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Eida Hooley 90th Birthday Book

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Eida Hooley 90th Birthday Book - Page Text Content

S: Eida Valborg Lindholm Stockman Hooley

1: "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have." FREDERICK KEONIG | It all began in Finland

2: Borje Albin Lindholm - October 31, 1899 | Naima Wilhelmina Davidson Lindholm | May 5, 1900

3: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

4: A family is pieced together with hope and faith. A family is quilted and bound with love and grace.

6: Laugh until your heart overflows.

7: Revisiting the Homeland 2011

8: Birgit, Marita, Eida, Margot, & Aura Lindholm | Sisters

9: "In truth a family is what you make it. It is made strong, not by number of heads counted at the dinner table, but by the rituals you help family members create, by the memories you share, by the commitment of time, caring, and love you show to one another, and by the hopes for the future you have as individuals and as a unit." - Marge Kennedy

12: Hattie & Charles Stockman | Bruce & Gary | Walter, Gary, David & Bruce

13: Lindbergh Lodge - Junior Wings 1963

14: First Lucia | Jr. Wing Officers

15: 1 9 6 2

16: European Vacation

17: Eida & Fred Hooley's New Hampshire House

18: Bruce, Amy & Jennifer Stockman

19: Gary, Barbara, Erica, Kendra, Michelle & Melanie Stockman

21: David, Nancy, Krista, Craig, Timothy & Evan Stockman

26: Dear Mom, It seems as if you have always been a part of my life. Thank you for always being so generous with your time and treating me like your daughter as well as your friend. I remember all of the fun things we have done together over the years; going to see the Ringling 5, donating to casinos, many delicious meals, the graduations, the weddings and great vacations to name a few. I am looking forward to making many more memories with you and wish you the happiest birthday ever with many more to come. All My Love, Gale xoxoxoxoxo

30: A u s t e r l i t z | 2006 | 2012

31: S o u t h C a r o l i n a

32: Dear Farmor, It's hard to believe that you are turning 90 years old! As I sat down to write this, so many memories came flooding back, especially from my younger years. I remember going to New Hampshire to visit you and Farfar and going to Santaland, playing on Farfar's tractor and the long, steep ride up to your house. After you and Farfar moved to North Carolina, we would come down for the week and go fun places like Slippery Rock, Chimney Rock and Biltmore Estates. We would take road trips in the RV to South Carolina with Mr. Bill and to Cabbage Patch Land. While we were at your house we would wave to the train every morning in our pajamas, eat delicious dinners, play triominos and play in your craft room. After you moved to Montana, we didn't get to see you as often, but my two trips there have been some of my best vacations. Sitting on your back deck overlooking the cliffs at the end of the day opened my eyes to a whole world that I had never experienced. Although I wish you lived closer, I am thankful for the time we get to spend together while you are here. I have loved hearing stories about your childhood in Finland and what it was like coming here and learning the language and customs and building your family. | Dear Farmor, There have been so many good memories over the past years its hard to think of just one. As a child I remember you bouncing me on your thigh singing the Rita Rita Ronka song and although I can't remember all the words I still remember how much fun it was. Then the numerous road trips in the mobile home and in the Lincoln to places such as Cabbage Patch Land and Parks, although Farmor lived far away I was happy we were able to visit as much as we could. During our visits we could always count on big delicious meals, fun games such as triominos and wonderful Mr Bill : ) As you turn 90 this year, what a great accomplishment. Know that I hold in my heart many years of love and memories that I will truly cherish forever. I know that I don't say it enough but I love you and have a wonderful birthday. Love, Jenn | I have always admired the strength and courage you have shown. I am so thankful we are all together to celebrate your 90th birthday. Thank you for everything, I love you very much. Love, Amy

33: Erica, Michael, Alexis & Keelyn Barnes

34: Dear Farmor, My first memories date back to Greenlawn and swimming in the pool. I also used to love going to New Hampshire and remember you building the house. I remember helping Farfar nail down the kitchen floor. We spent many days at the lake, walking in the woods, driving Betsy the bulldozer (I still remember ruining the driveway on purpose hoping that it would buy me more time on Betsy, but that plan did not work in my favor), reading endless stories, attempting to sew, attempting to play the organ, hanging out with Mr. Bill and playing triominos for hours. I loved the round bed and helping Farfar with his woodworking projects in the basement (we made hats for a family of snowmen which you and I then painted). We had so much fun visiting my kindergarten teacher in NH and visiting Santa’s village. Another fond memory was picking fresh veggies from the garden and sitting on the deck in NH. | Mischif (yes, his name is spelled without and e) and I got to spend a summer in NC. It was one of the best summers and lead to my love of riding English and jumping. I spent hours at the barn, riding in the mountains and spent the most consecutive time with you and Farfar that summer (2.5 months in the 10th grade). You were always there to cheer me on at the shows and drove me back and forth to the barn a million times. We also got to go to sliding rock, Biltmore and the other fun things that the area had to offer. Unfortunately, I have only had the opportunity to visit Montana once and really wish it wasn’t so far away. Alexis and Keelyn immensely enjoyed spending time with you at Melanie's wedding. Alexis stated that she and Farmor have a lot in common. Hopefully, Alexis will be more talented than I was when it comes to sewing. She uses her Hello Kitty sewing machine to sew pillows for the doll bed that Farfar built. The American Girls are in there sleeping right now. We are all sad that we do not get to see you often. The girls still dress their cabbage patch kids in all of the outfits that you made. I know there are so many more endless memories, towns and other fun places we visited that it is impossible to mention them all. You never missed a graduation or any other special event when I was growing up. Thank you for all of the good times and memories that we have shared over the years. We all love and miss you!!!!! Hope you have a great Birthday! Love, Erica

