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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

FC: Happy Birthday... | " make so many lives more meaningful just by being part of them."

3: Bonds that cant be touched..

5: AMIT:- I am a lucky & proud father to have all three nice, healthy, loving & well behaved children. Amit was adorable baby & being youngest , was star in the house. Too much of pampering had made him jiddi in his early childhood. Contrary to my belief never to hurt children, Amit got few slaps on 5-6 occasions some times for non of his faults. I know he remember those instances when he is low moods & I have all along regretted that. Amit had developed a very good sense of self assessment from the class 7th or 8th & he would get marks almost close to his assessment. He developed all round interests, during his youth period & was equally good in sports, mountaineering,& studies. On the surface , he looked lazy & easy going, but new his priority well. Guy had very accurately assessed his rank in IIT JEE. He had good company of friends, & is a person who will go a long way to help friends. His birth had defied all astrologers & his birth is due to the BLESSINGS VAISHNO DEVI MAA. MOTHER GODDESS has always been by his side & saved him / helped him in most difficult situations. That is why he is mom’s boy & needs her mother by his side whenever he was sick. He has developed into lovable personality & I find him loving, compassionate & humble. He is an adoring son, brother & husband. Wish he stays like this. My fears are that sometimes success brings Ego, selfishness & Greed in front, thus eclipsing the right traits. Then one starts losing everything including relationships built around over the years. I pray, he never loses sight of Humility, Compassion & love, because whatever he is today, is due to these traits. My blessings are always with him. Conquer the WORLD, Conquer the hearts also. I wish him to be blossoming tree with shadow, where needy can take shelter. If GOD has chosen one to be blessed then he must pass on the blessing. I am more than confident that Amit has those abilities to ward off temptations. WISH HIM ALL THE PEACE, SUCCESS, HAPPYNESS & PROSPERITY IN HIS LIFE . MAY GOD GRANT HIM A LONG & HEALTHY LIFE. LUV HIM DAD

7: As a mother I have given everything to my children equally. My stress for good education to children & I am proud of all my children. Amit was careless in studies in the beginning & I use to tell him ki “main tujko halwai ki dukaan per bhej doongi agar too nahin padega”. He wanted to have complete kit of cricket of his own, so that he could dictate his friends while playing.If he is given OUT, he will walk off the field with his kit.He used to get shelter from his dadaji & dadiji for all his mischief’s. When his dadiji expired, though 5 year old, he used to give good company to his dadaji. Whenever he was sick, he would make me sit with him all the time. He always needed me. I used to be very scared, whenever he used to go for mountaineering or river rafting. Most of the time he would hide these adventures from me lest I will not allow him. I am happy & proud that he has come out to be a very good human being. He has excelled in his studies & his career & that gives me a lot of satisfaction. I know he has a very special place for me & he cares a lot about my feelings. Now he is happily married, I wish him ALL THE BEST. LUV, MOM

8: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

10: I remember.. long time back when this little kid was going to be born.. didi and i prayed to God to give us a little brother.. why.. i have no idea but we just prayed. And then we get this little bundle.. who was honestly like a toy for me:) All our growing years.. i think Amit and I have fought the most.. first to play together and then because we did not want to play together.. for books, toys, place on the bed, who gets to sleep next to mom... and Amit would kill me for it.. but he was willing to dress up like me also so that he could sleep on the bed next to mom!! I remember those hot sunny afternoons.. when Amit and i had set up a small library of sorts (remember the archies, and Chacha Choudharys and Tintins..). We would sit outside in the scorching heat and lend our books for about 20 paise. So we had this library in competition to Sanjeevs library.. and how we used to get all charged up when someone would go to his library and not ours. And then Amits clever mind to do a joint venture there so that we could maximise the returns... see his mind worked since then!! I have seen amit grow from a baby (when didi and i had made his life miserable calling him Abhishek.. mango shake.. banana shake.. coz thats the name he was going to be called as before "Amit" was decided!) to a young boy in junior school who would get bullied and then I would have to step in the school bus and take charge. Once some older kids in the bus pushed him off his seat and were cracking jokes about this kid and his friends.. and i was so furious that i snipped off this boys hair (just a bit of it) to teach him a lesson. But as he grew.. somewhere.. somehow our dynamics changed. We have laughed and cried throught the time when he had gotten terribly burnt and i would sit with him for hours fanning him and reading book, or biting our nails together when his Engineering results were being declared

