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Family History

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S: Our Family History

FC: Morgan Family Tree

1: Our Family History | "The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. -Richard Bach

2: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

3: Charles Oliver Morgan Junior

4: Charles Ford Morgan | Charles Oliver Morgan | Elizabeth Oliver | George Clay Morgan | Mary Alkire | Nimrod R. Alkire | Anna Baggs | Dorothy Phebus | Michael H. Alkire | 1898-1981 | 1853-1921 | b. 1853, Indiana | 1819-1894 | 1824-1855 | 1796-1866 | 1801-1862 | 1772-1854 | 1772-1843

5: Harmonas Alkire | Lydia Patton | John Patton | Sarah Rogers | Harmonas I. Alkire | Mary Craymore | Hans M. Alkire | Henry Patton | Sarah Lynn | Robert Rogers | Margaret Thornton | 1730-1800 | 1739-1800 | 1700-1796 | 1708-1796 | 1689-1757 | 1707-1754 | b. 1685, Londonderry, Ireland | b. 1680, Ireland | 1670-1757 | 1660-1743 | b. 1680, Rheinland-Pfalt, Germany

6: The Alkire family history is easily traced back to 1626, when, according to evidence copied from records at The Hague, there lived in Holland, near Arnheim on the Rhine, a family bearing a coat of arms given by William II, Prince of Orange; the baronetcy name was Algire. The arms, which were on a silver shield, may thus be described : Crest, a falcon, red beak and feet ; bunch of grapes and wine-glass; pike and cross sword; with the motto--"Cum Salus." Only noblemen and men of rank used gold and silver shields; the commoners used leather and wood. In religious belief the members of this family were Lutherans. Their forefathers were from Scotland, where the family name was spelled Alkirk. In the 17th century, one Almonious Algire came to America with Lord Baltimore and others. He settled on Albemarle Sound, near the Virginia shore and took part with the Governor in his various campaign's against the Indians. An Almonious Alkire was in the battle of Fort Chillicothe, in Ross County, Ohio. In 1720, near Moorefield, Virginia (now West Virginia), he married Mary Crayman. To this union were born four children, namely : William, born in 1724, who married Elizabeth Moore in Virginia and had 12 children; Deborah, born in 1728; Almonious, Jr., born in 1730; and Sarah, born in 1732. Almonious Alkire, Jr., was married near Moorefield, Virginia, in 1751, to Lydia Patten and to them were born six children, as follows : Adam, born in 1753; Margaret, born in 1757; Almonious, born in 1762 ; Dolly, born in 1765; Michael, the grandfather of our subject; and George, born in 1773, who became a minister of the Gospel. Michael Alkire was born in Kentucky in 1771 and was there married on January 6, 1793, to Dorothy Phebus, a lady of Scotch descent but of Kentucky birth. They had three children born to them during their residence near Harrodsburg, Kentucky, namely : John M., born November 16, 1793; Nimrod, born March 27, 1796; and Sarah, born July 18, 1798. In 1800 Michael Alkire with his family and some of his brothers moved to Pickaway County, Ohio, settling on Deer Creek near Williamsport. Here he built the old log cabin of two rooms which continued to be the family home for many years, and stood until 1906. Mr. Alkire lived here until his death, February 11, 1843, and was buried on the home farm. At the time of his decease he owned large tracts of land. His wife died May 11, 1854. Seven children were born to Michael Alkire and his wife after they came to Ohio, namely : Nancy, William M., Katharine, Ruan, James, Alexander and Benjamin Franklin. Of the 10 children born to Michael Alkire and wife, John M. married Katharine Halstead; Nimrod married a Miss Baggs; Sarah married James Hearst; Nancy married Capt. Elliot Halstead; William M. married his cousin, Mary Alkire; Katharine married Phineas Cade; Ruan married Alabartis Halstead, son of Dr. Abraham Halstead; Benjamin Franklin married Hannah Halstead, a sister of Alabartis Halstead.

