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Dad's Birthday Book

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S: 70 Years of Bob's Glass Menagerie


FC: 70YEARS | of Bob's Glass Menagerie

1: for our Dad . . .

3: "A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child."

5: JULIA think it’s safe to say I have always been a Daddy’s girl. I can still feel the excitement of 15 years ago when Dad was coming home. I’d wait at the door for an hour if necessary waiting to jump on him as soon as he made it in the driveway. The “Daddy’s Home” feeling never left my heart. I remember how he was my savior whenever necessary and has been to this day. I feel sorry for those who brought the wrath of my pterodactyl scream upon themselves. I remember the way he’d play me singing the Barney song for company and how my three year old voice stayed recorded on the answering machine for years. “Hewo. You have weached the gwass residwence. Pwease leave a meshage.” Some of my most prized memories with Dad however are riding in the old Lincoln on Sundays to Granny’s house. I didn’t speak much while there but I was thrilled to touch every toy she’d let me put my hands on. I remember the day he taught me to coast. I was peddling along in front of the Evergreen house, so excited to be riding without training wheels, when I heard dad yell from behind me “coast!” My heart froze up inside of my chest; I threw both of my hands in the air, and flipped my bike over a sewer grate. I remember The Dock of The Bay, the cherries from his old fashioned and my Shirley Temple. In fact, I have very few memories of Dad being angry when I was younger. I guess it’s because I was his “angel baby girl.” I do remember the fear of the bare fanny belt spanking although I don’t think I ever received one and tying myself to his bedpost with every tie I could find when it was time to go to the dentist. Throughout my life, Dad has been the stable ground I could depend on. Through Mom’s battle with cancer and various other mishaps Dad has been the calm collected one. He was always more than willing to talk when I needed to. He gave me reality checks but still gave me the freedom to be myself. It’s funny, in high school I wanted to be out and grown up and independent, but now that I’m getting there, part of me wants to run back to 505 Evergreen Drive because I don’t think anything is quite as beautiful as that was. I remember a day I hid in the station wagon for hours just listening to the comings and goings of the house and feeling completely at peace. The memories in this book and the memories in our hearts should remind us all what that feels like. I think I’ve written in every Birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day card ever that I believe I couldn’t have had a better father and so I’ll say it again now. Thank You Dad for everything you have done for me and given to me. Thank You for the wonderful family you brought together. Thank You for understanding when I’ve done the opposite of what you wanted. Thank You for protecting me. Thank You for letting me be free. Thank You for You, because you are the best Dad there could ever be for me. I love you with all my heart, Forever and ever, Plus one x infinity, Your Angel Baby Girl

7: NANCY My earliest memory of Dad is riding to Mississippi from Virginia on the floor of the backseat with Beeba. At the time I didn't fully understand what was happening but I would never change the family I have gained from that journey. My childhood was anything but boring I remember; Player piano at Christmas, beach vacations to Pawley's and Litchfield, the y2k closet, silly gambling strategies such as the "nice hat" approach, Saturday mornings at Hardees and trips to Granny's, the sound of the Nordic track mingling with oldies, the time Dad kidnapped me from work because of a storm, and running the stairs as punishment (an idea I now think was brilliant.) I regret that we live so far apart and my children don't yet have the fond memories of their pop pop that I had as a child. I'm very happy we've had this opportunity to get to together and celebrate Dad. Happy 70th birthday. Here's to many more with the father I love, Nancy TILLEY Daddio, I'll always remember you as a man's man with a great sense of humor. I believe it takes a very special person to do the things you have done. I'll never forget telling you that you were a grandfather for the first time, or the way you welcomed me into your family. Thank You for all of the fond memories, and for the beautiful woman I get to call my wife, Happy 70th Birthday Pops! -Jason

