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Family Ancestors

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S: OUR HERITAGE: The Gillette-Marsteller Family Tree

BC: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Our Family Heritage | The Gillettes and Marstellers

FC: Our Family History | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: A Record of our Ancestry compiled by Diane Hall with research, records, and stories passed down from Rae McGrath as told to her by her grandmother, Mary Jones. Special thanks also for the help of Kathleen McGrath and her husband, Jerry James, Sarah Gillette, and the records of the Gillette-Mills families.

2: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | 2a) Mary Jones 1863-1950 d. age 87 after breaking arm Born in Bedwellty, Wales | 3a) Ann Griffith 1840- Born in Nantiglo, Wales Blind, never spoke English | 3a) David Jones | 1) Sarah Ann Rees 1904 - 1974 | 2b) Elias Rees Jr. 1858-1928 born in Merthyr Tydfil,Wales | 3b) Rachel James | 3b) Elias Rees | Rae Marsteller 1926 - 2008 m. Joseph McGrath | Sarah Marsteller Gillette 1929 m. Francis Gillette | Sarah Rees and Cledith Marsteller had two daughters, Married July 2, 1924 | and | The Rees were from WALES | Coal miner in Natinglo, Wales | Signed Elias' birth certificate with an "X"

3: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | 1) Cledith LeRoy Marsteller 1903 - 1982 | 2a) Pearl Mae Boak 1883-1977 | 2b) LeRoy Marsteller 1880-1951 | 3a) Clara Mae Brown 1862-1936 | 3a) Dean Boak 1851-1929 | 3b) Sarah Snyder 1850-1918 | 3b) Lemuel Marsteller 1842-1928 | TREE of Sarah and Rae Marsteller | The Marstellers were of GERMAN descent.

4: Great Grand Father | 3b) Lemuel Marsteller 1842-1928 | 4a) Martha Byers 1809-1885 | 4b) Benjamin Marsteller 1801-1859 | 5b) Benjamin Marsteller 1765-1857 | 5a) Mary Cramer 1766-1846 | 6a) Elizabeth Custer 1739-1824 | 6b) Johann Marsteller 1736-1800 | Benjamin was born in 1801 in Maryland. He may have been related to Major Phillip Marsteller, a pallbearer for George Washington. His name is on a plaque at the church in Virginia where Washington attended. The 1830-1840 Census lists Benjamin Marsteller and to the right are columns to indicate the number of slaves and number of free colored in the household. | Great Great Grand Mother | Great Great Great Grand Father | Great Great Great Great Grand Father | Great Great Great Great Grand Mother | Great Great Great Grand Mother | of Cledith Marsteller, father of Sarah Marsteller Gillette, continued... | Great Great Grand Father | Family

5: Pearl, PopPop's mother, told her granddaughters that she married LeRoy because of his "fine set of horses." He loved to go to fairs and talk to the farmers. He too, suffered with varicose veins, and kept his legs wrapped in white bandages. LeRoy and Pearl had 3 sons: Cledith ,Dale, and Harold. PopPop (Cledith Leroy) was the oldest. Dale and Mary had Marjorie and Donald; Harold and Betty had 3 daughters: Pearl Louise, Joyce, and Shirley. PopPop (Cledith), graduated from W. Walter Cole High School, Hubbard, Ohio in 1922 | Notes from The Marsteller Ancestry

6: Family History of Sarah Rees Marsteller The Rees' came from Wales | David Jones & Ann Griffith Great grandparents of Rae and Sarah Ann Marsteller Grandparents of Sarah Rees Parents of Mary Jones | Our Ancestors

7: Ann Griffith, (seated) b. 1840 in Wales Mary Jones, (left) b. 1863 in Wales | Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

8: Elias Rees Born 1858, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales Died 1928 in Hubbard, OH | Mary Jones 1863-1950 | Parents of Sarah Rees Marsteller

9: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Elias Rees and Mary Jones Parents of Sarah Rees Marsteller