35: Kendra & Tristan Loggie

36: Dear Farmor, Happy 90th Birthday!!!! There are so many great memories that I remember from my childhood. I remember catching fireflies on the golf course when you lived in Virginia and waving to the train when they came through the backyard in North Carolina. One of my favorite memories is going to the Cabbage Patch Hospital in Georgia as a little girl and getting to see all the babies as they were born. You are the only reason why I eat turnips because you made me try them when I was little and I actually liked them. I will always remember how you would make 20 different vegetable dishes to accompany Thanksgiving dinner. You have always been such an amazing Farmor and I will always cherish all the memories throughout the years!!!! Love, Michelle

37: Dear Farmor, Happy 90th Birthday! Thank you for being such a wonderful grandmother and person. We've shared so many great and amazing memories together. And while I don't get to see you as often as I'd like, it's these memories that I will treasure forever. From birthday parties to a great family reunion in Virginia to watching trains in your backyard in North Carolina, we were always having lots of fun. You're always there to help others and make them feel loved and involved. I can only hope that I'm as healthy, as loved, and as beautiful as you are when I turn 90! Love, Melanie | Melanie & Andrew Farabaugh

38: Krista, Seth & Nolan Cunningham | I like to remember Christmas day at Farmor's house. We would open gifts at our place in the morning, but it was always fun to look forward to the evening when we could go up to their house and open gifts and have a big Christmas dinner. Farmor always had real candles on her tree, which we lit for all of 30 seconds before blowing them out. I think we all feared a Christmas fire. | I'll also never forget the time when Farmor came to live with us while mom went to school in Utah. There was a time at dinner when little Craig refused to eat something she made. After a battle of wills, Farmor finally put him and his highchair in the garage until he finished. Little did she know that the dog was also in the garage. Craig simply fed his dinner to the dog. Problem solved.

39: Craig, Briann, Jace & Atlee Stockman Farmor, one of my favorite memories is how you will always have a full line-up of things to eat, BEFORE DINNER! No matter the reason, Farmor is going to feed you! Happy Birthday Farmor! We love You!

40: Timothy Stockman

42: Evan Stockman

46: Matthew, Fred, Kara & Laura Caladrino | Viola Stockman Karlsson | Chris & Ed Stockman with Fennie Plainfield, Massachusetts | Thank you, Aunt Eida, for all of the thoughtful cards & beautiful handmade gifts! Laura loved Silky Cat you made her, literally to pieces!

47: John, Sonja & David Morgan, Jana & Ken Sloneker, Kara, Fred, Laura & Matthew Caladrino | My fondest memory is being a flower girl at your 1947 wedding when I was 10 years old. Wonderful times from then on, from babysitting the boys (Bruce, Gary & David) to many birthday parties and holidays, having the family in Austerlitz on weekends in the summer was great! You taught me to swim at Prospect Lake - Mass! Love, Sonja

48: Back Row: Bruce , Susannah, Kim, Maureen, Lawrence, Ruth, Chris, Pam, Steven, Mary louise, Shayna, Michael Front Row: Andre, Ricky, Rita, Austin, Eida & Fred

50: Steven, Mary louise, Heather & Jonathan Demick

52: Lawrence, Ruth, Maureen, Pam, & Kimberly Demick

53: Kim, Nick, Ella & Leah LaBrun Pam, John, Otis & Alice Broshu | Maureen, Dustin, Austin & Grace Taylor

54: Annual trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine (August 2012) - Larry & Ruth's Brood: Back Row: (standing) John, Pamela, Alice, Larry Second Row: (Ella), Nick, Kim, Otis, Leah, Ruth Front Row: Maureen, Grace, Dustin, Austin

55: Margot, Roy, Susannah, Missy & Shayna Malool

56: Shayna, Michael, Andre & Austin Juneau

57: 2011 Trip to Finland with Susannah

58: Roy & Eeva Malool

60: Remembering... ...57 years ago Eida hosted a baby shower for me at her house in Greenlawn when I was expecting my first born. ...One Christmas afternoon when her sister, Aura, was visiting from Finland, we were invited for coffee, O Bullar, she had her Christmas tree lit with REAL CANDLES! A beautiful sight! ...Swimming at her pool parties and, her good food. ...Having her 80th birthday party over at Gullan’s in Northport with many of her friends there. We made Smortas Tarta, a Swedish sandwich Tarta, 10 years ago. Where did those years go? ...Having Eida here for coffee the last time she was on Long Island. ...We miss you Eida and love you, Dagny, Helmer & David | Dagny & Helmer Beck - Lindbergh Lodge 2013 Melanie, Denise, Kristina, Dagny, Annika Lynn 2012 David, Melanie, Kristina, Denise, Dagny

