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Everyday Mixbook

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BC: Z | Bizarre | "The other bizarre thing: I really wasn't in pain." | Bethany's family and friends claim that she was calm, and collected during the traumatic events of the attack. She says she didn't even feel that much pain, which would be exactly the opposite of what we would tend to think.

FC: Soul Surfer: An ABC Book

1: A | Alana Blanchard | "It was Alana Blanchard, my best friend.." | Alana Blanchard was Bethany's best friend, one who helped her through her hard times, and was actually present when the shark attacked. Alana is talked about many times throughout the book.

2: B | Blue Crush | "We then decided to nickname it the "Blue Crush" after the all-girl surf movie. That, and the fact that we always crush everything into it..." | The Blue Crush is the family's "surf beater" an old dodge caravan that is used on surf trips to battle the sand, wet towels, bathing suits, melted wax and surfboards that are brought along on a family surf trip.

3: C | Christian | "Doing things with my Christian friends is an important part of my life, because it really is encouraging to have others who, like me, want to be close to God." | Throughout the book, Bethany makes it clear she is a Christian and stands up for her beliefs. You can tell her religion is a big part of who she is and is something she relied heavily on in her time of need after her attack.

4: D | Dr. Rovinsky | "I had a good feeling about Dr. Rovinsky. When he spoke, he was both kind and confident, and he was also a surfer and a friend of my father." | Dr. Rovinsky was a big part of Bethany's life after the shark attack. He was her main doctor and he did a lot to help her through a really difficult time in her and her family's lives. He dedicated himself to getting her where she is today physically.

5: E | Eden | "As soon as I was alert, my mom suggested that since there was so many flowers and plants, we make it into a Garden of Eden." | The Garden of Eden is an example of all of the love and prayers sent to Bethany during her recovery. It also shows how she and her family always tried to make light of a dark situation and how they used God in their everyday lives.

6: F | Family | "My family is great on that front: they're my number one fans... I know I have their love and support no matter how I place in a contest." | Bethany is really passionate about her family, and she really shows that in this book. Her family is very supportive of her in whatever she does and they have a very deep bond among all family members. Her family also gave her the love and support she needed after the attack to move forward with her life as a surfer.

7: G | Girl | "And in most ways I am just your typical teenage girl. And in some ways, because of my accident, I am not." | Although Bethany's life changed dramatically after her accident, she likes to stress that she is still just a normal girl. She still likes to do the same things and she is incredibly grounded through all of her newfound fame. Her accident has somewhat limited her, but she chooses not to focus on the negative.

8: H | Hanalei Pier | "My favorite surf spot is the Hanalei Pier in Kauai, where I learned!" | The Hanalei Pier is where it all began for Bethany. Her family is a true surfing family and it was only natural that she join in as well. Surfing is a big part of who she is and is very important to her.

9: I | Iniki | "My dad said he hadn't seen the island come together like this for a cause since the aftermath of Hurricane Iniki in 1992, which devastated all of Kauai." | The reference to Hurricane Iniki exemplified the impact of Bethany's accident on her community and on the world. People from all over came together in her honor to raise money to help her family with the expenses from the accident. She took this support and turned her accident into a positive for her and her family.

10: J | Joker | "I consider myself quite the practical joker. We do all kinds of crazy pranks.." | Bethany likes to have fun and play jokes just like a normal teenager, when she gives us this insight into her personality we can see that she wants us to know that she really is like a normal teen, having fun and creating pranks for her friends.

11: K | Kai | "We first met with blind psychologist Dr. Paul "Kai" Swigart at Wilcox Hospital on Sunday, November 4. | Kai helped Bethany and her family get through their incredibly tough times. Kai was blind and it shocked Bethany when he said he preferred it that way, he really helped her to become satisfied with her handicap and she eventually felt the same way about having one arm.

12: L | Lost Arm | "Then I saw that my arm had been bitten off almost to the shoulder. There was just a three or four inch stub where my limb had once been." | Bethany's loss of her arm after the shark attack started all her agony, doubts and change that would happen within her life. It was a tragedy, especially for a girl so devoted to surfing, but she never let the negatives or doubts stand in her way.

13: M | Mike Wellman | "Mike has probably made hundreds of surfboards, but there was one, he told me, that was different from all the others. It was made with aloha for a benefit in my name, and I know Mike poured his heart into it." | Mike made beatiful surfboards that Bethany claimed to be some of the most masterful she had ever seen and considers him a true artist. She really admired his work and was touched by his efforts to make an astounding board in her name for a benefit.

