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Family History

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S: Scherer Family - Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

BC: Thank you God, for the myriad of blessings. –Dad’'s prayer

FC: Scherer Family | Kip and Otto- 50 Years and Counting!

1: “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning€ It is easy to start the journey of marriage. However, it is better to finish well! In your marriage I see God’s saving grace, His sufficient grace, His sustaining grace, -all glory and thanks go to Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior -Ecclesiastes 7:8 | Deep Creek Lake Aug 2011 Kip and Otto - 50 years and counting!

2: Dad's Early Sailing Days As told by Mom | Otto working on penguin at Berkshire | Berkshire Detroit, off to Penguin Nationals 1957 | Penguin Nationals, Chicago 1957 | Penguin OSYC Boston, Otto and Skip 1958 | Penguin Nationals Otto and John Dunn 1957 | Sailing Scimitar | I think dad's love of sailing grew because it was something his dad did with him. His dad, Dr. Scherer had a sailboat named the Augusta, after his mother so his dad had done a bit of sailing in his life before he had dad. His parents were older parents (married at 36) so they had done it all as far as their interests were concerned.His dad was also very mechanical and could fix anything or invent anything so dad learned all of this from him. Also they would talk about how to make a faster boat etc. Then when they joined Crescent Sailing Club in Grosse Pointe dad ended up crewing on a Lightening with Hand Cawthra who knew how to push the technology further on his class of boat so he made modifications to make it go faster and all of this intrigued dad. With his interest in aeronautical engineering, you can see the connections and trail of progress. Otto and his dad spent many hours in their basement building things and many of dad's friends were included in these sessions, depending on what they needed or were interested in. Dad then transferred all this knowledge and experience to John, who actually built a water tunnel test facility at The University of Michigan's North Campus when he was in school there out of epoxy impregnated wood and it works fine.

3: High School & University | The Dolphins Swim Club, Grosse Pointe High | My interest in nursing probably came from my mother. She always wanted to be one but her father wouldn't hear of it - he didn't want his daughter carrying bedpans, etc. so she became a secretary. I used to go into the attic and see some nursing uniforms hanging up and kind of dream about them. I always had the gift of service and liked doing for other people. Making a difference in someones life was a good thing, I thought and it proved to be true so this desire was nurtured into fruition. I also was interested in anatomy, physiology, etc. and didn't "gross out" easily, although I did start to faint in biology in high school when she began to clean a fish. I used to watch my dad do this all the time but in school that day there was a room full of kids and it was hot and stuffy, which probably had a lot to do with it. | Mom Graduating from Michigan Nursing Program | Dad, Senior in High School | Mom on why she chose nursing | Dad in High School band uniform | Mom in typing class | Mom in High School | Dad with classmates 1957

4: Mom and Dad Dating

5: Grosse Point Couple Win Penguin Crown by Joe Dowdall Otto Scherer and his fiancée, Carol Kibiger, can scratch "a silver punch bowl" from their bridal registry list for wedding gifts. The 22-year-old Grosse Point couple clung to their lead in the two final races Thursday to win the International Penguin sailing championship on Lake St. Clair. A huge, sterling silver bowl,symbolic of the International championship went to the University of Michigan graduates. Scherer finished fourth and third Thursday to win the championship with 148.5 points. Scherer, who was graduated from the University of Michigan last Jun as an aeronautical engineer, built his maize and blue Penguin at home. This was the first race in it for the young couple, who will be married Aug 26th.

6: Carol Ann Kibiger and J. Otto Scherer, Jr. Joined in Holy Matrimony on August 26, 1961 at Christ the King Lutheran Church by Reverend Geffert Witnessed by Linda and Dexter Thede Brides Maids: Betty Brownson, Carol Easton, Elsie Jocz Groom’s Ushers: Ernie Newmaier, Edward Pongracz, Armin Jocz | The Wedding

7: Whittier Hotel, Detroit | Christ the King Church

8: Our honeymoon on Georgian Bay was a great relaxed event, after the wedding planning and thinking about starting grad school after our trip. We had a wood burning stove on the boat, so gathered drift wood to burn. We fished several times and used canned Spam for bait - had no keepers but plenty of nibblers. We took lots of pictures, usually with a chipmunk in the middle so we had to squint when looking at pictures of trees etc. to see the little critters. We visited Little Current, which is a little fishing village/vacation spot where you can rent cabins. Dad's parents used to go up there for their family vacations and that is where Dad found a little sailboat that needed help. His Dad fixed it up so Otto could sail it and that was his first sailing experience, which became a lifelong passion. | Honeymoon on Georgian Bay Sept 1961

