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Family History

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S: 1947 Journal

FC: 1947 Journal a Glimpse into the Daily Lives of John A. and Zelda E. Freestone

1: The following was inscribed on the inside front cover of the journal - Hoping this may prove of use to you during 1947 It is assumed that this journal was a gift to John and Zelda from his parents, George and Lottie Freestone because their birth dates are included in the journal in the same hand writing as the above inscription. (see note at end of journal) Note: One day a couple of years ago, my sister Jeannette and I were sorting through Dad's boxes of books and pictures. We pulled out this little journal which neither of us recognized. As we read the entries we realized we had found a little family treasure which neither of us had known about, especially since Mother had recorded so many of the entries. Mother was never one to record much during her lifetime. It became something that I transcribed over time to lovingly share with our family. I have tried to keep the original spelling and grammar as Mom and Dad recorded their entries. However, I did make more paragraphs for easier reading. There were a handful of days they didn't record anything. As you read their entries, I hope you will keep in mind the amount of time they spent on the road traveling back and forth from their home in Queen Creek to Chandler (for church meetings), Mesa and Phoenix and also how their activities centered around their family. Edited with love by Doreen Freestone Payne September 2012

2: William Wallace Ellsworth | Martha Ann Passey

3: Wed., January 1, 1947 Cloudy by John The New Year started with a note of sadness for our family with the death of Zelda's father, William Wallace Ellsworth, at approximately 8:50 a.m. in the Southside District Hospital in Mesa. He was stricken with a stroke on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 29th and was unable to speak a word before he peacefully entered his last earthly sleep in the presence of all members of the family except Grace, who was in Long Beach. Lo Wright, friend of the family was also at the bedside. We went to Papa and Mamma's for a short rest and then came on home. The sting of death was greatly relieved by the comforting thought that he lived the life of a true Latter Day Saint to the last, and we know that he will be happily received by Mother Ellsworth, Carl and others. | Thurs., Jan. 2, 1947 Cloudy by John A very busy day of business with bulk plant deliveries, flat tires, inventory, and other service station work. Grace arrived from Long Beach. Mother went to Chandler Heights and got a box of naval oranges. Ordered a half-beef to put into our freeze box. Our box came Monday but so far we have been too upset and busy to put anything in it. We heard the announcement of Daddy Ellsworth's death on the radio news broadcast this morning. Mother, Paul, and I all have irritating colds. The weather continues cold and cloudy. David made some deliveries of fuel on the truck. Jeannette stayed home from school to help mother. Lee Crandall succeeded me as a member of the school board of Dist. 95.

4: Fri., Jan. 3, 1947 Clear by John All of our thoughts and activities today centered on the funeral services for Daddy Ellsworth. The family met for a brief time at the mortuary at 12, and then convened to the 5th Ward Chapel at 2 p.m. Prayers, songs, organ music, eulogies and talks all were beautifully rendered in a splendid tribute to the memory of a true Latter Day Saint who endured to the end. We all felt that a most exemplary life had been put before us, and we hoped that we might be worthy of meriting such esteem among our fellow men. Lo Wright gave a very sincere and appealing talk in extolling Daddy's qualities of honesty and purity. Zelda and I felt grateful for our parents, our own lives, and our children. After the service we visited briefly with Grandma Pearl and Uncle Harvey Ellsworth. | Sat., Jan. 4, 1947 Clear by John The weather was cold and we had a harder freeze this morning than any time this season. We had a very busy day at the station. Tonight there was an Ellsworth family dinner at Leo's. All of the children were there except Remola and Larence and Violet. Zelda prepared some whole wheat rolls and cooked carrots. There was an excellent dinner and a very enjoyable evening was spent together, and it seemed to be a pleasant relaxation we were all in need of. Grace is preparing to go back to Long Beach tomorrow.

5: Standing: Carl, Larence, Zelda, Leo, Lona, Wallace, Donald Seated: Blanche, Martha Ann, Grace Front: Violet, Remola

6: Sun., Jan. 5, 1947 Clear by John The Sabbath day was not such a day of rest for me, what with all of the meetings I had to attend. 9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Bishop's meeting, 10 -11:30 Sunday School, 11:30-12:30 Sacrament and testimony meeting, 12:30-1:15 Ward teacher's meeting, 2:30-5:30 Bishop's meeting at Mesa, 6:30-7:30 Ward Leadership meeting at Chandler, 7:30-9:00 Genealogical committee Sunday Night meeting. Since January is my month, I had to conduct Sacrament and Leadership, and Ward teachers meetings. We went by Huber's tonight to pick up David, who had spent the afternoon there, then arrived home about 11 p.m. to find Jeannette, Johnny and Paul all OK and in bed.

7: Mon., Jan. 6, 1947 by John Roy was ill today so I had to work alone most of the day. David came after school and made about 12 stove oil deliveries with the truck. Jeannette went to music. Zelda took the group into town and Margaret brought them back. Tues., Jan. 7, 1947 by John After a busy day of work at the station, Zelda and I went to Mutual and took Donald and Margaret. At Officer's meeting we planned the farewell party for Clara Tenney who is leaving next week for a mission. The party was set for one week from tonight.