11: Suddenly there was this boy who was acting like my elder brother.. fighting with me.. shouting at me when he thought i was horribly wrong in doing something.. and then comforting me. We have fought all our lives.. for everything under the sun.. but he is this silent anchor for me in all things important that have happened in my life. He was there when i was getting my final placement.. when i was dating Puneet.. earning mom dads wrath when he made Puneet and me meet on Valentines (which was a big "NO" from mom inspite of the fact that we were to be married in 2 months), when i got married.. and then when i had Aadit. He was right there by my side! I am so glad that God answered my prayer then and given me a friend in a brother. I am so proud to see what he has made of himself.. his determination, his strength and his success! He has grown.. married.. a big man now.. but for me he is still the kid with the sweetest possible smile!! God bless! Love, Ashima

12: Mamu took me in the Subway in U York. Mamu is awesome!

13: I can never forget or forgive you for getting me drunk when i had come for the first time to Ghaziabad when the familes were meeting. You kept on pouring the scotch on the rocks.. and i think each time the quantity of scotch was increasing. By the time we were halfway through the dinner, i was mostly drunk and hugging Ashima every 10 minutes, much to the horror of the maid! Well.. its due.. Your sister did not let me get you drunk on your wedding. So I shall wait for another ocassion, and have you in the same spot! Cheers!! :) Puneet

14: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

16: The day when mom went to the hospital, dad brought ashima and me back home and then left us at home to go back to mom. I remember both of us sat for hours and prayed to God to give us a baby brother (little did we know then that sex of the baby is actually not dependent on last minute prayers..). And when we actually saw Amit, Ashima and I were certain that it was because of our prayers that God had sent him to us... As a baby, Amit was very cute, especially with his long curly hair and his very naughty eyes. He was forever on the move and mom had a tough time keeping up with him. I still remember his long hair and how beautiful he looked. When he was a bit older, he got the entire cricket gear for himself - wickets, bat, ball,gloves pads etc...and he would go an play with his friends and with us but there were certain rules that we all had to follow.. He couldn't get out, coz' Kapil Dev doesn't get out easily and esp not on the first ball... While fielding he would jump to his right just the way his fav cricketer had done the day before, even if the ball was actually on his left side... If he was ever losing and the team didn't listen, he would just pick up his gear and walk away. After all everyone was using his gear so they HAD to listen to him only... Ashima and I used to stand and cheer for him and at times boss around people so that he got his way! He was very stubborn right from his childhood, if he thought of something, he would do it. one day he was going to take his exam at school and he had an argument with dad (he must have been 7 I guess!) He told dad that he was going to make sure that he lost 2 marks in his exam today and when the result came, he had actually got 98 on 100... He has calmed down so much as he has grown up (hopefully!).

17: Ashima and I would play all the girlie games and he loved to play with us. So we would dress him up in girls clothes, bangles, bindis etc and he would enjoy it just because he wanted to be part of our games. Wish we had a photo of him somewhere... We didn't realise when he just grew up and I know he will kill me for some of the things that I have written. But he is and always will be the baby of the family and no matter how much he grows up, for us he always is our little brother :-) (though he likes to act like the biggie in the family and stopped calling us didi when he went to IIT, we still haven't got around to resolving that mystery...) Happy Birthday! lots of love ashoo

18: "Sari khudai ek taraf, joru ka bhai ek taraf" - Love Kaps

19: Ask Aarushi what is it that mama likes to do and she goes 'He loves to sleep and sleep and sleep coz' he does that everytime he comes here. He is very intelligent and can play chess well. And very soon I will be better than him'. And the other day when she had spoken to him in Hindi and he was a bit surprised, she said to me later 'Mama thinks I am a phirangi. Tell him mujhe bahut achchi hindi aati hai'...Told her I would!

20: Incredible Memories

21: You add the "fun" quotient to our lives...we love you!

