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Eby Album 4: 2010-2012

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Eby Album 4: 2010-2012 - Page Text Content

S: The Eby Family Album 4: 2010-2012

FC: The Eby's 2010-2012

1: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen

24: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."


30: Family Pictures January 2011

31: I Love You

32: Nana & Nan! Jody Eby & Mary Ellen Bailey

33: Porter has made huge progress the last month! He has started crawling, eating more variety of baby food, & controlling his reflux! | Porter loves playing with his cousins! We go out to breakfast with Ryan's family every Saturday morning. Teagan loves to sing Porter a song when he gets sad. His favorite is Woody's Round Up! | 14 months old 14 lbs 14 oz

36: Baby | Introducing: Taytum Erica Pettit 3-2-11

37: Celebrating march birthday's with the Pettit's Happy Birthday Eri`c & Taytum! We love getting to see all our cousins every month

38: All things grow better with love. Porter & Dad love building the perfect tower & then DEMOLISHING it is Porter's job!

39: Levi & Julie came into town to bless Luke We had a wonderful family gathering & Porter loved playing with his little cousin!

40: 28 reasons why we love our Daddy! - you play blocks with me (porter) -you're mommy's best friend -you always take time to listen to me -even though you're very busy, you try hard to take care of me -we can do hard things together -you are a wonderful father! -you have set high goals to enrich our family -you're very determined & driven -you're kind to everyone -you inspire me to be a better person | -you are accepting & loving of me, just the way I am -you would give up anything to take care of your family -you always think of Porter & I first -I whole heartedly trust you with everything! - you big muscles! -Watching sports, just Daddy & Porter -you are a very involved husband & father -we are a great team!

41: -for allowing/providing a way for me to stay home with our babies! -it's SO EASY to LOVE YOU! -watching you talk to porter -when you take me on a run (Sam) -you love & respect family -you get better & better every year!' -you know what is really important in life -you honor this priesthood -that we will be together for eternity -I OVE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU! | REAL Soccer Game to celebrate

42: GO REAL SL! | CONCACAF Championship Game REAL Salt Lake 0 Monterrey 1 | REAL Salt Lake 1 Chivas USA 0 Went with Dan & Jody for Boe's birthday!

43: Easter Dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Culverwell's home

44: Happy Easter April 24, 2011

45: Eby's Annual Easter Picnic at Olympus Park

46: After a long day of Mothering... sometimes you just need a moment to take care of yourself. Pedicures with Mom & Emily

47: Lake Mead 2011

50: "A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."


52: Wheeler Farm

53: wW | Eby Cousin Activity for July!

54: Livin life to the fullest | Caught in the act! Porter discovered how a tissue box works.... it really is quite amazing! Like a magic act, they just keep reappearing!

55: First Ultrasound | First Ultrasound | Baby Girl at 20 weeks | We are so excited to be having another baby girl! Due date: Nov 26, 2011

56: Summer Fun at Cowabunga Bay water park

57: This summer I got a season pass to Cowabunga Bay. Porter has LOVED playing in the water! He is just like his daddy! We think he may be part fish! :) I have found a lot of joy in playing with Porter & I am so grateful for this time I have to be just him & I! Our friends, Aubry & JT also got a pass & we went many times with thm as well, unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the boys.