10: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Mary Jones and granddaughter Rae McGrath

11: Elias Rees & Mary Jones Rees

12: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Notes of Interest from Sarah Gillette Marsteller's Branch of the Family Tree From her mother's side: The Rees The following is excerpted from a written account by Rae Marsteller McGrath, as told to her by her grandmother, Mary Jones. Mary Jones was born in 1863 in the little Welsh mining village of Garnfach Natinglo, joining her 3 year old sister, Jenny. Her father, David Jones, worked as a coal miner for the Englishmen, but barely made enough money to keep the family alive. Mealtime served just two at a time. First Ann and David would eat; then on the same plates the two oldest on down the line. David decided to go to America where he had heard that the streets were paved with gold. He came alone to scout out the new territory and later sent for his wife and daughters. Ann Griffith and her two little girls boarded a sailing vessel that took over 3 months to reach America. However, the streets weren’t paved with gold for Ann & David Jones. They settled in Youngstown, Ohio where David worked as a coal miner. They had 12 children altogether, but only 5 survived to adulthood. David got “miner’s asthmy”, black lung disease. David’s asthma grew worse instead of better, and he couldn’t support his family. Mary was hired out at age five, carrying water from the village pump for the neighbors. She washed dishes and took care of babies. Ann didn't have much use for learning, but she decided to allow Mary to attend school where boys and girls sat on

13: opposite sides of the room. On her third day of school, Mary had a little problem with her temper and was promptly punished by being seated between two boys. Her eyes spotted a pin on the floor, and her mischievous mind grasped an idea. | Cautiously she stopped to retrieve the pin, then took another from her dress. At precisely the right instant she simultaneously jabbed the pins into both boys. Mary was sentenced to remain after school. The teacher had gone out after the hazel switch. Then what should she see but an open window! Mary was gone; and thus ended her formal education! It was back to work for Mary who worked as a servant girl in many families around Youngstown. Once she received the handsome tip of a dollar. Little did she know at the time it was from Buffalo Bill Cody. Mary’s brown hair was so long she could sit on her two braids. When she wore a cap like the other maids, she was told by her employer to take it off and leave it off. “It’s a shame to cover such beautiful hair.” On a visit to see her newly married sister, she met and fell in love with Jenny’s husband’s brother, David Lloyd. Though he was 20 years older, he once a Shakespearean actor, loved the spunky little Welsh girl and asked her to marry him. Their married life was happy. They had two girls. Mary had a house she had always dreamed of. David made most of the furniture. He was also an undertaker. They passed the long winter evenings before the fire; Mary sewing, David reciting Shakespeare. In 1888, a terrible disease swept over Scranton, taking both brothers and leaving the two sisters widowed. Relatives of the Lloyd family claimed what the boys had, leaving their widows practically penniless.

14: Mary and her two girls boarded a train and headed back to Youngstown. Mary opened a grocery store. One day Elias Rees came into the store and left his gloves; – was it by accident? Elias was a man of quick decision; so he returned to the store for his gloves, and married Mary just three weeks later. They had a ready-made family; his daughter Jenny and son Roger by a former marriage and Mary’s two girls. Then they added 4 more: Elias, Rachel, Ezekiel, and Sarah. Elias was 8 years older than Sarah; Rachel, 4 years older, and Ezekiel, 2 years older. In 1924, at the age of 20, Sarah married “a quiet young man,” named Cledith Marsteller, and so begins the next generation with the birth of two daughters who would marry and become Rae McGrath and Sarah Gillette. Cledith took good care of Sarah, who suffered from asthma most of her life. They moved to Colorado to find drier weather and settled in Colorado Springs. While living there, the family became friends with a well-to-do family who had their own cook, and a nursemaid. Little Sarah and their son, Leonard, were the same age. Leonard's mother wanted to adopt little Sarah and told Sarah and Cledith she could care for her since Sarah was not well. Leonard's mother bought little Sarah many dresses. She remembers having 15 blue dresses and 5 non-blue ones. She later learned that Leonard had died at the age of 13 from pneumonia.