23: Our older folks for some reason believed that daughters at some point are given away.we feel blessed that we added two sons to our family,amit being the younger one. All I will say is amit beta -good boy. God Papa and Mom

25: A - Adorable M - Modest I - Intelligent T - Talented. Always meets with a huge smile, jovial & smart. Happy Birthday and Best Wishes to Amit. Sarita & Arun

26: Hi Amit Massar, a very happy birthday to you... Come and meet me soon as I am growing up very quickly and am begining to talk. I know 50 words.. Love Aaryan

27: Amit, wishing you a very happy birthday and a great year ahead. We will be thinking of you on your special day...and hopefully the entire family can get together this year to celebrate all our occassions. Love Mili and Adi

29: Dear Amit, Wish u a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! We’ve known each other for such a short span, but it has been a complete pleasure knowing you. Ur a great guy and Naina’s really lucky to have u!!! Wish u a grrreeattt life ahead with all the love, luck, happiness, good health and ggrreaatt wealth!!! May all ur dreams come true!!! All the best always!!! Love Ruch & MP | Dearest amit, Here's a small little note to say, That fun n frolic we've had many a day. The shots, the song and dance, Creating mayhem at every chance. We hope that this journey of friendship continues up this very path. Its truly wonderful to know someone so nice and genuine as you. Here's raising a toast to you on your bday and wishing you the very best in life. Cheers!! Happy bday amit, Lots of love , Ro n vidhi.

30: Hey Amit, Here's wishing the 'ever appreciating asset' on Nainas 'balance sheet' a very happy birthday! May the years to come give u 'exponential returns' of health, wealth and happiness. A special mention to Naina who deserves a 'P.A.T.' on her back for bringing on board a friend with unrivalled 'valuation'. :) Lots of love and luck always, Adi & Preeti

31: Dear Amit, Wish you a very happy birthday.... :) Hope you have a blast in the coming years!!! You're a great guy who is so caring and so understanding. :) I always remember your rocking dance moves and also the time when you sang on that karaoke mic; Wow!!! still cant get over your voice... What a singer! Also remember the time when we saw you on TV?!?! Very impressive i mus say... :) Hmmmmmm.............. ITNE PAISE MEIN ITNA ICH MILEGA... lolzzz ;) Jokes apart, Its great fun when you're around. Wish we could meet more often. Have a great bday and be rocking as you always are! Love Smita

33: Dearest Amit, Here's wishing you a very very happy birthday!! Hope you hv an awesome time today, tomorrow n forever!!! Going back in times.... I recall the fabulous times we've spent together in Mumbai, Singapore-Bintaan, Aamby Valley & Goa....the photos n memories will be cherished forever!!! It so good to have u back 'hare' in Mumbai....and though there are many 'fishes' in the sea, you will still be one in a 'karod'.....I mean crore....hahaha This one beats all the above...and can never forget it "Ermenedigyaano zegna"...remember how confidently you fooled nain n me during one of our drives to the Mt Mary Church.....hahaha!!! You are the most over-qualified friend we have; so you'll always be treasured!! Hehehe!! Jokes apart --- You truly mean a lot to us and your friendship is invaluable & very precious!! Have a fabulous day! Happy Birthday once again...! xxx Love, Shravan & Amee | Dear Amit, From our mast "balle balle" moves in Rupee Room (Singapore) to our quaint lunch at Via Quadronno (New York), we've shared many memorable moments and we look forward to plenty more!!!!! You are one of the sweetest and caring people that we know. Having you as a friend means a lot to us and we wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday!!!!! May the years to come bring you lots of luck and success (please don't forget us when you make cover of Time Magazine for CEO of the year!) Lots of Love, Arihant, Shruti, Adeesh n Sonsie.

34: Such moments are few Such moments are rare Such moments are meant For poetic flare Amit, when you were away last year It became to us rather crystal clear Often we were a bit too frantic Lacking our laughs over many an antic We missed your elastic waist Your accent Origins of which are yet untraced People’s names remained the same Instead of becoming a guessing game Conversations sounded stilted, disjoint Without you Our wonderful rallying point The office took on a lack lustre hue We missed you! It’s true! Having known you For the past many a year As a McKinsey bachcha To a VP here This moment is opportune to say How glad we feel That our paths did cross this way Happy Birthday and wish you the very best in life! Natty and Sunish

