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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Men and Ladies Hair Sculpting

FC: Mother | Men and Women's Hair Sculpting By: Kristina Gallegos

1: Table of Contents | -Introduction -Hair History -Tool Page -Sculpting Tips -Solid Form -Graduated Form -Increased Layered -Uniformly Layered -Vocabulary -Conclusion

2: Introduction | In this men and ladies hair sculpting book you will find some information pertaining to hair sculpture. The four different forms of hair sculpting and how the styles are presented in men and women's hair. It also shows tools needed for sculpting hair as well as sculpting tips. Vocabulary words commonly used in hair sculpting will be found in the end of the book.

4: Hair History | 50's The men in the 50's liked a variety of styles. One of them they named after James Dean its called "The Dean" more men started using more hair products like gel in their hair. Some men even got finger waves done on their hair.

5: The women in the 50's usually went for a big curl look and finger waves. You could do finger waves on long hair or short hair.

6: 60's | The 60's was the hippies era in which women began to wear longer straight or feathered waves. Women also had the "beehive" look. Which is big hair that was stiff.

7: The men in the 60's usually went for a long shaggy look or a round formed look

8: In the 70's women wore their hair long and flipped out and loose curls with lots of volume. The men wore their hair longer with layers. The ethnic trend was to wear their hair poofed out in an afro | 70's

9: The 80's was about rock and roll and big ratted crimped hair. The mullet was also big in this time | 80's

10: 1990's | In the 90's hair starting looking more natural, still with volume but smoother than the 80's.

11: 2000's | Hair trends now correlate to your own individual style. For example; bangs, flowy loose curled hair for some women. | Men have faux hawks and longer flipped out hair and more..

12: Tool Page The kinds of tools use to sculpt on hair is: -Shears -Texturizing Shears -Water Bottle -Combs -Brushes -Razor -Clippers -Trimmers -Curling Iron -Flat Iron -Blow Dryer -Clamps or Clips

14: Sculpting Tips | 1. You will always need and want nice clean partings and sectioning for control of the hair. 2. Do NOT cut past the second knuckle. 3. Make sure that you always know where your design line is. 4. If you are doing a wet hair cute, make sure that the hair is completely wet 5. You should use 0, 45, or 90 degree angles when cutting, or anything in between. 6. You will use two kinds of design lines, stationary or mobile.

16: Mens Solid form | Womens Solid form | Solid Form

17: -A length progression that increases toward the top of the head with all the lengths falling to the same level in the natural fall; produces an unactivated sculpted texture; it is color coded blue with Pivot Point

18: A very short graduated form that gradually progresses in length toward the top of the head; produces an activated sculpted texture, it is color coded yellow. | Graduated Form

19: A womens graduated form usually is what they call a Bob cut

20: A form in which lengths become progressively longer toward the exterior; produces an activated sculpted texture; it is color coded red | Increased- Layered Form

22: Uniformly Layered

23: -A form in which all lengths are equal; produces an activated sculpted texture -The hair is sculpted at a 90 degree angle in full projection with a mobile design line

24: 1. Concave- curved like the interior of a sphere 2. Convex- Having a surface that curves outward, like the exterior of a sphere. 3. Volume- Mass or fullness 4. Weight- Mass in the form and space; also the length concentration in the hair design 5. Weight area- The area within a sculpture where there is a concentration of longer lengths 6. Sculpted texture- Texture achieved through sculpting 7. Unactivated- A smooth surface in which the ends are not visible 8. Activated- A rough hair surface in which the ends are visible | Vocabulary

25: 9. Combination- unactivated and activated surface 10. Vertical- upright; perpendicular to the horizon 11. Tension- the art of stretching or the condition of being stretched 12.. Symmetry- having equal sides or parts 13. Symetrical- a balanced or harmonious arrangement 14. Surface- The outer or the topmost boundary of an object; the boundary of any three dimensional figure 15. Structure- The arrangement of lengths across the curve of the head 16. Space- a continuum in three dimensions; distance extending without limit in all directions

26: 17. Silhouette- the outer contour of an object or design 18. Shape- the outer contour of an object in the hair sculpture, shape implies two dimensions 19. Design line- the artistic pattern or length guide used while sculpting. It can be stationary or mobile 20. Finger/Tool position- the finger position and the sculpted line in relation to the parting pattern 21. Projection- the angle at which the hair is held while sculpting 22. Distribution- the direction the hair is combed in relation to it's base parting | Vocabulary Continued..

27: 23. Parting- lines that subdivide the sections to separate, distribute and control hair while sculpting 24. Head position- the position of the clients head while sculpting 25. Sectioning- dividing the head into workable areas for control 26. Ridge line- the line that divides two textures in graduated forms 27. Proportion- the relationship between things or parts of things in respect to comparative magnitude, quantity or degree 28. Project- to extend forward or out 29. Plane- a surface containing every line connecting any two points lying within it; any flat or level surface

28: Vocabulary Continued... | 30. Perimeter-circumference, border or outer boundary; the hair around the hairline 31. Parallel sculpting- a technique in which a section is sculpted parallel to it's base parting 32. Parallel- a line, or point on a line, that maintains an equal distance from another line or point 33. One-finger-projection-a projection angle equal to the width of one finger 34. Natural fall- the natural position the hair assumes due to gravitational pull

29: 35. Exterior- the area of the head below the crest 36. Interior- the area of the head above the crest 37. Form- a three dimensional representation of shape 38. Form line- the outline or outer boundary of a form 39. Horizontal- Near, on or parallel to the horizon 40. Repetition- of identical nature throughout; a unit identical in all ways except position

30: By me making this men and women's hair sculpting project book, helped me to understand more of the vocabulary and learn about how the hair styles were, and how they have changed so much over the years. All this information will helped me out in the future for hair sculpting clients and just giving me a variety of different styles. | Conclusion

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