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S: Dickerson Family Album 2009

FC: Dickerson

1: 2009 | The Dickersons

2: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."


5: { | { | SANTA

6: Our sweet baby girl. From the very beginning you were the happiest baby on earth. You were always smiling and you only cried if you were hurt or hungry. Period. You bring such joy to our lives. Your brothers absolutely adore you and you are the apple of all of your grandparents eyes! But your favorite person on earth is definitely Dada

7: Dylan Justice

8: Jacko | Bubba

9: Ty and Jack you are total opposite personalities and they need each other so very much! Jack never has a conversation that does not end in "how bout Bubba?" and Ty cries every almost every time Jack gets in trouble. You drive each other crazy most of the time, but when you play together the air is always filled with giggles and fun!

10: A Word from Beck Beck... "I learned how to crochet at the end of 2007 and made a bunch of scarves to give as gifts for Christmas 2007. But my first "big project" was this blanket for Jo. I love that she is so all about family time, so I made a blanket that I knew could stretch all the way across her couch and let her whole family snuggle together while they read books or watched movies together. It was HUGE and took awhile to finish, but I loved every second of my time working on it and told her that it would have to be my way of hugging her until we someday live close enough together for me to do it with my arms instead. She claimed to be mad at me because the letter I gave her with it made her cry, but I'm pretty sure in her heart she really loved it. ;-)"

11: And we do wrap up in this blanket almost every single night and dream and scheme trying to find ways to get to the right state! It is one of the best gifts I have ever received but I must say that NOTHING can replace a Beck Beck hug!

12: Our very favorite thing about the holidays is spending time with our family. The memories we make are always filled with imagination, cooperation and lots of giggles.

15: J O Y

16: Elvis Cruise January 2009

19: This is the second year in a row where you got to play t-ball with your cousin Reece and your besties Lili and Lorenzo. The best part about it is that Daddy and Uncle Neil were your coaches.

22: From top left:Laura Winston, Heather Nelson, Stacey Cates, Alicia Smith, Bridgette Aschenbeck to right

23: Coffee Crawl | One morning I decided to get some starbucks and drive around visiting with all my my friends. It always seems like life starts moving in fast forward and we never have time to spend time together as girlfriends...just chatting. So I got a babysitter and spent about an hour with each of my girlfriends. Not quite long enough, but still it was good to catch up.

28: sweet little dylan toes

30: Jacko, one day you decided that you were going to start using the potty.and you did. Then you continued you use the potty from that day forward. That was about how easy you were to potty train. You mastered toilet use in about two weeks flat. You even stood up to pee pee which took your big brother quite some time! You knew that when you wore big boy pants you could start gymnastics and that was quite a big motivator! Now if I could just get you to flush and work on your aim! | p

31: . | o | t | t | y

32: Dylan, your brothers love to read to you, talk to you and especially make you giggle!

36: Friends

37: Girl Cruise 2009 | Attendees: Stacey, Bridgette, Sue, Jody Kay, Melinda and Kelli

39: Our weekend in Galveston was full of exercising, relaxing, dancing, talking and mostly laughing. It is always so refreshing to spend the weekend with my girls. | LADIES WEEKEND

40: Northeast Tact Team | Ryan Gardner JD Green Cedric Williams Lee Hunt Ric Medlin Castro JZ

42: I climbed the Lion's Stairs. They are way steeper and longer than they look. | Mark tried to get me to run the sand stairs...but I do have my limits!

43: San Francisco | Mark Gerberman and Jon with Alcatraz in the background. I ran the Golden Gate Bridge!

44: Napa Valley, California with my Bestie

48: buds

51: Fe Do Do Lafayette Cajun Music Festival We had an awesome weekend listening to zydeco music and dancing in the mud. We also went back to my roots and visited the house i grew up in. We ate at Lafondas mexican restaurant and visited incredible pizza company which the kids loved! At the end of the day everyone was totally pooped.