35: Such moments are few Such moments are rare Such moments are meant For poetic flare Amit, when you were away last year It became to us rather crystal clear Often we were a bit too frantic Lacking our laughs over many an antic We missed your elastic waist Your accent Origins of which are yet untraced People’s names remained the same Instead of becoming a guessing game Conversations sounded stilted, disjoint Without you Our wonderful rallying point The office took on a lack lustre hue We missed you! It’s true! Having known you For the past many a year As a McKinsey bachcha To a VP here This moment is opportune to say How glad we feel That our paths did cross this way Happy Birthday and wish you the very best in life! Natty and Sunish

37: Hey Amit, Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!! I remember the first time I had met you in our final year at IIT – those memories are still pretty vivid in my mind. You were a bundle of nuclear energy at that time and still are!!......From keeping client team members in McKinsey on their feet to scaring the heck out of bankers in your PE avatar now..the omnipresent omnipotent GYAN KA SAAGAR our lives would be totally uninteresting without you!! You’ve been a terrific friend all along and I really treasure your friendship. Wish you a fantastic day today and a great year ahead. Nishant | Hey Amit! I would have never guessed that we'd come along such a long way when we had our first conversation near the WindT...don't even remember what it was about but am sure you must be giving me some gyan on courses, internship etc etc.. But I'm so glad we did and as a b'day gift, I've officially added you in the list of people I really like :) Btw while we're on the topic of gifts, I'm still waiting for my Rakhi gift...make that 2 now actually! Wish you a a very very happy birthday! Hope we'll have lots more fun times together! Lots of love and a tight hug! Sirisha.

38: Some of Amit’s famous one liners which we will never forget – Amit, Tussi great hoThere is no fun without you in office or our team get-togethers. All the best partnerand sorry for putting this down in a formal document “Your menu is too confusing. We are not able to build consensus” – To the steward at India Jones (imagine the steward’s facial expression) “Delhi chat can activate 14 different taste sensations” – Debate on Delhi Chat vs. Bombay Chat. As per Wikipedia, it is generally accepted that there are 5 different taste sensations. Mr. Soni has additional 9 built in. “ I think I have fractured my finger” – After the basketball just brushed Mr. Soni’s finger “I like your parcel of land . ” - Amit to the builder on a call enquiring about the price for a flat “Mujhe kabhi bhi chakkar aa sakta hai” – 48 hours after Amit had hurt himself in the head “TELLL MEEE SOMETHINGGG” – Start of every diligence session – delivered in slow motion “ We should evaluate the MICROCOSM of related party entities” – In a team discussion “Dear Nanagaru” – Written to a founder of a potential prospect assuming Nanaguru is his name. Actually in Telugu it means “Dear Father” “The cost of kidneys will go up in the future.” – Team discussion to decide on the COGS and gross margins for a hospital “We are buying back this manufacturing plant back from XX (the JV partner) at such a low price because after you sold it to them last year, they realized that they have bought a LEMON” – Amit to the CFO of a prospect “Hi Beautiful”.Will let Amit explain this..... Happy Birthday!! Cheers, Parin

39: Amit's biggest contribution to 3i was not what he did (deals!) but what he stopped from happening. Despite our rather limited interaction of a few months at 3i, I think I got to know him pretty well. The one instance which stands out and exemplifies Amit for me was when 3i, in line with global best practice for the PE industry, decided to implement a uniform financial model across all business lines and geographies! So the foot soldiers (read all the clerks) were invited to Singapore to learn how to "model" in the only way we jocks know! It was Amit's finest hour in 3i - an opportunity to stand tall amongst his peers and be counted - and did he count. He spent the whole day counting errors and problems with the model and didn't stop till he had beaten everyone involved in the exercise (including some senior partners!) black and blue! So much so that we had to drag him out of the room kicking and screaming to make the flight! Needless to say, after the beating they suffered at Amit's hands, the idea was dropped - we owe him for that! Amit - have a good b'day and hopefully see you soon! Cheers, Nikhil/Sai | FROM SAI.. Arun, Just dropping a mail to keep Valeria in the loop so that she can follow up with you regarding the following key points: 1. What is the global standard for sum assured for medical insurance: The Indian office has a sum assured for 12,000 USD. Seems quite low. 2. Is there no system of covering us as part of a global policy such as BUPA. 3. Outpatient expenses are not covered in India. If I have the flu and see a doctor, I would imagine that should be covered as well. Is this a global practise as well. 4. Dental treatment is not covered under the India policy. Is this the global standard as well? Be grateful if you could check these points and revert to me / Val and if there is a disparity, we can figure out how it needs to be fixed. Thanks, Regards, Sainath

