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Family History

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S: In Loving Memorie of Jill Pereira

FC: Mom's History | "To learn from yesterday, to remember today, and to share tomorrow." October 13, 1948 - June 24, 2011

1: Jill Leslie Pereira | Jill Leslie Pereira | Mothers hold their child's'''' hand for a moment and their hearts for a lifetime.

2: Parents | Grandkids | Jill | Sister | Brother | Kyle | Mom Gladys | Step-Dad Albert | Dominique | Nicole | Gabrielle

3: Mom's Father Hugh Mason | Family | Family

4: A Story from Stanley Moore Stanley had just started seeing Kaye, Jill's cousin. Jill was just 3 months old and they were camping at Arroyo Seco. Some boys from the campsite next to them threw a ball which landed on Jill who was asleep in a hammock. Of course, she was being watched closely by her mother Gladys and several aunts. Mildred (Kaye's mother) and the aunts gave the boys a stern "talking to", as we can all imagine they would.

5: A Story by Nancy Wright When mom was born, they lived with cousin Nance and her mom. When mom was old enough, she would crawl up and listen to Nance play the piano. One day mom crawled to the piano and left teeth marks from her first tooth. If you look at her piano today, you would see the little teeth marks.

10: Jill's Story | Jill's Story

11: A Story by: Gary Rojas The memories of Jill go way back with our family. Jill to me was the ultimate Team Mom. Although she did not have any boys of her own, she supported all of us baseball players. She was very hands on with helping support the Watsonville Aggies during their World Series runs back in the early 80's. Their house on Blackburn served as the headquarters for every post game gathering. Dominique and the Twins were subject to cheek pinching and teasing from most who used the house as a hangout. Jill would make sure everybody was comfortable and had plenty to eat and drink. Other memories include Pac Man. Jill loved her video games. The ultimate memory I do have is the special friendship she had with my mom. ! | Uncle John and Grandpa Albert | A Story by: Lynette Von Der Mehden I remember all the time we spent at the Amesti Rd house when I was growing up. Sitting in the little shop while momma or grandma got their hair cut by Aunt Glad. Jill was there most of the time, so we spent quite a bit of time with her over the years. I remember that Jill did my hair for my very first high school prom. Oh I loved getting to spend time at the little beauty shop.

14: Jill

16: seventh | seventh

17: A Story by: Lynette Von Der Mehden I remember all the time we spent at the Amesti Road House when I was growing up. I'd sit in the little shop while momma or grandma got their hair cut by Aunt Glad. Jill was there most of the time, so we spent quite a bit of time with her over the years. Jill did my hair for my very first high school prom. Oh, I loved spending time at the little beauty shop.

18: The 13 | Ralph, Mick, Lorin, Grace, Dick, Larry, Kerk, Nell | Boots, Gladys, Cecly, Faye, Kay

19: RoadTrip

20: Family is... like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.

21: Mother | Dominique | Gabrielle | Daughter | Tony | Nicole | Husband | Husband | Husband | Daughter | Daughter | Grandkids | Corey | Kaden | Kaleb | Karsyn | Giovanni | Jill | Our Family Tree | Our Family Tree | Kevan | Sara | Brett | Brandon

22: Lyn and I had gone to Santa's Village with your mom and Linda. Linda took Joey and Ricky Garbini that day also. When we got home we decided to take a group picture. We lined up on the couch in the parlor. The boys were sitting on the back edge of the couch. I guess we pushed one of the boys on accident. The next thing we knew he had gone through that thin window pane and ended up in the hedge outside. Scared us to pieces. Not a scratch on him. Thank God. Then your mom had to tell our parents when they got home. Oops!!!! | Story by Lisa Marsh

