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Family History

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S: Family History of Camille Blanchard

BC: Created in 2011 | Dedicated to Camille & Lillian Blanchard

FC: Camille & Lillian Blanchard | The Memories | of

1: This book is a recollection of facts and stories as best remembered about the lives of Camille and Lillian Blanchard

2: Camille Blanchard Born May 15, 1931

3: Mother | Father | Grand Father | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Grand Mother | Camille | May Blanchard | Wilmer Blanchard

4: Lillian Blanchard Born on November 11, 1932

5: Mother | Father | Grand Father | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Grand Mother | Lillian | Divine Theriot | Noe Theriot

6: Camille Blanchard was born May 15, 1931 to Wilmer and May Blanchard, the oldest of 13 children. Wilmer's was born on March 17, 1910 to Elie Blanchard who was born in September of 1873 near Loreauville, Louisiana, going towards Cateau Holmes. In June of 1902 Elie married Wilmer's mother Carmelite Berard who was born in July of 1879 in Loreauville . Elie and Carmelite started their lives in the same area he was raised and had 12 children, but 3 of them died young. Wilmer went to school there about 6 months of his life. Elie moved his family of 9 children to Catahoula Lake, located outside of St. Martinville, La around 1925. They rented a house owned by Aurelien Doucet (the house was where Harold Granger store is today). Aurelien was one of the first settlers to come to Catahoula around 1907 from Pointe Claire. His wife was black and got into a fight with his sisters and they beat her to death, so he came with his baby Ignace Doucet and claimed a lot of land in Catahoula where he started several businesses. Wilmer's dad Elie was a professional gambler and did very well. He would gamble winning a lot of money and live on that money untill he ran out. He would fish to make more money then gamble again. During the great flood in May of 1927 Elie was helping the Catahoula men block the water from going over the little levee near Catahoula. At that time the levee ran from the Mississippi river up to Butte Larose's, Lake Larose and turned, so Catahoula didn't have protection from rising water. Elie got a hernia when he was straining to fight the water , but the flood waters were going in the houses, so he took his family to Lafayette's higher ground. The people there were living in tents and he, his wife, and 6 of his 9 children lived in tents too. During this time Elie's hernia got infected and he died on July 4, 1927 at age 54. His widow Carmelite Blanchard and 6 of their unmarried children stayed living in the tents until August of 1927 (13 years later a large levee was built to protect Catahoula). Later his widow Carmelite married Gill Verret and moved to Catahoula Levee (Located were Mr. Cook lives today). Wilmer was 17 year old during the flood. Camille's mother May Blanchard was born on May 30, 1911 in Isle Labbe, off Highway 96. Her father was Fernand Blanchard born in April of 1879 in Loreauville and her mother was Clothilde Borel born in February of 1883 in Loreauville.. Her parents meant in Loreauville and were married in January of 1901. Fernand was a farmer and share cropped because he didn't own any land. He moved to Isle Labbe in a home 1/4 mile from the old rail road track(no longer there) in a house on the left side of the street (going towards St. Martin) and they had 9 children while living there. May went to a one room school next to the track until 1st grade. When her oldest sister Altaie married Ignace Doucet in 1924 Fernand moved them to a rent house in Catahoula owned by Ignace's dad. | Elie Blanchard | Carmilite Berard | Camille

7: Our Ancestors | Com age 18

8: At this time 2 of their children were married and 7 moved with them. While living there they had 2 more children making 11 total. This is when Wilmer and May meant and were married on June 21, 1930 in the Catahoula Church. They rented a house from May's brother-in-law, Ignace Doucet and it was located where Harold Granger's store is today. On May 15, 1931 their 1st born child Camille Blanchard was born at that rent house. He was delivered by his grand mother Clothilde who was a mid-wife. She delivered many of the babies in Catahoula. The hospitals back than were too far and there were no doctors living in the area so children were born at home. Wilmer was a fisherman and picked moss for a living then. May's dad Fernand was working in the fields on May 15, 1932 and came in the house to take a cold bath to cool off. The cold water shocked his body and caused him to have a heart attack killing him on Camille's 1st birthday, he was 53 years old. His widow Clothilde still had 5 children living at home. In 1929 the stock market crashed causing a great depression until 1929. The worst years of the depression were 1932 and 1933. During this time a loaf of bread was 7 cents, a pound of ground meat was 10 cents, and the average salary was $16.89 a week In 1932 Wilmer got offered a surveyor job building the big levee along the Atchafalya Basin that now protects Catahoula. He made $2.50 a day working 12 hours a day (this was 20 cents an hour) so working a 84 hour week he made $17.50 in a 7 day week. He started his first day on July 6, 1932 and before he left for work his wife May told him to go get her mother Clothilde because she was going to have their baby. When Wilmer got home from work that night his daughter Della had been born. May's sister Altaie's husband Ignace Doucet bought 80 acres of land across the Lake on the Island. There was a big double house near the lake located where Kirk Boudreaux lives today. Wilmer rented one side of the house from Ignace and he, May, Camille, and Della moved when Com was age 2. Camille remembers they got their water from a ground well with a cypress frame. His dad dropped a bucket tied to a string down into the well to get their water for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing. Wilmer's sister Monique and her husband Martin Latiolais and their four children rented the other part the that house. At this time the only other people living on the island was Mr. Louis Alcide (Shoon) Olivier and his family, one of his married children, Mr. Rodriguez who farmed for Mr. Olivier, and Wilmer's sister Angela, her husband Sylvain Theriot | Fernand | Clothilde

9: and 5 of their oldest children. Alcide (Shoon) Olivier was one of the first settlers in Catahoula coming in 1901 from Youngsville, La. He claimed all the land from Bayou Mercier to the Catahoula Lake. Wilmer managed to save $300 and bought one acre of land for $25 from Ignace. It was the lot next to the rent house he was living in. With the $300 he also built a three room house with a kitchen, two bed rooms, and a porch and he fenced in the whole yard. Back then that was a lot of money. Later Wilmer said he wish he had bought more then one acre of land for his children to live on. At the time he only had two kids, so he didn't buy more land Camille can remember being 2 years old and crossing the little coolie between the rent house they lived in to the land Wilmer was building the house on and carrying window shades to their new house.. During this time Com's baby brother Joseph was born in June of 1933, but he died 9 months later in April of 1934. The island was full of trees that needed to be cleared and there were no roads or bridges going to it. The Catahoula lake was the road so they traveled by putt putt boat or pirogue to get around the area. Wilmer also had a Chalont' (Flat Boat). Com said he used the flatboat to cross his siblings for school. Wilmer also had a barge he used for moss picking. He didn't have a horse or wagon, so if they had to go any further then Catahoula Wilmer would borrow a Model T Ford Truck from a friend. The only time Wilmer used the truck was to go to St. Martinville for wood or to the Doctor.. Com can remember a few times a year his dad would rent a bus from Mr. Auguste Courville to visit their relatives in Loreauville. He filled the bus with his family and any of his brothers and sisters who wanted to go. Camille can remember his dad telling him what Catahoula was like when he first lived there. It had a big store along the water (Waldo Borel's house is there now) owned by William Talley. He had anything you needed in that store. Next door he had a fish dock where you cold sell or buy fish. Then his dance hall and restaurant was next to that. Also, along the lake was Mr Albert Borel's dance hall and restaurant.. Ignace's house and his gambling room was in front of the rent houses near the road and he also had an ice cream parlor. The biggest Inn in Louisiana was a Istaurant, and rooms for rent. It burnt to the ground two years after being built. Where Harold's grocery store is now were rent houses and a dock was for a ferry boat because there wasn't a bridge there yet. | Wilmer | May

