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Dad's Book

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S: James Arthur Mendenhall

BC: With Love & Gratitude From All of Us

FC: The Book of Jim: James Arthur Mendenhall: Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, and Friend | Add new photo being taken on Friday

1: James Arthur Mendenhall 3/25/1941 | Evelyn Anne Slaugh 6/8/1942 | Robert James 9/4/1971 | Scott Franklin 9/18/1971 | Anne Marie 8/5/1973 | Lynzy Nikol 4/16/1996 | Makayla Noelle 1/5/1998 | Kylee Alexa 7/16/1999 | Brayden Beatty 4/13/1996 | Sidney Elise 10/21/2000 | Vera Olive West Mother 1906-1988 | Walter Jacob Mendenhall Father 1906-1950 | Jay Y Brother 1934-1986 | Blanche Sister 1936 | Herbert Brother 1938-1995 | Peter Grant Brother 1944 | Laura May Freeman Grandmother | Jacob Y Mendenhall Grandfather | Marcia Tuttle Grandmother | Herbert C. West Grandfather

2: James Arthur Mendenhall born to Vera Olive and Walter Jacob Mendenhall on March 25, 1941

3: Kindergarten 1946 Perry, Michigan | Above: Age: 6 1/2

4: Top: Jim & Stubby the Dog Bottom: Herb & Jim with Stubby the Dog

5: The Mendenhall Kids Jay, Blanche (Back), Herb (Middle), Jim & Pete (Front)

7: The Early Years

8: MY JOURNEY WITH JIM If you get lucky in life and very blessed, You get to spend it with a very good friend. That's me, Jim and I became friends when we first met Well not the very first. Time. When I came onto the hospital unit and met him the first time,. he was just going off a night shift and flippantly asked our Captain “When do I get these two. We were two very green Second Lieutenants just starting our Air Force Nursing at the Air Force Academy and I thought he was pretty smart mouthed, ( He was and he still is) But we did become good friends and then married and started a great journey that's gone 45 plus years with many great things included. | Love, Evie

9: First and foremost we have a wonderful family including three great kids and expanded to five wonderful grandchildren. We've faced many challenges, burned some bridges, built some houses. Taken many fun journeys. Enjoyed a great extended family that spreads all across the country and sometimes the world. And every Day with Jim is interesting. He tells me he loves me, I am his best friend He makes me laugh and lightens my life. He's so good with people I have lots of friends I probably wouldn't know if he weren't so out going. With problems or illness he's right there with support. With fun he takes the lead. With work we get it done together. We have a “motto". "We love each other more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” Life with Jim is a great journey that gets better every year and will keep on getting better throughout eternity. | Thank You Jim, my Love my Friend !!

10: I have several fond memories growing up. I remember our special Daddy - Daughter times together, like when you took me to Alpena on a business trip or going to the Sun theater. There were also the times when you were teaching me to drive a stick shift. How about the time when you took me to get my driver's license and you ran a red light going across a 5 lane road. Obviously, we survived. The day you brought home Whiskers kitty for my birthday was such a happy day. I remember fondly the bedtime stories about Princess Anne and telling me to "pretend like I am sleeping" when I had trouble falling asleep. You knew that by encouraging me to "wait 6 months and ask again" for a tattoo that I would change my mind or forget about it, and you were right. I'm grateful for the time you took me to the police station to try to identify the guys who shot at me in your brand new truck. You've made a tremendous impact on my life. You and Mom taught us how to work hard and be honest and ethical in our work. I'm proud of the changes you've made in your life and the testimony you have. We are an eternal family. Thank you for being forgiving. Thank you for being a protector and a provider. Thank you for being you, my Dad and my Friend. I love you beyond measure. ~ Love, Anne

12: & Daughter

13: I love you, Dad.

14: In one of my earliest memories of you, you’re wearing a yellow and black striped shirt, which must have made you look like a tiger to me, because I had you down on all fours, while I rode on your back through the “jungle” in our house on Haslett Road. You never know what memories will stick in the minds of your children. I have lots of good ones of you: Special trips to the YMCA with just you (and sometimes just Mom) to go swimming. Boy scout camping trips, where you tried to convince us that the hot dog was cooked and ready to eat by merely waving it over the fire three times. Driving me all over the Midwest to go watch BMX contests that I’m sure you were bored of after 10 minutes. Getting us out of school early to spend Christmas break driving to Florida. That Opel GT we never quite got to run right. Picking me up when Paul’s car broke down... in INDIANA. I hope that when my kids grow up, they will have good memories of their time with me, as I do with you. You’ve been a great Dad – supportive and caring. I learned a lot about being a dad from you. I love you, man. Happy 70th birthday. Love, Scott

16: Jim's Family Grows by Three | First comes love, then comes marriage, then Brayden and Sidney in the baby carriage.!