26: Mom, Grampa, Auntie Linda, Grandma, Gabrielle, Nicole, Dominique | Gabrielle, Dominique, Nicole Mom had made us the Rainbow Bright coustumes | Auntie Linda and Mom | There aren’t enough pages in this book to tell you about a 40 year friendship that grew so close that there were daily visits, multiple calls and a shared life that became more like sisters than just friends. Nobody ever, anywhere, could make me laugh like her. She shared all of her life with me and I shared all of my life with her. Relationships came and went, but we were solid. Cathy was always in the mix when she was in town and that added to the fun. Laughter, tears, movies, ceramics, needlepoint, crazy new projects, dances at the Rod and Gun Club with Albert as the indefatigable escort and partner through the night for 4 women – one wife and three extras – the dogs, the hours at the beauty shop when my mother would swear NEVER to go back, cause it was always a 5 hour appointment – Jill had to make her phone calls, smoke those cigarettes and have lunch, don’t you know (which, of course, we went and got ! J) Through our twenties Jill was the Ringmaster – co-ordinating the daily after-work fun and games. We went from one adventure to another and of course there were fights, disagreements and snits, as in any relationship, but I don’t remember ever having more fun in my life. Then came marriage, babies, the Aggie days, the Rojas and Korba Families and all those boys she took under her wing. The bar-be-ques to raise money, along with just the fun of being part of a championship season. Godmother and Auntie was my title. I made sure the kids didn’t get run over in the chaos, but so did everyone else and they were the Belles of the Ball! The laughter was always there most of the time as life moved on to our 30’s and we got more settled. I met Uncle Joe, Mama died, life changed dramatically. But we still had usuntil the day Jill announced they were moving to Grass Valley to be closer to Glad and Al. One of the worst days of my life was watching that U-Haul pull away from the curb on Blackburn St. Things were different after that, changing to long-distance calling and 3 times a year visits, but we always had that connection. And the laughter! When Uncle Joe and I got married, she planned the WHOLE thing for us with 2 weeks notice. It was wonderful-so special. I could not have asked for anything better and again, the laughter you wouldn’t believe. I’ll never forget the poor minister in SPD when I told him I wanted “cherish” instead of “obey” in the vows and then Joe came around the corner and announced, “If you don’t say ‘obey’ in the vows I won’t get married! (Laughter) (Relief) Then during the ceremony, when that part came, Joe didn’t answer for about 15 seconds! (Laughter)! My dad’s toast ended with “Here’s to happy marriage and happy fighting! (more laughter)! Raising Maryanna was a joint operation. Many conversations were held, many discussions of pros and cons, what worked and what didn’t, and how difficult child raising could be, but what a joy it was. I think as I look at all 4 of you now, the results, despite all our faults and foibles, speak for themselves. J By the way, as you all know, she got Maryanna to laugh out loud for the first time and if you want to pass on to others how she did it, that is up to you! When Joe was sick, she was my rock. When he was dying, she was the only one who could have walked through my door with a funeral suit on her arm and said to me, “I’m here! I brought my funeral suit! He’s not coming home!” There was no laughter THAT day and it might seem outrageous to most people that she would have said those words, but that is what your very best friend will do for you when you MUST hear something that will move you to where you need to be to have the strength to go where you must go. When the house fell apart, when the repair got ridiculous, when all that could go wrong did, it wouldn’t have been bearable without her and that wonderful sense of the ironic and that humor! Always laughter was involved and as we aged, moisture was a big part of the picture! Coronado anyone? How about the front porch at 157 Calabasas Rd.? Marie Callendar? She was there for me, and I was there for her. Through thick and through thin, in good times and bad, not always nicely or graciously but we were there. Our last few years were difficult as her health deteriorated and it became harder for her to see that she had options and to pursue them. We were away from each other this last year and were not always talking on a daily basis, but we were talking and I, along with Cathy, had the blessed honor of walking my friend to the end of this life and into her new one, with the dignity and the beauty that she so desired. I know she had a smile in her heart as she went, because her girls were safe and cherished, she had gotten to see her beloved grandchildren, all of whom were the shining light that kept her going as long as was possible, and she had friends and family who loved and adored her. I just don’t know who will EVER make me laugh like that again. Rest well, dear friend. May God Bless you and keep you always until we see each other again. I’ll be waiting for the laughter. | Story by Linda Espejo

28: Memories | A Story by: Lennie Rodriguez The only photos I have are on my FB pages but there is one in particular that I used when I made the note to your mom. It has Triston and your mom and Triston is wearing your moms sunglasses. My short memory of this is when the cell phone companies used to use that slogan "my BFF Jill" and that is how Triston called your mom. He would say, "hello my BFF Jill, how are you?"or something like that. Super funny, and your mom would crack up over it. He loved her as we all did. | Memories | Oscar | Mom sure loved animals... from all her doggies, cats, birds, fish (that we could keep alive at all.... must be a family trait ), pigs, sheep, to the rabbit that she accidentally poisoned. She definitely loved all animals.

