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Dad's Birthdaybook

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Dad's Birthdaybook - Page Text Content

S: Happy Birthday Dad 2011

BC: The End

FC: February 28, 2011 | Happy Birthday, Dad!

1: People joked about how we always referred to him as "Daddy," almost like he was their Daddy too. In a way, he was. | "If you all get in there and just do it, it'll only take you five minutes." -Terry to his girls who needed to clean their rooms.

2: I thank you for the way you serve your family, your church, and those around you. Corrie and I have mentioned before that we feel like we both won "The In-Law Lottery," minus all of the corruption and politics, of course. I'm guessing you have never compared yourself to a lottery, but for those who get to share time with you, the feeling can be similar. You care for people in ways that are undeserved. You love people in a way that is impossible to repay. And, you serve others in ways that are often surprising. I will never forget the night I asked you for Corrie's hand in marriage. I had originally called only to meet for lunch, but you knew my intentions and wanted to get it done over the phone. After I stumbled through, I was expecting a barrage of questions regarding my plans for our future. Gearing up for the worst, you caught me completely by surprise spending the next fifteen minutes offering me your thoughts on how best to live with your daughter. Rather than question my intentions, you offered me guidance, which was completely disarming. At that moment, you opened your family to me without hesitation. Thank you for your example of the love and grace of Jesus Christ, our Lord. I am grateful for the legacy you are providing for our family. He may not yet know it, but Samuel is extremely blessed to have you as an example in his life.. I originally said that I was only going to write something if, from now on, I get to call you "Big T," so get ready. I think Samuel may have a new Grandfather name for you! With the utmost respect and love, and only by the grace of Christ, -Jonathan

3: Terry is a loving and caring person, especially with Papaw, who had a mind of his own when it came to how things should be. Even though, most of the time, Papaw knew Terry gave his advice out of love. As the years passed, Terry continued to love and care for Papaw. Terry is a friend that loves like a brother. He is a friend to me, but I feel like he's more like a brother. -Mrs. Peggy

4: Once upon a time there was, for a short time, a homeless rooster. This rooster decided to live right outside Dr. Terry's window and crow each morning at 2 a.m. So, he got permission from the mayor, called his friend Phil, and told him, "Bring a gun." No one knew much about using a gun, but finally they were able to get it loaded. After several missed shots, the rooster died from stress, not the gun! Dale and I were standing outside watching and listening to it all. We were laughing so hard. We decided that this would be a great story to remember when we were all in the nursing home together. That is if we could remember it. -Mrs. Peggy

5: One thing I really respect about Daddy and hope to carry on with my son is how he takes time for me. He is also an excellent writer (which I never knew until just this year when he published his first book) and he is great at meeting his congregation where they are to communicate a challenging truth. Growing up, he would get us off the couch to go do something fun and creative like take us to the tennis courts to see if we could return his serves. (I never could figure out how he could hit the ball THAT FAST!). He also took time to teach me things that I had a whim for, like softball or gardening. I appreciate this about him - he didn't just let our childhood pass us by. -Corrie

6: "What would Dad do in this situation?" I ask myself that question daily. So much of my decision-making has been molded by Dad's approach to life. He and Mom gave Carrie, Corrie and me such a strong base to stand on--financially, socially, and spiritually. Financially, he taught us wisdom. I have yet to know what it is to be in debt because of his careful planning since we were babies. Socially, I am grateful for the ways he would tell us "When you come back, I want you to tell me the names of three new people you met." Spiritually, I learned to trust that God's grace is sufficient... | I remember once when I was really having a hard time, he said, "Cassie, you aren't as big as you think you are in this." He meant that although my actions are important, I don't hold the outcome of my circumstances. Those are in God's hands. -Cassie | And the word for the day is. . . .flexible! -Jackie Hancock

7: I love how he had a way to make people feel comfortable enough to be themselves and always open to discussions. In times of sorrow, he could just walk into the room and things would begin to feel better. Every Sunday he had words that impacted me! -Lesley Adams Berry | I love that he always had a smile on his face, and says "I love it" with a laugh right after it. He always believed in me and treated me just like I was his daughter. -Paige Rowan Skelton | I will always remember your easy, slow grin and then that smile that made everyone feel so welcome. I loved those days you shared your take on Dante and that "Divine Comedy" with my classes! It was just good to have you and Dale in Baldwyn. Now that I think about, what I remember most about Dr. Cutrer is that I got to teach his THREE fabulous girls! I have fond memories of projects and classes with Carrie, Cassie, and Corrie---three of the best students ever!-Kim Haynes

