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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Family History for Glenda Tobin Moore

FC: Our Family History | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: The information in this book was collected and organized in June 2012 by Brenda Moore Zajac | The Tobin's Glenda, Warren, Janice Esther, and Lynda

2: Gager Genealogy The Gager's first settled in New England in 1630. William Gager came over from Old England with Governor Winthrop and brought one son John. They settled at New London, Connecticut where William died. John Gager 1 moved to Norwich, Connecticut where he died. John I had two sons, John and Samuel and one daughter (name unknown). John Gager 11 married Jerusha Barstow. They had nine children: John 111, Jerusha, Jason I, Samuel, Lydia, Daniel, Simon, Aron and Levi. John Gager 111 married Lydia Avery. They had six children: Jason, Irene, Lydia, John Asnath, Othiel, and Alvan. ' Jason Gager 1 had two wives: Zerviah Roberts and Lucy Peck. With his second wife he had 10 children: Andrew, Lucy, Aaron, Jason Jr., Sibbil, John Peck, David, Rebecca and Harriet. Jason Gager Jr. (9/5/1788-4/1/1864) married Esther Waldo (7/14/1786-11/7/1854). Jason was born in Windham, Connecticut and died in Cortland, New York. Jason and Esther had eight children: Charlotte Waldo, Dwight, Caroline, Judson Galusha, Esther Lovett, Harriet, Edward Waldo, and Edwin Gary. Judson Galusha Gager was born March 27, 1815 in Franklin, Connecticut. He married Julia Williams (10/4/1839-1/10/1871). They had one child: Julia Huntington. When Julia Gager was 4 1/2 years old her mother Julia Williams Waldo died in childbirth with her second child. She was 32 years old. Julia Huntington Gager married Jerome Angel Holl and that is where this book begins.

3: Waldo Genealogy The Waldo family can be traced back to John Adams [circa 1500/05] in Dorset, England. This branch also makes us common ancestors to the 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States of Ameria, John Adams and John Qunicy Adams. 1. John Adams [circa 1500/05] was married to "Alys" (Alice) [circa 1531]. They hd son Henry. 2. Henry Adams (1531-8/12/1596) (son of John & Alys) was born in Dorset, England and died in Somerset, England. He married Rose Dunkin Adams on 8/12/1554. Rose (1536-9/20/1598) was born in Barton St. David, England and died in Somerset. They had a son John Adams. 3. John Adams (1/1/1555-10/6/1646) married Agnes Stone Adams (1556-1615) 10/19/1609 in England. They lived and died in Somerset, England. They had a son Henry. 4. Henry Adams (1583-10/6/1646) got married on 10/19/1609 to Edith Squire Adams (5/29/1587-1/27/1673). They were both born in England and died in Braintree, Massachusetts. After Henry passed away, Edith married John Fussell in 1651. Henry & Edith had a son Samuel. 5. Samuel Adams (1616-1/24/1688) married Rebecca Graves Adams (1631-1664). They were both born in England. Samuel died in Braintree, MA and Rebecca died in Chelmsford, MA. Samuel & Rebecca had a daughter Rebecca. 6. John Waldo (2/24/1654-4/14/1700) married Rebecca Adams (1654-9/17/1727). John was born in Ipswich, MA and Rebecca Adams was born in Charlestown, MA. They both died in Windham, CT. They had a son Edward. 7. Edward Waldo (4/23/1684-8/3/1767) married Thankful Dimmock. Edward was born in Charlestown, MA and died in Windham, CT. They had son Zacheus Waldo 1. 8. Zacheus Waldo 1 (7/19/1725-9/10/1810) married Tabitha Kingsbury. They had three children: Cyprian, Zacheus 11, and Daniel. 9. Zacheus Waldo 11 (11/20/1756-10/3/1834) married Esther Stevens (6/30/1758-8/22/1825). Born and died in Windham, CT. They had eight children: Levi, Samuel Lovett, Nancy, Esther, Talitha, Sophia, Zacheus 111, and Mary. 10. Jason Gager 11 (9/5/1788-4/1/1864) got married on 11/3/1806 to Esther Waldo (7/14/1786-11/7/1854). Born in Windham, CT - died in Cortland, NY. Jason & Esther had 8 children: Charlotte Waldo, Dwight, Caroline, Judson Galusha, Esther Lovett, Harriet, Edward Waldo, Edwin Gary. At this level (10) Zacheus 11 and Esther Stevens's son Zacheus 111 married Hannah Wright Williams. They had 3 children: Roger Williams, Julia Williams Waldo, and Ralph. At this point Jaosn 11's son Judson Galusha married Zacheus 111's & Hannah Williams's daughter Julia Williams Waldo. They were 1st cousins. 11. Judson Galusha Gager (3/27/1851-?) married Julia Williams Waldo (10/4/1839-1/10/1871). They had a daughter Julia. 12. Jerome Angel Holl married Julia Gager Holl and that is the beginning for this side of the family.