10: Most of these building were still there when Camille was little, but only a few were still open to business. The first School in Catahoula was a one room building in the late 1920's and the first Church was a little wooden building. The wooden bridge that crossed Catahoula Lake was built in 1937 and the brick school that stands today was also built that year. Camille was one of the first kids to start in the new school when he was 6 years old. It was a 6 room brick building that went up to the 7th grade. The gym was also built and no cafeteria, they had to bring their own lunch. Com started 1st grade and his teacher was Ms. Gregg, His sister Beulah was born just after he started school in September of 1937. Because he spoke French and only English was allowed in school Com had trouble in 1st grade and he had to repeat the grade. In 2nd grade he remembers his teacher was Ms. Thomas (Norman and Geralyn had her in 1st grade) and his brother Roy was born in January of 1940. That year Wilmer finished his job with the levee and it took eight years to build the levee.. He got a raise to 40 cents an hour and worked 9 hours a day because of President Roosevelt's New Deal Law. It stated that Employers could not make their employees work more than 45 hours a week and had to pay them a minimum of 40 cents an hour. Wilmer worked 8 years as a surveyor building the levee that went from the Mississippi River near Marganza all the way to Morgan City.. Wilmer was very pleased with this President and would talk of him often. When Com was in 3rd grade his teacher was Ms. Judice and he was 9 years old. His dad started working for Mr. Martin's Saw Mill. The mill was located near the levee where Gregg Guiard lives today. Com's dad made him bring lunches to the mill every day during this time. He would leave school at 11:00 and run to 6 different homes around Catahoula and get the Mil workers lunches from their wives. Then he ran to his boat, crossed the lake, and went to his house to get his dad's lunch. He would run about 1 mile to the mill and give them their lunches and they each paid him 5 cents (30 cents). Then he ran home gave his momma the money and would go back to school about 1:00. After doing this for about 4 months the saw mill job ended and so did Com's little job. He was happy about that because he said it was hard to do. When the mill started up again he told his dad running the lunches to the workers was very hard, so his dad didn't make him do it again. Wilmer worked at the mill on and off through the years while doing other jobs like carpentry building homes, businesses, boats, and pirogues for people around Catahoula and the surrounding area. He picked moss and fished when he wasn't building something and Camille was right beside his dad working at all these jobs at a very young age. Wilmer had a barn with 3 milking cows, 5 breading cows, and a lot of chickens.. He also had around 100 pigs

11: he let run around the woods. Several of the Catahoula people had their pigs there too and they all had their own brands on their pigs to tell who's pig was who. Wilmer's brand was a "V" on the back of the ear and the bottom of the ear had a cut.. Camille said that his dad would hunt for their meat like deer, rabbit, squirrel, birds and would fish also. His momma had a little garden for their vegetables and he could remember they would eat beans almost every day and always had some kink of meat. The would also get with a few families and take turns killing a calf and split the meat with each other. Com said they were lucky because they always ate very good unlike many people at that time.. The only things they bought at the store was beans, rice, sugar, coffee, and flour. He remembers his dad would buy 100 pounds of rice and store it in containers for hard times during the winter when there wasn't much work. This guaranteed they had rice all year.. When Com was in 4the grade his teacher was Ms. Lovas and in August of 1941 his sister Sonja was born. He remembers that they didn't have much when he was growing up. They didn't have electricity, a toilet, a bath room, lights, running water, toys, or a TV. For lights they used an oil lamp, and out house for a toilet, a wood burning stove to cook and heat the house, and they used a clothes washing tub to take a bath and wash clothes. (Later his dad got a kerosene stove to cook on and a washing machine for clothes washing and a bath tub). Their water came wooden water cistern that would catch rain water and when there was a drought and no rain for a while his dad would dig a ground well by the lake. They would tie a rope onto a bucket and drip it down into the well and get clear water. There wasn't a frame around this well, so his dad would tell the kids they better not go by it or else! Which meant he was spank their butt. Com said they didn't have much clothes because his momma May would make their clothes or they wore hand me downs.. Every day his dad made him go to the woods to chop a tree down and chop it up into small peaces for the wood burning stove. He had to feed and milk the cows, feed the chickens, help take care of the younger kids, and help his dad with many different daily chores. Even though life was hard back then Camille did have some fun in his life.. He swam in the lake, listened to a battery operated radio, played baseball in the field, played marbles, hop scotch, hide and seek, and played with cousins Cheese and Ivan. When Camille was in 5th grade his teacher was Ms. Deson and his brother Adam was born in November of 1942.. Catahoula was changing; Mr. Claude Rodriguez opened a big wooden store with a porch along the front located where Landry's store is today. (Later his son Antoine Rodriguez ran the store until the 1980's. Mr. Issac Bourque also had a big store across the lake from Com's house and his parents used that store more. They would send him across the lake to buy things they needed.

