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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: The Meder Family, December 25, 2009

BC: Pictures courtesy of the whole family. Design and arrangement by Barb & Caryn

FC: Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them. DEU 4:9

1: Erna & Clarence Meder | Alvin, Marilyn & Hal | Eleanore & Lillian | Hal & Lil

2: L: Lillian Bushard DOB: September 25, 1927 Top: Hal & Lil before becoming husband & wife. R: Hal Meder DOB: June 19, 1926 | Children are the mirrors of a family. You see who you are once you've looked into the eyes of your child.

3: HalH | Marilyn (Meder) Spaude, Lil Bushard, Hal Meder | Hal & Lil June 30, 2007 | Christmas Eve 2007 | We have shared together the blessing of God Philippians 1:7

4: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Eleanore Seifert | Katherine Gog | John Seifert | Lillian Bushard | James Bushard | Gertrude ? | Wilfred Bushard | ? | Peter Gag | Katherine Beshta | Johann Seifert | Johann Seifert | ? | Barbara Krippner

5: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Harold Meder | Erna Howe | Clarence Meder | Emillia Hanneman | Conrad Meder | ERnistine Ziemann | August Hanneman | Madeline Weir | Baron Von Leapold Meder | The Meder/Bushard Family Tree

6: The Meders Baron Von Leopold Meder came from Germany (We came from royalty!). He immigrated to the U.S.; during the mid 1800’s. He moved to Columbia, Ohio. He later married Magdalene Weir, who already had two daughters. Together they had three children. Conrad was born March 19, 1869, Mary, birth date is unknown, and Kathrine was born April 4, 1874. Leopold’s wife died of burns she received from rendering lard sometime between 1875-76. Leopold later remarried to a women named Regina later they would move to Fergus Falls. He set up a brewery with his brother in-law there. They started another brewery northwest of Fergus Falls which later burned down. After the bad luck, he decided to move to Carlisle, north west of Fergus Falls. This was his last move; however, he died at the young age of 54, on October 13, 1892. August and Ernstine Hanneman, came from Germany on February 23, 1876, along with their two children Albert and Emilia. They were on the ship “Klapstock” which was

8: The Meders, Continued... led by Captain Weigen. They first settled in Spring Valley, where they supposedly had relatives. Later moving to Elizabeth, Minnesota, where August worked in a flour mill for a few years. After the flour mill got boring, they moved southwest on a farm where he owned land. They used horses for transportation and oxen for motor power. Conrad Meder married Emilia Hanneman; they lived in Elizabeth, Minnesota. Together they had Clarence Meder (who lived to be 105?). Clarence married Erna Howe who’s ancestors were from Germany. Clarence and Erna had three children, Marilynn, Harold, and Alvin. Alvin died of cancer of the throat.

9: The Bushard/Seiferts Johann Seifert and Barbara Kntznera lived in Czechoslovakia. They had Johann Seifert, he was born on December 29, 1807, in Jivany Czech. Johannn Seifert married Katharina Beschta, together they immigrated to the U.S. in 1855, and they started their

10: Alvin Meder, Hal Meder, Lillian Bushard, Ellen Bushard, Marilyn Meder | August 26, 1947

11: Family is, heaven sent from our father above, bonded by the power of love. No matter what family has each others back, when push comes to shove. Family is, understanding, never demanding, all for one and one for all, I will never leave you alone standing. Family is, one in itself, my love is your love, re family, my father, my mother, my sisters and me. | Lil, Bernice, Ellen, Marsh, Eleanore & James Bushard | Ellen & Lillian | Hal | Lillian, Washington DC Fall 1945 | Hal & Navy Buddies

12: lives in Dubuque, Iowa. They decided Iowans weren’t their type, so they moved to Cotton Township in Brown County, Minnesota. Together they had eight children which included my grandfather John to the second. He was born June 22, 1871, and he married Katherine Gag; they had six children. Eleanora was their third child and married James Bushard, who was born September 27, 1896. Together they had Hilary (Larry), Leo, Willard, Marshall, Alice, Bernice, Ellen and Lillian,

13: Lillian Bushard met Harold Meder in Gibbon , Minnesota, and later they wed August 26, 1947.. Hal and Lil moved to New London, Minnesota where they owned and operated the Hometown Bakery – famous for delicious pastries, pies, breads, and cakes. There’s no angel food cake across the United States that tastes like Hal’s. Hal passed along his love for baking to their sons and daughters. Hal and Lil now live in New London, Minnesota Hal and Lil had (1) Cheryl December 2, 1948 (2)Mary February 16,1950 (3) Bruce March 9, 1954 (4) Barbara April 24,1955 (5) Catherine December 8,1956 (6)Phillip 1958 (7) Patricia October 12, 1960 (8) James May 1, 1963 (9) Michele November 13, 1965.

