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Donna's 60th Birthday

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S: Moments In Time

BC: Happy | Birthday | Donna

1: "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." FREDERICK KEONIG

2: ur family used to move around a lot when Donna was younger and shared many homes over the years. One memory in particular I have of Donna at one of our many homes was the home that had a pool. Donna loved swimming in that pool and I would often sit outside to watch her. When the phone would ring and I had to go inside I would always instruct Donna to get out of the pool and to sit on the steps until I returned. Like such a good little girl she was, she would do just that and say "look mommy I'm sitting on the steps until you get back!" Sure enough I would come back outside and there she was waiting for me to allow her back in the pool! | O

3: Mary MacIsaac | "a daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present and the hope and promise of the future"

4: Frank & Betty Heming

5: onna you have such a good sense of humour! We had our laughs in Florida. Donna was to arrive! We all picked her up and were to go to supper at the Old Florida Restaurant. It looks like quite the dump but it has the most spectacular seafood and has been there forever. I'm sure she was wondering what the heck we were doing there. It seems to me there were 6 of us to share the bill but none of us had a VISA or cash on us when it came to pay. Big operators! Donna paid for us all (we all paid her back.) Our driver turned the wrong way after supper on our drive back. We had a big tour of that part of Fort Lauderdale. By some miracle when we stopped, somebody yelled out "turn right" and we were on our way on US1 some 5 min minutes from Calypso By The Beach where we were staying. If only we had turned right the first time! Some welcoming committee for Donna and an unexpected pleasant Florida tour! | D

6: o, I was rattling my brain trying to think of particular stories from the 6 or 7 years I spent working for you at the store, but no one thing really stood out. Overall, it was such a great experience -- Not so much the actual work, but spending time with you, laughing with you, and getting to know you as someone other than "Aunt Donna." I learned a tremendous amount from you and am grateful for the opportunity that I had to get to know you as a boss and a friend. A few things that I fondly remember (and laugh at) are simple things, like crawling into the closet above the stairs with boxes of files, or the girl from the radio station who was more interested in your tassimo than her job, or how retired people have nothing better to do than measure the length of their grass. And, of course some, I remember some standard John Deere parts numbers like AM107314 or AM125424. I hope that you have a wonderful 60th birthday, filled with love, friends and family. Love Kate & Kyle | S

7: Kate Kyle | & | reminiscence

8: Christie | Ian | &

9: "Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you." NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE | o - I thought of a funny story, but it's more embarrassing for me, than anything.. lol but it's something I always remember about her - your parents were babysitting me overnight when I was a kid. I was being a big brat and insisted that I have apple juice before bed. Your mom insisted otherwise... I won the battle.. and wet the bed... Not my proudest moment hahaha.. So I give this short and sweet birthday message: Happy Birthday Aunt Donna! Love Christie and Ian | S

10: remember spending our Christmas dinner's at their house and tobogganing down hill with all the cousins. Another time my dad and I going out to their house when Colin and the kids came and I went ski-doing on the lake. Always great times! Happy Birthday and all the best for the year to come Emily | I

11: Emily MacIssac

12: s Donna’s Daughter-in-law, I believe I am supposed to have some horrifying “Mother-in-law” story. But the truth is, I don't. I can happily shout out to the world that I have the kindest, and most accepting mother–in-law anyone could ask for. Donna is a very kind and understanding,which is a blessing for me. When I accidentally gave her and Scott a loaf of bread that was still raw inside she didn't say a word. They just quietly ate around the raw dough. It wasn't until I brought up the mistake months later that she reassured that the outside was delicious and there wasn't anything to worry about. She has already taught me a few things about having guests over to our house too. I will forever have an extra toothbrush and pajamas available for overnight guests. Donna, You're such a good example of what a mother-in-law should be. We have always gotten along so well. You have a good heart and are honest and true. You are never demanding and such a joy to be around. I am incredibly lucky to be able to call you my Mother-in-law. | Happy Birthday Donna | A

