the years and prior surgeries he's built up quite a bit of tolerance to 'normal' pain meds. They've adjusted them, though, and it seems to be getting better. He also had his catheter removed today with no problems, which was a relief after having some bad experiences in the past. His heart issues aren't much of an issue anymore; he was just told to follow up with his cardiologist once he's back home. More good news! Since he was having quite a bit more abdominal pain this morning, they decided to take an x-ray just to make sure there wasn't any problems with his bowels. That came back fine. He already went for a walk today and has been sitting up in a chair much of the day. Getting enough sleep is still a challenge, but that is nothing new for him when he's in the hospital. Dad's creatinine is down to 1.84!! His other numbers look great, too. All-in-all, it's an extremely good day, and we hope his recovery continues to be as uneventful as Chris' was! Posted by Diane Gunderson: Way to go Ron. You are one tough man. God bless you and know that we all send our love and our prayers for you. Tell the family hello. Posted by doris cook: This is absolutely AWESOME and you guys look GREAT! Love those smiles! If you have a minute would you be able to give grandma a quick call, I know she would be very excited to talk to any one of you. Russ was kind enough to call her when he got home and I know that made her feel more relieved. Love you all! Posted by Sue Parisi: Hi, this is Sue Parisi, Chris' Great Aunt. I am so glad your Dad is doing so well. Chris and Nancy made it back home safe and sound. It was wonderful meeting all of you and all of the support you have shown to Chris. He is truly a generous young man. It is nice to be able to see the updates on your Dad thru this website. Take care, Sue

27: Update: August 29th, 2011 Posted Aug 29, 2011 12:55pm by Lisa Habeck Dad is getting his last plasmapheresis treatment right now so we haven't been able to talk to him much. He looks good but is still very tired. Great news on the lab results for today...creatinine is down to 1.50 (!) and his WBC is down too. They haven't posted all lab results in his room yet but overall things are looking good. His surgeon still needs to see him today so this is the news for now! We are so happy to hear Chris is home and is doing well! Love, Lisa Posted by Teri Shore: Excellent news - keep it comin'! xo, Navia Posted by Kay Kostroski: Wow! What great news. I am so happy to hear that both are doing well. What a great gift he gave your Dad. Posted by doris cook: Hey, Tell him he looks great! It is nice to see the pictures and the big smiles! It's been a long time. Love You, Doris Posted by Royana Black: Chris, you are a person who creates miracles...and Ron, you ARE a miracle. Keep up the healing, guys! Xoxoxoxoxoxox Roy Posted by Dale Slaby: So glad to hear everything is going so well....Ron looks so happy in the recent pics... good to see that again...Keep healing Ron and I hope the whole family is doing well...this is a real blessing.. Posted by Lois Woychik: Good to read the updates!! Glad to hear all is looking good! Keep up the good work! Posted by Amy Slaby: GOOD NEWS ALL AROUND (Ron & Chris)! Prayers still continue - give Ron a big hug from us! With Love, Amy,Doug, Matthew & Troy Posted by gene zoromski: We love what we hear!!! Keep it coming. Isn't it great we have this technology? So thankful Chis is home and let's remember to continue to pray for Ron and Chris. Love Z & Lil

28: Update: Home Posted Aug 29, 2011 1:12pm by Chris Slaby First night home went pretty well. Pain management has been good, and have gotten unpacked and all settled back in. Sleep still was not the greatest, as I still was going through hot and cold swings, but the fluids are still flowing well, and other plumbing is working well too. Looking forward to some food flavorful food today, and maybe a nap or two. Chris Posted by doris cook: It's okay to pamper yourself a little, you've earned it. Posted by Leann Bier: Great to hear, Chris. Nice that you're back home, but it's strange to only be visiting one patient! We miss you! (But don't come back...!) Posted by Russ Slaby: Glad to hear that Chris! Keep up the great healing. Russ Posted by Dale Slaby: Glad you are recovering well Chris..Thanks again, from all of us, for your wonderful gift to Ron and all of us...God Bless You... Posted by Lois Woychik: Nothing like your own bed in your own home, right? Hope you got some Good Flavorful food! Glad to hear you are doing so well!

