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Family History 1915, 1939-40

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Family History 1915, 1939-40 - Page Text Content

S: Grandma and Grandpa's Quilt Cleone Davis

FC: Our Family History | Grandma and Grandpa's Quilt by Cleone Davis 2011

1: Our Family History: Grandma and Grandpa's Quilt by Cleone Davis 2011 | Christine Warburg, Adele McCready, Joan McCready

2: Ladies Missionary Society Emmanuel Mennonite Church Pratum, Oregon 1939 | My grandparents, Homer and Bertha Leisy, left Emmanuel Mennonite Church in Pratum for Homer to take his first Pastorate in Dallas, Oregon. The ladies of the church made and hand quilted a quilt as a good=bye gift. The fabrics used and the embroidered ssignatures show the personality of each woman.

3: The Quilt I look at the quilt... The part of my inheritance From my mom I desired most! Memories wrap me Memories of being a little girl Home, Sick... Mom wrapped this quilt Around me We spent time Reading the signatures Recalling stories of people I knew A special time...Just the two of us Quite unusual in a family With five children “This block is signed Lena Steffen She was married three times Remember how you kids would recite Lena Steffen, Plunkett, Clark, Lee Like a tongue twister? Alma Stauffer is sister to Emma Hersch Lydia Hoffstetter and Caroline Haury Their signatures are over here” So it went, Family history, church history All wrapped up together For the quilt contained the names Of the Ladies’ Missionary Society In Pratum’s Emmanuel Mennonite Church The church of my youth The church of my relatives “Paulina Steiner you don’t know For she died before you were born But you remember that old man That sits in the front On the right side of the Church? That’s her husband! He was the Sunday School Superintendent Just like my dad, your grandpa” | My grandpa, Homer Leisy He and his wife Bertha Roth Leisy Were my mom’s parents Each Sunday He would give a talk from the Bible, illustrated by a cartoon he created and drew On a window shade from his store For he was the drapery man in town He was well loved The Sunday School grew and grew One day a sister church, in Dallas, OR Called him to be their pastor Oh what a sad day for the people At Emmanuel Mennonite Church When they said good-bye To their beloved leader “Do you see this block? It has your grandmother’s signature Mrs EJ Welty, your dad’s mom She had a stroke when you were five You saw her in the nursing home She kept saying ‘my, my, my’. It scared you so! She was surprised at how you’d grown” Later in 1994, before my mom died She had a stroke, many strokes Each took away a bit Peripheral vision, speech, Use of her hands, her arms, her legs Memories of names, of events... She, too, became trapped In a body over which she had little control Now, in 2009, I bring the quilt out again Tenderly I lay it on the bed My fingers run over the signatures I am deep in thought Who were these ladies? These signers and creators What were their thoughts and dreams? Why did they create this masterpiece? | My curiosity is piqued I’m holding a piece of history I want to know MORE! Who can answer my questions?... Gladys and Grover Welty In their 80’s and sharp Spent their lives at that church I’ll start with them!

4: Signers of Bertha and Homer Leisy’s Quilt 1939 Names *first Mennonite families in the area who weren’t charter members Names ** charter members Initial names are how they signed the quilt **Paulina Steiner February 22, 1873 - September 24,1943 Lived to be 70. Worked on the quilt when 66 years years old. Died 4 years later. Paulina Gerber daughter of **John and **Anna Gerber **Dan Steiner Children: Elmer, Lilly, Florence, John, Pearl First couple married at the church on April 9, 1891 Selma Dalke July 13, 1902 - August 11, 1998 Lived to be 95. Worked on the quilt when 37 years old. Selma Schmidt Art Dalke Children: Norman, Aileen, Bruce Mrs Clarence Herr November 14, 1907 - November 2, 2000 Lived to be 92. Worked on the quilt when 32 years old. Christina Loganbill sister to Elma Roth and Verna Roth Clarence Herr Children: Vernetta, Dale, Gary Very musical; played the organ and sang Agusta Haury December 17, 1908 - September 25, 1986 Lived to be 77. Worked on the quilt when 31 years old. Agusta sister to Gilbert and Jake Haury Later married to Mr Baker and later Mr Combs Kathryn Simmons July 15, 1895 - October 10, 1985 Lived to be 90. Worked on the quilt when 44 years old. Kathryn Dougherty Clarence Simmons Sr Children: Ruth Schar, Bob, Max, Clarence (Slim) and Phillip Very active in women’s ministries; Good sense of humor

5: Anna S Lehrman August 19, 1892 - December 26, 1956 Lived to be 64. One of the youngest to die. Worked on the quilt when 47 years old. Anna Dalke sister of Art Dalke John Lehrman Children: Melvin and Bernice Lavina Wedel April 11, 1879 - April 24, 1971 Lived to be 92. Worked on the quilt when 60 years old. Lavina Gerber FB Wedels's 2nd wife no Children Frank Wedel step-son Mary Ramsden February 10, 1892 - 1977 Lived to be 85 years old. Worked on the quilt when 47 years old. Mary Hersch sister to Fred Claude Ramsden Children: Ruth, Nelson, Lucille and Alice Neighbor of EJ Welty’s in Pratum; Husband ran the warehouse Mrs J Sutter January 26, 1865 - January 13, 1960 Lived to be 95. Worked on the quilt when 73 years old. *Magdalina Biery *Joshua Sutter Children: Ai, Elma, Leo, Etta Ellen Steffen March 6, 1903 - October 30, 1992 Lived to be 89. Worked on the quilt when 36 years old. Ellen Steffen sister to Dan, Lena and Oliver Later married to Rueben Eggiman Mina Aubrey February 3, 1904 - May 20, 1995 Lived to be 91. Worked on the quilt when 35 years old. Mina? Ray Aubrey Children: Louise and Leslie She was faithful in coming to church, but her husband never did

