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Family History

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FC: The Chenango Valley Home & Apartments 2010 - 2011 Memory Book 24 Canasawacta Street Norwich, NY 13815 607-334-6598

1: The Chenango Valley Home & Apartments Board Members Front row L to R: Mary El Emerson - President, Mary Davis - Vice President, Jane Clement - Recording Secretary, Nancy Savitsky - Corresponding Secretary Back row L to R: Linda Lewis-Moors, Mike McCollough, Karen Kirkby, Joyce Lawson, Byron Harrington, Rosemaria Cole, Fred Miers - Treasurer, and Linda Gregory

2: Our Home Residents

3: Dorothy Ackley (July 8, 1996) Dorothy was born on January 18, 1915 in North Orwell, Pennsylvania. Her father Edward Bowen was a farmer, worked in a creamery and delivered milk by horse drawn cart. Her mother Lydia (Pitcher) Bowen was a homemaker. Dorothy had one brother who was eleven years her elder. After high school, Dorothy married Hartley Ackley on July 17, 1932. They moved to Pen Yan where he was a retailer. Later they moved to Cortland for eight years and then to Norwich. They owned Ackley Supply and sold the first television in Norwich. They lost the store during a fire and decided not to rebuild. Dorothy also worked at the Norwich Shoe Factory for about nine years. Dorothy's husband died in 1993. They had four children, Edward, Joan, Clifford and Cynthia. Dorothy enjoys listening to audio books, Bingo and keeping current with daily news.

4: Damia Anderson (July 8, 2006) Damia was born on February 19, 1921 in Cranford, New Jersey. Her father was an electrical engineer and her mother was a homemaker. When Damia was about 2, her parents moved to a town near Albany, NY where she grew up. After high school, Damia took a Greyhound bus to Illinois and attended college for a year. In 1941, she came home and married her childhood sweetheart Richard Anderson who she had met at a church group near Albany. Damia worked in a doctorÂ’s office answering phones and making appointments. She and her husband raised 2 children. Her husband was an inspector for General Electric after World War II. Damia enjoys reading and visiting with her family.

5: Mary Archie (January 1, 2011) Mary was born on March 23, 1925 in White Plains, NY. She was one of five children. Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a homemaker. Mary graduated from Katherine Gibbs School for Secretaries. After the war she went to Germany and worked as a secretary for two years. She enjoyed sight seeing and her job very much. Mary knew her husband, Joe when she was in school, but they never dated until after the war. They enjoyed traveling throughout Europe and America. They have 4 children, three daughters and a son. One of the daughters lives locally and is very helpful to both her parents. Mary likes socializing, reading, walking, watching television and talking on the telephone. Her husband Joe is a constant visitor, visiting with Mary here as well going out for the day enjoying the local community.

6: Katherina Augustin (January 14, 2011) Katie was born on November 14, 1926 in Germany. She had one sister. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a housewife. Katie's mother wanted her children to see America so they sent Katie to live with an aunt on Long Island after finishing her education in Germany. While in America, she continued her education and also became a United States citizen. She worked as a housekeeper and enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life. Her husband, Anton Augustin, was a welder. Anton liked playing the accordion and hunting. He won many medals for his accuracy with a gun. They lived in South New Berlin. Katie and Anton had two children, a daughter and a son. Her daughter lives in Colorado and her son lives on Long Island. Katie's son comes to Norwich and visits her frequently. Katie moved to Chenango Valley Home several years after her husband passed so she didn't have to be alone. Katie enjoys being with other residents and all of the Home's recreational activities. Most of all she likes to be busy. Katie says that Chenango Valley Home fills the void in her life.

7: Ruth Ballard (May 17, 2007) Ruth was born on May 13, 1914 in Middlefield, NY. Her mother was a seamstress and her father was an executive with the Onondaga Boy Scout Council. After high school, Ruth attended the Oneonta Normal School to become a teacher. Ruth taught the 3rd and 4th grades in the Roxbury School District. She met husband William Ballard at her very first square dance and they married on June 21, 1936. Her husband was a district manager for a chain of feed mills. Ruth continued teaching until her children were born. She then decided to stay at home as a homemaker. They had two sons, Bob and Bill. They moved to Earlville in 1933. When her children were old enough, she went back to teaching as a substitute teacher in Morrisville. Soon thereafter she became a full-time teacher at the Earlville Central School, teaching kindergarten and 1st grade. Ruth retired after teaching for more than 20 years in Earlville. Her husband retired in 1967. After William passed away in 2004, she sold their home and lived with her son Bob before moving to the Chenango Valley Home.

8: Myrtle Barrett (March 9, 2004) Myrtle was born on Feb. 19, 1918 in Ellisburg, NY. She was one of twelve children. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a homemaker. Being the oldest girl in the family, Myrtle helped her mother with her siblings and housework. Myrtle husband, Ernest Barrett was a farm worker. After they were married, Myrtle worked on the farm as well helping the farmer's wife with housework and tending to their children. They moved to Norwich in 1951 to work at a gas station and grocery store owned by Ernest's sister. Then Myrtle went to work for the GLA factory where she worked for 26 years. Ernest worked for the Sheffield factory for 30 years. After their retirement, Ernest and Myrtle enjoyed camping and bowling. One time they traveled to Nashville, Tennessee and rode on a River Boat. They also traveled from California to New York on a bus. Myrtle and Ernest had a son Lyman and three grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and one very special great, great granddaughter. Ernest passed away in 1991. Myrtle stayed in their home until she moved to the Chenango Valley Home.

