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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Our Family History

FC: Our Family History | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: Who Am I? Where did I come from? Who else shares my name in history? These are questions I have asked myself in the last few years. Knowing who my ancestors were, what they did and how they lived, have become of great interest to me. In the winter of 2010, I began doing some basic research to see what I could find out and now several years later, I am trying to put down in a readable format what I've learned. With the help of the internet, newspaper clippings, and shared family memories, I have gathered information to tell a small part of our family story. I have traced my father's family back to the 1700's. According to the 1920 US Federal Census, most Raines immigrants came from England before they settled in America. What's in a name? Apart from basic identification purposes, names provide a wealth of information about who we are and where we're from. A key to the past, names can reveal what our ancestors did for work, where they lived, where they came from, or what birth order they held in the family line. As you read this family history, you will see that our family names were Stephen, John, Asa, Robert, Rebecca, Mary......if I know the history of anyone's name and how it came to be, I will share that in my story. Thank you to all who have helped me with this research and I hope someone will continue to add to our history for future generations to come. | Hilda Raines Banyon

2: The Raines family name began with the spelling - Rennes of French origin. In the year 1066, Roger (Hugh) DeRennes (sone of Rennes) - a Duke under William the Conqueror during the Norman conquest of England had a large land holding near Braintree (Raines) - England. In the book, Book of Hisotry and Antiquities of the County of Essex, England, on Page 395, BRAINTREE has references to Robert and Walter de Rannes (Rennes) and footnotes the names as "RAINES". Another source: Burkes Gentry - 1868 - Page 998 RAINES OF WYTON Lineage: "The patriarch of this ancient house, Roger De Raines, came into England with the Conqueror, and had several manors in Essex given to him by William. A very full account of the first establishment of this family in England is given by Morant, in his Hitory of Essex, under the heads of Messing and Little Rayne. He records that at the time of the general survey, the whole of Little Rayne belonged to Roger, one of William the Conqueror's companions in his conquest of the kingdom, who took the surname of Raines. The family resided there for ages at or near the manor of Old Hall. Descendants are Robert, Richard and William. The land was sold in the 13th Century by Walter, son of Geoffrey de Raines." Raines Family History - August, 1951 states: Baron Hugh (Roger) de Rennes of Rennes (Brittany) France was a direct ancestor to Sir James Raines who settled at Jamestown, Virginia in 1620. An ancestor of Sir James Raines was John Robert Raines who was personal bodyguard to George Washington, first President of the United States. The Raines family motto as shown is: "Judicium Parium Autleges Terrae" - Latin In English translates: "THE JUDGEMENT OF MY PEERS, OR THE LAWS OF THE LAND." Spellings of the Raines name traced back to England/France (same lineage) are: Raines - DeRaines-Ranes-Rain-Raines-Raine-Rayne-Rayn-Raner-Raner-Rennes-Rannes-Rayner's-DeRannes-Ryne-Rynes-Reins-Reyne-Reine-Reghn-Rans-Rein-Ren-Rene-Rhene-Rainer-Reign.

3: Raines Cemetary in Crockett County, Tennessee | Rebecca McMahan Wife of Asa Raines 5/28/1812 - 1/22/1876 | Elijah Columbus Raines 9/13/1877 - 1/31/1954 | E.B. (Erasmus Benjamin) Raines 12/29/1833 - 4/14/1896 | Asa Raines 7/27/1811 - 8/28/1892 | These are a few of the tombstones that I found at the Raines Cemetary in Tennessee

