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Family History

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BC: Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth. Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs. Know that the Lord is God. It is he who made up, and we are his; we are his people, the sheep of his pasture. Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100

FC: Hank & Alice Douma's Family History

1: Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a

2: Fred & Minnie Douma 1875-1948 born in Lollum, Friesland, Holland & 1887-1974 born in Maurice, Iowa | Henry Douma's Parents 9-24-1921 born in Holland Minnesota

3: Fred worked in Minnesota on a farm. Later they moved to California where he worked on a chicken ranch at home. Minnie was a hard working housewife. However, once they moved to California she was able to spend more time babysitting her Grandchildren. | Memory: Grandpa's Dad was remembered as always being soft spoken and slow with his temper. He taught his kids how to work hard and not to expect to be acknowledged for it.

4: Jake & Jennie Harmsen 1896-1954 & 1900-1964 born in Chicago, Illonois | Alice Douma's Parents 10-5-1930 born in Hawarden, Iowa

5: Jake worked on a farm in town until he lost it due to a flood. He then worked for the Government W.P.A. He was paid 25 cents a day. Jennie was a very hard worker. Not only did she care for her children but she also did some laundry and ironing to help pay for food. She also sewed all her kids clothing. Memories: Grandma can easily remember her Dads love for her. She loved sitting on her Dads lap when she had an earache because he would blow his cigar smoke in her ear to ease the pain. She also remembers that when he went to California to look for work, she cried so hard she didn't have to go to school. Grandma can also recall her Mothers love for the Lord. Even as poor as they were, her Mother was always happy!

6: D | O | U | M | A | Grandpa was named after his fathers brother Henry. --------------- A pastime favorite of Grandpas was playing on the farm in Minnesota, and in California he loved riding his bicycle. | Paul, Henry, Winnie, Peter, Minnie, Anna Mae, Fred | Peter 1909-1914 Winnie 1910-2001 Paul 1913-2002 Peter 1918-1991 Henry 1921-2004 Anna Mae 1928

7: Grandpa only knew his Grandma Miersma. She only visited a few times and would always sit in their rocking chair. --------------- They rarely attended any family reunions. However, before Grandpa went into the service his family drove to Iowa and Minnesota to attend a Miersma gathering. | Anna Mae, Winnie, Peter, Paul, Henry Minnie, Fred

8: Fred, Paul, Minnie, Peter, Winnie, Anna Mae, Henry 1933

9: When growing up in Minnesota, Grandpa had to feed the animals on the farm each day. When they moved to California, he then ended up doing a lot of the yard work around the house. Grandpa never did get an allowance. One of the reasons was because his familys finances were low due to the depression. Their family car was an Oakland. They also used that car to travel from Minnesota into California. Grandpas parents first born was named Peter. Sadly he died at the age of 4 from the flu. About 4 years after his death they had another boy and also named him Peter.

10: H | A | R | M | S | Grandma was named after her Grandma Harmsen. --------------------------- Sundays consisted of morning church, Sunday school, a good dinner, and then church again at night. They wore dresses all day long and were not allowed to play with balls or ride their bikes. They spent many afternoons playing board games. ---------------------------- Grandmas regular chores were washing the dishes and making the beds. On Saturdays though she had to mop the floors and clean the house. ----------------------------- Grandma remembers usually having a cake for her birthday but never having a party. | E | N | John, Matilda, Ben, Rich, Cynthia, Jennie, Geneva, Jake, Jake Jr., Alice | Matilda 1922- Ben 1923-1997 Richard 1926-2003 John 1928-1999 Alice 1930- Jake Jr. 1934-1986 Geneva 1940-

11: Iowa - They lived in a two story house on a corner lot. Grandma's parents bedroom was downstairs and the kids slept in the three bedrooms upstairs. They were 2 blocks from the park, and 4-5 blocks from their church and school. They had no inside toilet just an out house. Grandma can also recall the first time they got electricity. They moved to Ca when she was 10 years old. ---------------------------------------------- Artesia, California - They lived in a small house for 6 months on a dairy. They then moved to a nice home on Gridley Road, now a real estate office. Grandma's Mother thought it was too big though so they bought a home on 186th St. in Artestia, also a two story house. It only had one bath, but it had a huge attic which her Dad finished off for them. The house was bought for about $2,000, and then sold for about $10,000 after their parents death in 1960. | Our Last house in Iowa

12: Jennie, Rich, John, Jake, Cynthia, Jake Jr., Alice (taken before boarding train to head to California.)

