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Fall 2010-Spring 2011

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Fall 2010-Spring 2011 - Page Text Content

S: 2010-2011

FC: September 2010-May 2011

1: This book chronicles our year in school and at home. Aria was in 1st grade, Rhema was in Pre-K and Charis was a 2-year-old tag-along. | Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge. Proverbs 23:12

2: We started the year with a back-to-school party with the Bullocks. Pizza, cookies, and playing around! | We celebrated the start of school by having a party with the Bullocks. Pizza, cookies, and playing around.!

3: Our first school project - notebook covers ! Aria - 1st Grade Rhema - pre-k Charis - being Charis

4: Welcome Hallie Bealle! September 2, 2010

5: The girls couldn't wait to see their new cousin through the nursery window.

6: What makes school fun: -making Bible costumes -learning letters -reading to sister

7: An Apple For The Teacher | September School

8: Paddling Village Creek the kids: Evie, Daniel, and Caden Bullock, Becca and Krista Herbrich, Aria, Rhema and Charis Stubblefield From top left: the Bullocks the Herbrichs Aria helping paddle Daddy being...Daddy Charis loves canoing! Daddy being...Daddy again

9: As part of our unit on rivers, we decided to canoe Village Creek, which is something we hadn't done since we moved here. So one Saturday at the end of September we took a trip down the river. We had a blast - the kids enjoyed floating in the canoe (after a little crying as they got used to it.) And they really loved swimming at the sand bar, running down the beach and falling into the water. Fun memories - it was a great day with great friends.

10: fun fall photos: Charis "decorating" Papa | Aria & Rhema's nature notebooks | playing with the minnows we caught

11: water experiments on Village Creek | searching for wildlife | favorite weekend activity: slumber party in Aria's room! | Charis ended up on the beanbag | here's bunny again! | I hope they always love to be together!

12: Bubble Party | hula hoops make BIG bubbles! | making bubble art (I think Rachel enjoyed this more than the kids!)

13: We did a unit on bubbles in October and celebrated with a bubble party. We mixed bubble solution in a swimming pool and made giant bubbles with a hula hoop. We blew bubbles with all sorts of tools, and we made bubble art by blowing colored bubbles onto paper (this is it!) | Love the expression on her face - Caden's giant bubble was amazing!

14: Charis' First Haircut | Charis did great! She was a little nervous at first, but once she started cutting Charis sat very still. I could tell she enjoyed being pampered. And she loves her sassy new 'do! | bye-bye mullet! Daddy's sad to see you go!

15: Supportive big sisters and first pics of the short style

16: In mid-October we took a weekend trip to Crystal Beach with Mikey and Mimi. It was wonderful - our house was right on the beach and we enjoyed perfect weather. We'd never seen the Gulf of Mexico look so pretty! The girls had a great time playing in the sand and water and having all sorts of adventures! | Seahaven at Crystal Beach

18: Things to do at the beach: *play with Mikey and Mimi *walk out to the sand bar *eat apple nachos before bed *catch hermit crabs *help Mikey with the cast net and fishing rod

19: The girls had the best time playing with the shad Mikey caught in his cast net. It was really neat to watch the fish swimming in the waves, then Mikey would catch them and put them in a bucket. Things got a little lively when one of them jumped out on Charis - she was NOT happy about it! Mikey used the shad as bait and ended up catching a spanish mackerel (we think!) Needless to say, the girls didn't want to come home from such a fun-filled weekend (and neither did we!)

20: Space Week Field trip with the Bullocks - we took a trip to the planetarium and saw the solar system, then made paper models of the planets to hang on the ceiling. The girls were surprised at how tiny the first 4 are, compared to Jupiter and Saturn. Our model went the entire length of the playroom and constantly reminds us how big God's universe really is.