4: John Wiliam Raines 1746-1818 +Nora Stephen Asa Raines 1766-1862 +Mary Rory 1769-1805 married 1791 Abel 5/12/1796 - 4/15/1866 +Delila Elizabeth Jackson 1798 - after 1870 m. 1817 David 1815 - Malinda 1820 - before 1918 Stephen Gibbs 2/14/1821 - 3/8/1897 William Henderson 4/3/1822 - 4/30/1899 +Eliza Jane Tidwell 12/1/1827 - 2/3/1908 Sarah 1823 - before 1924 Mahulda 1825 - before 1926 Jeremiah 1829 - before 1928 Alfred Jackson 1830 - before 1930 Susan Elizabeth 8/8/1832 - /7/1921 John M 1845 - 1875 +Nancy Ann Turner 10/4/1824 - 9/5/1877 2nd wife of Abel m: 1852 Elizabeth 1853 - before 1870 Mary Jane 1855 - 1928 George William 1/25/1857 - 3/16/1901 +Dora Luetiske Miller 3/1859 - 12/1/1909 Holder Raines 1/30/1885 - 7/1975 George Joe 8/9/1889 - 3/5/1955 Chadwick Artemus 1/16/1893 - 9/9/1967 Dora Lou 8/10/1895 - 1/22/1916 Dossie Miller 1/21/1898 - 1/29/1970 James Madison 10/28/1858 - 4/19/1918 Martha Ann 1860 - 1893 John 1797 - 7/13/1883 Hugh 12/15/1798 - 7/13/1883 Elijah 1805 - before 1900 +Margaret Williams 1775-1824 married 1808 2nd wife of Stephen Asa Hiram 1810 - before 1910 Asa 7/27/1811 - 8/28/1892

5: John Raines was born in 1746 in England. He was married to Nora and came to the United States prior to the Revolutionary war, locating in Virginia and served in that conflict. John died in 1818. Stephen, only child of John and Nora, was born 1766 in Virginia. He went to North Carolina at the age of 25 where he married Mary Rory. Together, they had four sons, Abel, John, Hugh and Elijah. I have not been able to confirm the exact date of Mary's death or Elijah's birth. I just have the year, 1805. My assumption is that she probably died during childbirth or shortly thereafter which left Stephen with a newborn, and three boys ages 7, 8 and 9. | Stephen Asa Raines 1766 - 1862 (my great great grandfather) In 1808, Stephen married Margaret Williams and together they had two sons, Hiram, their first son was born in 1810 and a year later, Asa (my great grandfather). They had a blended family with 6 boys ranging in age from Asa the youngest to Abel, the oldest, 15. Around 1828, Stephen took up his permanent residence on a large farm (100+ acres) in Humboldt, Tennessee area. This farm has been in the Raines family for several generations. Stephen died 1862 in Gibson County, Tennessee at the age of 96.

6: Top left: James Madison Raines and George William Raines (sons of Abel) Bottom Left: George William Raines and 3 sons - Holder, George Joe, and Chadwick Artemus Right: Chadwick Artemus Raines

7: Abel Raines (my great uncle) was married to Delila Jackson and together they had 10 children. Census data shows that he married his 2nd wife, Nancy Turner sometime around 1851-1853 and together they had 5 children. I was curious about what happened to Delila. I came across some comments published by Nannietta (Raines) Rhine (daughter of James Madison Raines) . She wrote: | When Uncle Jack Raines visited us, I asked him why Grandfather Raines (Abel) left his home and children and never again saw or heard of them. He said that he had accepted I.O.U's from people who never paid him and that he feared being unable to meet his own obligations. It was then he went to Perry County, married Nancy Ann Turner. She was much younger than Abel. My Grandfather (Stephen Asa) was born in 1764 and lived to be 96 years old. He was blind several years before he died. When 12 years old, he was an orphan and living with a Revolutionary soldier. This soldier slipped home through the lines and came home to visit his family. The Torries caught him, tied him to a chestnut tree and shot him to death. This incensed Grandfather so much that as soon as he was large enough, he joined the American army and fought in the Revolutionary War. Some of our people say he came from old Virginia and others say from England.

8: William Henderson Raines (son of Abel) and his wife Eliza Jane Tidwell

9: During the terrible Yellow Fever scourge of 1877, Virginia Shields Marks Raines and Martha Ann Raines came down with the disease. Susan's husband, James Madison Raines, went to the men in their beloved Methodist church and begged them to let him have enough money for him to get a doctor out of Memphis to treat them. He had worked for them, he said, and they knew that he would work until they were repaid every penny. They refused him, and upon Susan's death, he got on his horse, "Dolly", his only earthly possession and rode away. He was only about 15 or 16 at this time. Some years were spent in herding cattle and he entered Arkansas through the Indian Territory, worked on the farm of a Mr. Floyd where he studied with Charlie, Mr. Floyd's son, passing the entrance exam for entering the University of Arkansas in everything but Latin. In the HISTORY OF THE ARKANSAS PRESS ASSOCIATION by Clio Harper, there are accounts of his establishing several newspapers in the state. The first of which was THE DALLAS PIONEER established in 1885. He became associated with Dansby in publishing THE KICKER at Kingsland. There his friendship with James N. Marks began and on 2/6/1886 he married his daughter, Virginia Shields Marks. In the meantime, in 1884, The FORDYCE ENTERPRISE was established. While he did not return to his boyhood home in Tenn, during these years he kept in contact with his sisters whom he called "Sister Mary and Martha". His Aunt Martha and her husband, Jim Busick died within a few weeks of each other from the Yellow Fever around 1893. Several of the Busick children went to live with James and Virginia.