14: Harold Meder Lillian (bushard) Meder | Cheryl (Meder) Sewell Mary (Meder) Taylor Bruce Meder Barbara (Meder) Peterson Catherine (Meder) Banks Patricia (Meder) Nelson James Meder Michele (Meder) Calanan | Cheryl Ann December 2, 1948 | Mary Margaret February 16, 1950 | Bruce Harold March 9, 1954 | Barbara Ellen April 24, 1955

15: Catherine Louise December 8, 1956 | Patricia Ann October 12, 1960 | James Philip May 1, 1963 | Michele Marie November 13, 1965 | Cheryl Cathy Patty Bruce Hal Jim Barb Michele Mary Lil | The Meders June 19, 2006 Hal's 80th Birthday at Breezy Point Resort | Bruce, Patty, Jim, Barb Cathy, Michale, Hal, Lil, Cheryl, Mary

16: Cathy, Erna, Barb, Clarence, Mary, Bruce, Cheryl

17: Left: Barb, Cathy, Patty & Jim Left left: Lil, Hal & Cheryl Top Right: Bruce, Barb & Cathy Middle Right: Mary & Cheryl Bottom Right: Mary Bottom: Lil & Patty

18: Lil, Hal & Bruce at Bruce's First Communion

19: Left: Barb, Cathy & Bruce Middle Left: Bruce & Barb Bottom Left: Barb, Vinci, Bruce & Cathy Right: Lil, Clarence & Hal at Clarence's 100th birthday party

20: I don't know when it started, Or how it all began. But God created families, As only our Lord can. He was teaching what it means, To love, honor, and obey. He wanted a strong bond, That we don't see too much today. He wanted someone to hold us, And show respect for others. He wanted someone who'd be gentle, And so he created mothers. He wanted someone strong, A support filled with love. And so he created fathers, Sent from heaven up above. Source: Tribute To Family, Poems about Family | Patty | Patty | Patty | Hal, Lil Mary, Cheryl | Barb | Michele | Michele | Hal

21: I don't know when it started, Or how it all began. But God created families, As only our Lord can. He was teaching what it means, To love, honor, and obey. He wanted a strong bond, That we don't see too much today. He wanted someone to hold us, And show respect for others. He wanted someone who'd be gentle, And so he created mothers. He wanted someone strong, A support filled with love. And so he created fathers, Sent from heaven up above. Source: Tribute To Family, Poems about Family | Grandma Seifert Lil & Bruce Eleanore Bushard & Barb Cheryl, Mary | Cheryl, Mary Bruce, Cathy, Barb

22: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Mary | Cathy, Patty, Bruce, Barb Mary, Cheryl, Michele, Lil, Hal & Jimmy | Jimmy & Ellen

23: Patty | Jimmy | Cathy Erna Meder Clarence Meder Barb Cheryl Bruce Mary

25: L: Cheryl, Cathy, Barb, Bruce, Michele, Jim, Patty, Mary, Hal and Lil at 50th Wedding Anniversary party. R: Lil, CHeryl, Michele, Patty, Mary, Hal, Cathy, Jim, Barb, and Bruce at Glaeser farm for Bushard Family Reunion

26: Mary & Jon at their wedding | Hal & Dean Glaeser | Lil & Hal

27: Lil & Cheryl | Cheryl & Mary | Lil | Cheryl Cathy Patty Bruce Jim Barb Michele Mary

28: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

30: The Meder Girls | I have this little angel. For me she left her wings. She has no idea how much happiness she truly brings. She brightens up my days with her smiles and h

31: Far Left: Barb Left: Cathy Top: Cathy & Mary

32: “Whatever they grow up to be, they are still our children, and the one most important of all the things we can give to them is unconditional love. Not a love that depends on anything at all except that they are our children.”