15: "Little Sarah," now Sarah Marsteller Gillette, was 9 years old, when Sarah "Nana," was diagnosed with polio and double pneumonia. Nana weighed a mere 65 lbs when the doctor advised PopPop to take her back to family, because she "probably would not live long." They returned to Hubbard, Ohio in 1939. Nana lived another 35 years! She died 7 months before I was married in December, 1974. I remember Nana and PopPop's house at 700 Cohasset Drive in Sharon, PA. We had family dinners in the basement where we played with Lincoln logs and rode tricycles. As we got older, we rode bicycles from the house to Buhl Park and sometimes participated in the summer activities. Nana always had pansies growing at the back of the house. At her house we were introduced to pastel tupperware cups and meat and cheese on the same sandwich! I would often go to their house by myself. PopPop bought me my first typewriter when I was in 5th grade. We brought it home, cleaned it up, and painted the case gray. Nana taught me how to sew and iron. She crocheted clothes for tiny dolls which I still have in my living room.

16: Sarah Rees (young girl,back row)

17: Sarah Rees Marsteller later called "Nana" and Cledith Marsteller later known as "Pop Pop"

18: Nana's sister Aunt Rae

19: Aunt Jenny Jones Mary Jones' sister | Nancy and Diane Aunt Rae's daughters

20: Sarah Rees | Cledith Marsteller

21: Cledith LeRoy Marsteller "Pop Pop"

22: Lemuel Marsteller and Sarah Snyder | Lemuel Marsteller of Hubbard, OH, was a farmer before he enlisted in Civil War in 1861. (Company A of the 142nd Infantry Regiment). He played bugle and drove an ambulance wagon, and fought in the battle of Gettysburg. He became disabled as a result of severe varicose veins and "hard marching." Afterwards he became a carpenter. He is named on the Gettysburg monument. | Our Ancestors | Cledith Marsteller's grandparents

23: Roy Marsteller and Pearl Boak Cledith's parents | Pearl, with sons from left to right: Dale, Harold, & Cledith | Reinhart Herman Stauffer, Pearl's 2nd husband worked at steel mill in Struthers, OH

24: Sarah and Rae Marsteller

26: Sarah in shorts and a swimsuit!

27: Rae and Sarah

28: Rae and Joseph McGrath Kathleen, Matthew, Joe

29: Above: Diane & Alice with cousin Kathleen McGrath & her husband Jerry James at Janelle & Joshua's weddings. Below: visiting Kathleen & Jerry in NYC, 2010

30: Rae and Sarah faithfully visited family graves each year | Rae was an avid student and earned a B.S. in biology and chemistry and a Master's degree in English by age 23. She became an English instructor at Duquesne University where she met and married Latin instructor, Joseph McGrath. They had 3 children: Kathleen, Matthew, and Joseph. The 3 married and are Jerry James, Kathleen McGrath, and daughter Rachel James of NYC; Matthew McGrath & Debra Covert and daughter Lauren of Washington, DC, and Joseph McGrath & Gina Gagliano of Tucson, AZ. Rae, in the meantime, became instructor and registrar at Butler Community College, retiring in 1995 after 29 years. Rae was very interested in genealogy and did much of the research of our ancestors. As a child, she loved to listen to her grandmother, Mary Jones, tell stories of her past. | Aunt Rae McGrath 1926-2008

31: Lillian Marsteller Cledith's 2nd wife, lived to age 102 Apr. 30, 1908 - Dec. 24, 2010 (Formerly Lillian Haagen of Philadelphia, PA) | Below: Lillian's 98th Birthday celebrated at Penney Farms, FL

32: The Gillettes always enjoyed getting together with their "city" cousins as much as the McGrath children enjoyed coming to the farm. We would show our cousins how to cut grass and bale hay. Dad drove the tractor, and we had fun riding in the wagon, dodging or jumping in the grass as it poured down from the chute. They would introduce us to their theater life.