9: Jean Bushnell (July 30, 2004) Jean was born September 16, 1926 in South New Berlin, NY. She had a brother who was 10 years older. JeanÂ’s father was in the poultry business and her mother taught piano lessons. Her father sold chickens and eggs locally as well as shipping them out of town. Jean helped in the business when needed but never really liked handling chickens. She instead found work that she loved as a housekeeper on the maternity ward at Chenango Memorial Hospital here in Norwich. After 30 years of service she retired. She volunteered at the Chenango Valley Home in retirement where she sang hymns, read and visited with the residents. It was like coming "home" when she decided to move into the home. She has cousins all over the country who regularly come to visit.

10: Mary Camiel (November 9, 2011) | Mary was the only child born to Alice and Joseph in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, on July 27, 1927. She met her husband while at work in a local factory. They were married shortly after they met. While he was at work Mary stayed at home to care for their three children. They raised their children while living in Philadelphia and Ocean City, Maryland. Her husband was an independent beer distributor. For the last few years after his death, Mary was living with her daughter in the Oxford area. When asked why she decided to move to the Chenango Valley Home, Mary stated that she wanted to be with people of her own age and yet be close to her family so that they could visit often. Mary can be seen at many of the events as she enjoys being with people and laughing.

11: Elizabeth Emmons (March 1, 2011) Betty was born on Mary 15, 1928 and spent the majority of her childhood in New Jersey. Her father was a government worker and her mother was a homemaker. Betty met her husband, Albert Emmons on a blind date and it was “love at first sight.” They lived in New Jersey for about 55 years. Albert was a carpenter and Betty worked at a local school. They have one “great!” son, Wayne Emmons, and two grandsons. Albert and Betty wanted to be nearer to their son so they moved to Norwich about 15 years ago. After Albert passed away, her son was concerned about Betty living alone so she moved into the Chenango Valley Apartments in October 2010. Betty felt she needed a little more assistance with daily tasks so earlier this year she moved into the Home. Betty enjoys playing bridge, sewing, knitting, Bingo and is a great crap shooter!

12: Gordon Ginther (June 13, 2008) Gordon was born on December 18, 1917 in Buffalo, NY. He was an only child. His father was a shoe salesman to area department stores. His mother was a homemaker and occasionally she worked at her father's general store. Gordon met his wife Bethany at a dance at Albany College. He was a senior and she was a freshman. He and Bethany transferred to Michigan State after completing his studies in Albany. They were married during Bethany's 4th year of college. Gordon graduated with a degree in chemistry. Bethany earned a teaching degree. Gordon worked at Up-Johns Pharmaceutical, General Electric and finally at Norwich Pharmaceutical. Gordon and his wife Bethany lived in Norwich in a house that he built. They lived in the same house over 50 years until the passing of Bethany in May 2008. They had 3 children; two sons and a daughter. Gordon loved to do woodworking, gardening and enjoyed going to the family cottage on a private lake near Earlville every summer.

13: Rose Dykes (August 1, 2010) Rose was born on October 9, 1927 in New Jersey. Her father was a billboard poster maker and her mother was a homemaker. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters who live in Florida. Rose married George McGarrity, her first husband in 1948. He worked for the Maxwell House Coffee. They had 3 sons. Doug lives in Bainbridge, NY, George lives in Maryland and Russell lives in Ohio. Rose has 5 grandchildren and one great grandson. Rose met and married Chester Dykes about 40 years ago. They had a dairy farm in Pittsfield. After selling the farm and retiring they moved to New Jersey. They became bored with that lifestyle and moved back to NY, bought property and became landlords. Chester was an all around handyman and Rose prepared the property when one tenant moved out and another in. One day, while digging a ditch Chester had a heart attack and passed away. Rose stayed in their home for a short time until she had some medical problems and went to live with her son Doug and wife Susan. Rose didn't want to be a bother to her family so she visited Chenango Valley Home, liked what she saw, and moved in. Rose enjoys reading, mostly magazines, cooking and playing cards.

14: Barbara Hager (December 29, 2006) Barbara was born on June 7, 1916 in Syracuse, NY. She has two younger brothers. Her father worked for a factory that manufactured steel window frames and her mother was a homemaker. After high school, Barbara attended Syracuse University and graduated with a B.S. in Dietary. She worked in several hospitals as a Dietician. Barbara met her husband Robert Hager while working for the Penn Yan Hospital. He was a dentist. Robert was drafted into the military during WWII. Barbara stopped working after they married to start a family. They have two daughters and one son. When her son was a senior in high school, Barbara went back to college to earn a teaching degree. She was in college the same time as one of her daughters. Barbara enjoyed teaching Home Economics for about 12 years. She sold her home after her husband passed away and moved to Norwich to be closer to her children.

15: Betty Hamilton (April 9, 2007) Betty was born on March 22, 1926 in Norwich, NY. on West Hill. Betty was the youngest child of eight brothers and a sister. Her father was a carpenter, painter and worked for a while on the railroad. Her mother was a homemaker and worked at Chenango Memorial Hospital as a housekeeper. After graduating from high school, Betty worked for the Norwich Pharmacy Company until her mother become quite ill. Betty quit her job to care for her ailing mother. Betty married Paul Hamilton in March 1946. They had four children, two girls and two boys. Paul was an ice delivery person. After her last child was born, the doctor said to Betty, "Now I can finally say, the baby looks like the iceman!" Paul went to work at Sintilla after powered refrigerators came into use. Paul became very ill and passed away at an early age. Betty then married Tom Yacano who had also lost his spouse at a young age. She raised his two children along with hers. She is an avid fan of Elvis Presley and is proud of the large picture of him currently hanging on her wall.