33: L: Barb and Bruce in the pea patch. R:Cathy at college graduation. Below: Hal and Bruce

34: Patty & Jim | Barb | Barb | Patty | Barb & Grandpa Clarence

35: Bruce, Barb & Cathy | Bruce by Koppen's Garage | Cheryl, Mary & Grandpa Clarence | Hal, Michele & Lil at Michele's college graduation | Barb, Cathy & Bruce | Hal & Cheryl

36: Cheryl had Amy April 9, 1979 and Jenny December 13, 1983 who all reside in California. Amy married Joe in April 2005. Cheryl married Ernest Sewell in California. Mary married Jon Taylor in September 25, 1969. They had Christopher (on March 15 1975) and Sarah (on December 5, 1977). Christopher married Katie September 18, 1999 and they have three children, Aaron (December 23, 2000), Jon “Jack” (July 23, 2003), and Sam (May 27, 2005). Sarah married Jake Bukosky October 6, 2001. | Patty

37: Bruce married Lori Edman (July 5, 1974). They had Nathan January 13, 1979 and Brandon May 18, 1982 . Nathan married Erin Kringen September 18, 2004 and they have one daughter Reagan. Brandon married Danielle McDowell on June 30 in 2007. | Barb on her First Communion | Hal, Michele, Lil | Hal, Barb, Lil at NHS Induction

38: Barb married Bruce Peterson on March 15, 1975. They had three children. Ryan, on July 26, 1978, Caryn on March 20, 1980, and Joni on May 30, 1983. On July 31,1999, Ryan married Andréa Shaw. They have two children, Ethan (April 11,2002) and Karra (March 18, 2004). Caryn married Aaron Howell on July 21, 2009 in Jamaica. Cathy married Rodney Banks in July 13, 1985. They have three children Emily (May 22, 1986), Thomas (October 9, 1987), and Alison (October 18, 1988). Phillip was baptized at birth and passed away shortly after. He rests in peace in Gibbon at St Willibrord’s Catholic Church Cemetery. | James Bushard with Mary | Mary | Patty

39: Patty married Miles Nelson April 19, 1986. They have four children, Barry (November 21, 1989), Rachael (June 1,1995), Olivia (November 30, 1996), and Benjamin (October 5,1998) James married Catherine McGuire in August 9, 1986. They have two children, Andrew (October 10, 1990) and Alex (September 30, 1996). Michele married Dan Callanan in October 5, 1991. They have three children, Michael (May 5, 1994), Shannon (August 21, 1995), and Sean (April 3, 1999). | Mary at Alamo | Lil, Cathy, Mary, Hal, Barb, Cheryl, Bruce

40: Ernest Sewell Cheryl (Meder) Sewell

41: Amy Stenbakken | Jenny Stenbakken | April 9, 1079 | December 13, 1983

42: Patty Cathy Barb Alison Jenny Amy Cheryl Joni Sarah Mary in California at Amy's wedding

43: R: Amy & Jenny at Amy's wedding | Ernest, Amy, Joe & Cheryl | Amy, Cheryl & Jenny | Amy & Joe at their wedding

45: Jon Taylor Mary (Meder) Taylor March 15, 1975 | Christopher Taylor | Sarah Taylor | March 15, 1975 | December 5, 1977

46: Jim & Chris

48: Chris & Katie | September 18, 1999 | Aaron, Jack & Sam

49: Sarah Taylor Jake Bukosky | October 6, 2001

50: Lori, Bruce Barb (Meder) Peterson Lynae (Edman) Olson Lynette (Bengtson) Cors Michele (Meder) Callanan Laird Edman Dean Casper Lance Edman James Meder Jerry Glaeser Roger | Attendants: | Groomsmen: | Ushers:

51: Bruce Meder Lori (Edman) Meder | Nathan Meder | Brandon Meder | July 5, 1974 | January 13, 1979 | May 18, 1982

53: Nate & Erin September 18, 2004

54: Brandon & Danielle June 30, 2007

57: Bruce Peterson Barbara (Meder) Peterson March 15, 1975 | Ryan Peterson July 26, 1978 | Caryn Peterson March 20, 1980 | Joni Peterson May 30, 1983

58: Ryan Peterson High School Graduation 1996 | Joni Peterson College Graduation 2005 | Caryn Peterson Law School Graduation 2007

60: Ethan Ryan 4-11-2002 | Ryan and Andrea 7-28-99 | Aaron and Caryn 7-21-09 | Karra Bree 3-18-04 | Caryn & Joni with Karra at her baptism

