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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: The Orbeck-Simonson Family History

BC: A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. | Marcus Garvey

FC: "Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future." Gail Lumet Buckley

1: This book was lovingly compiled for the three of you so you may reflect on your diverse and rich family history that helped make you who you are. | Evan | Jordan | Johannah

3: Evan Garrett Orbeck Birthdate: August 9th, 1993 Time: 12:55 am Location of Birth: Unity Hospital Fridley, Minnesota Weight at Birth: 6lbs 14 oz Length at Birth: 20.5 " Doctor who delivered: J. Lynn Price MD Name chosen using his father's initials. He also happens to be from a long paternal lineage of men who are named with a form of the name John. Garrett was taken from a tobacco product called Levi Garrett. Evan : young warrior - Welsh Garrett: with a mighty spear- Germanic | "You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your own eyes." Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

4: "There's something like a line of gold thread running through a man's words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself." | John Gregory Brown

5: Jordan Rayna Orbeck Birthdate: June 5th, 1996 Location of Birth: Mille Lacs Hospital Onamia, Minnesota Weight at birth: 8 lb 9 oz Time of birth: 6:14 am Length at birth: 20.5 " Doctor who delivered: Patti Hook MD First name chosen by father after a character he liked in the movie "Cocktail". Middle name chosen by mother after the baby in the children's book "Rain Babies". We decided to use Mom's initials this time. Jordan : Descending- Hebrew Rayna: Young Fawn- Scandinavian

7: The Life of Johannah Rylee | Johannah Rylee Orbeck Birth date: May 13th, 1999 Birth place: Cuyuna Regional Medical Center Crosby, MN Time of birth: 3:28 am Weight at birth: 8 lbs 5 oz Length at birth: 23 " Delivered by: Monica Goodwin, MD Name chosen by Mom because Dad chose older siblings first names. Mom liked Johannah because it fit with the initial scheme and she loved the nick name "Hannah". Rylee was chosen because it was Celtic and both parents have some ancient Celtic roots. Johannah: God is Gracious -Hebrew Rylee: Valiant- Celtic | "Daughters. They were sometimes as familiar and intimate as honeysuckles in bloom, but mostly daughters were mysteries. They lived in rooms you had long since abandoned and could not, did not, ever want to re enter." | Benjamin Alire Saenz

8: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | Your Mother's Family Tree | Teddy | Julie | Bunny | Viola | Amanda | Arthur | Hanna | Anna | Fred | David | Fred | Anna | Lenae | Lewis | Axel

9: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Julie Renee Simonson BD: July 3rd, 1966 Aitkin, Minnesota

10: Eugene Gerald Orbeck BD: October 3rd, 1964 Minneapolis, MN

11: Great Grandparents | Grandparents | Parents | Your Father's Family Tree | Gene | Patsy | Muriel | Joe | Pauline | Vincent | Eugene | Anita | John | Johanna | Peter | Edna | Elizabeth | John | William

12: Viana wed: Chris Kent Pederson on June 20th, 1981 in Browerville, MN | Viana | Shawn Chris Pederson BD: 12-24-1981 | Gina Lynn Pederson BD: 05-27-1983 | Their Children:

13: Your Mother's eldest sister : Viana Marie Simonson - Pederson BD: 05-05-1960 and her family. | Adam Kent Pederson BD: 03-24-1986 | Wade Andrew Pederson BD: 02-15-1989

14: Your Mother's eldest brother : Brian Theodore Simonson BD: 09-26-1962 and his family | Brian wed: Laurie Jean Joneson 03-23-1996 Malmo, MN | Brian

15: Their Children | Joseph Theodore Simonson BD: 10-22-2002 | Zachary Samuel Simonson BD: 08-07-1998 | Edmund Axel Simonson BD: 12-26-1996

16: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Amy wed: Brian Francis Trelstad August 3rd, 1991 Moundsview, MN | Amy

17: Your Mother's older sister Amy Jean Simonson-Trelstad BD: 01-18-1965 and her family. | Gabrielle Anne Trelstad BD: 08-04-1996 | Nicholas Levi Trelstad BD: 05-27-1999 | Their Children:

18: Your Mother's younger brother : Ross Owen Simonson and his family. BD: 01-23-1970 Ross wed: LaraNicole Schram December 17th, 1994 in River Falls, WI their children include: Jaydon Samuel BD: 07-09-1998 Abigail Grace BD: 06-08-2000 Andrew Edward BD: 02-23-2005 | Jaydon | Abby | Drew

20: Your Mother's youngest brother Cordell Ray Simonson BD: October 11th, 1972 and his family. | Cory wed: Kaye Lynn Danielson March 27th, 1999 Malmo, Minnesota

21: Their son: Broderick Daniel Simonson BD: 07-17-1999 | Cory

22: Your Father's younger brother David Darold Anderson BD: 05-23-1969 and his Family.

23: Dave wed: Linnea Patrick September 10th, 2011 Ramsey,Minnesota | Dave

24: Joey | Their son Joshua Morris Anderson BD: 07-04-2012

25: Your Father's youngest brother Joseph John Anderson BD: 08-23-1979 and his Family. | Joe wed : Jodi Lynn Rosencranz 08-06-2011 Stillwater, MN

26: Your Father's Younger sister: Susanne Bertha Orbeck BD: 10-14-1974 and her Family | They were wed December 14th, 2013.

27: Susanne and her husband Will LaPointe have one child together: Tori Ann LaPointe she was born 09-10-2004. | Tori

28: Jill wed: Joseph Morey September 5th, 1998 in Hayward, WI | Your Father's Youngest Sister: Jill Marie Orbeck BD: 05-27-1976 and her Family

29: Jill and Joe have four children: Joseph Allen Morey BD: 09-30-2009 Blaze Grayson Morey BD: 08-05-2011 Bianca Marie Morey BD: 08-14-2012 Bella Capri Morey BD: 10-21-2014 | Joseph Allen | Bianca Marie

30: Julie's Childhood years spent near McGrath, MN with her 5 siblings and Parents, Ted and Bunny.

31: Gene's Childhood years spent in Columbia Heights, MN. He was raised with his brothers by his Mom and Step Dad Sam Anderson.