12: Mr. Bourque had a type of credit card for his customers. It had pictures of dollars and coins and when his customers spent money he punched out the picture of the amount they spent. When they filled the whole card then the person owed him $25. (It closed in the late 1970's). Camille's sister Carrol was born was born in September of 1943 when he was 12 years old and in the 6th Grade. During that time he and a friend Ernest Vicknair chopped wood for people around Catahoula after school. They chopped a cord of wood which was 8 feet long and 4 feet high and this took a whole week to do. They were paid $8.00 a cord. Com's baby brother Adam died in January of 1944 making two siblings that died. When he was in 7th grade Com remembers his teacher was Ms. Daspit and around March of 1945 his dad let him quit school to work with him full time picking moss and fishing to make money for their growing family. At that time they got paid 1/2 a cent a pound for moss and between the both of them they would pick about 4000 pounds a day. Com can remember he would work all day without stopping when his dad took brakes to eat or smoke so he could pick as much moss as his dad. When they picked 4000 pounds they made $20 which was a lot of money at a time when the average man made $16 a week. If they dried out the moss they got 5 cents a pound, but it took 3 months to dry the moss out. His sister Louise was born in December of 1945 making 9 people living in their little house so Wilmer needed to make the house bigger. a friend of his gave him an old camp boat, so com and him tore it down and used the wood to add on the their house. Camille was 14 year old then and the added two more bed rooms, a bath room with a tub,. Now the house had 3 bed rooms, a living room and kitchen and a bath. No indoor plumbing yet so the water still had to be brought into the house for cooking and bathing. As a teenager Camille, Cheese, and other cousins would go into the woods and play Tarzan. They would climb the trees and swing from the vines. Com fell out the tree one time and broke his wrist, so his dad took two pieces of wood and wrapped his arm between them till it healed. There were no doctors around then and they couldn't afford one.. Com also remembers he and his buddies would build camps in the woods and one time his cousin was chopping some wood and caught Com's leg with the Axe. His leg wouldn't stop bleeding so they took him to his house and his grandmother Clothilde Blanchard took some spider webs and sugar and placed it on the cut and it stopped bleeding. She was their family doctor when they were sick or had injuries. In June of 1946 another sister was born, Katrina, and Com was 15 years old then. People in Catahoula were starting to buy Vehicles and Com's Uncle Jim Guidry built a gas station with a mechanic shop located where the funeral home is today. It closed about 4 years later. Com's brother Wilmer Jr. was born in July of 1948 with health problems and couldn't walk That year his dad Wilmer bougth his first vehicle which was a old black 1929 Model A Ford car. He parked it on the other side of the lake.

13: pound, b. | at his sisters house, because there weren't any roads on the Island yet. When ever he needed a vehicle he crossed the lake in a boat to get his car. Com remembers that year he and his dad had built the horseshoe club for his Uncle Ignace Doucet. It was across the street from Rodriguez's Grocery store(Today Landry's grocery). It was a huge building split into three sections. On the left side was a gambling room, in the middle was a dance hall and the other side was a restaurant. This place stayed open for many years and the dance hall was the last part of the building to shut down. It was torn down in the 1990's.. When Camille was 18 when his sister Ida was born in January of 1950 and at 19 he started working for a river boat company called Butcher Arthur Company as a deckhand. He was making $200 a month. One day he asked the boss if he could cook super because the cook's food on the riverboat wasn't good. The boss let him cook and they loved the food so much that the next time they docked the cook was fired and Com got the job as Cook for $400 a month. When he worked for this company it had been the furthest he had ever traveled which was from New Orleans to Brownsville, Texas. In 1951 Com remembers that the road called Bayou Mercier was built from Red's Levee bar to the Bayou and a wooden bridge was built. But the road on the island from the bridge wasn't built until the next year. His sister Della got married on December 9, 1951 and Com and his cousins cut a trail from the bridge to their house in case the wedding guest wanted to come that way. At that time Camille had bought a brand new 1951 Ford navy blue truck and he was going to the dances at the Wild Cherry in Breaux Bridge.. The road from the Bayou Mercier bridge was built in the early 1952 year and it was a gravel road that went up till Wilmers house.. Lillian Theriot was the first child born on November 1, 1932 to Noe Theriot and Devine Bijeaux.. She was delivered by a Mid-wife at her parent's home located outside of Breaux Bridge in an area called Aux Bayou. Noe Theriot her father was born on September 21, 1910 to Sosthen Theriot born May of 1881 and Blanche LeBlanc born March 1883, who was from the Grand Bois area (between Parks and Breaux Bridge, La). Sosthene and Blanche raised 8 children in that area and he was a share cropper. Noe went to school until 2nd Grade and worked with his father in the fields until he married | Wilmer's 1929 Ford Car | Com's 1951 Ford Truck | Com on Tug boat

14: Sosthene and Blanche Theriot | Lillian Theriot | Devine Bijeaux. She was born January 2, 1910 to Idelle Bijeaux born March of 1886 in Arnaville and Eve Theriot born in February of 1886 in Grand Bois. They also were farmers, but they didn't share crop because they owned their land. Eve Theriot's parents owned about 90 acres of land in the Grand Bois area (where Noe and Devin built their house) and When her father died on November 25, 1932 (Lillian was only 11 days old) she got 11 of those acres. Then she and husband Idelle bought 24 more acres from her siblings giving them 35 acres. The had a house behind Roy's store and later built a home near the road about 3 lots from where Wilson lives today. (Lills Aunt Emeline said she lived there her whole life 1929 to 1949 before she married). Devine never went to school because she was the 2nd oldest child and by the time a bus passed to pick up the kids she was older and needed at home to farm the crops.. Lill remembers she liked going to visit her Mom Eva. She didn't care to visit her Mom Blanche (Who was the family doctor) because she wanted to hug and kiss you too much and she was mean. Lillian thinks her parents meant when their brother and sister ,Lucien Theriot and Emerite Bijeaux were going out(Married July of 1927). Noe Theriot and Devine Bijeaux were married on January 27, 1932 and they were sharecroppers. They planted and harvested the crops for the land owner and shared the profit which was 2/3 went to him and 1/3 went to the land owner. Some time after Noe married his parents moved to land his mother Blanche got which was located near his current house in the curve going down a gravel road. Lillian can remember her parents living in 8 houses during their marriage. She lived in six of those houses growing up, the 1st house being the one Lill, Dalton, and Ollie were born in. Dalton was born January of 1934 and Ollie July of 1935. The 2nd house was in a Aux Bayou area just outside Breaux Bridge. Lill remembers it was a big house with 5 big rooms and her dad share cropped for Ms Guidry. They moved there in 1935 after Ollie was born. Her dad Noe owned a brown horse named King that he attached to a small buggy with a top. They went visiting in the neighborhood or church in it and when they had to travel further they went in a wagon. when they traveled any further.. When they worked in the fields her dad would attach two mules to a wagon used to put the crops in. Lillian didn't have electricity in her house just like Camille. She also had to use an outhouse as a toilet, wash tub to take baths, kerosene lamps for light, and a wood burning stove to cook and heat the house. Their water came from a well of water cistern and they didn't have TV or toys to play with. | Adell & Eva Bijeaux

