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Family History

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S: Things My Mother Told Me

FC: Things my Mother Told Me By Helen Hoffman Kittay March, 2011

1: Our Family History | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | The Bellovin Family | Page 1

2: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Page 2

3: My GreatGrandfather, His Family including, His Daughter, My Grandmother (Bubbie) | Page 3

4: Mayer Aronin (Menachen Mayer) was born in December (Chanukah), 1881 in Russia. His father Chemye was in his sixties when his first wife died. They never had any children. After his wife died, he married the 18 year old girl Goldie that had worked in the home as a housekeeper. Cheme then had 3 children with Goldie, two sons and one daughter. The daughter never came to America but one son, Louie came to America. He changed his last name as an adult to Aronson. When he came to America, he left behind a wife and child in Russia. He never sent for them. He married Lena in America, living first in Georgia, and then in Florida. His children were Ethel and Herman (Hal). Mayer's mother Goldie ,died in childbirth when she was 28 years old. | My Grandfather Mayer Aronin | Page 4

5: When Mayer was born, he had an ear pierced and wore an earring as a symbol of some kind. He died of heart failure at 90 years of age in June, 1971. Page 5 | My Grandfather Mayer Aronin | My Grandparents, Mayer (Menachen Mayer) and Huda Aronin were married in Russia. Mayer came to America (NYC) alone in 1904 leaving Huda pregnant with their first child, Hymie (Nechemiah Ben Nacha Mayer). When Mayer sent for his wife and son, Hymie was over a year old.

6: My Grandmother:Huda Bellovin Aronin Huda Bellovin Aronin was born in Russia, the oldest daughter of 6 children. She was born to Sarah and Neach Bellovin. Her siblings were Simeon, Nathan, Hyman, Pauly and Beckie. When Beckie was born, her mother, Sarah, died in childbirth and Huda's father married Anna, his son's sister-in-law. They had 4 children: Rose, Anna, Beattie and Aaron. All the children married and had many children: Simeon Bellovin married Channa. They had 6 children: Lou, Nat, Izzie, Moisha, Ruby, and Sarah. Nathan Bellovin married Basha. They had 2 children: Sarah Rogerson and Marty Bellovin. Hymie Bellovin married Lena. They had 2 children: Marty and Gertrude Robby (Gitty) Pauly Bellovin married Natin. They had 3 children: Sarah, Esther Goldberg, and Hy Berman. Becky Bellovin married Morris Resnick. They had 1 child, Sarah Resnick The Children from Second Marriage of Neach with Anna Rose married Hilly and had 2 daughters, Rochelle & ? Anna married Mannie Grosbein and had 2 children: Norman and Paul Beattie married Ben Aaron.They had no children. Aaron Bellavin married Sarah and had 3 children: Harvey and 2 daughters | Page 6

7: My Aunts and Uncles Hyman was the oldest child of Mayer and Huda Aronin. He was born in August, 1904 and died the 7th day of Passover, April 16, 1990. Sarah (my mother) was born 2 1/2 years after him on January 7, 1907. Gussie was the 3rd child and was born in September, 1909. Jack was born in April, 1912 and Irving was born on February 23, 1925 | My Grandparents Mayer and Huda Aronin | Their Children (My Aunts and Uncles) | Page 7

8: My Aunts and Uncles | Uncle Irving and Uncle Jack | Uncle Hymie | Aunt Gussie | Page 8

9: Uncle Jack | Gussie, Jack, Irving | The Family is one of Nature"s Masterpieces | Page 9

10: Our Ancestors | Hymie was the oldest child born to Huda and Mayer. Hymie was very sick when he came to the United States. He was lucky that he was allowed into the country. Huda hid him from the authorities. Hymie had an infection in his legs and hands. The doctor said he was "full of pus" and wanted to amputate his leg. Huda took him to another doctor, a German Doctor, who treated him and "drained the pus from his hands and feet. Because of his illness, Hymie walked very late. | Uncle Hymie | Page 10

11: Hymie walked in his sleep. He would put a pillow over his shoulder and act as a street peddler, singing in Jewish about shoes and old things. ("Shich Alta Zachin") He married Nettie around 1927 and they had one daughter, Selma.He died on Passover,April 16, 1990 | Uncle Irving | Page 11 | Aunt Gussie & Cousin Selma | Cousin Selma

12: Irving Sidney Aronin was born on February 23, 1925. He was the fifth child of Huda and Mayer Aronin. At one year of age, he attended his sister, Sarah's wedding and became Abe Hoffman's brother-in-law. I was born a year and a half later, which made me two and a half years younger than my uncle. Because of the closeness in age, we felt more like brother and sister than uncle and niece. He loved me and I adored him. | Uncle Irving Uncle Jack | Page 12 | Irving and Gloria Jack and Sylvia

