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Dick & Sue Ward's 50th Anniversary

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Dick & Sue Ward's 50th Anniversary - Page Text Content

S: Dick & Sue Ward Celebrate 50 Years of Marriage

BC: But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

FC: Dick & Sue Ward

1: 50 Years | So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate. Matthew 19:6

2: Richard

3: .

5: .

6: Suzanne

14: Nathan | Sauna

15: Heather | Jason

22: When I think back on some of the memories that I can remember of growing up, I remember the times that we spent together as a family having popcorn and watching movies, beach trips and puzzles and road trips to Disneyland. I remember going to the property to get wood and helping with the remodel on the 112th home that got me interested in construction. I remember the time that Mom and I went downtown to load up a few pickup loads of broken up concrete so that Mom could make paths in the back yard. That was just one of the many backyard projects. I remember Dad helping me when I built the engine for my mustang (especially when I was frustrated). I remember the times that Grandpa Ward would give Jason and I four bits and send us down to Mr. Malan’s house to get a barber shop haircut every other week (you can see the example in the pictures). | Nathan & Lisa

24: I remember getting a few spankings growing up and there is one in particular that I will never forget. I don’t remember what I was getting spanked for but I do remember that Dad started spanking me and after a few swats my pants started smoking. Well Dad didn’t know what was going on but he ripped off my pants as they continued burning a hole in my back pocket. Well I guess it didn’t take much to pop that large pad of caps that was in my back pocketor did it? I remember times that Lisa and I would play pinochle with you guys. We hope to start that again soon. I remember helping you build your house and you helping me build mine ( I am sure glad we nailed that beam). I could go on and on with all the great memories and I am sure that there will be many more to come. I just want to say congratulations on your 50 years together and thank you for the great example of loving God, loving each other and loving all of us. We have been blessed. I love you guys. - Nathan

25: Memories ~ Oh to captures just one... Pinochle games, Christmas Eves, work in the yard parties, expert movie advice, birthday dinners and celebrations, paint days, creating food that Dick thinks is too spicy while watching his taste buds mature, Halloween donuts and hot cider, kids programs, babysitting, beach trips, stop by treasured talks with Godly advice (for example, Thad at three to name just one). How thankful I am to have been a small part of your many years. You truly have created a legacy. Congratulations and thank you. May God bless you with many more. - Lisa

26: As I reflect on what I might write to you in a book I would consider a trophy—a representation that will commemorate your obedience to the Lord, I want to thank you. I hope it serves as a reminder and honors your commitment and thoroughness to “keep His commandments on your heart, and teach them diligently to your sons and daughters”. When I consider what I am thankful for—my relationship with the Lord, my husband, my children, my family, my ministry, I recognize the significant role you both had and the considerable contribution you have made to who I am. We all know that I can thank you for my strong work ethic that contributed a great deal to who I am today. With humility, I thank you for the rainy Saturdays that you required me to haul wood up and down hills over our undeveloped property, through wet, muddy foliage, while Nathan got to use the chain saw.. | Mom, I want to thank you for your opportune rebukes when I was a new wife and mother that reminded me that my husband’s leadership was God’s provision and protection purposefully designed through authority in the home. Thank you, too, for teaching me that how my children obey me is how they will obey God. It gave me an improved perspective of how serious God is about sin. | Sauna & Jack

27: Dad, thank you for your dependable, devoted leadership in our home. I have always been loved, protected, and nurtured—taught “to grow up in all aspects into Him who is the head, even Christ”. Nevertheless, I want you to know, once and for all—I really DID have to go to the bathroom that night when I was a young girl and I received a spanking for getting out of bed for the third time after being told to stay in bed. Primarily, I thank you both for the commitment you have consistently displayed to God’s Word and the discipleship I received as you made church attendance a priority, memorizing Scripture fun, and God’s standard not negotiable in your home. | As I consider the heritage and tradition that has begun as a result of Christ in you and your diligence and commitment to the Lord, I am encouraged to hide God’s Word in my heart, find pleasure in the protection of my husband’s authority, teach my children diligently, and whatever I do, whether in word or deed, to do in all with purpose—His glory. I could not love you more. Sauna