16: June Kaufman (January 17, 2011) June was born on October 17, 1922 in Manhattan , NY. Her father passed away when she was 3 years old so her mother and siblings moved to the Bronx. She attended school there and then went to NYC to become an accountant. She worked in this profession until her eyesight diminished. June met her husband, Louis on a blind date. He was in the military for 5 years. During this time they kept in touch and married soon after his discharge from the service. Louis was a production manager in a factory that made womens' clothing. They enjoyed traveling and liked to entertain their many, many friends. They had two daughters. They moved to California to care for their daughter Robin for about six years prior to her passing away from breast cancer. Louis died at age 74 of lung cancer. It took one year for her daughter Lynn (who lives in Norwich) to talk her into moving to the Home. June is cancer survivor, three times. June enjoys visiting with other residents, talking on the phone, being with her daughter and her family.

17: Ruth Kutik (July 1, 2007) Ruth was born on February 17, 1914 in Rochester, NY. She was the middle child of five brothers and sisters. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was a homemaker. She graduated from the Rochester Christian School. Due to a lack of work, her family moved to Patterson, NY where her parents’ family owned a business that made machines used in silk mills. Ruth became an office secretary and worked there until she was 35 when she met and married her husband Charles Kutik. He was a mechanic at General Electric until he retired. They had a son Charles a year later and she quit her job to be a homemaker. After high school, Ruth’s son Charles moved to Sherburne while attending Oneonta State College. He loved the area and asked his parents to move closer to him so they rented an apartment nearby. Charles is a bee keeper and markets Kutik Honey. He has over 2000 beehives and transports them all over the United States for pollination purposes. Ruth has had the opportunity to occasionally care for the bees. After her husband passed away, Ruth decided that she didn't want the responsibility of caring for a large apartment and decided to move to Chenango Valley Home.

18: Marjorie Lacy (November 25, 2011) Marge was born on March 1, 1916. She had resided in the Chenango Valley Apartments since 2007. She moved to the Norwich area in 1960 when her husband was an Electrical Engineer and she was a secretary in a physician's office. She has three children. After the death of her husband she decided that she did not want to live alone so she moved to the CVH apartments to be around people of her own generation. She wanted to share common interests such as playing bridge, knitting, and talking about the "good old days." She looks forward to getting to know everyone in the Home while continuing her friendships in the apartments.

19: Theda Lamb (February 6, 2004) Theda was born on March 25, 1917 in Apuila Station, NY. She was the oldest of three children. Her father worked at a local store and post office. Her mother was a teacher and became a homemaker after marriage. After Theda graduated from high school she went to business school and worked in a bank. Theda's first husband Ralph was a farmer. They had two children, a girl and a boy. Theda later married Amos Lamb. They loved to travel and went to Florida every winter. Theda loves to play the piano and sometimes plays for the residents while Jean Bushnell sings hymns. She also enjoys being with other residents as they sit in the living room watching television. She also likes having conversations, the daily news, and attending exercise programs.

20: Ellen Lee (October 3, 2011) Ellen was born on April 26, 1920 in Newport, RI. Her father was the first golf pro at the Newport Country Club. Her mother was a homemaker. She graduated from St. Elizabeth with Economics degree. One summer while attending college in Boston, Ellen rode to class with Arthur Fiedler, a conductor of the Boston Pops. She met her husband Edward through a college friend. They were married during WWII. They moved to Mississippi and later moved to Norwich. They had three daughters, Cynthia lives in England, Virginia lives here in Norwich and Nancy lives in Colorado. They had five grandchildren. Edward passed away three years ago and Ellen was tired of being along so her friend Betty Nolan and daughters suggested that she move to the Home. Ellen enjoys knitting and needlepoint.

21: Elma Lewis (July 27, 2011) Elma was born on February 22, 1920 in Brooklyn, NY. She was an only child. Elma graduated from college with a teaching degree. Her husband John was in sanitarian and she was an English teacher. They had four children, three daughters and one son. Elma enjoys floral arrangements, loves visits from her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and loves to listen to someone reading books, the Daily News, HGTV, coffee, walking, children and trivia.

22: Marjorie Murdoch (July 1, 2004) Marjorie was born on March 24, 1919 in German, NY. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a homemaker. Marjorie was the oldest of six children. She had two sisters and three brothers. She attended Pitcher Spring School until 7th grade and then went to Cinncinatus. She was the high school Salutatorian at graduation. Marjorie married Walter Cornelius in 1939 and lived on a dairy farm. She went back to school and became a beautician. They have a son, Steven Cornelius. Walter passed away in 1963. Marjorie was a widow for 12 years prior to marring George Murdoch who was a minister in the Presbyterian Church. George passed away in 1979. Marjorie was living at the Golden Age apartments before moving into the Home. She enjoys being around people and visits from her family

23: Betty Nolan (August 30, 2009) Betty was born on February 21, 1921 in Syracuse, NY. where she attended school. She has one brother. Her mother was homemaker and her father was paymaster for a steel company. Betty met and married Jim Nolan when she was 20 years old. Jim was an insurance adjuster. They moved to Norwich and Jim started his own business. They had three children, two boys and a girl. She has a grandson and a great grandson. Betty worked with her husband as a customer service representative for 30 years. She also did volunteer work at the Pink Door and Chenango Memorial Hospital for 35 years. They enjoyed traveling and especially enjoyed cruises. They have traveled to Alaska, Hawaii and Cancun. Betty fell and fractured her leg requiring surgery. Her daughter wanted her to be some place safe with people for socializing, which brought her to the Chenango Valley Home.