9: RYAN I am 30 years old and not a day goes by that I do not think of how grateful I am for the way my life has turned out. Dad took a leap of faith by adopting us and set a path for our future for which I will always be grateful. Dad not only introduced us to our new home but our new family. I remember driving up to the driveway for the first time and being introduced to everyone. At the time I was so unaware of what was happening, I did not truly realize how special of a father we all had. Nancy, Connor and I remained together and we joined a new, and now much bigger family. Blood or not, I truly feel that all seven siblings are my true brothers and sisters. Dad made it a point to treat us equal from the start and pushed us to do well in every aspect of our lives. I owe a great deal of my success to watching the example mom and dad set forth. They set our values, our work ethic and provided a place we could call home. It gave me much pride to graduate and follow in my father's footsteps by joining the US Navy. I was gifted with a better life and was made into a better person than I would have been otherwise. Thank you Dad, love, Ryan

11: JENNIFER One of the best things Dad ever did for me was to impart to me a piece of wisdom. I was sitting on the back porch of the Evergreen house becoming irate over an article in the paper. Dad walked outside nonchalantly and asked me how I was doing. He walked out at the perfect time to listen to the string of things that had made me angry and that I had decided to write a letter to the editor about my qualms. Dad just laughed and said, “Jennifer, it is okay to be dissatisfied. Otherwise, things would never change.” To this day, I can’t remember what the article was about but I’ll never forget his wisdom. Happy Birthday, Dad. Love, Jennifer

13: Connor I remember Saturday morning breakfast at McDonalds, trips to Pawley's island, 12 hour car rides in the estate wagon packed to the brim with eight kids, multiple dogs and a u- haul trailer in tow. I remember “Boy’s night” at the beach We had many challenging conversations about life, rules, lessons he learned and mistakes he made. But most challenging of all, the importance of learning to spell words properly. I remember Dad making me play sports which I hated but now appreciate. Who cares if David has always been the golden child. I remember the whirl of the Nordack Track in the morning, Amway supplements, an inventive spirit and a penchant for creating various grooming products like glycerin soap dispensed from a deodorant stick container. I remember learning from Dad how to shave long before it was necessary because I wanted to emulate him and liked the smell of his aftershave. I remember the cheese toast with lemon pepper he would make us before school. I remember he introduced me to grits and beach breakfasts, macaroni casserole and pimento cheese. I remember Dad's successful reattachment of the tip of his thumb after a dangerous tuna salad preparation accident. I remember the man who bought my mom a house and gave me a bigger and more complete family. So what if he and my mom bought the house together after a great deal of negotiation with the mortgage company. Dad made it possible and I only remember what it felt like to be proud of my parents and our home. I remember a man who has brought so many wonderful people into my life, many of whom I am proud to call my family and 7 of whom i love more than anything in the world. I remember this same man standing by and caring for two women I called Mom while they fought and lost their battles with cancer. I remember him having to deliver the worst news a child can hear twice and standing up to eulogize these women he loved with grace and dignity. I remember a man who opened his heart to so many children to whom he no prescribed obligation with a conviction that is astounding. I remember my Dad who I carried in a car full of groceries for because he I heard him say he was tired. He was so grateful he cried. I remember a father always proud of his children and ready to shout their praises to anyone who would listen but would let his kids know in no uncertain terms if their actions did not deserve praise. Yes, I remember the good times, the rough times and all those in-between but most of all I remember my Dad, the guy who helped me learn how to tie my shoes. Thanks, Dad.

15: DAVID When Dad lived in Centervile, my mom was out of town so I was staying with Dad during the school week--usually we only saw dad every other weekend. Anyway, during that week, dad had to drop me off at school before work (about a 30 minute ride.) One morning, turning the corner into my elementary school, I suddenly realized I had forgotten to take my riddalin. (go figure). I became frantic because it was part of my routine and I believed I needed it to behave and focus. Dad knew that there was no time to turn back and make it in time for school and work. He said something along these lines: "Son, I have an idea, today I want you to "pretend" that you took your medication all day at school. I believe that you don't need that stuff." When he picked me up that afternoon he asked me how I did and if I was able to succeed that day. I was thrilled to tell him that it worked. It made me proud to make him proud and to know that he believed in me.