30: Update: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Posted Aug 30, 2011 4:20pm by Leann Bier (Seth and I flew home today, but Lisa is staying in Madison and will be our source of info for a bit.) Lisa went to see Dad this morning and he was still overtired and exhausted. It's been impossible for him to sleep and it's taking its toll. He also had a rough night with regulating his blood sugars, but he has his insulin pump back now and is getting his levels back in line. Pain is still an issue, both at his incision and also the sore on his foot. His creatinine went up a bit to 1.81. The "white cloud" (group of doctors) came around at around 3pm. They said that if his creatinine isn't down by tomorrow they may need to do a biopsy on the kidney to see if it's rejecting. He will be having an ultrasound done today to make sure everything is looking okay. He is also getting an x-ray of his foot. We probably won't have those results until tomorrow. Dad was feeling pretty miserable this afternoon, and in case anyone was considering a visit, today wouldn't be a good day. Let's hope for a better night and a better day tomorrow for Ron. Chris, I hope you are continuing to recover at record pace! Love, Leann Posted by Dale Slaby: Thanks for the update Leann....sorry to have missed you while U were back...I sure hope Ron's tilt in numbers and soreness reverts back to the positive side and all is still ok...Will keep praying for good long term results..Keep up the fight Ron!!...God's Speed. Posted by Mary Uttecht: Still praying! Love to all of you! Thanks for the updates. Posted by Teri Shore: Thanks for the update. I stopped in around 2:30 for a VERY brief visit (Lisa clued me into his exhaustion and understandable mood to match). Of course he still looked great, but was visibly frustrated by the lack of rest and addition of tests. We gave him some words of encouragement and he mustered up a parting smile. :) Fingers crossed for great test results!

31: Posted by Diane Gunderson: Come on Ron keep up the fight. You can do this and we will all continue to keep you in our hearts and especially in our prayers. We love ya. Posted by Patti Kraus: I do hope that tomorrow will be a better day for your Dad! He's been through a lot! Posted by Mark Zoromski: Praying for a good night and good numbers! Posted by Amy Slaby: We continue to pray for him and hope for end to pain and exhaustion! Also praying for family and friends! We love you Ron! Doug, Amy, Matt & Troy Posted by Scott Zoromski: Dear Uncle Ron, as they say in the Teaching profession " a bad day is always followed by a good day" Here's to hoping that your "good day" comes soon! I'm going to try to plant some Fesents on our land, I hope the Please dog does not catch them. Sue Zoromski and I are wishing for and praying for a restful day for you today. Keep up the good work. Your nephew, Scotty Z.

32: Update: hump day Posted Aug 31, 2011 12:26pm by Chris Slaby Well, recovery at home has been going well. No pain pills yet today, and none since about 7 last night. I made a surprise visit to work on Monday, and everybody was quite shocked, but glad to see me. Made a little shopping trip with Mom to pick up some grub too. Yesterday was a busy day, getting some cleaning done and baking up a storm with Mom. Today Dad is coming over for the remainder of the week, and both will head back to RKD on Friday. Did a little cleaning this morning, but for the most part believe it will be a lazy day. I continue to pray for Ron and a fast and full recovery, and thank Lisa and Leann and everybody else for keeping the info rolling. Chris Posted by Paula Slaby: I am so glad you are doing so well. Keep it up and I know you will be ready for your vacation coming soon. Best wishes - forever and always, thank you very much. Paula, Ron's best and only daughter-in-law :) Posted by Dale Slaby: Glad your recovery is going well Chris.....and thanks again for your unselfish gift!! Please say hi to your mom and dad for me and keep up the good recovery work and enjoy your time with mom and dad..We all hope and pray for Ron's continued success with his new kidney and recovery. Posted by Leann Bier: Great to hear, Chris..but take it easy!! Glad today will be a lazy day - take care of yourself! Much love, Leann Posted by Diane Gunderson: Thanks for the update Chris. So happy to hear things are progressing well for you. Take it easy though. Enjoy time with Mom and Dad, tell them hello from me. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Posted by Sue Parisi: Glad to hear you are doing well.....BUT, don't overdo! Nice to keep up on the patients thru this vehicle. Take it easy. Hi to Mom & Dad.