63: Taken from our family blog. Written by Marye 8.12.2011 To eat, or not to eat... Well, I've been trying to get my blog all updated because we have finally made some head way & gained some more knowledge about Porter's eating. As many of you know, eating has been a struggle for Porter since the NICU. At the time, & since then, we've just been grateful he was willing to eat. Unfortunately, the fight has never ended. It takes me all day pretty much to eat a very minimal amount. He FIGHTS & I basically have had to force feed him. Constantly pushing him. He doesn't enjoy eating. He never wants to eat. I don't think he recognizes hunger or the satisfaction of being full. Boe & I have prayed every night for it seems like forever, but more like since December-January. That we can understand what Porter needs. That we can find SOMETHING, ANYTHING, that will encourage him to want to eat, to find the desire. Basically anything to make his life easier. Out of some miracle, around February I think, he finally decided it was okay to eat baby food. Before then he was on a mostly straight formula diet. He was eating 4, 4 oz jars of baby food every day & doing amazing. About that time we felt we might've made our break thru! He was seeing Melinda, our Occupational Theropist & we felt great about his progress. It was about this time we decided it would be so wonderful for Porter to have a sibling close in age. We felt like him being a twin, was meant to be with a sibling & how sad for him to miss out on that! For a lot of reasons more, & after praying about it, we felt strongly it was time to have another baby! Amazing right.... Well.... Pretty soon after I became pregnant Porter slipped back into his eating habits. Fighting, puking, the whole bit. The prayers began again! Something has to be able to help him! Every day I'd try to think of something I could do different. A food I could try. There has to be something he would LIKE to eat.... I never found it. I then turned to anyone I could find that I thought might have any experience with a difficult eater: Pediatrition, Theropists, friends, family, blogging community. Nothing helped. In my despiration I decided to find a GI Dr. Surely they would have had plenty of kids come to their office to figure out why they won't eat. I got on the phone with Primary Children's Hospital & took the very first available appointment, which was a 6 week wait & for the newest Dr in the hospital. We kept praying & looking for answers, but didn't find much. Our GI appointment finally came this past Monday.... Here is how our week has been since then.... Monday: we eagerly awoke & were off to our appointment. Boe was able to come with me & we were prepared with our list of questions & a regular menu of food & calories that on a good day Porter can eat. We explained his eating habits & his new behavior puking to get his way (whenever he doesn't like what Boe or I is doing, for example, trying to put him to bed or down for a nap, or not looking at him, he will caugh & then wa-la.... PUKE!) Dr. Patel told us before any of the tests were done that he already felt that Porter would benefit from a G-tube (a feeding tube that goes straight into his stomach. There permantly, until he doesn't need it any more. Maybe a month, maybe a few years). He felt that if nothing else we could use the tube to give him the calories he is missing. On a good day he gets close to 1000 calories, & hopefully doesn't puke. Dr Patel said he needs more like 1200-1500 calories a day to grow & thrive. He is basically barely getting by at this point. He explained that the biggest worry when kids aren't getting enough nutrition isn't that they are too skinny, it is that their brain doesn't grow as it should which could later hurt his learning abilities & such. Your brain only has one chance to grow. You can't decide to grow a brain later, it is what it is later in life. Just hearing that Boe & I decided the tube was a good alternative for Porter! We don't want anything to later hold him back just because it was hard for him to eat. On our way out we had his blood drawn for a whole bunch of labs to make sure he wasn't mal nutritioned or had any issues that would cause the eating issues, such as siliac disease or a thyroid issue. Tuesday: we were back at Primary's for an Upper GI Scan. This was to check the anatomy of the stomach & intestines to see if he could have a G-tube placed, as well as to check if his stomach was able to drain & empty into the intestines properly. The test was extremely traumatic for Porter! I felt horrible! And because I'm pregnant I couldn't sit with him because of the radiation. Luckily, my mom went with me & tried to sing to him & help calm him down. The test is done with a video x-ray. They filled his stomach with barium to be able to see it on the x-ray. Results: Anatomy is great. Didn't show reflux on scan, but I felt very strongly that he does have reflux, it just wasn't showing. Wednesday: We were back at Primary's for a Swallow Study with a speech pathologist. Another video x-ray with barium. She fed Porter different textures & watched him swallow it on x-ray to see what happened. Boe was able to be there for this one & that helped Porter a lot. Results: swallow is fine. Significant reflux when the food hit the stomach, at the time of the test probably caused by stress. However the important information about that was after he refluxed he was silently aspirating. We were honestly a little surprised to find that he has been aspirating! This started a huge down hill of emotion for me. Overwhelming guilt for force feeding him for so long (because he wasn't eating because it is painful to eat for him), sadness that my poor little boy who has had to deal with so much already has been suffering even more, basically a feeling of depression swept over me that I just couldn't shake! For the past year I've gotten up every day & worked my tail off trying to take care of this little guy & all this time it wasn't doing him any good. Any mother will understand the complete overwhelming feeling of failure. difficult transition!)