13: Michelle Heming

14: Linda & Paul Koeslag

15: e have been very lucky to get to know you though the mutual love of Michelle and Drew . We feel that we are as much friends as we are the in-laws of this amazing young couple, and of course Reggie! We look forward to sharing many family memories with you in the years to come, and we both wish you a very happy birthday. Paul and Linda Koeslag. | W

16: Kim Sargent

17: ell of course, my memories of the old soul with the ever-youthful splendor that is Donna, come from a unique perspective. You see, in perfect form, true to her never-ending selfless ways, we met while she was helping another. A few, to be exact. Donna, you are a gem. Your schedule demands that you put everyone else first, and in that, you've managed to raise two spectacular kids and one darling Scott. You have made your livelihood a small theme park, minus the cotton candy, caring for other people. Your outrageous talents in writing should not be tossed aside and I have heard tale of a relatively awesome magazine series that may find your wit and commentary of interest? Or perhaps even a story sent to Reader's Digest, just to say you did. But in my highest hopes, you'll take a minute or two one day to sit in front of a typewriter (or what do they call those damned things these days?!) and pour out some of that deep and mystical brilliance that is you. You've done your job. You DO your job. But what about a little splash of Donna Heming (Hem) for good measure?! I think turning 60 means for a little selfishness, as it were, and I'll be the first in line at Chapters for your book-signing. I wish you and Scott all the happiness this world has to offer. Slow down. Relax. Enjoy. Strange concepts, I'm sure. But very worthy of your attention. Be well and all the best! Kim (aka, Where's Waldo) | W

18: onna, It's only been a couple of years but from the first time I met you, you've been nothing shy of a gem... I do know some of your loves and to be honest, there's one I question a little but I'm just the new guy here! I'll let you decide which one I question. With such loves as your children, a large glass of red wine, your love for the quiet times on the lake and that guy you call your husband, you can't help but expand that already ginormous heart! Just so you know I question your large glass of red wine... You might as well just drink it straight from the bottle! You always put others first and I don't know if I've ever seen anyone do that like you. If we could all figure out how you do what you do in a week, I'm sure we'd trademark that gift, sell it and make millions. You've raised three kids, yes I said three, you run a successful business and continue to share your time with all the important people in your life. You have a sincerity that is unmatchable, a likeness that can never be duplicated and a passion for life that is witnessed by the ones that are closest to you. I don't have a specific story or a memory but I do know that your family is more than lucky to have you in their lives. You make everyone around you a better person which is why we keep coming out to Buckhorn! To some a birthday is just another day but this is one particular day that you of all people should be acknowledged and celebrated. Happy Second 30th! Rick | D

19: Rick Teasdale | "Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes -Dr. Seuss | a memory | "

20: June Moncrief | onna’s and my friendship started in grade 9. We were in the same home room, connected immediately, and that was pretty much that. We went to classes together, skipped them together, got off the school bus downtown more often than not and v e r y slowly sipped a coke for an hour or two at the Empress coffee shop or the Deluxe before heading home for supper. The Empress had horseshoe shaped counters with swivel bar stools; at the Deluxe it was booths, each with its own table-top juke box. If I remember correctly, you could play 3 songs for a quarter. Neither of us had a speck of sense of direction, and when someone would ask us for directions, which seemed to happen fairly regularly, we just said “sorry we're from out of town”. In music class I chose the clarinet; unfortunately I never paid enough attention to learn all the high notes. Donna on the other hand, played the trumpet – well - and actually made it into the school band. We hung out along the fence at Westmount Plaza together, dated together, went to dances and parties and concerts together, split a few mickeys of rye, tried to avoid my brother and his friends, and no doubt did lots of things that should not and shall not be mentioned here. I had a little record player, and we spent hours in my room (with the red shag carpet, red ball ceiling | D

