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Family 2006 to Sept 2008

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Family 2006 to Sept 2008 - Page Text Content

S: Hudkins Family 2006 - 2008

FC: Hudkins Family | 2006 - 2008

1: 2005 was a busy year. Sweet Lauren Alise was born as well as some new family members and friends. This book picks up where Lauren's baby album ends. Shane 1-16-05 Grace 11-13-05 Kristian Ralph 2-25-05 Nolan 12-15-05 Andrew married Mary on December 31. We welcomed Mary and Kristian into the family as new cousins.

2: Sometimes even good walks need to come to an end..

3: May Stroller Rides


5: Happy Birthday Cari & Jill

6: One of the last times we played outside in our yard on Black Wing, you got soaked in the sprinkler.

7: We had the nicest yard on the block and the best Daddy in the world for working so hard on it.

8: Water Baby

9: The summer after you turned one we lived in an apartment and loved having a pool.

10: You love to play. We gave you the baby doll stroller and rocking chair the first week we lived in the apartment. This summer we also went to Cecilia's wedding. She married Logan on August 12th.

11: Good Morning Sunshine You always wake up so happy.

12: Tracy took care of you the entire summer while Mrs. Joyce was off. We love Tracy. | T is for Tracy

13: You loved to sit and rock as well as read lots of books this summer. That chair was Mommy's as a little girl.

14: We bought you this dress in Hong Kong. You were too cute in it. You are saying you want to eat here.

15: Mommy had to go to Hong Kong for work this summer. You spent the weekdays with Tracy while we were gone and the nights and weekend with Aunt Jill. You had so much fun with Claire. This is my favorite picture Aunt Jill sent to me while we were gone. You loved Claire's baby doll. She also bought you Nutmeg who became your favorite "friend.

16: Little Mommy

17: Big Sister in Training

18: Home Sweet Home | We finally moved into our new home in September 2006. We bought you a new tent and tunnels. Mimi and Pops bought you a tree swing. Daddy and Pops hung it the day we moved in.

19: Mimi was such a big help playing with you while Mommy unpacked.

20: Mrs. Joyce took these pictures of you in her neighbor's yard. We love Mrs. Joyce. During September you "danced for the vacuum," tried to take off your diaper, signed "eat" at snack time, tried to give her picture a kiss and learned the "Have Patience" song. You were busy.

21: My Future Little Aggie

22: Summer Fun

23: Fall Fun

24: Pumpkin Patch | October 2006

26: Meow

27: Happy Halloween

28: 18 Months Old

32: Mommy's friends Sherrie and Autum came to play with their kids. | Regan, Avery, Grace and Nolan

33: We went to the park and had such a fun day. | Regan and Avery were dancing. A group shot was not in the cards for the day.

34: Merry Christmas 2006 | Mommy and Daddy gave you the phone, keys, bracelets and shopping cart, and they were a hit.

35: Yaya, Wanda, Pops, Daddy, Mimi, Lauren & Mommy | Andy, Mary, Mary Beth, Jimmy, Ruby, Norma & Jim | Yaya and Wanda

36: Mommy gave Daddy a new Baylor hat, and you decided to wear it. We also started calling you Miss Hollyvood. You wore the new sunglasses all day.

37: The Carter Christmas was at our house, and this is the only group picture I took. Shame on me. Papa and Grandma gave all the girls the Reindeer. Sarah, Hope, Maggie, Caroline, Claire and Lauren. | Merry Christmas

38: Best Friends | You love going to Mrs. Joyce's house each day. You got to play with Brooklyn and be Joyce's helper. | We also welcomed Nolan James Carter into the family. That was 3 "Carter boy cousins in one year. Sebastian Burroughs was also born in October. It is the year of the boy.!

39: February 2007 5 lbs. 15 oz. 19 inches | Jacob Aaron

40: Strike a | Miss Hollywood

41: Mimi & Pops gave you the moccasins. Mommy put ponies in your hair for the first time. | Pose

42: 2 Years Old

44: Cari, Jana & Jill March 2007

45: Lauren, Where is your baby brother?

46: Easter Best even if her hair looks silly thanks to her Mama

47: Happy Mother's Day We spent Mother's Day at the Ranch. | 2007

48: 2

49: Your second birthday was at our house on Acts Court. All your cousins, aunts, uncles, Mimi, Pops and Papa came plus Mrs. Joyce and Brooklyn. The big hit was the trampoline Mimi and Pops gave you.

50: TPG Family Day Mommy's work had a family day weekend in Dallas. You had so much fun.

51: Look Mommy. Daddy and I match. We are both wearing our boots. | You crawled up in bed and brought books for your Daddy to read to you. It was so sweet. You were awake and ready to start the day. Daddy was still a sleepy head.

52: Big Sister | Proud Parents

53: Grant Andrew Hudkins 6 pounds 6 ounces 19 inches long

54: You were such a little Mommy and would have smothered Grant with love had I let you. Shannon gave you the baby backpack, and you would wear it and carry your baby around. Hope, Sarah, Caroline & Maggie met Grant for the first time here.