10: Will of Mrs. Martha L (Mattie) Raines Balentine dated July 14, 1931 Will of Mrs. Mattie L. Balentine Probated December 28, 1932 I, MATTIE L. BALENTINE, being of sound mind and disposing memory, realizing the uncertainty of life, do make and publish this, my last will and testament. First: My executor, hereinafter named, will pay all of my just debts as soon after my death and burial as is practical, including my funeral expenses. Second: It is my will, desire, and direction that my body be buried at Salem, Crockett County, Tennessee, and that my executor, for the purpose of having my body buried according to my desire, is hereby given legal possession and control of my body. Third: After my just debts have been paid, I give and bequeath to PINKNEY CRAIG and HENRY ROSAMOND, all of the balance of my property of every kind and character, including my notes, cash on hand, furniture, and all other property that I might possess at the time of my death, to be equally divided between them. Fourth: I hereby name and appoint PINKNEY CRAIG executor of my last will and testament, and having full faith and confidence in his integrity, he is so appointed without bond, and shall not be required to report to the Court the way and manner in which he administers my estate. Witness my hand, at Alamo, Tennessee on this the 14th day of July 1931. MARTHA L. BALENTINE Witnesses: HERBERT A. PERRY SARAH ROSAMOND

11: Asa Raines with his 2nd wife, Martha L Reeves and her two neices.

12: Asa Raines (my paternal great grandfather) was born July 27, 1811 in Stewart County, Tennessee. He attended school only about nine months during his life, but possessing a remarkable memory and being very observing, he became a well-informed and intelligent man. Asa was a Democrat and for over 56 years served as a Deacon in the Primitive Baptist Church. At the age of 22, he married Rebecca McMahon (of Irish ancestry) in Gibson County, Tenn. She was born in Alabama, May 28, 1812 and died 1/22/1876. They had 8 children: Eramus Benjamin , Cynthia Angeline, Asa Columbus (my grandfather), William Zacharias, Albert LeRoy, Rebecca Elizabeth and two children who died at birth. They were married 43 years. About 1 year and 8 months after Rebecca's death, Asa married his 2nd wife, Martha Lucinda "Mattie" Reeves originally from North Carolina on Aug 19, 1877. After Asa's death, Mattie married Samuel D. Balentine on 1/22/1896. Asa Raines died August 28, 1892 at the age of 81.

13: Asa Raines 7/27/1811 - 8/28/1892 +Rebecca McMahon 5/28/1812 - 1/22/1876 Eramus Benjamin 12/29/1833 - 4/14/1896 Infant 2/24/1835 - 3/18/1835 Son 1838 - 1838 Cynthia Angeline 9/11/1840 - 11/1/1844 Asa Columbus 10/20/1844 - 4/14/1914 Albert Leroy 1851 - before 1951 William Zacharias 3/15/1847 - 5/19/1936 Rebecca Elizabeth 2/15/1852 - 1918 + Martha Lucinda "Mattie" Reeves 1845 - 1932 + Samuel D. Balentine 1846 - m. Jan 22, 1896.