40: A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

42: Wharton and Philly were some of the most fun days of our lives and it was great to spend time with Soni and Angle at the IHOP. Of course, the most special memories must really be censored!!!! Can't forget how Soni would wake up in middle of class and ask the most relevant question. And how his snoring could put a motor to shame! Hope we get to spend similar quality time again buddy. cheers Agni I have only heard good things about you from Mohit and it was very sweet of you to treat me to a dinner when I was a student in New York. Wish you all the best BTW - all people born on 28 January achieve new heights of greatness especially in 1980:-) love Priyanka

43: Without hesitation, i must say that my time with Soni, and Agni at Wharton was one of the best times of my life.. Some of my fav memories about Soni include: his patented daal that was consumed in copious quantities, Soni fussing over arranging the dishes in the dishwasher, the hundreds of debates which Soni will claim to have won each and every one of them, and of course, soni doing a solo grind with the wall after some max partying! Many more which can be revealed only in person and after getting bribed with a few drinks.. Not to get too senti, but i still remember one small occasion abt Soni as a friend..I was due for a critical job interview. I hadnt met Soni for 2-3 days before that, but Soni knew how imp that interview was to me.. And 30 mins before my interview, i get a msg from him wishing me good luck. And it worked :).. I have been asking him to msg me before an interview ever since! Soni .. you are an awesome person and a fantastic friend! cheers Angle

44: Soni, I have such good memories attached with you, as you have continued your journey through life. Cricket in our wing before exams. Late nights with many a bottle of scotch (ok, Old Monk too), followed by your fantastic display of dancing skills! Staying over in your Philly house every weekend. Being flooded in when we were at your house in Bandra:-) I hope we get the opportunity to stay in the same city soon, and we will continue the fun times!:-) Motaji

45: I’m sure he was named Amit for a reason, but somehow, Soni sounds cooler. Like a guy out of an old-school Sunny Deol movie. When someone mentions Soni, I think of...Tall, lanky guy I met in pre-term, with Mohit and Rohit. You couldn’t find one without the other two being there. Like, always. Which was a little concerning, but heck, who was I to question IIT boys? With all his quirks and Soni-isms, this guy was such an important part of my MBA experience. The guy I could just be my ‘undergrad’ self with (who else other than Soni can connect with being a lifetime kid!). The guy who’d come over and shoot the shit with roomies in my tight ass dorm room. The guy who’d always be up for a trip to Kababeesh and who’d be there in seconds if you whispered ‘chai’ or ‘biryani’ within a ten mile radius of him. The guy I could always share my boy troubles with – and still do – and get the most thoughtful advice. Soni, frame the next sentence up coz I’ll never admit it to you in person cause that ego of yours would inflate and you’d blow away – but when I look back at the most treasured things I got out of those two crazy years of MBA, my friendship with you is among the top of that list. (My salsa dance with Rohit comes right after.) Thank you for being there then, for making me feel like I fit in, and for still being a friend even now. You ROCK. love Arva

46: Tickets to Vegas ...... $300 Stay at Caesars.........$200 Money Lost in Vegas .....$ 300 Evening full of Fundas with Soni .... Priceless. Somethings don't and shouldn't change. Happy Birthday old man and all the very best. Warm wishes. Amit (Mehta)

47: Hey Buddy, Many many happy returns of the day! Wish you all the very best for the new endeavors this year. With one LPSoft kid already on the block and a few more expected this year, we hope you will provide the same UNCLEar reasons to do all arbit stuff for these kids as we have got used to hearing from you over all these years :D. Cheers, Mahima & Saurabh.