24: Alice Percival (July 1, 2008) Alice was born on September 8, 1920 in Glendale, NY. She is an only child. Her father was an insurance underwriter and her mother was a homemaker. Alice married her husband when she was a junior in high school. They lived with her parents for a while to save money and then traveled around the country looking for work. They have eight children and purchased a little farm which didn't have indoor plumbing. Her husband sold wood and used the money to buy calves and raised cows for milk. Alice used to deliver milk to the dairy before going to her job in Sidney, which was a 95 mile round trip. Her first husband passed away at the age of 62. She then remarried and bought a hotel in Sidney, turning it into an apartment house, which they later sold and moved to Florida and bought another hotel. She married again a few years after her second husband passed away. She started a babysitting business at her hotel, babysitting for hotel patrons. She she moved back to New York to be closer to her family after her husband passed away.

25: Rose Reed (October 1, 2010) Rose was born on September 25, 1913 in Pittsburg, PA. Rose’s mother, Angela was a teacher in Italy. Rose's mother moved to America in her twenties, met and married Rose's father Nicholas. They moved to Brooklyn after starting their family. They purchased and managed a grocery store. Rose was the oldest of eight children. Rose graduated from a City College in NYC with a degree in Art History. She also took dance classes. One of Roses many jobs was working for a womans' college where she escorted young ladies over seas to France and Italy, visiting museums with art history from different countries. Rose met her husband Lawrence while working at GE. He was an accountant. He was also a journalist and after they were married he worked for the Binghamton Press. They have four children, 3 sons and 1 daughter. Lawrence passed away while he was on assignment at age 53. Walter Cronkite came to his funeral. Rose re-married Albert Foster. They worked together in real estates business for several years. Albert passed away in 1990. Rose then moved to California to be near one of her sons. She lived there for several years. Due to health issues, her daughter Angela brought Rose back to Norwich before moving into the Home. Rose enjoys all activities especially exercise classes.

26: Florence Schwarz (March 26, 2011) Esther was born on May 5, 130 in Masonville, NY. Esther had two sisters and one brother. She graduated from Sidney Center. Esther and her first husband Everett DuMond had three children, Sandy, Jeff and Tim. Esther later remarried William Schwarz, he was an Operating Engineer. They had two children, Heidi and Buddy. Esther and William lived in North Carolina. After William passed away in 1997, her children were concerned of her living by herself so she moved to Guilford in 2003 and lived in an apartment owned by her son Tim before moving into the Home. Esther enjoys visits from her children and grandchildren. She loves “Bingo” and enjoys classic music, walking club, special events, bone building exercise and just being around other residents. And we just love her smile.....

27: Florence Shabus (June 14, 2008) Florence was born on July 13, 1919. She was an only child. Her parents owned a dry goods store in New York City. After Florence graduated from high school, she attended Cortland Normal College and graduated with a teaching degree. During her early years of teaching at Chenango Forks School, she received a letter from a military man whom she never met, asking her why a Jewish girl was teaching school. He was in the Navy and had read some news from back home while serving in Guam. She wrote back to him answering his questions. They began corresponding quite frequently for over a year, not ever really knowing each other or having seen each other. One day while teaching her 1st grade class, she happened to look out in the hall and there was a man dressed in a Navy uniform looking in at her. He walked into her class and introduced himself. It was her letter writing friend, Julius Shabus. They were married after his discharge from the Navy. Florence continued teaching until she had her first child and then decided to be a stay-at-home mom. They had two children. Florence went back to teaching after their children were grown. She taught school for 25 years. Her husband owned his own trucking business and hauled chickens to the "dressing plants." They also owned a liquor store.

28: Cleora Stanard (May 1, 2010) Cleo was born on December 23, 1925 in Norwich, NY. Her father was a janitor at the Masonic Temple and her mother was a homemaker. She had one sister. Cleo worked as a secretary to the principal at Perry Brown School for many years. Her first husband was Dan Foster who worked as a Maytag repair man. They had two sons before they divorced. Her second husband was Earl Stanard, he was a mechanic at the Norwich School garage. They had no children together, but she acquired two step children. They enjoyed camping and bowling. After Earl passed away Cleo was living by herself until her family noticed changes in her health and suggested that she move in to the Chenango Valley Home. Cleo enjoys singing, watching TV, special events and playing the piano.

29: Gladys Stewart (April 12, 2008) Gladys was born on February 10, 1921 at her family’s home in Norwich, NY. She was a middle child of 6 children. Her father owned a cigar store in Norwich and worked for a milk factory, delivering milk by horse and wagon. Her mother was a teacher and homemaker. After graduating from high school, Gladys worked at Woolworth's in Norwich. At 21 she married Bill Brookins whom she had known for years. They had 3 children David, Gary and Terry. Bill served in the Navy during their early years of marriage. Bill worked for Met Life after his discharge from the service. He was stricken with throat cancer at an early age and died at 45. Gladys lost her son David while he was serving in the Navy. Gary lives here in Norwich and Terry lives near New York City. Gladys was a widow for 9 years before marrying her 2nd husband, Kenneth Stewart. They traveled back and forth from their South Plymouth home (in the summer) to Florida (in the winter) for 16 years. They owned a little convenience store, gas station, post office combination until Ken's death.