8: I remember when he would take us bowling in Tupelo and the mission trips we went on so we could be exposed to seeing God work in other places outside of our culture. I remember going with him to the hospital and the nursing home to visit church members, going with him to people's houses on visitation night, and going up to the church office and getting to type on the secretary's computer when she wasn't there. I loved playing basketball in the church gym and going to Six Flags and Braves games. He took time to teach us things as we went through our days growing up. These small times added up to a lot. -Corrie | Some great advice from him has been, "At some point, you just have to trust that God's grace is sufficient." -Cassie | I remember dancing on his feet while we took turns letting mom brush out our hair from baths during Lawrence Welk. -Carrie

9: When I was in high school at FBC Clinton, Terry sang with the Hour of Power. It was the habit of my friends to pick out the cute college guys and giggle, and Terry was one of the few that was friendly to us! Fast forward twenty years or so and I was then serving in the college department with my husband at a different church, but the same town. In walk these precious young ladies named Cutrer and the bond was immediately set! Terry Cutrer had sent his daughters to MC! What a joy be their friends and walk through college with them. The love and respect for their parents was evident and their walk with the Lord was strong. They were loyal friends to their peers and just plain fun! What a wonderful reflection of Terry (and Dale!). As I recall these blessings, I know that Terry would join me in giving God the glory for His provisions of love and grace. -Alice Nettles

10: I liked his words for the week. I always remember him laughing a lot. -Heather Gausline Tate | Clay reminds me often that in our counseling Dr. Terry stressed the wife should be submissive and threatens, "Don't make me call Dr. Terry!" We love you -Lorie Bishop Richey | Some great advice he gave me was, "Sometimes you just need to tell people what they already know." -Dale

11: I love the memory of my parents coming to chapel with me on one of their visits to MC and getting to hear Dr. Cutrer preach on what to look for in a mate. He said to watch how they treat their moms. It stuck with me! (And my parents always remember him, too, and that he is a great preacher!) I love the time I went to Baldwyn and Dr. Cutrer talked to our foreign exchange student graciously about the gospel. I also loved seeing him preach at his home church, It was the first time I ever heard the verses from I think it was one of the Chronicles, about God providing "rest on every side". And as a side note, I loved going for Sunday lunch at the lady from your church who had prepared us a FEAST ! -Leslie Ennis Davidson | Thank you for giving me advice for raising my teenagers and grandchildren. The night Danny was killed you were the one that had to tell me and knew exactly how to handle it. It was a joy to be your secretary and friend. -Judy Wallis

12: The day before my wedding he said something would go wrong (because it always does) and just to remember that the end result was to be married. I have always remembered that. When Isabella was born I had to have an unplanned c-section and thought about the end result. I wanted a healthy baby. I tried not to worry about the rest of it. Funny thing was, what did go wrong at my wedding was that our marriage license got locked in a safety deposit box so we weren't "legal" until after the honeymoon. Dr Terry just smiled and said he thought we were covered. -Lacey Palmer Conaway | I am thankful for the example Mr. Cutrer has been in successfully raising three daughters, all very unique in their own ways. Seeing the deep respect each girl holds for him, and cherished memories they so fondly recall, serves as a powerful example for me to emulate and provides a source of hope as I work on raising my little girl. -Barak

13: He speaks meaningful words that we remember! I love the memory of spending Christmas 2010 with the Cutrer family, and seeing in action once again a dad who loves his girls well- with wisdom, freedom, joy and hope. And I love that he told Leah that she will make a great dad someday after she questioned Matt! -Leslie Ennis Davidson | Dr. Terry's love for the Lord and remarkable way of teaching others demonstrates God's love. God has used him to bless our family! -Scott and Tammy Chase

14: I will never forget when Dr. Terry baptized me, explained salvation and the Love of the Lord. The night of Chinese New Year he drove me all the way to Ole Miss to meet the Chinese students there so I would not spend it alone. He is a positive, supportive person. I miss the time spent with his family and wish we could meet again. -Irene Leung God truly blessed my life by allowing me to be a part of the Cutrer's family's days in Baldwyn. My treasured moments are of the girls sleeping over. I loved the one person sermons! Thank you for allowing God to bring you to our little town. -Kay Rutherford Hunter would always come to the church with me whenever we had a women's Bible Study or Senior Adult Choir, etc. Dr. Terry would take Hunter to the Post Office or the bank, with him. (any errand he was running) He would also take Hunter for an ice cream cone. Hunter talked constantly; and I am sure Hunter drove him crazy, but Dr. Terry never complained. Even though he is 14 now, Hunter still has not forgotten those memories. -Kim Grissom