63: Rodney Banks Catherine (Meder) Banks | Emily Banks | Alison Banks | Thomas Banks | May 22, 1986 | October 18, 1988 | October 9, 1987

69: Miles NElson Patricia (Meder) Nelson | Barry Nelson | Rachel Nelson | Benjamin Nelson | Olivia NElson | April 19, 1986 | November 21, 1989 | June 1, 1995 | October 5, 1998 | November 30, 1996

70: Barry | Olivia's Baptism | Barry's Baptism

71: Rachel's Baptism | Ben's First Communion | Olivia

75: Jim Meder Catherine Meder | Andrew Meder 10-10-90 | Alex Meder 9-30-1996 | August 9, 1986

79: Dan Callanan Michele (Meder) Callanan | Michael | Shannon | Sean | October 5, 1991 | May 5, 1994 | August 21, 1995 | April 3, 1999

84: L: Patty, Cathy, Barb, Mary, Cheryl and Lil in California for Amy's wedding. Bottom L: Mary, Lil, Hal and Cheryl C: Barb and Bruce R: Hal, Clarence, Barb, Erna, and Ryan

85: Lil and Emily at Breezy Point Lil, Clarence, Hal, Bruce and Lori | C: Rodney and Emily R: Shannon playing Dance, Dance Revolution C: Katie and Chris R: Barb, Catherine, Cathy, and Patty in Ohio at Aaron and Caryn's reception C: Karra R: Alex at Breezy Point

86: Top left: Mary and Jon at their wedding Alex, Jim, Brandon, Bruce, Nathan, Hal, Clarence, and Andrew at Clarence's 100th birthday party Chris's baptism Michael, Caryn, Shannon, and Sean Alex and Rachel dancing.

87: Top left: Ben and his Doctor; Top Center: Lil and Hal, Top Right: Olivia on her first Communion Bottom Left: Lil, Barb and Hal Bottom Right: Caryn and Aaron

88: Hal and Lil | Barb and Bruce on motorcycle trip in Galeana, Illinois | Chris and Katie with Rachel as flower girl | Patty and Olivia | Miles, Grandpa Clarence and Patty Alison and Cathy Barry and Ryan at Okobojie Patty, Catherine, Barb and Reagan, Cathy, Mary, Lori, Lil, Erin, and Michele at Easter | Jim and Ryan | Michele with Grandma Erna

89: Michele Ryan and Nate playing in Bruce's Jeep Erin and Nate at Breezy Point Resort | C: Ryan and Nate at Nate's 30th b-day party R: Ryan and Nate C: Emily & Alison R: Joni, Jenny, Amy and Caryn C: Ethan R: Lil, Clarence, & Hal at Family Reunion

90: Nate and Ryan Bruce with Northern Barb at College Graduation Rachel, Barry, Ben, and Olivia Caryn, Nathan, Joni, and Brandon | Caryn Jim sleeping Emily

91: L: Hal, Lil and Caryn Amy Sarah and Chris, Nathan & Ryan R: Jim, Bruce Hal and Lil

92: Rachel | Hal, Lil and Jon Mary and Jon Cathy and Rodney at Emily's baptism | Barb, Bruce, Caryn and Ryan | Olivia, Bruce and the Mule

93: Sarah & Jake Miles, Olivia Rachel, Patty Ben and Barry Ryan & Karra | Caryn & Aaron Tom, Emily, Cathy, Alison, & Rodney Shannon & Caryn

95: As of December 25, 2009, Hal and Lil have 8 children, 21 grandchildren (Chris, Sarah, Ryan, Amy, Nathan, Caryn, Brandon, Joni, Jenny, Emily, Thomas, Alison, Barry, Andrew, Michael, Rachel, Shannon, Alex, Olivia, Benjamin, and Sean), and 6 great-grandchildren (Aaron, Ethan, Jack, Karra, Reagan, and Sam). When we all get together, our family has more than 52 people in one spot!! – And that’s why we now rent out cabins for our get-togethers! | Nathan, Amy, Sarah, Ryan, Patty & Joni, Chris, Brandon, and Caryn | Patty, Cathy, Barb, Alison, Jenny, Amy, Cheryl, Joni, Sarah, and Mary in California for Amy's wedding. | Shannon, Drea & Olivia

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