29: A Story by: Freedom Kreutzer Jill was always ready to welcome people over. I loved that there was always laughter there. I loved taking my breaks from camp in a place of laughter. Jill had a great smile and it was always great to see her laugh, from all the wise ass comments that she and her daughter Gabbi would exchange. I loved laughing while we watched the cats chase around ice cubes. It was great to see the love between Jill and her daughters. My saddest memory would have to be when I had to put to sleep your dog. But it was a beautiful moment because you could see the depth of love that Jill had for her family. | Sophie | Idbella | Halee

30: Christmas 2010 | Mom and Uncle Kyle

31: When Kaden was two years old, Bama would put her reading glasses on and sneak him sips of her coffee. | At Christmas time, mom would always get popcorn because it was her favorite snack ever. She would alway share with Kaden. She would pick him up in her red chair and they would eat a bunch of popcorn together... Kaden would always plant his whole face in the tin and lick the popcorn.

32: Linda and Mom | A Story By: Larry R. Von Schell I remember how Jill's two shelties loved playing with her. I also remember traveling up to Grass Valley for a visit and having BBQ dinners with everybody. | Cathy | Mom, Nancy, Phil and Kaden

33: Friends | A Story by: Nina de Keczer I many fond memories of Jill: Jill was always so fun to just hang out with. I loved when she would share all of her recently recorded shows with me over a cup of coffee and breakfast that she got up to make for all of the people who passed out on her couches the night before. She was always so welcoming, funny and kind and didn't mind putting up with all of the smelly, loud boys when we all stayed over after a X-mas party, or any random weekend. I loved sitting back with Jill and watching the guys play video games. We would usually find ways to trash talk the boys and giggle without anyone knowing we were talking s&*! (all in good fun of course!) Although Jill didn't like to get out and drive crazy roads much, she still came to Daryl and my wedding last October. I remember being so appreciative that she made the trek over the hill to Gilroy to be a part of our special day. Yes, her grandson was the adorable ring-bearer, but still. Actually, she probably did it because Gio was the adorable ring bear-she would go anywhere and do anything for that little guy-what a great grandma! | A Story by: Daryl de Keczer From the first time I met Jill, she talked to me as if we had known each other for a long time. She had a way of making people feel welcome and was fun to hang out with and strike up a conversation with just about anyone. Whether it be watching Jill explain over and over to Isabella that the laser pen was broken, or just sharing funny stories about our life experiences, hanging out with Jill always meant we would be in light hearted company. No matter what was going on, Jill was always smiling and always laughing at something, be it the dogs, Tony, something Giovanni just learned, etc. She would spend the time listening to Tony, Nick and I tell stories about our Clear Lake trips, video game marathons and fight videos no matter how many times she had already heard the same story. In a nutshell, Jill was really good at putting up with boyish antics. She will be missed dearly.

34: A Story by Dicy Mitchell My cousin Jill: Was about 15 years ago as we talked often when she lived in Grass Valley, she kept bugging me about getting a computer. I assured her that I wouldn't even know anything about it even if I had one. However at her persistence and promise she would teach me what I needed to know, I got one. When it arrived I left it in the box, as it scared me to death. She said she would be right over. She unpacked the dang thing as I sat there staring. So she gets it all together and its a beautiful thing. She gets up to use the bathroom and as she's walking away she yells to me to turn it on. Huh?? I just sat there dumbstruck. She came back in the room and asked why I didn't you turn it on. I said 'where???' She started laughing and for the rest of the day we giggled off and on. How could anyone be that dumb?? She had no idea I knew so little"about computers. To this day I will always be grateful to her as she taught me everything I know about a computer and I can do just about anything on it. It is a huge part of my life as my cousin Jill was to me. We weren't in contact constantly but we both knew we were there. I will miss her very much. | Maryanna Espejo: I believe that angels breathe and that love will live on and never leave. | Maryanna Espejo: I believe that angels breathe and that love will live on and never leave.