13: When we lived in Iowa we had very little money. In California we were not poor but we never had extra money to spend. My first trip on a train was when I was 10 years old moving to California. I was sick the whole way. We did not have a car when we lived in Iowa but we were only a few blocks away from everything. When we moved to California though we got a Studebakker. We never really saw much family out of state. I can only remember one time visiting my Grandma Harmsen in Rock Valley, Iowa and that was because she was on her death bed. The Reipma's (my sister Til and her family) came to California yearly as long as they were healthy.

14: Elementary School: Henry Douma: Norwalk Public Elementary Alice Douma: Old Pioneer School in Artesia, Ca High School: Henry Douma: Excelsior High School Alice Douma: Bellflower Christian (now Cerritos Valley Christian) Activities: Going sleding at Big Bear Miniature Golfing Football Pumpkin Patches Roller Skating Deep Sea Fishing Grandma also took piano lessons. She really enjoyed it but didn't like the old man teacher.... so she quit after six months. | Paul, Peter, Hank, Anna Mae, Winnie | Paul, Winnie, Peter, Anna Mae, Henry, Minnie - 1973 | The Brothers: Hank, Peter, and Paul

15: Memories: When Grandma's sister, Geneva, was born, Grandma was ten and can remember that they all got to decide on her name. At High School graduation, Grandma got the Bible award. She got an A+ on her test! School starting meant sewing dresses - no pants! | Bert & Cynthia, John & Wilma Rich & Henrietta, Hank & Alice Wilson & Til, Ben & Dorothy Matt & Geneva (1970) | The Sisters: Til, Alice, Cynthia, Geneva | Rich, Alice, Til, Cynthia, Geneva, Ben - 1996 | They also got to go shopping for shoes and other necessities.

16: Graduation Picture: 1940 Grandpa went his first two years of High School and hated it so quit. He then got a job milking cows. After one year of that he thought school wasn't so bad after all. He then went back and graduated. | Graduation Picture: 1949 The last year of High School Grandma was a cheerleader. They had to wear skirts down to their knees and they were not allowed to do any jumping. "I was talked into doing it, I don't think I did very good."

17: First Job: While in High School, Grandma worked at the Artesia hospital serving meals and doing dishes. She also helped a neighbor can green beans. When growing up. Grandma always wanted to be a secretary. | First Job: Grandpa went back to milking cows after he graduated. After marriage though, he began driving truck for United Dairymens Co-op. | After United Dairymens, he began working for Ezell. He worked there for twenty one years.

18: Grandmas Dad and Brother Ben. Both in uniforms. Her Dad was in WWI and Ben was in WWII. | Grandpa and Grandma by their car. | Here is a picture of Grandpa working out on the farm in Minnesota.

19: 1st Artesia Church Girls Club. It was a bible study that met weekly at their church. This was a picture of them all dressed up for a banquet. | While working for the United Dairymans co-op, Grandpa got into an accident.

20: U.S. Coast Guard Washington, D.C. Coast Guardsmen, Henry Douma, Motor Mechinist's Mate second class, of 849 Burbank Avenue, Artesia, California recently sailed around the world aboard his ship, a Coast Guard-manned troop transport ferrying America's fighting men from the battlefronts of Europe home for leaves and then to the Pacific. Shown in the ships machine shop, Coast Guardsmen Douma is one of the original crew members.

21: God be with you till we meet again; By His counsels guide, uphold you, With His sheep securely fold you; God be with you till we meet again. | God be with you till we meet again; 'Neath His wings protecting, hide you, Daily manna still provide you; God be with you till we meet again. | This song was always sung in church when someone left for service.

22: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | How they Met: Every other Monday night the young adults would go to Long Beach to go roller skating. It was there that Grandpa and Grandma met. "I remember I didn't want to go home with him but he waited till every one left so then I had to." The Dating: They dated about 10 months in which they enjoyed going roller skating together and going to football games. The Proposal: They were in the car on Grandmas yard when Grandpa looked at Grandma and said "Lets get married". Grandma quickly replied "Okay!"

23: They got married on August 16, 1950 at First CRC church at 11 A.M. Grandma wore a white wedding dress. Her sister Cynthia was her Maid of Honor and wore a pink dress. Grandpa and his Best Man, Arnold Pap, wore dark blue suits. After the ceremony, Grandpa's parents made a chicken dinner for the immediate family. Afterwards, Grandpa and Grandma went for a ride with Arnold and Dorothy Pap to rent a motel room. The wedding reception was later that night. The meal consisted of buns, jello, chips and cake. They also had a program of songs and skits.