14: Asa Columbus Raines 10/20/1844 - 4/14/1914 +Mollie E Thompson 1841 - 11/25/1871 m. 10/11/1865 Joseph Forrest 1867 - 1934 Thomas Morton 1869-before 1966 Alice O 1870 - before 1970 Nander Wallace 11/13/1871 - 4/11/1922 + Ann T Thompson 1847 - 12/8/1880 m. 12/24/1872 2nd wife of Asa C. Mary O 1873 William D 1875 Elijah Columbus 9/13/1877 - 1/31/1954 Sallie Ann 1879 +Martha L. Dunlap 3rd wife of Asa C. James Asa 1888 - 1950 Maggie L 1890 +Matilda "Tilla" Batey 1875 - 1948 m. 3/19/1899 4th wife of Asa C. Byron 4/28/1900 -7/1977 +Sarah Gertrude Johnson 7/5/1908-9/6/2000 m. 10/9/1920 John S 3/9/22 +Earlene Dunn 7/28/1926 - 2002 John Daniel 1948 Ruby Francis 4/13/1924 - 3/24/2003 +Jack Dudley James Brenda Billy Mabley 11/1/1926 - 5/2/1985 +Gladys Barney Eugene 11/28/1950 +Sandra Calvary Brandon Amanda +Justin Hannah m. 2012 Aubry H. 10/24/1905 - 10/1979 +Selma L Taylor 5/8/1908 - 10/1/1942 Alvin Fern 11/26/1929 JoAnn 4/12/1932 - 2/3/2008 +William Edward Bates 4/15/1931 - 6/17/1991

15: Robert Hardman 1/14/1907 - 6/1974 +Maxie Laverne Cunningham 4/25/1914 - 8/23/2009 Joe Mack 3/6/1934 - 4/14/1999 +Delores Ann Gustine 2/2/1936 Karen Faye 1/30/1955 Robert Willet "Bobby Joe" Steven Scott "Scotty" +Donald Harper 10/27/1934 - 3/15/2007 Robert Riley 1/30/1944 +Rosemary Everett 7/21/1954 Rebecca Renee 1/21/1976 Hilda Louella 10/1/1950 +Bruce Raymond Worley Corey Richard 8/18/1969 +James Dale Mann 11/1/1948 Corey Richard was adopted by Jim Mann 1974 +Stephen M Banyon 2/8/1948 m. 12/28/1991 Allie Mae 1910-1995

16: Asa Columbus (My paternal grandfather), son of Asa and Rebecca (McMahon) Raines, was born in Tennessee October 20, 1844. He attended local schools and at age 17 enlisted in Company H, Twelfth Tennessee Calvary, and rose to the rank of Orderly Sergeant. He was in many important battles and served until the final surrender. His company surrendered in North Carolina in May 1865. (Civil War 1861-1865). There were 137 Raines Union soldiers and 325 Raines Confederate soldiers) Asa Columbus returned home and on October 11, 1865 married Mollie E Thompson (1848-11/25/1871). Together, they had four children: Joseph Forrest, Thomas M, Alice O. and Nander Wallace. Mollie died 12 days after giving birth to Nander. About a year after Mollie's death, on December 24, 1872, he married Ann T. Thompson (1847-12/8/1880), sister of his first wife. Together they had four children: Mary O., William D., Elijah Columbus, and Sallie Ann. July 6, 1885 he married Martha L Dunlap. They had two children, James Asa and Maggie L. March 19,1899, he married Matilda "Tilla" Batey (1875 - 1948). Their children together: Byron Fuller, Aubry H, Robert Hardman (my father) and Allie Mae. Tilla was 24 years old when she married Asa C (he was 55). They were married 15 years. Tilla married Ab Bouldin and was buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in a grave next to her daughter, Allie Mae. Asa Columbus died April 4, 1914 at 73 years of age from pneumonia and apoplexy (cerebral hemorrhage or stroke).

17: Robert Hardman Raines 1/14/1907 - 6/1974 | Allie Mae Raines 1910-1955 | Brother and Sister

18: When my Grandmother, Tilla, married my Grandfather, Asa Columbus, she was 24 years old and he was 55. He brought to the marriage two of his children by his third wife, James Asa who was 11 and Maggie L who was 9. Almost 1 year to the date later, Tilla had her first child, Byron Fuller "Jake". Five years later, Aubry H was born (1905), two years later Robert Hardman (my dad) 1907, and lastly, Allie Mae in 1910. Asa Columbus died 1914, my dad was 7 years old. I knew all of my uncles and my aunt. However, I never met my Grandmother as she died 2 years prior to my birth. From pictures I have seen of her, she was a heavy set woman and had severe diabetes. My Aunt Allie Mae told me that prior to her death, the diabetes was so bad that they kept her fingers and toes in wrappings and when they would change them, joints would already be turned black from the gangrene infection. My father was also diabetic. When he was a youngster, he would pass out and was given candy to "make him feel better". Obviously, there weren't drugs in those days to treat the disease like there are today. I do remember my dad taking shots when I was young and then later in his life, he took oral medication. Upon his death, I was informed that his big toe had turned black. None of us were aware of this. Of the four children, my dad was the most handsome. He was a gentleman, devoted to his family and God-fearing. I didn't get a lot of family history from my parents, but I do remember that my dad lived with others from a very early age, farming, etc. My research doesn't give me the answer to why his older brothers didn't take care of him while he was young. Robert (22) and Maxie Laverne Cunningham (15) were married December 21, 1929 in a double ring ceremony with Maxie's sister, Willie Sue and J.B. Argo. .