36: Bamma with her little girl Karsyn | Bamma with her little girl Karsyn

37: Kaleb with Bamma | Kaleb with Bamma

38: Grandma with Giovanni | A Story by: Tony Olivari I think the best part of her final years was all the time she got to spend with Giovanni. She taught him lots of words and little baby tricks, like "one finger", "cheers", and how to do a somersault. Even though Giovanni never enjoyed watching Dominique and I leave for work, I think he enjoyed his time with just his grandmother, and she certainly enjoyed it as well, even when he was being a "turd". So I think that made the last part of her life a good one. That, and her love/hate relationship with the cat. | How strong a bond can be?

39: Kaden with his Bamma | Kaden with his Bamma

40: Grandkids | Grandkids

41: A Story by, Jerri Olivari Although I knew Jill for only a few years, one experience I had with her will stay with me forever. It happened the day Giovanni was born and is a perfect illustration of her love for her daughters. Dominique wanted only Tony with her in the delivery room (smart girl!), so the rest of us sat in the waiting room and waited (– and waited!) If memory serves, the door was on my left and Jill was sitting to my right. In other words, I’m pretty sure I was situated somewhere between Jill and the door. (Remember this.) As the day wore on, more and more people arrived, joining the core group until the room was filled to capacity with family and friends awaiting Giovanni’s grand entrance. (At the time, I remember hoping that people waiting for other babies to be born that day had found somewhere comfortable to bide their time because Team Olivari was firmly entrenched and no one was giving up their seat!) Finally, Tony came into the room and asked, "Anyone want to come and meet Giovanni?" The room rose en masse and surged toward the door with me in the lead – or so I thought. I ran out, turned left and there was Jill. She was a good ten yards ahead of me – and pulling away! I was stunned! She had to have levitated to get herself out that door ahead of me! Not only had she beaten me out the door, she had built up a considerable head of steam before I even left the blocks. Now, I have heard that the most dangerous place in the world is between a mama bear and her cub. To this, I add that the second most dangerous place is between the two grandmothers and a new grandchild. No one was going to beat us into Dominique's room! Although I thought I had the drop on her, Jill left me panting in her wake. But instead of being disappointed, I remember thinking that I didn’t really mind losing this race to Jill. Yes, she wanted to see the baby, but her first priority was Dominique. Jill was a mama bear whose cub had just pushed out a cub of her own. She had to make sure all was well with the first one before she could enjoy the second one.

42: Day to remember... Snow Storm of Feb 1990 - Had not light or water for days Christmas at the Beach house - Where mom almost seat the house on fire All of our games - where mom almost got thrown out for yelling at the refs

43: Mom and her Girls | May, 1990 Mother's Day It was Mother's Day and all four of us were driving to the pig farm. After picking out our pigs, we shoved the little piggies into baskets in the yellow VW van. After 2 seconds of being in the baskets, they somehow got out and were pooping all over the van. Once we arrived at home, we put them in the pin and hosed out the van. At least the van had vinyl all over. I Loved my mom for that. Gabrielle | Her sneaking in pigs in the middle of the night - so I would have a pig to show for 4H Her making my prom dress. Living in the two trailers and making it fun. Her backseat driving For telling me she was proud of me for the woman I became.