13: When Sarah was pregnant with me, Irving came to stay with us because Jack had a childhood disease. After a time, Irving went home. Sarah and Abe were living in a new apartment and didn't know their neighbors yet. One day, one of the neighbors asked Sarah: "Since you gave birth to your baby girl, we don't see your baby, Irving, anymore.". Sarah explained that Irving was her brother and why he had been living with them. Jack insisted that Irving go to College and Irving became an Attorney. Ultimately, he became active in the Brooklyn, NY Democratic Party and was elected to the Supreme Court of New York. | Helen(me),Irving and Gloria,Jack and Sylvia | Page 13

14: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Irving and Gloria | Page 14

15: Uncle Irving | Page 15

16: Sarah's brother, my Uncle Jack, was the first in the family to go to college. At first, he planned to study to be a doctor, but the thought of dissecting animals did not appeal to him. He changed his major to accounting. While he studied, he would babysit me (Helen). Since he couldn't write on the Sabbath (Friday and Saturday) at home, he would go to his sister, Sarah's house. Sarah took advantage of the situation and went out, leaving him to babysit me (Helen). | Uncle Jack | Uncle Jack and Me, Helen | Page 16

17: Sarah and Abe would go in the summer to a hotel called the "Garden House" in a town called Woodridge in the Catskills. One summer, Abe took Jack there for a weekend. The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Brower had a niece, Sylvia, who was there with her parents. This is how Jack and Sylvia met and ultimately married. At their wedding, I was almost 11 years old. Jack died of cancer when he was in his 80's. | Love makes a family. | Jack and Sylvia | Page 17

18: Irving and Cousin Gitty), Me (Helen) Jack and Sylvia | Jack and Sylvia's Wedding with their parents | Page 18

19: September, 1983 Laura and David's Wedding | Irving and Gloria with Heidi and Douglas | Page 19

20: Aunt Gussie | Helen(me), Aunt Gussie and David(my brother) | Page 20

21: Gussie was the 3rd child born to Huda in September, 1909. When I would visit on the weekend, I would sleep with her. She liked to show me off to her friends. Gussie married Frank Katz when I was 10 years old. It was an arranged marriage, which was common in those years. Frank had a grocery store in Flatbush and they had an apartment in the back of the store. My mother, Sarah, my brother, David and I would visit them and Gussie would make us lunch. After some years, Gussie and Frank were divorced. Frank cheated with other women and abused Gussie. Gussie then married Izzie Cohen. They were married many years until Izzie died. She then moved to Miami Beach to live with my Zadie and cared for him until he died in 1971. Gussie died of cancer in the winter of 1976. Before she passed away, she had told Sarah that she wanted to buy Fern's baby, Jake, a baby carriage as a gift. Sarah, of course, bought the carriage. I have fond memories of Gussie as a very simple, sweet, person. | Page 21

22: My mother, Sarah Aronin Hoffman, was born on January 7, 1907 in NYC to Mayer and Huda (Ida) Aronin. | Page 22

23: Abe,Gussie, Sarah | Page 23

24: She was the second child born to a family of 5 children. | After living on the East Side of NY, her family moved to Watkins Street in Brooklyn, NY. She spent her childhood and teen years in Brooklyn. | Gussie | Sarah With Helen (me) | Page 24

25: Sarah and Abe | Helen (me), Sarah, David | Sarah was married at the age of 19 to Abraham (Abe) Hoffman on February 22,1926. They had 2 children, David and Helen | Page 25

26: When Sarah entered school in the first grade, she only spoke Yiddish as that was the only language her family spoke. Ultimately, she learned English in public school. When Sarah was in the 8th grade, she went to work at the Uneeda Biscuit Factory where she made cake. | Fern and Sarah | Sarah and Helen | Page 26

27: As a child, Sarah loved to play with cats. Her Aunts would ask her to bring them a cat to help rid their homes of mice. They would pay her a few cents for this service. After a while, the cats would disappear and Sarah would bring them another cat and get paid again. Sarah was the culprit in the mysterious disappearance of the cats. | Page 27

28: My Dad: Abraham Hoffman My dad, Abraham (Avrum Laser) Hoffman was born February 28, 1898 in NYC to David and Anna (Henia Beitz) Hoffman. He was the 6th child born to a family of nine children. Three other children died at childbirth. Anna had 12 children. His siblings were Judy, Lena, Charley, Raye, Sam, Sadie, Louie, and Izzie. They were my Aunts and Uncles. Abraham (Abe) was born on the East Side of NYC and then moved to Brooklyn. As a young adult he moved to Seattle with his parents and siblings. His 2 older brothers, Louie and Izzie were married and remained in NY (Bronx). His sister, Sadie and her husband, Sam, moved to Seattle. Sam was very successful in the Junk business and Sadie sent for her parents and siblings. Abe worked for Sam as well as for a bakery delivering baked goods to the grocery stores. | Page 28

29: Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. | Abe, Sarah, Helen and David | Page 29

30: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Abe, Sarah, me and my brother (Helen and David) | A | Abe and Sarah | Page 30

