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David Nash Graduates from Monterey

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David Nash Graduates from Monterey - Page Text Content

FC: OTTER WARS The story of how Dave Nash (with a little help from his friends) saved the 2010 graduating class of the Naval Post Graduate School.

1: On the way to Monterey to provide security services for the NPS graduation ceremony, we stopped for grub. But before we ate, I had the place scoped out by Bob and Sheila, my bomb-sniffing pigeons.

2: Bob and Sheila detected some suspicious residue, so we packed bullet proof clothing and opted to utilize an armored SUV for everyday travel.

3: The safe house. | Sniper positions.

4: Even though danger was imminent, we were still able to relax for a nice dinner. But somewhere outside lurked Otter von Bismarck, plotting his evil plots.

5: Completely oblivious to the threats all around, newbie Dave Nash poses for a photo with Senior Command.

6: Despite several recent crushed crab sightings, sure signs of Otter v, Dave Nash and his buddies take a photo op. | Senior Command dons "Manta Rays", special glasses to see below the water's surface. Dave just smiles.

7: Agent Newmamma and Dave Nash's buddy Chris react to a weapons demonstration.

8: Special Ops newbie Chris goofs off while the world teeters.

9: Dave Nash awaits his diploma, while all along the shore, armored seagulls take up defensive positions.

10: Dave Nash accepting his diploma. Not sure why he's so relaxed.

11: After the ceremony, Nash regales all with tales of his exploits-to-be. We listen patiently. And pose for photos.

12: Agent in-training Dave Nash poses with a few members of the Senior Command Team.

13: Nash again, looking all cool and badass while Rome threatens to burn. | Finally, agent-in-training Dave Nash puts on his "Manta Rays" and spots Otter v in the NPS pond. Senior Command Officers smile as Nash remotely triggers a mine.

14: Dave Nash's mine didn't yeild any corpses so, realizing we could be in for a few days of hard fighting, we hit Bennett's to carbo load. | A toy? Please.

15: To fool Otter v into thinking we were all in party mode (the mine was just a drunken prank, right?), we headed to a wine bar to discuss strategery.

16: Senior Command is not impressed by agent-in-training Dave Nash's first suggestions.

17: Me, reacting to agent-in-training Dave Nash's second suggestion. | Senior Command is pleased, too.

18: Situation analysis: Rogue mammal Otter von Bismarck is about to do more than crack a crab. But what?

19: Continuing our "party hardy" cover tactic, we opt for something besides MREs.

20: Intense strategic discussions ensue. It becomes clear that Otter v intends to take out the entire graduating class of NPS.

21: Meanwhile, Special Ops earthworms arrive at Monterey to help in whatever way they can. Blue J hears 'em coming, poops and gets the hell outta Dodge. | A cluster bomb placed near our safe house by Otter v. Man, he is such an amateur! Any half-wit could spot this thing a mile away.

22: We head up to Santa Cruz to discuss the situation with Jonathan Livingston "Steve" Seagal, commander of Gull Team Six.

23: Armed with new fresh intel, "Steve" Seagal heads out to bomb Otter v.

24: Confident that Steve will take out Otter v, agent-in-training Dave Nash goes back to his goofy ways. | Sure, Dave, Otter v would be impressed.

25: Meanwhile, Senior Command, whom experience has taught never to be over-confident, tries to enjoy an ice cream but is clearly a little concerned.

26: Per usual in this world, the ignorant masses party on while danger lurks everywhere.

27: Exhausted from chasing Otter v throughout Monterey Bay, members of Seal Team Six (aka, The Fat Basterds) get some much needed R&R.

28: A snapshot from Special Ops worm Dirt McDiggin. He hates dry sand, so this shot was not easy for him. I encourage you to enjoy it for a minute.

29: Senior Command says, "Tell Agent Nash to stop playing his XBox and get out here and do some real work. And please make sure he loads his gun this time!" Meanwhile, revelers revel. Fools.

30: Agent-in-training Dave Nash pretends he's on the edge of Huey in 'Nam.

31: Senior Command indulges Dave a little and follows along to make sure he doesn't fall and hurt himself.

32: Senior Command with Agent Newmamma after hearing that Otto v might have been blown all to hell by "Steve" Seagal.

33: Comm antennae done up to look like a roller coaster. Not bad, eh? We radioed Steve to see what was up. | Steve "dropped an encoded package" to give us the update.

34: Steve said Otto v was an otter slick. Not trusting Steve (he's been known to exaggerate) we asked Delta Force 9, disguised as sheep, to recon the bomb site (it's just offshore).

35: The Delta guys confirmed the kill, having done a little DNA work on some remains being served up as Today's Special by a nearby restaurant.

36: Agent-in-training Nash and 99. | Posing for a photo? Not exactly, we were there to make sure newbie Nash didn't start showing off with his new gun.

37: Delta Force.

38: After the Delta guys cleared out, we all took a bit of time to think.

39: It had all been too easy. Agent-in-training Nash doesn't think so, so he's ready to party hardy, but Senior Command knows better and puts on a brave face (Agent Nash has been known to scare easily).

40: Agent Newmamma receiving more intel. | Me doing the same.

41: The latest batch of intel reveals that "Steve" Seagal was too fat to fly after Otter v. and bombed some roadkill before calling it a day. So Agent Newmamma and Senior Command hatch a plot to do in Otto v. with poisoned oysters.

42: Agent-in-training Dave Nash finally realizes the seriousness of the situation and stops partying long enough to give our poison oyster plot a solid listen.

43: Nash doesn't like the plan. He says, "You fools! Otters like crabs! Let's make a robot crab stuffed with explosives. The minute Otter v pulls this thing's leg, BOOM. Cool?"

44: Agent Nash's IEDDAAC (improvised explosive device disguised as a crab) worked!

45: Given our recent mission, we were all hungry for something Animal Style.

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  • Title: David Nash Graduates from Monterey
  • Here's a little photo book of Dave's NPS graduation. Sorry it took me so long to finish this!
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