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Eliza's First Year

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S: Eliza's First Year

BC: The End, but only the Beginning

FC: e

1: ------- | born 10.18.11 | weight 6lbs 11oz | length 20 inches | time 2:52pm | ------- | ------- | ------- | { welcomed with love } | eliza keats

2: On February 15th we discovered our life was changed forever | Eliza at 11 weeks old, April 12, 2011.

3: We had a very early ultrasound because we were worried about a couple things and it was done at our Price doctor's office. I remember being so uncomfortable as they put the wand in place and was annoyed that I had to wear the little paper gown and then as soon as our baby's little tiny form appeared on the screen all of those small annoyances totally faded. I was amazed at how like a little person the shape looked already at only 7 weeks in to the pregnancy. Then the doctor turned the sound on and we heard that | First Ultrasound | 7 weeks | 11 weeks | beautiful heartbeat, strong as could be, pulsing in to the room. I remember wanted to reach out and take Jason's hand like in the movies, but I had to hold my head up at a weird angle in order to see the screen.

4: Above: 23.5 weeks July 5th at home Right: 28 weeks August 4th in Maryland | Left: 14 weeks May 1st in L.A. I felt like I got big so fast. I had to start wearing maternity pants just a couple of months in to the pregnancy, partially because I felt so sick. But then when I had to change my diet around 18 weeks I started to actually lose weight and by the end I was still wearing those same maternity pants!

5: Left: 29 weeks August 13th in Allegan By this time I was really feeling big and although I tried to keep up with everyone, I would easily get wiped out and have to rest. | Right: 36.5 weeks October 3rd in Price | Just a few days before this, I had been kept up with contractions. I knew it could really be any time now.

6: Eliza Keats Olsen Born October 18th, 2011 at 2:52 pm 6 lbs 11 oz and 20 in

7: I started having contractions around dinner time, but it wasn't until I went to bed at about 10 that they started to really get strong. At midnight I woke Jason up and we realized that we needed to leave to go up north. With contractions about three minutes apart, Jason and I drove through the pass and on in to Pleasant Grove, Utah to the birthing center. The labor went fast at first, but then stalled. I couldn't let Jason leave my side as I labored. Another midwife was called in who was able to turn little Eli's head in to a better position and after much pushing she finally arrived. About 20 minutes later, my Mom arrived, disappointed to have missed it, but thrilled to meet her new grand daughter. As we called our friends and family Eliza's voice was very loud and clear in the background.

12: Those first days home were marked by changed. It seemed like every time we looked down at our little girl (which we did A LOT) she had changed -- her skin tone looked a little different or the shape of her face had changed slightly. We went home the day after her birth and the next day she started smiling in her sleep. She did cry a bit too. She hated having her diaper changed and having her clothes changed. But she loved to be held and we were happy to oblige.

14: November photo shoot. Eliza at nearly 4 weeks old with Mommy, Daddy, Oma (Jacquelyn), Aunt Megan, and Cousin Ava.

15: "You see, Wendy, when the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies." --Peter Pan

16: Our first visitors were Grandma Jacquelyn and Grandma Tina followed by Aunt Megan and Cousin Ava, and then Grandpa Scott and Uncle Warren and Uncle Alex. | 3 weeks | 2 weeks

17: 3.5 weeks

18: 5 weeks | 5.5 weeks | 5.5 weeks

19: Eliza loved getting to meet all of her far away family, but she did seem especially taken with Uncle Warren. Below: we all went out to breakfast at Balance Rock in Helper and Eli slept pretty much the whole time. Warren, Jason, Alex, Chapel, Scott.

20: Christmas Time | Grandpa (Scott), Warren, and Alex helped us get our first Christmas tree home before they went home. Jason and Eliza and Chapel decorated it. Eliza mostly slept, but she did help Jason put the very first ornament on our first family tree. It was the Hallmark ornament that Tina bought us that depicts three Christmas stockings and says "and baby makes three." Unfortunately, that tree died about a week and a half before Christmas. So we went out and bought a fake tree and decorated that one in time for Christmas Day. We put that same ornament on first again. We stayed home for Christmas this year and enjoyed spending time as our own little family first the first holiday of many.

21: FAMILY | Top Left: Eliza all dressed up for the Christmas party at the Birthing Center. Top Right: She falls asleep so hard some times and especially when in the comfortable arms of someone she loves. Left and Above: Her little lamb seat is a cozy one, especially when she's guarded by her best friend, Willow.