33: John and I visited PopPop and Lillian twice in Penney Farms, Florida. The first time was in 1978 when Jonathan was a few months old (right). We visited again the following year. (pictured above). PopPop died in 1982, nine years after Nana. Lillian lived to be 103 and passed away at Penney Farms in 2010.

34: left: Lillian on the day of her marriage to Cledith Marsteller. bottom left: Lillian enjoyed oil painting classes at Penney Farms. right: Lillian celebrating her 90th birthday with the Gillettes and McGraths.

35: The surname Gillette is commonly believed to be of French origin. It is however, ultimately Norman, and more accurately of Viking origin. The Gillett family is said to have fled from France to England after the Massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572. Jonathan Gillet and his brother Nathan, of the company of 140 Puritans, were admitted as free men of the colony of Massachusetts in 1635. (from the American Historical Society) | The Gillettes and the Marstellers, pictured below

36: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | 1) Edith Mae Merry Sharpsville, PA April 2, 1906 - Nov. 21, 1982 | 2) May Elizabeth Gemmill Jan. 5, 1883 - | 2) Clyde Summer Merry 1877 - 1939 Trumbull, Ohio An engineer in a steel foundry, Sharon, PA Registered for WW1 draft in 1917 | 3a) James Gemmill 1856 - 1944 | 3a) May R. Hawk 1861 - | 3b) Julia Knight 1846 - 1916 | 3b) Whiting P. Merry 1841 - 1924

37: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | 1) Howard Virgil Gillette May 9, 1900 - Mar. 20, 1983 Linesville, PA 1st generation to have final "e" and accent on 2nd syllable; considered "highfalutin" by previous generations! | Howard and Edith Gillette had 6 children: Harold, Marian, Lloyd, Eugene, Mildred, Francis Harold Norman b. May 13, 1924 Marian Grace b. June 12, 1925 Allen Lloyd b. Aug. 7, 1926 Clarence Eugene b. Nov. 28, 1927 Mildred Lucile b. Feb. 8, 1929 Francis Paul b. Mar. 4, 1931 | 2) Warren Edmond Gillett Atwater, Ohio June 25, 1866 -1962 | 2) Virgie Amelia Fish Conneautville, PA Nov. 13, 1869 - 1936 | 3) Virgil Gillett Sept. 17, 1824 - 1902 | 3) Maria Cline Virgil's 2nd wife 1843 - 1917 | Maria & Virgil had 4 children: Warren, Ida, Fannie, Glenn | Married June 18, 1923 | Warren and Virgie had 4 children: Ethel, Bernice, Howard, Alice Marie | see story, next pg | Became the proud owner of the first automobile in the family

38: Truman and Lucretia Gillet and family, moved from Massachusetts to Ohio in the 1830's. Truman was a Presbyterian deacon and Lucretia was a Methodist. Truman would take his wife to church then go to his own. He was known to have kept some hard cider on hand for haying and harvesting. Said he couldn't do it without the cider. One day a temperance worker said it didn't look right for a deacon to be drinking cider. The next Sunday Truman handed in his resignation. Said he didn't want to hold anyone back. The church met and would not accept his resignation; he continued as a cider-drinking deacon. They had six children: Lucretia, Truman, Matilda, Lusina, Virgil, and James. Virgil, born 1824, was strong and was known to have been able to cradle 4 acres of grain day after day. Virgil married Olive Bartlett in 1846. They had one son, Eugene. Olive died in 1863. Virgil was 39 when he married his second wife, Maria Cline, who was 20. They lived on a farm north of Linesville. Virgil and Maria had 4 children. Virgil was 63 when the youngest was born. After Virgil died, Maria married a second time to a blind man who "fell over a wheel barrow, got cancer, and died!" So a word of advice to all future generations who inherit the Gillette genes- don't worry about the cancer, but man! Watch out for those wheelbarrows! | Truman and Lucretia had 6 children: Lucretia, Truman, Matilda, Lusina, Virgil, James | 4) Truman Gillet 1785 - 1866 married 1805 to 4) Lucretia Dibble 1787 - 1839 Moved from Massachusetts to Ohio

