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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: Earl and Beth Alberts Family History

FC: Family History | Earl and Beth Alberts

1: Earl and Beth Alberts Family History

2: Christian Frederick Schillinger, 1812-1883 | Christina Zeller, 1814-1901 | William James Schillinger, 1845-1918 | Calvin Tubbs, 1816-1894 | Malinda Green, 1817-1878 | Lydia Josephine Tubbs, 1854-1908 | Lloyd Chandler Schillinger, 1885-1964 | Mildred Elizabeth (Beth) Schillinger, 1921-2005 | Ebenezer Benedict Barnum II, 1812-1891 | Levi Barnum, 1860-1910 | Polly Godding, 1815-1897 | Frederick Christian, 1829-1882 | Delia Bunce, 1833-1906 | Eda Carrie Christian, 1864-1960 | Florence Ida Barnum 1892-1982

3: 1892 William and Lydia with their Children, Lloyd Chandler and Grace Malinda | The William James Schillinger Family | William James Schillinger was born in Stuttgart, Wurtemburg, Germany. He arrived in New York aboard the Rio Grande on November 24, 1847, along with his parents, Christian Frederick and Christina Zeller Schillinger, and siblings Christina, Frederick, George, Anna, and Jacob. Three more children were born after the family's arrival in America: Andrew, Adison, and Henry. Andrew and Adison both died August 17, 1856, when Andrew was 5 and Adison was 1. They are buried together in Richfield Center, Michigan. The cause of death is not listed. Frederick died April 24, 1862, from wounds received in action at Wilmington Island, Georgia, during the Civil War. An excerpt from William's obituary: "His parents settled near Goodrich, but later moved to a farm near Richfield Center. Mr. Schillinger as a young man taught school for several years in Genesee and Oakland counties and in Colorado and Iowa. On January 18, 1882, he was married to Miss Lydia J. Tubbs of Flint. After several years residence in Flint the family moved to Long Lake in June, 1902." | William James Schillinger (August, 1845 - December 19, 1918) and Lydia Josephine Tubbs (September 6, 1854 - March 14, 1908) Married January 18, 1882 Children: Lloyd Chandler (July 23, 1885 - April 27, 1964) Grace Malinda (September 14, 1887 - October 18, 1973)

4: Levi Barnum (October 24, 1860 - January 2, 1910) and Eda Carrie Christian (April 20, 1864 - March 27, 1960) Married October 24, 1883 Children: Mildred Virginia (December 16, 1884 - February 18, 1966) Fredrick (January 30, 1887 - January 15, 1970) Florence Ida (February 20, 1892 - December 20, 1982) Theodore Ward (January 7, 1905 - February 10, 1920) | The Levi Barnum Family | Levi Barnum was born to Ebenezer Benedict II and Polly Godding in Fenton Township, Michigan, one of ten children. He was the grandson of Ebenezer Benedict I, who died serving the United States in the War of 1812. Levi died of appendicitis at the age of 49. | 1899 Levi and Eda with their children, Mildred Virginia, Florence Ida, and Frederick, before Theodore Ward was born

5: A 1917 newspaper article stated that Ward Barnum was "knocked down and run over by an automobile" at the age of 12. He survived the accident but was severely injured and died three years later. His death records list the cause of death as "paralysis." | Florence, 6 Months Old | Fred and his wife Bessie, married September 28, 1917 | Fred, Florence, and Mildred

6: May, 1925 | Eda Carrie (Christian) Barnum Daughter of Frederick and Delia Christian | with her sisters, Eva, Nora, and twin Ida

7: Eda Carrie Christian was one of four daughters born to Frederick and Delia Bunce Christian, who were married in New York before moving to Michigan. Eda and her twin sister, Ida, were born in Flint, Michigan. Her older sister, Evelyn (Eva), also became a Barnum, marrying Levi's brother, Theodore.

8: Age 21 | Age 16 | Florence Ida Barnum Daughter of Levi and Eda Barnum | Age 20

9: Mildred Elizabeth (Beth) | Children: | Married November 24, 1917 | Lloyd Chandler Schillinger | Ralph Chandler | (May 13, 1921 - August 14, 2005) | and Florence Ida Barnum | The Lloyd Chandler | Lloyd Chandler Schillinger Son of William and Lydia Schillinger | (November. 30, 1919 - December 21, 1999) | Schillinger Family

10: James Alberts, 1845-1916 | Alice Heaton, 1856-1903 | George Stevenson Alberts, 1877-1962 | Earl Leroy Alberts | Myron D. Freeman, 1855-1925 | Haron Stodard Demming, 1822-1892 | Olive Eliza Ingraham, 1820-1900 | Anna Sarah Demming, 1861-1908 | Ida May Freeman, 1878-1952 | George Stevenson Alberts (November 4, 1877 - September 11, 1962) and Ida May Freeman (November 9, 1878 - September 4, 1952) Married September 29, 1898 Children: Hazel (Born July 20, 1899) Harold (Born October 18, 1902) Floyd (Born November 19, 1907) Earl Leroy (Born March 20, 1919) | The George Stevenson Alberts Family | Myron Freeman

