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Dorothy & Charlie Scott

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FC: Dorothy & Charlie Scott

1: Welcome to a pictorial travel through the lives of Dorothy and Charlie. Charlie Tappan Scott 9-13-13 - 7-20-79 Son of David 10-12-89 - 5-9-71 and Elsa Irene 11-29-1891 - 11-19-49 brother to Lois 8-3-11 - 95 Dorothy Frances Cook 12-13-12 - 10-24-2009 Daughter of Claire Risely Cook 9-15-1891 - 1978 Florence Dorman 1-16-1891 - 9-13-93 Sister to Gertrude 9-30-14 - 2004 Bill 6-12-16 - 11-2007 Harriette 2-6-23 Charlie and Dorothy met at a fourth of July high school picnic in 1930. Charlie was in one of Dorothy's classes the year before and mother remembers he put his feet up on the back of her desk and they were smelly. Obviously having fun together erased the smelly feet and it was Cookie and Chuck forever together from that day! Enjoy the book as we travel down memory lane of the Scott family. A lot of these pictures are ninety plus years old, thus the poor quality but it is all we have. The best we can do for our loved ones is to remember them forever.

2: Claire Risely Cook 9-15-1891 Florence Dorman 9-13-1893

3: Claire on the beach 1920 Flossie the Coed 1910 | Lest we forget, we were all this young once

4: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Dorothy and Gertie 1916 Dorothy and her dad 1914

5: Dottie and her Dad in front of the photo op tree on the west side 1924 | Chas, Harrriette, Dottie Easter 1931

6: Claire | Gertie, Dorothy,Billy 1916 | Dorothy and her bow, Flossie,Gertie,Billy

7: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Dorothy & Gertrude 1920 1931

8: Flossie, Dorothy, Gertie, Billy 1917

9: The Cook family always had a good looking car! Dorothy, Flossie, Gertie, Billy 1916

10: David Enos Scott 10/12/1889 | Elsa Irene Tappan 11/29/1891 | Dave&Elsa Scott 1910

11: Dave and Elsa in their early years of marriage. | Sadly Elsa died at age 57, she loved her grandchildren.

12: 1924 Elsa Charlie Lois

13: Lois age 4 Born 8-3-11 Charlie age 2 Born 9-3-13

14: Druefuly means dreadfully, Little Charlie showed some of his determination and "go-get-it-ness" to get that ice!

15: It was not unusual for Lois or Charlie to get into scuffles after school and roll down the hill trying to beat up some kid who called them names! | Imagine Charlie the age of Lois in this picture. After the accident, the neighborhood kids called him "Wagon". And big sister was probably the one who called him Wagon first!

16: Chuck | Cookie | Central High School | 1930

17: Chas and Dottie met at a high school picnic. Dot's friends said "why do you want to date him, he has pimples' to which Dot replied "because we have a lot of fun together!" And the romance began. | Charlie Tappan Scott Dorothy Frances Cook

18: Dottie The world ahead of her full of love and dreams 1933 | Grandview Park The place for Photo Ops

19: Charlie & Dorothy A future together.

20: Chas & Dottie Young, In Love 1934

21: As usual, photo op at Grandview Park

22: 12/25/1935

23: The first "starter" house was up the street on Jennings. The "family homestead" 3237 Jennings 1943-2001

25: Aunt Lois and Uncle Martin They eloped, much to her mother's (Elsa) surprise. The Scott family spent every holiday with the Jorgensen family. After dinner, the cousins would get out of the house. Maybe go to a movie or ice-skating, anything to get rid of us! Mother said Lois was like a sister and they got along famously. Their house was always open to us and was the only place Mom and Dad could take the whole family. The farm, talking to the cows, afraid the pigs would eat us, chasing the chickens and cats, driving the tractor, talking to the cows were all favorite memories of running around on the farm. We were lucky to have such fun times and fond memories of the Scott and Jorgensen family get-togethers.