22: Eliza's First Christmas | We spent our first family Christmas at home in Price. We opened presents in the morning and enjoyed a big Christmas breakfast together. Eliza loved her seahorse from Grandma Tina. Eliza is constantly waving and moving her hands. They often get blurred out in photographs because she moves them so fast. Sometimes it makes nursing difficult, but mostly it is pretty cute. Even in her sleep she will sometimes move her arms and hands rapidly into a new position before freezing in a theatrical pose. (The photo of Eliza with the black and white card is actually from November just before Grandpa's visit. She loved to study those cards. They were one of the first things that ever drew her attention.)

24: Eliza's First Flight! | We all flew to Pennsylvania for Jason's job interview in February. Eliza got to experience her first plane ride, met her Great Grandmommy Atkins, and see Grand Aunt Elaine again.

25: Top Left: March 3, in her swing from Oma. She likes to watch the zebra on the mobile above. Left: March 29, enjoying her Jumperoo from Grandma Tina. It took a little time for her to figure out how to use it but it became a a family favorite. Above: March 19, one of the fool proof ways Oma has to get her to stop crying. It makes mommy a little nervous, but whatever works!

26: Adventure in Moab | Travels with Oma (Jacquelyn) March, 2012

28: Arches National Park

29: Deadhorse Point

31: 6 Months | First foods this month! She feeds herself avocado, banana, strawberries Can roll over from back to front (officially today!) Sit on her own, she will tip after a bit, but she can do it, and can even reach for things. She lifts her arms to say she wants to be held and plows her face in to my chest to say that she wants milk. Makes some consonant sounds and something very close to "hi."

32: 2012

33: Visit from Grandma Tina

35: 8 Months | The days go by so quickly as we strive to keep her entertained, get her naps in, make her meals, clean her up after meals, and so on. I fear the entire summer will be behind us before we even know it. We've taken her to the park for her first ride in a swing and first time down a slide (in daddy's lap of course). She has become a constant wiggle worm. She can move herself around pretty effectively with rolling from side to side, scooting backwards in the crawl position, and pushing up to a sit, but hasn't quite worked out how to crawl forward. We took her for her first and second swim and she hated it both times. This month she started signing, actually swallowing some table food, waving, and clapping.

36: In June we drove to Las Vegas to visit Grandma Tina and Nana and to celebrate Nana's 85th birthday with all of the family. Eliza played peekaboo behind a Captain America shield with patient cousin Joey and Aunt Chrissy enjoyed getting to play with a little girl for a change.

38: Gradnma Tina, Daddy Jason, Nana, and Eliza. At Patricia and Tina's house in Las Vegas. June 6, 2012. | Four | Generations

39: First Father's Day. June 16, 2012.

40: July 12th

43: Above Eliza with one of her current favorite toys. Uncle Michael and Aunt Laura came to visit and meet little Eliza. It was a whirlwind visit, but Eliza really warmed to them by the end of it.

45: Watching Eliza learn to walk was both stressful and exciting. There were a lot of face plants, tears, and false starts, but with each new skill that she mastered she seemed so proud and excited that we couldn't help but cheer her on. | ................................................ | ................................................ | Jan 5th | Jan 13th | June 15th | Jan 5th | First roll front to back ...... First roll back to front ...... First crawl ...... First stand ...... First steps ...... | 3 mon 2 weeks 6 mon 1day 8 mon 1 day 9 mon 3 days 12.5 months | April 19th

46: One Whole Year!

47: Our theme was based on Eliza's favorite book: Look, Look! We asked everyone to dress in black and white with red accents and had black, white and red food, balloons, chocolate and vanilla vegan cake, red velvet cake balls covered in dark and white chocolate, candy, decorations, etc. Grandpa Scott and Grandma Tina both flew in for the festivities and some of our local friends came too: Greg and Barb Benson, our neighbors Kirk and Kerry, Hank and Kat Perry and their little boy, Nate, and Wayne and Josie Hatch and their children. We had beautiful weather and a fun time at Washington Park in Price.

50: The months went by... one by one...

51: The day after we brought you home you began making these little sleepy smiles in your sleep. I would stare at you for hours just waiting to catch one of those smiles. Over the weeks and the months I was always looking for signs of, "who you are," and what our relationship would be like. At first these signs were very small: reaching out to touch our faces and deliberately bopping me in the face with your pajama covered hand at 6 weeks old, the instant calm that would settle over you the moment we walked outside at 3 months, and the early laughs at Willow. But then you started to be a more active participant in this relationship we were building: your absolute adoration of your great grandmother, Nana; squealing and crawling away from us as fast as you could, looking back to see if we were following; laughing at me flopping on the mattress to make you laugh, then imitating me with your tiny arms thrown up in the air at 10 months. More and more we see your gentle spirit, loving nature, caution, daring, the way you are always looking for the joke, the more that we see of you the more that we love you. For always.

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