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Family History

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S: 80 Years of Treasured Memories

BC: We treasure you, all of your 80 years and each of these memories inside.

FC: Our Treasured Memories | Happy 80th Birthday Helen, Mom, Grandma, Oma

1: Dear Mom, As we commemorate your 80th birthday with this memory book, it has given all of us a chance to sit down and think about all the special times we have enjoyed with you. You and Dad started with 4 kids and look at your family now. Your grandchildren are having children. All of us, family and friends alike, have been blessed in one way or another through the times you have spent with us. Enjoy this memory book for years to come as you are reminded through the pages what an important part of our family you have been and continue to be. Happy 80th birthday mom.

2: Dear Mom I was looking that what I had written down for your 75th Birthday, and all of that is still true. Now I had the advantage of seeing what others had sent, before I forwarded them to Laura. What memories it brings back. The days on 13th Street, with Dad starting his business, you and Mrs. DeJong washing clothes for college kids, working at Heinz, cleaning cottages, all to help make ends meet. I can still hear you and Mrs. DeJonge laughing and telling stories over coffee, when there was time for that. Then moving to 18th Street and you took Shirley and I to the Netherlands. This last snow storm reminded me of the time Dad went to the Netherlands for business, and we got hit with a storm then too. The vacations to the cottages with the Bruursmas. And of course the bike rides you and Tina took. You were always there to support us kids. When I went through hard times, you encouraged and let me know you stood ready to help in any way possible. In good times you rejoiced with us. Even when you went through hard times, you worried about how we were doing. This last paragraph I wrote for your 75th, and it is still true for me today. Mom, you and Dad have passed on to us a faith in God, because of your words, and works. You always let us know you loved us, and were proud of us, even maybe in times when I didn’t deserve it. You give true meaning to what the Bible means when it talks of servant leadership, and putting others before yourself. I am truly blessed to have the parents I have, and thank God for the influence you have had on me, and later on Deb, and Erin and Derek. (and now Jeremy too!) Happy 75th 80th Birthday Mom With all my love, Ed | x

3: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

4: Mom, it’s so great that we are able to celebrate 80 years of your life. You have had quite a lot of “history” in those 80 years. From being the oldest of 12 children, living through World War II and the German occupation of the Netherlands, helping out at the family grocery store and caring for all of your siblings, to getting married, moving to the USA, and raising four children, you have a lot of experiences to share. There are so many memories that I could write about: spending my early years on 13th Street and the great neighbors we had; then living on 18th Street and the many experiences we had there as well; watching you work side by side with dad in the business; helping me plan my wedding; advising & helping me as a new mom after Jeff was born; many family camping weekends; battling cancer three times, etc., etc. But one of my fondest recent memories is when you went with the entire Sharda family to Colorado over Labor Day 2005. For part of the trip we rented a cabin in Monarch. While we were there, our children (your grandchildren) had the opportunity to listen to you share some of your life story. They were so interested to hear about your childhood, your dating relationship with dad, and your move to the USA. They asked great questions. They were so interested in hearing about your life. It was such a wonderful time of you “telling your story” and passing it on to another generation. It was also a time of great fun playing games – remember how the Shardas were so competitive that we almost got into an argument over some silly game? I don’t even remember which game it was! And we celebrated Liz’s birthday by making her a bunny pancake because that’s what she always had on her birthday. That was also the weekend that Jeff & Brian hiked up Pike’s Peak and we met them at the top of the mountain. What an awesome view that was! Then after Brian ate one too many doughnuts, he got sick on the way back down the mountain. It was a memory-filled time together. Mom, I’m so glad you were able to go with us on that trip, as well as several other times! We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed you with 80 years and that we have made many wonderful memories with you. I’m so thankful that you have been able to get to know great-grandchildren and to cherish them the way that you do. I’m also thankful that you love each of us, that you pray for us, and that you have been a great role model for us. You taught us to love the Lord, you sacrificed to give us a Christian education, you lived with a servant attitude – always putting others before yourself & never complaining. I only hope that I can reflect some of what you taught me in the way that I live my life. Psalm 121:1-2 I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come from ?My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. The verse that was used at your wedding, at my wedding, and at Jill’s wedding shows the legacy being passed from generation to generation – of parents telling their children about God and what He has done for us. Thanks, mom, and HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY! Love, Shirley