6: Emma Hersch February 26, 1905 - January 27, 1997 Lived to be 92. Worked on the quilt when 34. Emma Stauffer sister to Dan, Jake, Joe, Alma, Carolyn, Lydia Fred Hersch Fred was church treasurer for a long time Lena Clark September 15, 1893 - June 9, 1978 Lived to be 85. Worked on the quilt when 46 years old. Lena Steffen sister to Dan, Ellen and Oliver ?Plunkett, ?Clark, ?Lee Children: Evelyn Plunket and ?Clark Mrs J Stauffer March 16, 1872 - September 12, 1951 Lived to be 79. Worked on the quilt when 67 years old. **Josephine Gerig sister to **Nick, Val, **Joe and Jacob Gerig; Daughter to **Peter Gerig (Sr?) and **Rosie (Rose, Rosina, Rosan) Gerig? **Jacob Stauffer Children: Lydia Hoffstetter, Caroline Haury, Emma Hersch, Alma Stauffer, Joe, Dan and Jake Stauffer Ruth Nelson August 12, 1917 - November 24, 2006 Lived to be 89. Worked on the quilt when 22 years old, the youngest signer. Ruth Ramsden daughter of Mary Ramsden Married later to Frank Henney Very good friend of my aunt, Ruth Welty (dad’s sister) Mrs Otto Beutler January 10, 1889 - September 25, 1974 Lived to be 85. Worked on the quilt when 50 years old. Hulda Lardon Otto Beutler Children: Lillian-never married, worked as missionary in NYC to theJews with Carmen Lyon; Gretchen-never married, a very sweet lady, organist; Henry married Elsie Roth Hulda was a great prayer warrior Grandchildren: Neil, Ralph, Paul, Henry, Ruth, Beth, Mark Great grandchildren: ???? Alma Stauffer February 6, 1907 - December 28, 2003 Lived to be 96. Worked on the quilt when 32 years old. Sister of Lydia, Caroline, Emma, Joe, Dan and Jacob Never married, seemed to be a contemporary with my grandmother, my mother, and me (Cleone). Taught at 4 Corners, Swegle and other schools, and worked at the Bible Book House. Loved children. Taught Sunday School classes at church. Didn’t like for people to know her age. At 95, was finally proud of it.

7: **Rosa (Rosina) Steffen June 20, 1871 - died Worked on the quilt when 68 years old. **Rosina Lichty (Liechty) Daughter of Nickolas and Lena Liechty **Peter Steffen son of Nickolas and **Barbara Steffen Children: Lena, Matilda, Dan, Oliver, Ellen Grandchildren: Wayne, Stan Great grandchildren: Randy, Lori, Richard, Carol (Wilson) Steffen; Evelyn Plunket, __Clark; Annette (Amen), David, Dale, Janie (Twede), Troy Steffen (2 more?) Great great grandchildren: Adam, Jana, Lucas Wilson; Lee, Tara Amen; Rachel, Josh, Sarah Steffen; Samuel, Leah, Kyle, Chloe Twede Ida Herr December 10, 1890 - August 4, 1959 Lived to be 68. Worked on the quilt when 49. Ida Roth sister to Bill, John, Alma Leisy, Bertha Leisy (grandma), Henry, Ernest, Alice Smith, and Hulda Elfstrom Elvin Herr Children: Ralph, Elda Owens, Alice (died young ) Marjorie, Roy, Clarence (Pete) Grandchildren: Clifford, Loren Great grand children: Cheryl, Gregory, Janet, Stanley Sister Anna H Duerkson, nurse May 6, 1886 - July 27, 1972 Lived to be 86. Worked on the quilt when 55. Later married to Mr Hayward Instrumental in starting the Deaconess Hospital, which later became known as Salem Memorial Hospital. Frank Wedel was also involved and Homer Leisy (grandpa) was on the board of the hospital. Mrs Sarah Gerig August 27, 1882 - December 15, 1968 Lived to be 86. Worked on the quilt when 57. Sarah Mayer Jacob (Jake) Gerig Children: Beulah, Roy, and Raymond (who married Shirley) Mrs Nellie Gerig February 26, 1888 - April 19, 1978 Lived to be 90. Worked on the quilt when 51 years old. Nellie Mae Lambert Daughter of David and Parcy Lambert 1st Cousin to Zina Lambert Roth Val (Valentine) Gerig Brother **Joe, **Nick, Jake Children: Valda (Leore), Floid (Ernie) married Georgia Grandchildren: Jan Gerig, Mike Gerig married Ann Greatgrandchildren: Katie Gerig Gardner, Patty, Jim Great-great grandchildren: Alexander, Lindsey, Audrey, Lucy Gardner

8: Mrs F F Wedel July 9, 1886 - July 29, 1979 Lived to be 93. Worked on the quilt when 53 years old. Elizabeth Fast Frank Wedel Lavina’s stepson (Son of FB Wedel and 1st wife, Eva) involved in starting the Deaconess (Salem) Hospital Children: Elmer, Irwin, Henry (adopted), Harold (Bud) Mrs Franz Pastor’s wife. September 17, 1887 - February 7, 1968 Lived to be 80. Worked on the quilt when 52 years old. Regina Hamm Rev Franz Children: Rufus, Ewald, Arthur and Landy Neighbors of EJ Weltys (my grandparents) and Ramsden Children contemporaries of my parents Henrietta Roth January 7, 1865 - September 1949 Lived to be 84 years. Worked on the quilt when 74. Henrietta Wenker John Roth (brother to William Roth, my great-grandfather) Children: Many, but none continued in the church Alma Wenger December 23, 1903 - March 6, 1991 Lived to be 87. Worked on the quilt when 36. My dad’s aunt. Sister to Clara (grandma), Nora, Elizabeth, Rob, Oscar, Bill, Ed, and Eldon. She was the next to the youngest, the last of her siblings to die. Rob, Bill Ed, Alma and Eldon never married. They lived on the old homestead WHERE? and Alma took care of the house. Clara (grandma) married EJ Welty and had Homer, Grover and Ruth Regier; Nora married ( ) and had (one child); Oscar married ( ) and had Lawrence, Clayton and John. Elizabeth married Fred Muller and had no children Mary Dalke August 27, 1894 - February 2, 1991 Lived to be 96. Worked on the quilt when 45 years old. Mary Warkentin Menno Dalke Children: Clora Mae Singer, Clayton (Army Lt Col), Gladys Welty (my aunt, nurse), John (teacher, assistant principal), Richard (Dick) Grandchildren: Stan, Kathy Hess, John