8: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Wed., Jan. 8, 1947 Clear by John I had a talk with Leo and Larence today and we decided that maybe the time was come to alter the course of my life a little. We discussed the possibility of my changing from a service station operator to farmer. They seemed more than anxious and glad to help me work out my life's ambition and desires, and it's a good solid feeling to know that you have the moral support of such men. I later talked with Donald and he concurred on everything that had been said. Tonight I worked on the inventory extensions while Zelda attended choir practice in Chandler. | 1947 | 1947

9: Thurs., Jan. 9, 1947 Clear by John Along with a busy day at the station, we had the airplane brought over and proceeded to wash and wax it. Zelda and I made a short flight just before dark to look over a particular piece of ground in which we were interested. Tonight we spent about three hours extending inventory entries and getting the books of the business in order, so as to be able to meet the income tax report on the 15th of the month. | 1946 Ercoupe

10: Fri., Jan 10, 1947 Clear by John Papa, George, and Mike Crandall came out to see us today. Geo. and Mike took a flight in the Ercoupe. I flew solo in an Aeronca for about 35 minutes. Zelda went to town this morning and brought home a half of a beef, all cut, wrapped, and frozen. It filled about half of our freeze box. The box is almost full now since we have ice cream and frozen foods stored also. Sat. Jan 11, 1947 Clear by John Saturday brought a typical busy day at the service station. Leo and Larence told me that the piece of land they would like for me to have had been promised to Blaine for rental and that if I would persuade him not to take the land, I could have it. I flew over to Blaine, and landed in his alfalfa field near the barn. We talked things over and hope to reach a decision tomorrow. Zelda and Margaret went to Phoenix and purchased a farewell gift for Clara Tenney, who is leaving for a mission next week. She also brought home my sport coat (Xmas gift) that had been left for alterations and my new suit that Papa furnished me money to buy.

11: Sun., Jan. 12, 1947 Clear by John Stayed home from Sunday School to continue business about a farm, but the business did not materialize when Blaine didn't come. The children went to Sunday School with Donald and Margaret. After dinner we all got in the pickup and drove around the prospective lands. Did some bookwork at the station and late this evening Ray and I flew the plane over the land we covered earlier in the pickup. I conducted Sacrament meeting. Lee Crandall and Ralph Winterton and wives gave the program and many favorable comments were made. Pres. Meacham and Wayne Phelps were also in attendance. After meeting we set apart the new Young Men's officers. The choir presented Clara Tenney with a lovely kit as a going away gift. Mon., Jan. 13, 1947 Cloudy by John Zelda, Lona, & Blanche practiced a trio to sing at Clara Tenney's farewell party. David & Jeannette went to Mesa for their music lesson. Leo, Larence and Donald made a trip to Prescott and Donald planned to meet us at the temple tonight. Zelda and I went through the temple and took a couple of missionary names. All of the Stake Presidency was there, 10 out of 12 high council, and 7 out of 9 Bishops. After the session Donald and Margaret took us to the new radio station in Mesa KTYL and we inspected the building and heard the final broadcast for the night. | Mesa's first radio station, KARV, went on the air in January 1947. It was followed by KTYL, another local station that operated under several names until the 1980s, when it was sold and re-named KZZP.

12: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Tues., Jan. 14, 1947 Cloudy by John David and Jeannette went with their classes to Mesa for an all-day skating party. The rear dual wheels broke off of the delivery truck and it was necessary to park it along side of the road for about 4 hours during repairs. Donald came and took me over the prospective section of ground and we saw great possibilities in the development of the land. Had a welfare meeting at 6:30. Discussed projects and green card system. A large crowd turned out for a splendid farewell party for Clara. There was a splendid program followed by two hours of dancing. Everyone had a splendid time. Donald and Lona furnished the music the first part of the dance, then Red Skousen got his orchestra together for the last part.

13: Wed., Jan. 15, 1947 Clear by Zelda Paul got up feeling good for the first time in several days but fevered up again late in the afternoon. We rode out to the section and pump and John & Johnny helped Donald grease the equipment and then made two rounds on the "cat" & disc breaking in some new ground on this end of the section. It looks like it has real possibilities. Later, John looked it over from the air. Last nite we helped Donald & Margaret with a party for the priests and teachers & their partners, then we went into Mesa with Donald to Mr. Cooper's farewell party. We were late and didn't stay very long. Earlier I went into Gilbert to pick up the ice cream we had ordered. Jeannette stayed with Paul & Johnny. David was delivering and didn't get through until way after dark, then he had scout meeting and Jeannette was alone again until he got through. Thurs., Jan. 16, 1947 by John Today Ferrel Dana came out with Mr. Tucker of Signal Oil Company. They wanted to look over my land so I persuaded them to ride out in our Army pickup. This developed into a not too pleasant experience for Mr. Tucker who smashed his thumb trying to close the door, then the gas line clogged after we had gone a couple of miles. So with a pair of pliers and knuckle skinners I took the line apart and blew them out. Finally we got it back together and drove over the land. Mr. Tucker seemed to enjoy the trip and was very much impressed. Tonight Zelda & I went over to Donald's to see if they would go in to Clara Tenney's with us, but we called on the phone to find out no one was home. After a visit we came home, put the children to bed and retired.

14: Sun., Jan. 18. 1947 Clear by John Donald & I and the boys went to church. We had Bishop's meeting at 9 a.m. David gave a 2 1/2 min. talk in Sunday School and Johnny gave a memory gem in Junior Sunday School. We had Priesthood meeting after Sunday School. I conducted the main assembly. Howard & Lillian brought Richard out to celebrate his 13th birthday. I took him for an airplane ride. George & Papa also came out. I took Lillian for a ride over the farm. They were impressed by the possibilities. For tonight's meeting I had the Clarence Stephen's family prepare the program. They gave a wonderful service of singing and talking. David & Jeannette had the dishes all cleaned up when we got home. I talked with Leo and Larence today and made it definite that I would quit the service station on the first of the month and start in on the farm. That leaves much to do in order to get things ready. David went to a Boy Scout party tonight at Lees and Maud's. Paul is having a hard time cutting his stomach & eye teeth. One moment he seems to have temperature then he cools off and seems to be normal. Johnny & Jeannette took their baths in preparation for Sunday School. | Fri., Jan. 17, 1947 Clear by John Another cold, windy day. George, Lorum Stratton, Evan Larson and Blaine came out. Blaine & I took the plane to Gilbert for gas and oil, then George flew with Evan & Lorum. David broke his glasses yesterday so I didn't let him go on the delivery truck. Otherwise we all seem to be in the best of health. Things seem to be shaping up fast for me to quit the service station business and enter farming. Many problems are presenting themselves, but I'm sure they can be solved. Tonight I helped David fix up some experiments with his chemistry set to present at school. | In 1928, the Rittenhouse property was sold to Leo Ellsworth. He and his brothers formed The Ellsworth Brothers Farms, an operation that soon consisted of cotton, large acreages of farm produce, cattle, sheep and a dairy herd. Leo is credited with bringing the first phone line to Queen Creek.