5: Psalm 121:1-2 | Mom, Proverbs 13:27-28: She watches over her family and never wastes her time. Her children speak well of her. From a devotional we saved: Theres something inherent about the qualities of motherhood that would cause anyone who questioned the existence of God to be convinced. What is it about motherhood that gives women six sets of hands, three pairs of eyes, a body with 180 parts, all replaceable, and the capacity to get by on coffee and leftovers? One of my favorites memories, mom, is dancing with you at Brian & Lizs wedding. When you saw C.B. on the dance floor, you decided that if one of the grandmas could be out there, so could the other one. Did you know that the only other person I have danced with since then is Jill? It takes a special woman to get me out on the dance floor! I cant help but think of playing all the many, many games we have played, they are always a fun challenge and I am thankful that you do let me win once and awhile. I feel privileged to be in charge of changing your light bulbs, to be your coffee coupon supplier (whoopee), and I think there is no one better at hanging your Christmas star! As you turn 80 years young, I think I have been in your life for about half those years. I have always felt blessed to have the best mother-in-law in the world and from my perspective you are a very loving and caring grand and great grand mother, a best friend to all the generations. With love, John

6: Memories of My Mother Let’s start this out with I am not good at writing these sort of thingsbut here goes.. Some of the best memories I have of mom would be the great times we shared and still do share as a family. Those times of course would have to include times of vacation. Going to the Ghost Town in the mountains, to the Netherlands, camping at Tahquamenon Falls, cabins at Pickerel Lake and the list goes on. The most recent would be our family camping vacations at Gun Lake, Ludington State Park, Mitchell State Park and Brower Park. Sharing times together of playing games around the picnic table in the afternoon or mom riding along with us siblings in a golf cart while we golfed but the most precious to me would have to be the times of sitting around the nightly fires. How we could almost embarrass mom with our stories and how we could all laugh and share so much with each other. Of course we usually had our nightly visit by the park guards to tell us it was quiet time . Those times are so precious to me. But the most important part of mom I treasure the most is how she is so caring, so concerned and so loving for all her family and friends. How she has instilled in us the faith of our Lord and Savior. How she is such a strong woman enduring life challenging health issues and would keep on going. She’s not a person who complains when she isn’t feeling well (even though I wish now she would tell us kids sooner when she isn’t well, hint hint). Mom, I am so proud to have you as my mom and love you immensely. –Nancy (Ninca)

7: I can’t imagine what it was like for mom and dad to leave a life they knew well to immigrate to the U.S. Leaving behind friends and family and most of their possessions. I think it says a lot about who they were. Strong people with a faith that that this was the right thing to do. When asked to submit a memory about mom, I can’t think of anything more major than this, but I can think of a lot of smaller things that add up to the whole of who mom is. So many little things that helped shape my beliefs and actions. I think Brandon and Ben might be a bit surprised to hear some of the things that I told them are really almost verbatim from what mom taught me. I am sure that most of the hard years were behind mom & dad by the time I was at an age to remember anything, but it still wasn’t an easy life for them. It was nice growing up with a mom that worked at home. She was busy enough to let us be a bit independent, but always there if you needed her, and so were little lessons that helped us kids become who we are. If I started an extra activity, and I decided it wasn’t for me, I was allowed to quit,,, but only after I finished that season or whatever had been committed to. This began the lesson of finishing what you start and do what you say you are going to do. There were many things that mom taught us in her quiet way. Yes, it was cold and rainy but those newspapers had to be delivered anyway, by the boy with the route, not by a boy driven in the car by his parents. It sounds harder than it was. I learned that a little snow or rain wasn’t so bad, that hard work never hurt and actually felt kind of good (especially if it was so cold that mom had hot chocolate for us afterward). And mom teaching me to manage the money and saving helps to this day. Mom believes in what is right and doing what she believes. And if someone else doesn’t agree, “what do you care what other people think”. It’s not always be so easy to do what is right but not popular and not care what others think, but a terrific thing to strive for. Mom also set the bar high for staying active. My friends were always so amazed at the long bike trips to the bridge or through Iowa with Mrs. Buursma. And then biking around town by herself after Mrs. B couldn’t anymore. There are many things that mom taught us, like acceptance of others, treating everyone fair and with respect, helping others, to push ourselves and not to quit, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention teaching us to make Dutch groentesoep. There are just many to list, but they shape our everyday lives. And if I left anything out, well then mom would say “what so what”. Happy Birthday Mom. Rick & Elly