52: This is the story of Indi who has adopted us as his new family...About two weeks ago there we noticed a stray dog at the end of our street. He was mostly living under a car and would come out and bark every now and then at random lawn workers etc. I was able to ignore him for about 4 days until I started feeling really bad watching him scratch his little but across the concrete because of fleas and lay under the car in the pouring rain. So about 4 days ago I walked some food down to the end of the street. Indi took off running away from me and would not even think about coming near so I set the food down and walked back to the house. Once I got all the way home he went and ate the food. Day two I walk the food down and he comes out from under the car and just stares and waits for me to pour the food. I sat for about 10 minutes and talked to him, but he wasn't budging. By day three he new the drill and came running out as soon as he saw me coming. Still kept about 6 feet between us at all times though. The kids were all napping so I sat for about an hour ( I had cooked bacon to try to win him over) and I sat very still and tried to get him to let me touch/pet his head. No way. He did stretch his neck out and take food from my hand, but if I even thought about moving he took off running. At that point, i started moving the food bowl 20 feet at a time closer to the backyard...and he would follow, always using the six feet rule. Two hours later he was safely locked in our backyard. He was safer there than in the street and I thought I could at least win him over eventually and take him to a no kill shelter. Later that evening I sent my two monkeys outside to jump on the trampoline. I gave strict orders not to chase the dog. I told them to leave him alone bc he needed to learn to trust us and he was very scared right now. So as I am on the phone with my vet assistant friend Shannon trying to learn how to win him over, Ty and Jack come back inside and say, "Mommy Indi came close to us and we got to touch his nose!" (yes, by this point Ty had named him which is not a good sign ;-) I said, "no way Ty, are you kidding? Let me see!" I really didn't believe him so I went outside and watched as my two crazy boys bounded through the yard to Indi and that little stinker layed down and rolled over for them to rub his belly. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME? He climbed up in Ty's lap like the happiest dog on the planet. So I went out to pet him FINALLY and...yep...took off running. Ty had to hold my hand and lead me over to Indi so that I could finally pet him. This morning we got him all fixed up at the vet then straight to the doggie spa. peeeeyou. The vet gave him a pill that kills all fleas in 6 hours, so that was cool. Now he looks like a whole new pup. When we got back home, he came inside and snooped around a bit then went straight to the boys room...found Ty's pillow and curled up on it and went to sleep. I would not believe this story if someone told it to me. Crazy stuff. I told Ty that I think Indi came looking for him and Ty said, 'Mommy, did he come straight from heaven?" Yes...yes he did indeed.

53: "Indi"ana Jones

55: When I turned thirty I decided to do something different on my birthday and plan a run. Everyone loved doing it so I on my 32nd birthday I planned a 5k. I had 32 people sign up to run and we had a blast! The event was complete with t-shirts, trophies and water stations. Neil took first place, Jon was 2nd and Brian Dillard was 3rd. They didn't even let me win on my birthday!

59: Regan

60: A very Motley Crew. We were all very excited because we were leaving for a cruise two days later

61: Every year we have a great time at Brad and Elizabeth's Halloween party.

63: Our buddies Shannon, Bridgette and Stacey. Halloween 2009

65: Trick or Treating aboard the Carnival Fantasy

67: Let the Journey Begin

69: Paradise Beach Cozumel, Mexico We have been to this beach restaurant so many times they now know us by name and treat us like family!

70: October 2009 Our first Family Cruise

71: The boys favorite things about the ship were the hot tub, the free icecream and pizza all day long, the towel creatures, the gigantic lego ship, the waterslides, shaking their booty to calypso music and their new friend Amy that we met onboard. | Mommy and Daddy's favorite things were skipping formal dinners, watching the booty shaking, room service omelets, miami vices, going to bed early on vacation and naptime!

72: Daddy had to carry everything but the kitchen sink!

76: Ty 5, and Jack's 3, Lego Birthday Party | fossil digging | lego cookies

77: Ty and Jack love legos so we set up several lego building areas and decorated lego shaped cookies.

78: Memaw wanted to make sure that your 1st birthday was perfectly princess-like. So Memaw and Grandmom planned the best tea party ever with real china dishes and your very own Dylan tree!

79: one

81: Make a Wish! | Dylan's 1st Birthday November 12th 2009

82: Born to Party!

83: Hope you have the greatest Birthday ever!

84: My beloved friends, let us continue to love each other since love comes from God. Everyone who loves is born of God and experiences a relationship with God. The person who refuses to love doesn't know the first thing about God, because God is love—so you can't know him if you don't love. I John 4:7

85: Chi Chi & Lena

87: "There is always something for which to be thankful." -Charles Dickens

88: Ric and Jody

92: 2009

93: After our turkey comas we all play a game called "celebrity." These people bring so much joy to my life and not just because they make me pee myself laughing every time we are together.

95: Our friends the Goerlich Quadruplets. Cohen, Finn, Noah, and Sophia.

97: I love the leaves, I do not know why. Is it their colors or how they fly? They crunch and crinkle Under my feet; I pile them up And take a leap!

98: I would be totally lost without my amazing family. Thank you God for each and every day you give us together.

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