39: Background History of Gillette-Mills Reunion: Virgil had a nephew named Enos. Virgil married Maria Cline and Enos married her sister, Mary Cline. The children of both couples became cousins on both their father's and their mother's sides, so they called themselves double cousins and were very close. | Howard and Francis Gillette | Aunt Sally and Francis Gillette | Howard and Edith Merry Gillette | Howard and Edith in Florida

40: Howard & Edith Gillette (from L to R): Marian, Francis, Mildred, Eugene, Lloyd, Harold | Edith and Howard Gillette Children from left: Marian, Francis, Mildred, Gene, Lloyd, Harold

41: Francis | Lloyd | Marian | Edith | Harold | Howard | Gene | Mildred

42: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

43: Gillette Cousins Harold Norman: b. May 13, 1924 d. Feb. 25, 1974 m. Sally Ann Heminger b. Feb. 2, '31 Glenn Howard, b. Sept. 25, 1949, m. Liz Cowgill; 3 daughters: Alyssa Beth Erin Kathleen Samantha Claire b. May 9, 1979 b. March 17, 1983 b. October 26, 1987 | Sandra Kaye, b.Jan. 3, 1951 , m. Thomas Goodrich; 1 son, 1 daughter: Justin Thomas Jessica Sue b. June 18, 1978 b. Jan. 25, 1983 | Gary Lee, b.June 20, 1952 , m. Darlene Dugent (div.) 2 sons: Nathan Earl Shawn Patrick b. Sept. 26, 1973 b. Oct. 19, 1974 m. Laura Ivy, 1985 | Mark Harold, b.Jan. 3, 1951 , m. Bronwen Gamble (div.) m. Debra Otto Valentine, 2007 Tanya Elise Bryn Davis Katherine Tegan 1 son, 2 daughters: b. April 24, 1978 b. April 15, 1980 b. March 28, 1984 | Jeffrey Lynn, b.Jan. 21,1955 , m. Nancy Bernarding ; 2 sons, 2 daughters: Emily Lynn Stephanie Gail Eric Douglas Gregory Michael b. Sept. 5, 1981 b. Sept. 5, 1983 b. Nov. 1, 1986 b. May 17, 1991 | Karen Sue, b.Mar. 22, 1958 m. David Winn; 1 son, 3 daughters: Ann Lindsay Nichole Lea Melissa Grace Eston David b. Oct. 25, 1983 b. Oct. 27, 1985 b. July 4, 1987 b. Nov. 15, 1988 | Scott Kevin, b.May 29, 1961 m. Laura Gardner 1 son: Jonathan Scott b. May 17, 1993

44: Marian Grace: b. June 12, 1925 m. Ralph Lynn Paul b. Sept. 13, 1927 James Edward b. Sept. 13, 1952, m. Sabrina Harper (div) 1 son, 1 daughter: m. Annegret Reninger, 1984 Dawndra Grace Bryan Joseph b. March 4, 1975 b. Feb. 28, 1977 | Ralph William, b.Dec. 3, 1954 m. Patricia Hickman Barry, 1994 1 stepson: William Hickman Paul b. Sept. 18, 1988 | Kathleen Ann b. June 30, 1958, m. Michael Luker 1 son: John Michael Luker b. June 9, 1990 | Jeffrey Lynn b. Aug. 15, 1962, m. Robin Cook Main in 1988 (div) 1 son: Andrew Jeffrey Paul m. Tina Nichols Walton, 2000 b. July 22, 1988 | Allen Lloyd: b. Aug. 7, 1926 m. Florence May Weir b. Oct. 1, 1931 Rebekah Jane b. Oct. 9, 1953, m. Bernard Greely 2 sons, 1 daughter: Jennifer Jean Greely Gregory Ryan Greely Benjamin Dale Greely b. May 31, 1971 b. Sept. 3, 1981 b. Feb. 23, 1987 Nancy Jean b. Sept. 24, 1957 m. Wesley Nicholas 1 son, 1 daughter: Sandra Sue Nicholas Johnathan Wesley Nicholas b. Oct. 10, 1986 b. Jan. 12, 1995