8: Happy Birthday Grandma I hope that this special birthday is even better than the past 79. As you turn another year older you probably got a little bit smarter, and this can only mean that I will have to look out next time we play some Uno Attack, Rummikub, or Racko. Maybe another year has made you even better in the kitchen although I am not sure how you could improve your already perfect dutch soup but who knows. I am so blessed and happy to be a part of your Great family and look forward to another great year with many more to follow. Love, Curt | Happy Birthday Grandma! I am so thankful for you! When I think of my childhood, some of my favorite memories include going to Grandpa and Grandma's house and drinking so much apple juice! I loved playing games like Uno and Skippo with you and Grandpa! And that competitive side of you still shines when we play Uno-Attack now with my parents! I am very thankful for you in so many ways, but mostly I am thankful for your example of a godly woman, and for your example of a Christ-centered marriage. You've been someone I've been able to look up to all my life, as it is evident that you live your life for Christ. I thank God for you as a spiritual woman who I am able to look up to and strive to be like. I love you very much! Jill | We are so thankful for you and your example in our lives! We’re honored to share a very special wedding passage with you. “I lift of up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121 We are truly blessed by you, Grandma! Love, Curt and Jill

9: One of the best memories I have with Grandma is camping every summer with the whole family. Those are days that I wish we could all relive and experience forever. I also remember when Grandma used to babysit me and we would sit and play Uno. These are probably my favorite memories of Grandma (and Grandpa)! -Megan | Soup and almond pie on Sundays -Derek | I remember sleeping over in your motorhome with Megan and Jill on our campouts. You would have Dutch cheese for us in the morning! Also the smell of your soup every Sunday, and having your delicious butter tarts and pound cake. Love, Erin

10: Dear Grandma, When we think about your life of 80 years, we think about faithfulness-God’s faithfulness to you, your faithfulness to your family. When thinking of visible reminders of this, we thought about your cross-stitch of the windmill that hangs in our home, outside Cadence’s nursery and Raven’s old room. This wonderful piece or your art that I was drawn to as a little boy...It’s intricate. It’s beautiful. I’m not sure why as a boy I liked it so much, but now it hangs in our home. It is a reminder to us of you, your life, and your witness of God’s faithfulness from generation to generation. It is a reminder that no matter what changes and challenges life may bring to us, God’s love remains steadfast for us, as it has for you, and generations before you. God does not

11: Parents | promise that we will not face hardships, but that He will remain with us, and draw us near to Him through it all. We see this truth in you, and are grateful for it. We were reminded at Cadence’s baptism of this wonderful covenant that we experience in God’s love for our family. God’s love for you, Grandpa, your parents, grandparents, and back who knows how far, and forward to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. It’s wonderful to think that God’s love extends down to us, to Cadence, to others who might enter our family through birth, foster care, or adoption. We are grateful for the cloud of witnesses that goes before us, and today we celebrate your part in that. Happy Birthday. We love you. Brian, Liz and Cadence

12: Oma's the best. She came to visit me over my first birthday and celebrated with me. She gives the best snuggles and would hold me all day long if I would let her. She also gives me very special gifts for my birthday and Christmas. I love it that I was her first great-granddaughter, from her first daughter, from her first grandson. -Brooklyn Grace | Oma loves me so much. Here's how I can tell: 1) She has been to visit me in my house in Colorado two times and I'm only two years old! 2) She always is such a great listener to me. One time when we were driving in the car she was listening so well I even had to encourage her to talk. I said, "Talk, Oma!" 3) Oma gives great hugs. I call them sideways hugs. 4) She makes going to her house so fun. She always has some nummy treat for me and doesn't even care if I get crumbs all over. She also gets out cool trucks for me to play with. 5) Oma's meatball soup is my favorite. I never ever have to wonder if Oma loves me. I love you too, Oma. -Caleb John

13: Dear Grandma, You have such a special warmth about you that I treasure. I remember visiting you in the hospital right after Jeff and I got engaged and even there you made me feel loved and welcome. I have never felt like anything other than your granddaughter since I started dating Jeff. I'll forever remember sitting around your round table with Grandpa and the two of you sharing of one of your many adventures. You both have inspired our family to make the most of any traveling explorations. The way you still miss Grandpa and his company makes me want to love and appreciate Jeff more fully. The special relationship between you and Grandpa definitely isn't one to be overlooked. Grandma, you are such an example to me of how to love. You carefully show that you care without being presumptive or assuming. You quietly listen, remember, and ask again later. Your memory makes mine look pathetic! You face challenges with grace. I can't imagine leaving your family (whom you obviously treasure dearly) and wonder if you'd ever see them again as you came to the states. Your cancer never made you focus on yourself or wallow in self-pity, but instead made you turn to the Lord and trust him. And of course... you shared your nummy Boterkoek recipe with me. What more could I ask? I love you and praise God for you. Happy 80th Birthday! Laura