21: Fish and Starfish Dissection For our unit on oceans we dissected a fish and starfish. The kids were amazed by the starfish and loved touching and exploring it, but they were grossed out by the fish. It stunk really bad, and they couldn't get past seeing the guts. It was a great experience, but it's one that some of them (especially our friend Jacie) doesn't want to repeat anytime soon... | Jacie and Turner liked the starfish...the fish not so much. | fish dissection - cool but gross | The mommies got to help.

22: Playful Pumpkins

23: The girls had fun painting pumpkins and then eating seeds. We made Tabasco flavored and cinnamon-sugar, which were very good!

24: a stop at Buccee's - only in Texas is a gas station considered a tourist attraction! | We had a great time catching up with Kevin, Laurie, Allie and Kaleb! Among other fun things: the kids made pizzas and decorated cookies - yum!

25: Dorey took the last weekend of October off and we went to San Antonio to for some family fun and to visit the Flowers, his friends from college. We had a great time riding a boat on the Riverwalk, then eating at one of the restaurants there. Dorey paid big bucks to hear a mariachi band (but it was worth it!) and the girls loved the ducks that kept coming by.

26: Our big field trip for fall was to Moody Gardens in Galveston. We spent 2 weeks studying ocean animals and then had a great day seeing them up close! Everyone's favorite thing was the touch tanks (except Rhema, who wanted no part of it). One benefit of homeschooling: midweek in November, we had the place to ourselves - really fun! | A favorite was the penguins. They swam right up to the glass and stayed for the longest time, watching us watch them. God's creatures are truly AMAZING! | Charis | Caden | Evie

27: sea life is amazing! | loving the touch tanks | the sign of a good trip | our little penguins

28: Hallie Bealle comes to town | Rhema, Ma, Hallie, Charis, and Aria

29: Ma, Cassie and Hallie came to visit in November. The girls loved having a real baby around; it made playing baby dolls that much more fun!

30: A Boatload of Monkeys (and Other November Fun) | Our fall ended with a couple of fun activities. As part of our study through the Bible this year we made a salt map of Israel. Aria has been working on accomplishing her reading goals and gets a free pizza through the Pizza Hut Book-It Program. And we ended our study of boats by taking a ride down the Houston Ship Channel. We weren't allowed to take pictures on the boat (Homeland Security rules). But 4 moms and 10 kids is always a recipe for adventure... | A+

31: Bullocks, Harts, Hunts, Stubs: Jacie, Charis, Caden, Daniel, Aria, Rhema, Evie, Reese, Turner, Brayden

33: Our Sweet Girls | Aria, Rhema and Charis | Desirae and Kyndra | Hallie Bealle

35: The Gospel According to Scrooge Christmas 2010 | Zach Nelson Mike Martin Jacie Hart Mark Garland | Wade and Nathan Harris

36: Billy, Shane' and Hannah Denman | Allen, Rachel and Caden Bullock

37: Crestwood's Christmas musical was a blast this year! Over 100 people helped bring Dickens' rewritten classic to life. Lots of singing, dancing and fun...with a British accent! | Wade and Kaila Maclean | Amber, Autum, Coby and Cory Williams | Marsha and Kenny LeJeune

39: Christmas is here again! What a great time for our family; every year we have more fun. This year I had LOTS of help with the tree. It was a little bottom-heavy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! | Have a Holly Jolly Christmas | The girls are so proud of the shirts Rachel made for them!

40: Stubblefield Family Christmas | Tommy and Mikey | Necie | Elizabeth

41: The girls loved playing with their cousin Elizabeth, who is 4. They spent lots of time outside and then had fun playing with makeup kits they got as gifts. We got a kick out of their creative application! | Chance

42: The elves came to visit again this year and tried to get Aria's tooth money! | They also got in the milk and turned it pink! The girls think those elves are pretty mischievous!

