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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Family History of Larry & Cindy (Mink) Busch

BC: Made for my family with much love by Cynthia Jean (Mink) Busch 2012 | The family is a link to our past and a bridge to our future.

FC: Our Family History | Larry & Cindy Busch

1: Cynthia Jean Mink 1953 | Lawrence John Busch 1951 | This is the family history of Cynthia Jean (Mink) Busch & Lawrence John Busch | You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

2: Mother | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Mary Lois Meyers 1930 | Iva Hinch 1891-1979 | Henry Meyers 1894-1975 | Cynthia Jean Mink 1953 | Donald Walter Mink 1924-2006 | Julia Elskamp 1897-1987 | Adam Henry Mink 1895-1957 | Martha Hudson 1862-1942 | Uriah Hinch 1854-1924 | Frieda Lohoff 1865-1924 | Anton Meyer 1859-1909 | Eustine M. Stoll 1861-1948 | Herman W. Elskamp 1861-1945 | Addie Belle Cooper 1871-1897 | Henry Mink 1865-1936

3: Father | Grand Mother | Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Father | Great Grand Mother | Great Grand Mother | Lawrence John Busch 1951 | Celestine Dorothy Kieler 1916 | Elizabeth Mary Kunkel 1886-1954 | Lawrence Kieler 1873-1925 | Barbara AnnaHinderman 1888-1973 | Anton Busch 1887-1959 | Catherine Alt 1863-1954 | Edward Bernard Kunkel 1856-1928 | Margareth Koethe 1852-1929 | Frank Kieler 1840-1914 | Louisa Wagner 1852-1931 | Karl Hinderman 1849-1937 | Mary Terfruchte | Johann Georg Busch 1847- | Leo Busch 1917-1999

4: Herman & Eustina (Stoll) Elskamp Parents of Julia (Elskamp) Mink | Julia (Elskamp) Mink

5: (John) Henry Mink 1865-1936 Henry (Donald Mink's Grandfather) spent practically his entire life in Grant County. In his early manhood he was a school teacher and then a farmer. In 1913 he was appointed Grant County Highway Commissioner - a position he filled until he died.

6: Ted (Adam) and Julia (Elskamp) Mink | Julia Mink Family (l to r) Leland (Gus), Julia holding Donald, Virgil, Helen and Lulu Mae (brothers Claude , Keith, and Herb were born later)

7: Donald Walter Mink was born in Burton, Wis. on July 14, 1924. When Don was 13, his father left the family. Julia and the children moved to a farm near Lancaster. Don did the farm work.

8: When the Mink family moved to town, Don got a job driving a milk truck and was a pin-setter at the bowling alley. | Keith, Herbert, Claude & Don Mink

9: Don enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943 - the 27th Division. He was on Choiseul Island, Bougainville, Vella Lavella, Guadalcanal and his unit was the first to wade ashore on Iowa Jima. His mother was notified that he was missing in action and it was 10 months later, before she heard from him. He was discharged in 1946.

10: Uriah & Martha Hudson Hinch Parents of Iva Hinch Meyers Maternal Grandparents of Mary Meyers Mink

11: Historical Points of Interest ~Iva Hinch's family history record begins with Francis Bushnell. He was born in 1576 in Horsham, Sussex Co, England. He sailed to America in 1639. ~Abraham Bushnell, was born December 27, 1744, at Saybrook, Connecticut. He married Molly Ensign, daughter of Captain John & Mary Ensign. Captain John Ensign served in Col. Moseley's Company of Connecticut Militia, Revolutionary War. This is what qualifies the family for D.A.R. membership (Daughters of the American Revolution). Iva and Mary were active members of this organization. ~Henry Clinton Bushnell married Adeline Scholl in 1827, Their first child, Dotha Jane, was the first white child born in Grant County, Wisconsin. Henry built a log cabin in Bushnell Hollow, northwest of Lancaster. Indians were numerous but not hostile. They often came during Henry's absence to try to steal something from Adeline. Daniel Boone was related to Adeline's grandfather, William. ~ Uriah Hinch was the second child of Mary Helen Bushnell and Lionel Brown Hinch. When he was a little boy he had a pair of red boots. He was so fond of them that he took them to bed with him and earned the nickname "Boots, which changed to "Bood". ~Martha Hudson , Uriah's wife, was born December 31, 1862 in Beetown Township to Hiram Hudson and Catherine Stark. Hiram served in the Civil War. Six years after "Bood" and Martha were married they moved to Bloomington where he hauled freight. He was Street Commissioner for several years and Town Marshal. There was a building called the "Calaboose" where he put disorderly fellows overnight. In the Spring of 1907 Uriah's family moved to South Dakota. Iva recalls that they had no electricity or refrigeration, no bakers or supermarkets. They had neighborhood parties and dances in their homes with party games and always some music.. ~ Iva was the 6th child of Uriah and Martha Hinch. She attended the Old Rock School in Bloomington. As a Senior, Iva won the Gold Medal in the State High School Oratorical contest. Her first teaching job in South Dakota paid her $45 a year. They moved to North Dakota in 1916 where she taught school and met and married Henry Meyers.

