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Dad's 70th Birthday

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Dad's 70th Birthday - Page Text Content

S: You are loved by so many and so much

FC: seventy

1: Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ~Anthony Brandt | Larry Lynn Long | Juanita and Jack Long welcomed their first child into the world on December 5th, 1942 in Rushville, Indiana

2: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

3: 1943

4: Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring- quite often the hard way | ~Paula Dugdale

5: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. - Cathy Allen | 5 kids and 2 adults in a 4 room house with no indoor plumbing and a stove right in the middle of the living room. This was home. | Humble beginnings...

6: Driver High School | Winchester, Indiana | Larry "The Time Bomb" Long | Mickey Mantle | dried beef & gravy with white bread | Class Play | The Lone Ranger | You, Carl, Blue Jeans & Suspenders.... | Grave digger | Jim Brown | Basketball | sauerkraut | two 80 yard TD's, forced 2 fumbles and made 5 interceptions | lawnmowers

7: class of 1960

8: "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

9: "...I loved the times shared at Hilton Head. I think we have a good time where ever and when ever we have been together and that is still true today. The visits are short sometimes, but its good to see you guys when ever we get a chance. We have made it longer than Dad did now we will work on getting to the age of Mom at least. Have a great day. Hope to see you soon!" ~ Love Lyle | "Just a note to let you know how lucky I feel to have you as my brother. From sitting in the stands at Winchester trying to get people to believe 'That's my brother!' to enjoying all of the travel you made possible for not only me, but my friends. You mean the world to me." ~ Love Lonna | "Memories of Larry by Baby Sister It's not all about photo memories - I have many memories from growing up with Larry - even though he was out on his own by then. I remember staying with you & Pitt in Indy-you took me to the drive-in & I remember riding with you to get your new Grand Prix, Taking time out of your busy schedule to be a part of my wedding, spending time with my baby boy and enjoying family & good food at the Winkler reunion. I love you big brother, Happy Birthday" | "On your 70th there are so many memories and good times. Vegas trips, Happy Hours...Your generosity to all of us has been beyond belief. The picture I have attached is when I came home for my 30th Birthday and we ran the hills of Cincinnati...We have a great family Larry and you are the head of us. I am proud that you are my brother and proud of our family." ~ Love Donna

10: FAMILY | Christmas in Florida, 1984 | Your mom's first trip to Italy

11: Families fill our lives with happiness and laughter, leaving us memories to treasure today and forever after.

12: CHERISH | CHERISH YOUR FAMILY FOR THEY ARE YOUR TREASURE. A STOREHOUSE OF RICHES. WEALTH BEYOND MEASURE. | ____________________________________________________________

15: "Larry showed dogged determination in getting his first job with UPS. With some bookkeeping experience, he sought clerical work at UPS's Indianapolis facility in 1963. He went to see the night manager every night at 11p.m. for 3 weeks until there was an opening. He got the job as an operations report clerk in February." | The journey with United Parcel Service begins...

16: FAMILIES ARE FOREVER | Ace | Sissy | Peanut

17: We may not know the pains you went through to make us what we are. But what we do know is that we all love you. May God bless you with love, care and warmth. Happy Birthday, Dad.

18: Christa has a mallet and Brett has a squirt gun...Dad you better wake up! | Live Well | Laugh Often | Love Much | You passed on your love of running to me. Thank you for teaching me how to run hills, I hear your advice every time I climb one. ~Jenny | World Trade Center ~1979

19: It's the moments I spend with you that build the memories which last a lifetime. | You and Brett are always trouble. This time you broke Barb's light! | visiting Great Grandma

20: Grandma's 75th birthday celebration Las Vegas 1996

21: Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

22: The arrival of your first grandchild, Trevor Michael

23: The things you've done for me Grandpa are countless! You bought me my first car, man was I the luckiest kid at school! You also provided me with funds so I could get an education. There are so many things to thank you for, like the memories. Memories that stick out most in my head, are the countless hours spent on your dock fishing, and getting up real early so we could catch the boat to go deep sea fishing, playing slot machines until my arm couldn't move anymore, and all the times we went to Chop Chop! But the funniest moment we had together is when you, Kirby, G.G., and I took the "shortcut" to see the Ringling Brothers Mansion. We dodged a few bumps, cut some cones, avoided a few security guards, but you got us there! You always know how to get what you want, NO is not an option. I admire that trait about you Grandpa, and I hope one day I can be as successful as you! Thank you for giving me the opportunity and not giving up on me! You are the best Grandpa! Love, Trev

24: Grandpa I think you're awesome! I love how much you care for all of your grandchildren. You want the absolute best for us and will do everything you can to make sure that happens. I think about you every time I get in my amazing car, every college application I fill out. Knowing that I am able to go to college without any stress about debts, all because you were so successful in your job and you care so much about us. You are a roll model to me and I want to be successful like you and I hope to be able to provide for my grandkids and give the same love and care as you do . Love, Ole What's Her Name (a.k.a Taylor) | Then came Taylor Lynn