15: Mon., Jan. 20, 1947 Clear by Zelda Went into Elaine's to have a permanent this morning. Margaret kept Paul & Johnny. When I got home John was eating lunch. Went down and got Paul and by that time it was time to take the kids to music. Had to have David's eye examined and new glasses made. David got his haircut so he would look better for the Scout & Beehive dance at the Mezona. Donald & Margaret had us down to dinner tonite. They were entertaining the Ken Wright's & the Ralph Winterton's. Again Jeannette had to stay home alone with Paul & Johnny. She wasn't too happy about it. David isn't home yet from the dance. John says he didn't do anything today but fix tires. Violet is down again but I haven't seen her yet. Tues., Jan. 21, 1947 Clear by Zelda Saw Violet for just a short while this morning. She said Clair went home about noon. This afternoon John & I flew over to Coolidge to pick up some cleaning we needed for Tuesday nite. The weather was perfect. John bought me a gardenia corsage for the Green & Gold Ball held at the Mezona. We went to the dance with Donald & Margaret and then picked up Milo & Lena in Chandler. We had a nice time at the dance. There was a huge crowd. Nearly all the gang was there. After getting a hamburger afterward it was almost 2:00 before we got in bed.

16: Wed., Jan. 22, 1947 Clear by John We put some new 6 ply tires on Donald's car since he is planning to take Bro. Cooper to Salt Lake City to the mission home. I did some work on our car, new spark plugs, grease & oil. Tonight Donald & I went to Chandler to attend a meeting of the District Scout Committee. We stayed only a short time since Donald had to get home early to attend a family party for the Coopers at his home. | Thurs., Jan. 23, 1947 Clear by John This morning Leo and I rode out over our farm and talked over a few details relative to my quitting the business and starting in on the farm. We went all over the section and discussed work needed and likely crops. Leo and I discussed plans to sell the airplane, since I need the money to go into farming. Zelda & I finished up our inventory after work tonight. For a change there was no place to go so we had an evening at home.

17: Fri., Jan. 24, 1947 Clear by John Another clear, warm day of the worlds best winter climate. I took Ralph Winterton up for a plane ride to see if it would reach 14,000 ft. as advertised. One hour after our take-off we reached 14,000 feet. We could see great distances such as San Francisco Peaks, Mt. Graham & other mountains. Fifteen minutes later we were back on the ground. This afternoon we took David into Mesa to get his glasses and Johnny to get a haircut. I did a little shopping at Mesa Auto Supply and Firestone Store. We stopped in to see Papa and Mama a few minutes. When we got home, Jeannette, who stayed with Paul, went to stay all night with Barbara and Peanuts. | San Francisco Peaks | Mt. Graham

18: Jeannette, Johnny and David

19: Sat., Jan. 25, 1947 Clear by Zelda Another nice day. Ray had to go to Phoenix so David & I had to help John at the station all day. We were pretty busy all day as per usual on a Saturday. Late in the afternoon the children & I went to Citrus Heights in the pickup to get a box of oranges. Came home after work and baked bread, washed dishes and fixed Jeannette's hair. Then we listened to KTYL first broadcast of a basketball game - U of A & Tempe - from Tempe. | Sun., Jan. 26, 1947 Clear by Zelda The beautiful weather is still holding. As usual Sunday proved to be a busy day. John & the children went to Sunday School & got home about 1:15. Ate dinner and then John, Donald & Margaret & I went in to meeting at the 2nd Ward in Mesa. I had no reason to go but went into the meeting with Margaret. There Marva Andersen asked me to be an advisor with her in the LDS girls program. So now I have a job. After meeting Donald & John did some visiting while Margaret & I talked with Homer & Dorothy. Visited them until church time. John conducted. Had stake missionaries. Choir practice after & so home to food & bed.

20: Mon., Jan. 27, 1947 Clear by Zelda After getting David & Jeannette off to school, I decided to bake bread & pies to take to Julia and Lena. They were so nice when Daddy was sick so I spent the morning doing that and fixing dinner. Margaret took the children to music so I took Juna & Margaret Ann with me into Chandler. John helped Paul Cooper load pipe for the well that evening after the station closed. As soon as they got home from music David went to Scout meeting. Farrell, Nathel, children & Bro. & Sis. Dana came out and spent the evening. | Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie Recipe 4 eggs, slightly beaten 1 tsp. ground ginger 1 can Libby's pumpkin 1/2 tsp. ground cloves (29 oz.) 2 cans evaporated milk 1 1/2 c. sugar (13 oz. each) 1 tsp. salt 2-9" unbaked pie shells 2 tsp. ground cinnamon with high fluted edge Preheat oven to 425 F. Combine filling ingredients in order given, divide evenly into pie shells. Bake 15 min. Reduce temperature to 350 F and bake an additional 45 min. or until knife inserted near center of each pie comes out clean. Cool, garnish, if desired, with whipped topping. Yields 2-9" pies. | Tues., Jan. 28, 1947 Windy by Zelda The wind blew a gale all day and most of the night. didn't do much except the usual housework. John has been getting stock ready for inventory. Friday Margaret & Donald decided not to go to Salt Lake with her Dad. He let Paul & Retta take the car and take him up. Donald was just too busy to get away. Potatoes are coming in and the ground has to be ready to plant. Hope our pump is in so we can plant. Didn't go to Mutual last nite. John didn't feel too well. Went to bed early. | Wed., Jan. 29, 1947 by Zelda Wednesday was just a blank it seems. Can't think of anything to write. John went in to the church that night to meet with Martin Young to go over plans for the new church additions. He went in with Donald & Margaret. They have the go ahead sign on building now so I guess they will get right on it. We need it badly, our Ward is getting so large. Paul is 18 months today. He doesn't even know he has a birthday.

