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Family History

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S: Teagan Bari's Scrapbook Project, Mrs. Smith

FC: ~American Home Front~ "Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind"

1: The Year is 1916, I am a retired nurse for World War 1. My husband is still in the War at this time. I have two baby boys,, and I am currently living in New York

2: My husbands picture from 1916 on modern weapons. Some weapons are poison gases such as phosgene and mustard gas. | As a retired nurse I had to deal with many patients that suffered from Shell Shock Trauma which is psychological trauma to the nerves, | The type of warfare my husband had to deal with in World War 1 was "Trench Warfare." This was designed so soldiers could doge enemy fire.

3: My dearest love, These last couple of weeks have been very hard on me. There are new weapons being created that make me more scared then I have ever been before. There are poison gases that will kill you from the inside out! Luckily we have started making these huge trenches in the ground which make it very easy to hid from enemy fire, but are not clean at all and tend to make the soldiers sick. I have been very worried about some of my men lately. They are not acting them selfs, they seem to be loosing their minds. Some even have Shell Shock which from my understanding is damage to your nerves. | I am very worried for the soldiers with Shell Shock Trauma, and wish you where here to make them better. Give our two boys a kiss for me, and make sure to tell them ill be home soon! I love you and please be safe, I think about you everyday! Your Loving Husband, Richard Lee Smith

4: . | "I think there can be no question that women should have equal rights with men" -Teddy Roosevelt | This is where the women go to eat lunch! Not only does the women have to take on home responsibility but also work long hours in factories. | This is where I work now that I am a retired nurse. Because the men are gone, the women had to take over there jobs in the factory. | As a result from all the hard work women did at home, I am proud to say we were granted Womens Rights.

5: "Both races need to understand that their rights and duties are mutual and equal and their interests in the common good are idential" -Isabel Wilkerson | In may 1917, I got a letter from my husband saying the army decided that it was best if regiments were segregated by color. Some African Americans were trained to be officers for black soldiers. This was done to stop any uprisings. | As a result from many blacks joining the army and finally getting rights, large number of African Americans moved north from south, this is called The Great Migration. | Selective Service Act, requiring all male citizens between the ages of 21 and 31 to register for the draft. African American were excited to join to earn respect of America.

6: As a retired nurse I had to deal with the 1918 Flu Epidemic. The influenza killed 60 million people, which is more people then the war killed. The best doctors at the hospital I worked at could not figure out how to stop this spreading, killing machine.

7: I would walk down the street and see many ways the U.S used propaganda as a way to gain support for the war. The government would put signs around every corner to help show anyone passing how important it was to help out in the war. | Some ways the propaganda helped out was by urging people to buy liberty bonds, make products to send to war, and even urging people to join the war. Propaganda was a huge influence on funding the war and helped out in many ways! "See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." George W. Bush - 43rd US President

8: To help fund the war, the country tried their best to help out anyway they can. Liberty bonds was one way I helped out by letting the government borrow money from me and pay me back once the war was over. There were other ways to help fund the army. Some ways were the food administration, Getting businesses to make a lot of a certain product to send to the troops, and also people, like myself, who wanted to help in there own way would send homemade products to the troops in the army! | Once I retired as a nurse , I began working in a factory in New York. The government asked the factories to make a certain product for the war in large amounts. This was difficult to take on because we still had to meat our normal standers.

9: Since I am a huge supporter of the war, I help out any way I can! There are Meatless Mondays and Wheatless Wednesday, Were someone can choice not to eat due to helping conserve food for the army. The food administration was a law that helped support the troops and allies so U.S could fund and feed troops in war. During the war I would walk around town and see posters that showed the countries hate for Germany. These anti-German feelings were very strong for people who had love-ones in the war. It was a hard time for many people and I feel this helped people cope with what was going on in the world! One thing they did was change food names, and stop specking German in schools.

10: One major aspect that was affected during war was Freedom of Speech in the United States. | Many Innocent friends of mine have been convicted by this law based off of untrue or racial evidence. | The Sedition Act of 1918 was to stop anyone from specking about the United States in a negative way, that could hurt someone else.

11: I personally understand why the United States passes this law. The law was passed to stop anyone getting hurt from careless talking. But I do not agree with how they enforced this law, and how they justified the law. This was only one of our rights affected by war

14: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories.

16: Mother | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

17: Father | Grandfather | Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandmother | Great Grandfather | Great Grandfather

19: Great Grandparents | Parents | Grandparents

21: Our Ancestors

22: Parents | Grandparents | Great Grandparents

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