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Dungeon Tales

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S: Dungeon Tales

FC: Dungeon Tales By David Featherstone

1: In Loving Memory of Princess Mikayla "The one thing we learned on the day you died, is that playing cards with beggars should be left untried."

2: It was spring time in San Francisco: birds were chirping, flowers were blooming, and brown was turning to green everywhere you looked, but the lowly beggar would never see it. He had been sentenced to death for accidentally murdering the princess while dealing cards.

3: The palace guards shoved him and shouted angrily as they escorted Lowly Beggar to the dungeon. When they arrived, he was rudely thrown to the hard, stone floor. The door was quickly slammed behind him and bolted shut.

4: The dungeon was dark and bare. Chains decorated the walls all the way around. The only light that made its way inside came from the slats on the dungeon door.

5: Lowly Beggar thought he was alone, but a loud rattling of chains behind him proved him wrong.

6: "Who's there?!" Lowly Beggar called into the darkness. "Come over here and see." a female voice called back.

7: As he walked towards the voice, the light grew fainter and fainter, until he couldn't see anything at all. "Where are you?" Lowly Beggar asked. "Just keep walking!" the girl yelled back. At last he reacher her. The lady turned on a flashlight, revealing herself to Lowly Beggar.

8: The woman was ancient; she had to be at least 75 years old. Her skin was winkled and covered in liver spots. The hair on her head had grayed - well, what was left of it - and she was covered in spider veins.

9: Lowly Beggar was horrified. He was just about to run, when the woman said "I know, I'm not that attractive, but I can help you escape. MY name is Eve, and I feel great pity for you. You've been wrongly sentenced! I want to help in any way I can."

10: "How do you know that?" Lowly Beggar asked, astonished. "I'm the princess' spirit. I know you didn't mean to kill me, and I want to set you free.

11: Lowly Beggar was flabbergasted. He began to feel such guilt and gratitude towards the princess. "I'm so sorry!" the beggar sobbed, "I've taken your life, and you still want to help me. You're truly selfless, your highness!"

12: "Don't beat yourself up, my dear, all is forgiven. I'm going to do everything in my power to set you free." the princess promised. "Here's the plan: when the guards come in to deliver your food, throw the sewer rats in their face."

13: "The guards will be lying on the floor, crying out in pain; this will give you time to escape."

14: "After you get out of the dungeon, run to the gate. If anyone tries to stop you, beat them over the head with a potted plant."

15: "Thank you, princess, your plan surely will not fail! For your generosity, I will be eternally grateful!" the beggar cried in joy.

16: After the plan had been set in motion, they waited, and waited, and WAITED for the guards to come. Finally, about three or four hours later, the guards slowly cracked the door to slip in the food.

17: Lowly Beggar wasted no time in grabbing two sewer rats that were next to him and hurling it towards the guards. The rats began to gnaw and scratch at their faces, tearing it to shreds. "Thanks again, princess!" the beggar yelled over his shoulder, while running out the door.

18: He ran as fast as he could through the palace, turning down each and every hallway, until finally he found the gate. Oh dear! It was being watched by three guards! Then, he remembered the princess' plan. He looked around for a potted plant...

19: At last he found one! With all his strength, he flung the potted plant at one of the guards. SMASH! He was out like a light. He picked up another one, threw it, and BAM! the other one dropped like a bowling pin.

20: At last, he was free! Lowly Beggar turned the crank to open the gate, and ran away as fast as he could.

21: Finally, Lowly Beggar was finished with all the shenanigans he'd gotten himself in to! No more tea and crumpets being thrown from above, no more dealing cards | to royalty, and definitely no more palaces in San Francisco! With all this behind him, Lowly Beggar vowed to never return to that palace ever again. He has pledged to return to his life of rummaging through the trash and living on the streets.

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  • Title: Dungeon Tales
  • In this book, a lowly beggar is thrown into the dungeon for accidental murder. While in the dungeon, he meets a mysterious friend who goes by the name of Her. Will they make a break for it? Will they survive? Will you read and stop asking questions?!
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