33: Update: Ron - August 31, 2011 Posted Aug 31, 2011 1:26pm by Leann Bier Creatinine is up a bit again today, as well as the B2M (both measures of kidney function - down is good, up is not so good). They don't necessarily think it's rejection, but they will do a biopsy either today or tomorrow to make sure. Ultrasound on stomach was good; X-ray on foot was good. They will do an MRI on the foot today, to rule out infection (WBC is up a little). Dad got a little rest last night, which is better than none at all! They are going to try a number of different blood pressure medications in order to get that under control. Posted by renee divine: Good progress. Get some sleep, Ron! Posted by Lois Woychik: Hope all tests come back in your favor! Think of you daily and wish you the best! Posted by Teri Shore: Glad to hear he got some rest last night and that the ultrasound and xrays were good. Bummer on the biopsy - he has to be SO sick of tests! We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed for great results. xo Posted by Diane Gunderson: Come on Ron, get some rest, try to relax and maybe though numbers will take a turn for the good. Love you. Posted by Amy Slaby: Here's praying for numbers to go down, biopsy to show good results and lots of rest! We continue to think of you and pray for you Ron! Doug Slaby family xo Posted by gene zoromski: Hi Ron & MaryAnn.. We just got back from a trip to Richland Center. Hope the numbers get regulated again. Love the updates!! We are here for you Buddy and certainly for you MaryAnn and family. God Bless Chris. Gene & Lil Posted by patti peters: Uncle Ron, Thinking of you, praying for you and wishing you a good nights sleep! Love, Bill & Patti

34: Update: Ron - Thursday, September 1, 2011 Posted Sep 1, 2011 11:47am by Leann Bier Good Morning, They've scheduled the biopsy for this morning (he should be having it done as I type), but the doc was on the fence about it and decided to err on the side of caution (as they tend to do at UW, which I personally think is great). Dad's creatinine this morning was 1.70 and his b2m was down to 4.6!!! (Yesterday, the creatinine was 2.15 and b2m was 5.3. We want to see both numbers on the downtrend.) The MRI results on his foot are not back yet. They continue to try to regulate his blood pressure. He's still having a lot of pain, mostly on his foot, which seems just wrong. It's difficult because he's been in the hospital so many times that pain pills for 'regular' people do not work the same for him...so giving him Norco (which, for some of us who've had to take it in the past don't think is any good anyway) doesn't cut it for Dad. They finally gave him a shot last night and his pain eased. He will need to continue to stay on their case for pain management. Lisa and Mom are both with Dad today, and they say he looked pretty good. He will need to lie still for four hours after the biopsy. As soon as we hear the results, I will post them! Chris, how are you today?? Love, Leann Posted by Royana Black: You go, Ron!!!!!!! You are a rockstar fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Dale Slaby: Leann, Thanks for the update...just got off the phone with Gramma B before your post..she's praying for Ron and that all continues to progress...I am sure Doris will call her with this update...Will keep praying here for positive results...Gramma is doing well. Posted by Sue Parisi: Thanks for the update. Think about him every day and hope things improve daily. Take care.