11: The farm on Fenton Road where George and his family lived temporarily after the tornado | George and Ida with Hazel, Harold, and Floyd at their home in Flint, before Earl was born | In Earl's Words: "My dad was in the process of building a house on the farm where they had moved from Flint. As a temporary arrangement, he had fixed up the granary in the barn for living quarters, and that was where I was born on March 20, 1919. Thompson Road was blocked by snow, so my dad met Dr. Gould at Fenton Road and brought him in by sleigh. By the time I was a year old, we had moved into the house my dad had built. Shortly after we moved into the house, a tornado hit and destroyed both the house and barn. My mother and I were rescued, relatively unharmed, from the basement where we had fallen. However, my dad was in the barn and was seriously injured by the falling beams. He was unable to work for nearly a year. The disaster so devastated them financially, that they let the farm go back to the man from whom they had bought it. They would not own a home again until 1928." | Hazel

12: Ida Mae Freeman (above) was the oldest of three sisters born to Myron and Anna Freeman. Her sisters were Clara Freeman Alberts (married to George's brother Alvie) and Gertie Freeman King. The identity of the child with her in this photo is not known. | George Stevenson Alberts (right) was the third of four brothers born to James and Alice Alberts. His older brothers were Henry and Alvie; his younger brother was Ernest, who died at 33 years of age. In the photo on the far right, Alvie is third from the left in the top row, and George is second from the right in the bottom row. | George posing in front of a 1928 Chevrolet

13: Ardis Vincent Alberts, Harold's wife | Vertie and Reffa Alberts, Alvie and Clara's children | Bertha Mae and Harold Alberts, Jr., Harold and Ardis' children. Tragically, Harold, Jr. was accidentally shot by his cousins and died. | Henry Alberts (left) and Harold Alberts (right) | Hazel

14: Earl Leroy Alberts Son of George and Ida Alberts | Floyd and Earl, 1937

15: my senior year. I did well in High School and | Graduation from Fenton High School, 1937 | "When I was graduated, the country was still in the depression, and it was very difficult to find employment. It was not until the last part of February, 1939, that the school sent me for an interview at Chevrolet-Flint Manufacturing. I was accepted, and was hired in the office of the Metallurgical Laboratory on March 3, 1939." | "At Fenton High School, I was active in | dramatics, and served on a debating team in | graduated as valedictorian in 1937. Being in | the depths of the Great Depression, most of | us never considered college as an option. I | decided to enroll in Baker Business | University's Business Administration Course | - a one-year program majoring in accounting. | I was graduated in May of 1938."

16: 19th Annual Demming Family Reunion at Caledonia Park, June 25, 1938. Earl Alberts is in the back row, sixth from the left.

17: Ida Freeman's mother was Anna Demming. Ida is in the middle row, sixth from the right.

18: In Beth's Words: "I was born at home on my family's farm on Friday, May 13, 1921. I had one older brother named Ralph. My mother was born in the same house where I was born." | Mildred Elizabeth (Beth) Schillinger Daughter of Lloyd and Florence Schillinger | Beth, 1921 | Beth, 1921 | Lloyd and Beth, 1921

19: Beth, Ralph, and Lloyd | Ralph and Beth | Beth, Florence, and Ralph | Florence, Ralph, and Beth | Beth and Ralph

20: Beth, Florence, Eda, Bessie, Jack, Fred, Mildred, Lloyd, and Ralph 1935 | Beth, Age 13, 1934 | Florence, Mildred, Bessie, Fred, Jack, Lloyd, Beth, and Ralph, Mother's Day, 1932

21: "I started to school in first grade at Fenton in 1927. We lived in the Long Lake School District, but we rode the bus to Fenton on a tuition basis. For several years, my dad drove the school bus on the east side of Lake Fenton. My entire education was at Fenton High School, from which I was graduated in 1939. I also took a post-graduate course at Fenton the following school year. In the fall of 1940, I began a secretarial course at Mrs. Swan's school in Flint. I stayed with my grand-mother and Aunt Mildred during the week for this course, and returned home for the weekends." | Beth's graduation from Fenton High School, 1939 | Beth, Ralph, and Lloyd (the bus driver)

22: Beth: "My parents attended Long Lake Methodist Church. I was taken there to church from the time of my birth, and grew up with the other young people of the church. It was the center of my social life. Through the teaching of God's Word in Sunday School and preaching of the gospel by speakers who came to our church during 1940-1941, I believe I was saved. | However, in September, 1941, when a group of our young adults went to North Baptist Church in Flint to hear Evangelist Walter (Happy Mac) MacDonald, I went forward to publicly accept Christ. This helped me to gain the assurance of my salvation." | Beth, 1941