44: A Story from : Rich Crosby I first met Jill when Dom brought me over to meet the family. I was as nervous as any high school kid would be to meet his girlfriends family, but once I got there and Jill started giving me a hard time, I know I was going to be okay. We had the same sense of humor and would sit there and play off each other, laughing and smirking. I always enjoyed going over to see her and the rest of you guys too. She will be missed and never forgotten. | Friends

45: Mike Emery

46: The Mother – in – Law My mother in law; my oh mother in law The most ridiculous woman that I ever saw. She puts on her night gown and then goes to bed “ Snoring, what snoring it’s from the dog”, she said Two birds in a cage she talk to all day “ Hello Sammy” is all they can say. She talk on the phone, holding one bird And what dose it do? It lets a big terd! A rabbit names Lilly, it accidentally dies When she fed it rose buds and it flopped on its side. The cat runs around hitting cubes of ice At least she doesn't have any mice. She has turned her house into a zoo And is always having to pick up animal poo. I know this poem makes her sound terrible But she's my wife mom, so I guess she is bearable Love Corey | 1999

49: Mom I love YOU!!! Jill Leslie Pereira died Friday, June 24th, 2011 at Dominican Hospital of congestive heart failure. Jill was born October 13th, 1948 in San Jose, CA to Gladys Kirkman Mason and the late Hugh Mason. She never met her father, but her mother later married Albert Nabzeska of Watsonville and he adopted her. Gladys and Al also had a son, Kyle. The family lived on Amesti Rd. Gladys was a hairdresser and Al farmed an apple orchard on Browns Valley Rd. Jill was a 1968 graduate of Watsonville High School and enjoyed her high school years immensely. She then followed in her mom's footsteps, attending beauty college, and finding her first job at the beauty salon at the old Mark Thomas Inn in Monterey. She returned to Watsonville to work with her mother in their beauty shop on Mariposa Street for many years. In 1978, she got married and she later became the proud mother of three beautiful girls. The family made many friends and shared many good times during those early years. Their home was always a catalyst for young people, who were charmed and entertained and fed by Jill, whose sense of humor and sharp wit kept everyone who knew her in stitches. She became an honorary mother and auntie to many of the children who surrounded her. As a single mother, Jill raised her three daughters in Grass Valley -- she was their biggest supporter and their best friend. She and her dog Sophie were a familar sight at the school pick-up lines, the football games, the basketball practices, the afterschool jobs, and every other place you could think of. She always had a great love of animals and had a series of dogs ending with her beloved Isabella and Hayley, and her cat Oscar. After 20 years in Grass Valley, she returned with her oldest daughter to live in Watsonville once again. Most beloved in her later years were her grandchildren. She doted on them and their activities and their stories. She developed a raspy voice and was quite delighted that they all knew that it was "Bamma" who was calling just by the sound of her voice. She was very talented and creative and was at different times a ceramics painter, a flower arranger, a wreath maker, always a great cook who would generously share her recipes with anyone who would ask. Jill is survived by her loving daughters Dominique Olivari of Watsonville, Nicole Fling and Gabrielle Pereira, both of San Diego and niece, Maryanna Espejo-Moses of Watsonville. She also leaves two cherished sons-in-law, Anthony Olivari of Watsonville, and Corey Fling of San Diego. Her beloved grandchildren, Kaden, Kaleb and Karsyn Fling of San Diego and Giovanni Olivari of Watsonville, whom she was delighted to take care of on a daily basis. She leaves her brother Kyle Nabzeska and his wife Marie and their daughter Danielle of Grass Valley. She is also survived by many widespread family members as her mother came from a family of 13. Her friends are innumerable and all who knew her will hold her close in our hearts all the "Days of Our Lives." Those who did not have the opportunity to know Jill missed the chance experience the love, the drama and the excitement that always surrounded her.

50: We will miss you so much | I will miss you... Have a grate time in Haven July 2nd, 2011 Love Kaden | Love Giovanni | We will miss you so much | Dominique, Nicole, Gabrielle, Corey, Tony, Maryanna, Kirk, Yesenia, Linda | Lennie, Christopher, Stanley, Denise, Larry, Liesl,Reba, David, Lynette, Dick, Shelley, Paul, Alyce, Guilio, Rachelle, Laura, Janice, Carol, Adrian | Love Kaleb

51: Love Karsyn | Cathy, Nancy, Phil, Dunner, Lori, Phil Jr, Mariah, Hanna, Gary, Monica, | Taryn, Dominique, Sidney, Paula Lennie, Christopher, Taryn, Dominique Dean, Karen, Kim, Corinne, Lisa, lyn, Bill, Jery, Nick, Sarka

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