35: Posted by Carrie Zoromski: Hi Ron, I continue to go to church every morning to pray for a complete healthy recovery for you and your donor. My Ss. Peter and Paul friends are praying too. Mary Ann, I know what it's like to sit at a hospital bedside and wish you could make everything right. When you feel helpless, remember, give all your worries to Jesus. It helped me with Tillie and her week long stay in Cleveland two weeks ago. I hope today will be a good day and that everyone will get a good night's sleep tonight! Including all Packer, Brewer and Badger fans!! Love, Carrie and Don Posted by Scott Zoromski: Awesome! It sounds like you are on the mend, hang in there and stay the course!!! Posted by Teri Shore: Here's to good biopsy results! Your dad is such a trooper. Teflon Ron! xo

36: Update: Quick Update Posted Sep 1, 2011 11:51am by Chris Slaby I was able to sleep on my side last night fairly comfortably, including the incision side :) Options on position are a good thing. Hope to cut over to extra strength Tylenol today, and completely off the narcotics. Will see how that goes. Chris Posted by Sue Parisi: Yea. Have a good weekend and listen to your nurse(s)! Posted by Dale Slaby: Good for you Chris....enjoy the holiday weekend and thanks again for everything...narcotics?.....like medicinal Marijuana? ;-)

37: Update: Ron Update: Biopsy Results 9/1/11 Posted Sep 1, 2011 8:02pm by Leann Bier The biopsy results showed evidence of some rejection, unfortunately. The good news is that the earlier they catch it and the sooner they treat it, the better. So Ron (Dad) will be having additional plasmapheresis treatments tomorrow and Sunday. He will also be put on higher doses of steroids. The doctor did say that this is not an infrequent complication, and she is hopeful that they can stop the rejection. As far as his other issues, he's back on morphine when he needs it, thankfully. Orthotics will see him tomorrow to fit him for a boot that should enable him to walk (while his foot ulcer is healing) without putting weight on the sore itself. Until he gets that, he is not allowed to walk at all. Please keep Dad (and Mom!) in your thoughts and prayers...Leann Posted by Diane Gunderson: Oh my. Our continued prayers go out to all of you in this difficult time. Please let Ron know that we are thinking of him and wish him all the best. He's a tough cookie, hang in there Bro. Love you all. Diane Posted by Craig Wojicechowski: Our prayers are with Ron and his Family. Be strong and have faith. Posted by Sara nelson: Hang in there, it will be alright;) Posted by gene zoromski: Our most sincere prayers for all of you. Our first prayers are for Ron and Chris but then it is the wonderful support staff they have down there. All of you take care, we love you. Maryann you are so remarkable (I'm not sure it's the right word but close).Z & Lil Posted by Dale Slaby: Thanks again for the updates, Leann. Will keep praying that all turns out ok and they can reverse the condition...Hang in there Ron, and MaryAnn....we're all praying for you. Posted by Rita Slaby: Thanks for keeping us informed on Ron. We are thinking about you all the time. Hope everything goes in you favor. We are praying for you. Love you, Dennis & Rita

38: Update: Ron Update: Friday 9/2/11 Posted Sep 2, 2011 12:31pm by Leann Bier Great labs today!! Creatinine is 1.47 (best yet!), B2M is 3.4! (WBC is up a little, but they will keep an eye on that.) He just went into pheresis about a half hour ago, so the plan is still the same -- Plasmapheresis today and Sunday. Hopefully, everything will stay in line and Dad can start to see a departure date in the near future... He didn't get a lot of sleep last night because they put him back on the insulin drip and they had a tough time regulating sugars. The whole sleep deprivation thing really takes its toll on a person, but he's hanging in there, and will get some benedryl with the pheresis treatment which usually puts him out. Orthotics came in and will fit Dad with a boot today so he can walk around while he is at the hospital. Lisa said their two favorite nurses are working today and tomorrow, so he'll be in good hands! I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Love, Leann Posted by Dale Slaby: Thanks Leann.....GREAT NEWS!!!! hope you and your whole family have a great weekend...Best wishes keep coming.. Way to Go Ron!!!! Posted by Diane Gunderson: Glad to hear that things are better. Keep the faith guys and we'll keep the prayers a going. Tell everyone hello and give them our love. Posted by Teri Shore: Great news!! What a relief. Here's to a restful holiday weekend for him! Xo Posted by Mark Zoromski: Wonderful news. We'll keep praying!