28: First of all, I have to say thank you. Thank you for raising a daughter who became the woman who, with all of her gifting and abilities, has followed my leadership and taught me what it means to lead. Thank you for accepting me into your family and giving me the kind of biblical, God-centered support I had never experienced. I remember the glory days, Dad, – walking into your house when Sauna and I were dating, saying, “Hello, Mr. Ward” and getting the look – you know the look, the one over the rim of those horn-rimmed glasses

29: It always felt good to still be alive back then. And I can never forget how good it felt when you gave me permission to marry your daughter (even if you could barely choke out the words). You asked me then if I would faithfully keep your daughter in church, and I said I would – and I did. I am almost certain that the two of you don’t realize how important and influential your wisdom and counsel have been to me. I have learned and been encouraged in what it means to be a mature man, a good father, a better husband, and a humble Christian. Some of my favorite memories of baseball are of us having long theological discussions. Could have lived without the memories of hauling roofing tiles onto your fifty story house, though Still, I do count it a privilege of having circles drawn around badly driven nails with my name on it under your living room carpet! Thank you both for having me as your son, Jack

30: Heather & Michael | Dad & Mom ~ I could have never asked for better parents. For as long as I can remember, you have spent your life reflecting Christ. You worked diligently to remind us of God’s goodness and grace, despite our circumstances. Even when it was not what we wanted to hear, you gently said, “God is the blessed controller of all things.”

31: As we celebrate both of you and your 50 years of marriage, I just want to say “Thank You.” Thank you for not giving me all the spankings I deserved. Thank you for teaching me how to tie a bow. Thank you for being my excuse to say “No” when I didn’t want to go out with some guy. Thank you for grounding me for a year, when I was becoming the worst version of myself. Thank you for teaching me how to drive. Thank you for being there on my best days; the birth of my sons, my marriage to Michael and my college graduation. Thank you for being there on my worst days, when I didn’t think I would ever stop crying. Thank you for all the encouragement you gave when life seemed too hard to take. Thank you for all the reminders that “God is good.” Thank you for all your prayers. Thank you. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary – I love you Heather

32: Over the last 6 years, I have been fortunate to witness an increasingly rare phenomenon. That is the happy, 50 year marriage of Dick & Suzanne. One of the things that helps make your marriage so great is that you actually like each other. I really appreciate that. What a great example you have set for the rest of us. Witnessing two people who love the Lord and each other the way you do, why that is downright inspiring. So, I pray that GOD will give you many more happy years together. I love you both and can’t think of any other couple that I would rather have over for a visit. Michael – just in case you were wondering.

34: It is funny how the best memories are made just doing ordinary things. I have great memories of our times over the years just shooting hoops at home, watching old movies, road trips to Disneyland, cutting firewood, building your home and mine, | Jason & Kristen

35: cleaning out the garage (remember the dump is our friend) and all the holidays and birthdays just being together. Most of all I am grateful for faithful parents and a Godly legacy. Thank you for everything! - Jason

36: Where does the time go? So many great times talking and laughing together. Becoming apart of the Ward family has been such a blessing. Of all the things that are dear to me. I think the times I cherish the most are the times we would just stop by and the two of you would be sitting at home

37: with a fire in the stove reading or something. We would visit, drink coffee, and talk about our Lord. Just a simple thing, but forever impacted my life. I hope to do the same with our children. Thank you! - Kristen

38: I really thought traveling down the road to my cousins’ house would be the perfect place to hide. But, when Grandpa and Dad picked up me and my training wheel bike and plopped my 4 year old body in between them in Grandpa’s red truck I learned it wasn’t okay to travel down the road just for a good hiding spot. When Grandpa and Grandma moved into their home in the woods they made sure that I knew the rule not to wander too far. Instead, we had great fun playing on the curvy shaped climbing tree, watching the huge fish in the pond, and occasionally we made supervised trips to “The Great Valley,” which was really just an undeveloped area down and across the nearby hills. One winter it snowed so much that the whole family came and we sled down those enormous hills! When we weren’t outside we would do craft projects with Grandma or watch a movie with Grandpa. Before Grandpa had his enormous DVD collection he had a collection of VHS movies. However, most were westerns and not exactly little girl movies. He did have the movie Pollyanna and I cannot count the times I watched that video on the little tv up in their room. Sleepovers were always fun as a little girl with the cookies and ice cream we would get to pick out at the store. The night was filled with laughter, movies and games. There were even a few times we had the treat of going to watch a musical at David Douglas High School. Little did I know that years later Grandpa and Grandma would be watching me play violin in that same theater. | Anna & Josiah