21: Fri., Jan. 31, 1947 Clear by John Today marked my last day in the station. Ray & I worked all day on the inventory. Tonight we finished everything, so I turned over my keys and the business to him. I'll still have several days of book work to do before I can go ahead with farming. Paul was sick most of the day but seemed to feel better tonight. Zelda and I made extensions on the inventory tonight then Donald & Margaret came to visit a while. We showed them our last reel of film that came in the other day. Bert, Margaret & Paula came out in the afternoon & visited for a while. | Thurs., Jan. 30, 1947 Clear by Zelda Did just about the usual things today. Never seem to get caught up with housework. John worked late and tried to do some bookwork after he got home. We went to the Elders party at Lee's and had a very nice time. There was a big crowd. About sixty were there I guess. Lee had some very good games and kept everyone going all the time. After we came home Alber and LaPriel & the Leslies stopped by. They ate ice cream and talked for a while. After doing some more book work we went to bed about 1:00 a.m. | Sat., Feb. 1, 1947 Clear by Zelda This has been a nice warm sunshine day. I washed this morning and enjoyed being out in the sun. Paul has felt real good today for a change and had fun playing out doors. Had to fold clothes and clean house this afternoon. Got through just in time to clean up and go to Mesa with John. We went to Welfare meeting at 6:30 then John stayed for Priesthood leadership meeting at 8:00 while I went on downtown with Margaret. Bro. Isaacson is here for Conference. He is a very humble, impressive man. We don't know yet how it will seem to not have the station. This was our first day and John spent most of it over there any how winding up some work. | Mom always used this recipe from the back of the can.

22: Sun., Feb. 2, 1947 Clear by John David & I went to Conference Priesthood meeting with Donald, leaving here at 7:30 in the morning. Bro. Isaacson gave an inspirational talk on welfare & priesthood. We went to the 10 o'clock session of conference and met Zelda afterward. David was thrilled to shake hands with Bishop Isaacson. We stopped at Papa's and met Helen Cutler, a Packer relative from Connecticut. Geo. brought her from Tucson this morning in the Ercoupe. This afternoon we came home to dinner. Jeannette stayed home this morning to keep Paul & Johnny & to watch over the dinner which was cooking. After dinner Leo, Donald, and I went out to the new pump to discuss details of our new farm. I finished the station inventory tonight. | Mon., Feb. 3, 1947 Clear by John Zelda and Paul & Johnny went with me collecting today. We were successful in collecting one large account, $450.00, and several smaller ones, and received a $2,000.00 cash down payment from Ray. Looked at an M Farmall Tractor at Sossaman's ranch then looked at a cow and F30 tractor at Frank Friddles'. However, I didn't decide to buy any one of them. Our Church film didn't arrive so Zelda and Margaret had to to to Chandler to explain to the people there would be no show while I attended a school board meeting and Donald & David went to a Court of Honor in Gilbert. | Tues., Feb. 4, 1947 Clear by Zelda The little boys and I went with John again all day today. He had to go to the bank and then on to Phoenix to pay some bills. We just sat in the car while John took care of his business and bought some shoes. On the way home we stopped at Papa's & Mama's for a few minutes. It was late when we got home and we barely had time to get ready to go to Mutual & a Welfare meeting. At Mutual we had a nice program. A fellow from the Alligator farm in Tempe gave a lecture and demonstration on alligators. It was quite instructional. Afterwards we saw the show which should have been given Monday night. Midnight again before we got home.

23: Wed., Feb. 5, 1947 Clear by Zelda The folks brought Helen Cutler out this morning to show her the ranch and to get a picture of the plane. George took her for another ride and she snapped some pictures from the air. She really likes the plane. By the way, John sold his part in the plane to Jack Barnes this morning so we no longer are in the plane business. The children, Blanche and I went to Citrus Heights to get oranges. Had to hurry then to get ready for choir practice. John had to take the show in to the 7th Ward so I went with him instead of staying to choir practice. Donald was sick so he and Margaret stayed home. It was midnite again before we got into bed. | Thurs., Feb. 6, 1947 Clear by John Another very warm day. Spent the morning helping Ray on some book-keeping and making contacts for collections. This afternoon, Zelda, Paul & I went out to the farm to take some pictures. We got stuck in a wash out in the middle of the farm and after working for about two hours, I went over to Haberts' pump and to his Farmall tractor to pull it out. Leo and I had conference with Herb Ensign, the pump man, and he seems to think we will have water in the new pump in time to plant potatoes. For a change there were no meetings or social engagements tonight. | Fri., Feb. 7, 1947 Clear by Zelda Spent the morning doing the usual things. There is always housework to be done. When school was out I went after the kids, then we went to Sossamans after the tractor. David & Jeannette drove it home. Then with Bobby along with our kids we drove out to the farm where David & John worked on getting the form in place for cementing the pump. Returned home to spend another evening with our family.