39: Posted by Nichole Moyle: What great news!!! Hopefully grandpa will be home soon! Love you guys all so much and keep praying everyday for you! Posted by Dennis Zoromski: That's some really great news to hear! Keep up the recovery on your side Chris, not too fast, don't need any setbacks. Take care all. Denny Posted by Scott Zoromski: Uncle Ron - I'm soooooooooo happy your labs were improved - Keep up the good work and do what your favorite nurses tell you to do or we will send in the mean nurses instead! Project Pheasent update; I'll be introducing them to their new home today at someplace special, somewhere in central Wisconsin. Watch for further updates. I will be in Madison on Tuesday for a dinner with my Honduran friend Martin`and a priest from Honduras so I'd like to stop by to visit you on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week si es possible`? You'll be walking by then, of that I am sure. Saludos y Paz, Scott Posted by Mary Uttecht: Will continue to keep you in my prayers! Love you all! Posted by patti peters: Thumbs up!!!! Posted by Rita Slaby: Thanks for keeping us updated. We hope that everything goes in your favor. We are hoping and praying for you. Love You, Dennis & Rita

40: Update: Ron Update: Saturday 9/3 Posted Sep 3, 2011 1:09pm by Lisa Habeck Great news to report again today! Lab results this morning are about the same as yesterday. They disconnected the insulin drip last night and gave Dad his insulin pump back (after a "small debate" between Dad and staff--he won, of course!) With the control back in his hands, he should be able to manage his blood sugars better. Orthotics came back with a boot for his foot yesterday. Dad isn't too fond of it as it's a bit "clumsy" and he feels like he's going to fall when he walks, but it's better than nothing and he'll need to use it until they can fit him with one that works better for him. Overall, he's getting better every day and if things continue to go well, he may be coming home very soon! Posted by Sara nelson: Whooop whoop! Good news! Posted by Diane Gunderson: Hello all. I am with Mom right now and shared the news with her. We will continue to say prayers for all of you to get through this. You can do this Ron. We all send our love. Posted by Dale Slaby: Great News!!! Keep up the good work Ron! (aka)...Mr. Diplomat!! ;-) Still in our thoughts and prayers.. Posted by Sue Parisi: Keep the good news coming!!! Posted by Nancy Slaby: Wonderful news. Keep your chin up Ron. We are all pulling for you.

41: Posted by Scott Zoromski: That's great Ron, It is so good to hear things are going smoothly now. I was able to release the pheasants without incident except they didn't want to come out of their boxes at first. That surprised me because they were "hissing" to get out but then when I opened the box doors they wanted to stay in! I'll check caring bridge before visiting on Tuesday as you might be home by then, I hope! Talk to you later, Scott Posted by gene zoromski: Happy Sunday to you. Rather cloudy here. Hope you are able to walk around now with your new boot. Reports sound great. We are with you and we saw an albino squirrel in our yard yesterday ,I think that means good luck for you.!!! I have pictures.. | Spongebob Squareboot

42: Update: Ron Update - Sunday 9/4/11 Posted Sep 4, 2011 3:38pm by Leann Bier 1.29! Creatinine is 1.29! That is fantastic! B2M is down as well. Everything is looking good. Dad is getting his (hopefully) final plasmapheresis treatment right now, but looks great and is in good spirits. He's back on his insulin pump and off the drip. Still trying to regulate the blood sugars consistently but the higher doses of Prednazone make it go a little crazy. Hey Chris -- nice kidneys!!!! ;) Hope you are continuing to do well.. Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Let's keep this rollercoaster on the incline! Love, Leann Posted by Mark Zoromski: Awesome, awesome, awesome! Posted by Amy Slaby: FANTASTIC NEWS RON!!! We know it has been rough, that is why we haven't come up to "bug" you, at the hospital! Hope you continue to improve and we will continue praying for you! Doug Slaby family Posted by Bonnie Zoromski: This is the best up date yet Ron. Keep up the good work, and we will keep the rosaries going here. Posted by Teri Shore: That's amazing news!! So happy to hear it. Hope he's also been able to get some rest. :) Love to all, Teri and crew Posted by Sara nelson: On the home stretch baby!