9: Ruth Haury March 8, 1868 - September 15, 1940 Lived to be 72. Worked on the quilt when she was 71 and died a year later. The first one of the group to die. Ruth Gerber Jacob (Jake) Haury Children: Gilbert, Elma Amstutz, Hubert, Edgar, Helen, Frieda, Jacob, Agusta Grandchildren: Dick (teacher, never married), Tom, Ed (married Ginny (Snyder) Great Grandchildren: Julie Haury, Jeff Haury Great Great Grandchildren: Carter, Annabelle, Hannah Haury Mrs Hans Palleson February 19, 1890 - died Worked on the quilt when she was 49. Sarah Duerkson sister to Sister Anna Hans Palleson Children: Helen, Harry, Bertha, Anna Mae, and Joy Verna Roth May 10, 1904 - October 10, 1985 Lived to be 81. Worked on the quilt when she was 35. Verna Loganbill sister to Elma Roth and Christina Herr Henry Roth (mom’s uncle) Children: Harold (and Jean), Doris, Alton (and Mertie), Raymond (and Rosalie), Joanne, Cecil (and Lois), Darlene and Diane. Friends as well as cousins of mine. Grandchildren: Judy, Linda, Rick, Randy, Cindy Roth; Chuck, Pat, Crystal, Tom, Kathy, Paul, Dennis Roth; Russ, Sally Roth; Lynette, Matt, Janelle Roth Great grandchildren: Jessica, Natalie, Michelle Roth; Delight, Grace, Kristiana, Jenny Silva; Ryan, Aaron Roth; Rachel, Levi, Esther, John Roth; Katelan, Stephanie, Benjamin Roth; Anne, Claire, Jane Roth; Kyle, Katie Zirschky; Preston, Caden, Dylan Roth 49 descendants have or are coming to the church. Very musical; sang in a trio and in the Choir Mrs Krahbel December 20, 1864 - died Worked on the quilt when she was 75. Mr Krahbel Children: Della, Ruth, Leona, Carl, Hulda, Bertha, Adolf had the store at Pratum)

10: Caroline Haury June 1, 1903 - January 20, 1993 Lived to be 89. Worked on the quilt when she was 36. Caroline Stauffer sister to Lydia, Emma, Alma, Dan, Jake, Joe Gilbert Haury Children: Josephine, Adeline (went to Biola and brought VBS to church, Elmer (and Artie), Dan (and Charlene), Daryl (and Karen), Grandchildren: Mark, Sandy, Anita, Tracy Haury; Jody, Jon, Bret, Della, Darcey Haury; Warren, Eric, Ken, Lorica Haury Great grandchildren: Stephanie, Jessica, Jordan, Bret Haury; Sophie, Tucker, Emma, Stadeli; Grace, Alexis, Gabriella Haury Mrs E. J. Welty July 19, 1886 - November 27, 1951 Lived to be 65. Worked on the quilt when she was 51. Clara Wenger (grandma) sister to Nora, Elizabeth, Rob, Oscar, Bill, Ed, Alma and Eldon Enoch J Welty (grandpa) Children: Homer (dad), Grover (uncle), Ruth Regier (aunt) Grandchildren: Adele McCready, Ann Heinrichs, Cleone Davis, Marilyn Phillips and Ron Welty; Stan Welty, Kathy Hess, John Welty; Richard Regier, Don Regier, Karen Harder, Doug Regier Great grandchildren still at church: Karla (and Greg Hoffman) Great great grandchildren at church: Jordan, Juline, Chad, Eric Mrs Schroeder November 12, 1873 - August 25, 1948 Lived to be 74. Worked on the quilt when 66. Elsie Hirschler Henry Schroeder Janitor at the church Children: Anna Funk, Elizabeth, Albert Emilina Gerig June 11, 1879 - July 24, 1960 Lived to be 81. Worked on the quilt when 60 years old. Emilina Koerner **Joe Gerig Children: Clara Fisher, Albert, Alma, Harold, Lydia, Withem, Laura Ditchen, Henry Grandchildren: Helen Drullinger, Betty FisherANOTHER?

11: Olga Gerig January 24, 1888 - January 28, 1952 Lived to be 64. Worked on the quilt when she was 51. Olga Dallmann **Nick Gerig Children: Bertha, David, Martha, Mina, Emma Gydeson, Sarah, Kathrine Bliven (Betty Welty’s mother), Lena, Goldie, Dorothy Grandchildren: Rick, Pat Scharer, Beverly, Bill Gydeson Great grandchildren: Darin Scharer Mrs Ernest Roth July 13, 1905 - April 23, 2001 Lived to be 95. Worked on the quilt when 34. Elma Loganbill Sister of Verna Roth and Christina Herr Ernest Roth (my great uncle) Children: Shirley Nafziger (Edgar), Jerry Roth (Carolyn) Grandchildren: Jeff, Karen Martin, Steven, Douglas Great grandchildren: Taylor, Andrew, Davis, Jason Martin Anna Ramseyer March 18, 1867 - 1954 Lived to be 87. Worked on the quilt when 72. Anna Rich Daughter of Christian and Kathryn Rich (not related to charter member Rich) Joseph Ramseyer Martha Rutschman September 5, 1885 - (Switzerland) - March 1976 Lived to be 89. Worked on the quilt when 54. Martha Schirmer Will Rutschman Children: Roy and Susan Leona Welty July 6, 1917 - September 2, 1994 Lived to be 76. One of the youngest to work on the quilt at 22. Leona Leisy daughter of Homer and Bertha Leisy and sister to Dorothy Toews and Bette Dyck Homer Welty Children: Adele McCready (Jim), Ann Heinrichs (Vern), Cleone Davis (Chester), Marilyn Phillips (Dale), and Ron Welty (Shirlee) Grandchildren in church: Karla Hoffman (Greg) Great grandchildren in church: Jordan, Juline, Chad, Eric Involved with Women’s Ministries and music