7: Henry Clay Morgan, admittedly the most extensive stock dealer in the state of Indiana, is one of Greene county’s native sons and has ever manifested a pardonable pride in the beautiful locality where on the 14th day of August, 1852, he first saw the light of day. In his veins flows the blood of a long line of New England ancestry, also of antecedents that were among the early substantial yeomanry of the good state of Ohio. His father, George C. Morgan, was born in Connecticut, but in early life left his native state to engage in business for himself as a peddler of clocks, in the prosecution of which he traveled extensively over the southern and western states, meeting with encouraging success in the undertaking and later with true Yankee foresight, judiciously invested his earnings in southern Indiana real estate, locating in Greene county in 1854. Mary Alkire, who became the wife of George C. Morgan, was born and reared in Ohio, in which state her marriage also occurred. It was shortly after taking to himself a wife that Mr. Morgan come to this county, as stated above, and settling in Washington township, purchased a large tract of land and engaged extensively in farming and stock raising, giving special attention to the latter, and in the course of a few years, became not only the leading stock man in the county, but one of the largest in the state, having been among the first in southern Indiana to buy on an extensive scale for the eastern markets. By close attention to his business interests, he added greatly to his holdings and in time became quite wealthy, owning in addition to real estate and other property elsewhere, a stock farm of two thousand acres in Greene county, every square foot of which was acquired through his persevering industry and successful management. George C. and Mary Morgan reared a family of five children. -Biographical memoirs of Greene County, Ind

8: Henry Patton | Rev. William Patton | Margaret Johnstone | Gratian Patten | Elizabeth Coillis | William Waynflete Patten | Anne Johnson | Richard Patten | Grace Baskerville | Margery Brereton | Richard Patten | Nicholas Patten | William Brereton | Philippa Hulse | 1628-1689 | 1590-1642 | 1593-1659 | 1565-1603 | 1565-1603 | 1510-1596 | 1481-1536 | 1455-1539 | 1451-1476 | b. 1421, Waynflete, England | 1414-1456 | 1416-1463

9: John Patten | John Patten | John Patten | Richard Patten | Richard Patten | Mary Dugenham | Richard Patten | Richard Patten | Sir Hugh Hulse | Margery de Dormville | Hugh de Hulse | Ellen Bruen | John de Domville | Cecily Mobberley | John de Domville | Matilda de Brereton | Roger de Domville | Margaret Venables | Agnes de Oxton | Roger Venables | Alice de Peninton | Hugh de Venables | William de Brereton | Roesia Vernon | Ralph de Vernon | Maude Grosvenor | Ralph Rector | b. 1399, Dageham, England | 1369-1404 | 1343-1400 | 1317-1375 | 1361-1415 | 1342-1407 | 1345-1390 | 1322-1395 | 1373-1443 | 1323-1400 | 1294-1331 | b. 1298, Brereton, England | 1248-1321 | 1260-1340 | 1244-1282 | 1267-1295

10: Cecily Mobberley | WilliamMobberley | Maude Downs | Lord William Mobberley | Robert Downes | Margaret Fitton | Robert Downes | Agnes Tabley | Margaret Dutton | Richard Fitton | Hugh Fitton | Margaret Quincy | Geoffrey Dutton | Sir Geoffrey Dutton | Agnes Fitzalured | Richard Quincy, Earl of Winchester | 1323-1400 | 1294-1378 | 1260-1300 | b. 1268 | 1286-1357 | 1258-1327 | 1232-1273 | 1215-1354 | 1238-1262 | 1175-1246 | 1238-1300 | 1208-1258 | 1207-1296 | 1184-1216 | b. 1166 | 1174-1264

11: Saher Quincy, Magna Carta Baron | Margaret Beaumont Countess of Winchester | Robert de Quincy | Orabella Leuchars | Saier Quincy | Maud de Senlis | Robert Blanchmains Harcourt de Beaumont Earl of Leicester | Petronella de Grentemesnil | Nes de Leuchars | Sir Robert Bossu de Beaumont Earl of Leicester | Lady Amice de Gael | Hugh de Grenmesnil | Alice de Beaumont | Ivo de Grentmesnil | Fella de Gaunt

12: Alice de Beaumont | Robert Meulan, Earl of Beaumont | Lady Isabel de Vermandois | Roger de Beaumont | Adeline Meulan | Countess Adelaide de Cleremont | Sir Hugues Magnus Capet, Comte de Vermandois | King Henry The First of France | Anna Yaroslavna, Princess of Kiev | King Robert "The Pious" of France | Constance de Toulouse | Yaroslav, Grand Prince of Novgorod and Kiev | Princess Ingegard Olafsdotter of Sweden | Vladimir The Great Sviatoslavich, First Czar of Russia | Rogneda of Polotsk | Vladimir The Great Svyatoslavich, Grand Duke of Kiev | Malusha Lubech | Rognwald Rogvolod Polotsk | Ingleborge Olafsson

