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Family History

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S: Blaine's Way by Monica Hughes

FC: Blaine's Way | Borja, Shyrel M. ELA A30 | Mrs. Mariette Baker-McDermid Teacher

1: Blaine's Way by Monica Hughes

2: Chapter One.. | "One day, I promised myself, I'll leave Cornell and find the real world, the world where dreams come true. When we aren't poor anymore. And I'll take mom with me." | "It's not even a town anymore. It's dead." | "In a moment I had scrambled from the top of the stump fence over the wire to the right-of-way. The rail gleamed dark and hard, when I touched it I could feel a faint trembling in the metal. A train was coming!"

3: Connection: When I was twelve or thirteen years old I used to see trains that are passing in front of me. Sometimes we would wait for the train to pass for us to go to on the other side. The land was trembling and we were just staring at those trains. It'll quickly pass on us as if nothing is happened and sometimes the vendors in the middle of the railway looked like had a typhoon because of their abrupt move to get off the railway.

4: "If you get the chance to go away once you're grown, you take it. Nobody in their right mind'd be a farmer. Nobody!" | "I could count all the way to a hundred this yea. One of these days I would count the cars right and the magic would begin: I would get my wish and travel to the big city."

5: Chapter Two.. | Connection: I have a cousin who lives in a farm and he go to a city very seldom. He always wishes to go to a city and he would always tell our grandma to bring him to a kiddie restaurant. He loves to be in the city because he could see many people compared in the rural areas. He also wants to study in the city for him to learn more. And just like in the story it's a place where you dreams come true. | :)

6: Chapter Three.. | "When school started in fall Dad drove into Cornell in the wagon. I was scared and excited all at the same time, and my stomach kept doing flips." | "I raced out of the house, bursting with excitement. I'll go far. Buffalo and New York. Detroit and Chicago. I will, I promised myself,-"

7: Connection: Kindergarten was my first day of school. My Uncle drove me to school into his bike and since it was just a half day class he would wait for me until I am done. The feeling was so different and I don't know most of the kids there except my two cousins. The parents would sit in the side of window for the kids to see them, And me as a kid, I would always look for my Uncle.

8: Chapter Four.. | "Nothing was as nasty as a boiled egg that had been laid a week or more before and set out in August sun ever since." | "I'd never in my life met anyone like Gramma. She worked like a whirlwind, and yet there was always a calm around her and she always had a moment for a smile and a hug." | Chapter Four..

9: Connection: When I was a kid I used to help my Gramma and Uncle in their barn. I would go with my Gramma to see and harvest eggs of chickens and ducks. Every night chickens and ucks has only one place and everything inside of it was so nasty. My Gramma was also used to help other people. I remember there were before that would always come to our house during dinner time and would lend rice. My Gramma would tell them to come earlier or before dinner time so that they could eat in the right time and they wont get hungry

10: Chapter Five.. | "When i was found the Ferris Wheel I didn't hesitate for a minute, but handed over my money and climbed into one of brightly painted cars. Slowly the great wheel turned and I was lifted high into the air."

11: "Keep your hand on your money. Can't trust city folks. They could rob you blind and you wouldn't even notice. Have fun. Don't be scared. Be careful and don't get lost." | Connection: Going to a city for the first time would be horrible to a person. When I was a kid, I went to a big city and I felt that the atmosphere was so different compared to a small city. The people were all in rush and the cars were all moving so fast. I haven't experience yet riding in a Ferris Wheel but I had cousins that already experienced that. Base on the pictures that they showed to me riding in a Ferris Wheel is so scary at the same time exciting. They also took pictures while they are on top of the wheel and it showed the hall city.

12: Chapter Six.. | "There were I found the difference with piecework and day labour. With piece work you're pushing yourself to make enough money. With day labour another man's watching and driving you. Three dollars, I told myself, and stopped back to the row." | "The news came over the phone one evening when I was wrestling with an algebra problem, not even giving a passing thought to her."

13: When I was a kid I've worked and helped my Uncle in their farm. As a kid, I would expect to get paid also and I remember, I asked my Uncle why he didn't pay me and he would say its because I have already eaten them. I realized that it was the food that they had feed on me.