14: Dear Grandma, I wish I could be at the party to celebrate and rejoice with you for your 80 years! While I’ve only been around for 30 of those years, I have learned that you are an amazing woman! You have a very gentle and tender way about you that simply demands respect and a desire to model that in my life. Some of my more recent memories are of you sitting and joyfully watching the kids play with a smile on your face. We also cherish the visits from Oma in Colorado, and are blessed every time we get to visit you in Michigan. The stories you tell about the risks and adventures you and grandpa have taken inspire me to try and do likewise, all for God’s glory. One of my favorite things still today is to stop by your house and pull out a map and have you help us plan a trip (most recently the drive to Alaska), and share stories about your adventures along the way when you and grandpa did a similar trip. You always make it clear that people (specifically family) are a priority in your life. When you were battling cancer and going through chemo treatments, you would still always have us over for a visit even when we had colds. I remember how faithful you were to be at important events during that time as well. For example, you made our wedding a priority even though you were not feeling well at the time. A memory I’m guessing will be common among many is your famous “Dutch Soup” and Boterkoek! While on the subject of food, you used to cut up extra fruit because Brian loved it so much (yet another example of you paying attention to people and caring about taking care of them). I love you and am so thankful that God has given you 80 years. I am confident he will continue to use you for His glory! Jeff

15: My favorite memories of my Grandma DeVries, come from when I was quite a bit younger. I wasn’t much past the age where my parents had started letting me take long bike rides by myself. Throughout my summer vacation, I would sometimes call to see if Grandma was home, and if she wanted company. If she was home, I would hop on my bike and ride over to her house. When I got there, we would sit with just the two of us, and play SkipBo, Uno, or Men’s Erger Je Niet, which at the time, I thought was one of the coolest games. While we played, I would drink a pop, and sometimes Grandma would make me a little sandwich, with brown sugar. After we had played a couple of games, I would hop back on my bike and ride home. It was always such a highlight to my day. -Brandon | I love to go to Oma DeVries’ house. I always know that she is there waiting with a hug for me, and that I’ll be sure to be the center of attention. I really like how everyone is so happy to see me, that they almost forget that my dad is there. Not to mention there always seems to be some snoepjes in the candy dish for me, and I usually get a chance to make a nice little mess with a piece of Oma’s boterkoek. She’s has the most fun toys too. I love to play on her bike and squirt people with the water bottle, dad doesn’t have anything that cool at home. Yup, Oma’s house sure is a fun place to be. -Simon | I remember walking Grandma down the aisle at my wedding. -Ben

16: Lieve Hilly, De laatste familiedag van ons als gezin was bij ons thuis. Je was nog moe van de reis, maar je was er bij! Toen ging deze foto rond. Hij is heel klein, echt een vertouwd fotootje uit de jaren 50 van het huis waar we samen gewoond hebben, ongeveer vier jaar lang. Jij weet dat vast beter dan ik, want ik heb nauwelijks herinneringen aan de jaren dat jij nog “in huis” was. Maar voor mij staat deze foto voor een warme, veilige plek, en voor jou vast ook. Ik denk dat van alle plaatsen dit het meest de plek is die ons verbindt. Nu je 80 bent, ben je voor het eerst bij ons thuis in kampen geweest, zoals wij ook maar één keer bij jullie in Holland MI waren. Voor ons was dat toen ook even een soort veilige plek na onze indrukken in Valdosta, bij Welmoed. Toen hebben we duidelijk de band gevoeld, dezelfde die er op de familiedagen ook steeds is. Die reikt over de oceaan heen. In een eerder stuk, voor jullie jubileum, hebben we verteld van mijn vroege herinneringen in Haulerwijk. Die zijn nog steeds kostbaar voor ons. En we vinden het fijn dat er –zoals de afgelopen maand- nog steeds nieuwe bij komen, zoals die van jouw bezoek aan ons. We hopen dit najaar aan dat snoer van herinneringen weer nieuwe toe te voegen als we jou kunnen opzoeken. We wensen je een heel goede verjaardag toe in de kring van al jouw geliefden, en looking forward to our visit tot spoedig ziens! Een knuffel van ons! Baukje en Wil

17: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Helen and Martha on John's motorcycle | Beste tante , Van harte gefeliciteerd met uw tachtigste verjaardag. We hopen dat er in goede gezondheid nog wat jaartjes mogen worden toegevoegd, samen met alle dierbaren om u heen. Wij wensen u een fijne verjaardag en veel plezier met elkaar. Groetjes en een dikke knuffel van ons allen. Bert, Grietje en kids