12: Elizabeth Muller April 28, 1893 - February 15, 1966 Lived to be 72. Worked on the quilt when 46 years old. Elizabeth Wenger. Fred Muller son of **John Elrich Muller Married later in life, no children Anna E Steiner June 23, 1903 - December 25, 1982 Lived to be 79. Worked on the quilt when 36. Anna Hiebert John Steiner son of **Dan Steiner and **Paulina Gerber No children Bertha Lichty March 4, 1883 - June 19, 1981 Lived to be 98. Worked on the quilt when 56. She lived to be the oldest of any who worked on the quilt. Bertha Meyer DAUGHTER OF **MATTIE MEYER? Will Lichty son of *John Lichty (who first came with Chris Wenger to the area) and Elizabeth and brother to Bertha Krug, Henry, Lucy, Alex and Minni Welty, Children: Edith Herr (Ralph); helped raise Clarence Herr whose parents died in a flu epidemic Grandchildren: Clifford, Loren Herr Great grandchildren: Cheryl, Gregory, Janet, Stanley Emma Merryman March 16, 1884 - died Worked on the quilt when 55 years old. Emma Egle John Merryman Children: Florence, Wilbur, Harold, Jerold (Jerry) Minnie Welty June 7, 1876 - February 11, 1961 Lived to be 84. Worked on the quilt when 63 years old. Even though she came only sporadically, and her children and grandchildren didn’t attend, she is the only one who worked on the quilt to have a great, great, great grandchild attending the church in 2009. Minnie Lichty Daughter of **John and Elizabeth Lichty; Aunt to Grover Lichty And Edith Lichty Herr; Sister to Bertha Krug, Will Lichty and Alex Lichty Gideon Welty (Gid) Brother to EJ Welty Children: Ted, George, Raleigh, Inez, Mike (Miles) Great grandchildren: Ron/Kathy Welty Great great grandchildren: Ryan, Marsha, Raymond, Jenny Great great great grandchildren: Joel Welty

13: Mary Roth January 17, 1896 - December 10, 1987 Lived to be 91. Worked on the quilt when 43 years old. Mary Gerig half sister to Hulda Gerig, Esther Bischoff, Paul Gerig William (Bill) Roth Children: Lucille Beach, Bob, Leonard and Irwin Father was Peter Gerig Jr, one of the orginal members of the church. In 1894, he, a layman from the congregation was chosen as the second pastor of the church. He served for 15 years until his death in 1909. Mary’s mom was Anna Jaquet. She died in 1901. In 1903, Peter married Mary Kurtz and had three children: Paul (died in infancy), Esther Bischoff and Hulda Gerig (who never married). Grandchildren: Lisa Howell Groom, Julie Howell, Tim, David, Mark Roth; Alan, Richard (Dick), Jim Roth Great grandchildren: Stephanie Howell Mantie; Bruce, Steven, Ben Howell; Lindsey, Courtney Roth; Cambria, Miranda, Grant, Maggie Roth; Mary, Mike Roth Great great grandchildren: Cade, Ella, Davis Mantie Mary Shifferer July 24, 1890 (Pratum) - April 7, 1970 Lived to be 79. Worked on the quilt when 49. Mary Beutler Sister to Otto Beutler Daughter of Sam and Elizabeth Beutler John Shifferer Children: Margaret, Jack, Dorothy, Carlton and Bob Bertha Krug August 16, 1885 - May 7, 1970 Lived to be 69. Worked on the quilt when 54. Bertha Lichty Sister to Will Daughter to John and Elizabeth Lichty Fred Krug Children: Lyle Linda Steffen December 27, 1897 - May 20, 1991 Lived to be 93. Worked on the quilt when 42. Linda Leisy Sister to Homer Leisy (grandpa) Daughter of Emil and Lena Leisy Dan Steffen Children: Don, Rita, Joyce, Phyllis, Ralph, Wayne, Carol (died), Stan Grandchildren: Randy, Lori, Richard, Carol Wilson; Annette Amen, David, Dale, Janie Twede, Troy Ruth’ kids names????? Great grandchildren: Adam, Jana, Lucas Wilson; Lee, Tara Amen; Rachel, Josh, Sarah Steffen; Samuel, Leah, Kyle, Chloe Twede

14: Zina Roth April 1, 1899 - February 22, 1973 Lived to be 74. Worked on the quilt when 40. Zina Lambert 1st cousin to Nellie Gerig John Roth Children: John Jr, Elsie Beutler, Carmen Krieck, David, Judy Adele (adopted). Lived in big house just west of the church. Her father-in-law, William, donated an acre of his property to the church for its first building. She led King’s Daughters group when I was in it. An annual mother-daughter banquet was started by this group. Grandchildren: Kim Miller, John Roth; Neil, Ralph, Paul, Henry, Ruth, Beth, Mark Beutler; Kevin, Kathleen Krick; Ellen, Aaron Roth Great grandchildren: ??????? Mrs Amos Amstutz May 30, 1894 - June 16, 1966 Lived to be 72. Worked on the quilt when 45. Elma Haury sister to Gilbert, Jake, Agusta Haury Amos Amstutz Children: Arthur, Jacob, Waldo, Roy Amstutz Mary Gerig February 1, 1874 - February 18, 1962 Lived to be 88. Worked on the quilt when 65. Mary Kurtz Peter J Gerig 2nd pastor of church Children: Paul Gerig (died in infancy) Hulda Gerig and Esther Bischoff, step mother to Mary Roth Mary E Nafziger September 17, 1891- November 27, 1976 Lived to be 85. Worked on the quilt when 48. Mary Zehr Will Nafziger Children: Edgar (married Shirley Roth), Emmaline and Evaline (twins), and Ralph Edith Herr November 22, 1908 - March 28, 2005 Lived to be 96. Worked on the quilt when 31. Edith Lichty Ralph Herr Church treasurer for many years Children: Clifford and Loren Grandchildren: Cheryl, Gregory, Janet, Stanley Herr

15: Mrs A Zwieacher June 14, 1861 - May 11, 1955 Lived to be 94. Worked on the quilt when 78. She was the oldest one to work on the quilt. Sarah Schumacher Alfred Zwieacher (Swiss) Sarah Hofstetter