21: fixture and black and white striped spread and drapes – very cool) with piles of 45’s and a few albums – Elvis, Elton John, Beatles, Moody Blues, Stones, Mamas & Papas, Rod Stewart, The Who, Lovin Spoonful, Lightfoot, Percy Sledge, Electric Prunes, Bee Gees, Sonny & Cher, Procol Harem, Frankie Valli & the 4 Seasons, Roy Orbison, Temptations, Deep Purple, Gene Pitney, Simon & Garfunkel, Platters, Neil Diamond, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Righteous Brothers, Otis Redding, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Animals, Guess Who, Delfonics, Beach Boys, The Band, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Blind Faith, Joe Cocker – oh those were the days of great music! Of course it wasn't just the two of us. Often we were a threesome – with Bonnie naturally – and then there were a few different groups that came and went over the years. I spent a lot of time at the MacIsaac home, Sunday dinners were a given for years, and lots of overnights, where we'd push the beds together and I’d be in the middle with one leg under Donna’s covers, the other under Bonnie’s. Not sure how we made that work, but it worked. The boys of course were ever-present – not so much in our social life (we all had different sets of friends) - but at home, they just all made me feel very naturally like the sixth kid in the family. Mary was a wonderful second mother to me who I could trust with my secrets, and Archie was a tease, often about a horse that only he and I seemed to know about. Things of course changed over time, high school was over, we left home, Donna fell in love with Scott, not so many hours and days spent together, not so many memories being made together, but we had made more than enough to keep our friendship solid. It doesn't matter if we talk or see each other often, or not for ages – and we always are in touch anyway through Bonnie, who we both are wise enough to keep very close. (I am so fortunate to have two dear friends who each honour me with the title “second sister”.) Donna and I still manage to do a bit of playing – and working – together. Our friendship comforts me, supports me, relaxes me – well, you know. What I absolutely do not get is how on earth did 60 get here so incredibly quickly? With much love and gratitude for wonderful years past, present and future, June.

22: Doug MacIsaac

23: remember Donna helping us out when Christie was 3. Emily was a few month old. We had Emily at Sick Kids in Toronto and Christie spent the night with you guys. Christie kept telling Donna "I can't spend the night, my Daddy is coming to pick me up." Thanks for the help Donna for those couple of days it was appreciated. I think Christie has her own story about that visit. Hope she shares it. Happy 60th Birthday Love Doug | I

24: Colin & Loreen MacIsaac

25: - hen we lived in the house in Lakefield across from Graham Bait Shop we were probably 6 & 7 years old. We use to set up the PK Gum club in the hallway & no one else was allowed to join. I think we use to spend hours at it. I'm not sure if they even sell it anymore! | W

26: For there is no friend like a sister, in calm or stormy weather, to cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands. -Christina G Rossetti | Bonnie | Greg | &

27: lways best friends and sisters! When we were younger nobody could tell who was older, if we made them guess sometimes it was me and sometimes Donna. We were also called Bonna & Donnie lots of times. Lucky to have each other and still best friends today and I still look younger too, well maybe not oh well what's a year. When we lived at the corner of Sherbrooke & Clonsilla............we were having a little "tiff" in our bedroom....we always shared a bedroom with single beds or shared a double when we inherited our parents bed..............anyways we were fooling around and Donna went flying off the bed, I was always bigger than she was and I guess I kinda "flinged" her and she thought I had broken her arm.............so our dad had to take her to emergency and of course I went too. I felt bad but I knew it wasn't broken......it wasn't even sprained.........she was just trying to get me in trouble I think (haha). Turned out fine and that's good and we were friends again. No more flinging!! Amazing we really didn't fight very much and never have. Our dad loved taking pictures/slides. It was a real accomplishment to get 5 kids to sit still and not move..he always had us posing and of course we were in our "Sunday Best". He would lose his patience with us all and make some of us cry especially Donna........so when you see some of the pictures when we were kids you will see a look on Donna's face that we called the "pout"...........she did this too when she was mad at any of us and then usually the tears would come. She was really cute! Have a great 60th birthday! Love Bonnie & Greg | A

28: Rod & Jennifer MacIsaac

29: here's the story about the coffee table in Grandma's apartment. She has had it forever. When Donna was little she liked to help with the cleaning. One day she decided to do some dusting and somehow managed to flip the coffee table over and one of the legs broke off. Of course there were lots of tears, but fortunately Grandpa was able to get it fixed. If you look really close you might be able to see which leg! Rod | onna, YOU are an awesome woman! A kind mother, an attentive (and patient) wife, an excellent cook, and an awesome business woman. Congrats on joining the new 40 Club! Jennifer | T | D