19: Robert Hardman Raines | Robert and Maxie

20: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Willie Sue, Ozzie, Joel Jones, Maxie Laverne Ruby Elizabeth, William Riley, Louella, William Clone Ulon Carnel, Joe Mack | Louella's brothers, Thomas McKenzie and Marley | Myrtle

21: Louella Hampton (1/22/1883-5/8/1954) (my maternal grandmother) was the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Parson) Hampton. She had 3 older siblings, a sister, Queen Esther, two brothers - Thomas McKenzie (fondly called Uncle Mack) and Marley Moore called Uncle Marley. I often heard my mother talk of Uncle Mack and Uncle Marley but never heard mention of her Aunt Queen Esther. William Riley (my maternal grandfather) (6/20/1875-12/2/1935) was the son of Joseph D and Susan M (Bivins) Cunningham. He was the oldest of three boys. His brothers were Robert W (Uncle Bob) and Eddie. Louella and Willie married 3/20/1900. She was barely 16 and he was 25. I was privileged to spend some time with my Great Uncle Eddie as a young girl. I remember him as a tall thin man who chewed tobacco and kept his spit can nearby at all times. What I found really interesting was that his wife, Idie, also chewed and spit. He appeared to me to be a gentle person and very quiet spoken. My mother always enjoyed seeing him when we made our annual visit to Tennessee. I recently was told that Aunt Idie use to make moonshine and run it. I don't remember my Grandmother Louella (who I was named for) as I was about 3-1/2 years old when she passed away. Willie and Louella had 5 children: Myrtle (1902-1912), Ozzie (7/12/1905-11/2/1991), Willie Sue (2/1/1912-11/25/2001), Maxie Laverne (4/25/1914-8/23/2009) and Joel Jones (8/14/1919-12/30/2001). Ozzie, Willie Sue, and Joel looked like their mother - very dark hair and dark brown eyes. Maxie and Myrtle were fair-haired and blue-eyed like their father. I heard the story several times that when Mother was born, people asked her dad what they had and his reply was "another black-haired, black-eyed un or it wouldn't be mine". Willie died in 1935 from pneumonia and asthma. Louella was a widow until 7/12/1939 when she married William Thomas (Billie) Scott (1869-1945)

22: The Cunningham Brother and Sisters Ozzie, Willie Sue, Maxie Laverne & Joel Jones | This picture was taken at Aunt Ozzie's Anniversary celebration. | This picture was taken at Uncle J.B.'s funeral July 1978. Uncle Joel is holding Bethany Malone (Judy Marshall Malone's baby) | Maxie & Willie Sue. This may have been around the time they got married. They had a double ring ceremony on December 21, 1929. Maxie was 15-1/2 and Willie Sue was 17-1/2. | Willie Sue and Ozzie

23: Ozzie, the oldest of the children, married Robert C. Henley who was from around Illinois. They had three children, Ruby Elizabeth, William Clone, and Lareda Darlene. | My childhood memories of Aunt Ozzie are that I was always anxious to get to her house on our annual visits to Tn. She always made us feel so welcome, great food (homemade bread special for Riley) and always fresh vegetables from her garden. She always sang when she was cooking and I loved to hear her sing "I'll Fly Away" | I remember Aunt Ozzie's house out of town in the country. They had a large farm. Then they | moved to town (Trezevant) and both worked at the Levi Company sewing pants until retirement.

