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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Bascom Memories

BC: Made with love by Rachelle

FC: Bascom Memories Christmas 2010

1: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, We have been blessed to have such amazing parents and grand- parents. You have both taken time out of your busy schedules to spend time with us and make us feel important. We all have such fond memories and wanted to share them with you. I hope you enjoy them, Your Family

2: I remember going fishing with Grandpa just after he retired. We rented a boat so we could use the new "fish finder" his colleagues gave him for his retirement. It was so frustrating to cruise around the lake for four hours and see those little green images on the screen of ALL the fish below us, without getting a single bite! We learned that's why they call it a "fish-finder', not a "fish-catcher". We sure FOUND a lot of fish that day! :-) I also remember helping grandpa harvest his garden YEARS ago. It was so fun to go out and get dirty, picking raspberries and carrots. The food always tasted so good knowing we had picked it ourselves. From my earliest memories, Grandpa has always seemed such a strong man to me. I remember when we lived with them (as almost everyone in the family has at one time or another!) while our house was being built, that he would wake up early every morning to do his exercises. Grandma has always had such an open home. I loved when she invited me and all my roommates over for dinner when I first got to college. I'm sure it was a challenge to make a dinner large enough for 6 new Freshman, but the meal was awesome, and the love tangible. I also remember one time in college when I wasn't feeling well, and just need a quiet place to crash (since dorms aren't the best QUIET place to sleep!). She took care of me in their guest bedroom, even though she had a million other things going on that day. I remember making cookies with Grandma when I couldn't have been older than 6 or 7. She let me lick the beaters. Above all, both Grandma and Grandpa have always been phenomenal examples of living the Gospel. From the hours spent doing Family History work, both past and present, to helping their posterity be more prepared, to the bearing of their testimonies during important family events. I've always known that Grandma and Grandpa love the Lord. Love, Billy

3: I always love seeing Grandpa read. He is a great example of always wanting to learn more. Rachelle Some of the very best memories have been when I came up and asked for your permission to marry Jana. I remember how excited I felt and how comfortable I felt being around you. I remember times when we lived with you in the basement; sometimes we would stay up and talk till late at night. I will never forget that. Ron | I loved always getting the family newsletter. I loved seeing Grandpa's handwriting on each envelope, and reading in Grandma's words the things they find so important in their lives.... Their family. Nicia

4: Mom and Dad do you remember when Ron and I met you guys up in Jackson Hole, WY to celebrate my Birthday in 1996? We had such a great time going to Jenny's Lake and taking the fairy across the lake and then hiking up to the waterfalls.I will also always remember how on my birthday you let me sleep in and then when I got up how special and loved I felt as I came out of the room and you had a wonder birthday breakfast ready for me! Thank you for always making our birthdays special even when we are grown up! I remember when Holly, Julie and I came out to see you on your Mission in Kirkland. We had such a great time seeing where you were serving, going on walks to see the ducks, and seeing your empty mail box!! We had such a great time experiencing all the wonderful Church sites and seeing the Kirkland temple. We loved being with you, it was a wonderful time for us! Love, Jan | There are so many good memories that it is hard to think of them all. But most of all I’m grateful for two individuals that have lived great lives. Thanks for being a great example for all of us children and grand children. You’re the best in-laws a son-in-law could ever have. I love blessings from Gary when I have needed them. I love talking to you both and listening to the wisdom you shared. I remember that one of the things I didn’t like was when we lived so far away that we couldn’t talk in person. Ron

5: I remember Dad taking us to his Grandma Livermore's house, and showing us the water pump next to the sink, the outhouse, and the rest of that old, old home where he grew up. I remember his mother making rhubarb pie and Grandpa Bascom posing me a riddle "If a hen and a half laid an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs would six hens lay in seven days?" When I answered 42 (without thinking about it much), Grandpa told me I was right. I don't think that's the right answer now, so Grandpa Bascom was either wrong or just being nice. I remember, before he married Mom, Dad giving me a little toolkit and showing me how to hammer pegs into the little holes. I remember when we drove away from the Ammon home of Grandma and Grandpa Larsen, that Dad said "hold onto your hats! We're off like a dirty shirt!" Sometimes, when it took us a while to get ready, and we got in the old white Rambler, he would say "We're off like a herd of turtles!" Dave