30: Mary Symonds (May 28, 2004) Mary was born on September 28, 1926 in Hamilton, NY. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a homemaker. She had three brothers and one sister. Mary graduated from Sherburne School and then went to a business school for a short time. She worked for Fargo Hardware Store in Smyrna. She met and married her husband Jesse Symonds in 1949. He was a custodian at the Preston Manor. They had two daughters, Lori and Rebecca. Mary later worked at the DMV in Norwich, the Village of Smyrna and for the County Treasurer's Office in Norwich. They lived in Smyrna until her husband passed away in 1981. Mary moved to Norwich and lived at the Grace View Manor. Later she moved to the Pratt-Newton Home in Sherburne before moving to the Chenango Valley Home. Mary enjoys reading and visiting with other residents.

31: Maxine Turns (June 19, 2008) Maxine was born on December 29, 1921 in Brooklyn, NY. She was the eldest of 4 children. Her father was a plumber and her mother was a homemaker. After graduating from high school, Maxine worked for a British Government in the Lease Lending Building. She was also in the retail business, selling clothing. Maxine met her husband, Loy Turns at her girlfriend's party. He was a Marine and it was love at first sight. After dating for 6 weeks Loy asked Maxine’s father for her hand in marriage. After they were married, they lived on Long Island where Loy was a banker and Maxine was a homemaker staying home to take care of the children. Maxine’s husband later started a machine shop business and worked there until his retirement. Upon Loy's retirement, they bought a mobile home, moving it to some property in Unadilla, which they'd purchased years before as they built their home there They lived there for 20 years until Loy passed away. After his death, Maxine became quite lonely and moved to the Chenango Valley Home to be with others.

32: A. Dorothy Wilson (November 22, 2011) Dorothy was one of twin girls born to Marion and Stanley on November 11, 1911. She grew up in the western part of New York State and attended school at Buffalo General Hospital to become an RN. With that degree she was an Army Nurse for over three years, taught high school boys basketball when it wasn't a women's field and was a local school nurse for over 30 years. She and her sister married brothers which would bring Dorothy to the Norwich area where her husband had a local funeral business a business that her son carries on to this day. She remains close to her son and daughter and their families. She is thankful that she is able to visit with them often and that she still can continue with her community ties while living at CVH.

33: Residents ... gone but not forgotten!

34: Patricia Beggs In residence: January 17, 2009 - March 31, 2011 Pat was born on Aug. 24, 1924 in Hermosa, California. Her home was located only 50 yards from Manhattan Beach. Pat loved to go to the beach after she finished her chores around the house and was quite the avid body surfer. PatÂ’s father passed away when she was only 6 years old. Her mother worked in the office of a local school. After graduating from high school Pat became a USO girl. The USO was an organization that performed shows to entertain military service men. At one of the shows, Pat met her husband to be, Michael Beggs. They were married after his discharge and settled down in Michael's hometown Unadilla, NY. Pat attended Oneonta College and graduated with a teaching degree. She taught 1st grade for 15 years before retiring. Pat and her husband had 2 children, a boy and a girl. They enjoyed traveling the Eastern Seaboard. After Pat's husband passed away, her children found Pat spending too much time alone. They thought that it would be a good idea for her to consider living at the Chenango Valley Home, she agreed.

35: Barbaranne English In residence: April 8, 2009 - January 15, 2011 Barbaranne was born on May 2, 1935 in Endicott, NY. Her father was a purchasing agent and her mother was a homemaker. She has a brother who lives in Florida. Barbaranne met her husband Kurt English in the 8th grade. They went to college together and were married while in college. Barbaranne was studying to be a gym teacher. Kurt became president of the New York Insurance Association, which provided them the opportunity to travel to different places and live in a variety of communities. She moved to Norwich in 2005 after Kurt's passing to be closer to their only daughter Anne. Anne has two girls whom Barbaranne enjoys when they visit. She also really likes going to Anne’s home for regular visits. Barbaranne has wonderful charisma and likes playing cards, painting and other board games.

36: Virginia Erickson In residence: December 16, 2009 - March 31, 2010 Virginia was born on October 13, 1921 in Michigan. Her father sold fire equipment and her mother was a homemaker. Virginia has one brother and one sister. After graduating from high school, Virginia went to business school and became a secretary. She worked as a secretary throughout her career. Virginia came to Norwich to visit a friend and met her husband to be, Andrew Erickson. Andrew owned and operated a poultry farm. She was 40 when she wed. She has several nieces and nephews living in Indiana. Virginia was a secretary to the superintendent of South New Berlin School and took care of the chickens before and after work. Andrew also drove school bus between morning and afternoon chores. They sold eggs to businesses in Utica and Binghamton. When the chickens got to the age of 36 months, they were sold to Campbell Soup Company. Virginia moved to the Chenango Valley Apartments in July 2006 and later moved to the Home.

37: Doris Hoffman In residence: December 28, 2006 - December 13, 2010 Doris was born on February 2, 1918 in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. She had a younger brother who has passed away. Her father found work where ever he could due to the depression and her mother was a homemaker. Doris met and married Walter Hoffman after high school. He was a Keebler Cookies salesman. Joanne is their only daughter. Due to Walter’s job, they moved around quite a bit and finally settled near Albany. After Walter passed away she sold her house and rented an apartment near Joanne. Doris lived in her apartment for seventeen years until she decided that she needed a little more assistance and moved to Chenango Valley Home.

38: Harrington, Richard In residence: May 31, 2010 to July 22, 2010 | Margaret Hust In residence: September 1, 2010 to October 31, 2010

39: Family | Maria Korver In residence: August 17, 2007 - June 1, 2011 Maria was born on January 10, 1922 in Utrecat, Holland. She has a younger sister who lives in Holland. Her father was a truck driver for the Shell Oil Company and her mother was a homemaker. Maria worked as a secretary when she graduated from high school. She met her husband Reinerus Korver at an ice skating rink. They were married during World War II. They had two children, a girl and a boy. They moved from Holland to Astoria, NY in 1957 when her husband was offered a job as an engraver. He did lettering for China Dish Factories, the Franklin Mint and other independent jobs. When he decided to go on his own, Maria became his customer service writer. She would go to different companies to present his work and negotiate contracts for him. They retired to a country setting home in Norwich. After Maria's husband passed away, she felt that there was too much for her to take care of around the house so she decided to move to the Chenango Valley Home.