43: Posted by Diane Gunderson: This is good news. Let's keep it that way. God bless you Ron and family. We love you all and will keep the prayers going. Now everyone try to get some REST! Chris - we hope your recovery is continuing on the up swing as well. Be sure to take it easy.

44: Update: Ron Update - HAPPY Labor Day!! Posted Sep 5, 2011 2:20pm by Leann Bier It's another great day and more great news! Creatinine is down to 1.17! That is just incredible. And it shows -- Ron got an unexpected visitor today -- his brother, Dale! Check out the pics (will be up in a moment) to see them together and how great Dad looks. That's a smile I could get used to! All of his other numbers are great, too. The BEST news is that he will be going home TOMORROW!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Speaking for the family, we cannot express to you how much your love and support, especially through this website, has meant to us. Just so you know, it's been difficult to relay all the messages to Dad throughout all this (Chris, of course, is ultra tech-savvy as you may have gathered by him texting me the night of the surgery, and his posts on this website..!), but we plan on creating a keepsake book from this website for both Dad and Chris, so they can have a journal of your words of encouragement and support. If there is any special message that you still want to send either Ron or Chris, please feel free to post. I plan on getting the books done as soon as Dad gets home! Much love, Leann Posted by Diane Gunderson: This is such Wonderful news. I'm sure everyone is anxious for Tomorrow. Our prayers will continue that this transition will continue to be upbeat. Thanks for hanging in there Ron and family. Know that all of you have been in our minds and our hearts every day. If Dale can bring this kind of smile to your face, I can't wait to see what getting home is gonna do. (Hehe) Keep on truckin. Posted by Dennis Zoromski: WOW, that is super awesome! Keep it up to the both of you guys! Posted by Annette Zoromski: All thanks to God for this amazing news! We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers. Love, Steve & Annette

45: Posted by doris cook: Hi! and this is absolutely wonderful! Chris, we hope you are still progressing well and Ron, keep smiling! All this and your hair still isn't gray ;-). Love you!! Dori Posted by Carrie Zoromski: Dear Ron, What a happy update to read!! Enjoy your ride home! We'll just keep on praying. Gotta get that foot right. Hope all goes so well that you will be able to sit back in your comfy chair AT HOME and enjoy the Packers beat the Saints Thursday night. Keep looking forward to lots of fun times together with MaryAnn. Love, Carrie and Don Posted by patti peters: Incredibly GREAT news!!! Have a safe trip HOME! Thanks Leann and Lisa for the updates. Love you all, Patti & Bill Posted by Sue Parisi: Chris, I am so proud of what you have given Ron. It took a great deal of thought and courage for you to give the gift of a kidney to Ron to give him hope for a bright future. Your strength and Ron's determination will always be something I am very proud to be a part of. The best of everything to you both. Great Aunt Sue Posted by Royana Black: You guys are both proof that miracles still happen...xo, Royana Posted by Yvonne Zoromski: We are so happy that you will be coming home soon. Have a speedy recovery. Chris, thanks for your wonderful gift to Uncle Ron. Love, Bill and Yvonne

46: Posted by Dale Slaby: Those Slaby boys got it going on, eh!! Ron, MaryAnn and Lisa - it was great to see you and great to see the look on Ron's face. It was abolutley wonderful to see how well you are doing Ron, and don't worry everyone...Ron has not lost is wit and sense of humor!!! :-) Congrats again to everyone and another humble thank you to Chris for your wonderful gift. Ron, I can sure see those nurses and "slick" will really miss you!! ;-) Love to all.. Posted by Nichole Moyle: Yay grandpa!!! Now hopefully we'll be able to see you on the 17th when we are home! I love you so much! Chris, thank you so much for giving this gift to my grandpa so that we can have many more years to spend time with him! We all love you so much grandpa,grandma,mom and aunt leann! Love from all of us, Nicki, Brian, hunter, and lilly Posted by Amy Slaby: GREAT NEWS! Safe trip home! Take it easy and keep smiling! We will continue to pray for your recovery! Love, Doug Slaby Family

