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Family History

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FC: Life During WW1 | "Hard times for everyone"

1: A presentation brought to you by Nathan Kintz and Baylen Dyrlund. We am writing as a 20 year old male that has not had his lottery number picked yet.

2: Dear | James, Life over here is very rough, but we are in much better shape than the allies and the enemies. I think that we may have tipped the tables in our favor because we are much healthier and in better shape. The men over here look like they only eat a piece of bread each day. The new war technology is pretty amazing though. There are there things called tanks and the guns are amazing. You can just mow people over with these and the positions gas is the real killer. Man...the nurses, they are just so smashing. I just met this one named Lisa and she is so fine. After the war we are gonna go back home and get married. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone but i promise you, you'll be the best man at my wedding. I don't know though man. These guys over here are whacked and i think it from this war. I'm

3: really starting to feel the effects too. How did you get so lucky that your number wasn't called? I know life might be bad back there but i promise you it's worse here. These guys are dying left and right from disease while others are getting killed. Today I even saw a plane flying over. I think it was a spy plane for the enemy, but to their surprise we are destroying on the ground. Well man i got to go. Write me back man. Your Best Friend, John

4: This was one of the young men i talked to when they came into town. If i can remember right his name was... Luke.

5: Today I was sitting in the barber shop getting my haircut and I just saw a bunch of African Americans walking up the road. They were in huge groups just wondering around. i walked outside to see what they were doing exactly, they said they had received a letter containing free train tickets if they agreed to work. This was later called the Great Migration.

6: I started to notice that as the more soldiers were leaving, the more women workers there were in our factory. Most of the work though at the factory was "Man's Work". It was strange seeing more and more women in there working like the men did at one time. The women were starting to step up because society needed more workers. I can remember one time a few years ago when women weren't allowed to get jobs and now owners need their work. It's just all so new to me. Between 1914 and 1918, I heard that about 2 million women replaced men in employment. Later, as a result, the 19th Amendment was passed letting women having the right to vote.

7: Ads like this were seen very often in newspapers and in the windows of shops. This one was in the Boston Journal.

8: In 1918 the flu epidemic broke out throughout the world. my family thought that it was just the troops that were getting sick. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, the influenza flu was seen in the U.S. The symptoms of the flu were headache, fever, coughing up blood, fluid in the lungs.

9: Soon there was no room for any more people in our local hospitals so they put tents and cots outside. There was a shortage of nurses and doctors in our town because they were all helping the troops all around the world. There was millions of people dying... they actually ran out of coffins.

10: This is a poster that i found floating through the wind. It had a big impact on a lot of people. My uncle said that this poster was one of the reasons he went to fight.

11: The first time I saw this I didn't know what this was but then I asked my dad and he told me. After that I felt like I was obligated to buy some to help out our troops. They say after the war is over I will get my money back with some interest added on. It really rallied people to buy these and help support the war.

12: It seems as the war goes on the government is starting to disregard people's civil rights, mainly our freedom of speech. Just the other day a screenwriter was arrested for making a movie portraying the English as monsters. The government thought that if got out we could loose our biggest ally. It seemed as they were almost taking our freedom of speech away from the American People.

13: I'm not the only one noticing these changes. The other day in the newspaper there were three more headlined storied about people getting arrested for things that they usually wouldn't get arrested for. Like the case Schenk vs US. He was just sending out leaflets telling draftees not to participate or go through with the draft.

14: The United States spent about $35 billion on the war efforts. The way the Americans are raising the money is by collecting taxes. The government raised more money by commercializing to the public. They are selling "Liberty Loans" and "Victory Loans."

16: We respected our troops very much so we make personal scarifies to make their lives better. | During WW1 we had to make personal sacrifices to help conserve resources. About two times a week we would have heat-less nights. People would sleep with no heat to help save natural resources. We had to sleep with more blankets like on the left.

17: Yesterday we had our first meatless Monday. Instead of eating meat we ate fish, corn, baked potatoes and fruit for dessert. There was posters like this everywhere telling people not to eat as much meat. I think it is really helping out our troops over seas.

18: When the war first started I tended to see more women in the factories doing men's work. Since there wasn't many men around to be doing the dirty work women had too. Of course since women were the ones that were working they didn't get paid as much as the men would. People thought that it was a nice change for them to step up while the women were away. In a result, Women's suffrage was granted. THEY WERE ALLOWED TO VOTE, ONCE & FOR ALL.

19: War production was very fast during world war one. The women were doing a great job!

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