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Family History

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S: Happy 60th Birthday

BC: What a wonderful life full of blessings! Happy 60th Birthday and here's to making more family memories. We love you!

FC: Happy 60th Birthday Mom and Dad

1: 1. I remember when Mike started working. He would pay Rita and I a quarter to do things for him like clean out his car or get him things. Laquita | 60 years, 60 great memories..... | 2. I remember having to share a bed with Debi and how she would sleep with her legs over me. The worst part is having to change the sheets and her almost nightly because she wet the bed. Judy

2: 3. I remember all the times that Debi made me laugh and her great sense of humor. Betty and Fizzer | 4. I remember when Fizzer would put Debi on his shoulders and the two of you would run around and you would try to kick me. Judy

3: 6. I remember when I broke my arm, Mike was the one who helped me get ready when grandma finally convinced grandpa that I needed to go. Laquita | 7. I always looked up to my big brother and I still do. Laquita | 5. When they moved to Sunray, they would let me stay with them and Mike would let me play poker with them and Debi was the one who explained certain female things to me. Laquita

4: 8. I remember when I told Debi that I was in labor and she just stood there like she had no idea what I was talking about. Judy

5: 10. Michael has been talking too much the last few weeks. 4th grade teacher | 9. I remember when Mike got thrown in jail and wrote a poem about it. Leon | 11. These grades in no way reflect Mike's capability. In most cases its failure to do required work such as day to day preparation. This could be a straight A card. 8th grade teacher

6: 12. After they got married, I remember they let Rita and I stay with them in Borger and Debi gave us all of her dolls. Laquita | 13. I used to run from mom when I was younger and in trouble. She would chase me around the outside of the house. She was like a gazelle, but with ivory white legs. I remember thinking to myself, "Mom's shouldn't be able to run that fast. Shannon

8: 14. One of my fondest memories of mom and dad together was growing up in church. I remember Sunday mornings and the smell of pancakes and bacon cooking. It wasn't a choice whether or not we were going to church. We just did. I remember sitting in the pew with mom and dad and seeing the love for God and Family in their eyes. That is something that I can never say thank you enough for. This is something I will take with me to heaven when we can all be together for eternity. Shannon

9: 15. I remember when Debi took me to Stratford to get my driver's license. Leon

10: 16. After Debi had Shannon, I stayed with them and I had to sleep in the room with the cat and its kittens. They jumped on and over me all night long. Needless to say, I have a fear of cats til this day. Laquita | 17. I remember one track meet where dad was walking around the infield. About 8 to 10 of my classmates jumped on him and tried to take him down. Bodies went flying everywhere and dad emerged unscathed. I remember thinking to myself, "Yea, that's my dad! He's the strongest man in the world." Shannon

12: 18. One of my fondest memories of mom was track days. She would get up early Saturday morning and always make sausage and biscuits for breakfast and pack a great lunch. I have an image stamped in my head of one of my track meets and me getting ready for a race and looking over to see Kim and mom sitting in the car. I just remember thinking how much I loved her for always sacrificing her time to travel around the country and be at all of my meets and supporting me in every thing that I did. Shannon

13: 19. I remember all of those early mornings mom would get up and cook me breakfast before school and have lunch ready when I got home. Kim

14: 20. I remember when I was talking on the phone to Natalie and Oscar had said something bad about me. Dad didn't say a word, but got up and went over there. Kim

15: 21. I remember all of those nights that mom waited up for me and we talked about what went on "uptown." I didn't appreciate it then, but now being a mom, I do! Kim | 22. I remember when mom would let me skip school to stay home and rest or go shopping. I loved those days! Kim

16: 23. I remember going in to a convenient store and asking for directions to our next shopping destination and remembering nothing of what he said. Mamaw, mom, and I laughed for years afterward. Kim | 24. I remember when mom and I would go shopping and she would tell me not to tell dad. We would hide the clothes in the trunk until he wasn't there. Ha! Kim

17: 25. I remember when dad gave up his bonus money so that I could go through sorority rush. That meant the world to me. Kim | 26. One of my fondest memories of dad was when I was working at Monfort and had just been promoted to Lead Man in Shipping. He came to the cafeteria one morning as I was preparing to go home from work that night. He sat down across from me, looked me in the eye real serious, and said, "I'm proud of you son!" I wanted to cry right there on the spot. That has always stuck with me and I tell my kids how proud I am of them every chance I get. .Shannon