64: Thursday: I eagerly awaited the Dr to call me back for his interpretation of the test results. I waited all day & nothing. Not good for the worrying mother in me. The options spilled back & forth in my head. Mostly over the question of if having an additional procedure done along with the tube was necessary. A procedure called the nissen. This is basically to make so the stomach acid & everything else can't come back UP his esophagus. Food & liquids can still go down, just not up. A surgery only done when completely necessary. It can have weird life time effects, but if it is necessary it can DRASTICALLY help improve reflux & it's symptoms! Friday: The heavens heard my pleas because Dr Patel called me first thing this morning! He said because of the aspiration when he vomited, he didn't feel comfortable putting in the tube without the nissen because even though he doesn't have to swallow his food, there is no saying that it won't still come right back up, which is very dangerous to fill his stomach & then have him aspirate it! He recommended us to Dr. Barnheart in the surgical department for a consult to do both procedures. I immediately hung up the phone & got a hold of his office. They are squeezing us in Tuesday morning for a surgery consult & most likely VERY soon we will be having surgery! It is a 3 day hospital stay which I am very nervous about but we feel strongly that this is what Porter needs! This is where all the fighting & pushing has lead us & he NEEDS this! These are a few of the benefits we are looking forward to: Porter will hopefully develop a new relationship with food. learn to enjoy it & have fun with it. no more fighting him. He will be less stressed & be able to be a normal kid that plays & thinks about other things all day besides eating. Hopefully the attention/behavioral gagging will go away when he gets used to the fact that he CAN'T puke anymore. (may be a difficult transition!) We can focus on giving him positive & loving attention! He won't be in pain! Anyone who suffers from chronic heart burn or frequently swallows food or liquid down the wrong pipe may understand how painful that can become! I've gone through an emotional roller coaster this week! Excitement, fear, depression, sadness, & enthusiasm. I've questioned my mothering abilities & why God doesn't answers prayers in the time we feel is necessary. I realize my spiritual strength is weak right now, but I am trying to focus on our incredible blessings & how amazing life has been because of Porter! We are so blessed! Updates will follow.... Thanks for your continued support & watchful eyes as our family has yet to end our "NICU roller coaster" as we were warned about! And yes.... it has been worth it! Day of Surgery: August 22, 2011: Surgery went really well. Dr. Barnhart did an excellent job. Unfortunately because of Porter's long history with medication, pulmonary hypertension, & premature lung disease, he had a massive attach coming out of anesthesia! He had an opposite response to everything they gave him until is was too much & he stopped breathing! That ended up taking us to the Pediatric ICU for the next 24 hours. The picture of Porter laying flat out in his hospital bed is when he was finally able to relax & fall asleep. His arms are braced because he was riping the oxygen & IV's out! It looks a lot worse then it was he was equipted with: Oxygen, Arms: "no-no's", right leg: IV, Left leg: blood pressure cuff & oxygen saturation monitor. Porter was very happy to see some familiar faces! (Ryan & Brytt, Emily & Grandma Stacey, & Nana & Grandad, we didn't let anyone else come up in fear of stressing Porter out more.) It was really sad to see whenever a nurse or a doctor came into his room he would sign "all done" & wave "bye bye" to them. You can't blame him for having a fear of doctors after all he has had to go through! During our hospital stay we spent the day watching Porter's favorite shows & giving Porter all the attention & love he could handle! When Porter was able to come off the oxygen we were able to take him exploring around the hospital in the wagon. He absolutely LOVED that! In fact, for the next 2 days we would hardly get him out of it!! (which explain the napping wagon pictures!) He also loved going up on the patio & watching the helicopter land & take off. We were finally able to go home Thursday afternoon. After 3 nights of little to no sleep we were all exhausted. Porter didn't realize we were going HOME until Boe pulled up the car. It was so cute to see how excited he was to get in his car seat!!