40: Marianne Robertson In residence: March 5, 2008 - June 1, 2010 Marianne was born on December 28, 1912 in Germany. She was an only child. Her parents came to the United States when she was about ten. They settled in St. Joseph, Montana. Her father could only get odd jobs here and there. Her mother was a homemaker. Her parents divorced when she was a young teenager. She and her mother moved and rented an apartment on the outskirts of New York City and there she met her husband, George Robertson. Marianne worked as a secretary at Met Life and George worked on Wall Street. Marianne became homemaker after having her daughters. George changed jobs and became a plumber. They planned to move to Florida after George’s retirement. They had even built a small house there, but before they could move George became very ill and passed away. With the house already built, Marianne decided to full fill their dream and made the move on her own. Marianne lived in Florida for 37 years. Her daughters were concerned about her health and being so far away, so they suggested that she move to the Home.

41: Louise Seymour In residence: September 15, 2007 - July 1, 2010 Louise was born on November 22, 1926 in Johnson City, NY. Louise only had one brother who died at the age of 22, one month after she was married. Her father worked on his parents’ farm and her mother was a school teacher who taught in a one room schoolhouse. Louise met her husband, Mason Seymour when her family was living in Lysle, NY. She worked as a clerk at Met Life after graduating from the Lowell Business School. Her husband worked on the farm that they owned. They had five daughters. They sold their farm when it was becoming too much for her husband. They bought a house in North Norwich and her husband worked at North Norwich Research Center. When the Center closed, they moved to Earlville and lived there for 18 years until her husband’s death. With the house being too big for her to manage, Louise moved to Golden Age Apartments before deciding to move to the Home.

42: Alene Smith In residence: February 1, 2007 - August 1, 2010 Alene was born on October 17, 1920 in Sidney, NY. She had three sisters and two brothers. Her mother was a homemaker and her father was a farmer. After high school, Alene went to Delhi College to study Dietary. This is where she met her husband, Elmer Smith who was a Mason. Her husband was a Professor at SUNY Delhi. They had three children, one daughter lives in Norwich and two sons. One son was killed in a small plane crash and the other lives in Virginia. After retirement, they moved to Florida where they lived until her husband'’s death. Not wanting to be alone in Florida, Alene decided to move back to the Norwich area to be closer to her family. She lived in the Park Street Apartments for 7 years before moving into the Home.

43: Eunice Smith In residence: January 1, 2010 - October 31, 2011 Eunice was born on September 18, 1926 in Mt. Upton, NY. She has two sisters and one brother. Her mother was a homemaker and her father worked for the O&W Railroad repairing the rails. Eunice graduated from Mt. Upton High School, went to college, and has a master degree in Education. She taught kindergarten and second grade for 24 years. Eunice and her first husband Hanford had three children two boys and one girl. She has seven grandchildren, several great grandchildren. After Hanford's passing, she remarried Robert Smith. He was a WWII veteran. Prior to his passing she visited him several times a week at the Oxford Vets Home. Eunice enjoys knitting, painting and sewing. She loves to read. Eunice spent so much time alone and her increasing health problems prompted her to move to the Chenango Valley Home.

44: Betty Shorter In residence: September 23, 2008 - April 17, 2011 Betty was born on December 19, 1930 in Norwich, NY. She was the youngest of three daughters. Her father was a wire cutter at the Wire Works and her mother was a secretary. After graduating from high school she attended St. Lawrence University studying Social Science. She then transferred to Cornell University and graduated with a BS degree in Nursing. While working in New York City as a Psychiatric Nurse, she met and married Charles Shorter. He was studying to become a lawyer. They moved to Syracuse where Charles was offered a position in a private law firm. Shortly after their move to Syracuse, her husband was drafted in the military and stationed in Niagara Falls. After his discharge from the military, they moved back to Norwich where he and another attorney went into a partnership. They had two children and Betty became a homemaker.

45: Aleda Souders In residence: March 8, 2008 - December 1, 2010 Aleda was born on December 7, 1917 in North Dakota. She was a middle child of 7 children. Her father was a superintendent of a private school and her mother was a homemaker. After her father talked to a friend in New York, he applied for a job at Hartwick College in Oneonta and was hired. Aleda was 12 when her parents moved to Oneonta. She graduated from Hartwick College with an English teaching degree and received her master degree at Colgate University. She met her husband, Frank Souders while attending Hartwick College. They were married 3 days after graduation. Aleda was a stay at home mom until her children were in their teens, then she went back to teaching English at Gilbertsville and later at Oxford where they lived until her husband passed away.

46: Grace and Steven Trush In residence: April 24, 2009 - May 1, 2010 (Grace) August 10, 2010 (Steven) Grace was born on June 29, 1916 in Oklahoma. She was the youngest of 9 children. Her father was a carpenter and her mother was a homemaker. After she graduated from high school, Grace went to a business college. When WWII started, she went to work in a factory fixing damaged planes enabling their return to war. This is where she met her husband Steve. Steve was born on May 27, 1920 in Connecticut. He was the middle child of 3 children. His father was a farmer and his mother was a homemaker. After Steve graduated from high school, he went to Yale University, which he didn't finish because of WWII. Steve and his brother liked ham radios so when the war started he went to work fixing radios on the war planes to get them back into service. They married after the war, moved to California and started a communications business in which Steve developed several patents. They later moved the business to Morrisville, NY and lived there for several years. One of these patents is used by NASA. Steve also developed an irrigation system and raised alfalfa. They retired after selling business and spent time traveling between Florida in the winter and Morrisville in the summer. They have one daughter, Jane Conklin who volunteers at the Chenango Valley Home.