16: A Moment to Remember July 1915 “Look,” said nineteen year old Bertha pulling the dress off of the ironing board, “it’s finished!” Alma and Mary came over to examine her creation. “I think this is the finest outfit you have ever made,” said Alma, Bertha’s older sister. All of those tucks and ruffles take a lot of work and can be tricky to sew! I should know!” Alma and Bertha had both taken sewing classes after completing eighth grade and were proficient seamstresses. “Do you think Homer will be impressed?” questioned Mary Gerig, Bertha’s bosom friend. “I sure hope so,” Bertha replied. “He and Ed are coming over soon. We’ll find out. He said he had something important to talk to me about...” she giggled mischievously, “I wonder what it could be?” Bertha and Alma were two of the Roth sisters. They were close in age, looked alike, and many thought they were twins. Several years before when they were in the choir loft at church, a man they had never seen came in with his two teenaged sons. Alma leaned over to Bertha and said, “I will take the one on the right.” Bertha replied, “And I will take the one on the left!” Now they were dating those two young men. Bertha slipped on the dress. It fit her thin frame perfectly, just as she knew it would. She took silent pride in the fact that she looked like her stately, lithe father rather than her pleasantly plump mother. Twirling around she felt like a princess. Alma left to go get ready for the evening. Mary and Bertha went outdoors. Bertha leaned against the fence looking across the farmland at a house about a mile distant. “Oh Mary,” she said, “I think I am in love! Don’t you think that Homer is the most wonderful man alive? Oh, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love.” “I don’t think you want me to think that about Homer,” Mary teased, “But there is a man around here that is just as wonderful! Your brother Bill!” Bertha’s laughed, “Ohhh, I guess you are right. If you marry Bill, we will be sisters as well as best friends. Wouldn’t that be great?” Bertha again looked across the field, “I wonder what is keeping them? I can’t see that they have left yet. You know how Homer likes to be on time! Maybe they had to work late in the fields.”

17: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Homer Leisy 1915 | Bertha Roth 1915 | Bertha Roth 1915

18: Homer’s promptness was legendary. He hated to be late or for other people to be late. Bur right now he had no choice. The work in the fields was taking longer than expected, and they needed to make the most of the warm July evening. Finally, his father said, “Homer and Ed, I know you are eager to be off. I can finish from here.” Those two young men took off like lightning before their father could change his mind. They quickly cleaned up and were in the buggy heading out. Those horses were so well trained that they automatically turned in to the Roth home. Mom and Dad Leisy would joke that even when they went to town, the horses would turn in at the Roth’s place. “Wow,” said Homer when he saw Bertha, “What a beautiful frock you have. The color brings out your eyes! Your eyes are sparkling so!” “I just finished it this afternoon, I’m glad you like it.” Bertha replied shyly. Homer Leisy 1914 Bill joined them, and the three couples sat down in the parlor to play some games and to enjoy each other’s company. It didn’t really matter what they did; they just liked to be together. Homer seemed distracted, and they teased him mercilessly. The younger sisters, Alice and Hulda, were spying on them. Hurried footsteps and muffled giggles gave them away. Brothers Ernest and Henry were gone. They were attending the youth group at church. Bertha thought they were eyeing the Loganbill girls and were thankful for the opportunity to be near them. Around nine Homer asked Bertha to go for a walk. They went over to the fence, and he lifted her up easily and set her on top of the post. The sun was just setting, coloring the sky with vibrant hues. A light breeze was blowing across the fragrant farmland lightly touching their skin, “Remember how I said I had something important to talk to you about?” Homer began as he took her hand. “Oh, Yes, I have been ever so curious.” she answered. “Well, in September I am going back to Newton, Kansas to work in the furniture store there.” he began. The sparkle left Bertha’s eye and she struggled to compose herself. The disappointment was great. “But... I won’t see you for ever so long! You’ll probably find some girl there and marry her!” she blurted. “Oh Bertha, Bertha,” he cooed, “I will never love anyone else as much as I love you. What I want to say is,” he paused, “Will YOU marry me?” “Do I want to marry you?” she asked. Relief washing over her like a flood. “I won’t let you down off of this post until you say yes!” he threatened.

19: Father Emil and Mother Magdalena Leisy Homer's parents | Bertha and Homer Leisy While serving at Dallas Church

20: “Well, I don’t want to sit on top of this post forever, so I guess my answer is yes. Oh my darling, YES! YES! YES! A thousand times YES!!! ”He took her in his arms and sealed the moment with a kiss. “I asked your father the other day if I could ask you, and he said that it was fine with him as long as you agree! I think he knew that you would.” “I don’t think he had a doubt in his mind what my answer would be,” Bertha said. When shall we get married?’ “I was thinking next year sometime after I get back from Newton.” Homer replied. “That seems so far away! But you will write me all the time, and I know you are mine! How wonderful that sounds!" “Yes, it is a long time, and I will write. You have a wedding to plan, so the time will go by quickly. Let’s go and tell the others.” “Oh yes, let’s tell them! What fun!” Bertha exclaimed. Homer lifted her gently from the post, tucked her hand through his arm and they walked slowly toward the house, savoring the moment.

21: Elmer, Ernest Ed, Homer, Walter, Harvey Weldon Emmanuel Mennonite Church Praturm, Oregon Corner of Howell Prairie Road and Sunnuview Road

22: The World at War July 1915 Mother Leisy hummed as she prepared dinner. Linda and Elsie were helping. It was good to have her girls working in the kitchen with her again. All but one of her children would be at dinner. That was unusual these days, so she was happy to have her brood together. Her eleven children were spreading their wings. Mother was concerned about the war in Europe. So far the United States had not entered, but if they would, four of her sons were of fighting age. Dinner was announced and they all gathered in the dining room. “Wow,” said Ernest, I had forgotten what a spread you put on, Mother. I don’t usually eat this well!” The four who had moved away from home, wholeheartedly agreed. Mother proudly looked around the table. Ernest, 28, was visiting from Kansas. He was an English professor at Bethel College, a Mennonite institute of higher learning; Ed, 24, was down from Portland, Oregon, where he worked at a paint and building supply store; Harvey, 23, was studying engineering at Oregon State College in Corvallis, Oregon; Homer, 21, was studying at Bethel College and was home for the summer; Linda, 18, had just finished a Home Economics course at Oregon State College, and Walter, 15, was working in a sawmill in Mill City, Oregon. The younger children, Elmer, 13, Elsie, 12, Weldon, 9 and Helen, 6 were still at home. Her husband, Emil, 54, was at the head of the table. The only one missing was Olga, their oldest daughter, 26, who was with her husband, Ruben, 29, on their farm in Colorado. After a short prayer thanking God for his provision, the family quickly passed the food, heaping their plates with roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh vegetables from the garden and green salad. For dessert there would be apple and berry pies with homemade ice cream. “Did you hear about the package we got from our relatives in Cleveland?” asked Elsie. “A large prepaid package came to the train station for us. We were sure that it must be for some other Leisys in Salem. After checking, the man at the train station said, no, it was for us. Father took us down with the wagon to pick it up.” “It was huge!” interrupted Elmer, “The size of the fireplace but very thin. “It looked like it could be a picture.” “It was just a picture of a bunch of old buildings!” said Weldon disgustedly. “Why would anyone want us to have a picture of buildings!”

