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BC: Dedications: Mrs. Damon, Nora, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Dunn. Thank you to those who have helped me complete my book!

FC: Hafsah AlAwadhi April 10,2013 7-1

1: My topic is: The Archean Eon. Table of Contents: Topic Page Time 2 Climate&What was occurring 4 Animals 6 Plants 8 Summary 10 Bibliography 12-17

2: The Archean Eon existed from 4.0 to 2.0 billion years ago.

4: The climate in the Archean eon was awful. It was hot and wet, and scientists and scientists said that the atmosphere at that time was different from ours now. For example, masses of volcanic activities that happened caused the atmosphere to become harmful. The volcanic gases were composed of hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon. The chemical reactions that occurred is unclear, one possibility is the hydrothermal vents. The Archean Eon was subdivided into 4 eras, the Neoarchean era, Mesoarchean era, the Paloarchean era and the Eoarchean era. Rocks of the Archean Eon contains the earliest fossils on Earth, the most surviving rocks were: the igneous rocks & the metamorphic rocks. These rocks were formed very long ago. They were formed between 2.5 to 4.0 billion years ago. Most have long since been covered by younger sediments. By the start of the Archean eon, the Earth's crust had cooled and some Archean strata survived in the central parts of: Canada, Australia, Africa, India and Siberia. During the Archean many storms happened. It was said that the storm might have washed away the carbons, and sulfur from the atmosphere. For example, after the storm, the water began to form on and sulfur dissolved into the water and formed a clear sky. Therefore, the carbon and sulfur dissolved into the water. This caused it hard for an organism to live. | extra info >>

6: The animals that lived in the Archean eon weren't that much. The only things that survived were some fishes, and not all fishes either. The only fishes that lived were the jawless fishes, the spiny fishes, the bony fishes and the sharks. Later on, the animals that existed during the eon couldn't survive much longer because of the harmful atmosphere which was composed of volcanic gases. Also, there was very little oxygen for the organisms there. Thats why there weren't many organisms that survived.

8: The plants that lived during this eon were fungi, but it didn't survive long enough because of the polluted atmosphere. However, scientists say that there maybe was possibility of plants that lived underwater such as: seaweeds, coral reefs, sea grasses etc. The plants also couldn't survive because of the atmosphere. In this eon, there weren't many plants that survived. The plants either survived and later died, or they didn't even exist because of what was happening.

10: The Archean Eon refers to ancient. It existed from 2.5 to 4.0 billion years ago. Rocks of the Archean age contained the earliest fossils of life in Earth. Because of the atmosphere the Archean Eon didn't allow many plants & animals to survive. The climate there was hot, wet and dreadful. The animals that manged to live basically only lived under water such as the fishes & the sharks. The plants however, couldn't survive when the atmosphere got polluted. The only plant that lived in land was the fungi. However, scientists said that it was possible for plants underwater, such as: sea weeds, coral reefs, sea grasses etc. to live, but this statement isn't 100% correct. As I researched and read more about this eon, I thought of It as an eon that had no life, because basically not one living organism survived. The climate, the atmosphere, everything, was horrible. This is everything i learned about the Archean Eon.

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