12: Iva Hinch, 2nd from left, 1909 Girls' Basketball in Bloomington, Wis. | Iva Hinch | Iva's North Dakota School - 1916

13: Iva's move to teach in Underwood, North Dakota was the most important move in her life as she met Henry Meyers. They were married on Dec. 18, 1918. They farmed until seven years of crop failures and the depression influenced them to move to Beetown, Wisconsin in 1937. They purchased the Beetown Grocery store. | Beetown Store | Henry and Iva 1917

14: Mary Lois Meyers was born on May 23, 1930 in Underwood, ND at the hospital. She was a healthy little 9 pound girl. | Mary with brothers Harold and Charles | Family faces are magical mirrors looking at people who belong to us. We see the past, present and future.

15: Harold,Charles and Mary Meyers

16: Meyers Store in Patch Grove, Wis. Purchased in 1947 | Henry & Iva lived upstairs. | M A R Y

17: When Mary started high school there was no one for her to ride with so she worked for her room and board with a private family in Lancaster. In her third year she worked for a dentist after school and on Saturdays. In her senior year she worked for the State Highway Dept. as payroll clerk. She worked at this job full time after graduation until she was married. In the summers of high school she detasseled corn. During her senior year, the crowd went to the Rockville Dance Hall on Friday nights, listening and dancing to live bands.

18: Mary Lois Meyers... | ...with the car she learned to drive. | ... played clarinet in the high school band.

19: Mary Lois Meyers

20: Mary attended Lancaster High School and got good grades. When she graduated in 1947 she received top awards for typing and shorthand.

21: After school events, friends often gathered at Whitman's Cafe on the Lancaster Square. It was there, in November 1946 that Mary met a handsome Marine. Mary said that Don never learned to dance but they went bowling and to the movies.

22: Don Mink and Mary Meyers were married on July 26, 1947 at 2:00 p.m.. at the Lancaster Methodist Church.

23: Don and Mary moved to Kenosha, Wis. Don worked at American Motors, did handyman work for others and was also a full-time manager at a Shell Service Station. Mary worked part time in a ladies clothing store and raised a family. Early in 1953 they got a T.V. They also got something special that year..... Nov. 20, 1953 Cynthia Jean was born. "She was a perfect baby and so good."

24: Cindy's Birthday Parties 1961 & 1962 | Dressed up for church 1962 | All Smiles....even in the cold!

25: Cynthia Jean Mink... Through the Years...... | Cindy had the nickname, "Brown Eyes". She took piano lessons and was in 4-H where she took cooking, sewing and knitting (Her mother was a leader.) In high school she was active in band, playing clarinet, and in choir, often accompanying the group on piano. She was the co-editor of their high school newspaper, The Wingspread. After graduating in 1971 she went to college at UW-Platteville to major in music.

26: Don, Mary and family moved to Patch Grove in 1956 so Don could work with Henry in the hardware store, They purchased a home that had been empty for four years and started a life-time of remodeling, doing all the work themselves. Don worked and went to school and became a Master Plumber in 1964. He then started his own successful business, "Don Mink Plumbing & Heating". Mary was the business bookkeeper. They eventually bought more land, built more sheds and used a large area of land in the back for gardens, an orchard and a special playground. Don wanted the children in town to have a place to play. Mary preserved much of the garden produce and was a great cook!! A family favorite was her cinnamon knot rolls! For Christmas, 1963, we got a Pekingese puppy we called Candy. She was a fun addition to our family! In his later years, Don spent his winters doing woodworking and made family gifts such as quilt racks, t.v. trays (of his own sturdy design), marble game boards, bowls, coffee tables, and doll cradles (Mary made the bedding). Don and Mary were both very active in the school and community. They were 4-H leaders, members of the Oddfellow and Rebekah Lodge in Bloomington and belonged to the Patch Grove Methodist Church. Don was also the mayor of Patch Grove for several years. We enjoyed family gatherings, playing games, especially a card game called Liverpool, and going on picnics. | Jeff, Cindy, Kim & Jim in their pj's

27: The Mink Playground Don added something new to the playground every year. There was a big open space for playing baseball, football, volleyball....all lit by 4 high line poles so it could be used at night. Besides the old school slide Don installed swings, a circle cycle, a climbing pole with a bell to ring at the top, a rope swing & a basketball court that he flooded for ice skating. Don built a furnished playhouse with electricity, above the sandbox. Don & Mary had a supply of skates as well as outside toys in a shed for all the children in town to use and enjoy. He loved watching them play.