43: Who needs Santa when you have Mimi! Girls' day at the pottery place

44: Christmas Eve After Christmas Eve service we had our traditional summer sausage, cheese and punch, then played Twister and the Bethlehem game. Lots of laughs and falling on each other! | Slumber party under the tree | Evie, Rhema, Aria and Charis after Christmas Eve service

45: Our ornaments for this year: a cloth candycane we made and space shuttles to remember our trip to the launch

46: Christmas | My favorite thing about this year was the unbridled enthusiasm. Everything, no matter how big or small, was greeted with squeals of delight and ,"I ALWAYS wanted that!" It was really fun to experience the joy of Christmas through little girl eyes.

47: Morning | Some of the favorites this year were the princess dress-up clothes, real tea set, new baby dolls, and pillow pets. We also had our traditional birthday cake for Jesus.

48: The biggest surprise of Christmas was the huge clubhouse Mikey built for the girls. He built it at home, took it apart and reassembled it at the house a couple days before Christmas (girls' day!) The girls were completely shocked (see opposite page) and absolutely loved it! They insisted on staying out and playing even thought it was freezing outside. Aria was especially happy to get her monkey bars, her favorite thing at the playground. Many hours will be spent here! | The Clubhouse (or "cwubshouse" as Charis would say)

50: Opening Presents with Mikey and Mimi

51: Dorey finally got his iPad and was very excited. Charis got a candy necklace and was very excited (see opposite page). It's funny how those things brought out the same reaction in them! We enjoy spending a quiet Christmas with Mikey and Mimi, then taking pictures of all the great things we got!

52: Parker We did our usual gag gift exchange. Among the highlights was a giant bow for Hallie and a "grandson" for Papa named John Deere.

53: Christmas We also had our traditional pinata (very dangerous in Ma's living room!) and played with the new Kinect, which senses mostion. Lots of fun acting silly!

54: Steps of Faith 2010 This year Rhema took ballet and Aria took tap. These are pics from their open house. Charis LOVED it! We can't wait to see her in dance next year!

57: Pittsburg got snow in January, the very same week we were studying snow and ice! So we hopped in the van and took an impromptu field trip to "experiment" with the real thing. Our fun included a snow woman, snowball fights with Matthew, eating icicles, and riding on the pans, skis, and 4 wheelers. Thank you God for perfect timing for a really fun field trip! These things make homeschooling even better!

58: Bible | Our winter projects: painting Joseph's coat of many colors and making a shepherd's bag. We used these several times to have lunch like shepherds did in Bible times.

59: We love shepherd's picnics | These were the snowman paintings we made from shaving cream and glue.

60: As part of our study of the Bible we did a traditional passover meal with the Bullocks, including roast lamb and all the trimmings. Dorey led us through the Passover Seder and we tasted all the parts of the seder plate (bitter herbs did NOT go over well!) Then the kids hunted for the afikomen (hidden matzo) and Aria found it after lots of hints were given. It was an interesting look into traditional Jewish life. I think the adults may have enjoyed it more than the kids. We keep learning new things too! | Passover

61: Roll it... | Pat it... | Mark it with a fork... | Making Matzo Homemade matzo has no yeast (no sin), and has to be pricked with a fork (piercing sacrifice). Hopefully one day they'll understand the symbolism. It's still really fun to make!

62: it's always spring in a mother's heart

63: planting jellybeans We went to visit MIkey and Mimi in March. Mikey was working on his garden and had the girls plant jellybeans to see what would come up. After planting the "seeds" (and eating a bunch too), the girls came back to find a great surprise - tootsie roll pops! The girls were amazed and excited to find candy growing in Mikey's garden!

64: Cut the Cake! | the cousins: Hallie, Desirae, Kyndra, Aria, Rhema, Charis

65: Make a Wish! | Aria had a fun party at Papa and Ma's house. Cassie made her checkerboard cake and there were lots of presents and playing with baby Hallie!