18: My sister is turning 80! Where has the time gone? As I reflect on the fact that I have known her almost all of her life (she is two years my senior), some memories come to mind. What is amazing is, that I do not recall any incidents of fighting or dislike. Just the opposite, we always seemed to have good relationships, there was a lot of singing as we did chores. Ours was a busy household, there always seemed to be a baby, and the older siblings had to pitch in and help. And it was always done with cheerfulness. Since Helen was the oldest of the bunch, she was expected to be a role-model. We had to follow suit, and this was sometimes a cause for some friction, because she felt she had the authority to boss us around! But our parents always supported her, so we had little chance. One of my earlier memories is that we had our weekly bath in the living room. Then one day, Helen and Jannie took water upstairs to have their bath in privacy! I thought that they were getting uppity! Also there was the time that Helen went camping for the first time with some other girls in Appelscha. She and Mom concocted a "skort" (a combination of shorts and skirt). I thought that very advanced! Later, when John was in the picture, they went on vacation together, on a motorcycle, all the way to the South of the country. How they managed to get permission for this a mystery. But I thought this was very cosmopolitan! After our emigration we have had some wonderful times together. We would travel to Michigan, and then go on a color-tour throughout the Eastern US. What particularly comes to mind is the efficiency of their travel plans. Reservations were always made ahead of time, and there was always enough tasty food for all, prepared at home. And we were always made to feel so welcome! There also was the time, when Helen and John were visiting with us, and we went fishing (of course). The fishing was poor, and it was cold on the lake, and our son Ed was with us. He was very cold, and we could not stop, so Helen stuffed Ed in a garbage bag. It is our hope that you will have a wonderful time with each other on March 5. And we pray, that our Lord will keep you in His care for many more years. We love you, Connie and Dick

20: Ed and I reminisced about Aunt Helen and these are some of our thoughts.... Ed earliest memory is of the house that Aunt Helen lived in...it was by the railway tracks and by the coal piles.Which later Ann seemed to find pretty interesting...(when she was all dressed up in her Sunday clothes). How Aunt Helen took care of Ann for three months when Mom was burned so bad. How Aunt Helen always got together with our parents on their birthdays. And many other visits to our house. How Aunt Helen always worked so hard to get better after every hospital stay. Even though it was so painful and such a long road to recovery. How special a place you had in my Dad life....you shared a special relationship. How you were at Brookcrest the last night of my Dads life on this earth. And how comforting you were to us as we said our goodbyes. We love your laugh and how you show love to our children. How you make a effort to get to know them . They always say how nice you are to them, they think you are pretty special as well. We love you Aunt Helen and are so happy to celebrate your birthday with you. May the Lord bless you with good health, laughter, joy and happiness. -Sya Vogelzang

21: Voor onze jarige zus Wat waren we blij toen we hoorden dat je van plan was in januari a.s. naar Nederland te komen.. Op 28 jan. kwam je met je zoon en kleinzoon aan op Schiphol. Evert stond je al op te wachten om je naar Dick en Geke in Drachten te brengen. Omdat het de laatste jaren de gewoonte is om eind dec. verschillende verjaardagen in één keer te vieren, was dit voor dit jaar gepland op l9 dec. bij Wil en Boukje.. Helaas was het dik winter rond die tijd, een dik pak sneeuw en gladde wegen. Hoe moeten we hier mee aan? Na veel heen en weer bellen werd besloten het maar even uit te stellen. Uiteindelijk werd besloten “het feest” te houden op 30 jan. (ijs en wederdienen de) zodat we jou allemaal konden zien en spreken in de korte tijd die je hier was. Iedereen was aanwezig en wat was het gezellig. De tijd vloog om. Een paar dagen later hebben we nog gezellig en lekker met een deel van de familie gegeten in Eethuis Leny in Waskemeer. Waar we afscheid van jou genomen hebben. Wat is de tijd omgevlogen. Op zaterdag hebben Jaap, Janny en Fokke jou weer naar Schiphol gebracht, waar Rick en zijn zoon ook weer waren aangekomen na gedane zaken. Een dag later hoorden we dat jullie na een kleine vertraging veilig thuis waren gekomen. We hebben allemaal van je aanwezigheid genoten en we hopen dat je gezond blijft en gauw weer eens naar Ned. komt. Nu nog een paar dagen en dan hoop je je 80ste verjaardag te vieren. VAN HARTE GEFELICITEERD met deze mijlpaal en we hopen dat er nog veel goede en vooral gezonde jaren mogen volgen. We wensen jou een hele fijne dag toe met allen die je lief zijn ! Liefs van Fred en Lenie.