32: Julie & Geno | Julie & Gene met in 1986 and wed September 9th, 1989 in McGregor, MN

33: Love & marriage 2 pages

36: Bunny's Childhood | Your Maternal Grandmother grew up in Giese, MN

37: Teddy's Childhood | Your Maternal Grandfather grew up in Redtop, MN

38: Your Paternal Grandmother Patricia Marie Kuchinski, was born and raised in NE Minneapolis.

39: Your Paternal Grandfather Eugene John Orbeck was born and raised in Paynesville, MN

40: The family of your Maternal Great Grandma Viola Palmer. She was born in Winthrop, MN.

41: The family of your Maternal Great Grandfather Fred Henkel. He was born in Norfolk, Nebraska.

42: The Redetzke Family | Amanda | Amanda | Back Row L-R : Johannes August Lepolt (1875) Friedrich Wilhelm Franz (1877) Wilhelmine Maria Elisabet (1879) Herman Friedrich Wilhelm (1881) Wilhelm Friedrich Carl (1885) and Amanda Bertha Therese (1882). Front Row L-R: Charlotte Justine Emilie (Mother) seated - Friedrich Wilhelm (Father) seated and Otto Heinrich Emil (1888). | The Redetzke Family, of Prussia, our Great Grandma Amanda's family. They had a large family that relocated from Prussia to Minnesota and settled in the Winthrop area. Their mother passed away fairly young, William , the father lived to an older age. He owned a farm outside of Winthrop and was one of the first settlers of that area. First residing in a sod home. Amanda was born in Minnesota. She met and married Arthur Palmer also of Winthrop. Her parents had wished she would marry a fellow Prussian. She fell in love with a rarity in the area, an Englishmen. According to GrandmaViola Henkel, her father's family was kind and nice to visit. She had less happy memories of her Mother's family and said they were "a bunch of angry drunks". Amanda had one sister and many brothers. She had a good relationship with her sister. Amanda and Arthur raised their family in Winthrop for quite a few years and at some point they decided it was time to move away from Winthrop and the reasons for their move vary by report. | They ended up in the Giese area. Arthur had been a Train Engineer and had owned a well drilling and windmill business in Winthrop. Amanda was a talented artist and cook. She enjoyed nature and gardening. From reports of her it sounds like she was less affectionate towards her Grand kids than their Grandma Mitty. Her daughter, Irene wrote a family history. She reported her parents as hard working and generous. Another interesting fact taken from Irene's notes is that their Grandfather is listed as having changed his name legally. I'm not sure if this is just a matter of the spelling or if it was more of a change.

43: Amanda Bertha Therese Redetzke BD: 10-28-1882 Winthrop , MN D: 04-21-1972 Giese, MN | Friedrich Wm Redetzke BD: 11-02-1842 Prussia D:06-29-1926 New Ulm, MN | Charlotte Justine Emilage Habeck BD: 12-31-1849 Prussia D: 01-24-1904 Bismark, MN | Michael Redetzke BD: 1800 | Louise Bolke BD: 1804 Prussia D: 04-24-1864 | Johann Michael Friedrich Habeck BD: 1811 Prussia D: 1883 Bismark, MN | Charlotte Friedricke Kuhl BD: 1812 Prussia D: Bismark, MN | Christoph Kuhl BD: Prussia | Amanda

44: Joseph Smith Palmer BD: 01-07-1803 D: 03-1880 | Deborah Churchill BD: 04-28-1800 D: 05-22-1845 | Daniel Wm Palmer BD: 10-20-1837 Maine D: 05-19-1910 Minnesota | Emma Jane Woodward BD: 08-05-1846 Boston D: 01-13-1921 Minnesota | Samuel Lock Woodward BD: 05-05-1810 D: 03-02-1888 | Lowenza Darby BD: 07-09-1809 D: 03-06-1894 | Arthur Locke Palmer BD: 11-29-1875 D: 11-14-1967 | Joseph Palmer Jr BD: 02-14-1774 New Hamp D: 03-28-1840 Maine | Betsey Smith BD: 02-17-1773 New Hamp D: 03-12-1865 Maine | Ezra Churchill BD: 09-25-1780 Mass D: 08-13-1850 Maine | Bethia Mehurin BD: 05-25-1783 Mass D: 07-15-1864 Maine | Able Woodward BD: 04-01-1773 D: 02-26-1835 | Tabitha Beard BD: 03-02-1770 D: 08-26-1842 | Joel Darby BD: 06-19-1778 D: 01-17-1860 | Susannah Haynes BD: 01-09-1787 D: 04-10-1870 | Emma | Daniel | The Palmer family is really the branch of the family that inspired the genealogy search. There family is very well researched and has lots of interesting characters. From Civil War drummer boys to William the Conqueror. The more recent descendants who are featured here include Daniel and Emma Jane and their children. Daniel came from Maine and Emma Jane from Boston. They settled in Winthrop, MN after being wed in Minneapolis. The man on the horse was a member of our Palmer branch who served as an officer in the Union Army during the Civil War.

45: The Palmer Family | Sitting: William W.,Edwin Milton, Emma Jane (Mom), Grace Myrtle (on lap), Daniel William (Dad), Frank Alvin, Eva Agnes. Standing: Emma Louenza, Arthur Locke, Ida May, Erminnie Pearl, and Addie Maude.

46: Ferdinand & Wilhelmina | Back Row L-R :Elsie (1901) Fred Jr. (1896) Walter (1903) Max (1898) Front Row L- R: Fred Sr. (seated) Martin (1908) Mitty (seated) and Margaret (1905). | Our Henkel family made it's way to America from Germany on a ship called "Main" which landed in New York on May 7th, 1880. Ferdinand came with his inheritance from the Henckel Knife Company. His wife Wilhelmina was the daughter of a French soldier who stayed in Germany after a war between Prussia and France. He became a barrel maker and wed a German woman. | Their second son Fred was married twice and had four children before marrying our ancestor Anna. They wed and had six more children. They lived in North Dakota and eventually moved to central Minnesota, establishing the town of Giese. They lived their remaining years in Giese. Both Fred and Anna are buried in Giese, MN.