66: Rhema, Aria, Amanda, Aleeya, Sarah

67: Aria had her first slumber party for her 7th birthday. She invited Aleeya Gault, Amanda McBride and Sarah Johnson to make princess nightgowns, homemade mini pizzas and stay up late (they were all asleep by midnight!)

68: Shangri-La Botanical Gardens

69: We visited Shangri-la Gardens in Orange. It was beautiful! They had a great kids' garden with edible plants and cool things like hot pink chard. There was also a bird sanctuary, and a greenhouse with orchids and the smallest pineapple I've ever seen!

70: The Crestwood Can-Do Kids sang a lot this spring, at church, nursing homes, and the Village Creek Festival in Lumberton. It was exciting to hear them share God's love in song all over the county! One of their favorite traditions was the "shaking of the van" after every field trip. It's the simple things! | Rhema, Daniel | Aria, Caden | L-R: Leah Blair, Aria, Isabel Dillon, Becca and Krista Herbrich, Jacob and Shannon Turner

72: At the Community Egg Hunt, Crestwood had a little "train" for the kids to ride. Dorey got to play conductor while the kids hunted eggs and visited the Easter Bunny. Charis is still too young to want to visit up close!

74: "You'll wake up on Easter morning, And you'll know that he was there, When you find those chocolate bunnies, That he's hiding everywhere" ~ Gene Autry

75: That's how it works at our house, except he comes on Saturday afternoon during naptime - he knows we're too busy on Easter morning! The candy hunt is one of our favorite traditions! The girls also got Baby Alives from Mikey and Mimi (that's their obsession right now.) And they got fake fingernails and makeup in their baskets, so we all got makeovers!

77: Easter 2011

78: Remodeling, Stub Style Spring of 2011 brought an exciting event for the Stub house - we finally remodeled! After waiting and saving for 6 years we were ready to redo the entire kitchen, living area, and bathroom. We did most of the work ourselves and we love the way it turned out! No more blue carpet and unlevel floors!

80: Charis shocked us one day in April by learning to swing! We were outside enjoying the nice weather, when she hopped on one and started going. We asked her how she learned to do it and she replied, "Rhema taught me." Pretty impressive for a 2 year old to learn to swing, from her 4 year old sister!

81: The girls helped us repaint the walls when we were almost done remodeling. They enjoyed using big people paint. Aria really liked it, and ended up being a big help. As a side note, we had to laugh about our last list - the only magnet I could find for it was a horse's butt! Oddly appropriate...

82: Pitcher Plant Trail | Our last field trip of the spring was to the Pitcher Plant Trail in the Big Thicket. We'd learned about carnivorous plants in school and it was amazing to see them up close and personal! The kids really enjoyed taking apart the dead ones and finding bug skeletons inside. What a cool trip, makes me even more thankful for God's creation!

84: Greatma turns 80! | It's always fun to get gifts!

85: fish fry and homemade ice cream | the girls enjoy a picnic | Hallie Bealle

87: Steps of Faith Recital May 2011

88: Aria's Baptism May 29, 2011 Crestwood Baptist Church

89: What an amazing day! Dorey got to baptize Aria in a pool outside the church. There were lots of our church family gathered, clapping and cheering for this important moment in Aria's faith journey. It was emotional, and such a blessing to see Dorey baptize his little girl!

91: Charis' 3rd birthday was a splash party. The Bullocks, Desirae, Kyndra and the family joined us for hot dogs and swimming. Charis had her Snow White party and got what she wanted - a baby panda and a big girl swing!

92: Memorial Day 2011 on Village Creek We spent Memorial Day with friends from church playing in the creek and swinging on the rope swing. That was a hoot; watching Dorey was entertainment in itself! What a fun way to start the summer! | Charis | Aria | Rhema | Jerry Black (love this one!) | Reagan Mathews | Julie and Mark Garland | Justin Garland | Spencer Mathews

95: Spring pictures of our 3 beauties: Charis, almost 3 Rhema, age 4 Aria, age 7

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