4: Jerome and Julia Holl's 60th Anniversary

5: Julia (Gager) & Jerome Holl Glenn & Esther (Osbeck) Tobin with Lynda Rena (Holl) Osbeck & Warren Osbeck 1938 | Julia Huntington Gager married Jerome Angel Holl 11/18/1885 They had 2 children: Judson "Gage": 3/11/1887-4/17/1944 Rena Esther: 8/3/1894-9/12/1981 Photo on Right: Jerome & Julia Holl Back: Judson "Gage" Holl, wife Minnie Steele Holl and Son Judson G. Holl Esther Osbeck Tobin and Rena Holl Osbeck

6: The Osbeck's Anthony Osbeck and two brothers came over to the United States from Germany as young men. They parted in America. Two went West and Anthony went to Tully, New York where he made his home. He sent for his wife, Elizabeth Marquard and their daughter Mary which was 2 or 3 years old. They had a home just outside of Truxton, New York. Anthony and Elizabeth had 5 children: Mary Osbeck (Root): 9/9/1850 - 7/14/1921 Louise Osbeck (Williams): 9/11/1856 - 5/15/1933 Lena Osbeck (Tynell): 9/14/1858 - 6/11/1932 Andrew Osbeck: 9/14/1860 - 4/29/1872 John Anthony Osbeck: 7/31/1862 - 5/15/1946 John Anthony Osbeck married Jessie Mott 12/1/1886 They had 4 children: John Walter: 12/4/1888 - 12/3/1952 Warren Mott: 2/11/1892 - 5/5/1970 Lottie Augusta: 5/13/1894 - 12/6/1894 Charles Roy: 3/14/1899 - 12/12/1988 Ceil Burton: 11/25/1901 - 2/17/1973 Murl Thomas: 1/7/1904 - 4/27/1965 Jessie Elizabeth: 12/11/1906 - 1987 Warren Mott Osbeck married Rena Holl June 18, 1913 | Taken 6/31/1932 at Grandpa John Osbeck's Birthday Rena, Bob, Maude & Walter, Jessie & John, Betty, Helen & Murl Charlie Kneeling: Warren, Esther, Helen and Ceil Kids: Don, Emily, and Leonard | John Osbeck & Jessie Mott Osbeck 9/25/1865-2/27/1956

7: Warren, John & Jessie, Esther Lynda & Glenda Taken 1940

8: Warren and Rena Holl Osbeck Married June 18, 1913

9: Warren and Rena Holl Osbeck married June 18, 1913 They had two children Helen Julia: 8/20/1914-5/4/2008 Helen married Wallace Kampney and had 3 children: Jack and twin girls: Cheryl and Carole Esther Elaine: March 10, 1917-12/10/2000 Esther married Glenn Tobin and had 4 children Lynda, Glenda, Janice, and Warren | Helen & Esther | Helen, Rena, Warren, and Esther