24: Uncle J.B., Annie B, Randy, Uncle Joel, ?, Aunt Willie Sue Ora, Uncle Mack, Grandma Louella Jones Ray, Mack Henry | Mack, Louella, Ora | Mollie, Marley, Will, Louella

25: Mollie, Claude, Marley, Ozzie, Will, Myrtle, Louella, Willie Sue | Marley, Claude, Esther, Mollie, Opal | Marley | This is the only picture I have ever seen of mom's sister, Myrtle. It came into my possession Nov 2014. I think she and Mom look alike. | Marley (Louella's brother) married an Indian woman and moved to Oklahoma. He would come home every few years, hitch hiking to get there and stay a month and then hitch back. He played a violin and told my cousin Ruby stories about the Indians and old times.

26: Family stories as told to me by my cousin Ruby Henley Marshall. "Mama (Grandma Louella) was sickly most of her adult like and had typhoid fever. She was so sick and unable to bathe as she normally would so her long hair (which had never been cut) got all tangled and sweaty and dirty and that was the only time in her life that her hair was cut. She only weighed about 100 lbs. When she and Will got married, his brother told him "if you wanted to marry a corpse, why didn't you go the graveyard and dig one up? At least she would have been dressed up!" | Louella's other brother Uncle Mack, lived in Bradford with his wife Ora. They had lots of kids and all of their kids had lots of kids. Basically everyone in Bradford is related to some Hampton, maybe everybody that drove through Bradford is related to a Hampton. Everyone loved Uncle Mack and that is why we have so many "Mack's" in our family, Joe Mack and Mack Henry were named after him.

27: Ozzie was born on July 12, 1905 in Tennessee. She married Robert Cornelius Henley (1898-1985) on 10/21/1923 (age 18) in Gibson, Tenn. They had 3 children - William Clone, Ruby and Lareda. She died on 11/2/1991 in Trezavant, Tenn at the age of 86 and was buried in Bradford, Tenn.

28: Robert, Ruby, Clone, Ozzie & Lareda | Ruby and Lareda | Clone, Lareda & Ruby

29: William "Clone" Henley 11/19/1924 - 11/5/1997 | Ruby Elizabeth Henley Marshall 10/16/1927 - | Lareda Darlene Henley Wilson 1932 - 1988

30: Clone was in the U.S. Navy, served during the Pearl Harbor Attack. After his tour was done, he returned to Milan where he married Lula Mae and together they had three children, Donnie, David and Lisa. I remember Clone owning the Shell service station right outside of Milan and it was always a treat to go there for "chocolate pop" which we didn't have in Michigan. | Donnie | David | Lisa

31: Clone and Lula Mae divorced and remarried on June 26, 29168. They divorced again and on Aug 10, 1974, he married Sarah Punkett in Gibson, Tennessee. They lived together in Sarah's family home in Milan, Tenn until his passing on Nov 5, 1997 at the age of 72. Clone was buried in Bradford, Tennessee. | ? Sarah, Clone, Joel | Clone and his Uncle Joel were very close. They both served in the service at the same time but in different areas. I have letters that both of them wrote to Mom during the Pearl Harbor bombing.

32: Thomas "Butch" | Cindy | Ruby and Clarence Marshall were married . They had three children, Thomas "Butch", Cindy and Judy. I have great memories of visiting them at their home in Nashville on numerous occasions. They attended a church that we loved to attend and had a singing family named "Rudy". We always had to have a time of singing whenever we were together. A family that sings together....stays together. | This picture was taken on a Sunday morning at Ruby's house in Nashville. I'm sure we were all going to church.

33: back row l to r: Maxie, Willie Sue, Ozzie, Annie B, Joel, ? David, Clone, Sarah, ? ? E.C., Clarence Middle: Robert Wayne, Cindy, Judy, Jimmy, Jerry, Janelle, Charlie, Hilda, Jim, Jane, Randy, Scott, Steven, ?? | Butch and Cindy This picture was taken at Ruby's house after Candy's funeral.

34: Rebekkah English and Joshua Marshall (Butch's son) | Bethany Malone (Judy and Jimmy's daughter) and her son Branson

35: Cousins | Tommy "Butch", Donnie, Robert Wayne Cindy, Charlie, David | Carnell, Joe Mack, Kethel | Butch, Charlie & Robert Wayne | Judy, Cindy, Charlie, Robert Wayne, Butch | Kethel died at the age of 5 as a result of a fire accident.