13: Igor Grand Prnice of Kiev | Saint Olga Regent Grand Duchess of Kiev | Ryurik Grand Duke of Novogorod, Founder of Russia | Haarik Godfredsson Denmark Viking King | Gisela, Princess of Lorraine | Lothaire, The Saxon King of Lorraine | Lothaire King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor | Louis Lothaire King of France and Holy Roman Emperor | Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor | Olaf King of Norway Haraldsson | Halfdan the Black de Norvege Gudrodsson | Harald "Fair Hair" Halfdansson | Gudrod, King of Denmark | Halfdan "The Meek King" in Vestfold Eysteinsson | Eysteinn "Fret" King in Vestfold Halfdansson | Halfdan "Hvitbein" King in Uppsala Vestfold Olafsson | Godfred of Denmark | Hlif Dagsdatter Queen in Vestfold

14: Dorothy Morris b. 1901 | Henry Morris b. 1866 | Harriet Chamberlain 1869-1965 | Charles S. Chamberlain 1839-1908 | Anna Seager 1842-1927 | Norman Chamberlain 1817-1890 | Angeline Hotchkiss 1827-1857 | Samuel Seager 1814-1866 | Elizabeth Shevalier 1822-1907 | John Chamberlain 1797-1851 | Amy Perkins 1798-1873 | John Shevalier 1799-1866 | Anna Perry 1801-1884

15: Ephraim Chamberlain 1771-1846 | Theodosia Spofford 1773-1851 | Lucretia Little 1747-1818 | Benjamin Chamberlain 1744-1813 | Benjamin Chamberlain 1701-1750 | Hannah Wyatt 1703-1769 | Joseph Chamberlain 1665-1752 | Mercy Dickinson 1668-1735 | William Chamberlain 1623-1678 | Sarah Jones 1640-1681 | Polly Stillman 1789-1874 | Lois Wilcott b. 1766 Waterbury, CT. | Charles Todd Hotchkiss 1784-1868 | Enoch Hotchkiss 1763-1836 | Enos Hotchkiss 1731-1806 | Elizabeth Shepard 1734-1819 | Samuel Hotchkiss 1682-1740 | Mary Hotchkiss 1682-1745

16: Dudley Thomas, one of the first settlers of Massachusetts, who came over in the Arabella, was the only son of capt. Roger Dudley. In 1597 he was at the siege of Amiens, under Henry IV, having a captain’s commission from Queen Elizabeth. Mr. Hutchinson says, he became a sober nonconformist from hearing Dodd, Hildersham, and other puritan divines. He certainly was a zealous man in whatever he undertook as appears from Winthrop’s journal; and upon some occasions he discovered very warm passions. That he was a very prudent man appears, however, from his good conduct in the management of the estate of the earl of Northampton, which was committed to his care. He sat under Mr. Cotton’s ministry, before the planting of Massachusetts. When he came over in the Arabella, he was 54 years old, but his strength of body, and health of mind, fitted him for any hardships. The company in England chose Mr. Winthrop governour and Mr. Humphries deputy governour of the plantation. Mr. Humphries did not embark as was expected, and Mr. Dudley was chosen in his place. In 1634, he was chosen governour, and also several times afterwards. He was the second in authority seven or eight years, sometimes under Winthrop, and once under Endicot. He was appointed major general in 1644; this was a new office in the plantation. He was continued in the magistracy from the time of his arrival to his death, which happened, July 31st, 1653, in the 77th year of his age. He was upright and honest in his disposition, blunt in his manners, and withstood magistrates and ministers when he thought them worthy of reproof. Nor would he yield to any popular opinion to gain honour and authority. A serious dispute took place between him and governour Winthrop, which required the interposition of their friends among the clergy and laity. He was more firm in the Hutchinsonian, or Antimonian controversy, than any of the magistrates, and even accused Mr. Cotton of departing from the faith; and without prejudice or attachment from prior connexions, required an explanation of his principles and conduct. Endicot also found him an opponent that was not to be moved when he dissented from the general opinion of the magistrates, or wished to introduce some novel things in their proceedings. Mr. Dudley was not a man of learning equal to Winthrop or Bellingham, but in this respect was not inferior to Endicot. Neither Endicot nor Dudley possessed what, in the present age, would be called liberality of sentiment, or urbanity of manners. Mr. D was such an enemy to toleration that he not only spoke against it, but left a number of lines which the friends of rational religion must wish he had never written, as they are not to the credit of his poetry or his charity, but being written, and handed down, are quoted to give a just view of the character of the man: Let men of God, in courts and churches watch O’er such as do a toleration hatch; Lest that ill egg bring forth a cockatrice To poison all with heresy and vice If men be left, and otherwise combine, My epitaphs, I die no libertine. -A biographical dictionary: containing a brief account of the first settlers, and other eminent characters among the magistrate