15: Lillian's sister Geraldine was born in the 2nd house they lived in on November of 1936. She remembers when they lived there her dad bought a second horse names Walless that was a tan colored race horse. Ollie, Lill's sister remembers when Lill was about six years old they were going to church in Parks. Her dad put Walless on the buggy and her momma and baby sister were in the front seat with her dad. Ollie was in the front sitting near the food rest and Lill told her to go sit in the back with their brother because she was sitting there. The horse had the runs and Lill had a white coat on, next thing she knew the horse had shit all over Lill's coat. When they got to church Lill left the coat in the buggy. They lived in the 2nd house until around August of 1938, then moved to their 3rd house in the Grand Bois area at a house owned by Mr. Eloi Landry. Her dad started share crop farming with him. This house had two front rooms and a back kitchen, it had steps with no porch and was unpainted. Lill remembers she was about 5 or 6 when she started working in the fields with her parents. Being the oldest child she would watch the smaller children and help pick the crops. She remembers while living at this house she started school at Parks Elem School (built in 1922) in October of 1938 when she was about 7 years old. Her teacher was Ms. Barras and she was in the 1st grade.. School was not important back then and the children had to help their parents in the fields, so they didn't start in August like the rest. Her bus driver was Mr. LeBlanc and he drove an old yellow bus. When it rained and the dirt roads were muddy he would pick the kids up in a covered wagon with benches on each side. Lill remembers on day she and her brother Dalton were walking along the road on their way to the fields before school and she saw some pretty flowers. She picked them up to bring home and when she gave them to her momma she slapped Lill's hand and told her it was poison Ivy, needless to say she got Poison Ivy. Lill said she had to wake up early in the morning to work in the fields before school and work until they saw the school bus coming a distance off, then run to the house and change clothes for school. When she got back from school she had to change into her brothers cover alls again and work in the fields until dark. Her dad grew sugarcane, cotton, pepper, Irish and sweet potatoes, string beans, lama beans, white beans, okra, corn and sweet peas. She also had chores like take care of 2 2 horses, 3 cows, 2 mules, about 30 chickens, and 4 pigs. | Parks Elem School | School Bus

16: by feeding the animals, milking the cows (She had trouble doing this), gathering the eggs, doing house chores, and taking care of the little kids. Lill did most of her school years while living in the 3rd house. She failed 1st grade and had Ms. Barras again. Back then all they spoke was French and when they started school they had t learn English, so it was a struggle.. She remembers her 2nd grade teacher was Ms. Melancon, her third grade teacher was Ms. Maraist, and 4th grade was Ms. Lovas who she had twice because she failed. Her brother Wilson was born in December of 1944 while living here and when he was 3 weeks old they moved to their 4th house owned by Mr, Willie Fournet. Lill said it was the 1st of three of his houses they would live in. It had two front rooms and a back room kitchen, pretty small for 5 people.. Her dad bought their 1st tractor and she learned how to drive on that Tractor, she was about 12 years old.. She remembers her dad was the first one in the neighborhood to buy something that came out. Like a radio, washing machine, gas stove, or car. Lill said that they didn't have much, but she didn't feel poor her momma made some of their clothes or they got hand me downs from relatives, and some times they were allowed to go and buy a new dress.. Because they were farmers they didn't have to buy much at the store. They grew or raised most of the things they ate. They went to the neighborhood store called Adrian Guidry's Grocery store for coffee, flour, sugar, and maybe something they needed. like material for clothes. It was about 1 1/2 miles from where they lived.. Lill said they worked a lot, but she did do fun things like jump rope, hop scotch, hide and seek and played with friends like Elsie Mouton, Delores Lasseigne (Poche), and Barbara Latiolais. Lill's brother Clifford was born in October of 1945 while living at the 4th house and she was going to be 13 the next month. She remembers when she was 14 her and Ollie had to work the sugarcane lifter. She worked the controls and Ollie ran after the mules to make them turn the crank that made the lifter pick up the sugar cane.. One day a man came by and told her dad that the one running after the mules should get paid more money and Lill found that to be funny because neither of them got paid for that job.. Lill finished 6th grade at Parks Elem. School and remembers her teacher was Ms. Blanche Gautier. Then she started 7th grade in Breaux Bridge in October of 1947, but quit around March of 1948 at age 15. She was the eldest of 6 children and needed in the fields. Lill and her siblings never got paid for all the work they did, her dad used the money to raise their family.. In todays world if a kid works then they get the money to spend. It didn't work like that when Lill and Com were growing up because they had big families to support. Lill's dad moved them to their 5th house around September of 1948. It was just down the road from the last one and built like the last one but painted. Lill was almost sweet 16 and her siblings were still going to school, somewhere she wanted to be instead of working the fields. Her sister Ollie said that their bus driver was Mr. Norris Theriot and they had to run a | Adrien's Grocery

17: long way to catch the bus. Lill did get to go to the dances at the Wild Cherry in Breaux Bridge. Her parents would drive her there and sit outside in their car visiting with other parents. The dance started at about 7pm and ended around 10 pm. She also went to Guidry's Dance Hall in Henderson, and The Four Corners in Cecilia. It was a Saturday night thing like a reward for working so hard during the week. Her baby sister Emily was born during this time in January of 1949. When Lill was 17 she and her sister Ollie wanted pictures made at Olen Mills Photography, but they didn't have money , so they asked their grandmother Eva Bijeaux for the money. This is Lill's picture. Around 1950 Lill's dad Noe bought their 1st car, it was a 1944 Ford Mercury the color blue.. The year she started her 1st job working for Mrs. Anna Breaux doing house work Her dad sold their little black buggy around that time and he bought a new 1951 Atlas Chapman tractor to work in the fields. They also moved to their 6th house at this time. It was a big house Mr. Willie had built for them because their family was now 9 people. It had a living room, 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and hallway. This house had electricity and indoor plumbing which made them feel rich to have these things because not many people did. Lill meant Camille Blanchard around this time at the Wild Cherry Dance Hall, she was 18. Camille and Lill had two things in common, they loved to dance and they were both the oldest child in their families.. Lill stopped working at Mrs. Anna's and was working in the fields with her family and Com would come visit her and help them on his days off work from the river boats. In December of 1951 Camille got draft papers to the Koran War and he was given a date to take his physical. Lill started working at her Uncle Roy Theriot's Grocery Store at the beginning of 1952.. It was located a few miles from her house (today near Noe's house).. About this time a bus route from St. Martinville to Catahoula started. The LaPort Bus Line sent a but to pick up the people in Catahoula every morning and brought they to town. In the afternoon the bus came back bringing people from town and the Catahoula people. This meant a lot because most people didn't have cars then and they were able to finally go to town for needed supplies (It stopped running around 1958). | 5th house Lill's lived in | 6th house Lill's lived in | 1st Car her dad bought | Noe & Devine Theriot | Lill age 17

