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Etched Grid

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FC: Perseus

3: Once there was a King. His name was King Acrisius of Argos. This King was the father of one beautiful daughter, her name was Danae. Except the King wanted a son. So one day he went to Delphi to ask the gods if there was any hope of him ever having a son and the priestess told him no. The priestess also said that Danae would have a son that would kill him one day. The King decided that his daughter would have to die to save his own life. Except the King could not bring himself to kill her so he built her a house made of bronze and put it underground.

4: There was a part of the roof open so it could let in light and air. One day Zeus visited Danae and told her that he would have his son. Danae tried to keep the birth of her son, Perseus, a secret from her father but he eventually found out. The King put Danae and Perseus into a chest and thew it into the sea. Danae was afraid of what would happen to herself an Perseus, but after awhile the chest washed up on land. A fisherman named Dictys found them and took they home to his wife, where they treated them with care and hospitality.

5: There was a cruel man on that island and his name was Polydectes and he was the ruler of the island. He soon fell in love with Danae but did not like Perseus. Polydectes was trying to think of a way to get rid of Perseus and he decided to tell Perseus about the fowl creatures called the Gorgons and how he wanted nothing more than one of their heads. When Polydectes announced the marriage between Danae and himself, there was a huge celebration and Perseus didn't have a present to give him. So Perseus announced that he would go kill Medusa and bring back her head. Medusa was one of the Gorgon.

6: Perseus immediately went to Greece to set out on his journey. He went to Delphi, but all the priestess said to him to find a land where men eat not Demeter's golden grain, but acorns. So he went to Dodona where they told him no more than he was under the protection of the Gods, and they did not know where the Gorgons lived. Later he met Hermes, who had a winged hat and sandals. Hermes told him that he would have to find the gray women, and they would tell him where to find the nymphs. The Nymphs had something that he would need in order to kill Medusa. Perseus seeks out the gray women, they lived in a gray place and the three of them all shared one eye. The gray women wouldn't tell Perseus what he needed to know, so he stole their eye so they would tell him. They told Perseus where to find the nymphs. When Perseus finds the nymphs they give him a wallet that can hold anything, and invisibility cap, and winged sandals. Hermes then gives Perseus a sword and

7: Athena gives Perseus a shield. Perseus was now prepared to go and kill the Gorgon Medusa. Perseus set out on his winged sandals, he hovered above the Gorgons. He made sure only to look at the shield because if he looked into Medusa's eyes he would instantly turn to stone. Perseus aimed and threw his sword, Athena guided his hand and with a single sweep of his sword he cut through her neck. He took her head and put it into his wallet. On his way back home he passed through Ethiopia. He found a lovely women chained and was to be given up to a horrible sea monster. Her name was Andromeda. Andromeda's mother, Queen Cassiopeia, had boasted saying that she was more beautiful than the daughters of Nereus, The Sea-god.

8: The punishment for this, fell onto her daughter. As soon as Perseus laid eyes on her, he instantly fell in love. he saved Andromeda by waiting next to her and as soon as the monster was close enough he cut off it's head. Then Perseus and Andromeda went back to see her parents where he asked for her hand in marriage, and they gladly agreed. Perseus and Andromeda sailed back to the small island, but no one was at his house. Dictys' wife was dead. Danae and Dictys had to hid themselves from Polydectes because Danae would not marry him. The King was holding a banquet in the palace and all of Perseus' fans where gathered there. Perseus went there trying to find Danae and Dictys. Perseus went there and everyone saw him holding Medusa's head, and before they could look away they all

9: turned to stone. After he found his mother and Dictys. Then he made Dictys King of the island. Perseus decided to go back with his mother and Andromeda to try to reconcile with Acrisius. Except when they got to Argos, Acrisius had been driven away. Perseus heard that the King of Larissa was holding an athletic contest and Perseus decided to take part. During the discus-throwing Perseus threw it into the crowd. Acrisius happened to be there and the discus hit him and he died instantly. With Acrisius' death Perseus and Danae's troubles had come to an end. Perseus and Andromeda lived happily ever after with their son Electryon(grandfather of Hercules). Medusa's head was given to Athena and she put it on Zeus' shield, which she always carried.

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