47: The Henkel Family Tree | Fredrick W Henkel BD: 02-21-1862 Germany D: 12-06-1923 Minnesota | Ferdinand Henkel BD: 04-10-1836 Germany D: 01-03-1895 Nebraska | Wilhelmina Julien BD: 08-31-1832 Prussia D: 12-01-1909 Wisconsin | Julien (French Soldier) | Fred & Anna

48: The Weiss Family Tree | Anna Frances Weiss BD: 01-22-1872 Germany D: 05-09-1972 Minnesota | Fredrich Wm Weiss BD: 05-30-1838 Germany D: 02-22-1910 Minnesota | Henrietta Maria Strilinski BD: 07-26-1838 Germany D: 05-28-1906 Minnesota | Anna | Anna & Fred | Anna | Left to Right: Arnold (1888), Fred, Herbert (1894) Anna (Mitty) and Anna (1886) | Otto (1893)

49: WEISS | Henrietta and Fred | Mitty and Grandchild | This is the family of Anna Weiss. She wed Fred Henkel after she immigrated to America from Germany. The family worked on a large farm in Germany. Fred Weiss, Anna's father, cared for horses. Anna's job on the farm was that of Goose Girl. Anna saved up her money and left Germany for America at the age of 20. After working in Wisconsin for some time the rest of her family came to America and settled near her. She met and married Fred Henkel while working near his brother's family in Wisconsin. Fred already had four children from his two previous wives who had both died. She lived to be 100 years old. .

50: The Simonson Family | Back Row L-R : Bertha Iverson, holding Bernice Iverson, Albert Iverson, holding Leslie Iverson, Anna Amundson, Alette Gabrielson, Axel Simonson, Lenae Simonson, holding Chester Simonson, Greta Brooten, holding Eldor Brooten. Front Row L- R: Hans Amundson, Irene Iverson (Girl Standing), Gilbert Brooten, holding Gordon Brooten, Roy Brooten, Ethel Simonson (Girl Standing), Louis Simonson. | Lenae Gabrielson came to America from Norway with her parents and some of her sisters when she was 13 years old. They lived in Georgeville, MN. While working in Irving, MN she met a handsome young man named Lewis Simonson. They wed January 13th, 1895. Lewis was born in Minnesota his parents were both born in Norway and first settled in Wisconsin before moving to the Kandiyohi County area in Minnesota, where Lewis was born. They resided in Madison, MN for a time and then packed up their belongings and headed by covered wagon to the Seavey Township area in Minnesota. Lenae's father had already set up a homestead in this area. Lenae , her oldest two children and her Mother traveled by train to Aitkin and then set out to meet the men folk. Travel was not easy and they were forced to leave a chest full of belongings in a swamp a long the way. In 1897 they built their first home which was of log construction. They later built a frame house in 1910 which they resided in until they died. They raised thirteen children and lost one daughter in infancy. Their oldest son Arthur died in France on October 5th, 1918 from wounds received during a battle in WWI.

52: This branch of the tree is redundant in the fact that your Great Grandfather Axel was a first cousin to your Great Grandmother Anna. Their mothers Hanna and Lenae were sisters. This was very common practice in Europe at the time and for centuries previous. However, in America it was far less common by this time. They went to Canada to wed and returned home to Minnesota to set up house. I believe the marriage was arranged. Axel was born and raised in Minnesota while Anna was in Norway. They did not meet until they were adults when she immigrated to America. There is at least one other case of this in this same family with two of the other sisters having their children marry. | Dedrick Gabrielson BD: 07-17-1838 Norway D: 01-02-1912 Aitkin Co, MN | Lenae Oltina Gabrielson BD: 03-05-1879 Melo,Rodoy, Norway D: 03-08-1971 Aitkin, MN | Hanna Lovise Nilsgaard Dedriksdatter BD: 1870 Melo,Rodoy,Norway | Sisters | Aletha Olsdatter BD: 0-22-1840 Norway D: 10-13-1923 Aitkin Co, MN | Ole Larssen Norway | Gabriel Johan Nilsen B: 1813 Norway | Anne K. Haaljersdatter B:1817 Norway | Nils Elessarsen 1785-1856 | Kiersten Kirsten Gabrielsdatter 1793-1820

53: The Gabrielsons | Lenae and her son Axel. | Hannah and her daughter Anna.

54: The David Thomasson Family | This is the family of your mother's grandmother Anna who was born on a beautiful little farm in Norway amongst the fjords. Anna was your grandfather Ted's mother. She grew up in Norway and moved to America in 1916 with her eldest sister. Her father's family came from a line of Norwegians which descended from two of the more historically notable Norwegian Families the Smor's and the Kanes. The Smor family name comes from the Norwegian word for butter which was one of the top commodities of wealth at the time. The Kane family was a medieval noble family that descended from Vikings and Norse Kings. | Anna's family : Enoch, Silas, Mother Hanna Lovise and Father David Tobias Angell, Hannah, Lydia Bertine. Not included in the photo is sister Marta Terese. Mother Hanna is pregnant with Anna's youngest sibling David.

55: David T A Tomassen BD: 10-12-1860 Norway | Tommas Olsen BD: 08-23-1860 | Beret Guttormsdatter BD: 05-08-1829 | Guttorm Sivertsen BD: 1794 | Abelone Nielsdatter BD: 1805 | Ole Pedersen BD: 1793 | Ana Davidsdatter BD: 02-14-1794 D: 07-10-1868 | Peder Larsen BD: 1766 D: 1813 | Ane Christina Olsdatter BD: 1766 | David Christain Olsen BD: 09-25-1767 D: 12-23-1803 | Maren Jonsdatter BD: 12-09-1766 | Sivert Erlandson BD: 1746 | Guru Guttormsdatter BD: 1761 | This is a photo of Anna (standing) and her sister Rika (seated) Rika's husband is sitting next to her, John E. Oien. It's a wedding photo for Rika and John.