17: I want to thank you first of all for letting me pick on you and just laughing about it (at least in front of me) – you’re a good sport. Also, thank you for giving me a piece of good advice that I always remember and try to live by. You told me to always live like we only have one income even if we have two. As of right now we still live on one income (although that feels more impossible every day), but it helps in reaffirming me that we can and should make it on one income for as long as we can, even if it means sacrifice (and that it does). This has most importantly freed us up to put time into our family. So while we may not have every fun toy out there, the biggest house, more new cars than we can drive, and all the other things two incomes could buy, we do have our family. Believe me, I’m seeing just how fast that goes, and I have never regretted our decision even for one minute. When times are tough, your advice and the example that you and Evie have set for raising a family strengthen and guide us in the decisions that we make. Happy Birthday, Jim..and many more to come. Love, Keri | Hey man happy B-day yodiggidy. I remember having to wait for years at a time to see ya but since you guys have gotten the cabin I have been able to see you a lot more often. Really happy about that. But anyways I love ya man. Keep it real!........ Brayden | Hapa hapa hapa 70 birthday g-pa jim hower doin (buddy) I hope you had a great 70 b-day duduu dog I cant wait to see ya again and come to the cabin and visit y'all. Anyway happy birthday grandpa. Love Sidney

18: Loves Animals | John Paul | Tuffy

19: Hermione | Benji | Tonto | Niki | Whiskers

20: Grandpa

21: Makayla Noelle Jan. 5, 1998 Kylee Alexa July 16, 1999 Sidney Elise Oct. 21, 2000 | Grandchildren Brayden Beatty April 13, 1996 Lynzy Nikol April 16, 1996

22: I love you Grandpa Jim, you're the best!! with love, LYNZY! | Grandpa Jim i love the way you make me laugh, i love the way you don't like bad, i love your great big smile, i hate it when we don't see each other for a while. you have taught me wrong from right, and have known when I'm not feeling bright, you know just what to say when I'm down, and i miss it when you're not around. know that i have a phone, you can call me and comment on my poem, i love you and just want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

23: Portrait of Grampa Jim by Sidney Elise

24: Jim is married to my sister, Evie. When I first met Jim 46 years ago; he and Evie were dating. They were both in the Air Force and worked at the hospital at the Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. Meeting Jim for the first time was a memorable experience!! I wasn't sure how Evie felt about him until she announced there engagement a few months later and asked me to be a bridesmaid for her in February 1966 at their wedding to be held in Vernal, Utah. After the wedding, every time Jim would see me, he would pick me up, ( I was 115 lbs. back then), and say how happy he was to finally have a little sister!! | They lived on base in Colorado Springs until their release from the U.S.A.F. They went to Michigan for Jim to finish his college degree. He returned to Vernal for a short time to find employment around the state of Utah. He didn't find a Job so they stayed in Michigan, (Jim's home). Their life really started and blossomed in Michigan where they lived for 30 Years. They moved back to Vernal in 1997. Jim is a terrific brother-in-law, even though I had my doubts back in 1965 and 1966. I'm sure he has had some doubts about me over the years, but I am proud and happy to say he's an important part of our family! ~ Linda Slaugh Padilla

25: I remember the year I went on vacation to Utah with Uncle Jim & Aunt Evie to help out keeping track of the kids because Uncle Jim had to leave halfway through the vacation. We had a great time even though you had to leave so soon. But if you didn't have to leave, I wouldn't have been able to go. Thank you. Although my favorite memories are and always will be Uncle Jim getting up from a Thanksgiving dinner (Easter, Christmas, *insert any special occasion here*) to get a peanut butter sandwich Love you, Uncle Jim Linda Pietrowski | Uncle Jim's middle name: Horseplay!