14: “I hadn’t seriously thought of keeping Goldie. She was just a dog who’d happened by on a Saturday walk. Suddenly it began to matter.” | Chapter Seven.. | “I know your birthday’s not for another month, but it’s a pity not to take advantage of the spring weather

15: Connection: Sometimes my mother would buy me something that I don’t want, I always complain to her like clothes, if I don’t like it I would just keep it on my closet. One time, she bought me a dress and I don’t like it I said to her, then after a week I tried to wear it and it looks cool. It suddenly became a matter to me, in fact I always wear it twice a week at home and it becomes one of my favorite. Unfortunately, after a long time wearing it, it’s so small to me now.

16: Chapter Eight.. | "Right at that moment let out an awful scream, which just about scared the pants off me, and flung across herself and buried her head in my chest. She shouldn't come out for air for about five minutes." | "London, Gramma. I just enlisted.. Gramma?" | "As I waved back I thought triumphantly: I made it. I'm on the train.

17: When I was in grade school, I had a neighbor who went into army and his parents were so proud of him. After five months or more of training he went back home. He shared stories about his experienced and he almost cried. He really looked different, darker and slimmer. He decided to stop his training but after few months, he went back again into the army to continue his training. But on his case his parents supported him confidently without hesitation. | Connection:

18: Chapter Nine.. | "I found myself thinking that the teacher had got it all wrong, that honour had nothing to do and the poem was really an alibi. I bet Lovelace, in spite of his corny name, was longing for the adventure of war, running like mad from home and love and security, just the way I was.” | “John was different. It wasn’t just the uniform or him being an officer, though he certainly looked handsome and successful. But he was tense and jumpy and snapped at Anne a couple of times in front of me.”

19: Connection: We always look for differences when seeing someone or something that we haven’t seen for a longest time. I went to a friend just last weekend and I noticed something about their house. Their house was newly renovated and it looks greats, but I noticed most was she looked slimmer and really loss weight. Then I found out that she was sick for almost a two weeks and I felt like the whole thing in the house was affected.

20: Chapter Ten.. | “They made it realistic as they could, with explosives attached to underwater wires, so that as soon as our landing craft touched them they went off and we came into shore with this fearful racket and water spouting everywhere.” | “Quite definite. Over the coast. Two of us saw him go down the channel.”

21: Connection: Hearing other people saying that your friend died is such horrible. I haven’t experienced losing a friend but I experienced losing someone in the family. When my Gramma found out that her nephew died she just asked if it’s true, then she asked again. I know she was shock and her face was blushing that time. She didn’t react as much as she can, she was just sitting and seems like the news did not sink in unto her mind until she visited the wake of her nephew.

22: Chapter Eleven.. | “I ducked as the destroyer behind us began to barrage the shoreline. The shells whistled overhead and burst in cloud of dust and smoke among the buildings across the esplanade.” | “Steve and Mike charged ahead of me to the right. I saw them land and begin to run. Pete and Alex were directly in front of me. I leapt down the ramp behind them, thinking: Today is for you, John. And I tripped and went full length. Pete and Alex had thrown themselves flat on the beach and I’ve fallen over them.”

23: Connection: In my eighteen years of existence I haven’t been yet into army and I don’t have any plan of going there. But I had experienced drilling, marching and basic rules of army when I was in Philippines, it was whole day of Saturdays and Sundays then one hour every after school from Monday to Friday. It was really boring sometimes but I had to get the credit of it. I’ve watched a true to life story about an army, a young man who fought alone against communist army. From what I have seen, the military troop was in a camp in a rural place because of an operation. The young man was on the small city when the communist army saw him. The young man was just alone while the communist army was armed. Since he fought alone he was jailed because many civilian were killed in the operation. At the end, though he was in jail, he was awarded by the military organization.

24: Chapter Twelve.. | “Then Gramma’s arms were around me, and Grandpa was choking up and thumping my shoulder.” | “Just don’t forget that greed leads to suffering: like my dream of the New York Central—of escaping to the big city with its stores and lights.” | “But there’s always the freedom to change, to be better.”

25: Connection: Going back where you from is the sweetest of all especially when you know that there are people who truly missed and excited to see you. When my auntie went home from abroad most of my relatives were excited to see her. I remembered, even at night there were people who are visiting her and just wanted to see her. She was gone for almost five years then she decided just to stay home and find another job in their hometown. She started her life again and treasures the good memories. | The End...

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