28: Frank Kieler, one of the pioneer residents of Kieler, was born on June 18, 1840, in Germany to Johannes and Katharina Hupe Kieler. Johannes was a stone mason in Germany. Frank acquired his education in the old country. He came to this country with his parents in 1855, and the Kieler family settled in Jamestown Township, Grant County, Wisconsin. The family bought land and made a home near what is now known as Kieler, named after the family. They are all buried in the Immaculate Conception Church cemetery at Kieler. George Kieler is 5th from the right. Lawrence Kieler, (Celesta's father) is 3rd from the right. Grandma Kieler is 3rd from the left. | Kieler Home in Kieler, Wis. - 1897

29: The Edward & Catherine Kunkel Family (Elizabeth Mary is the tall one in the center.) | Lawrence Kieler | Elizabeth Mary (Kunkel) Kieler | Margareth & Frank Kieler (Celesta's Grandparents) Girls l to r: Dorothy, Louisa, Anna, Mathilda and Grandma Margareth Boys l to r: Arthur, Grandpa Frank, Charles, Lawrence (Celesta's Father) and Edward

30: Celestine Dorothy Kieler | Celesta and her Sister Em | This was taken at home - the dog was smart enough that he always had to get in the picture. Celesta's mom made the dress. There is a crab apple tree and through the gate is the garden. | This is a blue dress with a flared skirt and a blue hat. 1934

31: Celesta and her brother, Johnny went to Dubuque. For fun they had their pictures taken. The hat was red. She wore her fur coat and the scarf is satin. 1935 | This was taken on the sidewalk from the driveway to the Kieler house. Celesta was about 16. Her Sunday dress is voile. | Age 20

32: Louisa and Karl Hinderman family: (Back) Barbara (Busch), Anna (Helbing), Regina (Weber), Margaret (Busch), Joe Hinderman, Kate, Elizabeth (Weber) (Front) Louisa (Wagner) Hinderman , Ben Hinderman, Karl Hinderman, Henry Hinderman | Barbara and Anton Busch | Barbara (Hinderman) Busch

33: Leo Busch on his Solemn Communion | Back: Vince, Agnes, John, Alinda, Clarence, Leo & Joe Front: Helene, Anton, Barbara & Arnie | Their Children: Back: Leo, Alinda, John & Clarence Front: Vincent & Agnes

34: Leo & Celesta (Kieler) Busch May 25, 1939 | Celesta and her mother

36: Leo & Celesta dressed up as Martha & George Washington for a Halloween costume party in Shullsburg where the Art Busch Orchestra played. The band members were the judges and chose George and Martha as the best costumes! They were surprised to find out who it was. | Leo and Celesta went on picnics with friends at Wyalusing Park. She made the chicken, potatoes, gravy....and they would dress up to go. | Celesta met Leo at a shooting match. She said he never asked a straight question or got right to the point. He asked her to marry him by saying, "Are you planning on becoming my wife?" | Leo and Celesta lived south of Cuba City and farmed. Leo also played saxophone in the Jack Busch Orchestra. When Leo was a young man he had his own bicycle repair business. He also had jobs as an appliance repair man, an auto repair man, an electrician, a carpenter and was a rural letter carrier. | Donald, Leo, Celesta holding Larry, and Arthur

37: Jack Busch Orchestra Front: Jack, Leo & Joe Busch Back: Frankie Brandt, Arnie Busch & Bob Busch | When they were growing up Donald, Arthur, Larry and Marty had a band they called the Four Sons. When they played a job they would play a 15 minute set and then move, taking turns playing drums and piano. Over time they added a rhythm section and called it Four Sons Plus Three. Pictured here are (front): Arthur, Larry, Marty and Donald Busch. (back) Stan Schroeder, Rick Cummins, and cousin Mark Busch. | The Four Sons Plus Three Front: Arthur, Larry, Marty, & Donald Back: Stan Schroeder, Rick Cummins and cousin Mark Busch

38: Lawrence John Busch | Sitting on Leo's lap before he leaves for a dance job | A new tricycle for Christmas from Godparents Johnny & Edna Busch

39: Larry loves the piano at an early age. | Larry holding Marty | Larry was miniature king at Betty Mae's high school prom. | Larry takes care of the baby doll. Betty Mae dressed him up

40: Larry grows up! | When Larry was 19 he was hired to play with Guy Lombardo. and the Royal Canadians. This was just the start of his musical career. | In school Larry was active in band, FFA & track. When Larry was a Junior at Cuba City High School, he was selected to play trumpet in the Kids From Wisconsin.

41: First Communion | Larry watches their first t.v. with Arthur and Marty | High School Graduation 1970

42: Cindy & Larry met at UW-Platteville in 1972 where they both played in the Wind Ensemble. Their first date was to see Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass. They were married in a candlelight ceremony on Monday, July 23, 1973 at 7:00 p.m. at St. Rose Church in Cuba City, Wis. Cindy wore her Grandma Meyers' brooch that she wore at her wedding in 1918. The wedding was rescheduled from May due to a bad car accident they were in on Easter Sunday, 1973. Larry was still on crutches at the wedding.

44: Our First Home in Rural Belmont | Our trip to Florida 1974 | B.C. - Our Life Before Children.....

45: A.C. - Our wonderful life After Children & Grandchildren To Be Continued......

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