24: Sat., Feb. 8. 1947 Clear by Zelda Washed this morning. It was nice and warm and lovely to be outdoors. I gave Jeannette a home permanent today also. So I was kept pretty busy. After curling her hair, I cut it too. She thinks it is pretty short because it has been long so many months. Just as I was finishing her hair Lot & Lottie and children came and spent a couple of hours. | Sun., Feb 9, 1947 Clear by Zelda Family all went to Sunday School except Paul and I. Came home starved. Donald Sykes came home with David and spent the afternoon. John had a cold and spent the afternoon resting. Jeannette stayed home with Paul & Johnny while John, David, Donald Sykes and myself went to church. Since it was Boy Scout Week the Scouts put on the program. It was very nice. We got home fairly early because we didn't have choir practice.

25: Mon., Feb. 10, 1947 Clear by Zelda The usual work to be done. Right after lunch we rode out to the farm for a little while. Had to hurry back to take the kids to music. John went with me this time. While the kids were taking their lessons we did a little shopping and then went down to the folks for a while. I visited with Grandma Pearl while John sat on the ozone machine to see if he couldn't get rid of his cold. After about an hour the folks came home with one of Papa's cousins from New York. Mama fixed us some sandwiches to eat on the way home. When we got to Blanche's we found out that Dean had a baby girl. Got home just in time to go back to choir practice with the Community Combined Choir for an Easter Cantata. | Tues., Feb, 11, 1947 Clear by Zelda It started out to be cloudy but soon cleared. Johnny went with Maude & Lee to Chandler and Sacaton. They were gone all morning and part of the afternoon. It was so nice & warm that Paul & I just wandered around out in the sun. When Johnny got back I had to clean him up for Primary. He went in with Maude & dropped in his birthday pennies. George & Virgel came out in the afternoon with Lottie's three children. John was gone and they didn't stay very long. The losing side in our special interest class at Mutual gave us a party. Margaret was in charge. They served us cherry pie a la mode - very good and John was in charge of the games.

26: 1947 | 1947 | Wed., Feb. 12, 1947 Clear by Zelda This was a busy day. I baked bread this morning. Then I spent the rest of the morning baking Johnny's Birthday Cake. After a quick lunch I iced his cake, then did some house cleaning. After the kids came home from school I rode with John out where Donald was cementing ditches, then on around to the farm. Spent the evening at home. Mark & LaRee Pincock came out & we took them out to Les Barnes to see about a trailer. Paul didn't feel very well & fussed most of the night. | Thurs., Feb. 13, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda John Gordon Freestone 13 Feb. 1941 Safford, Graham Co., Ariz. Johnny's birthday has at last arrived. He didn't want to get out of bed because he was afraid he would get spanked. Every little while he would come in from play to ask if it was time for the party. John went to Chandler to get candles for his cake and a Birthday present for him. He got a picket knife and polo shirts & socks from us. There were 11 children at his party - mostly cousins. I served them ice cream & cake and took motion pictures of them. Johnny thinks now that he is six he should go to school. We went to Ralph & Julia Brown's last nite for a dinner party. Talk about original. We ate the whole dinner with our fingers. It was delicious and everyone had loads of fun. | Johnny

27: Fri., Feb. 14, 1947 Clear by John This morning I took the school board to Rivers, Arizona, to look over the buildings the government is going to sell that were used for the Japanese relocation. We bid on 3 or 4 buildings and hope to get at least one. There isn't anything to do on the farm yet until we can move some heavy equipment in to clear off and level the land. We felt too tired tonight to attend the M.I.A. dance, so we stayed home and went to bed. Sat., Feb. 15, 1947 Clear, by John Another clear and hot day. I received two payments on account thru the mail and collected two small accounts and arranged for collections of one large account. This afternoon I took Mack Hastings to Mesa in the airplane. On the way home, I stopped at Gilbert to put gas in the plane. Zelda and I cleaned and washed the car today after neglecting it for too long of a time. David Jeannette and Johnny did a little horse riding today on Delos' and Shanna's horses. I disconnected the heater on the car and attempted to install a new filter, but it was the wrong size. | Johnny

28: Sun., Feb. 16, 1947 Clear by Zelda All of us went to Sunday School. I stayed downstairs with Paul. He was a pretty good boy. We waited for David & John to go to Priesthood meeting. Then came home to a quick dinner. David went home with Hubers. Martha came up to play with Jeannette. Late in the afternoon we tried to find someone to stay with Paul & Johnny but we couldn't get anyone. So I stayed home and let Jeannette go to church. | Mon., Feb 17, 1947 Clear by Zelda We got all ready to go to Phoenix this morning but then didn't go. Right after lunch we rode to Mesa with John, but didn't stay very long. Margaret took the kids to music. When she got back, John, Donald, Margaret, Blanche, Lona & myself went to Chandler - John & Donald to the show - the rest of us to choir practice. Tues., Feb. 18, 1947 Clear by Zelda John drove the diesel today. They didn't have a driver and he wanted to get as much done as possible. He didn't come in to lunch until 3:00 o'clock. Johnny went back out with him & rode until quitting time. Was he ever dirty! It took some scrubbing to get him ready for bed. John got in too late to go to Mutual. So we all were home again. | Learn from yesterday Live for today Hope for tomorrow

29: Wed., Feb. 19, 1947 Clear by Zelda John took a Fordson & scraper - along with Johnny of course - out to the farm. He worked all morning filling in and leveling around the pump site getting ready for the pump people. That afternoon they put up the poles for the sub-station. John & I rode out in the evening to see what had been done. All the brush and been disked off the knoll and really changed the looks of things. I think we will really have something before we get through. John & Donald went to Williams Field to a Scout Executive meeting. | 1949 Fordson tractor with scraper