47: Great Grandparents | Eleanor Webb In residence:: December 8, 2008 - March 31, 2011 Eleanor was born on March 28, 1924 in New Berlin, NY. She was a middle child of 3 children. Eleanor’s father was a supervisor at Kraft Foods in Columbus and her mother was a homemaker. After graduation from high school, Eleanor worked in the office and lab of the Kraft Food plant. She was married at a young age and had two sons with her first husband. After an unfortunate divorce, Eleanor met her second husband, Julian Webb at a dance. They were married and lived in New Berlin. They also bought a house in Arizona. Julian was a well known local area business man, owner of Webbs & Son's Lumber. They traveled back and forth from New Berlin and Arizona quite often. After Julian passed away in 1994, Eleanor moved to Arizona and lived alone. Due to health issues and lack of close relatives, her children suggested that she move into the Chenango Valley Home so she would be close to everyone. Eleanor enjoys reading and watching television.

48: Our Apartment Residents

49: Gladys Austins (September 1, 2000) Gladys was born on February 16, 1914. Her father was a farmer and her mother was a homemaker. She had 6 siblings, 3 are deceased. Her sister Grace lives in Norwich in her own home. She is 96 years old. Gladys also have twins brother & sister who will be 88 in December. Gladys' husband Lewis used to live next door and was her teacher in school. He was also a farmer and Highway Superintendent and worked in the insurance field. They lived in New Berlin and spent 10 winters in Florida. She was a cook and a baker. They had 3 children, 5 granddaughters, 6 great granddaughters and one great-great granddaughter.. A great-great grandson is expected in March which will be 1st boy born in the family in 75 years. Gladys enjoys crocheting and she has made pillows, pocketbooks, baskets, afghans and of course loves to bake. Gladys has many relatives in Sweden and she still keeps in touch with many of them. She'd been to Sweden 11 times and the last time was when she was 91 years old. Gladys is fluent in Swedish.

50: Virginia was born on May 14, 1912 in a small town Richland Center, WI to Arthur V. Pier, a banker and Virginia Black Pier, a teacher. Virginia have 2 older sisters, Elizabeth and Marian. Her musical father made sure his girls had piano and voice lessons. Virginia excelled at voice lessons. Virginia used her God given gift and talent in music for her church and her community. She met her husband Al at Univ. of WI and sang duets together in church. She was a journalism major and her husband was a food technology major. They moved to Norwich in 1946. They had 2 children, Karl and Sue. Al was hired to partner with Earl Clark (grower of green and was beans) to manage a canning plant in North Norwich. The Company was called Chenango Food, Inc, Al passed away in 1964. Their son Karl passed away at age 15. Over the next 17 years she worked several places in Norwich, traveled, supported many community activities, played bridge, sang in a choir and even flew her own airplane. Virginia and her 2nd husband Claude Breed were married Oct. 4, 1980 and he only lived until Jun. 15, 1987. They had many wonderful trips and good times together. Virginia enjoys playing bridge, Kings on the Corer, goes to exercise class, reads and enjoys her friendships at CVH&A. | Virgina Breed (July 18, 2009)

51: Marjorie Glavin (November 1, 2010) Marjorie was born on September 23, 1922 in Syracuse, NY. Her father was an engineer and her mother was a homemaker. Marjorie went to Syracuse Univ. and CCBI Business Institute. She worked at Syracuse Medical School as a secretary for 10 years before she married her husband Robert. They met at a friend's wedding. He was a court reporter. They lived in Camillus, NY and had 3 daughters. After Robert passed away, her daughters felt that she should start making plans to move near one of them. One of her daughter, Kathleen lived in Norwich brought Marjorie to look at the Chenango Valley Apartments. After considering other places, she felt that this was the most desirable. Marjorie enjoys reading, puzzles, knitting and playing cards.

52: George Harrington (November 16, 2007) George was born on October 17, 1922 in McDonough, NY. George attended his first year of high school in McDonough and the last three years at Oxford. His father was a farmer and his mother was a homemaker. George worked on the family farm for 30 years, then 13 years at P&G. While on the farm George had his own business, raised and sold broilers, 500 every six weeks year round. George married Grace Holbrook who ran a needle craft store in Norwich until her health became a problem. Grace's mother used to live at the Chenango Valley Home over 20 years ago and Grace and George decided to sell their home and move into the Chenango Valley Apartments. Grace passed away on December 1, 2010. George is still living in the apartment. He enjoys growing vegetables for the Home every summer, working on puzzles and playing Bingo.

53: Irene Johnson (September 1, 2010) Irene was born on January 11, 1925 on a dairy farm near Mt. Upton, NY. She was one of eight children. She married Anderson Palmer in 1942 and had 2 children. They were married for 33 years before he passed away. Irene worked as a secretary at the Oneonta State Teacher's College Student Health Center for 20 years. She is a long time member of the Unadilla Center Methodist Church. She played piano and organ there for many years. She also taught Sunday School. Irene married Robert Johnson in 1990. He was a retired councilman, representing Otsego County. They moved into Chenango Valley Apartments not long before Robert passed away in May 2011 at the age of 97. Irene enjoys reading, Bingo, crossword puzzles, music, walking and exercise classes.