14: N | Noah | "He's also into still photography. He shot most of the great pictures I have of me surfing. What do I admire most about him? When he gets into something he goes all the way. He is very determined and focused." | Noah is Bethany's older brother and one of her inspirations. Family is important to her and so are her brothers. She looks up to Noah. Noah was also one of the people that supported Bethany and always looked out for her as she fought to live as normal as possible while embracing her differences.

15: O | optimistic | "He also was optimistic that I would be able to compensate well with one arm in the future... "Bethany is a fighter."" | Optimism from doctors, community members, friends, family and from Bethany herself really helped her to overcome the obstacle created by the accident. She is an inspiration in the sense that she never let any of the negative perspectives get her down.

16: P | Papayas | "There is nothing like a papaya right off the tree, ripe and ready to eat... I do tend to add papaya to almost ever dish (it just makes it taste better)." | Bethany mentions papayas as one of her favorite things about living in Hawaii. She is passionate about her home and indulges in the culture she was raised in, and continues to do so regardless of what happens. Hawaii will always be a part of her.

17: Q | Quality | "Surfers judge the quality of a wave by its shape; the more the top or crest throws out to the bottom of the wave, the better." | Bethany is a passionate surfer, and she shows us that surfing isn't just some hobby, its almost an art. Those who perfect that art can identify with wave qualities, you can't just ride any wave, and as a true surfer, Bethany explained how surfers judge these waves.

18: R | Rip Curl | "I always obsess over what bathing suit to put on for a surf. I have at least a dozen different choices hanging from knobs on my dresser (ah, the perks of being a surfer who is sponsored by... Rip Curl)." | Rip Curl is the major clothing company that sponsored both Bethany and her best friend Alana in m any surf contests. Rip Curl continued sponsoring Bethany even after her accident and she has become very closely linked to the label.

19: S | Shark | "I just said in a kind of loud yet not panicked voice, "I just got attacked by a shark," and started to paddle away with one arm." | For most people, when you think about Bethany Hamilton the first thing that comes to mind is her shark attack. And for good reason, although there have been many shark attacks, Bethany became an inspiration to many people, despite what she experienced after her shark attack.

20: T | Timmy | "My brother Timmy is seventeen and he enjoys being the odd guy out and the class clown... Timmy decided to be a body boarder." | Once again, family is very important to Bethany, and she really enjoys her brothers company and everything they do to help her. Timmy was especially helpful to Bethany with his sense of humor, he always made light of bad situations and helped to keep Bethany happy when she was down.

21: U | unbelievable | "It was unbelievable to think that all this money, all these people who came to this hotel that night, were here for me." | The incredible amount of support received for Bethany seemed to be unbelievable for both her and her family. It was astounding to see the amount of support from all over. Bethany used this support as a motivation to keep making the best out of the accident and to inspire people to never give up.

22: V | Verse | "A small verse from the Old Testament zipped into her mind: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans for you to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." | This is the verse shown to Bethany and her family by her youth pastor Sarah Hill, it helped her family through the times after the attack had happened and helped Bethany to see that God had bigger things planned for her and that she just needed to trust and believe in what her future held.

23: W | What-if | "Life is full of what-ifs. You can't let it hold you back. If you do, you're not really living at all...just kind of going through the motions with no meaning." | There are a lot of what-ifs in Bethany's life, and especially in the world of surfing. Doubts like these can really hold people back and Bethany chooses to live her life without paying attention to these concerns so she could do what she really loved. and although something bad did happen to her, she has moved forward and encourages others to not get held back by the what-ifs.

24: X | X-Ray | "I know they were giving me fluids and taking lots of x-rays and blood levels. Later I would learn that I had lost nearly half of my blood volume." | The numerous x-rays and medical procedures are part of the memories Bethany has of the day she was attacked. During this time all hope seemed to be lost as far as Bethany's future with surfing, but her friends and family never failed to be by her side supporting her, and she emerged with high hopes and a determined spirit.

25: Y | Young | "Mostly normal because I have a lot of the same interests as most fourteen year olds: music, movies, and driving my older brothers crazy." | Bethany was very young when she became a surfing superstar, and she didn't let her fame or her accident take that away from her. She stresses the notion that she is like a normal girl, with normal teenage interests and lifestyle even though she and her life have changed quite a bit.

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