45: Clarence Eugene: b. Nov. 28, 1927 m. Zola Schlosser b. March 29, 1932 David Paul Gillette (adpt), b. July 26, 1954 m. Denise Rhineberger 1 son, 1 daughter: Chad Eugene Gillette Megan Elise Gillette b. Oct. 3, 1982 b. Oct. 2, 1983 Bruce Daniel Gillette (adpt) b. Dec. 29, 1954 m. Marilyn Ward 1 daughter: Season Danielle Gillette b. Jan 31, 1977 | Clifton James Hunt b. June 13, 1950 m. Ariene Vaerewyck 1 son, 1 daughter: Adrea Michelle Hunt Brandon James Hunt b. Feb. 15, 1979 b. Mar. 21, 1982 | Mildred Lucille: b. Feb. 8, 1929 m. Donald Hunt b. June 24, 1920 | Donald Earl Hunt b. June 26, 1952 m. Linda Gossman in 1976 (div) 1 son: Robert Earl Hunt m. Mary Ann Rome d. 2002 b. Nov. 19, 1979 | David Charles b. Dec. 9, 1954 m. Joyce McKibben 2 sons, 1 daughter: Eric Preston Hunt Amanda Dawn Hunt Roman Christopher Hunt b. Sept. 29, 1980 b. Jan. 17, 1982 b. April 17, 1984 d. Nov. 26, 1980 | Christine Annette Hunt b. July 31, 1957 m. Michael Riding 1 son: Taylor James Riding b. April 13, 1989

46: Francis Paul Gillette

47: Francis Gillette and Sarah Marsteller married December 16, 1952

48: Sarah and Diane Marie Gillette 1955

49: Diane Marie Gillette b. Feb. 17, 1954 m. John Hall of Louisa, KY, on Dec. 22, 1974 b. Aug. 10, 1952 2 sons, 2 daughters: Jonathan David Hall m. Nancy Frishkorn, 1998 2 daughters: b. Dec. 9, 1977 m. Bonnie Reinhart of Pittsburgh, PA on September 7, 2012 b. November 18, 1975 Anna Margaret Hall Allison Mae Hall b. April 17, 1998 b. Dec. 30, 1999 Joy Christine Hall b. April 24, 1979 m. Michael Gates of Monroeville, PA, on May 6, 2000 b. June 6, 1975 2 sons: Jacob Michael Gates Zechariah John Gates b. April 27, 2009 b. July 11, 2012 Joshua Daniel Hall b. May 1, 1984 m. Iga Szymczak of Lublin, Poland on July 11, 2009 b. Aug. 10, 1977 Janelle Diane Hall b. April 20, 1986 m. James Teeple of Dora, Missouri on June 7, 2008 b. Dec. 20, 1979 | Francis Paul Gillette: b. March 4, 1931 m. Sarah Marsteller, Dec. 16, 1952 b. Sept. 30, 1929 5 sons, 5 daughters:

50: Thomas Scott Gillette b. Aug. 16, 1955 m. Patricia Burnham in 1973 2 sons, 1 daughter: m. Nina Ruth Dunlap on July 12, 1986 1 son, 1 daughter: b. Jan. 4, 1956 Jason Michael Gillette b. Mar. 4, 1974 m. Rebecca Dare Guido on July 12, 1997 2 sons, 5 daughters: b. Feb. 25, 1975 Benjamin David Rachel Amanda Katherine Leah Julie Anne b. Oct.6 b. Mar.7 b. Apr. 6, b. Aug.6 b. Aug.15 b. Oct.21 b. July 20 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2012 Brian Eric Gillette b. April 23, 1975 m. Danette (Dee) Hostetter on Sept. 29, 2007 b. July 30, 1981 1 daughter: Adelynne Mary b. February 9, 2012 Lorielle Christine Gillette b. Nov. 17, 1977 m. John Inkley on July 22, 2000 2 sons, 1 daughter: Ryan Inkley Corinne Inkley Caden Inkley b. Nov. 3, 2002 b. Nov. 24, 2004 b. May 9, 2007 Jerrod Glen Gillette b. July 19, 1988 1 daughter: Hailey Marie Geer Gillette b. Oct, 13, 2008 Emily Nicole Gillette b. Dec. 23, 1993

51: Alice Rae Gillette Anderson b. Apr. 29, 1958 m. Thomas Howard Anderson on Sept. 2, 1978 2 sons, 1 daughter: b. Oct. 13, 1952 Justin Luke Anderson Philip Zachary Anderson Holly Rae Anderson b. June 28, 1982 b. Sept. 5, 1986 b. Sept. 7, 1988 Ted Howard Gillette b. Apr. 19, 1960 m. Ginelle Ilene Neely on Nov. 22, 1986 1 son, 3 daughters: b. July 11, 1963 Heidi Lynn Gillette Tanya Grace Gillette Lydia Ann Gillette Andrew Ross Gillette b. Jan. 3, 1990 b. July 4, 1992 b. Nov. 22, 1996 b. June 20, 2000 Timothy Paul Gillette b. Apr. 12, 1962 m. Kim LaeAyers Cornell on Oct. 5, 1985 2 sons: b. Feb. 20, 1966 Keith Ryan Gillette b. June 4, 1987 Corey Paul Gillette m. Sarah Quinne Gates on Aug. 7, 2010 b. June 4, 1987 b. April 1, 1987

52: Joy Lavonne Gillette Rendulic b. Sept. 8, 1963 m. Christopher Rendulic on Oct. 1, 1983 b. Mar. 20, 1962 3 daughters (by birth): Kristen Joy Rendulic Danielle Alynne Rendulic Elise Nadine Rendulic b. Aug. 10, 1990 b. Jan. 18, 1996 b. Dec. 11, 2001 2 sons and 1 daughter (adpt.): Darren Michael Rendulic Brandon Lee Rendulic Hailey Marie Rendulic b. July 7, 1999 b. Dec. 11, 2004 b. Jan. 22, 2006 Troy Alan Gillette b. Sept. 16, 1964 m. Pamela Jean Brown on Oct. 4, 1986 b. Oct. 7, 1966 2 sons, 1 daughter: Matthew Alan Gillette Zachary Robert Gillette Lauren Elizabeth Gillette b. Mar. 4, 1989 b. Sept. 12, 1991 b. Mar. 30, 1995 Tod Eric Michael Gillette b. Nov. 25, 1966 2 sons: Kyle Steven Gillette Andres Lopez Gillette b. Dec. 19, 1994 b. Apr. 28, 2006

53: Melissa Lorie Gillette Good b. Aug. 12, 1969 m. William James Good on July 3, 2004 1 son: b. Feb. 20, 1952 Cooper Jackson Good b. Aug. 25, 2009 Carol Darlene Gillette Pero b. July 25, 1970 m. Michael Joseph Pero on Oct. 19, 1996 3 sons: b. June 8, 1968 Roman Angelo Pero Ryan Anthony Pero Reese Apollo Pero b. Jan. 11, 1998 b. Dec. 31, 1999 b. June 11, 2002 | 5 Sisters Diane, Alice, Joy, Carol, Melissa 5 Brothers Tom, Ted, Tim, Troy, Tod The Gillettes | left to right: Alice, Joy, Diane Melissa, Carol | left to right: Tim, Tom, Ted, Troy, Tod

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