22: Lieve Hilly. e Allereerst willen we jou van harte feliciteren met je 80 verjaardag. Ter gelegenheid hiervan willen wij onderstaande memoreren: Tijdens onze familiebezoeken in Amerika hebben jij en Jan ons heel veel laten zien van dat immens grote werelddeel. Wij konden het met ons vieren uitstekend vinden en hebben leuke reizen gemaakt met elkaar. Reizen waardoor wij een ruim inzicht en begrip kregen van dat immens grote land, mede door de kennis die jullie hiervan al hadden. En wat een belevenissen en ontdekkingen onderweg! De reis naar je broer en schoonzus in British Columbia was om nooit te vergeten. En onze overnachting in New Mexico met 's avonds de “vliegende eagle” nagebootst door een Mexicaan. Een andere maal werden wij de berg opgetrokken door enige Indians met een four wheel drive wegens de gladheid door de gevallen sneeuw. En ga zo maar door. Niet te vergeten, prachtherinneringen!!!!! Nogmaals onze hartelijke dank voor al deze fijne ervaringen. Je Berend en Tiny.

24: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | 2005 Ruby, Duke, Margje, Helen & Martha | 2010 Family Picnic Hagar Park

25: 2005 Helen, Martha & Margje | 2009 Margje & Helen | Fetje, Helen & John | Ben & Martha's 40th Anniversary

26: lieve Tante Hillie Allereerst willen wij u hier vanuit Vries van harte geluk wensen met deze mijlpaal van 80 jaar. We hopen dat er nog een aantal jaren bij mogen komen op een gezonde manier. Gods hulp en zegen toegewenst. Aan het verzoek van de kinderen om hier iets aan toe te voegen werken we graag mee. Automatisch denk je dan terug aan al die keren dat we bij u en oom Jan op bezoek zijn geweest. Altijd waren we hartelijk welkom ook al waren er reeds ouders( Kronemeijer) uit Nederland, we konden er altijd bij. We hebben ons altijd welkom en helemaal thuis bij jullie gevoeld, en veel plezier met elkaar, en aan elkaar mogen beleven, soms tot in de late uurtjes. Af en toe de volgende dag hoofdpijn, maar dat kwam denk ik van te weinig nachtrust. De reizen die we gemaakt hebben met de kinderen, en de reis die ik met u en oom Jan en pa gemaakt hebben naar de Smokey Mountains toen pa voor de 1e keer in Amerika kwam. Onvergetelijk. Ook dicht bij huis, wanneer er weer een container uit Nederland kwam en die snel leeg moest, vonden we het leuk om mee te helpen. Op die manier konden we iets terug doen. We vonden het prachtig u even bi jde chinees in Roden te ontmoeten. Ook al is het maar even, de band die wij voelen met u, even weer aan te halen. Ook komt de herinnering weer boven dat Ed in Holland in aanrijding had met zijn groene auto en wij met Ed Vogelzang en oom Jan in de auto er naar toe vlogen. De veroorzaker die Ed had aangereden in een beschonken toestand had Ed een tik verkocht. Ik zie mij nog over een aantal fietsen springen, oom Jan stapte in en zei niets de hele reis. Toen we bij de plek van de aanrijding kwamen stapte oom Jan uit de auto, Ed en de veroorzaker zaten in de politieauto op de achterbank, het raampje stond open en oom Jan greep zo voor Ed langs om de veroorzaker te grijpen met de woorden “nobody hits my son”. We konden oom Jan snel wegtrekken voordat er iets gebeurde. Dan zie je inderdaad dat je voor je kinderen door het vuur gaat! Ook Janny heeft bij u altijd genoten, en voelde zich even welkom. De eerste keer dat Janny meekwam zijn we met Ed en Shirley en partners naar Yellowstone geweest. Prachtig was dat, samen met elkaar iets doen, in een prima verstandhouding. Dit jaar gaan we weer naar Canada want De oudste zoon van Janny haar broer trouwt. We gaan met Wouter terug naar Yellowstone. Hij was er 31 jaar geleden ook bij. Hij was toen nog bij Janny ( zwanger). Ook de reis met Ed en Deb en Wouter en Martine out west, was onvergetelijk. Dit was een zeer voordelige reis, voor 4 personen betalen, en met 5 terug komen ( Robert). Ja, een de Vries let op de kosten nietwaar. We hopen het nog eens weer bij u aan te bellen, maar we hebben zoals u weet Alberta er ook bij gekregen. Tevens willen wij hierbij een foto bijvoegen van onze familie anno 2010 Patrick is de man van Martine en Annelou de Vriendin van Robert, dan blijven toch wat dichter bij elkaar. een hele fijne dag toegewenst met kinderen en kleinkinderen Liefs Henk en Janny en de kinderen