26: The first Scott child! Jimmy Scott Born 6/15/37 | Little Jimmy

27: Grandma Elsa Scott and her second grandchild. | Jimmy loved this beaded purse!

28: Dorothy "Sis" 6/22/39 | Sis and Jim 1941

29: Bill 7/27/44 | Bobby 6/24/48

31: Baby David was born on April 20, 1950. He developed pneumonia and died on July 15, 1950. Mother always said he was like a little angel. The kids were at the lakes with Aunt Lois and the cousins. Mom and Dad somehow picked themselves up and went on with the rest of us kids. Until she died, Mother could tell the story of his life and day of death.

32: Mother, Sis, Grandma Cook, Jim, Bill, Susie 1946 Jim 1941

33: A rag-tag bunch of kids there ever was! Dave, Jim, Sis Susie, Bill, Don, Bobby 1950

34: Sis, Bill, Bob, Jim 1946 Sis was tall and took care of the rest of us. Sadly she had to beat some kids up when they teased Jimmy.

35: Somebody Cares by Edgar Guest An anniversary present to Dorothy from Charlie on 12/25/39. | Mother saved this until the day she died on 10/24/09

37: Charlie wins tournaments with his bowling teams. the Scott Plumbing business grows and thrives. Mom & Dad in the backyard. 1955

38: Jones Beach, Lake Okiboji The Scotts stayed down at the end (left) of the beach away from the other cottages as we were quite boisterous and very busy all the time!

39: Susie & Bill riding the horses. Where is Sis? These are her horses! Dad on Lily. Jimmy standing straight and tall in front of the homestead.

40: 1957 The Scott Children are going to church on Easter Sunday

41: 1958 Easter and the kids are all decked out with their spring wardrobes. Jimmy shows his Easter basket at the Woodbury Home.

42: Sis Susie,Jim,Bill Bobby in the Scott living room, notice the french doors. 1951

43: 1955 Susie, Mom, Sis, Dad | Lenora Worden, Grandma Cook, Bill, Bob

44: Artist Bill's picture of Gretchen. Susie & Gretchen our beloved pet. Basketball Bill.

45: Bob got the run of the house when the girls left. Bill & Bob standing tall against the lone tree in our yard. | Bill, Earl New, Dad

46: Sis serves at cousin Dave's wedding. Cousin Donny, Susie and Uncle Martin

47: Gladdie was Dave Scott's second wife. (5-25-10 - 9-19-85) She was good to us and loved to hear what we were up to. | Gladdie and Sis Aunt Lois Bill and Shirley Jorgensen

48: Sis & Jim Bill at graduation Mom Flossie Gertie

49: Mom, Gladdie, Jim Gladdie was always so good to Jim. | Grandpa Dave, Dad & his pipe, Uncle Martin Dave and his two girls, Gladdie and Lois

50: Mom and Dad looking so healthy and happy. Little did they know that this was probably the healthiest that Dad would be from then on in his life.

51: Dad, Grandson Mike P., Mom relaxing at the pool in Iowa City before Bob's first wedding. Bro Bill and Bro Bob

52: Grandpa Charlie with Danny and Valerie Wilson and Sis 1968

53: First Scott Grandchild Danny Scott Wilson Big Dan, Dad, Grandpa Cook | Grandpa & Grandma Cook | Sis, Mom, Grandpa Cook Danny 1962

54: Mom & Dad & Bob Mike, Kathy, Sara, Valerie, Susie, Jerry Danny,Lois, Martin, Gladdie, Sis, Dan, MaryBeth, Bill

55: Dad, Bill, Bob, Claire 1967 Mom & Dad Sara, Kathy, Mike 1971

57: Charlie T. Scott 9/13/13 to 7/20/79 Charlie was born into the Dave and Elsa Scott family with big sister Lois. He worked for his father while going through school, the positive was he had money to spend and could attend college, the negative was that he had to endure harsh upbringing from his father. He worked very hard in life and really had to in order to support his family. He put four kids thru college and never complained at all! He provided the best care for Jimmy. He loved Dorothy and they worked as a partnership to raise their children, their highest priority in life. Thanks to him we are all smart and not afraid to work hard. Thank you, Charlie T.