55: 2007

56: Happy Birthday Jana

57: Mimi and Grant | Daddy and Grant | We were getting ready to leave for Grant's first day at church. Lauren said, "Don't forget me."" You wanted a picture too.

59: Smile

60: You sure love to eat! Lauren at age 2 is lots of fun. You like to say, "by myself do it" You also learned to whisper. You say, "I do!" You love to eat your little boxes of raisins and also love to watch "Momo's World". You also learned to say "oyce" for Mrs. Joyce.

61: These are two of my favorite pictures. Yaya came over to visit, and you wanted her to read you a bible story. Her eyes were not good enough to read the small print so she told you a couple by memory. You also insisted she needed to wear a hat. This might be the first picture of my three favorite people together. Daddy was giving Mommy a break and held both of you.

62: Grant Three Months Old

63: We went to see Grant and Robyn at the camp, and you went out on a boat. | You and Hannah below had a playdate. | Did you know fairies don't wear clothes? Only shoes and wings are required. | You guys made just a small mess.

64: Pumpkin Patch 2007

65: Quack Quack Quack | Lauren loves Elmo | Lauren picked out an Elmo costume and went trick or treating with Sydney. | Happy Halloween

66: October 21 Lauren's first night in a big girl bed. | Claire had a sleepover and read you books.

67: Pops and Daddy with their two punkins. | Lily gave you your first big girl hair cut.

68: Grant | is a happy | boy. | Jacob | likes to | roll over.

69: Mimi's birthday and Grant's baby dedication were on the same day. | Top: Pops, Lauren, Cari, Bart, Grant, Mimi. Bottom: Bart, Jana, Sarah, Maggie, Caroline, Lauren, Claire, Hope, Grant, Cari, Chuck, Jacob & Jill | November | Happy Birthday Mimi

71: Thanksgiving 2007 It snowed, we had a "gobble hunt" and made cookies.

72: First Annual Gingerbread House Party I wanted to have a Gingerbread House Party since I took Hope to a class a couple years ago. We had 18 kids who came, created, sugared up and had fun.

73: I feel pretty certain the kids ate as much candy as they put on their houses.

75: Daddy dressed up in the Santa outfit, and Lauren thought that was so funny. | Grant six months | Lauren two and a half

76: Dressed in our Holiday Best

78: We went with Brooklyn and rode the Polar Express train. I woke you up from your nap and gave you new Dora PJs to wear. You guys had so much fun.

79: The Polar Express

80: Yaya turned 99 this year. She is Daddy's grandmother and an amazing woman just like Mimi.

81: Carter Christmas Eve

82: Lauren got dress up clothes for Christmas and a Hello Kitty back pack. | Mimi and Pops came over Christmas morning. Grant got some new books and an Aggie hat.

83: Daddy is so silly. He always hikes your pants up high. Grant started sitting up well. | You guys love to go for walks. That is the good thing about Texas winters.

84: February Fun

85: March Snow Day | Lauren & Sydney

87: Easter 2008 Lauren went to Papa's house to color Easter eggs with the Carter cousins and then had the church egg hunt at the park next to our house. Easter dinner was at our house.

88: Grant nine months

89: Hanging with Mrs. Joyce and playing with balls sums up some of Grant's favorite activities.

91: 3

92: The Big

94: Mother's Day 2008 Mary Beth and Jimmy hosted at the ranch. It was a great day, and Lauren got to sit on the tractor.

95: Top Sail Island, NC Carter Family Reunion

96: Fourth of July We decided at the last minute to head out to Southlake and watch their fireworks. We ran into the Ellis family. It was a fun night. | Madeleine Louise Fritts was born on 7-9-08 and Grant Lewis William Dehn on 8-8-07. We love having more cousins in the family. Ethan Totten was also born on 7-18-08 so Grant has a new friend.

97: July and August were fun months. Dawn and Billy Ray were in town so we got together with their boys and the Newtons. Mimi and Pops took you to ride the train with the McCords, and we had good old family fun. Some how I managed to not paint Lauren's toes until now. She was quite excited, as you can tell.

98: This summer, we went to the Zoo with Shannon, Shane and Sarah. You all had a great time. Brooklyn also came over for some play dates. | Dora came to NRH2O, and we wound up meeting the Carter cousins and Shane and Sarah. You LOVE Dora so this was a big deal. You did not seem to notice the fact that Dora and Boots were crazy big.

99: From the beginning of this book to the end there are lots of memories. We started out as a family of three and then: We sold a house Bought a new house Met Tracy Went to Hong Kong Played with the Carter cousins a lot Had fun with friends Went to the pumpkin patch Celebrated Yaya's 99th birthday Spent time with family during the holidays Made lots of gingerbread houses Welcomed new friends and family members Played in the snow and built a snowman Spent lots of time with Mrs. Joyce Grew to a family of four Went to the beach for a family reunion Spent more time with family and friends We are so blessed. There are separate books for the Topsail Island reunion, Grant's first year and Lauren's 3rd birthday with a lot more pictures. ...and now the blog books begin.

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