18: In November o 19, 1952 Camille got his papers saying he had passed the physical for the Army and had to report in December for basic training.. Before he left he told his dad to use his truck and he would send money when he got paid (about 100 a month). Com and Lill were dating over 1 year when he was sent to Fort Bliss, Texas for his basic training. He had to quit his job with the river boat and left six months after his baby sister Loula was born in June (She was the 13th and last child born to Wilmer and May) At this time they had 9 children living with them and now Wilmer lost a lot of income when Com got drafted. At Fort Bliss, Com started night school to get his high school Diploma. After basic training he was scheduled to leave for Korea with the 4th Army battalion to fight in the was. His sergeant called him into his office and asked if he wanted to go to Korea. Com told him he was leaving on Monday, but he told Com since he scored the highest in his training with Machine guns for anti aircraft they needed him to stay as an instructor. Com stayed as a Cattery for about 3 months teaching the men how to shoot. On Thanksgiving day his buddies in the mess hall told him they didn't know how to make pumpkin pie and Com told them he did. After they tasted the pie he was offered a job as the cook, so he remained there and went to night school. During that time Lill's grandfather Idel Bijeaux died in May of 1953 at age 67, when she was 20 years old. Com had been at fort Bliss for almost one year and noticed that the army needed recruits in Germany, so he applied and got appointed to that area. He went home Christmas Eve for 15 days in December of 1953 and had to report in January of 1954. He decided that it would be best to break up with Lill so she wouldn't feel tied down while he was gone.. He wasn't going to be fighting in the Koren War, but he had to protect Germany from any enemies. He was a Corporal assigned a squad leader of the infantry and they had daily training drills and at night he continues his schooling at the Army base. He had a 4 day leave every other weekend so he would travel on tours the army made and saw Paris, Belgium and all over Germany. On July 21, 1954 Com finished school and got his high school diploma. The Army had paid his dad $200 a month because he was a provider for his family and Com got $100 a month and kept about $20 and sent the rest home to his dad. The summer of 1954 Lill quit working at her Uncle Roy's store to help her family in the fields. Her dad bought their 2nd car around that time. It was a black 1942 Chevy four door. By the end of that year Lill had made age 22 and started working in Lafayette at McCury's five and dime store as a sales clerk. This was the furthest she had ever traveled.. She stayed at her aunt Louise and Uncle Lukes house and | Com | Lill

19: would take the city bus to work from their house. They lived between Breaux Bridge and Lafayette at T-Bayou at the time. Lill would go home on her days off and she and her sisters Ollie and Geraldine would go to the dance at the Wild Cherry hall. Com finished his duty and returned home on December 24, 1954. His dad had saved most of the money Com sent and gave it back to him. He told his dad he could have his 1951 truck and he went out and bought a brand new 1955 Ford Fairlane Car. It was a two tone dark blue on top and light blue on bottom with 2 doors. He started a new job in January of 1955 for Berard Brothers off shore working 10 days on and 5 days off as a deck hand on a tug boat. Around this time Com and Lill meant up again and started dating. After a while Com got promoted to a captain on the drilling barge for Berard Brothers and they would run down the water ways sticking a pipe deep into the ground drill searching for oil. A river boat would follow them down the rivers and they would eat and sleep on it.. In April of 1955 Lill's sister Ollie got married and her husband moved her to Catahoula. A few months later she quit her job at the 5 and dime store and started working for Heymann's Food Center in Downtown Lafayette at the dough nut counter. She moved back to her house and was driving to work with her cousin Earline LeBlanc because she also worked in Lafayette. In November of 1955 Com's grandmother Clothilde Blanchard died at age 72. While working at Heymann's Lill had to go to schooling also and in October of 1956 she received a Trade School Diploma. While Lill was living at their 6th house Camille had asked her to marry him and she worked until November of 1956 and prepared for her wedding day. They had gone out around 4 years total. Camille and Lillian were married on December 16, 1956 in the old Parks Church (no longer there). It was a wooden building and today the church is a bigger brick building built around 1960. Lill had her sister Geraldine as a maid and her maid of honor was her cousin Earline LeBlanc. Com had lill's cousin Leroy Theriot and his bast man was his cousin Bernard Blanchard. Lill said Leroy bugged her when she would get married he wanted to be in her wedding, so Com said OK. Back then the Bride and her | Lill next to her dads black car | Com's new 1955 car | Off Shore boat Com worked on | The Church They married in | Com and Lill

20: 7 Camille Blanchard & Lillian Theriot | Married | 12-16-1956

21: her family had a dinner at her house and invited their relatives and friends and the groom did the same at his house. Then after the wedding they all went to the brides home and had cake and punch . They didn't have a honey mood they just went to their little house Com had built for them in Catahoula on the lake. Lill was now living in the same community as her sister Ollie. Being experienced in carpentry Com had built a 2 room house facing the road and the lake in the back next to his parents home. It had a kitchen, bedroom and front porch. They had electricity but no running water in the house yet. Lill had a wash house and her momma gave her a washing machine.. She had to pour water into the machine and it would wash the clothes then she ran each piece of clothing through the roller to ring out the water so she could rinse it and hand it out to dry. Com was still working off shore ten days on and on his 5 days off he and Lill would catch fish in the Atchafalaya Basin to sell and eat. Lill decided to try to finish her schooling so she went to night school. She finished 8th grade took a test that put her in the 9th grade, but she quit going to school before getting her GED. Around October of 1957 Com quit working off shore, Lill didn't like being by herself and he started driving a sugar cane truck for his uncle Sylvain and began building a camp boat. Com remembers he was hauling sugarcane and when he got on the wooden Bayou Mercier bridge it caved in. He climbed out the truck not hurt and the next day the bridge was repaired. He worked for his uncle until the end of harvest and moved his new camp boat to the basin and fished for a living. He and Lill would leave on Mondays and come out with all the fish, moss, and animal skins and sell them. They would sleep at their house that night then go back the next morning to the basin. Lill said on their way they would pick moss and Com would check his lines by the camp while she cooked them breakfast. After they ate then she and Com would go further down the basin and check his other lines. and hoop nets. Lill made a few pets of wild ducks and squirrels, but she didn't like the raccoons and she would knock them over board with a mop and drown them. Com would skin it to sell the fur and they would eat the meat.. On Saturday they would come out of the basin and sell everything and spend the weekend getting chores and errands done and visit family. Then on Monday they would start over again. Lill's grandfather Sosthene Theriot died in April of 1959 at age 78. During the fall of that year her dad moved them again to their 7th house and started share cropping for Mr. Ben Thibodeaux. The house was in the Grand Bois area near a railroad track The house had 3 bedrooms, kitchen, | Wedding day dinner | Catahoula around 1960 | Com & Lill House 1956