56: A SIMONSON Family History | We actually do not know all that much about the Simonson branch of the family. We know where the name sake that started the name "Simonson" in America for us came from. Ingebridt Simonson the son of an unknown Simon in Norway came to America and established us as Simonsons. Ingebridt and Britha are found in Kandiyohi County in Minnesota, possibly as early as the 1850s. They both list Norway as their birth place and we don't know much more about them. Neither have been found in a photograph. They had many children and sadly it seems only about half made it to adulthood. It is not entirely clear studying the censuses how things exactly played out. They had three daughters named Anna, the first two dying. Two sons named Simon the first dying. Two daughters named Bertina, the first dying. Not only were infant children among the lost. Their sons, Albert and Andrew both died as teenagers. Anna # 3, Simon #2, Bertina #2 as well as John, Sivert and Lewis reached adulthood. Which we, who are here today, are very thankful. | Seated(L-R): sister Anna, sister Bertina. Standing (L-R): brother Simon and Lewis.

57: Lewis Tobias Simonson BD: 04-23-1873 Atwater, MN D: 07-20-1958 Opstead, MN | Ingebridt Simonson BD: 12-06-1826 Bindingbo, Norway D: 01-13-1908 Kandiyohi Co., MN | Britha Johannesdatter BD: 08-30-1829 Bergo, Norway D: 06-16-1905 Kandiyohi Co., MN | Johannes Nielsen BD: 1800 Norway D: 1896 Norway | Anna Andersdatter BD: 1791 Norway D: 1840 Norway | Lewis

58: The Besse-Knisely Family | Muriel | The Besse Family is Muriel Kuchinski's Mom's family. They were mostly Scottish-English immigrants who arrived in America very early on. Revolutionary War patriots are among them. They have some noble blood going back to Scottish royalty. Muriel was raised by her maternal grandmother. She was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Her Mom was from Glenco, MN. Most of her relatives lived in New England and then gradually made their way further Westward.

59: The Kuchinski Family | Your Dad's Great Aunt Vonnie and her husband held the world record for Marathon Dance. For 22 weeks 3 1/2 days in 1933. The prize was $1000 equaling 26.5 cents per hour. | This is one of your paternal Great Grandfather's families. They take pride in their Polish heritage but for the record they seem to have mostly arrived from Germany.

60: Edna Mabel Besse BD: 07-13-1895 MN D: 09-09-1953 WY | Franklin Thomas Besse BD: 10-26-1856 Mass D: 06-02-1908 MN | Mary Jennifer Bowyer BD: 09-1871 | Benjamin Franklin Besse BD: 11-20-1817 Mass D: 03-16-1878 Mass | Louisa G. Morey BD: 1821 Mass D: 02-06-1894 Rhode Island | George W. Bowyer BD: 10-21-1848 Ohio D: 11-05-1924 MN | Ella M. Tickner BD: 02-1851 Illinois D: 06-12-1921 MN | Edward Ezra Tickner BD: 06-22-1820 NY D: 01-31-1870 MN | Rebecca Huntley BD: 09-1815 NY D: 06-19-1890 MN | Levi Bowyer BD: OHIO | Mary Huff BD: OHIO | Edward Besse BD: 04-21-1794 Mass | Hannah Gibbs BD: 02-23-1800 Mass D: 10-01-1853 Mass | Asa Morey BD: 02-07-1796 Mass D: 02-07-1868 Mass | Clarissa Eldridge BD: 09-11-1799 Mass D: 05-27-1891 | Edna | Edna is a bit of a mystery in our tree. She has a very full tree and there is a lot of info on her "roots" available. Her family is of English and Scottish descent with some royalty way back. She was born in Glenco, MN and when she was 20 she had a daughter, Muriel Patricia, out of wed lock. She left her daughter with her parents and wed a man named Harry Knisely. He did not want to raise Muriel. They moved to Nebraska and later South Dakota. They had more children and nothing to do with Muriel. Since then Muriel's brother Bill and his family have been in contact with our family.

61: Due to the fact that Edna chose to sever ties with Muriel we do not know much about her. The most frustrating fact is that she never identified Muriel's father. So there is an entire branch of our tree unable to be traced. What we do know came from the family of Bill Knisely and what his children remember of her. She was a good seamstress and both her and Harry were very harsh and stern with their children. Bill ran away from home at a young age. She also had many babies which were too large and were unable to be delivered alive. It was also rumored that she had some Sioux Indian heritage. | Mr. and Mrs. Harry Knisely

62: Mystery Solved....

63: William Merl Irons BD: 01-31-1890 D: 03-18-1966 | and the DNA says... | YES!!! | Edna G. Reedal B:01-22-1867 Ill D:10-26-1949 WI | William Palmer Irons B:12-04-1866 WI D: 11-17-1937 WI | Noah Porter Irons B:1840 Michigan D: 12-17-1915 WI | Naomi Sines B:1843 Indiana D: 03-15-1889 WI | John Sines B:05-15-1814 VA D: 02-18-1881 WI | Jane Hartman B:1813 PA D: 04-16-1867 WI | William Reedal B:01-20-1837 Ill D: 06-12-1892 WI | Henry Reedal B:05-21-1788 England D: 09-22-1863 WI | Ruth Blanchard Hastie B:04-03-1845 Vermont D: 01-07-1921WI | Sarah Calvert Janus B:11-23-1807 England | Archibald Hastie B: 10-13-1817 Scotland D: 01-02-1893 WI | Elizebeth Jane Gilfillan B: 02-22-1822 Vermont D:10-05-1903 WI | Nathan Palmer Irons B:10-21-1801New York D: | Abalina Williams B: 1809 New York D: 1852 Michigan | After many years of William's identity being a mystery a birth certificate was dug up that listed him. The DNA test for Eugene confirmed a relationship. | William married Esther Mae Gow and had two daughters. This is a photo of Ruth Marie born in 1924. Her younger sister Edna Mae was born in 1926.