31: Abe met Sarah, my mother, when she was 16. He was 25 but she thought he was 23. Abe became 28, six days after he and Sarah married. From the time of his marriage until he retired in February, 1963 at age 65, Abe drove a taxi cab except for 2 years (1940-1942) when he and his family went to Seattle. They went to visit Sam and Lena but stayed almost 2 years. During that time, he worked for Boeing Aircraft in Seattle. | Helen, Abe, Sarah and David | Abe and Sarah | Helen and David with Sarah and Abe | Page 31

32: Some of My Favorite Stories About Abe Growing up in a family of 11, food was of primary concern to Abe and his family. Abe's mother, Anna, would make baked apples and send Charlie and Abe to the neighborhood barber shop to sell the apples to customers. When Abe was very young, he rented a large scale on wheels. He would stand on the corner street and weigh people for 1-2 pennies. The police would come and tell him to move since he didn't have a license to do this. He would then go to another corner and set up shop again until the police would chase him away again. One day, Abe found a nickel on the street. He and his sister, Raye, decided to take a ride on a street car until the end of the line and back. On the Street Car, a well-dressed lady sat across from them. She eyed them up and down, and when she got up to leave, she handed Abe a 50 cent coin. Ray insisted that he give it to their parents. They enjoyed several meals with that 50 cents. | Page 32

33: Abe and Charlie had a scam to get something to eat for free when they were hungry. They would walk down the street where the "push carts" were lined up along the curbs selling their wares. Since fruits and vegetables were the primary wares, Charlie would grab Abe's hat and throw it on a push cart with fruit piled up. Abe would pretend to be angry with Charlie and when he picked up his hat off the cart, he would take a fruit with it. Then Abe would do the same thing for Charlie. | Charlie, Lena, Abe | Sarah and Abe's 50th Anniversary Annette, David, Mom and Dad. Harold and Helen (me) | Page 33

34: Fern wrote this and read it at Grandpa Abe's funeral: I will always remember my grandfather as the life of the party. Always kibitzing, singing and entertaining. This I think was his greatest pleasure. He knew how to have a good time. As a child, he was always the fun grandparent. Seltzer fights at holiday dinners. His famious stories. Some true, some made up, all of them classics. And who could forget "Old Man River". Grandpa will remain in our thoughts and be in our hearts forever. He will surely be missed. We love you Grandpa for all the happiness you have given us these years. May you rest in peace." | Page 34

35: Fern | Page 35

36: My Brother David | David was born December, 10,1932 He married Annette May, 30, 1955 They have 2 children, Cathy and Sharon | Cathy, Annette, Sharon, David | Annette, Born November 3, 1934 | Page 36

37: Annette and David at Cathy's Graduation | Sharon | Cathy, Annette, David and Sharon | Cathy Born May 6, 1960 Sharon born October 10, 1967 | Page 37

38: Harold's Grandparents were Harry and Yudes Kittay. Harold was named after Harry and Judy was named after Yudes. Harry died at age 63 on April 5, 1925. Yudes died at age 82 on June 20, 1942. Harold's parents were Jacob and Frieda (nee Feldman) Kittay . Fern was named for Frieda. Jacob and Frieda are buried at Old Montifiore Cemetery in Queens in the private sector for the David Horodoker Progressive Society | Page 38

39: Helen Hoffman and Harold Kittay join their lives together June 20, 1948 | Page 39

40: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Page 40

41: Harold | Helen | Helen age 14 (and date Kenny) | Page 41

42: 25th Anniversary | Page 42

43: Helen and Harold in Thailand | 50th Anniversary | Uncle Irving and Fern | Page 43

44: Helen and Fern | Fern Born June 10,1949 | Helen, Sarah, Abe and Fern in Miami Beach (25th Anniversary Treat) | Fern, Helen and Harold | Page 44

45: Harold, and Jack's son, Michael | Fern | Helen, Judy and Fern | Judy and Fern with Harold | Page 45

46: Judy Born February, 26, 1954 | Helen, Abe, and Sarah with Judy and Fern Miami Beach (look at Helen in Mink Stole) | Page 46

47: Harold and Helen | Helen and Harold Fiftieth Anniversary | Judy High School Graduation | Harold Born June 28, 1926 Helen Born July 26, 1927 | Page 47

48: Love makes a family. | Judy | Judy, Jake, Harold, Fern, Helen | Page 48

49: The Three of US Judy, Helen, Fern | Fern and Bernie | Fern | Married September, 1, 1974 | Page 49

50: Judy's Daughter, My Grand-daughter, Amanda, | Born June 25, 1986 | Page 50

51: Fern and Jake | Fern and Bernie with Jake and Michael | Jake born April 29, 1976 | Michael Born July 28, 1980 | Page 51

52: To Be Continued | The Children of Huda and Mayer Aronin | Page 52

53: To Be Continued | Page 53

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