39: I thought sleepovers would be over after I grew up but I was wrong. A little over a year ago Josiah and I had a slumber party with Grandpa and Grandma. The night was filled with the same fun--picking out treats at the store, talking movies with Grandpa, and playing games like dice, cards, and dominoes into the wee hours of the night. There really are so many memories it’s hard to count. I’ll never forget the nights Elly and I slept in your sewing room (now I can’t believe our two twin beds fit in there). One night after we had gone to bed my Dad woke us up to show us two raccoons sitting in a tree right off the deck. You never know what you’ll see at Grandma and Grandpa’s...and Grandpa never knew what he’d be eating at my birthday dinner outings. I got the look a time or two when we’d go to Changs but he always had a good attitude about it because it was a birthday celebration. I am so blessed to have all these memories with you. Thank you for being so involved in my life all these years. Josiah and I really appreciate how you’ve supported us in so many ways. Happy 50th Anniversary! We love you!

40: To Grandma & Grandpa: I don't know two better people to be my grandparents. Grandma, you can always lighten the mood with your sarcasm and popping off a joke. And Grandpa, you can silence an entire room with one of your "looks." I don't know very many grandparents that support their grandson like you two do. Just about every home game I would see you in the stand, Grandma with some knitting or a book, and Grandpa, with your hat sitting on the tip top of your head. I appreciate all of your support throughout not only my baseball career, but also my life. If I ever need anything I know I could ask you for help. I love you both and am so happy that God has blessed you with 50 YEARS! Wow, that's a long time! | Trevor

42: I remember the adventures, Us grandkids always had a blast. Whether it was tag, swings, or exploring, The outdoor memories will last. Growing older has changed things, But not by much. We still play games, Just Mexican train, dice, and such. Throughout all the years, One thing stays the same. Christmas Eve nights are full, Of laughter, food, late nights, and games. “You don’t have to remember their names,” Grandma gave the hint. “As long as they remember yours,” Is what Josh heard at his first family event. Even as the changes continue, Your love is still there. Grandpa’s support, Grandma’s hemming, We are blessed with your care. | Ellyn and Josh

43: Thanks Grandpa and Grandma, For all you have done. Our lives have been blessed, We’re ready for more fun. We love you Grandpa and Grandma! Love, Ellyn and Josh

44: Grandpa and Grandma, I have several favorite memories of you. One of them is chopping wood at your house. I remember an alder tree had fallen over one year and I was splitting some of it. I had been going at it for awhile and Grandma asked me if I wanted to take a break. I said no and kept splitting and Grandma laughed. I think all those times I came up to help you in the yard are how I really got to know you guys. I am very thankful for those times. | Ryan

45: Possibly my favorite memory of Grandma was when we were all watching Elf and Grandma laughed super hard when he dove across the desk, answered the phone, and said, “Buddy the Elf. What’s your favorite color?” We were all laughing super hard too, but it was at Grandma, not at the movie. I don’t have a single favorite memory of Grandpa because I just love to talk about movies with him. I can still think of specific conversations that we had about different types of movies. I enjoy hanging out with you guys and talking to you. You two are the best grandparents a kid could ask for. You are always there in a loving way, but you aren’t ever afraid to let me know when I am being stupid. Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over my lifetime. Thank you for staying married for 50 years and for being great examples to me and to the rest of us kids. I love you very much and I am very thankful for you. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary!

46: Sam I remember one time when Max, Titus and I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for an entire week. We mainly went to work and to help them with their yard--you know Grandma and her flowers. Anyway ,we were working and Alex and Chad had come over for dinner one night and we were talking about

47: how grandpa wears his hat. Alex was wearing a hat too and wore it like Grandpa did. He turned it sideways and said “I’m gangster grandpa” and Grandpa looked over at him with his look that he always has and he started laughing and then we all started laughing. That was a fun time. Love you Grandma and Grandpa.