64: Marianna | Joseph | The Skiba Family is your Grandma Patsy's paternal Grandma Pauline's family. The man pictured above is Joseph Skiba of Western Prussia. He and his three brothers were hired by the German Army to fight in a war against Austria. He then used the money to buy passage to Canada. He brought with him a wife, Marianna Tima. They had a son and a daughter. Shortly after arriving in Canada his wife died of typhoid fever. Leaving him with Stanislaus and Frances. | He then wed Dorothea Retz. She was born in Canada. They had four children; John, Anthony, Thomas and Susan. They moved to the Minneapolis area from Canada. Joseph purchased 10 acres of "wild land" in Moundsview Township. He made a living by fishing in Rice Creek and selling the fish in the St.Paul Market. Dorothea passed away. He then wed sixteen year old Maryanna Kukla of the Cmiel Family. She was born in Poland. They had thirteen children. Agnes, Josephine, Anna, Sophia, Frank, Alec, Paulina, Clement, Albert, Martin, Raymond, Lucy and Leo. He did well enough to purchase 40 more acres of land. | This is a photo of six of Joseph's eight daughters. The daughter standing in the center back is Paulina.

65: The Skiba Family Tree | Pauline Skiba BD: 06-13-1889 MN D: 06-10-1969 MN | Joseph Skiba BD: 07-04-1837 Germany D: 07-26-1904 MN | Marianna Kukla BD: 01-10-1861 Prussia D: 07-16-1939 Foley,MN | Thomas Skiba BD: 12-03-1809 Germany D: 04-20-1846 Germany | Constancia Polaszk BD: 1817 Poland D: 06-16-1901 | Martin Skiba BD: 1763 Germany D: 03-03-1843 Germany | Susanna Bednarski BD: 1779 D: 10-18-1817 Germany | Michael Polaszk BD: 1774 Germany D: 08-20-1843 Germany | Marianna Skorzenka BD: 1780 Germany | Jan Kukla BD: 05-19-1836 D: Poland | Magdalena Jedrzejczyk BD: 07-09-1836 Poland D: 07-28-1924 MN | Martin Kukla BD: 1794 Poland D: 11-16-1818 | Marianna Ksiazek BD:1803 | Walenty Jedrzejczyk BD: 1801 D: 02-26-1841 | Regina Czapla BD: 1801 D: 09-06-1863 Poland | Magdalena | Marianna | Pauline

66: Vincent P. Kuchinski BD: 1883 Minnesota | Jacob Kuchinski BD: Germany D: 1905 St.Paul, MN | Salomea Dukiewicz BD: 1844 Prussia D: 03-29-1921 St Paul, MN | The Kuchinski Tree | K

67: What we know about the Kuchinski Family... Jacob and Salomea Kuczynski immigrated from Poland to St Paul, MN and resided in an area known as Swede Hollow near the Mississippi bluffs area. They soon moved to the Moundsview area to a farm. Jacob had three sisters in America when they arrived here. Antionette Wirth had eight children and lived in St.Paul, the second sister was a Mrs. Husnik and they lived in the area that became Lino Lakes, MN. His third sister was Mrs. Kwiatkowski and her family settled near Buffalo, NY where they owned a slaughter house. Salomea's maiden name was Dukiewicz. She had no family as they were wiped out by a cholera epidemic in Poland. | Their family consisted of Mary, Frank, Ignatius, Michael, Vincent (known as Bill) and Adelbert (known as George). They had several other children who died in infancy. Their farm prospered and they were able to donate land for a school to be built. Each son had their own farm.Frank wed Christie Poshek and farmed the west part of the property. Mike wed Josephine Skiba, their farm was to the North. Bill wed Pauline Skiba, his farm was the SE corner. George wed Lucielle Bona they farmed further to the North. Grandson George Schutta (Mary's son) inherited the home place. Grandma Kuczynski only spoke Polish, she was short and had a bun of silver hair. She died from a stroke. She is buried at St. Johns Cemetery. Her husband is buried in Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul. The Kuchinski (Kuczynski) family was among the early pioneer settlers in the area that became New Brighton, Minnesota. | Vincent Kuchinksi 1st Communion

68: Stearns/ | The Sterns | The Sterns Family is the family of your Grandpa Gene's mother, Anita. The family came from Germany. This is an artist rendition of the ship the family came on, the "Cornelius Grinnell". | Peter Stern | Albert Stern

69: The Orbeck | This is the Orbeck Family, the family of Grandpa Gene's father. They came from Germany, although there is some question if they actually originated in Norway before residing for many years in Germany. | Back: John, Alvina, Genevieve Front: Dad, Joseph, Mom, Frances. | This is a photo from the day John and Anita Orbeck were wed. They are the couple on the right.

70: The Gysberg Family is the family of Grandpa Gene's maternal Grandmother, Johanna. She was born in Holland. Their family owned a bakery in Holland before immigrating to America. The name was originally, Gijsbers. | Johanna Ann Gysberg | Delton Oehlert, Johanna Sterns, Lorraine Sterns in 1953. | The Sterns Family in 1951

71: The Gysberg Family Tree | Johanna Ann Gysberg BD: 06-24-1888 Holland D: 05-11-1979 MN | Theodore Wilhelmus Gysberg BD: 09-1852 Holland D: 06-05-1922 MN | Maria Van Kerkhof BD: 09-13-1854 Holland D: 04-03-1924 MN | Gybertus Gysberg BD: 04-24-1801 | Van Wezel BD: 09-25-1809 | Michaeles Gijsbers | Henrica Van Maasakker | Petri Van Wezel | Theodora Goossens | Gerardus Von Kerkhof BD: 03-19-1796 | Christina Gubbels BD: 11-25-1820 | Gerardus Van Kerkhof | Catharina Van Rossum | Arnoldus Gubbels BD: 11-09-1782 | Maria Peters

72: John Peter Stern BD: 12-08-1885 MN D: 02-22-1972 MN | Albert Stern BD: 08-17-1862 D: 11-26-1952 Minnesota | Francisca Kainz BD: 02-26-1859 Hungary | Peter Stern BD: 05-29-1825 Prussia D: 04-27-1913 MN | Mary Katherine Hens BD: 03-15-1828 Germany D: 01-14-1888 | Stephan Stern BD: 02-09-1804 Germany D: 05-04-1870 Germany | Gertrude Peters BD: 12-06-1787 D: 02-12-1841 | Mathias Hens BD: 10-03-1804 Germany D: 01-18-1848 | Maria Margarethe Mand BD: 02-19-1803 Germany D: 07-26- 1835 Germany | Johann Kainz BD: 1819 Hungary | Mary Mayerhofer BD: 1826 | 1949 Anita Stern's Parents John Stern and Johanna Gysberg | Johann Kainz BD: 1791 Hungary | Johann Mayerhofer BD: 1802 Hungary | Maria Summer BD:1796 Hungary | Grandma Anita