6: Grandpa helping Brandon put on his Tie... I like how Grandpa applies spiritual stuff to anything and makes it interesting. Grandma always sent motivating letters on my mission. I can count on Grandma and Grandpa to answer any questions I have. -Brandon | I remember when Grandpa took me to the Air Force museum to see all the airplanes. I love when grandpa tells us stories. Mckay

7: I remember the trips to Jackson Hole, Island Park. One I remember especially was when we stayed in the little cabin at Jacobs Lake. We took the boys fishing in the fishing pond. We also stayed another time in Island Park in the big cabin that had a nice Jacuzzi. I also remember the time we lived in Rexburg and you would come up and we would go get potatoes out of the ground. I also remember when you came up to Rexburg and we took the kids fishing. -Ron

8: My favorite memories of Grandpa are when he let me come fishing with him and my dad. We left super early in the morning, and started walking along these railroad tracks trying to figure out where the best spot to fish was. Suddenly we heard this train blast its whistle, we looked up and all the sudden there was the Heber creeper, about to run us over! We jumped back and waited for it to go by. Then we continued to look for our fishing spot. Eventually, we found it and ended up fishing the rest of the day:) My second favorite memory of Grandpa is how he always played pick-up-sticks with us. That was absolutely the best!!!! I also always remember, at Christmas time, Grandma inviting me over and teaching me how to make those funny little candy cane sugar cookies. I'd get so frustrated because I could never get the red and the white to twirl together, so Grandma would always finish it off for me:) hahaha. Another memory that makes me laugh is when we would make pizza's together, we'd always wash the pepperonis, or something so that we got the extra grease out:) She would also always let me get into her jewelry, and we'd play dress up with that funny little princess jewelry game:) -Heather | Whenever I think of Mom and Dad I can't help but think of what an amazing example of service they are. They are always doing something for someone! And the best part is, they don't wait to be asked, they see a need and they offer their service. I hope that I can someday be able to do that! Love, Jennifer

9: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | One memory I have is of helping Grandma and Grandpa out in their garden. I remember how HUGE it seemed to me as a child. I am still in awe of their beautiful garden. Another memory I have is when my dad and I went and visited Grandma and Grandpa on their mission in Kirtland. I remember how excited I was to see them and how much I missed them. Whenever we would have sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's, we would always ask Grandpa to make those delicious pop-eyed pancakes! I remember how bubbly they would get and when I was younger, I would always be completely fascinated and intrigued at how Grandpa was always able to get those big bumps in the pancakes and almost have them overflowing out the sides. He would always spoil us with maple syrup and powdered sugar on top. Nicia | One of the most recent memories was when Joe and I and Alyssa and Logan came over to visit at their house. They sat on their green couch with Alyssa and Logan and read them some stories they had given to them as a gift. As I sat there, I thought of how grateful I am to have these 2 wonderful people as my grandparents, and that I am so happy to have them around so my children can know them, and appreciate them, and love them, because I certainly do. Nicia

