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Despicable Me

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FC: Despicable Me Hero's Journey Project Bailey Rasmussen, Josie Johnson, Cedre Sanchez Hour 3

1: 1. Ordinary World 2. Call to Adventure 3. Refusal to the Call 4. Meeting with the Mentor | 5. Crossing the First Threshold 6. Test, Allies, Enemies 7. Approach the Inmost Cave 8. Ordeal | 9. Reward 10. The Road Back 11. Resurrection 12. Return with the Elixir

2: Ordinary World When the audience meets Gru, he is a selfish, dastardly villan whose only concern is making sure that everything goes his way. In the Ordinary World Gru is used to getting his way, and enjoys causing other people grief. Gru is impatient, and does not appreciate being bothered or having things not turn out the way he plans. Gru sees himself as the best and tries to assert himself wherever possible.

3: Call to Adventure Gru's call to adventure is when Dr. Nafario tells him that someone has stolen the Great Pyramid of Giza and that the culprit makes all other villains look lame. Dr. Nafario implies that they have to do something really big, something that "blows the pyramid thing out of the water".

4: Refusal to Call In this movie the refusal to the call is when Dr. Gru receives the messages from Dr. Nafario and he is too egotistical to accept the fact he has been topped. He calls his Minions to a meeting to ensure them they are still the greatest. He tells them they are doing pretty well themselves and they have no need to worry about the talk that "they have been topped". He wants to deny the fact someone else is going to be considered "the greatest villain of all-time"

5: Meeting the Mentor | Gru's Mentor, DR.Nafario, is introduced when he contacts Gru to tell him that the Pyramid was stolen. Dr. Nafario acts as a guide for Gru, keeping him on track with whatever task is at hand. Nafario also playes the role as Gru's builder, supplying him with everything he needs to carry out his evil deeds. although Gru and Nafario don't always agree on everything, Nafario is the backbone of Gru's operation.

6: Crossing the First Threshold The first threshold that Gru has to cross is adopting the three young orphan girls; Margo, Agnes, and Edith. This is a challenge because he has to care for the girls and make them happy so they will help him get the shrink-ray. Gru is used to living by himself, but now he has these three little girls that make a mess, won't sit still, and get into everything. He as to adapt to the demanding roll of parenthood.

7: Tests The tests are when Gru needs to think of something to steal in order to be considered the "greatest villain of all time". Other tests include adopting the girls, caring for them and obtaining the shrink ray to shrink the moon. Adopting the girls was a huge test for Gru because he needed to pass the background check. Then once he adopts the girls he needs to make them feel at home and they can’t find out about his plan to use them to get the shrink ray. These girls became a distraction and he cannot let that interfere. The girls sold cookies to Vector, who has the shrink ray. Gru uses the girls to get into Vectors fortress and take the shrink ray. | Allies The allies are Dr. Nafrio, Minions, and the girls, Margo, Edith, and Agnus. Dr, Nafario helps Gru through all of this. He keeps in on track. The Minions are Gru's sidekicks. The girls are the only way into Vector's fortress to take the shrink ray. | Enemies The enemies are Gru's mother, Vector, and the bank. Gru's mother is a "debbie- downer". She never believes in him and makes fun of everything he does. Vector is currently the "greatest villain of all- time" and always out smarts Gru. The Bank will not support Gru unless he gets the shrink ray . Then they tell Gru they will not give him any money at all because they support Vector.

8: Approach the Inmost Cave Gru must infiltrate Vector's fortress but its not going to be easy. He will use the girls he adopted to get in and has they are giving Vector his cookies, Gru uses that distraction to sneak in and steal the shrink ray. He was successful and they all leave untouched.

9: Ordeal Gru 's ordeal comes when he is informed that the bank will no longer fund him. Gru realizes that he has no money, and will not be able to build his rocket. things appear so hopeless that Gru tells his minions "we can no longer continue to operate. i have fired up my resume. i suggest you all do the same".

10: Reward Gru's reward is finally getting the moon. It is the reward because that is what Gru had originally set out to do. By taking the moon Gru has completed his goal of committing the greatest crime of the century.

11: The Road Back Vector takes the girls and the moon from Gru. Now Gru must chase after Vector in order to get his girls back and save them from Vector and the growing moon.

12: Resurrection Gru's Resurrection is after Vector refuses to give back the girls. Gru loses his selfishness in his fight to reclaim the girls, and no longer cares about the moon, his own interests, or even his own safety as he chases after vector, punches a shark, and clings onto the sides of Vector's ship as it starts to take off.

13: Return with the Elixir Gru defeats Vector and saves the girls. The moon goes back to its normal size and location with Vector stuck on it. He promises the girls that he will never let them go.

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