9: Canoing on the Ausable River November 1962 | Kip and Otto Skate Sailing 1963 Whitmore Lake

10: Sturbridge, MA 1972 | Kibbey's Detroit 1973 | Mom and Carrie Oct 1965 | Smokey Under Jeffery Pine | Hetch-Hetchy Reservoir, Yosemite Summer 1964 | A-Lion | 12 Years Together | Christmas 1972 | Boston Trip 1972 | Cayuga w Thedes 1970 | North Laurel Road | Christmas Day 1969

11: Hydronautics Pond | Old McDonalds Farm, CT 1971 | Easter w Batemans at Triadelphia Reservoir 1971 | Christmas at Berkshire 1973 | Carries Graduation from Emanuel Christian Day School | Spray Beach, NJ June 1969 | North Laurel Road | Summer 1971 | Otto's Workshop N Laurel Road 1971 | Carrie's 5th Birthday | Early Years of Married Life

12: Scherer Hoilday Memories | Mom and Dad Sailing Scimitar 1970 | Model Planes 1981 | Mom with John, 9 mo 1961 | Dad with Carrie 1967 | 1976 | 1974 | 1983 | 1975 | 1970 | 1970 | 1965

13: Lake Cayuga | Taughannock Falls 1969 | 1972 | 1975 | Dad &Anna1974 | Weaving Raffia | With Thedes 1970

14: Smokey Mt 1981 | Christmas 1981 | Christmas Cookies | Spring 1976 with Kibbeys | Otto's 35th Birthday 1974 | Kirby House E Grand Blvd 1974 | Anna's 5th 1974 | House Construction 1976

15: Waterville, OH with Martha Kibiger | 1981 | 1978 | Stalheim Norway May 1976 | Grandma Scherer and Uncle Bob 1979 | Detroit with Scherers and KibbeysJuly 1977 | Kinderdijk Holland May 1976 | N Laurel Road Christmas 1976 | Belle Isle Detroit | Grace and Schnapps | House Construction 1975 | 70's - 80's

16: Sailing Ad Astra | 1978 Trip up the Intercoastal Waterway, Ft Lauderdale to Chesapeake Bay | Sailing Rendezvous Chesapeake 1982 | 1981 | Last sail of the season Fall 1982 | "All the little Greebles" Warren, Grace, Carrie, Anna, John | Sunset on the Bay Bridge | Early Days

17: Kibbeys House Waterville, OH 1982 | Carrie and John hiking out west with Martins | Lake McKonege with Martins 1983 | St Louis 1983 | Yellowstone 1983 | Out West with Martins 1983 | Swimming in Mary Jacob's Pond | August 1985 | Christmas 1984 | Grace and John | Mom and Dad with the Martins

18: Hydronautics Pond | Carries Graduation 1988 | Jocz's 1986 | 1986 Grace and John Ad Astra | Christmas 1987 | Jocz's 1986 | Summer 1971 | Carrie's 5th Birthday | 80's -90's | Cunningham State Falls 11-29-86 | Jocz's 1987 | Spring 1989 Anna and Rich | 1988

19: Christmas 1987 | 1988 John and Rich on Ad Astra | Morning after Dad's 50th | HolyMacrel!!! Dad's Surprise 50th Birthday | Atop Mt Provo, Utah 1989 | August 1988 Berkshire | Carrie's rehearsal dinner Stonewall Jackson Chapel VMI | Grace and Beaker 1986 | Easter 1989 | Christmas 1987 | Carrie's Landscape Architecture Presentation, VA Tech | 1987

20: Grandma Scherer and baby Jess June 27,1994 | Penn Relays May 1994 | Deep Creek with Batemans | Armin's Memorial Weekend 1993 | 1995 Getting ready for Deep Creek | Grand Tetons | Dorm Room at VA Tech | Nenana River, Denali Alaska 1996 | Wonder Lake, Alaska 1996 | Jess and Caleb Aug 1995 | 1990s | “A smooth sea never made a skillful mariner.” Wings of Silver | Some of Dad’s famous sayings: Another County heard from A fine line between bravery and stupidity All part of the learning curve Bright eyed and bushy tailed! Lets keep it to a dull roar Holy Mackerel! Lookin sharp! | McFarlands 1990 | Mom and Jess, 1993