22: bathroom and a porch. Just after moving here her dad Noe bought a green 1952-54 Chevy truck to haul crops in. Com and Lill lived in the Atchafalaya Basin fishing until around May of 1960. She was pregnant for their 1st child so they moved the camp boat back to Catahoula. Camille got a new job with John Stockstill Crew Boat Company as a boat operator. He would drive the crew boat bringing the crew workers to what ever location the were working at. The crew workers were building a gas plant for a company called Penotech. When Com brought the crew workers to the job site he had to wait on them, so instead of sitting around waiting he would go and help the workers. with their job. Com remembers the boss, Steve Debord, told him if he was doing the work them he should be on payroll, so he hired Com as a roustabout. Com was getting two pay checks for doing both jobs. Lill's sister Geraldine got married in December of 1960 and two months later on February 6, 1961 Lill and Com had their 1st child Norman. Com's grandmother Carmelite Blanchard died the next month at age 82. Lill and Com are holding Norman in the picture. and Lill is pregnant for 2nd child Mavis who was born on March 29, 1962. Her god parents Sonja and Roy are holding her in the picture. Mavis contracted Meningitis in the hospital and died 16 days later on April 14, 1962.. Com's brother Roy got married that year in October and moved next door to Com and Lill living in their camp boat that was now on land. Com remembers Norman was so spoiled by his parents and Roy's wife Annie that one day she was outside and Norman w went into the camp boat and locked her out. She yelled for Norman to open the door because she was cooking, but he just laughed. Finally when the door was opened her dinner was burnt and Norman got away and never got spanked. On June 24, 1963 Com and Lill had their 3rd child Geralyn who would later be named Dee Dee by Wilmer because he couldn't remember her name.. When Geralyn was a few weeks old she had lost weight and was about 5 pounds and slowly dying. The Doctors said she needed a surgery and when Com's boss Steve Debord heard that he went to Com and told him he heard his baby girl needed surgery and asked him if he had insurance. Com said no so he gave him $1,700 to pay for the surgery. She had the surgery in July and survived. However, after the surgery Geralyn was in an Oxygen tank and a fire broke out at the hospital. The nurse giving Geralyn oxygen panicked and ran. Com's mother May was standing next to the Oxygen tank and saw her baby granddaughter turning blue.. She didn't know if turning off the machine would kill the baby, but the blue didn't look good so she turned off the oxygen machine and prayed that | Noe green Chevy truck | Geralyn | Mavis | Norman

23: she did the right thing. The nurse came running back and told May that she had just saved the baby's life. Geralyn was called their miracle baby because she escaped death twice. Around September of that year Com's company was finished building the Penotech Gas Plant, so he got laid off. In October he started working for his Uncle Sylvain again driving an 18 wheeler hauling sugar cane. Lill's grand mother Blanche died that month at age 80. Com was hauling sugarcane one day and in a curve the axle broke flipping the 18 wheeler and throwing him out of the truck. He broke both arms and wouldn't work for several weeks, so he ran for Justice of the Peace during his healing time and won the election. The Company called Penotech hired Steve Vincent to run the new gas plant Com's company he just built. Steve and Com got along well so he offered a job to Com. In November of 1963 he started working for the Company and in March of 1964 he started as Justice of the Peace for $50 a month. He married people and settled arguments between the people of the area. His kids can remember many times people came to their home to get married and they got to watch the wedding. Around this time Com started adding on to his little 2 room house. He turned the house side ways with the porch facing the woods and closed it in to build a bunk bed room for Norman. He built a bathroom next to that room and had a door from his bed room going into a large living room and built another bed room for Geralyn. He opened the kitchen to the living room and built a fire place in the living room to heat the house . In the fireplace they would make corn bread, roast weenies and marsh mellows. He built a carport and Utility room and storage room near the carport. He had double doors from the Utility going onto the carport. In 1964 Com also connected pipes to his house and his dad's house so they could have running water inside the house and had a water pump to filter out and clean the water. They had woods all around their house and no neighbors but his parents house. See the picture below of their new enlarged house and what it looked like around their house. Across the street was a fence along the road with bushes and trees where they picked black berries for Lills preserves and sweet tart pies. In January of 1965 Lill's grand mother Eva Bijeaux died at | Com in work boat | After Com enlarged their house | How it looked near Com's house in 1972 | Lill at the plant

24: age 97 and left each of her 7 surviving children land. Her daughter Devine was given 7 acres of land located where they built their new house to where her son Wilson has his house today. Now that they had their own land Noe decided to build them a house and asked Com to build it for him. Lill had their 4th child Neal on May 9, 1965 and he had white hair. A friend of Noe gave him an old house in St. Martinville that was built in the early 1800's, so Com Dalton, and Noe tore down the house and used the old wood to build the frame of his house and the window seals. He bought the rest of the materials needed to build the house and Com, Dalton and Wilmer built the house during the summer of 1965. When Com would go to work on the house Lill and the three kids would spend time with Devine her mother at their 7th house. A train would pass in the back of that house and blow its whistle and the kids would run out side to see it. Norman can remember Mom Devine would make home made cinnamon rolls and said, "They were sooo good." This would be the last sharecropper's house Noe and his family would live in, because their 8th house was their's. When Com they tore down the old house in St. Martinville they also tore down 3 fireplaces and kept the bricks. Noe wanted to make a sewer cistern with those bricks, but Com told him to sell the bricks and buy new ones with the money. This way his sewer would last longer, so a man bought the old bricks and replaced them with new ones. Noe's house was finished by the end of the year and he had a 3 bed room, bathroom, kitchen and living room house.. During the time of building the house Com's 1955 ford was done for so he bought an old 1953 Chevy Bel Air 2 door car. He was saving for something new and needed a car for the time being.. Noe built a barn, chicken coup,and fenced in the farm yard. He also planted crops on his land and built a little barber shop. He always cut hair for his friends and neighbors at his house. He started working for Papit Guidry growing different kinds of fruit trees and pecan trees and cut hair for a living. By this time Com's old Chevy had lasted about 6 months so he bought a new light blue Chevy truck in 1966 for $1,800. Next door to Com's house his Uncle Ignace Doucet started building a camp ground and buildings. He built 8 picnic tables areas with roofs along the lake, a store for the people in the camp ground, a dance hall, a restaurant, with a upstars whore house. On the side of that he built a building for rooster fighting.. | Noe new house in 1965 | Neal | Com's 1966 Truck | Old 1953 Bel Air that lasted 6 months