10: Dad is a great father as well as a great scoutmaster. I remember dad taking me to scout camp. One night I was sleeping in the cabin on a top bunk. In the middle of the night I got violently sick so suddenly that I couldn’t even get out of bed. I threw up all over the bed and floor from the top bunk. I was so sick I could hardly move. Dad came and cleaned up the mess without any complaints. He was always very patient and service oriented. Another time Rod Mildenhall and I made a smoke bomb and lit it in the other kids tent on a winter campout. Dad had an interesting punishment for us. He had the two of us walk through the snow and break the ice on the nearby stream. He made us sit in the icy cold water as a punishment. It worked since it was a pretty quiet trip after that. Mom always tried to fix me something to eat when I was a teenager. I never wanted to make her work so I would always say no and just fix a slice of toast or have a bowl of cereal. She was so patient. I would take our dog Lady with me in the Orchard behind our house and hunt for mice. Lady was a very good mouser and would sniff out mice and we would easily find their nests. When I would catch a few mice I would bring them home and put them in a drawer so I could keep them as pets. Of course, the drawer would be empty in a very short while. Mom found out and wasn’t happy but didn’t get mad. I was so proud when I was at Suzy Despain’s house and her mother found out that my mom wrote the book she had just been reading and she was so complimentary. She said she just loved the book and it was one of her favorites. Suzy reminded me of that again at one of our high school reunions. Love, Rob

11: Playing games with Grandma | Wow, I have so many wonderful memories. How do I choose just one? One thing I really remember is Christmas. Somehow, even with 7 children, you always were able to make it so special. I loved lining up from youngest to oldest and walking in to see the train around the tree, a nice big fire in the fireplace, and the presents we asked for. I loved the Christmas story, and having a special breakfast. Mom was always able to make my birthday special even though it is so close to Christmas. She always had creative birthday parties- one of which included having Spaghettios and a popcorn cake. Mom was always so good to decorate for my birthday even though it was close to Christmas. She made each birthday so special! When I was little, I had a girl that bullied me. Dad was worried and come to find out, he followed me home everyday (without me knowing) to make sure I was safe. He did it in a way that didn't embarrass me. It was so awesome that he would do that for me. Love you lots, Holly

12: I remember going with Grandpa and Bryan camping and fishing. At night Grandpa tells us stories until we fall asleep and then in the morning he has breakfast for us. He teaches us how to tie the nots on the lines. He is always so patient and kind with us. One of the things that is most memorable to me is throughout the years Grandma and Grandpa take the time out of their busy schedules to call me just to make sure I am doing ok and to see what is going on in my life. It really means a lot to me! Brad

13: When I was 16 Grandma made me a book of memories that was full of silly things I had said when I was little when grandma used to tend me. I loved it so much, it was so fun to read all the cute things I had said. I never would of been able to know some of those things if grandma hadn’t of taken the time to write them down. It meant a lot to me that she had done that. I used to love going over to grandmas and grandpas and having cousins weekends and having breakfast ! They always have the best breakfast, and grandpa would always play jack in the bean stock with us for hours . I loved that it was always important to grandma and grandma to have us over and spend time with us ! I also loved going to Grandma’s on Christmas Eve to act out the nativity with all of our cousins. It was always something I looked forward to doing. Brittney

14: One of the first things I remember about Grandma and Grandpa Bascom is how quickly they took us in when my mom married into the family. They were so accepting of us and helped us feel like we had always been a part of the family. I went from having never really lived anywhere close to any of my grandparents before to having a very real grandmother and grandfather who lived just a few minutes away. That has been an awesome experience. One of my favorite memories of Grandma and Grandpa Bascom is the cousin EFY they put together for some of us older cousins during the summer of 2003. We went to the temple, made home movies, had devotionals, and played games. I think some of us might even have slept in the camper in the driveway at night. It was a blast. Later that summer I received my mission call while my family was out of town. Grandma and Grandpa came down to Springville to be with me while I put my family on speakerphone and opened my call. They videotaped everything for my family and even brought some ice cream so the three of us could celebrate afterward. Another great memory I have is of spending a day on Grandma and Grandpa's roof. Grandpa was getting their air conditioning unit ready for summer and asked me if I could help him out. I spent a good part of the day on the roof with Grandpa, learning about air conditioners and just talking. Halfway through, Grandma fixed us some lunch and I enjoyed eating and talking with just her and Grandpa (in the basement, since the air conditioning wasn't running yet!). After that it was back up to the roof until it was dark and we'd finished. I also remember Grandpa being a lot quicker and much more confident on that rickety wooden ladder than I was! Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for the great memories! Love ya! Justin