61: Eida and I have been good friends for 60 years. She had 3 boys, I had one girl and 3 boys. We shared many cups of coffee and delicious home-made cake watching our children grow, that grew up to be fine adults doing the best they can do. Marion Dohne | 1960's Marion Dohne & Eida 2011 | 2010 Kathy, Svea Lind, Janet, Lindsay | Elaine & Chick Tilden

62: I have known Eida and the family for many years. My mother loves her so but now it is very hard for her to talk on the phone. As you know my Dad, Erik, passed away a number of years ago. We have a two family house in East Meadow . My daughter and her family live upstairs and we have moved in with Mormor to take care of her.. - Irene | Alice & Erik Isojoki, Chick Tilden | Alice Isojoki with family & friends

63: Alice's children: Linda Casalo, Irene Buonomo & Erik Isojoki, Linda's children: Kathleen Johnson Bergin & Lee Johnson, Erik's daughter: Katherine Isojoki, Irene's dauther: Jennifer Buonomo Amy, Kathleen's children: Alexandra & Caroline Bergin, Lee's children: Sena & Lucia Wolfson, Jennifer's children: Joshua & Matthew Amy | Katherine Alice Isojoki

64: Bror & Helma Munson Linda & Ann's grandparents | Marie & Stuart Kloos Roger's parents | Linda, Roger & Katie Kloos, Gary, Eida, Bruce & David | 1994 John, Dawn, Linda, Kathy, Kenneth & Ann Munson | Hans & Ann Munson Kayser, Eida & Fred

65: 1963 - Eida, Ann & Linda | Eida and Walter are my youngest sister, Ann’s, Godparents. On the day of the christening, Eida was getting Ann dressed and she put Ann’s socks on her hands instead of her feet. She was a bit flustered! - Linda | Eida & Ann 1965 & 1967

66: 2004 Roger & Linda | 2012 Linda, Roger & Katie | 2012 Amanda, Katie & Kristen | Roger & Gary

67: 1989 Eida & Jennifer | Eida, I remember the bell on the door of your flower shop and the smell of the flowers. Whenever I am in a flower shop it brings me back to your flower shop. Love, Anne Munson Kayser | 2003 Hans 3, Eida, Ann, Jennifer | I remember working for Eida at the florist shop for 5 1/2 years out of high school. One day I was unpacking the large boxes the flowers were delivered in and threw out 150 white roses that were for a wedding. Of course, it wasn’t done on purpose. The roses came packed in 25 to a bunch and were wrapped in wet newspaper. The newspaper was wet and I thought it was just wet newspaper. They were found the next day at the bottom of the garbage boxes by Eida. Talk about being mad! – I got the silent treatment and just wanted to crawl into a hole. Then it was Fred to the rescue with some fresh white roses and all was well in a few days. Love - Linda Munson Kloos

68: I was just a teenager when I first met a tall striking blonde with a Finnish accent and a big bright smile! An extremely hard-working business woman, ahead of her time, that was kind and generous to me. An always warm and welcoming hostess who could put together a dinner in no time and make it seem effortless. I still remember those lingonberry hamburgers and delicious apple cake that was always welcomed at school. A wonderful friend that I’m happy to know, a loving wife to one of the sweetest men I’ve ever known (who gave the biggest hugs). And finally, a wonderful mother whose greatest achievements, I’m sure, are her 3 sons! Happy 90th Birthday! Love, Susan Markham | 1972 Bob & Mary Hildebrandt, Fred & Eida

69: Eddie, Leona & Cocoa Ceglia | 55 year pin - Lindbergh Lodge | 1991 Eida, Mary & Fred | 1991 Eida, Matthew, Susan & Fred | 2010 - Matthew, Susan & Kevin Markham

70: 1947 Eida & Walter Stockman Sonja - flower girl - 10 years old | Helmer & Dagny Beck January 12, 1951 | Sonja & John Morgan August 22, 1959 | WEDDINGS

71: Leona & Eddie Ceglia October 3, 1970 | Ester & Harry Munson 25th Anniversary - 1972

72: Bruce & Susan Stockman July 18, 1976 | David & Nancy Stockman July 1, 1978

73: Gary & Barbara Stockman May 9, 1981

74: Kevin & Susan Markham July 1984 | Kenny & Jana Sloneker October 23, 1982 | Kara & Fred Caladrino August 2, 1987 | Bruce & Gale Stockman November 21, 1992

75: Krista & Seth Cunningham December 30, 2000

76: Erica & Michael Barnes July 28, 2001 | Pam & John Broshu August 18, 2001

77: Heather & Matthew Cooper June 2, 2007 | Rita & Ricky Demick 50th Anniversary 2005

78: Craig, & Briann Stockman May 22, 2010 (with Jace) | Melanie & Andrew Farabaugh November 12, 2011

79: Happy 90th Birthday Farmor! from all your family & friends who love you dearly! April 16, 2013

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