48: Update: brief update Posted Sep 5, 2011 10:55pm by Chris Slaby So far so good. I have been able to go 3 days so far without any of the hydrocodone and very minimal extra strength tylenol. Averaging about 2-4 extra strength tylenol a day, and hopefully none by the end of the week. Sneezing is still a little painful but I can now do it without excruciating pain. I can successfully blow my nose, clear my throat, and cough with no pain. Guess one takes those little things for granted sometimes. Other than that, all quiet on the home front. Not really looking forward to this week, as I have a feeling the boredom will start to take its toll, but I'm trying to stay as busy as I can without lifting or overdoing anything. Follow up appt. Is a week from tomorrow, and hopefully they will clear me to drive and return to work, if even just on a part time basis. Those who know me, know that sitting still is not a strength of mine. Again, thanks to everyone for their love and support for both Ron and I, and continued wishes for a quick and full recovery for the both of us. Chris Posted by s b: Fantastic news, Chris. You deserve an easy, fast recovery. Posted by Sara nelson: Glad to hear your doing well:) Posted by Dennis Zoromski: That sounds great Chis! Yes we do take those "little" things for granted. Keep it simple, and keep a good recovery going! Posted by Dale Slaby: Chris, You're a Rock Star!!! Thanks!! Posted by Lois Woychik: YOU ROCK, CHRIS!

49: Posted by Sue Parisi: Glad to hear you are doing well. I understand that you might be getting bored, but you must not overdo. Sitting still is hard, but it will mean quicker recovery so you can run full speed ahead again. Thanks for the update. Posted by Lisa Habeck: Hi Chris! How are you doing? Hopefully great! How did your follow up appointment go? Did you take my advice from before and slow down a bit? I couldn't believe the things you were doing---must be great to be "twenty something"! Dad is doing pretty good! Getting better and stronger every day! He was in Madison today for another plasmapheresis session. Has three more the next three weeks and that should be it for a while. At least he gets to come home the same day, right? Other good news from him is that his latest creatinine is at .9--which is amazing and great! Everything else seems to be okay. I will post a formal update for him at the end of this week or so. I'll be stopping by M&D's house tomorrow to check in and personally wish them a very Happy 48th Wedding Anniversary!! And, then I'll be there for a while Thursday after work, so we'll get another update in here for him and we will be looking for yours by then too! Take care of yourself and keep in touch! Lisa

50: Update: Ron's Update 09/15/2011 Posted Sep 15, 2011 8:11pm by Ron Slaby Greetings to all: THANK YOU everyone for all your well wishes and prayers which helped me get through the transplant process. There definitely is power in prayer. I appreciate your love, thoughts, prayers and support and to Chris most of all for his gracious unselfish true "Gift of Life". Also, special love and thanks to my family whose love and support is absolutely unshakable and to Leann, my first donor. Honey, part of your donated kidney is still working and doing it's job. How ironic, huh? There just are not sufficient words to express my gratitude to all. I'm home and getting better everyday. Kinda slow going but improving but me being the patient dude that I am... As many of you know, medical technology has made giant strides in the field of organ transplantation and any organ transplant truly provides the GIFT OF LIFE. With respect to kidney transplant, one has no idea how immensely important this organ is and how many functions it provides to wellness and quality of life. It is amazing! Organ donation is a very personal, generous, unselfish decision and if anyone has ever thought of considering donation, check out the details. You may be one of the super, generous people to give someone the GIFT OF LIFE, as a living donor, of course. Should anyone ever decide to consider becoming a live donor, there is absolutely no medical expenses involved for the donor. Usually, in most cases, the recipients insurance will pay for all medical expenses and if one desires further info, all you have to do is contact the U.W. Transplant Service and answers to any and all questions will gladly be provided. Phone #: 1-608-263-1389. Another option is to sign your drivers' license and let your loved ones know that upon your demise you would allow organ donation. I am a very lucky man to have a second chance to receive a kidney from a kind, gentle, loving, generous man, Chris. He and his family will forever hold my thanks and gratitude. Off the stump now and again THANK YOU ALL! With the utmost gratitude and love, Ron