21: Dad with Carrie 1967 | 1976 | 1983 | 1970 | 1965 | Mom and Dad Sailing Scimitar 1970 | Mom with John, 9 mo 1961 | 1992 Olympic Trials | 1975 | 1970 | Watching Carrie in Marine Corp Marathon 11-4-90 | 1990 Jocz's Reunion | New Orleans, Olympic Trials 1992 | May 1991 | July 1994, Deep Creek Lake | July 1993, Caleb 1 1/2 years | John and Cathy Christmas 1994 | Deep Creek 1991 | December 25, 1990- Mom's Broken Leg! | October 1993 Deep Creek Lake | 1991 Dad and the Penguin, Deep Creek | Granger, Indiana Feb 1994 | Deep Creek 1995 | Olympic Trials 1992

22: Weddings

23: Graduations

24: 2001 | Lake Wanaka, NZ 2004 | Jack's Baptism 2004 | Richmond, VA Thanksgiving 2005 | “Our greatest joy is to see our children ‘walking in truth’”. -Mom, 2 John 1:4 | Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand, 2004 | Grandkids 1998

25: Moving Grace AGAIN Towson 2003 | Spring 1997 | Warren's- 1996 | Jack and John 2004 | Flying with John Spring 1997 | Christmas 1996 | Tandem Biking Harpers Ferry 2001 | Indiana Aug 1996 | Thanksgiving 2005 | Christmas 1997 Taryn 6 months | Franz Joseph Glacier, New Zealand | March 2002 | July 2001 | 2001 | Amber

26: “This is maturity: To be able to stick with a job until it is finished; to be able to bear an injustice without wanting to get even; to be able to carry money without spending it; and to do ones duty without being supervised..” -Wings of Silver | Deep Creek 2008 | Sparks Lake, Oregon 2007 | Mom and Dad, Wanganui NZ 2009 | Grace and Anna Mt Maunganui NZ 2010 | Alberta Canada 2007 | Dad and Elsie | Dad and Jack 2005 | Emily 18 months | Mother's Day

27: Otto's 69th- 2008 | Trip to Canada with Batemans 2007 | Mom in Tongariro National Park, NZ 2009 | Dad and Grace, Te Mata Peak NZ 2009 | James River Plantation 2011 | The Flying Fox cable car, Wanganui NZ 2009 | Dad at John's house in Wisconsin | Smith Rock, Oregon 2007 | Thanksgiving 2005, Anna's House

28: Deep Creek 2011 50th Wedding Anniversary

29: Cornish Manor Anniversary Dinner

30: Corey- I liked it when Grandpa and I worked on the bikes together. He showed me how to use the oil can on the chains to fix them. I enjoy our walks to the reservoir together. Especially the time when Grandma watched me slide on the ice. Karah- Thank you both for getting married and having four nice children and that one of them is my Mom and could raise us. Thank you also for the times you let me help start the fires in the fireplace that keep us warm and cozy. Kyle- Thank you for your myriad of blessings and generosity. Thanks for providing a place for us to gather at Deep Creek to spend time as a family. Colby- Dear Grandma and Grandpa Scherer, As I transition into adulthood, I’ll miss our walks down to the reservoir. However, I’ll never forget the investment you've made in my life, financially, but also spiritually. Your heart towards others has been a role model for me to follow for the rest of my life. Sincerely, Colby

31: Reflections on Mom and Dad's Marriage | Thank you both for honoring God with your lives as individuals and in your life together as one in your marriage. May you, today, feel a fraction of well done that someday you will hear from the Creator of the universe, your Heavenly Father, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who is well pleased. May you receive a blessing from Him now and blessing and honor from us today! I love you! We love you! Well done! Rich | Dear Kip and Otto, Thank you so much for bringing us all together here at Deep Creek Lake to celebrate this wonderful occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary. Throughout the 20 years I have come to know the two of you, your marriage has served as a strong example to me of Christian compassion, mercy and charity. It has been a true blessing for me to become a part of your family and to honor you tonight, I'd like to offer you an Irish toast, a tradition in my family on special occasions. An Irish Wedding Toast May the road rise to meet you. May the wind always be at your back, the sun shine warm upon your face, the rain fall soft upon your fields, and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand. All my love, Cathy