10: Our Ancestors | Ernest and Maude Tobin Married May 1, 1907

11: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Maude Emeline Graham Tobin 1/14/1891 - 10/25/1965 | Ernest John Tobin 2/15/1887 - 8/11/1955 | Ernest and Maude had 2 children: Ethel Elizabeth: 2/22/1909-12/11/1983 and Glenn LeRoy: 3/13/1917-4/23/1954. They divorced 5/5/1931. According to the divorce papers Ernest was not allowed to remarry until Maude died but she was allowed to remarry as if he were dead. Maude remarried Carl VonZastro. | Carl VonZastro (left) & Carl &Maude (right) Maude worked for the Cresent Corset Factory in Cortland, NY Carl was fatally burned when a fuel oil storage tank he was filling exploded. He was 42. | Tobin Geneology John Tobin worked on the Erie Canal and drowned there. He had 3 girls--Bell, Kate and Martha and one son John. John the 2nd lived with the Onandaga Indians on the reservation near Syracuse NY. John's nickname was Blackjack. He married Caroline Calista Skeele. They had 4 children--Ernest, Frank, Edna and Elmer. Elmer married Minnie Dailey and they had 6 children--Bob Tobin (born before marriage), Bernard (born 3/1919- he was in the secret service), Calista (4-1924), Muriel (7/1925), Ken (2/1930) and Margery (12/1932). Margery died in 1950 when she fell out of the back of a truck after a dance in Dryden, NY. Frank (1/13/1902) married Evelyn 2/3/1988. He was in the Army in World War 1 and the Navy in World War 2. Ernest was a Sergeant in World War 1 (Btry E7 FLD Arty 2 Div) Ernest married Maude Graham.

12: Top Left: Ethel & Maude Center Left: Glenn Bottom Left: Carl, Maude, and Glenn Top Right: Glenn in his 1st Car, Ethel, and Maude Center Right: Ethel Bottom Right: Maude & Glenn

13: Elizabeth Wheelock Graham (Maude's Mother) | Maude Graham Tobin VonZostro | Maude | Glenn & Esther Tobin Maude and Carl VonZastro

14: Esther Osbeck Tobin 3/10/1917 - 12/10/2000 Buried in Cortland, NY Glenn LeRoy Tobin 3/13/1917 - 4/23/1954 Glenn was killed in an automobile accident at 38 yrs. old. Esther never remarried. | Esther Eleanor Osbeck married Glenn LeRoy Tobin September 5, 1937 Cortland, New York

15: Glenn & Esther Tobin had four children: Lynda Elaine: 6/28/1938 Glenda Esther: 6/5/1940 Janice Eileen: 2/9/1942 Warren Ernest:8/16/1943 | Glenn, Glenda, Warren, Lynda, Jan, and Esther | Glenda, Jan, Esther, Lynda, and Warren

16: Helen and Esther Osbeck | Glenda Tobin

17: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | Ethel Tobin | Esther & Glenn Tobin Glenda, Lynda & Jan | Glenda Tobin | Judson Gager Holl | John & Jessie Osbeck with Glenda and Lynda Tobin | Ernest & Glenn Tobin with Lynda & Glenda | Maude VonZostro & Glenn Tobin with Warren & Glenda | Rena Osbeck with Lynda & Glenda Tobin | Rena Holl Osbeck At house on McLean Road Playing the Violin

18: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | 1961 Esther Tobin, Warren Osbeck, Glenda Tobin Moore, Fred and Jan Tobin Conradon, Warren Tobin and Rena Osbeck | Glenda & Jan Lynda, Esther, & Warren | 1994

19: Lynda Tobin Honnick, Glenda Tobin Moore, Esther Tobin, Jan Tobin Contradson, and Warren Tobin | Glenda & Lynda Tobin | Glenn Tobin and Lynda | Ray Honnic, Jack Kampney, Helen Osbeck Kampney, Rena & Warren Osbeck, Esther Osbeck Tobin, Warren Tobin, Fred Conradson Sitting: Lynda Honnic, Glenda Moore, Cheryl & Carole Kampney, Jan Conradson with Scott Front: Glenn, Gary, Brenda Moore, Mike Honnick, and Lee Moore | 1962 | 1981

20: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Lynda (Tobin) and Ray Honnick and family Becky (Honnick) & Jeff Griffith with sons Parker and Austin Mike and LaVon Honnick with daughters Laura and Kaitlyn | Lynda & Ray Honnick July 29, 1956 | Lynda Tobin married Ray Honnick in Nichols, NY on July 29, 1956. They had 2 children: Michael Ray - 8/29/1958 Becky Kay - 7/8/1964 Michael married LaVon Broyles July 13, 1985 They had 2 children: Kaitlyn Marie: 6/15/1998 Laura Ray: 10/12/2000 They live in Evergreen, Colorado. Becky married Jeffrey Griffith November 5, 1988 They had 2 children: Austin James 1/13/1994 Parker McClintock 11/17/1996 They live in Forest, Virginia.