24: The Wedding/Reception

25: The Honeymoon | We went to Yosemite for a week and then to Iowa and Minnesota. In Yosemite we happened to meet a couple who got married a day after us. We were all staying at the tent ground there at the park. One night, once we had just climbed into bed we heard people banging pans and in they came! (Back then, if someone wasn't invited to your wedding you would take them out for a treat.) So, we got up and bought them some ice-cream from the cafe there.

27: First Home: 18522 S. Seine St, Artesia, California We lived here for about 6 months. Small house - kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bath Second Home: On Roseton in Artesia, California We moved here when Grandpas Mom was sick. The three of us lived in her house for about a year until she moved to a retirement home. We ended up living here though for about 8 years. Larry, Chuck, and Bev were all born here. Third Home: Ibex Avenue in Artesia, California. Henry and Valerie were born here. Forth Home: 1127 W. Locust St., Ontario, California Grandpa and Grandma enjoyed many things together. They went on many camping trips with friends and family. Glacier Park, Flint, Michigan, and Eagle Lake are just a few of the places they loved to go. Together they also enjoyed bowling and playing cards. They started a bowling team around 1954 with Bill and Joan Boersma. Before that, bowling was only for men.

28: Larry: While living in Artesia, Larry decided to go over to the neighbors and play. While over there he ended up breaking his collar bone while jumping on a mattress in their backyard. | Beverly: When Bev was 9 months old she became very sick. She had high fevers and started to convulse. We brought her into the hospital and she was there for a week. They packed ice all around her until her fever finally broke. She then however got the measels. | Chuck: Grandma and the kids had just boughten an electric shaver for Grandpas birthday. Uncle Chuck had just gotten in trouble and while mad at Grandma told her "Dont worry, I wont tell Dad what we got him" all while pretending to shave his face with an imaginary shaver. | Larry 1952 Chuck 1954 Beverly 1956 Henry 1958 Valerie 1963

29: Henry: During the first week of school the principal brought Henry home from school. He got in trouble for kicking his teacher. | Valerie She was always mischevious. She would always bury Henry's matchbox cars outside.

30: Parents | A Grandparent is a gift from above, | LOVE going on trips with the family! | LOVE getting hugs from them all! | LOVE baking and decorating cookies together!

31: LOVE being with them! | one to cherish, one to love.

32: Having some place to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing!

33: A family is gift that lasts forever.

34: I just can't stop

35: loving you! | Endless Love

36: One of the most difficult choices that I ever had to make was bringing my husband to skilled nursing. I just could not care for him anymore. March 4, 1999 One of the things I loved most about my husband was how hard he worked to support us, his good sense of humor, and his love for the Lord. My four brothers were all in the war together. I remember one thanksgiving day when we got a wire saying my brother Ben had been wounded in action, but we had no idea how bad it was. Three weeks later we got a letter from Ben. He wasn't allowed to explain the details but told us that he wanted to drive truck when he got home. By that statement we knew he was going to be okay. The first Christmas gift I remember receiving was a doll. One year we were told by our parents that we wouldn't have or get a gift that year because we didn't have enough money. Instead we would have a nice dinner. However, when I got up in the morning there was a doll for me! I learned later that it came from a church friend of my parents. We also never had a Christmas tree until we moved to California. | Favorite treat as a child: A 5 cent ice-cream cone. | When did you learn how to drive? My husband taught me after we were married. Our first car was a Ford Club Cooper. | Sound that brings you back in time. Trains - we lived near tracks in Iowa. | Wedding Gift: We never registered for anything. We got whatever people wanted to give us. We also got money as a gift. Two dollars back then was a generous amount. | Stories From

37: When did you learn how to swim? I learned when I was around 21 years old in Norwalk Park. I was forced to jump off the diving board. | Winter Memory I first think of snow from living in Iowa and how I hate to be cold. I also hated flannel sheets, but they were warm. | Interesting fact: My mother and my Mother-in-law both wore black dresses at my wedding. | Favorite Hymn Wonderful Grace | After my Mother died, my brother Jake took it hard. He left his wife and kids and for years nobody knew where he was. My brother John one day got a phone call that Jake was in Oregon and in the hospital. After that, Jake stayed with John for the week and then left for Oregon. Once again we didn't hear from him until Jake finally returned after he realized he had cancer. He moved to Ripon where he lived for 2-3 months until he died. I remember the scary feeling of not knowing where Jake was or if he was okay. I remember once looking through the obituaries wondering if I was going to see his name there. One of the things I love the most about my family is that they are not afraid to say the words "I Love You". I would like to be remembered for my faith in God. I would also love to see my whole family walk in the way of the Lord. The greatest gift a person can have is family. I see older people living here who have no children and I see how blessed I am. | Grandma

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