26: It's been very difficult for me to think of where I would begin with this project. How do I put how I feel about Uncle Jim in a way that makes sense to anyone else? How does one describe an overwhelming gratitude for the person who has played a key role in keeping a part of her alive? When a person loses their father at such a tender age as I did, it can sometimes feel as though no matter where you are, you're completely lost. There's this part of you, this piece of your heart, that feels foreign to you, or perhaps missing all-together. Because of life circumstances that led me to be away from the Mendenhall family for so many years while growing up, I think this feeling for me was amplified further. But what kept me feeling even a little connected, and what led to me nagging my mom about getting me back to the Mendenhalls, had SO MUCH to do with my memories of and relationship with Aunt Evie and Uncle Jim. As I got older and more curious, Uncle Jim's patience and willingness to help answer my seemingly endless line of questioning was much appreciated. | Uncle Jim, you helped me get to know my father in a way that no one else could. And you've helped me to feel like there's always a part of him with me and in me, and I don't know if you realize what a gift that is to have given me. Top 5 Memories of Uncle Jim and Aunt Evie's House in Perry 5. The yard. Even though Rob used to tell me there were bears back there that were going to eat me. In fact I remember one time when Daddy walked me around the parameter when he was sick, to prove to me that Rob was full of it. 4. The trampoline. Again a site representing older-cousin-verses-younger-cousin forms of torture. But it was so fun! 3. Eating fresh rhubarb out of the garden before Aunt Evie made pie. Do you know that I hadn't had rhubarb pie from the time I was 4 until just recently? I think I will always think of Uncle Jim and Aunt Evie when I eat anything rhubarb related. 2. The summer I rode the tractor. Constantly. I don't know why - I think it was because it seemed so peaceful and easy to think out there. Or to not think at all. But it gave me a really good way to have time to myself and escape my worries and sadness. Even though I think everyone thought I might be slightly insane for liking it so much. 1. Christmas the year I turned 14. It was my first Mendenhall Christmas since dad had died, and that year was an immensely hard year for me. It meant SO MUCH to be back in Perry for that holiday season. And I got to know everyone all over again, and Uncle Jim told me that with my dad's height I should be a model. I still smile thinking about that day. | I love you Uncle Jim!!! | ~ Kelly Mendenhall

27: I have a lot of memories of Uncle Jim and the time spent at the house with the family. I can't say I have a favorite memory only because it was always a special time when we were able to get out there and visit. I wish we could have spent more time there. I always felt so welcomed and never an outsider even after not seeing the family for years apart. I remember eating rhubarb off the plant and grilling on the back porch. I remember the trampoline and being scared out of my mind but knowing I was in good hands. I remember sitting in the front room visiting with the family or going over to Aunt Sherry and Uncle Herb's house for water fights etc....I just loved being at your house. I still love the Robin Hood cartoon from watching it hundreds of times and never tiring of it....Thank you for letting me watch it over and over again. I always smile whenever I remember the times we shared because they meant so much to me. I was so grateful you were able to make it to the wedding and share that day with me. One memory I have and sometimes I wonder if it even happened was driving your old Chevy standard pick-up that you were trying to teach me to drive in and I got a little too close, or even into, the raspberry bushes :) again not sure if that really happened or if I just made it up but I had a blast either way. I remember a gathering at the house where the kitchen was full of food from the grill and all the family was over and having a blast hanging out with everyone. I guess that was quite often so not sure what the occasion was for but all in all I was always so excited to see you guys and spend time with the family. Wish we could still get together as easily as we did then. I love you with all my heart and wish you a wonderful birthday, Love, Sara

28: Uncle Jim, was the first to introduce me to Peanut Butter & Honey sandwiches, long before his own kids were born. He and Aunt Evie gave me my very first board game one Christmas, Clue, and even taught me how to play it. I have fond memories of him and the Professor (a.k.a. "Fessor") and Midnight, Spookie 1 & 2 and of trips with just him and I to the little store in Shaftsburg where I felt special because I was the only one he took with him. He always got me a candy or a soda (caffeine-free of course). Then there was the summer of wiring, dry walling, and my first Sport Coat (which Aunt Evie altered to fit my long arms). The times he and Aunt Evie would take me and my brother & sister and Vic & Linda in that park in East Lansing with romping around, doing cook-outs, camp fires with burning marshmallows (holding them like the statue of liberty holds her torch). Then as I got older there were the many talks, sharing what I was thinking, talks on family, life, religion, and relationships. I love you Uncle Jim, and I thank God for your being in my life and I pray that your 3-score and ten will be blessed beyond measure with warm memories, affirming words and a deeper revelation of our Heavenly Father. ~ John Hamilton Jr.

29: I remember when he took me for a motorcycle ride when they lived in a house on a busy road not sure where that was but they had a great cherry tree in the back yard that we picked cherries for pie and jam. I think I was around 10 or 12 not sure of the timing on that, maybe I was younger. I had so much fun, I always did when spending time with one of my most favorite uncles. I love you Uncle Jim ,have a blessed Birthday! ~ Brenda Hamilton Tucker. | Above: Brenda Tucker & Brian Hamilton Top Right: Brenda, Brian, & John Hamilton Right: John & Laura Hamilton

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