21: Mike & LaVon Honnick | Mike, LaVon, Kaitlyn & Laura | Jeff, Austin, Becky & Parker | The Griffiths

22: Back: Glen, Scott, and Fred Front: Kelli and Jan | Glenda Moore, Fred and Janice Conradson, Warren Tobin, and Rena Osbeck | Janice Tobin married Fred Contradson March 25, 1961. They had 3 children: Scott - 9/9/1962 Kelli - 3/17/1964 Glen - 12/16/1965 | Glen, Kelli, & Scott | Fred died of cancer 10/15/1996 Jan married Ed Sadlowski. 11/22/2003 They divorced and remarried 8/21/2008 Scott married Lisa and had 2 children: Amanda and Lauren. Amanda married Tommy Helle. They have 2 children: Cassidy Paige and Colton Scott Lauren married Joel Mancuso. They have 1 child, Savannah. Kelli married Steve Rix They have 2 children: Ansley and Hunter Steve & Kelli divorced. Kelli remarried Robert Obreiter Glen is single

23: Top Left: Glen Middle: Scott & Lisa Bottom: Scott's daughters with their husbands Joel & Lauren Mancuso Amanda & Tommy Helle with daughter Cassidy Top Right: Jan with 2nd husband Ed Sadlowski Midde: Jan with granddaughter Amanda and great-granddaughter Cassidy Bottom: Kelli, Hunter, Jan, and Ansley

24: Warren Tobin married Lynda Griffith November 2, 1963 They had 3 children: Richard Bryant: 5/10/1964 Whitney Anne: 5/6/1965 Mary Elizabeth. Warren and Lynda divorced. Richard and Mary Elizabeth lived with their mother and was adopted by Lynda's 2nd husband (Vargo). Whitney stayed with Warren. Warren married Son Hwa November 25, 1972 Warren retired from the Army. He lived in various locations throughout the years but has settled near Atlanta, Georgia. | Emily Anne 2012 | Whitney Anne Tobin married Karl Lee Coffey 1/21/1984 Whitney & Karl had 2 children: Kurtis Lee: 2/7/1985 Emily Anne: 4/9/1996 Whitney & Karl divorced 2/22/2006 Whitney lives in Bargersville, Indiana | Whitney Tobin Coffey 2011 | Whitney, Kurtis, and Emily 2006

25: Warren & Son Hwa Tobin

26: Glenda Tobin married Kenneth T. Moore Jr. July 27, 1955 They had 5 children: Glenn Truxton: December 5,1955 Gary Duane: February 2, 1957 Lee Allen: August 4, 1958 Brenda Kay: December 22, 1960 Ronald Eugene: September 22, 1963 They divorced in 1976 Glenda remarried Donald Moore January 2, 1983 Ken remarried Lorrie Jump in 1977. They had one daughter, Kendra: June 5, 1981 | Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Ken & Lorrie Moore with Kendra

27: Like branches on a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. | Glenda and Donnie Moore Married January 2, 1983 | 1985 at Brenda's Wedding Back: Glenda, Lee, Glenn, Ken front: Ron, Brenda, & Gary

28: The Moore's Ken & Glenda Glenn, Gary, Lee, Brenda, and Ron

30: Glenn T. Moore with wife Betty (Ingerick) Son-n-law Nathan Roberts and daughters Trisha & Tiffany and Son-n-law Chuck Coveney

31: Glenn Truxton Moore was born on 12/5/1955. He married Cathy Hicks March 13, 1973 and had one son: James Preston 8/15/1973 They divorced. On May 20, 1978 Glenn married Betty Ingerick (born 6/4/1954) They had two daughters: Trisha Marie: 9/13/1979 Tiffany Rae: 8/3/1981 Trisha became an optometrist and married Nathan Roberts. Tiffany received a PhD in School Psychology. She married her high school sweetheart Chuck Coveney. Glenn and Betty both retired from DuPont in Towanda, PA. They raised their family in a home they built on Mercer Hill near Wysox, PA. Glenn has always loved hunting. He enjoys hunting in Colorado, Montana, Ohio, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. He also enjoys working on cars and being involved with car racing. Glenn & Betty love spoiling their two dogs, Chloe and Prancer. | James "Jim" Moore and his mother Cathy.