25: These businesses didn't do well so he closed them after about 6 years. Across the street from Coms Uncle Ignace had built a race horse track and a building on stilts where he sold food and drinks for the people coming to the races. (His son reopened the camp ground for about 7 years and closed it in about 1977 and two grand kids reopened the bar but that closed for the last time in about 1980-today the buildings are being torn down). Com and Lill would celebrate holidays with their families.. Every Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and New Years Day they would go to Lills parents house and Mothers Day, Christmas Day, and March Bouchere they would go to Com's parents house. Every Weekend Com and Lill would go spend the day with Lill's family and the kids would play in the barn yard with the chickens, horses, and in the barn they would jump into the bails of hay.. When they stayed home and spent time with Com's family the kids would play under the big oak tree on the swings and they would swim in the lake and ride in the pirogues or ride the boat and ski. Every year Lill's dad would call all his kids to come and pick the crops in the field. It would take all day, but they got to take some home with them. Once a year her dad would butcher one of his pigs and call all the kids to come help. They would make boudin by hand with the cow horn, make cracklin, hog head cheese, and pork stew.. Com's family would also do a boucheree every year and they continued doing it after their parents died. They just stopped doing it around 2005. Every year Com's family still get together for Mothers day and make boiled crawfish, for Christmas day, for the Friday before Christmas for a bomb fire, gumbo, and Santa comes, and every March for a family bar-b-que and easter egg hunt. Wilmer and May children also get together every other weekend play Bou-ree. These traditions started when the parents were alive and have continued to today. In July of 1967 Com and Lill took their first vacation with their kids to Holly Beach, Galveston, and Houston, Texas in their new light blue truck. Norman, Geralyn, and Neal went and also Lill's sisters Geraldine and Ollie along with their families. It was the first year they went to Astro World | Mothers Day | Holly Beach Vacation 1967 | Wilmer & May's Family | Noe & Devine's Family

26: Their 5th child Leland was born on August 28, 1968. Lill and the baby almost died when she got Toxemia and their blood was poisoned, so they both had to get blood transfusions. When Leland was about 11 months old Com put a camper on their Chevy truck and they went on vacation to Tennessee for two weeks. Leland was sick so he stayed with Della in Franklin. While they were gone Leland started crawling which upset Lill because she wasn't there. In 1970 Com got Lill her own car. It was the 1966 White Chevy Nova. He bought it from his sister Louise's brother in law.. As the kids were growing up Com and Lill did many activities with them. They would go to the Penotech Plant with Com on weekends and spend the day and have a picnic. You had to get there by boat because it was out in the boonies. Com and Lill were very involved in the community and went to meetings every week. The boys were in football and basket ball at Catahoula School and they would go as a family to each game. On good Friday they had the way of the cross along the road and as a family they would walk the 9 miles from St. Martinville to Catahoula. Lill made tarts every Holy Thursday and they would eat them after the way of the cross. The Catahoula Mardi Gras Carnival was a blast. Com and Lill would participate in the skits that were funny. Sometimes Com would dress as a woman, like Nancy Sinatra and perform. One year they were the King and Queen of the Court and Jean & Jeannette Lafitte. Their daughters Geralyn and Janice continued in this tradition doing skits and so did their grand kids. They did the skits and were also on the court. Leland was the first king for the kids carnival court. Another thing they did as a family was going in Com's barge and spent the day riding, fishing, and bar-b-qued. They all learned how to swim since they were at least 4 years old because they lived by the lake., but Lill didn't know how to | Leland | Tennessee Trip | 1966 Nova | Com as Nancy

27: swim. Com made pirogues and boats for the kids to go around the lake. They paddled so good that for the Church fair they would enter pirogue races and would win so much that the people got tired of entering because they couldn't beat the Blanchard gang. When the kids got to be around 7 com taught them how to water ski on his homemade skis. Later the boys would buy better ski's. Com also taught his boys how to hunt the safe way and today his son's are still hunting and so are their children. Hunting has become an enjoyable hobby through the years and also a way to get meat for eating.. Com and Lill have been involved in their church activities all their life. If the priest needed something it was usually Com or Lill that was called. Lill is in the Ladies Alter Society and Com in the Knights of Columbus. They have been on the Church Fair Committee every year to help organize it.. Com has also done most of the remodeling of the church since it was built. The Church Fair is a community fund raiser for church repairs and doing things for the community. Every year their children and grand kids help during the Church Fair. Another thing Com and Lill did with their kids through the years was going to the sand bar on the levee. They meant up with people they knew and had a picnic and swim all day. On 4th of July they would go to Breaux Bridge for the day and watch the parade, eat lunch on blankets, and watch the fireworks at night.. After a few year they started going to the celebration in St. Martin and would do the same things as Breaux Bridge. Com was a boy scout master for many years and Lill was an assistant Girl Scout leader, then a Cadet Leader. Their kids did a lot of things with their scout troops like camping, taking trips, helping the community, working on activities to get badges, going to meetings, and the scout summer camps. In 1970 Com once again added to his house by closing in the door from the living room to their bed room and making a hall way near the bathroom to the bunk bed room. He dug a big hole to make a hurricane cellar and on top of it he built a big room with a bathroom for the boys..

28: In the summer of 1971 Com and Lill wanted their kids to experience riding in a train and a gray house bus, so they made a trip to Astro World riding the train there. The meant up with Lill's sister Geraldine and her family. On their way back home they rode a Gray hound Bus.. On April 6, 1973 Lill had their 6th child Janice and she was going to be 41 years old that November (Lill had 3 miscarriages, so they would have had 9 children). When Janice was a little baby they went on vacation to Holly Beach and Galveston Beach. Com's brother Roy and sisters Louise, Sonja, and Kathy went with their families too. They got two big cabins and shared them. They brought crab nets and caught the crabs and had a big boil. In Galveston they enjoyed the sights and the beach. Lill's momma Devine, had cancer and died on July 20, 1976 at the age of 66. Her dad worked for Papit Guidry until around 1975 and retired, but still cut hair. Around this time Com needed a new truck so he gave his dad Wilmer his 1966 light blue truck and bought a new green Chevy truck. Lill's little Nova was finished too, so they got a second hand green station wagon for their 5 kids to fit in. In 1978 they took a vacation to Pensacola, Forida and saw how beautiful the beaches were and got hooked. They made several more trips to different parts of Florida on their summer vacations. In the early 1980's Com's company Penotech sold out to another company called Gulf Energy. This company enlarged the gas plant and built another one on the other side of the river. Now Com didn't need to go by boat because a road was made to the plant and he got a new company truck. Their kids were growing fast and Lill remembers that her kids would stay next door at May's and would eat her dinner. She would get upset because she would cook and when she called the kids they would tell her that they ate already. But she tricked them because she started bringing her food to May's house and the kids thought they were still eating their grandmother's food, but they weren't. Janice remembers Pop Wilmer swinging her all the time on the tree swings and riding her in the pirogue in the lake. When she went to Pop Noe's she remembers he had some fighting | Train | Bus | Janice