15: Grandparents | I remember Grandma always telling us that Grandpa was not allowed to have sugar because he had to watch his diabetes. I always felt so bad for him, so I would jokingly bring him some of my dessert and ask him if he wanted a bite. And before I knew it, every single time, he would suddenly grab my hand and literally shove that bite of sugar-ee goodness into his mouth, eyes and mouth WIDE open! :) Cracks me up to this day. And then Grandma would always get after him as soon as he did it. Hahaha. I love that memory. Grandma wanted to buy my temple dress as a gift to me. We were able to go dress shopping together, and find that perfect dress which I would not only wear every time I attended the temple, but would also be sealed to my husband in. From what I remember, I think it was a little bit more than she had planned on spending, but she told me that it was worth every penny to her, and I can't begin to tell you how much that touched me. I think of her each and every time I put my temple dress on and I will always be so appreciative for that gift that meant so much more to me than just buying a dress. Before I moved to New Mexico with Joe, Grandma Bascom and I got together in American Fork for lunch, I want to say we went to Applebee's, and just the 2 of us had a wonderful talk about life, how my journey as a married adult was just beginning, and I was able to listen as she reminisced some about hers. I was able to get to know a side of Grandma I never knew before and it was wonderful. Definitely a lunch date I will never forget. Love, Nicia | I remember Grandma letting me help her make cookies and Grandpa playing whatever game he had and that Grandpa takes me fishing. -Cody | I remember having Thanksgiving dinner with them and playing games with them. I love going fishing with Grandpa! They let us have sleepovers with them. They come over and visit us and make dinner for us. They have us over for birthday dinners. -Austin

16: Mom loved pets, while pretending she was just putting up with them for us kids. We once went to what was then the Post Office on 1st North and 1st West in Provo, and when we got home, Mom realized that our dog, Lady, wasn't with us and was pretty upset about it. So we drove back to the Post Office and there was Lady, sitting at the top of the stairs by the door. Mom told that story many times, with great fondness for the idea that Lady was just patiently waiting for us and was so happy to see us when we returned. Another time, our cat, Thomasina, had kittens, and I remember Mom all worried about the mess while nonetheless teaching us how to take care of them and delighting in our joy with the kittens. Mom always used to laugh when she'd tell the story of when I was maybe four, and I asked her when Jesus lived. She told me "Two-thousand years ago," and my follow-up question was: "Was that when you were a little girl? -Dave | When growing up, Mom always had a hot breakfast for us every day before school. Also, Mom and Dad sacrificed for us kids and still do. They are always thinking of us. - Mike

17: I love how Grandma and Grandpa never cease trying to uplift us all. No matter what else is going on in their lives, there is always time to try to create a spiritual experience for their family. From family parties, to cousin's EFY, to campouts to reunions, they are always watching out for us all. I loved celebrating Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary at the lake in Texas. Between Tom's cooking, all the sisters decorating, the cake carried all the way from Utah in secret, Bob's yard and God's beautiful sunset, the entire evening seemed like everything was honoring Grandpa and Grandma. I remember one family getaway at the Park City condo in which we all played hide-n'-seek and nobody had more fun hiding in crazy places than G&G. Grandma hid in the bathtub and Grandpa in the utility closet. To Grandma and Grandpa, none of us are ever a lost cause. You always can be sure they pray for you, that they pull for you, and that they are there in a heartbeat if you need them. -Bill | My favorite memories with Grandma are cooking with her. My favorite memory of Grandpa is planting the garden together every year. - Christianne