23: “Aunt Christine, your dad’s great uncle’s wife, sent this picture of her husband’s brewery! He was very proud of his success with Leisy Beer. He died in 1892 at fifty-four. His son, Otto took over the business” explained mother. “We had no idea of what to do with the picture, so we put it in a closet upstairs.” “Oh,” said Homer. “Christine Leisy is the one who just gave $4000 to Bethel college for a new residence hall. There has been quite the controversy about taking the money, since it was beer money.” “I hear that Christine made a requirement for accepting the money,” continued Ernest, “The college cannot teach prohibition for twenty years! And the income from the rental of the living space is to be used for the maintenance of the German department.” “Issac’s sister is my aunt Anna,” said father. “Her husband is JJ Krehbiel, who is one of the founders of the college. He persuaded the school to accept the money.” The lively conversations continued with each person sharing humorous happenings in their lives. Soon dinner was over and the younger children asked to be excused from the table to go play. The rest lingered. The conversation turned to the escalating war in Europe. “How did the war start?” asked Walter. “That’s a good question,” answered Father, “There are many theories. It seemed that the countries in Europe were getting ready for war. Then when a Serbian national assassinated Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria, and his wife. It gave Austria a reason to declare war on Serbia. Soon every country in Europe was brought into the mess. That happened about a year ago.” “Russia, a friend of Austria, came to help and brought France,” continued Ed. “So Germany declared war on Russia and France. Britian declared war on Germany bringing Canada with them. Then Japan declared war on Germany and the Ottoman Empire entered the war to help Germany.” “Will America join the war?” asked Walter. “I hope not,” said Father, “But German U-boats sank the English passenger ship, Lusitania, on May 7th of this year. They killed 1,924 including 128 Americans. That made it tense for a few days, but President Wilson was able to keep us out of the war for now. I’m afraid that it may only be a matter of time before we join.” “Mennonites were able to avoid fighting in the past. How were they able to do that?” asked Ernest. “That has been a problem for centuries,” responded Father. When our ancestors lived in Switzerland, they were persecuted and some were even killed because they refused to fight. Finally, they moved to Germany where they had more freedoms.” “Didn’t some of our relatives come to the United States because of the draft in Germany?” questioned Homer. “Yes, that was your great-grandparents Abraham and Katharina Leisy. When their son was drafted into the German army in 1855, they paid to have him released and then immigrated to America.” answered Father.

24: “Some of my friends in Kansas were from Mennonite families in Russia. Their ancestors moved to Russia in the late 1700’s when Catherine the Great was queen. She gave them many freedoms. When she died, the Russians started drafting the young men, and the families moved to America.” commented Harvey. “It looks like our ancestors kept moving from country to country because of their belief in pursuing peace instead of war,” interjected Ed, “So what do we do? Do we move to another place? Where could we go? America is our home! I don’t want to leave!” “Ernest, what is Bethel College saying about all of this?” asked Father. “They have not made an official statement about what people should do. However, I think that if I joined the army, I would have to resign and would not be hired to teach at any Mennonite school Father looked at his offspring, “There are some tough decisions we are going to have to make in the near future. I cannot tell you what to do. The Bible says to try to do what makes peace and helps others, but it also talks about being a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” “So you are not going to tell us whether to join the army or not?” Ernest asked tentatively. “No, I will always be willing to talk to you about your options, and what you are thinking, but you are adults now and have to make the decision for yourself. Each of us will have to answer to God for ourselves. “How will we know what to do?” questioned Walter. “What do you think?” Father asked. “Well, we could talk to our friends,” ventured Homer. “Everybody seems to have an opinion about it. Maybe talk to the pastor at the church and some of the older people. “That’s a good idea,” responded Father. “Any other ideas?” “We’ve always been told that the Bible has answers to our questions.” said Ed, “Maybe if we ask God to show us the way and read the Bible, He would show us something.” “I’m sure that God would give you wisdom if you seek Him.” “At school we are told to look at different viewpoints; find out the different sides to the issue.” said Ernest. “It sounds like you all have some good ideas. As you do these things, you will become settled in your heart as to what you need to do. Your decision may be different from your friends or even your brothers and that is OK. Whatever your decision, I will support you in it.” “Thanks Father,” they answered. “Well, let’s go churn some ice cream and continue our discussion. You have been living in different places, and I am very interested in what you have been hearing about this war. “Great idea, Father.” Ernest said for them all.

25: Elmer, Father Emil, Ernest Ed, Harvey, Linda, Homer Mother Magdalena Elsie, Weldon Helen The Leisy Home on Howell Prairie Road about a mile north of the church | Leisy Family

26: AUBREY Ray Aubrey/Mina Louise, Leslie BEUTLER **Sam Beutler/**Elizabeth Schaller (John, Otto, Walter, Albert, Arrmin, Mary Shifferer, Clara, Frank) Otto Beutler/Hulda Lardon Henry Beutler/Elsie Roth See John Roth Lillian Beutler Gretchen Beutler Mary Beutler/John Shifferer Margaret, Jack, Dorothy, Lori and Bob BEIRYS *John Bierys/*Elizabeth *Anna Bierys/John Beers *Magdalina Bierys/*Joshua Sutter Etta Sutter Leo Sutter/ Myrtle DALKE Anna Dalke/John Lehrman Melvin Lehrman Bernice Lehrman Art Dalke/ Selma Schmidt Norman Dalke Aileen Dalke Bruce Dalke Menno Dalke/Mary Warkentin Clora Mae Singer, Clayton, John, Gladys, Richard (Dick) Gladys Dalke/Grover Welty Stan Welty/Betty Blivens (Katherine Gerig is her mom) Kathy Welty/Dan Hess John Welty/Denise | Family Trees People still in the church Signers of the quilt (bold underlined) *First people in area (not charter members) **Charter Members | Gladys and Grover Welty