28: I moved to Ontario from BC when I was 18 years old. This was a long way from home for me. However, I knew that Uncle John and Aunt Helen lived only a 5 hour drive away. The De Vries family has always been so welcoming to me and to my friends and to my family in the years since then. I cherish the family atmosphere that having such wonderful relatives nearby gave me. Three occasions stand out - Diane (my room mate) and I came to Holland at the spur of the moment one winter and while we there, an ice storm arrived. We had to stay longer than anticipated and Aunt Helen made it an enjoyable time and the frozen city was just beautiful. Another special moment was when my parents were coming to visit me in London and celebrate their 30th anniversary. Aunt Helen and Uncle John came to London and stayed at the same hotel as my parents and surprised them! We all enjoyed an Indonesian meal together. A few years ago, all of Aunt Helen's sisters came to be with Aunt Helen. My sister Monica and I drove to Holland and back in a day in order to spend some time with all of our aunts on the Kronemeyer side. Thank you, Aunt Helen, for sharing that special day with us. I love you very much and wish you a joyful 80th birthday. May God continue to bless you in the years ahead. Bill and Mavis Mulder

29: Parents | Speciale verjaardagskaart Lieve Hilly Van Harte gefeliciteerd met je *80e verjaardag We wensen je een geweldige dag toe Veel Liefs van Jos en Margot | TO MY VERY SPECIAL FRIEND HAPPY 80TH BIRTHDAY HELEN LOVE, CAROL | Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Met je 80 ‘e verjaardag !! We wensen je toe dat je nog gezonde en gelukkige jaren met je kinderen en kleinkinderen mag krijgen, We denken met plezier terug aan de afgelopen tijd dat je hier was en we hopen elkaar nog eens weer te zien Verder een mooie verjaardag toegewenst. Ook de verdere familieleden natuurlijk Congratulations !! Lenie en Fred uit Grootegast

30: From the Family of Rick and Debbie De Jong - Sunderland, Ontario, Canada Greetings, Helen! From Deb and I and the rest of our clan - Richard and his wife Shannon, David and his very new date Laura, Micah and his wife Lisa and their two children Jacob (3) and Leah (2 months), and James and his girlfriend Karli! We extend our best wishes to you and warmest congratulations on your 80th birthday! That will be some group of candles to blow out! The following reflection would be equally felt and shared by Jim, Everett, Peter and my mom and dad! It is always with a great deal of happiness and fondness that I reflect on our time growing up with my brothers in the late fifties and early sixties in Holland, Michigan on 13th Street! Although family was and continues to be very important, another reason why our time was so memorable was because of the de Vries family who lived next door to us! Our two families shared so much in common - Dutch immigrants, young families, struggling financially along a path that wasn’t very clear, children who were close in age to our own, and they couldn’t ride their bikes on Sunday like us! Ed was our collective best friend who shared with us playing lots of activities including the emergence of television, our endless games of war, tobogganing, swimming, climbing the trees around the place, visiting the coal yard down the street, throwing rocks at the railway box cars, and playing at the parks in Holland to name just a few. At that time, Nancy was too young to be part of our activities, and Shirley, well, she couldn’t be involved very much because she was a girl! I don’t think she had any hard feelings about this! Throughout these exciting and formative years, Mr. and Mrs. de Vries were not only next door neighbours, they were second parents. Helen, however, was more than a second mom. She was also our generous “aunt” who would not hesitate to show interest in what we were doing, our considerate “grandmother” who always had cookies for us, and even our inspiration to investigate what track and field and running was all about! With regard to this final point, and one that will be repeated many times I am sure in this memory book, were the hilarious circuits of the house that Mrs. de Vries ran while chasing Ed to get him to go into the house. As youngsters, watching Ed run away from his mom, cheering him on, and Mrs. de Vries, usually in a skirt and non-running shoes, yelling “verdikkemen” is something that would make a great sequence in a Hollywood blockbuster movie! Thinking back, I believe, subconsciously, that we felt Mrs. de Vries was having so much fun running that we should take up this sport later in life, which many of us now do! For your fine running example, Mrs. de Vries, we say “thanks”! Mr. and Mrs. de Vries shared an important time in our lives - both families struggling to make ends meet and yet knowing how to have fun! We experienced the simple things in life that didn’t cost a lot of money - picnics, especially when we visited Tunnel Park and enjoyed climbing the dunes and swimming in Lake Michigan, visiting each other’s homes, tea time and those fabulous Dutch cookies, occasional sleepovers, riding bikes, and so much more! It needs to be said that our respective parents, Mr. and Mrs. de Vries and my mom and dad, enveloped us in so much love and support and looked to enriching our lives with simpler opportunities, that to this day we never felt poor! This is a testament to their faith in God, in their faith as parents committed to each other and their children, and in their faith that one day their toil, their hard work, and their sharing of the good times and the bad with each other would one day provide even greater opportunities for their children and their children’s children. To Mrs. de Vries, as we look back and celebrate your 80 years young, we wish to share with you our fondest love and heartiest congratulations for the person you are, for the steadfast and unwavering love you have shared with your husband John, a person we greatly admired, your outstanding family, and for the love you also shared with the de Jong’s who feel more like family than neighbours! Happy 80th Birthday, Mrs. de Vries! May God continue to bless you and keep you in the palm of his hand!