32: Gary Duane Moore was born February 1, 1957. He married Christine Noble in 1975 and had two children, Shannon and Scott. Gary and Chris were divorced in 1987. Chris remarried and moved to South Carolin with the children. Gary remarried Kathy Vandewark Abrams (born 1/30/1949). Gary and Kathy both retired from Osram Sylvania in Towanda, PA. They reside in Athens, PA. They enjoy spending time with friends and camping at Haigh's Pond near Potterville, PA. | Gary with 1st wife Christine Noble | Scott and Shannon Moore | Gary with Shannon | Gary and Christine Moore had 2 children: Shannon Renee 5/23/1976 Scott Leland: 9/26/1977 - 10/5/1997 Shannon married Scott Key. They had 1 child, Anthony. Shannon & Scott divorced. Scott was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. | Anthony Key Gary's Grandson | From L-R: Gary, Kathy's Son Donnie Abrams and his kids: Megan, and little Donnie, Anthony, Kathy, Shannon, and Shannon's boyfriend Zack Theron

33: Gary and Kathy Moore Married August 27, 1988

34: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers | Lee & Robin Moore at Jason"s Wedding

35: Jason and Amber Moore | Lee Allen Moore was born August 4, 1958. Lee married Robin Karpauitz on April 28, 1979. They had one son, Jason Robert, born on July 9, 1981. Jason married Amber Wade on 9/10/2011. Lee is still working at this time at Cargill Packaging, a meat packaging plant in Wyalusing, PA. He has worked there for over 30 years. Lee & Robin reside in West Warren, PA.

36: Brenda Kay Moore married Jim Zajac May 4, 1985 They had 1 child: James Edgar 12/20/1994

37: Brenda Kay Moore was born December 22, 1960. Brenda married James "Jim" Zajac in 1985. They had one son, James Edgar Zajac. Brenda was paralyzed in a car accident in 1980 at the age of 19. She spent the rest of her life getting around in a wheelchair. Her husband Jim was also a paraplegic, injured in the Vietnam War. Brenda & Jim met while living in Florida. They both were participating in wheelchair sports. They honeymooned in Alaska, traveling everywhere they could get to by van. The thing Brenda loves most is watching James grow and learn. She enjoys watching James compete in all his sporting events: baseball, soccer, speedskating, skiing, basketball, football, track & field and anything else you can think of. They settled in Windham, PA a mile from Brenda's childhood home. | James with Shorty "Mans Best Friend" 2010

38: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Ronald Eugene Moore was born on September 22, 1963. Ron married Donna Marshall and had one son, Brock Eugene. They divorced and Ron remarried Theresa Butters. They had one daughter, Destiny Theresa. They also divorced and Ron remarried Victoria Ellis. Ron is a self-employed contractor. He resides on Mercer Hill, living next door to Glenn and Betty. He enjoys spending time at Haigh's Pond socializing with brother Gary and friends. | Ron with wife Vicky (Born 3/20/1960) Married August 30, 2008

39: Ron & 1st wife Donna Marshall Married June 21, 1987 | Ron & 2nd wife Theresa Butters Married September 18, 1998 | Ron with his kids Brock and Destiny | Ron had 2 children: Brock Eugene: August 25, 1990 Destiny Theresa: August 6, 2000

40: Back: Gary Moore, Ray Honnick, Donnie"s Daughter, Vickie Reynolds, Vicky (Ron's wife), Chuck Coveney 3rd row: Brenda Zajac, Lynda Honnick. Betty (Glenn's wife), Kathy (Gary's wife), Jim Zajac 2nd Row: James Zajac, Glenda & Donnie Moore, Ron Moore Front: Trisha Moore, Tiffany Coveney, Brock Moore, Destiny Moore, & Glenn Moore | Family Christmas

41: James Zajac with his pet raccoon | Lynda Honnick & Glenda Moore Esther Tobin and Brenda Zajac | Shannon, Anthony, & Gary Moore | Glenn & Betty Moore Trisha, Chuck & Tiffany Coveney | Donnie & Glenda Moore Jason and Amber Moore

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