54: June Latel (March 1, 2010) June was born on December 27, 1921 in Rochester, NY. She was middle child of three and the only girl. She and her husband were married just before he left to fight WWII. They were married 2 months short of 62 years when he passed away. They had four children, two boys and 2 girls. She lived most of her life in Rochester. After all her children moved elsewhere, she moved to Sherburne to be closer to her oldest daughter, Kathy Webster in 2008, before moving into Chenango Valley Apartments.

55: Werner & Ramona Oehme (June 1, 2011) Werner was born on April 11, 1923 in Germany and Ramona was born on June 25, 1928 in Rhode Island. They have been married for 62 years. They lived in Clifton , NY for 36 years and then lived in Little River, SC for 25 years before moving to Chenango Valley Apartments to be near their son, Robert. Werner was a tool maker and Ramona was an executive secretary. They had one son and two grandchildren. They enjoy playing golf, reading and fishing. Ramona has a 2 foot tall pet goose, that greets visitors inside the apartment back door entrance. You never know what the goose will be wearing as it has an extensive repertoire of clothing.

56: They took ballroom dance lessons and often went dancing. They lived in Florida after retirement and decided to move back to NY to be near their family. Their years together have been busy and fun. | Robert & Martha Rood (May 1, 2007) Bob was born on November 3, 1917 in Prebble, NY. His parents were farmers. Bob had 4 brothers and 5 sisters. Martha was born on June 7, 1922 in Pittsville, WI. Her parents were from Switzerland. Her father was a lace maker and a farmer in the US. Her mother was a homemaker. Martha had 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Bob and Martha met at a Corn Roast and have been married for 71 years. They have 4 sons, a daughter, 5 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Bob worked as a steam fireman at a milk factory and retired as an engineer at the NYS Vets Home. Martha was a baker at Oxford School and worked in the dining room at the NYS Vets Home. Bob has made over 75 wooden models of cars, trucks, heavy equipment, boats and planes. He's made most of the models from memory. He even made a model of the fire trucks he drove when he was a volunteer fireman. | Bob played high school soccer and won his high school letter, which he still has. He also loved being in plays and even stared in one for the Oxford Fire Department. He was Deacon Brown complete with black face. He baptized Frieda Potter in a washtub. His sister-in-law was the back end of a horse and dropped pancakes as the horse crossed the stage. Martha loved to sew and needs her sewing machine close by. She had sewn all kinds of items for use around their apartment. She made her daughter's wedding dress. Her most difficult project was making 7 cheerleader outfits for Oxford Academy. Her most fun project was making 50 bonnets for a Maypole dance that was part of a school play. Bob and Martha love to dance.

57: Jennie Versteeg (November 1, 2005) Jennie was born on February 8, 1921 in Utrecht, Holland. Her father immigrated to the US in the 1920s. In those days one had to have the guarantee of work and a mentor to vouch for him. A year later her mother, an older brother and Jennie followed. They lived in a lovely country town of Cedar Grove, NJ, a place much like Norwich. Jennie was just the right age for kindergarten and her brother was soon called "Dutch" by the boys. Then came their little brother Jean, who grew up to be a well know citizen of Norwich. It was he who coaxed Jennie to come to Norwich after her husband passed away in 1989. She lived in a little house on Hillview Drive. But time passes and the family decided that she needed to find a place where someone else could take care of the basics. What better place than Chenango Valley Home Apartments. Jennie has been spending pleasant years here making many new friends and at times losing some. Time passes rapidly and she said "I'm waiting for the last and most wonderful move of all. The Heaven to meet my glorious Saviour Jesus Christ the Lord."

58: Some of our activities include: Morning exercise, bone building class, art class, daily news, Garden Club, Friendship Club, board and card games, Wii bowling, Social Hour, shuffleboard, Happy Cookers' Club & luncheon, music in the park, picnics, Mystery Rides, barbecues, dance lessons, shopping, local plays and holiday events ....

60: Some of our social events include: Mardi Gras party, Ice Cream Socials, Birthday celebrations, Halloween celebration, CVH own Christmas play, Christmas and New Year's celebration and live entertainment throughout the year.

61: Our volunteers | Sitting: L to R: Sister Mary Lissy, Jennie Dwral, Pat Nauman Standing L to R: Heather Anderson - Resident Services Manager, Joann Baker, Jane Conklin, Violet Dunham, Rev. Connolly, Sally & Dave Frink, Michelle McIntyre and Bill Beckwith - Executive Director. | Patrick Lewis-Moors | The Perry Brown School Students - Friendship Club

62: Our Pampered Pets Goldie & Cybil

63: Our Wonderful Staff | Administration Bill Beckwith - Executive Director Heather Anderson - Resident Service Manager Sara Dieck - Administrative Assistance Personal Care Dan Seymour, LPN, Juanita Case, LPN, Sandra Jordan, LPN, Adelia Mullin-Birtch, Allison Lamphere, Amanda Morgan, Anna Miller, Bonnie Brooks, Canday Norwood, Deb Cooper, Joan Bresina, Jonna Evans, Judith Loos, Lisa Brooks, Lynne Matteson, Tonya Loscavio Activity Aide Rose Laughlin Food Service Janice Scott - Supervisor Fern Franklin, Leticia Lopez, Margie Casey, Marianne Gage, Melissa Preston, Patti Conklin, Rebecca Boyer, Shirley Burton Housekeeping Annette Cooper - Supervisor Diane King, Debarah Witzigman, Francisca Soto Maintenance Duffy Hart - Facility Supervisor Sean Casey

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