58: The Widow Dorothy and her life-long neighbor Widow Elsie Ness. A life on her own and as she said herself, "I got to know Dorothy". The next part of the book shares Dorothy"s visits with her family. She did what she wanted to and was content with her life. May we live our life with such dignity and courage as she.

59: Mother's visit in Nov 1979, her first venture out since Dad died. She wore her mink stole to the theatre, the grande dame that she was! | Jimmy resides at the Woodbury County Home and is very happy pulling vegetables up as weeds in the garden there. Susie, Sis, Mom on the Julia Belle Swain in Ill.

60: Dorothy Kept this until the day she died. Dealing with weight issues was always a struggle for her. What with having 6 babies and never a minute for herself, she did good to get food in our mouths. She took the skirt off herself and gave it to Sis, never a complaint. | Mom went to the northwest, Washington, and saw some sights she could not dream of. She was a good traveler and car companion to Sis while they made the road trip. She ventured out into the world by herself with the help of family and friends.

61: Mike Pickering's wedding 1993. Mom, ever the party girl, hot tub nite! | Visiting Adam, Bob, Abby 1993.

62: Lois, Susie, Martin, Mike, Brendon, Steve, Mom, Sara, Gladdie, MaryBeth at 3227. 1981

63: 1988 Adam,Abby, Bob, Sis, MaryBeth, Val Susie, Steve, Bill, Dan Brendon,Vicki, Mother

64: Mom, Sis, Susie Bill, Bob 1988 | Sis,Bill Susie Mom 1992

65: Mom, Bob, Julie, Bill, MaryBeth, Abby Brendon, Jerry, Susie, Adam,Vicki 1995

66: Mom's favorite place to eat, especially hot fudge sundaes! MaryBeth, Mom, Bill Bill | Couldn't resist this photo of Bob at the Green Gables, then Bob in 1973, same expression!

67: Went to PA for Kathy and Dan Glasser's wedding 5/24/82. Val, Kathy, Mom Sara, Mom, Val

68: We gather around the Queen Mother The attendants Julie, Val Sara, Susie Susie, Bob

69: The Cruise 1987 Mother generously spent her small inheritance from the David Scott estate on the whole family. Sounds like her, putting her family before herself. We had a ball! | They are so not ready for this picture! Mike, Sara, Abby, Mother, Kathy, Dan Adam, Brendon, Vicki, Steve

70: 1985 At the FARM Donny, Jerry, Gladdie, Martin, Lois, Mom Val, Shirley, Susie Gladdie died in 1987 and fought the couragous and losing battle with cancer.

71: Our beloved Uncle Martin and Aunt Lois. Martin was born 5/20/06 and died at age 88 Lois was born 8/3/11 and died at age 84

72: In Pickering's backyard Mother, Kathy, MaryBeth, Bill Susie, Jerry, Bob, Adam, Abby Steve, Brendon, Vicki

73: Susie, Val, Mom, Jimmy, Sis Going out to lunch with Jimmy He loved to dip his french fries into mustard and talk you into buying him some little gadget.

74: Jerry, Mike, Susie Jimmy, Mother Going out to lunch In front of the Woodbury home Jimmy in his later years He died at age 58 6/15/37 to 8/95

75: Mother Susie Sis Notice the rose to honor our matriarch 1996

76: Mother, the "Matriarch" with some of her brood in Wash. D.C. 1996 Susie, Mom, Jerry Mike, Cass, Sara, Sis Dan W, Dan G, Kathy, Val

77: Entering into the 90"s "You learn to sit" says Mother. Bill, Susie, Mother, Bob in front of the Green Gables Mother and MaryBeth in her Clifton apartment.