18: There is so many! I loved when they took me fishing. Grandma brings food and it is fun to have alone time.--Alex I remember when they took me and Mistee to their house for a sleepover. They played games with us and took us to the park. -Aubrey I remember going fishing, that was fun. Grandpa took us up to BYU museum to have ice cream. I also liked having sleepovers. -Blake I love Grandma's smoothies! I love playing games and making cookies with you. I love Grandpa when he takes me to the park. I love you Grandma and Grandpa! - Mistee I remember Grandpa making a fire for my family and having him tell us stories around it. I also remember helping decorate their Christmas tree every year. Riley | I remember how they would let me sleep over and in the morning go fishing. Kade | I like playing games with Grandma and Grandpa and going to the park. - Connor They always come over and are so willing to help us with anything. -Todd

19: One of my first memories was getting up as soon as I heard Dad in the bathroom so I could go in and watch him shave. Some of my favorite memories with Dad are playing Jack and the Beanstalk and doing the 'wiggle test' at bedtime. I also loved going swimming at BYU with him. I remember getting up at 5:00 to pick cherries, weed the garden and go to the welfare farm. I always enjoyed our regular PPIs (even though I tried to avoid them at times!). One of my most favorite memories was going to visit Dad at his office at BYU and have lunch with him when I was at college. I have so many memories with Mom - helping her fix dinner while she taught me to cook and talking to her for hours about everything under the sun. She was always ready to listen, even getting up when I came home from dates to hear all about them. Also, so many fun memories of special celebrations, breakfasts and dinners in the canyon. I was moved when Mom bought my favorite little yellow dress because I knew it was such a sacrifice. Also, I remember vividly when she sent me my white Cinderlla dress from her trip. Our family especially loved when Grandma and Grandpa came with us to Jackson Hole and Starr Valley, and when we went to visit them in Kirtland. Love, Loree | One of my favorite traditions is when Grandma invites me over to make Candy Cane Sugar Cookies, and when Grandma is asleep I always watch Sound of Music. :) My favorite memory with Grandpa is playing the "Stix game" and playing the "Triangle game" with both of them! I love Grandma and Grandpa! Kassie

20: What do you say when there are so many good memories? Growing up we always went up on a fun family vacation. I can remember Indian Ruins, Tetons, and the Big Ranch where Dad got hit by a horse and many others. I love remembering how you would read us bed time stories You both always make our birthday special. One event I love is that first family reunion in park city. We had so much fun playing Hide and Go seek in the dark. I will also cherish them memories from our wonderful trip to Texas. None of us will forget that time together. Thanks Mom and Dad for making it possible. There have been so many times you have taught my family through family home evenings. I appreciate the time you take to come visit and teach my family those lessons. Julie

22: Grandparents

23: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I wanted to put this book together so that you can see what fun memories we all have. You are an incredible blessing in all of our lives and are such strong examples. You have taught us what is important in life and how to love each other. You provided an environment and many opportunities for us all to grow close. I cherish my relationship with my extended family so much. My cousins are my best friends and it means the world to me. Now for a few of my memories.... The year I taught Kindergarten was an incredibly hard year for me. But out of my trial came a great blessing because I was able to live with you TWICE that year! I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you made me breakfast every morning and dinner every night (Sorry Grandpa, but I still don't like raisins in my oatmeal). I remember one night I walked into the kitchen and Grandma, you had your music on and were dancing with the broom. We laughed and both of us danced for awhile. One evening Grandpa and I made a pie and we put it outside in the snow to cool because we were so excited to eat it. I also remember when you took me with you to drop off the presents for Sub For Santa. Grandpa, I am always so impressed with your giving heart. You are always helping at some neighbor's house or finding ways to bless people's lives. I have always admired the way you can talk to anyone and make friends so easily. I have such fond memories of sleepovers, dress-ups, cookies, combined birthday parties, walks in the mall, family reunions, testimony meetings and so much more. Thank you for all you have done to help our family be so close. Thank you for sacrificing so much and making it a priority to spend so much time with each and every one of us. I love you both so much, Rachelle

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