32: Mom and Dad, when I think of your marriage for 50 years some of the words that come to mind are strength, comittment, tenderness, humor, service, passion, joy, and peace. I think of two people who have lived out and modeled I Cor. 13:4-7. Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. You have modeled a covenant marriage for your children and grandchildren. I am thankful for the spiritual blessing that this Covenant to each other before God will bring to future generations. I am thankful and celebrate the Godly example of sacrificial love you have shown each other and continue to show each other. I think of mom joining dad in the garage of shop or wherever he was working. Sharing shoulder to shoulder in his passions and interests. All their acts of service to each other and us. Dad making so many things and fixing so many things. Laughing at life to together. Remember when dad was repainting the outer hull on Ad Astra and Mom you were laying on the opposite hull to keep the one Dad was painting on out of the water. You fell asleep and Dad who had been treading water needed your help to get back on the boat, he was calling you and got no answer so he wonders if something happened to you and swims around to your side of the boat and there you are napping! Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 says. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work. If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one can be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Mom and Dad's marriage has flourished because God is that third strand. As they have focused on Him and let Him change them they have been drawn together. "Our marriages are the testing ground for God to win us to himself. Our marriages are basic training for the one marriage that will not disappoint." - Dan Allender and Tremper Longhan III Marriage bears the stamp of the trinity. It was created by God and has eternal purpose. I am thankful to Mom and Dad for modeling that and truly celebrate the blessing of 50 years together! Carrie | When I think of Mom and Dad, I think of the support and enduring love that they have shown one another throughout their marriage. They have sustained and preserved what they have from sinking in the storms of life. Through their commitment, their lives have become woven into a beautiful unified bond that demonstrates to us all the strength of love. Mom- you have supported Dad in everything that is important to him and enabled him to complete great things. You have believed in him and have always looked for the good in him. Your love for him is very evident as your years together continue. Dad- you have loved mom with your gentle, undemanding nature and by always providing for her, you have always been there to help, and with your steadiness, provided the foundation from which our family grew. Together you are the anchor of our family and have shown us to use God as our beacon. I love you both so much. Grace

33: Treasure a Gift In this life, treasure define- Riches, status or a friend to find Mom, Dad- a friend to God Enables, enriches a call to love Love that endures through thick and thin Embracing each step, choosing to win Supporting each other along life’s way Steady, lifting, serving each day Laughter among you, sure to find Refreshing, recalling, memories kind Walking the gospel, lighting the way Repentance, forgiveness, faith on display Enjoying the journey, God’s lot for your time His grace sufficient, His glory to shine How great Thou art Lord, How amazing Your grace To bless two such persons with a loved, kissed face Woven together, lives intertwined Hope, faith and love- a cord divine Celebrate, rejoice, grateful in heart Fifty years plus, a gift from the start By Anna Rogness August 2011 | ODE TO MY PARENTS John O. Scherer the 3rd My parents this year an occasion do share Without the event I would not be here Fifty years hence the day it has been A wedding which was to happen then Otto and Kip the happy couple were She loved him and he loved her Through sailing they met in a boat called a Penguin On the way to the Nationals they logged lots of wins A break from their studies at the Great U of M they would take For a sailing honeymoon after vows they would make Some time they then spent at Whitmore Lake Finishing school and using their sail on a skate Off to Maryland then to start a career Her a nurse, and he an engineer Once there a catamaran to build at home Many came to help, for in this quest they were not alone A work of art was this boat christened Scimitar It produced more wins both near and far The sailing life was great and all But soon a new chapter in life would call In time with four children they would be vested Kip’s skills as a nurse were surely tested I think the next years were surely a blur For horses, track, and music there were There was schoolwork to finish and guidance to provide Keeping us kids on the straight-and-narrow side Great role models to us all you have been Especially how to be lifelong friends Thanks for your wisdom, your gift of faith too For showing us a wonderful world-life view Fifty years in this world is just the beginning Through thick and thin your vows fulfilling Some day up in heaven from the Lord it will come “Good and faithful servant, well done."

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