51: Posted by Mark Zoromski: Beautifully said, Uncle Ron. We SO happy for you and your family, and grateful for Chris' unselfish gift. You all continue to be in our prayers. Posted by Royana Black: I'm so happy you are on the mend! You've been on my mind and in my heart and I'm just thrilled that you're doing so well! Love, Roy Posted by doris cook: Hey! We are so happy to hear from you. We haven't been calling because mom said that you are still going to the Dr often and trying to get a schedule developed. And I didn't want to interrupt. You two had a special day yesterday and I didn't forget! 48 years! Congratulations! Love you both! Posted by Mary Uttecht: So happy to "hear" from you Uncle Ron! You are a very blessed man! Again, thanks to Chris and Leann for their wonderful gifts to you! You are all in our prayers and thank you for the good news! Posted by Leann Bier: Much love back to you, Dad. It is obvious that you are so very loved by so many people... Posted by Teri Shore: Wow - it's so great to see you emailing again!! Sounds like you're doing superbly well, which is phenomenal. Can't wait until the next time we get to see you and you're bounding with energy. :) Love and hug, Navia & crew

52: Posted by Sue Parisi: It's wonderful news to hear from you. Glad to hear you are on the mend. Chris got the all clear for work and he's doing great too! Keep up the good work and God Bless. Posted by renee divine: Yay Ron and Chris!!! Jim and I are thrilled you're doing well and look forward to seeing your smiling face real soon. Love, Jim & Rhoda (Renee) Posted by Dale Slaby: Way to Go Rock Stars, Ron and Chris!!! Congratulations to both!! And to your entire family.... Especially that Pillar of Strength in your life Ron,....MaryAnn. Happy Belated 48th Anniversary to you both!! It's a special one! Love to all

53: Update: curiousity update Posted Sep 17, 2011 8:53pm by Chris Slaby I've been hearing people are still curious as to how I'm doing, so here it goes. Tuesday (9/13) I had my first follow up apt. My creatinine level was down to 1.49, and trending downward, which is a good thing. All incisions appear to be healing well, with very little scab left, and just the scar healing. No pain meds since the first week home, and not even tylenol for almost a week. I was also finally cleared to go back to work, which I did do on Thursday (9/15). First day went pretty good, but I was fairly tired getting home. Friday went much better. I was also officially cleared to drive again, which was a huge relief. Overall, most pain is gone, and what little is left is normal according to the doctors. So as long as I behave for the next 3 weeks until I'm fully healed, everything will be just peachy. Again, thank you all for the continued well wishes and support for both Ron and I and it is very much appreciated. Chris Posted by Nichole Moyle: Glad to hear your recovery is going so well! And thank you again from the bottom of my heart for donating your kidney to my grandpa! Posted by Dale Slaby: Good to hear Chris!! Here's to a full recovery and healthy life. Again, thanks so much for helping this family!! You're a fine, fine looking young man and hope to see you in person someday to shake your hand. Can only imagine how proud your parents must be. Cheers, Dale Posted by doris cook: Thank you for the update and we are glad life is getting back to some normality for you. Continue to heal well and jump on here and keep us posted at least until the "all clear". If you need anything, this family is here for you. Posted by Rita Slaby: Glad to here that everything is going good for you. Not anyone could of done what you did. Dennis & Rita

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