78: At Donny's Place Jeanette, Dave, Mom ,aka "Aunt Dorothy", Bill, Susie, MaryBeth, Shirley Donny, Jerry

79: Diana, Sis, Mother with her "famous finger" Donny, Sonja Susie and Mother

80: On the banks of the Missouri river Aunt Dorothy and the cousins Don and Dave

81: Aunt Dorothy and Jeanette and Dave Mother thought Jeanette was just the greatest! She died in 2010. | Steven escorts Mother to Shirley's funeral.

82: San Diego Dottie visits Hattie, they each have canes and disposable panties but that didn't keep them from staying up throughout the night as they caught up on each other's lives. | Mother was so pleased to get this jacket with rhinestones! She had excellent taste and prided herself in looking fashionable at any age!

83: Hattie & Dottie together in SC, still loving sisters to the end! | Coveting the dog but especially the fudge sundae!

84: Mom's daily routine was to start with the newspaper, then coupons, then the stock market. She had to use a magnifying glass but she did it everyday. Bill, Mom, Susie going out to lunch (what else do Scott's do?)

85: Shirley & Mom, Mom & MaryB She loved chatting with both of the girls. Sadly Shirley passed away from a long battle with cancer and she was courageous till the end. MaryB fought and won against her serious cancer scare.

86: One of the last times with the cousins and Shirley at her apt. A serious time for all. Shirley, Dave, Mom, Bill, Donny

87: Dorothy with "the girls". Wearing hats at guess where? the Green Gables! She had a great time when the girls came to visit. Linda, Mom, Susie Robbie, Sherri, Marilyn

88: Mother's best friend in her later years. They lived on the same floor at Clifton and talked to each other every day. When Mirium died, mom said she wanted to go to. (1995) But she was too resilient and lived another four years.

89: She was everything she wanted to be, a fun loving girl, wife to Charlie and mother to six children. twelve grand-children, ten great grand-children.

90: Sis 6-22-39 Dan Wilson 2-27-39 | Danny 2-28-62 Valerie 9-13-66

91: Susie 10-18-42 Jerry Pickering 5-26-42 Kathy 3-31-64 Sara 3-24-67 Mike 12-20-69

92: Bill 7-27-44 MaryBeth 2-17-47 | Steve 11-8-75 Brendon 5-7-79 Vicki 6-24-83

93: Adam 8-8-78 Abby 9-17-76 Bob 6-24-48 Brian 10-25-95 Julie 1-9-62 Kevin 4-11-97

94: Some of the grandchildren Charlie Scott,Ari Glasser,Hannah Pickering, George Pickering, Nick Pickering (front row) Josh Glasser, Nathan Yanosick (back row)

95: Charlie Wilson Josh Glasser Kevin Scott Ari Glasser Brian Scott | Nathan Yanosick

96: Quinn Pickering Michelle Pickering Summit Silvers

97: Scott Children James 6-15-37-9-2-95 Dorothy 6-22-39 Susan 10-18-42 Bill 7-27-44 Bob 6-24-48 David 4-20-50-7-15-50 Grandchildren Daniel Wilson 2-28-62 Valerie Wilson 9-13-66 Kathy Pickering 3-31-64 Sara Pickering 3-24-67 Michael Pickering 12-20-69 Steven Scott 11-8-75 Brendon Scott 5-7-79 Vicki Scott 6-24-83 Abby Scott 9-17-76 Adam Scott 8-8-78 Brian Scott 10-25-95 Kevin Scott 4-11-97 | Great Grandchildren Nathan Yanosick1-15-92 Summit Silvers 2-1-2004 Josh Glasser 7-10-93 Ari Glasser2-7-96 Hannah Pickering 3-26-94 George Pickering 1-12-97 Nick Pickering 8-23-98 Quinn Pickering 1-26-2007 Michelle Pickering11-2-2009 Charlie Wilson 7-9-96 Please continue this album with the history of each one of your families and keep the Scott tradition alive in our memories as long as we each will live. Lovingly, Daughter Susie 4-16-2011

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