48: Kelsey

49: I have so many great memories of going over to your house and doing all kinds of crafts, watching endless amounts of movies, playing scrabble and having LOTS of ice cream (-: It was so fun! I also remember going shopping with you every year on my birthday. I still remember all the presents I got from you-- it was such a blast! I am so thankful to have such awesome grandparents in my life! You guys are the best! I love you!!

50: Max | Max

51: In the movies, the grandmother is always the loving and caring one. Every time the grandkids come over she has some cookies, cake, and ice cream ready for them to eat. She also teaches them how to use manners and have proper etiquette. The grandfather is the one who teaches them how to respect others and he uses tough love to teach them. He also works them outside in the yard so they build physical and mental toughness. Most kids can only see this in the movies. They try to imagine what it would be like to have grandparents like this. I have been over to friends' houses and I see what their grandparents are like, and they are nothing like grandparents in the movies or like you. No one can say they have the best grandparents in the world until they have you for grandparents. You are truly the best grandparents a kid could have. Love, Max

52: Thad

53: Throughout my life I always remember going up to Grandma and Grandpa's house for various family events. I have always loved going there, especially all the space outside there is for the grandkids to play. I remember playing air soft, capture the flag, tag, and many other games, but all were quite fun. Also, I have loved Grandpa's movie collection. He lets us all borrow from it, even though he falsely accuses people of steeling movies. Love you Grandma and Grandpa and Happy 50th.

54: Haley

55: Grandma & Grandpa~ You can always count on having a fun time at Grandma & Grandpas! Whether it was learning a new craft, finishing a puzzle or enjoying a movie together with a bowl of ice cream, we always had a great time! Thank you so much for being such a godly example, always willing to help us with anything we need! I love you!

56: So I sent a text to Grandpa that said, “My mom used to not finish her sentences, but now she.” And without missing a beat Grandpa replied, “Well the apple doesn’t fall far from the..” My mom and I cracked up. | In late May my mom and I were at one of Trevor’s baseball games. It was just us two and I was kind of bored and thought of a funny joke I heard of. I looked at my mom and said, “I used to not finish my sentences, but now I.” She laughed and said I should text that to grandpa. | Alex

57: For the next three hours Grandpa and I were doing this nonstop. A few days later my mom told me what Grandma said was happening there when Grandpa got the first text. Grandma and Grandpa were sitting in the living room and Grandpa got a text. He opens his phone and starts laughing. Grandma said the entire time we were texting he would just start laughing when he got a text. Grandpa and I continually do this all the time. My favorite thing about you two is your sense of humor. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for everything you have done for us: letting us play in your yard, feeding us, letting us play in your yard, and your biblical wisdom whenever any of us are mad at each other. Love you, Alex

58: Hannah

59: Where do I begin, we have so many fun memories together! Like the times I spent the night at your house playing scrabble, and staying up until’ early morning to finish a project. : ) I also have loved watching endless movies, and just hanging out and talking! I will always remember the times we’ve spent together, and I hope there will be many more to come! You two are such a blessing in my life! I LOVE YOU!!! : )

60: Grandma and Grandpa, you are the best grandparents a grandkid could want. The amount of love you have for me is overwhelming. Whenever I am coming over to spend time with you, I am as excited as Bundle when she is going to go on a trip. I just hope that one day the love I have for you will be equal to the love you have for me. Love, Titus | Titus

62: Chad

63: Oh, where do I begin?..... I just wanted to tell you that you have been such great grandparents. How do I know this?... Well lets begin with 1.) You guys have been able to put up with little kids (Titus and I come to mind) 2.) You have been able to save up just enough money for such great Christmas presents. 3.) You never ever would go to Pittsburgh on my Birthday. Thanks for being such great grandparents, and don't worry, I won't tell any more people about Jamba Juice.

64: I love going to your house and spending time with you. My favorite times are being outside on your property running around, getting dirty and playing with Bundle. Of course doing crafts and watching “Murder she wrote”, and eating endless amounts of ice cream aren’t too bad either! : ) I love you! | Krystal

98: Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. Psalms 127:3-5

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