29: roosters and his best one was called RED. When their oldest kids started driving, the road in front of their house was still gravel and it was hard to learn how to drive on that. It finally got black top around 1983.. Com and Lill took their kids to Astro-world almost every year. The last year they went Janice was around 8 years old and they also went to the famous Gilley's bar. This would be the last vacation they took as a family because the older kids were going on vacations with friends. By the time Janice was 10 Norman and Geralyn had moved out and Neal was in High school. Janice played Tennis, Baseball and Basket ball for Catahoula Elem. and she was a cheer leader for Leland's football games. In 1984 Com and Lill took Leland and Janice to Tennessee since they hadn't been yet and Geralyn was off of work so she went too. They went with Lill's sister Geraldine and her family and rented a big van for everyone to fit in. In 1985 the "Porche" as Janice and Leland called it was the new car for Lill. It was a brown Chevy 4 door that Janice and Leland called the Porche because they didn't think it was a cool car. Com's momma May had been sick for many years and died on February 15, 1986 at age 75 and a few months later Lill's dad Noe died at age 76 from a stroke. In 1987 Janice went on her last vacation with Com and Lill to Astro World and Water World. They also visited Com's big boss Mr. Delaat at his home in Texas. Janice started taking vacations with Geralyn and Norman and Com and Lill started taking vacations with their friends and family members. All 5 of Com and Lill's kids went to Catahoula Elementary School up to 8th grade and they all graduated from St. Martinville Senior High School. Geralyn and Neal went on and graduated from Technical Schools and Janice went into the Air force then graduated from collage as a registered Nurse.. Now all their children were grown and Com and Lill were looking forward to wedding's and grandchildren.

30: Com and Lill had 3 weddings in a row. Norman married Tanya Molbert on August 24, 1990. The next year Neal married Deanna Bourque on November 15, 1991 and Leland married Sonja Blanchard on September 28, 1992. Norman and Neal always lived in Catahoula and Leland moved on Lill's land in Grand Bois then moved back to Catahoula. Norman had a son Chase on August 27, 1992 the day after the worst Hurricane hit Catahoula called Andrew.. Then on June 29, 1993 Leland had a daughter Mavis who he named after his sister that died. Geralyn had a son Corey born December 2, 1994 and two others were having babies at the same time. Norman had a daughter Bailey February 17, 1995 and Leland had a daughter Chelsie born June 15, 1995. Geralyn married Frank McNeese on April 20, 1996 and moved to Texas, Bogalussa, and Gulf Port, Mississippi with her husband. Janice was in the Air force living in Shreveport where she meant her future husband. When she finished she went to college there.. In 1996 Com retired from Tejas which was the companies name after Gulf Energy. On February 7, 1997 Leland had a daughter Taylor and that year Neal had a daughter Maci born on September 18, 1997. While living in Mississippi Geralyn had a little girl named Madison born November 24, 1999 and when she was a few weeks old they moved back to Louisiana and lived in Catahoula. On April 11, 2001 Janice married Travis Pickard and they moved to Gulf Port Mississippi. She and her husband adopted their baby Jake who is a dog. Then Neal had another daughter Lexi who was born on January 17, 2005. In 2009 Janice and her husband moved to Virginia because her husband was transferred to Washington DC. Com and Lill have been very involved with their family genealogy through the years. They have both researched their family all the way back to Nova Scotia and as far back as the 1500's in France. They attend family reunions and even went to Nova Scotia to meet Blanchard and Theriot family who live there. They are very close to their brothers and sisters and keep in touch often. Com's family get together every other weekend and play Booray. Com has lost one sister Sonja after the 1999 Christmas season. when she had a heart attack. As of today Com's parents Wilmer and May have 9 in-laws, 37 grand children, 55 great grand children and 10 great great grand children with a total of 153 people in the family along with spouses. Lill's parents Noe and Devine have 6 in-laws, 17 grand children, 27 great grand children, 2 great great grand children with a total of 72 people along with spouses. These two big families are very close and continue to get together for holidays and special occasions..

32: Through the years Com and Lill have shared in things they love doing. They both love to dance to French music., going to meetings and gatherings for family reunions. Showing Cajun culture exhibit, like making boudin, Lill shows how to make quilts and Com shows his wood craft of how houses and boats looked when he was young. Com also loved to hunt and fish with his son's. He used to make pirogues and boats for his kids to enjoy in the lake.. Lill loved making quilts, she has made many of them through the years. Working in her flower garden is another thing she loves doing, she has a green thumb and can make anything live.. She would sew for her family and taught her daughters to do the quilting and sewing. She also has played Po-ke-no with friends and family for years. She doesn't like to miss her Po-ke-no. They both love spending time with their 9 grand children and great grand child. They are still waiting for a child from their youngest daughter Janice.

33: Com and Lill have traveled to many places. Lill flew for the first time in her life when they went over seas to Roam, Italy and Jerusalem There they walked in the path Jesus took when he carried the Cross.. A few years later they went a second time over seas to France to see where their ancestors lived and tried to get more research on their family Genealogy. They were not successful however, because records were destroyed by all the wars, so churches with the records were destroyed They went to Nova Scotia three times to see where their ancestors lived and meant new relatives. They took several cruises to South America and the islands. They took many bus tours and toured many places in the U. S.

34: Com & Lill's Grandchildren growing into young adults | Chase is the First born grand child (Top Left). Next is Mavis who was named after Com & Lill's child that died (Top right). In the middle is Corey the 3rd grand child. | Then Bailey the 4th grand child (bottom left) and Chelsie the 5th grand child (bottom right). The 3rd, 4th, and 5th were all born with in 6 months of each other.

35: Taylor is the 6th grand child (top left). Maci is the 7th (top right). They are the same age 7 months apart. | Madison is the 8th grand child (middle Picture). Lexi is the 9th and last grand child so far (bottom left) | The first great grand child is born to Mavis and his name is Braxton (bottom right)

36: Life is Good

38: In December of 2006 Camille and Lillian made 50 years of marriage. Their children organized a big celebration just like todays wedding receptions. Back when they married money was not spent on a wedding reception. After the wedding the guest all went to the bride's house to have cake and punch and that was all. So, their children gave them the wedding reception they never had.. They also renewed their wedding vows with the same people who served in their wedding 50 years ago.. Com and Lill had a wonderful time seeing old friends and relatives. | Years | 50

39: Camille and Lillian Blanchard have had a wonderful full life together with a lot of great memories. They are still making new memories every day.

43: Our Ancestors

46: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

48: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

49: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

50: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

51: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

52: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

54: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

55: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

56: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother

57: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother

58: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother

59: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother

62: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

65: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

69: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

70: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother

71: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother

72: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

73: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

74: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

76: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

80: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

81: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

82: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

83: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

87: Our Ancestors

88: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

91: Our Ancestors

92: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

93: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

94: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

95: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

97: Our Ancestors

99: Our Ancestors

100: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

102: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

104: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

105: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

108: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

110: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

112: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

113: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

115: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

116: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

117: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

118: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

119: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

122: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

123: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

125: Our Ancestors

127: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

128: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

129: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

130: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

133: Our Ancestors

135: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

137: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

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