73: The Sterns Family Tree | Johanna & John | The Sterns Family came to America from Retterath, Trier,Germany. They came to America in 1852. They settled in Stearns, County in Central Minnesota. John and Johanna had ten children. Their daughter Antoinette (Anita) fifth in birth order is whom you descend from. | There is a story on the family website about how it was not uncommon for people to make a little money on the side during prohibition. The Stern family had a little operation going on. Paul Quade was the family salesman for the (moonshine) booze. He traveled by train from Belgrade to Oaks, North Dakota. He had a suitcase filled with booze from which he gave samples, and took orders. One day he got caught and was put in jail. Annie Stern took the rap for her family and brothers who were doing the cooking. The Fine was 10 cows and a team of horses or a jail sentence of 1 year and 1 day . Ann spent the time in jail which kept the males home for the farming. It wasn't all bad for Annie. Afterwards she and Paul got married

74: Fischbach tree | Great Grandma Elizabeth Fishbach Orbeck | This is the family tree of your Grandpa Gene's paternal Grandmother, Elizabeth Fishbach. She was born at Lake Henry, MN. Her parents were born in France. Her Dad appears to have been of German ancestry and her Mother of French. Her father was born in Luxembourg. Her mother, Angelic Perot, was born in Normandy, France. Angelic's sister married a man with the last name of Gans and they settled in Canada. Elizabeth married John Orbeck. They lived in St. Martin, MN. They had a family of six children. Elizabeth was a mid-wife for many years and had to be gone for long stretches at a time from home. During that period the mid-wife would stay with the woman before, during and after the birth of the child. Her husband John was a wise man who was gifted in the management of his resources. He was also the local beekeeper. He was also an excellent carpenter. Neighbors would bring him scraps of lumber and he would return them completed pieces of furniture. | They continued to plant through hard times while others thought it too risky. This left them in a position of advantage. They lived out their lives in the St. Martin area.

75: Elizabeth Fischbach BD:12-1889 MN D: 02-22-1953 MN | Paul J Fischbach BD: 08-20-1862 Sillery, France D: 02-23-1948 Lake Henry, MN | Angelique Parot BD: 07-20-1866 France D: 03-21-1941 Lake Henry, MN | Jean Paul Fischbach BD: 1825 Luxembourg, Belgium | Apolonia Loche BD: 11-17-1827 Souain, France D: 04-17-1911 Lake Henry, MN | Jean Paul Loche | Marie Claudine LaVarge BD: 02-03-1799 France D: 10-06-1854 France | Mathias Fischbach | Eve Gros | The Fishbach Tree

76: The Orbeck Family Tree | John Henry Orbeck BD: 04-24-1884 MN D: 01-21-1966 MN | Johann Schulte Orbeck BD: 12-1854 Germany D: 03-15-1910 MN | Johann Wilhelm Schulte Orbeck BD: 1810 Germany | UNKNOWN | Johann Wilhelm Schulte Orbeck BD: 1780 Germany | Elisabeth Moller BD: 1773 Germany | Maria Ressemann BD: 04-28-1860 MN D: 03-22-1932 MN | John Ressemann BD: 05-1823 Prussia | Elisabeth Bonekamp BD: 1824 Germany D: 1895 | John Ressemann BD: 1803 Germany D: 1865 MN | Culhanna Katherine Elizabeth Ahlmann BD: 1792 D: 1890 | Vincent Bullerkotti B: Germany | Anna Gertrude Bohnenkamp BD: 05-31-1777 Germany D: 11-11-1846 Germany | The Orbeck name seems to originate in Norway. With most of the notable Orbecks being Norwegian. Our Orbeck story starts with Johann Schulte Orbeck immigrating from Germany. He kept his name Schulte Orbeck, that is how it appears on his headstone. Many of his descendants either went with Schulte or Orbeck. Through genealogy research I have learned that Schulte is a German prefix in naming that means "educated" and Orbeck means "farmer". Your Dad's DNA through ancestry seems to back up the conclusion that our Orbecks originated in Scandinavia.

77: Johann Schulte Orbeck | Maria Ressemann Schulte Orbeck | Standing: Bernard, John, Joseph, Mary, Josephine Seated: Dad, Edward, Mom, holding Elizabeth. | Your Grandfather Gene's father's father's family, the Orbecks. It seems Johann was an excellent singer and heavy drinker. He loved to perform and men in the area were jealous of him. He went with a neighbor who was known to carry some resentment towards him to an auction one day. He did not return. The neighbor claims he had to return to the auction to retrieve a forgotten item and that they parted ways. He was found dead in the Sauk River the next day. The neighbor felt he must have drowned. It did appear he had been beaten. His wife Mary (Maria) was left to raise their family alone. She was of tough pioneer stock. Her father had served in the Civil War and their family had survived close encounters during the Sioux Uprising in Southern Minnesota. She ran a boarding house and managed fine as a widow and a mother.

78: It's in your DNA | This was the results of the DNA sample we took from Cordell Simonson. It was some what unexpected as our father Ted's family has resided in Norway for many generations. His DNA was mostly Mediterranean and some SW Asian and NE Asian. Our mother was the typical European DNA type. So we are of the darker Scandinavian blend. Mom must have brought some of the Southern European blood as well since her Great Grandmother was half French. | Your Mother's DNA

79: These DNA results were based on a test from Gene's DNA through Ancestry.Com. He has never known of any Scandinavian heritage from either side of his family yet the results show he is 60% Scandinavian. Explained easily enough with the history of migrations through Europe. Comparing the two tests, the one done by National Geographic with Cory's DNA and this one on Gene was an interesting process. Ancestry's test was less expensive and hooks up with our tree on their website effortlessly. Two reasons to use Ancestry. While National Geographic shows a more detailed explanation of where the DNA came from, mother's side vs father's side and it included other information such as your ancient connection to the Neanderthal people. So both tests offered different features. | Your Father's DNA

80: map of mn | Places in the | Lewis Tobias Simonson Atwater | John Henry Orbeck Elizabeth Fischbach John Peter Stern | Maria Ressemann Stearns County | Vincent Peter Kuchinski Pauline Skiba Minneapolis | Edna Mabel Besse | Mary Jennifer Bowyer Glenco | Albert Stern Watertown | Arthur Locke Palmer Amanda Redetzke Winthrop | We've had people from six generations in our family born in Minnesota. All of our children, Gene and I, all of our parents, six of our grandparents, nine of our great grandparents and three of our great great grandparents.

