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BC: Compiled by Michelle Kierznowski October2009

FC: Poems by Anna E. Soll


2: Sweet and gentle Caroline, She is the one I really call fine. always good, loving and willing, she makes my life worth living | Hans & Caroline | Hans and Caroline | Caroline

3: Danie, Sonja Somari, Sonika | Tiaan, Leonie, Angelique, Bertus, Christo | Gert, Caroline, Zander, Wiandre, Bjorn | Amorees, Adele, Anjalize, Hans, Anekita

4: Billy is another one When ever I call he is gone Hiding somewhere with a book Relishing adventure in a quiet nook | Edward, Hannes, Arlene, Billy, Colleen, Bernadette | Edward | Arlene & Justin

5: Billy | Billy & Colleen | Abigail, Hannes, Britney, Megan, Corban, Charmaine | Reinhardt, Bernadette, Evelyn

6: Jackie | Jonathan | Ron, Tracey & Seth | Warren & Natalie

7: Jackie has the temper, that goes with his red hair. And so many freckles, It's just not fair | Jackie & Debbie

8: Francine | Khalin, Jason, Michelle Aiden & Tressa | Kyle, Tristan,Neil, Megan,Antoinette, Luke, Jade

9: Francine can really act Now that is a great fact Never quiet, never still Also very practical | Eugene & Francie

10: Number five is my boy Lenny Now (they say) he is a bad penny He named himself the black sheep Although he looks just like an angel in his sleep | Leonard | Leonard, Francie

11: Lisa, Ian, Marie, Michael

12: Louis | Gabby Louise | Gabby Louise | Gabi is a little old man Looks for a fight where ever he can. When I suggest the wiles of Old Nick, He hides a smile and asks if I'm sick

13: Gabby | Jackie | Jaco, Marie Lizette, Jackie Willem & Adri | Attie Eleonora Danica

14: Sam, Karen, Michael, Janine | Sisters | Mela | Melany & Albert | Albert & Mel

15: Michael | Michael is only two feet tall, yet he's got us all at his beck and call. But then he is a spoiled little brat, that is why he is so fat. | Mom & Mike | Mike & Gwen

16: Bennie | Jacquis | Bennie | Bennie & Sarah

17: Benny is our baby boy Also everybody’s best loved toy Right from the start he cast a spell For we all come running at his yell | Hannah, Jared, Sarah, Nathan | Jared, Ouma, Hannah, Sarah

18: At last we come to the head of the clan Now, he really is a very good man Working hard twelve hours a day Trying to keep the creditors away | Jack Soll

19: Last but not the least The old beast If not groaning she is moaning Wash your face and blow your nose While handing you a bitter dose Always wearing a concealing mask While she goes a head with her task Stopping sometimes against her best will Wondering if they could really love her still

20: Sequel after No 8 – added in 1997 Liken her to a cool wind in the trees A floral scent on a breeze The twinkle of the sun on a clear stream Herself a poem, a dream This is Shayne, always a hugging and kissing Never to shy to let you know that She loves you so!! | Wally

21: SHAYNE | Lexi | Brandon | Shayne & Paddy

23: To Mother 6/4/1962 Happy Birthday Mother May we on this occasion Thank you for taking so well The evasion we made of your heart. Thank you for your love and care We all share Your smiling face The most beautiful in life’s race If I had but one choice I’d prefer your gentle voice Then suddenly I’m aware Of your love and care And the share I have In your great heart

24: Not always forever Oh! How great the wonder Of the first tender touch The first sweet kiss Of a new found happiness Knowing that you can become as one In Holy wedlock But alas! After reaching the highest peak Satan’s mock When ecstasy is spent Ha! – Ha! – Ha! Could have told you It there would end. Anna E Soll

25: Only a Dream Spring, spring, beautiful spring Have you come once again To wash our troubles away with rain. Thus, while walking along She heard a beautiful song Of soft sweet melody. She looked, and she listened, Then found something glisten While on its way it went merrily. Could it have been Or was it only a dream? For she is blind! And could not really have seen That crystal clear stream. Anna E Soll

26: Crowning Glory How great the glory If we should strive To be as pure as the wonder Of new born life. Anna E Soll | The Fearless Knight When sorrow, pain and despair Becomes our daily fare It must be wonderful to shed a tear Like most fair maidens do And so rid them of all fear As He had meant them to But I, I can only shed a tear When no one else but God is near Anna E. Soll

27: A Word in Your Ear Children, children everywhere, Some are singing, working, playing And some are saying there evening prayer But all of them are ringing the bell On the door of Mister Future And what ever suits ye best Remember little Miss and Master To make it worthwhile ever after For you have only one life to live But lots and lots of love to give! Anna E Soll

28: The Wandering Heart Dear heart, why do you so often Wander in green fields? Swift wings take you to lands unknown Just to bring you back again To reality – and here to find – It’s no use to ponder – On things that might have been Stay! Come down to earth and your berth Be happy and gay For life is to be had And providence provides for all. Dear heart, please! Don’t be so sad Love and live, You have so much to give. Anna E Soll

29: Father and Son (Sollie’s Poem) If I could live my life again I might take heed of my part. Yes! If only I could have him Shed a million tears To warm a frozen heart We could come together again And make a new start. Anna E Soll

30: Right and Wrong Deep – deep in everybody’s heart Is a little voice that tell you The difference between right and wrong What ever you say or do too Do it with a song and a kind heart Do your part and you will know When you come to rest That you have done your best Anna E Soll

31: My Destiny 1958 In the still, still of the night When stars are ever bright I hear someone calling my name Can it be my Mother? Or my sick little brother? My Beloved? Who is lonely and longing in bed Or is it my destiny ever urging me on? Somewhere, sometime, somehow When I reach my goal It will be my voice calling My loved ones to my side In the still of the night. Anna E Soll

32: Bad Idol How does the pain start that forms a tear? A word, a deed, to part With someone dear to ones heart? Sometimes it’s even simpler than that I fear. But more than a little boy can hear That’s when his idol With other boys play And he gets pushed away. He has courage to try again and again But in vain Until all of a sudden he knows That he is unloved That is how the pain start That forms a tear And ends in a sob! Anna E Soll

33: Pride When the frustrating fear of the unknown Enters my heart and becomes a part of me I long! Oh how I long for a shoulder to cry on. But when I emerge from the solitude of my room With hardly the trace of a tear Please! dear God I thank thee for Pride! Anna E. Soll | True Love How I loveth that man Who doth say In his solemn way If you should die I will not cry For I shall just pass Along with you. Anna E. Soll

34: The Loveless Soul Can it be that it passed by me That most wondrous thing Which happiness bring. Suitors frowned and fought Still it came nought I even lingered some. Now it is late with but little time to wait Must I die without knowing Why it passed me by? Or should I linger and Seek it some more? Anna E. Soll

35: The Weary Pilgrim Lay thy weary head upon my breast In loves sweet embrace You’ll find happiness Cool soft lips will tenderly kiss The fiery aches away An you will find contentment In loves sweet embrace. Anna E. Soll | Gypsy at Heart How wonderful to be soulfully free From the miserable bonds And the same old songs The principle of self made laws Trying to live a life without flaws That keeps one chained To a life unkind and maimed. How wonderful to be free To eat, sleep and dance Under the beautiful wide expanse To travel the roads By caravan or cart How wonderful to just dream For I am a Gypsy at heart. Anna E. Soll

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