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Family History

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S: Under the Needle

FC: Under The Needle

3: . | . In 1943 Nazi scientist's believing that twins would unlock the secrets of genetics. which lead them to experimenting on twins. Nazis believe that Gypsies and Jewish people were not human beings which had no individual rights which lead to the Holocaust. Children were taken from their homes that were either Jewish or a Gypsy and were sent to camps.

5: Rosie and I were stripped from our homes since our mother and father were Gypsies. Then our parents were sent to a camp. As we were shoved into the barracks the screams float through the air, scientists took are shoes from are feet. We were a lined against the wall by age Rosie and I were only nine, when we first saw the angel of death.

7: He was a well groomed young man, unlike what he made visual to the world his true nature could only be described as organized chaos. Each child including Rosie and I were given a number that was tattooed on all our wrist.

9: The barracks were very crowded there were only two beds. That led kids to sleep on the cold hard floors. Some children were taken in the middle of the night. Their cries for help through the night left us all in fear of what would happen next. When the morning came there were children left blind or even dead.

11: As the days flew by there were fewer kids. Until one day came were doctor spotted Rosie. During the middle of the night when everyone one was past asleep. All of the sudden we heard screams. They were taking Rosie to the back room where they experimented.

13: Before i new it i was already on top of the doctor back, trying to stop him from taking her. Two doctors inject me with a drug, which lead me to past out.

15: When i woke up i was on a wooden table with arm and legs blot back. At the table next to me was Rosie. She began to cry out for god, her scream thought the room, made the doctors come back. We both began to straggle on the table, until the doctor inject us with a drug to make us to come down. Soon everything began to be blurry.

17: Before we new it the doctors were bringing out needles. I cried out in a soft calm voice no, while they began to inject me with the chemicals. my whole body began shake as the chemicals flow through my blood. The pain was unspeakable we no person could ever imagine. I glance over at Rosie, what i saw left me speechless.

19: As i sit there in tears, while they inject Rosie in the eyes. Her cry for help couldn't save her as for god had no pity. The blood slowly drips from eyes down her face. The doctors shove a old rag in her mouth to stop the screaming. They start to pull out there rusted knifes with a big grin on there face. the knife began to Perice Rosie's skin

21: Soon everything became a blur. By the time i woke up i was back in the barrack covered in blood. I scream out for Rosie but no answer.the doctors came out of the back room with a dead body while you were drag out, one of the little boys told me. I drop from to the floor in tears and scream ROSIE!

23: my eyes were filled with hate, as for heart couldn't take the pain. The day grew dark the kids shake in fear of the angle of death returns. Theres nothing we can do now, we all know its over now. I feel my faded mind begin to roam. Everything you loved was taken from before your eyes. everyday the children watch each other die right before there eyes.

25: One cold black night that pierce the sky. Were screams and shatter windows were lead. That made the doctors head for cover which, left the door wide open a head. We clutter the door and push a shove to make for are escape. Grades were on there way, people were climbing the wire gate. I clime to the top. while the wires stick into my skin. My blood cover the white show,

27: but that didn't stop me. I jump over the other side of the gate and took off running into the woods and never turn back. The further i went to through the woods i began to hear the sounds of the wolfs. I sat down for a few minuets so i could catch my breath . By the time i look up to see what was around me, the angle of death was there staring at me with his cold dark brown eyes.

29: He smile at me and said in his deep voice ''come here my child.'' With a deep breath i took off running, He began to run after me, until he caught up to me and took me to the ground. He pulled out his blade out of his pocket and start stave me. I scream through the woods but no one could hear me. He cut out my tong to stop the noise.

31: Then with a big grin of his face he said '' now for those bright green eyes of yours for a souvenir." He grab his sharp blade Perice it to my eye and began his task. With my tears of blood floating down my skin and soon my mind guiding off to the end.

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