65: smilebox: aug- P's surgery (3)

79: 5... 6... 7... 8 months along & here comes baby!

89: "Thanksgiving Day will soon be here It comes around but once a year If I could only have my way, We'd have Thanksgiving every day."

90: Kelsey 1 Month Old

91: Pretty dresses Little Curls, Oh thank heaven for little girls!

92: Look at all of Kelsey's HAIR!! Mom was so sad when it all fell out!!

94: December Birthdays! Porter 2 years old Marye 24 years old

95: A Picture Perfect Birthday Porter got lots of fun toys for his birthday! Mom celebrated by having a quiet lmch with Dad at Olive Garden & pedicures with Jody!

96: Great Great Grandma Ruby Steele

97: Celebrating Paisley's 2 year Angel Day. Kelsey went to visit her for the first time, & Porter picked a gift for her (red jingle bell ornament). We are so blessed!

98: Family Is The Best Part Of Christmas

99: Christmas celebrations at the Eby's. Porter's birthday + dinner + Gifts = PARTY TIME

100: I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

101: Dear Santa, I Was Very, Very Good

102: I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas | A Season of Love and Laughter

103: Christmas Is A Time To Believe In Things You Can’t See

104: I really enjoyed making Kelsey & Boe's Christmas stockings this year! Grandma Stacey made mine (Marye) & they quickly became my favorite Christmas decorations! Porter & Paisley's stockings are still in the works! They take a lot of time!

107: It's the little things that make life beautiful. | Our Heavenly Father, by the authority of the Melchezedek Priesthood we take this infant in our arms to give her a name & a blessing. The name which has been chosen that she will be known on this earth & the records of the church is Kelsey Jayne Eby. Kelsey at this time we wish to thank our Heavenly Father that we have been blessed to have you come into our home. You have already brought so much peace & joy to us. Kelsey you were not sent here by chance but by divine design. Heavenly Father has blessed you to be a peacemaker. He will surround you with love & joy. He will bring people into your life who will bless you with their good influence. Hold strong to the values of our Heavenly Father. We bless you with the opportunity to find a fine young man to marry in the Temple for time & all eternity. We bless you with all the blessings you may stand in need of in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. In the circle: Daniel Eby, Glen Pettit, Sean Smith, Cody Barton, Josh Pettit, Ryan Pettit, Eric Pettit, Levi Ptit, Ron Culverwell.

109: Sweet Kelsey's Special Day!

110: Valentines Day was lots of fun this year. I spent most of the day making a surprise dinner for Boe & it turned out amazing. I am so lucky to be married to such an amazing man. I love him with ever fiber in my body. We are so blessed. Kelsey & Porter got Valentine's Day shirts from Nana.

111: You'll always make my skip a beat!

112: Our Life | So what is life like for the Eby's? CRAZY! These 2 beautiful kids keep me on my toes 24/7. Porter is almost 2 1/2. He is a full on toddler now! He refuses to take naps, even though he desperately still needs them. His favorite show at the moment is Elmo, however it frequently changes. He loves being outside & has cabin fever like I've never seen before! We are ready for summer to begin! He is beginning to talk & communicate a lot better. He repeats almost everything & has learned how to say words that get him what he wants. Even though at times he is demanding, it makes life a lot easier. Kelsey is 4 months old & continues to be a sweet little baby! She is very peaceful & loves to be rocked to sleep, suck on her fingers, & watch Porter play. She loves to be in the middle of the action! She is happy & will always give you a big beautiful smile. She laughed for the first time on March 2, exactly 4 months old. She is still stingy with her laughs but they absolutely melt your heart when she will share them! Boe continues to work full time at Genesis Youth Center & is attending the University of Pheonix. He is getting close to finishing classes & will be starting his internship this summer. he is working very hard for our family! Porter loves to play the Wii with him & play basketball outside. As for me, I basically have my hands full just taking care of everyone & I love it! We have a hard day now & then, but it is worth every second! I'm the luckiest girl I know!

113: My Babies! Porter 2 years Kelsey 3 months

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