31: Tante Hillie, on behalf of Pat, Mackenzie and Elliott myself may I congratulate you on your 80th birthday. I am sure that you will be celebrating this milestone in your life in the company of your loving family and your many close friends. When I was asked to contribute a story that best describes our two families close history I have to admit that Tante Hillie trying to catch Ed while running around the house immediately came to mind. The picture of you with "the wooden spoon" in your hand and Ed staying just out of reach, while the deJong boys watching from our yard yelling "go Ed go" will forever be etched in our minds. Not to mention the weekend visits to tunnel park. We had the whole day to enjoy the dunes and play in the water. In the evening Mr. deVries and my Dad after a long day at work would arrive and the hamburgers and hotdogs would go on the grill and we would all enjoy the perfect summer meal together laughing and enjoying each others company. There was also the time Little Ricky and I stole your cigarette matches and almost burned down the neighbour’s garage. Sorry about that! Well I better stop at that I may get myself or someone else in trouble. May I just say that you had a great influence on our youth. My Tante Hillie was always there for us. Congratulations and may you have many more years of health and happiness. Pat, Everett, Mackenzie and Elliott | "...a great influence..."

32: When I was 10 years old my family was taking a trip to Holland. We were at the Toronto airport and our flight was delayed because of weather, it was just between Christmas and New years and I remember sitting around the Toronto airport for hours. My parents recognized you and Mr. De Vries and we all sat together for many hours awaiting our outcome. You were wonderful keeping my sister and I entertained. We then all had to spend the night at the Skyline hotel by the airport and spent time swimming and hanging around the hotel until we were shipped by buses to Montreal. All in all it was quite an adventure and I will never forget how friendly your mom was to a 10 year old kid . . . I will never forget that trip. -Audrey deJong | I been thinking over the past few days of any one specific memory that stood out in my mind that I could share, but I have to admit I couldn't think of one moment stood out. That said, I have many fond memories of Hillie, many of them feelings, occasions, and incidents that when that happen to me anywhere or anytime in my life remind me of Hillie. For instance, my youngest daughter Tineke will often forget her wallet, and I always tell her, "just carry your wallet whenever you leave the house," and instantly I think of Hillie racing out to the car to do an errand in town, no purse on her arm . . . no way, she always only ever carried wallet. Purses are a burden, Hillie would tell me. Other fond memories as a child, were the visit to downtown Holland for shopping, for Nancy and I that was the candy store. Sitting in the backseat of the Meteor, again with wallet in hand, a smoke on the go - Pall Mall - we'd head into to town for a morning of shopping. I think Hillie hated it, but she did it for her friend, Corrie . . . who, by the way, loved to shop. ~Oven roasted peanuts ~Hillie working the books for John, keeping him moving ~Her feminine voice - velvety and smooth - chuckle ~Her honesty ~How she made all our visits to Holland, as a child, special - trips to Tunnel Park, swimming at Arlene's, camp-out on the front porch at Eighteenth Street. ~Her busybodiness - always on the move. Like I said, there isn't a signal memory for me, but a collection of lifestyle habits and influences that I have incorporated into my life that stay with me everyday. Happy Birthday, Hillie. -Peter deJong

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