18: 27. I remember when you would send me care packages while I was in college with snacks, money, and a special pen for my tests. Kim | 28. I remember when I was about 13 or 14 and mom made me steal the Rubbermaid trashcan from Wal-Mart and then drive the get away car. Kim

19: 29. I remember all of those times that you took care of me and treated me like your own. You're the best grandma ever! Jazzy

20: 31. I remember going with papaw to chop wood on Saturday's. Liam | 30. I remember Saturday garage saling and breakfast at the Pancake House with an afternoon cap at Wall's. Those were some of the best moments we all shared as a family and they always meant so much to me. Marla

21: 32. I remember golfing with papaw and him letting me drive the golf cart around, especially the time I ran into the ball washer. Alec

22: 33. I remember going to Wonderland Park with mamaw and papaw and riding the log ride with papaw and walking around with mamaw. Noah | 34. I remember going to Pancake House with mamaw and papaw and having chocolate chip pancakes. Liam

23: 35. I remember going with mamaw to take Alec to his football game and running into a rope sign. Noah | 36. The funniest thing that comes to mind is how obsessed Mike became with a washer cardboard box house. After weeks of adding hinges, door knobs, windows with panes in them and don't forget the shutters, along with the black sharpie paint job...You finally had the cardboard box of your dreams where Alec could come and visit you anytime. Marla

24: 37. I remember driving to Amarillo from Lubbock to meet you for the first time at the hospital when Liam was being born. Jeremy

25: 39. I'm glad that you surprised me by coming to my graduation. Even though I said it was alright if you didn't come, I wanted you there. Kim | 38. I remember that despite the Emergency Exit signs on the door, Mike chose to go out the doors at Bass Pro Shop and set off the alarms. Seems just like yesterday... Jeremy

26: 40. I really like when papaw plays in the backyard with me. Brinlyn

27: 41. I always like to sit and talk to papaw. Brinlyn | 42. I like when mamaw and papaw help me with my activity books. Brinlyn

29: 43. I like going shopping with mamaw. Brinlyn | 44. I remember how much trouble Debi went to to find the Texas Monthly with Mike Leach on the front to give to me for my birthday. Jeremy

30: 45. I like when mamaw plays babies with me. Brooklyn | 46. I like when papaw makes funny faces at me. Brooklyn

31: 47. I like when mamaw and papaw hold me. Brooklyn

32: 48. I remember going with papaw to the ACE store and getting popcorn. Noah | 50. Mike, I mostly remember the love you show to our boys. Little moments like when you held Alec for the first time, or let Nosh sit with you while we watched TV, or when you helped Liam find his eggs at the yearly church Easter hunt. Marla | 49. I will always have a special place in my heart for the moments you came to all of the boys special events, anything from watching Alec run to third base every time he hit the ball in Tball, to Noah swimming the back stroke in a zigzag pattern down the lane, to Liam's Christmas program and graduation. Marla

33: 52. I remember going to Sunset Lake with mamaw and feeding the ducks and walking around the lake. Liam | 51. I remember going to the caverns and going swimming with mamaw and papaw. Alec

34: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | 53. I remember going to Noah's baseball games and eating sunflower seeds with papaw and Ringpops with mamaw. Liam

35: 54. I remember when Alec saw papaw with his teeth out and how astonished he was. Then later that same day at Wall's, we saw a candy dispenser with an old man that did the same thing. Marla | 55. I remember making a circle with the blocks in the living room and then it fell and broke and we all laughed. Noah

36: 57. I remember going to the Botanical Gardens in Washington DC with mamaw and papaw and making monkey sounds. Alec | 56. I remember at church one Sunday, dad asked me to start the Nisson truck. I forgot to take it out of gear when I let off the clutch and almost ran over an old lady. Dad was mad! Shannon

37: 58. I remember when mamaw would make those different colored pancakes and them always coming out Army green. Alec | 59. I remember going to the Dumas YMCA for aqua aerobics, but mostly one event comes to mind. A lady in the hot tub said that you looked like Barbara Streisand and then proceeded to say how ugly she thought she was. The next day, the Chatty Kathy started to step into the hot tub and Swoop! We heard the Boing, Boing, Boing, as her very cushioned buns hit each step going into the pool. Karma! Marla | 60. THANK YOU for being their grandparents. They are blessed. Happy Birthday to you both.! Marla

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