30: Thurs., Feb. 20, 1947 Clear by Zelda John went out to disc again this morning. I started to wash. Johnny was home with a cold. Lona came just as I got started and wanted me to go to Phoenix with her. So I left my washing, took John his lunch, left Paul & Johnny with Jeannette & went to town. I purchased a set of silverware which we very much needed, a dress & socks for Jeannette and two pairs of shoes for myself at $1 a pair. John came in about dark tired and dirty. After a good hot bath & supper he was ready for bed. David & Sis washed the dishes and I washed Johnny. I think I got the worst of the deal. As usual he was filthy. Sun., Feb. 23, 1947 Clear by John We got up early for Sunday morning so I could get to Bishop's meeting at 9 o'clock. Paul wasn't feeling good so Zelda stayed home with him. After Sunday School I taught the Priesthood class, then rushed home to dinner so I could make it back to Mesa for Stake Priesthood meeting at 2:30. After that meeting I stopped by the folks place and visited with them for a short time. Got home just in time to shave and go back to Sacrament meeting with Zelda. We had Stake missionaries to speak to us. I sang with the choir. After choir practice we came home and were ready to go to bed. (Added note written by David - Leon Huber stayed with me) | Feb. 21 - 22 No entries

31: Mon.., Feb. 24, 1947 Clear by John Everything seemed to be off to a good start this morning after I put one man to work on the drag and another on a disc. But the driver of the drag turned too sharp and smashed the front of the drag. Zelda, Johnny, and Paul spent nearly all day with me helping to get it fixed. Zelda had to go to Chandler to get a timber. We finally got it all ready to go just before dark. Blanche took the children to music. Tonight David went to a Boy Scout party. Zelda decided not to go to choir practice in Chandler since we were so late getting in from work. Tues., Feb. 25, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda Just about the usual things happened this morning. Housework, washing a few things for Paul, etc. John went out and tore the disc apart for repairs. After lunch we rode to Chandler to see if we could get new parts. Spent most of the afternoon there, but didn't do much good. Had to leave the parts for repairs. John & Johnny got haircuts. Johnny wouldn't stay to Primary so we came on home. We went to Mutual & watched 3 one act plays. Wed., Feb. 26, 1947 Cloudy by John Work continued pretty good today with a disc drag and installation of the pump. This afternoon Zelda, Johnny & Paul went out to the farm with me and I dug and cut around a huge palo verde tree, getting it ready to pull out. Tonight Donald & I attended a scoutmaster training course at Chandler under the direction of Tony Bentley. Margaret and Zelda went to the show. While we were in meeting a dust storm came up and this was followed by a much welcomed rain storm. It rained on us all the way home.

32: Thurs., Feb. 27, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda It rained all night but stopped early this morning. It was too wet to do much on the farm so in the afternoon Donald, Margaret, Juna, John & I went for a ride. We went out in the north Phoenix territory where none of us had been for years. It has really built up. Donald took us out as far as Deer Valley. We were quite interested in the farming development out there. We went to Edna & BIll Hooks for Edna's birthday dinner. She really had a nice & elaborate dinner. Afterward we played Bingo. Fri., Feb. 28, 1947 by Zelda Still too wet to do much on the farm, but no more rain. If we had had a week longer to work on the land & then had that rain it would have been wonderful. I washed and then put on a big batch of beans in the pressure cooker for the steak fry that night. Donald & Margaret had invited the priests & teachers and their partners out for a steak fry. We had about twenty out and they sure had a good time. "Special Data" - Feb. 29th by Zelda This should have been Paul's nineteenth month birthday, but we ran out of days too soon. So I guess he will just have to wait another month for a birthday. He is quite a big boy now without his bottle. He is hungry all the time. Sat., Mar. 1, 1947 by Zelda Jeannette and I cleaned house this morning. David went to the farm with John. This afternoon David went to collect fast offerings. Jeannette took Paul off to play & Johnny was off playing too, so I was left all alone. I folded clothes and a few other things like washing my hair, etc. Tonite John stayed home with Paul while the other kids and I went over to Leo's to watch the movie. David & Carolyn went to school & borrowed the projector & David ran it. It was "Topper's Return" & was quite cute.

33: Sun., Mar. 2, 1947 Clear/Cloudy by Zelda This was fast day and we really had to rush to get Paul & myself ready for Sunday School. After the usual meetings we hurried home to get ready for a picnic with Bert & Margaret. We got all ready & waited until 3:00 o'clock & still they didn't come, so we took the children & went anyhow. We had a good time then rode around by Lona's on the way home. We had to rush then to get ready for leadership meeting at 6:30. We had a good Sunday nite meeting with the Relief Society in charge. The choir furnished the music. Mon., Mar. 3, 1947 by Zelda The tractor driver didn't show up this morning so John had to drive. He went over and pulled the scraper over to our pump. He worked all day getting it ready to put in the pipes and ditches. Johnny rode with him in the afternoon. I took the kids to music and stayed at the folks while they were taking their lessons. Got home just in time to go back to Community choir practice with Blanche. Tues., Mar. 4, 1947 by Zelda Today was windy and dusty - miserable all day. John got the land plane started on our place again and the tractor driver was back to use the scraper so John could devote his time to picking up loose ends. In the afternoon he & Donald took cement pipes out and a crew to dig trenches. They got a pretty good start before time to go to welfare meeting at 6:30. Then Mutual at 7:30. John showed the picture show at Mutual and it was late again as usual when we got home.