81: map of new england | Maine | Vassalborough | Daniel Palmer maternal Great Great Grandpa | Boston | Mass. | Vermont | Conn. | Rhode Is. | Alexander Innis paternal Great Gr Gr Gr Grandpa | Tabitha Strong paternal Great Gr Gr Gr Grandma | Ruth Blanchard Hastie paternal Great Gr Gr Grandma | Barnet | Block Island | Salisbury | Reading | Plimouth Plantation | Emma Jane Woodward maternal Great Gr Gr Grandma | Tabitha Beard maternal Gr Gr Gr Grandma | William Brewster paternal Gr Gr Gr Grandpa | There are literally thousands of your ancestors from both of your parents who were born in Massachusetts. | New Hampshire | Abel Blanchard paternal Great Gr Gr Grandpa

82: Norfolk, NE | NEBRASKA Fredrick Henkel maternal Great Gpa | Dekorra, WI | Wisconsin William Irons paternal Great Gpa | English Prairie, IL | Illinois Edna Reedal paternal Great Gr Gma | Porter, MI | Michigan Noah P.Irons paternal Great Gr Gr Gpa | Ohio George Bowyer paternal Great Gr Gr Gpa | West Farmington, OH | Carroll, IN | Indiana Naomi Sines paternal Great Gr Gr Gma

83: Nederasselt | Nederasselt | Johanna Gysberg paternal Great Gr Gma

84: Tjongsfjorden Fjord | Anna Davidsdatter maternal Great Gma | Tjongsfjorden | Bodo | Bodo | Lenae Oltina Gabrielson maternal Gr Gr Gma | Meloy | Meloy | David Tomassen maternal Gr Gr Gpa | Maer | Maer | Rollo Rongvaldsson maternal many xGr Gpa

85: Valla, Hungary | Hungary Francisca Kainz paternal Gr Gr Gr Gma | Pomerania | Brandenburg | Posen | Pomerania Charlotte Habeck maternal Gr Gr Gr Gma | Posen Frederich Redetzke maternal Gr Gr Gr Gpa | Brandenburg Ferdinand Henkel maternal Gr Gr Gr Gpa

86: map of great britain | Hull | Carnwirth | Carnwirth Elizabeth Nimmo paternal Gr Gr Gma | Hull Henry Reedall paternal Gr Gr Gpa | Winwick | Winwick Mary Wales maternal Gr Gr Gma | Sterling Castle | Sterling Castle Wm I The Lion KofS maternal many xGrGpa | Northern Ireland | Northern Ireland Hugh Mahurin maternal many xGrGpa | Hertfordshire | Hertfordshire Robert Burnap maternal many xGrGpa

87: map of france | Luxembourg Paul Fishbach paternal Gr Gr Grandpa | France Monsieur Julien maternal Gr Gr Grandpa | Normandy Angelic Perot paternal Gr Gr Grandma

88: Interesting Ancestors: | Gene's | Alexander Innis 10th Great Grandfather Birth: 1632 Edinburgh, Scotland Death: Oct 9th, 1679 Block Island, RI | Robert Stetson 10th Great Grandfather Birth: Jun 18th, 1615 Modbury, England Death: Feb 1st, 1702 Plymouth, MA | Why he is so interesting... Alex was one of my favorite characters from our family history. He was born in Scotland. He took part in the Battle of Dunbar at the age of 18. He survived and was sent as a prisoner of war to the American Colonies. He was used as an indentured servant in Taunton, Mass. He married a woman | James IV King of Scotland 15th Great Grandpa Birth: Mar 17th, 1473 Scotland Death: Sep 9th, 1513 England | Margaret Stewart 1497-1537 | Margaret Drummond | Elizabeth Elphinstone 1561-1613 | John Innis 1587-1645 | Alexander Innis 1632-1679 | Elizabeth Innis 1663 | Benejah Huntley 1720-1775 | named Catherine who was sent as an orphan from Ireland to work as a servant. They seemed to have some trouble blending in with the puritans. According to records she had to face a public whipping for committing adultery. Alex had to spend some time in the stocks for abandoning his family and leading her into temptation with another man. They moved to Block Island, RI where they lived out their lives. | Why he is so interesting... Cornet Robert Stetson and his wife Honor were Plymouth Colony settlers. They were not content to merely reside in the confines of the settlement. They moved out further into the wilderness and built a log home where they chose to raise their family. They were relied upon in close interactions with the native people of the area. | We well remember our youthful conception of Cornet Stet- son, a valiant horseman, mounting a fierce steed : a sort of knight errant who roamed the forest seeking adventure with the Indians. Of course we subsequently came to know that most of his dealings with the Indians were of a peaceful nature. Nevertheless we can at least think of him as a sturdy horseman, for his home was a long way from his mills, the church and "the Harbor" and his constant service as deputy to Plymouth, Commissioner | and Cornet of the Troopers, must have kept him constantly in the forest, often with no companion except his faithful horse. | One of his descendants, John Batterson Stetson, was the creator of the Stetson hat. | This was written of him.