15: Something I love about him is how intentional he is with his daughters! They seemed to all have words of wisdom to offer that had first come from "Daddy!" -Stacey Bloodworth | Bro. Terry told us through our "boyfriend" years that God only gives us one heart to protect for our husband. Every time it gets chipped away and we have less to give our husband. Great wisdom from a wise man. -Landon Rutherford Wallis | He was always fun to be around. You could tell how much he loved his family and there was always a comforting sense when walking into the Cutrer house. He knew how to have fun. I spent as much time hiding in the yard as I did sitting in the house. Rolling that yard was a challenge. I remember he took the keys out of our car once and only gave them back after we cleaned up the TP. I'm sure I ran at least 10 miles on that small road trying to hide from him. Thanks for the exercise. Maybe I'll roll that yard this year just for old time's sake. -Brandon Speck | When y'all lived in Baldwyn, he called one day when we planned to play tennis to say he couldn't make it because he had a date. I laughed, he went on to tell me that he had a date night with each of his girls. I thought about that quite a few times. He taught me how important the time you spend with your children is. Since I only have a son, we didn't date but we spent countless hours on the baseball field and golf course together. When my friends at the golf course would ask, "How do you play with a 4 year old?", I would tell them it was something I learned from a preacher. God has blessed your girls with a wonderful Dad and allowed some of us a little of that blessing too. -Johnny Davis

16: One "memory" I have was when it snowed in AL, so he loaded his girls in the car and drove looking for snow to play in it. If you were still in Medina, you'd be driving away from the snow! -Jim Evans | Daddy has taught me so much of how to be the parent I want to be to Laney (and future kids) from the memories I have of him teaching us how to "impact the world around us," and from graciously learning from his own parents. Mamaw taught him how to be focused on joy, no matter what. Papaw taught him the importance of relationships and putting others first. Both of those have shaped who we are as his daughters and now how we raise up our own children. I wish I had appreciated him when I was young, but love that I can show my gratefulness to him now. -Carrie

17: Dr. Terry is such a down-to-earth, caring, sincere person. He is easy to know and love. I treasure the memories of deer hunting and recall Dr. Terry calling a deep by beating two sticks together. William still talks about that "old man" who could beat him at tennis. -Bill Swords | I remember a lot of little things growing up, like "being all domestic" and "it's ok for Carrie" were really important. Also, "Finish well" and steam cleaning the carpet is not just an adult activity. -Carrie | I always loved Dr. Terry's smile and laugh. It is so genuine! He laughed at my shopping (retail therapy) and yard mowing. When I was very ill, I got to attend church very little. I was praying for God to heal me because I had two grandchildren to be born in May and June. A few weeks before I was to be at UAb, Dr. Terry preached a sermon ,"When God Says, No". That stayed in my mind and I prayed to accept what God was saying . That sermon was a good reminder that whatever God's answer , that it is still His will for our lives. -Patsy Bishop

18: We both recall Dr. Terry driving to Huntsville for Bill's knee surgery and performing Susan's wedding. He had to insist Bill was required to "give her away!" He was a part of many happy occasions and a strength in times of stress. -Mary Swords | My earliest memory Dr. Terry is when he asked how many deacons we had. I said "I've never needed one so I haven't paid a lot of attention to be honest with you." It was the first time I got to hear that laugh. I've made it my job to encourage that laugh ever since.He came to me for a haircut once and told me to just get it out of his eyes. No prob.But seriously folks, his insight and level headed thinking have helped me and I have quoted him more than any pastor I have ever had. He pointed out (by drawing an imaginary line) that one can go right up to that line and as long as he doesn't cross it (sin) he's ok. But wisdom dictates that he remain back from the line to avoid temptation. -Al Yarborough

19: He was always such a strong example to me of what a dedicated person should be. I have a lot of respect for him because he makes a difference. He was always so good to my dad and was someone my dad thought very highly of. I'll always admire his work. He is one of the Godliest men I have ever known. -Ann-Hoover White Hopkins | Loved hearing him preach. grew so much as a Christian while he was here. One of my favorite memories was him driving the cheerleaders on the van to Jackson for me when Cason was a baby! You have to "get outa your box."God will call you to do things you think you can't or don't want to do...do them anyway!!!! -Christi Collins

20: Terry is the most honest man I know, with the strongest servant heart of anyone I know. He is a wonderful mixture of quiet confidence and hilarious spontaneity. I've watched him be consistent in his walk with the Lord, and challenge me to a deeper walk. He's been instrumental in any of my transformation. I am less of myself when he's not around. Almost everything he says and does impacts me. For our entire married life his focus is what's best for the family. I can never recall him making an important decision for selfish reasons. Terry, I love you more than you know. My heart still smiles when you enter the room. You have been the greatest single influence in my life. Thank you for choosing me to share your life. -Dale

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