17: JIMMY Happy Birthday, Dad. Love, Jimmy

19: JEANNIE Things I learned from Dad: How to drive (a 21 foot long Buick sedan, because it was "safer"). How to make cheese toast (but not how to make coffee). Cuss words such as dagnabbit and dadblastit. That sometimes you have to say you're sorry, even when you don't mean it, just to keep the peace. The value of "catnaps". How to bodysurf. That fireworks are not meant to be set off indoors. How to fit 8 kids and 2 grownups into one car. (One at a time, until almost everyone is in, then one has to go to the house to go bye bye potty.) How to do the right thing, never complain about it, and never ask for recognition. (Actually I'm still trying to learn this one.) An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away. That inflatable rafts are beach toys, but can double as mattresses. And it doesn't matter if you don't have a real bed to sleep in, as long as all your brothers and sisters and cousins are there on the floor with you. Not to cry over spilt milk. In the days of Mr. Mom: That "helpers" exist not only for hamburger, but for chicken, and tuna too! And many more... I love you Daddy-O. Jeannie

20: SALLIE So I have been thinking of you quite often lately. Not just because the big 70 has arrived. Just how great you look and how happy you are. I thank God for that blessing to you. Mary has already written her memory of the early morning paper route routine so I won’t duplicate it but that was my first thought. Hate to admit this one but: remember how Mary used to get car sick every single trip to the mountains? Going out the door on Rowley Street I would whisper to Mary “bid for a window seat” simultaneously we would do so, sticking you in the middle by the upchucking sister. I have always been proud of you Bobby. Remember working in the steel mill one summer? You would come home so tired and dirty and actually looked pretty helpless. I remember drawing baths for you. It was also pretty cool to have a good looking older brother that was so popular in high school. You had the 1932 beautiful Chevrolet. People would say “is that your brother?????” Made it easier for me to connect with people! In our "later years" you may remember many many October birthday bashes with Bill and John. Those were truly great times! Bobby as long as I can remember, you have been the protector for our family. You even had to step up and speak at Deliah’s funeral because Daddy “had laryngitis”! You have answered my calls in the middle of the night whether I was just lonely, sad or a true emergency. The Lord could not have given us a better big brother! I love you. Sallie “the middle one”

21: MARY Although Bobby was six years old when I was born, I am proud to think I have been useful to him as a Baby Sister. my first memory of really being helpful was when I agreed to ride with him pre-dawn to deliver the Greenville News. What fun it was to ride in that beloved '32 Chevy through the darkness as my Big Brother drove. He knew precisely how many subscribers lived next door to each other( how many houses on each side of the street to skip over, and where there were walls , fences and/or dogs. I think I moaned and groaned about it, but I really love doing that. It may have been the first injection of news ink into my system! I later would come to his aid by reporting to Moma and Daddy that Bobby drove really really fast in allyways. When he burned out his only car years later, I gave him my old Plymouth. When he was a non- stop Amway freak, I bought in as a sales rep to help build his Pomzi empire. Never did I try to sell any product but used up all the samples that came in my kit. I helped him raise his kids, and he helped me nurture mine. Allow me to say he has repaid me a million times in the love and care he has given me throughout my 64 years. He has always been there for me, even when I mistakenly thought I was just fine. He was there in helping me through such personal losses and times of dispair. Even now, I call him when my computer hiccups and he patiently guides me. What an incredible BigBrother and how I love him.

25: “Life is an opportunity, benefit from it. Life is beauty, admire it. Life is a dream, realize it. Life is a challenge, meet it. Life is a duty, complete it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a promise, fulfill it. Life is sorrow, overcome it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a struggle, accept it. Life is a tragedy, confront it. Life is an adventure, dare it. Life is luck, make it. Life is too precious, do not destroy it. Life is life, fight for it.” Mother Teresa

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