89: William Elder Brewster 13th Great Grandfather Birth: Jan 24th, 1566 Scrooby, England Death: Apr 10th, 1644 Plymouth, MA | Edouard Bompasse 9th Great Grandfather Birth: Jan 10th, 1603 London, England Death: Feb 3rd, 1693 Plymouth, MA | Howell Huntley 1750-1842 | David Huntley 1772 | Rebecca Huntley 1815-1890 | Ella Tickner 1851-1921 | Mary Jean Bowyer 1871 | Edna Mabel Besse 1895 | Muriel Knisley 1915-1983 | Patricia Kuchinski 1943 | Eugene Gerald Orbeck Birth : Oct 3rd, 1964 | Why he is so interesting... Arguably one of the most famous Mayflower passengers, he arrived in America as a religious pilgrim. He was considered the spiritual leader of the Mayflower pilgrims. Through his close relationship with Governor Bradford he was granted property including four islands in Boston Harbor. Great Brewster, Little Brewster, Middle Brewster and Outer Brewster were the names bestowed upon these islands. He raised his family in the colony and they faced many hardships through out the settlement process. During a Small Pox outbreak he lost two of his grown daughters. His family continued to multiply and he has many American descendants, including you! | Why he is so interesting... Ed Bonpasse, originally Bon Passe a French name, his family was believed to have arrived in England with the Huguenots. He took the ship "Fortune" to Plymouth Colony as a teenager in 1621. He served as a guard in the | in the Pequot War against the natives. He later married a gal named Hannah and they had twelve children. He was believed to always have been a "freeman", establishing his own property and donating land for a school near Bump's Pond. He and his wife seemed to have experienced some hardship as they were provided charity by the community in their old age.

90: Julie's Interesting Ancestors | digging up some | Eleanor of Aquitaine 24th Great Grandmother Birth: 1124 Northern France Death: Apr 1st, 1204 | John Lackland King of England Birth: Dec 24th, 1166 Death: Oct 19th, 1216 | Joan, Lady of Wales | Margaret Ferch Llywelyn Birth: 1202 | Maud de Clifford 1234-1284 | Eleanor Gifford 1275 | Elizabeth Le Strange 1308-1381 | Sir Roger Corbet 1330-1395 | Sherriff Robert Corbet 12-08-1383 08-12-1440 | Mary Corbet Birth: 1418 | Richard Charlton 1450-1522 | Ann Charlton 1482-1560 | Elizabeth Grosvenor Birth: 1515 | Rev Edward Bulkeley 1540- 01-05-1620 | Rev Peter Bulkeley Birth: 01-31-1581 Death: 03-09-1658 Mass | why she is so interesting... | why she is so interesting... | Hannah Prescott 8th Great Grandmother Birth: 1638 Barbados, West Indies Death: Sep 11th, 1696 Mass | Maria de Padilla 17th Great Grandmother Birth: 1334 Spain Death: Jul 1361 Spain | She is related to Julie through her Great Great Grandfather Daniel Palmer's family tree. Maria was a Spanish noble woman who became mistress to Peter the Cruel King of Spain. He may or may not have married her shortly before his wedding to Blanche of Bourbon. It's not entirely clear, his mother did not want him to marry Maria but he favored her to Blanche. He was rumored to have enjoyed watching her bath and drinking of the bath water. She had two daughters with him who both later married English Noblemen. Her death is another mystery, it was possibly poisoning. Rumors also existed that she was of Jewish descent, as she was introduced to Peter through a Jewish friend of his. Peter was tall,muscular, blond and blue eyed. His mother was from Portugal and his father from Spain. | Hannah is related to Julie through her Great Great Grandmother Emma Jane Woodward. Hannah was born in Barbados as her family moved to the Western Hemisphere from England. She was descended from Alfred the Great, Saxon King. She married her brother-in-law John Rugg after her sister Martha, his first wife, gave birth to twins and died, the twins died as well. On September 11th, 1696 she was killed in an Indian Massacre. The Nipmuc Indians attacked her village during a seven day siege which was part of the King Williams War . A war which involved France joined by the native Americans against the English.

91: Julie Renee Simonson Birth: Jul 3rd, 1966 Minnesota | Edward Bulkeley Birth: 1614 England Death: 01-02-1695 Mass | Elizabeth Bulkeley Birth: 1638 Mass Death: 09-04-1693 Mass | Ebenezer Emerson Birth: 1677 Mass Death: 10-1751 Mass | Susanna Emerson Birth: 03-08-1712 Mass Death: 11-28-1792 Mass | Elizabeth Burnap Birth: 06-06-1745 Mass Death: 1835 Mass | Tabitha Beard Birth: 03-02-1770 Mass Death: 08-26-1842 Mass | Samuel Lock Woodard Birth: 05-05-1810 Mass | Emma Jane Woodard Birth: 08-05-1846 Mass Death: 01-13-1921 Minn | Arthur Locke Palmer Birth: 11-29-1874 Minn Death: 11-14-1967 Minn | Viola Erma Minnie Palmer Birth: 07-21-1903 Minn Death 06-25- 1995 Minn | Bernice Ann Henkel Birth: Jan 9th, 1938 Minnesota | why she is so interesting... | why she is so interesting... | Sarah Morton 8th Great Grandmother Birth: 1618 Leiden, Holland Death: Aug 25th, 1691 Plymouth, Mass | Turid L. Johannesdatter 8th Great Grandmother Birth: 1618 Rogaland, Norway | Sarah was related to Julie through her Great Great Grandfather Daniel Palmer. Sarah was a Pilgrim girl that lived at Plymouth Plantation when America was just starting to be colonized. There is a children's book written about her called " Sarah Morton's Day : A day in the Life of a Pilgrim Girl." She was mentioned in several writings and journals from that time so a historian chose her as their main character in this educational book for children. Julie was reading the book to her children and the name sounded familiar from her hours studying their family tree on so a little research time was spent and there was Sarah. | Turid was related to Julie on her Great Grandfather David Tommasen's side in Norway. She was descended from the Smor family which was one of the few original Noble families in Norway which did not originate in Denmark or Sweden. The Kane family was also in her tree which is a Norwegian Noble family that originated in Germany. Her life took an interesting turn when her father died and her mother came to live with her. Her mother died suddenly and this left her in charge of a great deal of wealth. The tax collector had much to gain by her being sent to the bonfire so he accused her of Witchcraft. Known historian of the time, Tormod Torfaeus defended her and she was exonerated.

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