27: DUERKSON Sister Anna Duerkson Later married to Mr Hayward Sarah Duerkson/ Hans Palleson (Helen, Harry, Bertha, Anna May, Joy) FRANZ Rev Franz/Regina Hamm Rufus, Ewald, Arthur, Landy GERIG **Peter Gerig, Sr/ **Rosan Gerig? **Peter J Gerig Jr/Anna Jaquet Mary Gerig/William (Bill) Roth See William Roth Lucille Beach Bob Roth/Joyce LisaRoth Howell Groom Stephanie Howell/Kurt Mantie Cade Mantie Ella Mantie Davis Mantie Julie Roth/Rick Howell Bruce Howell Steven Howell Ben Howell Tim Roth/Becky Lindsey Roth Courtney Roth David Roth Mark Roth/ Lisa Cambria Roth Miranda Roth Grant Roth Maggie Roth Leonard Roth/Sylvia Alan Roth/Pamela Richard (Dick)Roth/Sue Mary Roth Mike Roth Jim Roth/Jackie Johnson **Peter J Gerig Jr/ 2nd wife **Mary Kurtz Esther Gerig/ Pete Bischoff Hulda Gerig Paul Gerig | Tim, Becky, Lindsey, Courtney Roth

28: ?GERIG **Joe Gerig/Emilina Koerner (Clara ,Albert, Alma, Harold, Lydia, Withem, Laura Ditchen, (Henry) Clara Gerig/Carl Fisher Lawrence Helen Fisher/Dave Drullinger Betty Fisher Lorraine Fisher **Nick Gerig/Olga Dallman (Bertha, David, Martha, Mina, Emma, Sarah, Katherine, Lena, Goldie, Dorothy) Emma Gerig/Norman Gydeson Richard Gydeson Pat Gydeson/JerolSharer Darin Scharer Beverly Gydeson Bill Gydeson Jacob (Jake) Gerig/Sarah Mayer Beulah Gerig Roy Gerig Raymond Gerig/Shirley Roger Gerig adopted Phyllis Gerig adopted Dan Gerig adopted Val Gerig/Nellie Lambert Ernie Gerig/GeorgiaLambert Jan Gerig Mike Gerig/Ann Katie Gerig/Tim Gardner Alexander Gardner Lindsey Gardner Audrey Gardner Lucy Gardner Patti Gerig Jim Gerig

29: Hawry | Mark and Kim Megan, Elizabeth, Gilbert, Toby Haury | Bret and Caryn, Stephanie, Jessica, Jordan, Bret

30: HAURY Jacob (Jake) Haury/Ruth Gerber Gilbert Haury/Caroline Stauffer See Stauffer Elma Haury/Amos Amstut (Arthur, Jacob, Waldo, Roy Amstutz) Hubert Edgar Helen Frieda Jacob (Jake) Haury/ Thema Richard Haury Tom Haury Ed Haury/Ginny Snyder Julie Haury Jeff Haury/Heather Carter Haury Annabelle Haury Hannah Haury Augusta Haury later married Mr Baker HERSCH Mary Hersch/Claude Ruth Ramsden Nelson Nelson Ramsden Lucille Ramsden Allice Ramsden Fred Hersch/Emma Stauffer no children KRAHBEL Mr Krahbel/Mrs Krahbel (Della, Ruth, Leona, Carl, Hulda, Bertha, Adolf) LEISY Emil Leisy/Magdelina (Lena) Krebill (Ernest, Olga, Edward/Alma Leisy, Harvey, Homer/Bertha Leisy, Milton, Linda/Dan Steffen, Walter, Elmer, Elsie/Bill Bartell, Weldon, Helen) Linda Leisy/Dan Steffen Wayne Steffen /Doryce deVries See Peter/Rosa Steffen Stan Steffen /Ruth deVries See Peter/Rosa Steffen Homer Leisy/Bertha Roth See William/Adele Roth

31: *** Bertha Elvina Roth/Homer Leisy Leona Leisy/Homer Welty Adele Welty/Jim McCready Joan McCready/Tim Warburg Christina Warburg Stephen Warburg Paul Warburg David McCready/Trisha Schmidt Caleb McCready Heather McCready Gillespie/Marcus Kemmelmeier Aaron Gillespie Austin Gillespie Christoph Kemmelmeier Liesel Kemmelmeier Lena Kemmelmeier Ann Welty/Vern Heinrichs LeAnn Heinrichs/Doug Rodd Andrew Rodd Amanda Rodd Karla Heinrichs/Greg Hoffman Jordan Hoffman Juline Hoffman Chad Hoffman Eric Hoffman Cleone Welty/Chet Davis Cruz Bryan (Chet's grandson) Marilyn Welty/Dale Phillips Amy Phillips/Andre Ricabal Levi Ricabal Ron Welty/Shirlee Bahnsen Jeremy Welty/Lidia William Welty Helena Welty Ryan Welty/Margie Dorothy Leisy/Ed Toews Bette Leisy/Vernon (Bud) Dyck Tony Dyck Knight/Linda Michael Knight Jessica Knight Alison *** I've deviated from only having current people in the church since these are my grandparents. The Hoffman family are the only ones on this page still in the church. | Karla and Greg Hoffman, Jordan, Juline Chad, Erik | Tony and Linda, Alison, Jessica | Trisha and Dave, Caleb McCready | Joan and Tim, Christina, Stephen, Paul

32: LICHTY John Lichty/Elizabeth Bertha Lichty/Fred Krug Lyle Krug Will Lichty/Bertha Meyer Edith/Ralph Herr Clifford Herr/Norma Cheryl Gregory Janet Stanley Loren Herr/Janet Alex Lichty Grover Lichty/Helen Barbara Lichty/ Kay Lichty/ Ron Lichty/Ginger Tammy, Ann Marie Ryan Andrew Minnie Lichty/Gideon Welty See Welty Henry Lichty? Lucy Lichty? LOGANBILL Christina Loganbill/Clarence Herr Vernetta Herr Dale Herr Gary Herr Elma Loganbill/Ernest Roth See Ernest Roth Verna Loganbill /Henry Roth See Henry Roth MERRYMAN John Merryman/Emma Egle (Florence, Wilbur, Harold, Jerold (Jerry) MULLER **John Ulrich Muller Fred Muller/Elizabeth Wenger no children NAFZIGER Will Nafziger/Mary Zehr Edgar Nafziger/Shirley Roth Emmaline Evaline Ralph