17: The Rev. John Woodbridge was rector of parish Stanton near Highworth in Wiltshire. He died December 9, 1637. "He was so able and faithful," wrote Cotton Mather in the Magnalia, "as to obtain a high esteem among those that at all knew the invaluable worth of such a minister." He married Sarah Parker, daughter of Rev. Robert Parker, a learned English divine--"did so virtuously that her own personal character would have made her highly esteemed, if a relation to such a father had not farther added unto the lustre of her character." (Magnalia III Chap. V.) She married (second) Mr. Thomas Bailey. Children: 1. Rev. John , born 1613 ; mentioned below. 2. Rev. Benjamin , born 1622 , died November 1, 1684 , matriculated at Oxford , November 9, 1638 ; came to New England in 1639 and was the first graduate of Harvard of the nine receiving degrees in 1642 ; M. A., Oxford , 1648 ; returned to England and became minister at Newbury, Berkshire ; ejected in 1662 ; died at Inglesfield, Berkshire , November 1, 1684 , and was buried at St. Nicholas, Newbury ; was at one time chaplain of Charles II. 3. Sarah , born 1614 ; married Rev. John Kerridge . 4. Lucy, married - Sparhawk , minister of Culleton, Devonshire. Rev. John Woodbridge was born in 1613. He was a student at Oxford University, but he refused to take the oath of conformity and had to leave. He came to America in 1634 on the ship "Mary and John" with his uncle, Rev. Thomas Parker, settling in Newbury, Massachusetts. He was town clerk there from 1634-1638 and surveyor of arms in 1637. In 1643, he taught school in Boston. He helped negotiate the purchase of land now the town of Andover, Massachusetts, and was ordained minister of Andover on October 24, 1645. In 1647, he returned to England with his wife and children, where he was chaplain of the Parliamentary commissioners who treated with the King at the Isle of Wight. He was also minister of Andover, Hants, and at Barford St. Martin in Wiltshire until he was ejected at the time of the Restoration. On July 26, 1663 he came back to New England. He was made assistant to his uncle, Rev. Thomas Parker, at Newbury and remained there until November 1670. He was assistant in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1683-84. John was a wealthy man, owning a farm on North street, Newbury. His wife, Mercy, was the daughter of Governor Thomas Dudley.

18: Lucretia Little 1747-1818 | Rev Ephraim Little 1708-1787 | Elizabeth Woodbridge 1715-1754 | David Little 1680-1779 | Mary Sturtevant 1651-1718 | Elizabeth Southworth 1686-1743 | Ephraim Little 1650-1717 | Ann Lee 1625-1697 | Samuel Sturtevant 1622-1669 | Robert Lee Waring 1600-1663 | Mary Atwood 1606=1681 | Samuel Woodbridge 1645-1710 | Mabel Russell 1677-1730 | Benjamin Woodbridge 1645-1710 | Mary Ward 1649-1685 | John Woodbridge 1613-1695

19: Henry Lee Waring 1578-1647 | Elizabeth Fletcher 1580-1626 | Robert Lee 1538-1598 | Jane Reswold 1540-1578 | Margaret Wyatt 1514-1561 | Anthony Lee 1509-1550 | Robert Lee 1483-1538 | Joane Cope 1487-1509 | John Woodbridge 1582-1637 | Sarah Parker 1621-1691 | Elizabeth Saunders 1459-1505 | RichardLee 1455-1500 | Benedict Lee 1428-1476 | Elizabeth Wood 1431-1476 | Dorothy Yorke 1582-1643 | Thomas Dudley 1576-1653 | Edmund Yorke 1531-1615 | Mercy Dudley 1621-1691

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