48: I cannot forget how we got to watch Titanic at Priya. The credit goes to Soni. He confronted the management for giving all the tickets (the ones that we wanted :-)) to one big group from JNU. I dont know what he said to the manager but got 10 tickets after negotiating (or threatening??) for 15 mins. Thats a different story that some of us were sleeping in the movie :-). Cheers, Vishal | On his birthday (31st?), tell that bugger to lick 31 death by chocolates till the last drop of chocolate on the plate finishes.. :) :) :)..he is in habit of doing that and embarrassing people around :D Love Purnima

49: "Soni, the Gates Foundation times were great times - still remember your AMAZING "moti" act!! We need to redo that act when we get together, soon! Wishing you a very happy birthday stud boy and all the best for a great year ahead". Hope to meet you guys sometime soon - pl do drop by when you visit NY anytime! Cheers, Meeta & Shivanshu | Amit Soni was amongst the first few friends that I made at IIT and he would freak me out in classes. I would be trying to hang on to every word the prof would be saying and he would be sleeping and then all of a sudden he would just get up and ask a question to the prof that would completely confuse the prof and soni would comfortably go back to sleep. And I would just be in shock on how soni managed to that in every class... 2. Soni was great help to me for my job preps..although we had been out of touch, he worked with me for my interviews, my apps and even suit shopping. Could not have done it without his help!! Thanks a ton buddy!!! Cheers, Cherry

50: Me n Amit have been friends since '95...that’s like 16 years....oh my god come to think of it 16 years is half my life......Amit is a lovely person... He has always stood by me in the time of need...Hez been the best companion anybody can get cause hez very honest in his opinion though its annoying but at the end u know that he was right...we've shared some very amazing moments n secrets with each other....I miss being in regular contact with him....but that I think how life is we move fwd n lose touch with the ppl who at sometime meant the most to us......but it is always a pleasure catching up with him bcoz when we talk it doesn't feel that we haven't spoken for over a year n I think that’s the best part of your friendship with ur best friend...... Amit has always been n will always be very close to my heart b’coz i guess that’s how ur school friends are..No matter how many friends u get in life childhood friend ship is the best.. take care luv malvika

51: I still remember the days. Sonit and I would study in the library reading room at the IIT. We were not IIT students but just using the facilities so were always dealing with the possibility of getting caught. We met Amit coincidentally, through another friend. He was a first year student. We quickly realized it was easier to find him in the sports center than in the classrooms or library. Besides he was always out to have a good time... and still getting an enviable CG This is my memory of Amit till I ran into him years after that in NY. Not only had he sobered up but had turned into an ideal guest. Mandvi was very impressed by his impeccable manners and clean apartment. I was taken aback by the transformation of a gangly young but tall chap into a gentleman. But thats Amit for you, Sackful of contradictions and surprises.... Cheers Nikhil (Khanna)

54: "This kind of certainty comes but once in a you..."

55: To my love, As another year goes by, I wanted to tell you how wonderful you have made the last three years. In our daily rigmarole, I sometimes forget to mention how special you are and how incredible you have made my life by just being part of it. I still remember the first time I noticed you – staring at me in the middle of a packed conference room with no intention of blinking and I already couldn’t help but feel special. =) And then as I was studiously jotting down my notes during the meeting, you stop the ongoing discussion in the room by making some vague but valid point and the whole room went silent - not sure if you remember this but it’s as vivid in my mind as though it happened yesterday. For some reason, that day I knew we were going to be associated with each other for a long period of time. I remember the butterflies in my stomach when I walked out of Maker III when we were stepping out for our first coffee and then our dinner at Thai Pavillion that same night, our frequent drives from Bandra to home and our work sessions in the “train compartment” on Sunday afternoons. Before I knew it, you became such an integral part of my life – I was drawn to you in a magnitude I cannot describe and having you around just felt rightand meant to be. You added the missing link in my life jaan – and I couldn’t be happier. The last three years with you have been incredible and with each passing day it only gets better – I love the warmth and affection you shower on me, the exaggerated reaction to the tiniest of things and this insane and fun element you add to our lives. You are my pillar of strength, my best alter ego. You define love and happiness for me, mots. Just waking up knowing that I have you to share my life with makes me feel so very blessed - I am certain I am God’s favorite child cause he kept you aside for me. =) You have to know what an amazing human being you are and you make so many lives special. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together - it’s going to be a fabulous journey and I wanted to thank you for deciding to share it with me. I love you, sweetheart..very very much and I can’t wait to be back with you.. Until then Happy birthday, my old man!! Muahhhhhhhh!! =) Lots and lots of love, -Me

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