36: E.C. Wilson and Lareda Henley They had 3 boys, Robert Wayne, Charlie and Gerry

40: Maxie Laverne (named after her grandfather Thomas Maxey Hampton) was born 4/25/1914. She attended school through the 8th grade. She grew up around Trezevant, Tennessee and was raised on a farm. She always had an aversion to getting a sun tan and thought it was terrible for people to lay in the sun just to look like a "farmer". Due to her persistence in making sure her skin was covered, she always had beautiful skin and didn't show her age at all. Maxie married Robert Hardman Raines (1/14/1907-6/1977?) in a double ring ceremony on Dec 21, 1929 with her sister, Willie Sue and J.B. Argo. Maxie was 15-1/2 years old and Robert was 22. Five years later they had their first child, a son, Joe Mack (named for Maxie's Uncle Mack) on March 6, 1934. Their 2nd son, Robert Riley (named for his dad and maternal grandfather) was born January 30, 1944. On October 1, 1950, Maxie gave birth to her long-awaited baby girl, Hilda Louella, named after Hilda Walsh and Maxie's mother, Louella. I have heard that mother had a miscarriage but I'm not sure when that took place. | Robert and Maxie began their life together in Tennessee. They moved to Michigan when Joe was a young lad. They first lived in Lansing, but finding a job was not to be and so they moved to Riverside. Together they worked on the John Daly farm and in a few years, Robert was hired at Superior Steel where he worked until his retirement in 1973 at age 62. Robert had a heart attack in late 1972 and in order to draw his pension, he had to return to work for one day on January 13, being actively employed on the day he turned 62. He was a steel cutter and it was really hard, physical work. I don't remember my dad ever missing any days of work. He worked hard to provide for his family and while we were very poor, I always felt we had everything. Dad always wanted a nice car, which he washed every Sunday morning before church and a good TV, which he insisted on watching wrestling on Saturday evenings and baseball during summer months.

42: They lived in Riverside, Michigan until _____________. Their next move was to 356 Cedar Street in Benton Harbor, MI. | J O E

43: Joe was born March 6, 1934 in Tennessee. The family lived there until he was _______and moved to Michigan. He was a typical young boy, interested in playing with bb guns, riding bikes, and being the only child for 10 years. Then another little boy became part of the family, Robert Riley. Thinking that this was going to be a two boy family, you can imagine their surprise, when Joe was 16 and Riley 10 that a baby girl was going to join the family. Hilda Louella. Joe was a very talented artist. Taking great time to draw cars and airplanes. Joe dropped out of high school and joined the Air Force. | Riley and Hilda

44: Maxie, Louella and Riley | Riley, Maxie & Hilda | Riley & Hilda | Robert, Hilda, Maxie & Riley | Riley, Louella, & Hilda

45: Joe and Maxie

46: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Elizabeth Parson | Louella Hampton | Joseph Hampton | Peggy Wall | Thomas Hampton

47: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | William Riley Cunningham | Susan Bivins | Joseph D Cunningham

48: Joe Mack Raines | 3/6/1934 - 4/14/1999

49: s | Karen Faye | Robert Willet | Stephen Scott | Joe Mack | Delores Ann | Edith Gustine

50: While still in the Air Force, Joe married Delores Ann Gustine on May 1, 1954. At the time they lived in Rantool, Illinois. Joe achieved the rank of Sergent while in the Air Force, working as a mechanic on airplanes. As far as I know, he never flew in an airplane while in the service. On January 30, 1955, Joe and Dee welcomed their first child, Karen Faye. I remember her as a beautiful baby girl and thought she would be my very own to play with whenever I wanted to. Mom would sew us matching dresses when we were little girls. | This is Joe (on the right) and his buddy Dugan that he hung around with in the service. This picture was taken at our house on Cedar Street in Benton Harbor | Joe Raines and Delores Ann Gustine

51: Daniel | Joshua and Karen | Sarah, Karen and Matthew | Sarah, Karen and Lindsay

54: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

55: Dee's sister, Janet

56: Karen Faye wed William Smith on Their family: Sarah Anne, Matthew, Daniel, Lindsay, and Joshua

60: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents

61: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Robert Hardman Raines & Maxie Laverne Cunningham married 12/21/1921

64: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

66: Mother | Grandmother | Grandfather | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother

67: Father | Grandfather | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother

69: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

71: Our Ancestors

72: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

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