33: RAMSEYER Joseph Ramseyer/Anna Rich ROTH John Roth/Henrietta Wenker William Roth/ Adele Grissen Bill Roth/Mary Gerig See Peter J Gerig Jr Ida Roth/Elvin Herr Ralph Herr/Edith Lichty See Will Lichty John Roth /Zina Lambert John Jr Roth/Ivy Kim Roth/Miller John Roth Elsie Roth/Henry Beutler Neil Beutler/Kathy Ralph Beutler/Mary Paul Beutler/Patti Henry II Beutler/Carolyn Ruth Beutler Beth Beutler Mark Beutler Carmen Roth/Howard Krick Kevin Krick Kathleen Krick David Roth/Penny Ellen Roth Aaron David Roth Judy Adele Roth (adopted--Alice’s daughter) Alma Roth/Ed Leisy | Kathy and Neil Beutler | Carolyn and Henry Beutler | Patti and Paul Beutler

34: Roth | Mike and Crystal Silva, Delight, Grace, Kristiana, Jenny

35: Henry Roth/Verna Loganbill Harold Roth/Jean Judy, Linda, Rick, Randy, Cindy Raymond Roth/Rosalie Chuck Roth/Anita Jessica Roth Natalie Roth Michelle Roth Pat Roth Crystal Roth/Mike Silva Delight Silva Grace Silva Kristiana Silva Jenny Silva Tom Roth/Julie Ryan Roth Aaron Roth Kathy Roth Paul Roth/Kathy Rachel Roth Levi Roth Esther Roth John Roth Dennis Roth/Lori Dettwyler Katelan Roth Stephanie Roth Benjamin Roth(adopted) Doris Roth Johnson Alton Roth/Mertie Russ Roth/Denise Anne Roth Claire Roth Jane Roth Sally Roth/Bob Zirschky Kyle Zirschky Katie Zirschky Joanne Roth Cecil Roth/Lois deVries Lynette Roth Matt Roth/Jaimee Preston Roth Caden Roth Dylan Roth Janelle Roth Darlene Roth Gardener Diane Roth Hansen | Sally and bob Zirschky, Kyle, Katie | Lois and Cecil Roth

36: Ernest Roth/Elma Loganbill Jerry Roth/Carolyn Roth Jeff Roth KarenRoth/Brian Martin Taylor Martin Andrew Martin Davis Martin Jason Martin Steven Roth Douglas Roth Alice Roth Smith Judy Adele (later adopted by John and Zina) Hulda Roth Elfstrom RUTSCHMAN Will Rutschman/Martha Schirmer Roy, Susan SCHROEDER Henry Schroeder/Elsie Hirschler Anna Funk, Elizabeth, Albert SIMMONS Clarence Simmons Sr/ Kathryn Dougherty Slim Simmons/Carolyn Kaufman Paula Simmons/Wen Jones Kathryn Jones Jake Jones/Lauren Jan Simmons/Rudy Goeke Amie Goerke Aaron Goerke Emily Goerke Elaine Simmons/Marvel Bob Simmons/Nancy Joel Simmons died Jared Simmons Brett Simmons Jenny Simmons adopted | Brian and Karen Martin Taylor, Andrew, Davis, Jason

37: STEFFEN Nickolaus Steffen/**Barbara **Peter Steffen/Rosa **(Rosina) Lichty Dan Steffen/Linda Leisy Wayne Steffen/Doryce deVries Randy Steffen Lori Steffen Richard Steffen/Alice Carol Steffen/Greg Wilson Adam Wilson Jana Wilson Lucas Wilson Stan Steffen/Ruth de Vries Annette Steffen/Tom Amen Lee Amen Tara Amen David Steffen/Becky Bruns Rachel Steffen Josh Steffen Sarah Steffen Dale Steffen Janie Steffen/Pat Twede Samuel Twede Leah Twede Kyle Twede Chloe Twede Troy Steffen Oliver Steffen Ellen Steffen Eggiman Lena Steffen Plunket Clark Lee Evelyn Plunket ?Clark STEINER **Dan Steiner/**Paulina Gerber (Elmer, Lilly, Florence, John, Pearl Steiner) John Steiner/Anna Hiebert no children WEDEL F B Wedel/Lavina Gerber Frank Wedel/Elizabeth Fast (Elmer, Irwin, Henry (adopted), Harold (Bud) | Annette and Tom Amen Lee, Tara | Becky and David Steffen Rachel, Josh

38: STAUFFER **Jacob Stauffer/**Josephine Gerig Caroline Stauffer/ Gilbert Haury Josephine Haury Adeline Haury Elmer Haury/Artie Mark Haury /Kim Megan Haury Elizabeth Haury Gilbert Haury Toby Haury Sandra Haury Anita Haury/Rex Mayhugh Amos Mayhugh Isaac Mayhugh Ezra Mayhugh Jonas Mayhugh Tracy Haury Dan Haury/Charlene Scharer Jody Haury Jon Haury Bret Haury/Caryn Stephanie Haury Jessica Haury Jordan Haury Bret Haury DellaHaury/Robert Stadeli Sophie Stadeli Tucker Stadeli Emma Stadeli Darcey Haury Daryl Haury/Karen Horst Warren Haury/Jody Grace Haury Alexis Haury Gabriella Haury Eric Haury Ken Haury Lorica Haury Alma Stauffer no children Dan Stauffer/ Violet no children Emma Stauffer/Fred Hersch no children

39: WELTY Gideon Welty/Minnie Lichty Ted Welty Roger Welty Ron Welty/Kathy Ryan Welty Marsha Welty Raymond Welty/Brittany Joel Welty Jenny Welty/Peter Shetlar EJ Welty/Clara Wenger See Clara Wenger Homer Welty See Bertha Roth Grover Welty See Menno Dalke Ruth Welty Regier See Clara Wenger WENGER Clara Wenger/EJ Welty Homer Welty/Leona Leisy See Bertha Roth Grover Welty/Gladys Dalke See Menno Dalke Ruth Welty/Bill Regier Richard Regier/Florence Christine Regier Randall Regier Samuel Regier Don Regier/Jan Karen Regier/Dave Harder Doug Regier/Raleigh Nora Wenger Elizabeth Wenger/Fred Muller no children Rob Wenger Oscar Wenger Lawrence Clayton John Bill Wenger Ed Wenger Alma Wenger Eldon Wenger ZWIEACHER Alfred Zwieacher/Sarah Schumacher

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  • Title: Family History 1915, 1939-40
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