34: Wed., Mar. 5, 1947 Clear/Cloudy by Zelda The weather was both clear & cloudy today, but still no rain. John and Donald finished up the cement pipe work at the pump. Both the land plane and the scraper are busy getting land in shape. We are really going to have a beautiful place. Donald & John went to Scout meeting in Chandler while Margaret, Blanche & I went to choir practice. Thurs., Mar. 6, 1947 Clear by Zelda Didn't get much of anything done today except the usual necessary housework. At noon I went to a luncheon at Margaret's. The Junior Sunday School officers and teachers gave it for LaRee Pincock who has moved to the Gilbert Ward. It was very nice. Afterwards we played Cootie. I left Paul at Mildreds. Stayed home tonight for a change. | Fri., Mar. 7, 1947 Clear by Zelda There was a cold wind blowing this morning, so I didn't wash. Margaret came for me to go to town with her. We left all the kids with Mildred and went. In Chandler we met Eldene Stevens and she wanted to go to Phoenix so we went. We had a good time and got home about 4:00 o'clock. It was Willard's Birthday and Blanche had a surprise party for him. Lona & Dad, Donald & Margaret, Larence & Leona, John & I went out on the desert on a steak fry. It was delicious. We had a good time. David left at 6:00 o'clock on an overnight Scout hike to Canyon Lake.

35: Zelda, Lona, Blanche, Grace, Violet | Sat., Mar. 8, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda With David gone, John out to the farm, Johnny playing with Bobby and Jeannette gone to town for the day with Barbara & Maxine, Paul & I had it our own way today. The first thing we did was put out a big washing. That took quite a while what with chasing Paul every few minutes. Then we had to fix lunch, and get Paul to sleep. After washing and fixing my hair I did my Sat. shopping. It threatened rain all day and I didn't think my clothes would dry, but they did. David got home about 3:00 & Jeannette about 5:30 so once again we were all home on Sat. night. | Ellsworth sisters

36: Sun., Mar. 9, 1947 Clear by Zelda All went to Sunday School except Paul and I. We cleaned house and prepared dinner. They came home with the news that Orva & Charlotte were here. We went to Mesa in the afternoon to see them but couldn't find anyone at home. We visited for a while with Delia & John then came home to get ready for church. David went to church with us and Jeannette stayed home with the two little boys. The Bishopric talked on the Welfare program. Harold and Orva Jeanne sang a duet. After choir practice we came home to bed. Tues., Mar. 11, 1947 Clear by Zelda Today was clear and warm. The little boys and I went into Mesa with John to take the generator of the tractor. We then went to the folks and had lunch with them. Delia and De-anna came too. We enjoyed visiting them. In the afternoon after school Jeannette, David & Paul went to the farm with John. Johnny went to a birthday party at Wintertons. I had to go back to Mesa to pickup the generator. Lona went with me. As soon as we got home I took it out to John so he could install it. When he came home we got ready for Mutual. David hauled away trees with the tractor while he was at the farm. Thurs., Mar. 13, 1947 Clear by Zelda They decided we would have water soon enough now so we could plant potatoes so John got a crew rounded up and finally got started. They broke a part on the planter so didn't get too much done. | No entries - Mar. 10, Mar. 12, Mar. 15

37: Fri., Mar. 14, 1947 Clear by Zelda We girls decided to go in to Grandma Pearl's today so I made pies, Blanche made tamale pie, Lona made a potato salad, Remola made a macaroni & cheese dish & we went in and had dinner with her. She has been sick and really had the blues. It did her good for us to come in. In the afternoon we went down town & bought her a dress which pleased her a lot. Johnny went to school with the kids & John ate lunch at the cafe. He spent most of the day planting spuds. All in all it was day well spent. | Tamale Pie Brown a small diced onion with 1 lb. ground beef. Add 2 small cans tomato sauce; season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, mix in large bowl: 2 c. corn meal, 1 1/2 Tbl. chili powder, 1 can corn (drained), 1 egg, 1 c. milk, 1 can olives (drained). Combine all ingredients and pour into greased 9 x 13" pan. Top with grated cheese. Cover with foil. Remove foil last 15 minutes of baking. Bake at 350 for 45 - 60 min.

38: Sun., Mar. 16, 1947 by Zelda Went to Sunday School this morning so really had to rush. Orva & Charlotte, Orva Jeanne & Harold came out and had dinner with us. They had to take pot luck because I didn't have time to fix much. In the afternoon John & David went out to the farm to measure some land. Orva stayed until about 5:00 o'clock then they had to go home. Johnny brought home Lanny Leslie for company from Sunday School and they had a real good time. Jeannette went to church with us and David stayed home with Paul & Johnny. Mon., Mar. 17, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda They are still planting potatoes. I don't know how much longer it will take. They keep breaking down. This morning John couldn't find enough help and one tractor had to stand idle all day. The kids went to music today. I took Paul and went into Mesa to get my washer which had been repaired. The floored me. While in there the car stopped on me and cost me an hour & a half and $5 to get it fixed. I brought the kids home with me and it was 7:00 before we got home. | Tues., Mar. 18, 1947 Clear by Zelda After getting a part tot he planter fixed, John finally got started planting a about 11:00. No more trouble all day though. Paul has a terrible cold and coughs every breath. I didn't get to wash until I put him to bed at 2:00. He is so cross and mean. I got all ready to go to Mutual but John had never come in from the field. Donald & Margaret came by but had to go on without us. David & I started out to find him and met him coming in. He had been getting ready to make ditches & had stuck the tractor 2 or 3 times. It was too late by then for Mutual so we stayed home.