30: Dan Loveless

31: ric and Wendy went to Florida and we needed the work truck but Eric had the keys for it locked up home. With no other choice, Donna and I ended up breaking and entering through their window. With a broken window, Donna tried climbing in and ended up getting stuck halfway through. I had to push her through the rest of the way and she landed into the dishes that were still in the sink. Needless to say, Donna got her keys and had to replace a window too! | E

32: Jim & Gina Fisher | The best thing about | ...is making them | Memories

33: hen looking for customers cheques, look into the recycling bin. Donna seems to keep the tear stub and not the cheque. Happy 60th Donna! | W

34: Jeff Redhead

35: recall overhearing a telephone conversation you were having with a customer. Of course only hearing one side of the conversation, you said “Oh you need blades for your tractor. What model do you have?” Then a pause “Oh, an LX277.. and how big is your dick?” I didn’t know what this had to do with cutting grass but you quickly said “DECK!!!” I didn’t see the colour of your face but I’m I can only assume it was a bright shade of red. Happy Birthday Donna | I

36: Dena Heming

37: have had the absolute pleasure of having you, Mum as a loving mother, mentor, friend and role model since you brought me into this world over 31 years ago! As everyone would agree, you are the kindest soul, and have always put others first. Looking back now, I see what you gave up in order to be there for Drew and I and raise us to be who we are today. You are one of the strongest people I have ever known. You are an amazing wife and lifelong partner to my fabulous father and you two are so lucky to have each other. I am so fortunate to have parents (and grandparents!) who love and are there for each other- no matter what. It allowed me to only strive for that for myself. You have taught me so many things in life. You taught me to be kind to others and to be patient (something I lack as a Heming and daughter of Scott!) When I started to pursue my career you were a mentor to me - as you yourself are a successful business woman and who I looked up to. I appreciated your advice along the way. I also have learned that you are ALWAYS right. I finally learned this when I was maybe 25 and was looking at buying my 2007 Equinox that I have now. Of course this was the car I wanted and I would not settle for anything else! I was finally working full time and out of school and was ready to go all out. It was a year old and fully loaded and I will never forget what you said to me- "now Dena- do you REALLY need all of those things in that car?" Of course I did and I bought it but looking back I should have probably settled for something less extravagant! I take your advice and it means so much to me. You are such a wise woman. Did I also mention how gorgeous you are and as if you are turning 60! You barely look 50. I hope I am blessed to age so graciously and well like you! I often get told I look like you and this is such a huge compliment. Mom thank-you for being you and for all that you are! You are a spectacular force in your own quiet way and you have always, and will continue to be, a huge part of my life! It is long overdue for you to start being selfish and start doing what YOU want to do! You deserve it! Happy 60th Birthday. I love you. Dena. | I

38: Drew Heming

39: om, it's hard to write about one funny story over another. There were many times on baseball or basketball road trips when our sense of direction was putt to the test, who knew Cobourg was east on the 401. We made it in time, so the scenic route was nice. Your sense of caring was never in question though. When I had both arms in a cast, there were many things I couldn't do, but whenever I needed a hand and you were very helpful to say the least. We always seem to find a way to laugh though, and that's something we'll always do. Happy Birthday Mom Love Drew | M

40: Scott Heming

41: Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. Franz Schubert | em- You know I'm not one for speeches but I love you and Merry Birthday! Marley says Merry Birthday too. | H

42: Sisters always have more stories....

43: e were in our early twenties living in Toronto and home for a weekend to party downtown with friends........a bunch of us left the bars and Donna was driving (yup we used to do that).....turning left off Simcoe St. onto Bethune where the railway tracks used to be or maybe still there. Thinking like we were in Toronto where you drive over streetcar tracks all the time she ended up driving on the railway tracks and had to keep going until we got to the intersection at Charlotte where they had the pavement built up and we were able to get off. Not exactly as smooth riding over streetcar tracks.........we were bumping along all screaming and yelling for her to get off the tracks and laughing our heads off. Good thing nobody was around to see it........especially the "cops"! A bit hard on the car too. Love Bonnie | W

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