25: There are not enough kind words in the universe to describe Grandpa. He has given me everything I could ever want, just because he cares about my future. I love my truck, I'm excited to go to college, and I love teaching horseback riding lessons - all of that wouldn't be possible if not for Grandpa. I love Grandpa to the end of the universe and back. Happy Birthday Grandpa! Love Maddi | and Madison Nicole


27: Sixteen Tons Tennessee Ernie Ford Some people say a man is made out of mud A poor man's made out of muscle and blood Muscle and blood and skin and bones A mind that's a-weak and a back that's strong You load sixteen tons, what do you get Another day older and deeper in debt Saint Peter don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company store | Thank you for running up and down the sidelines of my soccer games, it showed you cared. Thank you for always finding time to call me when you were overseas even if it meant catching me before I left for school in the morning, it showed you cared. Thank you for providing me with a college education, it showed you cared. Thank you for letting me have the wedding of my dreams, it showed you cared Thank you for generously giving to Dan and I so we could build the home of our dreams, it showed you cared Thank you for fighting so hard in the hospital, it showed you cared Thank you for loving my children like only a Grandpa can, it shows you care Thank you for accepting me as I am and loving me like only a father can, it shows you care Dad, on your 70th birthday I hope you know how much I care. I love you ~ Jenny | happy birthday dad! | I have always appreciated the love and respect that you have given me from the moment I entered your family. Since I've gotten to know you and heard of your UPS conquests it makes me wish I could have witnessed your professional life. I'm sure I could have learned plenty. PROST to 70 years, and a job well done! ~Dan

28: Grant Daniel | "It was cool to learn how BEAST Grandpa was at football" ~Grant | "One of my favorite memories of visiting Grandpa and G.G. in Florida is going to the G Wiz museum"

29: Lilian Hope | "I think it is really cool that my Grandpa is the reason there is UPS in Europe. Go Brown! And when I think of visiting him and G.G. in Florida, I think of the beach and playing the horse racing game, they are both so much fun" ~Lily

30: Being the middle kid between two gifted students, I could have easily thought I was a dummy. However, you always told me and you made me feel like I was as smart as anyone. Whether it was after a soccer game or when playing a video game with you - you told me that what I did took brains. You instilled in me the confidence I needed to be successful and without that growing up I would have never had the guts to start my own company. Your drive to succeed in business, is something I inherited from you. Following in your footsteps I am not afraid to put in 20 hour days to get the job done and be successful. Working completes me and I know it did you too – I have always been proud of your accomplishments. You always made me feel pretty too – let's face it I loved hearing that the most! But my most special Daddy moment ever was when you carried me out of the goal box and off the field during the championship soccer game on that awful freezing cold November day. I guess you knew I was moments away from frost bite and you said enough was enough. You saved me and I remember just being so thankful! Thanks for always taking care of me and making me who I am today! Love, Christa

31: It's a true blessing to know that my kids' college expenses are paid for. As a father that is the ultimate peace of mind. I am forever grateful. Love, Chad | My father game me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. ~Jim Valvano | Family

32: Alaska 2004 | Christmas in the Caribbean 2003 | Cruisin' through life | The entire family was fortunate enough to experience luxury cruising twice in one calendar year because of your generosity! No wonder you and Sandra both love to travel as much as you can. Both trips were phenomenal.

33: Someone you never outgrow your need for | Grandpa

34: Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage. - Lao Tzu

35: All of us are so truly blessed that one man has given so much to so many. Dad/Grandpa your legacy ROCKS! We Love You, Happy Birthday ~Brett & Amanda | St. Andrews Scotland 2002

36: Lillianna Danielle | I love Grandpa! I like visiting you in Florida and hanging out with you by the pool. Thank you for letting me eat all of your yummy cheese, when I visit. Happy 70th, see you soon. XOXO Lillianna

37: Thomas Walker | "I love visiting Grandpa most because he has all the pools and oceans. I also like Christmas with Grandpa, feeding ducks and playing mini golf." ~Thomas

38: I love you Grandpa because you are so nice. I always can't wait to see you. Happy Birthday! Love, Raegan | Raegan Jane

39: Grandchildren... | loving reminders of what we are really here for

40: You are a good person. You have shared your love and wealth with those people you love. You are honest. Job well done on your first seventy years. Cheers!

41: Dad, Grandpa, Larry

42: A very special thanks... | Sandra, We all know if it weren't for you and your love for our dad (Grandpa/brother) he wouldn't be living as well as he is today. Thank you for loving him and taking care of him. ~Love from All

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