39: Tues., Mar. 29, 1947 by Zelda Took all the kids to the show in Chandler this afternoon to see "Song of the South". Even Paul liked it and was a good boy. He slept most of the time. Special Data by Zelda Everyone has been so busy these last weeks we haven't had time to keep up our books. Nothing spectacular has happened. The potatoes are in and coming up. We really had a time trying to water them. The slope wasn't right and the water wouldn't run in the middle. However they managed to get most of it wet just by sheer hard work and perseverance. Work has been going on with the rest of the farm meanwhile - clearing more land, getting the cotton ground in shape, watering cotton ground, etc. George has been transferred to Douglas, but Virgil will stay here until school is out. | Tues., April 1, 1947 by Zelda April Fools Day is here again. As usual that is a signal for pranks and jokes. Jeannette ditched school this afternoon for the first time (and I hope the last). Donald & Margaret left for salt Lake this afternoon. They took Delos, Paul & Ralph Gene with them. This is the first time now for three Conferences that we haven't gone. It would have been a nice trip but we couldn't afford to go - either time or money. Carolyn went with us to mutual. | Mar. 19 - 28 No entries Mar. 30 - 31, Apr. 2 No entries

40: Thurs., Apr. 3, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda I washed this morning before the kids went to school. It was windy and cold. I had to go to Phoenix for a part to the disc. Blanche went with me. We were back by 2:00 o'clock. Paul & Johnny stayed with Mabel Stiles. We had planned to go to the Temple but we couldn't go because John had to stand guard over a new dirt ditch. Of course it washed out any how but by then it was too late to go. | Fri., Apr. 4, 1947 Windy by Zelda Since this was Good Friday, the kids had a holiday. The boys went to the farm with John all day. Jeannette helped me and in the afternoon Blanche and I went to town to do some shopping. I bought Jeannette a new Easter dress, slip and socks and shoes and clothes for the boys. They were all quite thrilled with their new things. | Sun., Apr. 6, 1947 Clear by Zelda Sunday morning mad scramble. John didn't have to go so early this morning though, so that helped. I had to give the scripture reading upstairs, then hurry down to Junior Sunday School and teach a class. John was the only one of the Bishopric here so he had his hands full too. Donald's four rode in with us. There was such a mob at Sunday School the place was packed. Not so many for Sacrament meeting but six babies to be blessed and four to be confirmed. The choir's Easter program was lovely. There was a big crowd. John's talk was exceptional. Jeannette had a small part on the program too. David stayed with Paul & Johnny. | Sat., Apr. 5, 1947 Cloudy by Zelda The usual Sat. morning work to be done before Jeannette went to tapping. David and I cleaned the car. John got everything lined up on the farm so we could got to town in the afternoon. That's the first time he has taken an afternoon off since we took the farm. We went to Mesa and went to a show and did some shopping. When we got home the kids had colored the eggs for Easter and done a few other chores. Sometimes they can be pretty good kids.

41: Sat., Aug. 16, 1947 by Zelda We have been trying to remodel our kitchen. We had a new sink, cabinets & stove and spent the morning cleaning & painting cupboards. Had to go to town in the afternoon and took Alfred & Orva out to dinner and a show. We saw "The Best Years of Our Lives". It was a very good show and we really enjoyed it. | Sun., Aug. 17, 1947 by Zelda Jeannette and Paul stayed home today. Jeannette had a big sty on her eye and didn't feel like going. The rest of us spent a busy day at church as usual. Alfred & Orva, Clarence, Charlotte, Orva Jeanne & Harold came out in the afternoon and took our old stove home with them. We went to church, came home and went to the farm to check the water, then home to bed. | April 7 - August 15 No entries | Mon., Aug. 18, 1947 Clear by Zelda This was the big day of Myrna's & Red's wedding. I was busy all day helping Mary at the church. On the way in we had a narrow escape. A Pickup headed across the road for us and only by quick action on Mary's part was a serious accident avoided. As it was we got off with a bad scare and a smashed back fender on Leo's new Buick. The kids were married in Donald's back yard by Donald and then went to the church for the reception. They had a very nice affair. Myrna looked beautiful. Pearl, Martha & the girls and I had charge of the refreshment table. Everything went smoothly. They got lots of nice gifts. John was master of ceremonies. We were plenty tired when we finally got home. | End of Entries

42: Note: Several family birthdays were entered throughout the book written in the same handwriting as the journal gift giver, leading to the assumption that the journal was a gift to John and Zelda from his parents, George and Lottie Freestone, since no other extended family members were entered. Of interest is that John's birthday was over looked and not entered. The following birthdays were recorded throughout the journal on their birthdays. | John Gordon Freestone 13 Feb. 1941 Safford, Graham Co., Ariz. | Paul Dwight Freestone 29 July 1945 Mesa, Maricopa, Ariz. | George Leonard Freestone 20 Sept. 1872 Alpine, Utah Co., Utah

43: Zelda Louise Ellsworth Freestone 8 Nov. 1911 Mesa, Maricopa Co., Ariz. | Jeannette Freestone 9 Nov. 1935 Safford, Graham Co., Ariz. | David William Freestone 14 Nov. 1933 Nutrioso, Apache Co., Ariz. | Charlotte Beryl Packer 14 Dec, 1874 Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah

44: Johnny with gasoline delivery truck in background | Dad bought one of the first cotton pickers Seated - John, __? Standing - Earl Brown, Uncle Willard Nelson

45: Downtown Queen Creek | David, John, Zelda, Jeannette Johnny, Paul

46: Mother | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | William Wallace Ellsworth | Edmund Lovell Ellsworth | Mary Ann Jones | Zelda Louise Ellsworth | Martha Ann Passey | William Passey | Asenath Viola Wilcox | Jonathan Ellsworth | Sarah Gallea | Thomas Jones | Hannah Paine | John Passey | Ann New | Samuel Allen Wilcox | Martha Parker | Ellsworth Family Grace, Zelda, Violet, Lona, Blanche, Remola Donald, Leo, Larence

47: Father | Grand Father | Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | John Albert Freestone | George Leonard Freestone | Charlotte Beryl Packer | James Fall Freestone | Pauline Kersten Poulsen | Alonzo Hamilton Packer | Lydia Ann Parker | Thomas Freestone | Ann Fall | August Poulsen | Ane Anderson | Jonathan Taylor Packer | Angelina Avilda Champlin | Solomon Parker | Nancy Welch | Freestone Family George, Paul, Alfred, John, Bert Lillian, Delia \

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