23: Earl: "Although my family never attended church, I started attending Sunday School at Long Lake Methodist Church when I was about 12 years old. I enjoyed the fellowship of the other young people, and the church became a large part of my social life. Unfortunately, I never really heard God's plan of salvation there. However, I was exposed to the gospel gradually over several years. My brother, Harold, who developed multiple sclerosis, became a Christian. He had an interest in Bible study, and I would write down notes for him when he reached the point where he could no longer write. Through this, I became more exposed to the scriptures. I later began listening to sermons on the radio by Dr. M. R. DeHaan and Dr. Charles E. Fuller, as well as reading literature from them. In the spring of 1940, a young man at church, named Donald Peterson, got saved and began sharing the gospel vigorously. The Lord used all of these means to finally bring me to Himself by faith that spring." | Floyd Alberts, 1941 George and Floyd built this house, the family home until Earl and Beth's house was finished in 1947. | Earl, 1941

24: "We had been acquaintances through school and church activities. However, through double-dating (Earl was dating Roberta Stoddard and Beth was dating Virgil McDowell), we had come to know each other's characteristics and personalities much better. Earl had dated some girls after his relationship with Roberta Stoddard ended, but none really developed into a long-term situation. Beth, on the other hand, was still going with Virgil McDowell. Beth was working as a baby-sitter for Mr. and Mrs. Knapp while they worked, as well as doing some housework for Mrs. Knapp's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Thorald. Earl called her on the telephone at the Thoralds' and asked if he could pick her up when she finished working that evening and take her home. She agreed. It became clear they had strong feelings toward each other, and Beth decided she would tell Virgil that she was ending their relationship. She did this on the following week-end when she had a date with him. Thus, began the connection that would lead to our marriage the next fall."

25: 7:00 p.m. October 11, 1941 | Earl's journal entry on December 20, 1940: "Worked all day as usual. In the evening I took Beth to the show and found that she cared for me." They were engaged in February and married October 11, 1941.

26: Rainbow Bridge opened November 1, 1941

27: "On our trip, we traveled a total of 874 miles and spent approximately $36.00." | Honeymoon at Niagara Falls | Goat Island

28: In Beth's handwriting on the back of this photo (at left): "I was scolding him because he had slipped and got his good pants muddy." | Beth helping her dad (Lloyd) haul hay, 1942

29: Beth and Ralph, 1942 | Ralph and Thelma Schillinger's wedding, September 12, 1942

30: U.S. Army | May 10, 1942 | From Earl's World War II Memoirs: "It was on Sunday, May 10, 1942, that I was scheduled to depart for the Army Induction Station at Detroit, Michigan. I would never forget the sadness of my father and brother; the tender tears of my mother; or the silent sorrow of my beloved wife during those unhappy days. Those are memories that I'll retain the rest of my life."

31: "I shook hands with all my well-wishers; kissed my mother; and then turned to my wife. As I looked into her eyes, there were no tears, but beneath that brave exterior, I knew her heart was breaking. I took her in my arms and tenderly kissed her. Then, I turned quickly and began pushing my way through this maelstrom of seething humanity eager to see everyone at once. Finally, I reached the curb and stepped into the bus. I took a seat and spent the last remaining minutes exchanging longing glances with that loving wife. At last the bus started... The wheels turned, the bus moved ahead. I waved the final good-bye to my beloved partner, and we were on our way." | World War II | With A/S Ralph Schillinger

32: Earl and Beth with Beth's brother Ralph (who served in the Navy) and his wife Thelma ... Posing by Earl's first car, a 1940 Chevrolet Master Deluxe he purchased for $755.00 | Earl's first assignment was at Fort Custer in Battle Creek, Michigan, where he was responsible for submitting personnel reports on a daily basis. He was promoted to Private First Class in August of 1942, and received a promotion to Corporal on September 9, 1942. He earned another promotion to Sergeant on January 26, 1943, and was able to rent an apartment in April so Beth could come live with him. | Fountain Street, Battle Creek, Michigan

33: Earl's promotion to Staff Sergeant came on May 15, 1943. That month, he was assigned the job of Personnel Sergeant Major. On August 24, 1943, he received a promotion to Technical Sergeant, the second-highest possible rank for an enlisted man. That October, his department was relocated to Fort Sheridan, Illinois. | in March of 1944, Earl became the Sergeant Major of the Reception Center, which is the most important job an enlisted man can hold in any organization. On May 19 of that year, he received his last promotion; to the grade of Master Sergeant, reaching the top rung as an enlisted man. | Rifle Practice at Fort Sheridan | Master Sergeant Earl Alberts, 1945

34: Nancy Beth Alberts Born June 18, 1944, to Earl and Beth Alberts | Floyd, Beth holding Nancy, Ida, and George, 1944 | 3 Weeks | 3 Months | 4 Months | 11 Months

35: "It was very shortly after the beginning of my third year that my wife and I were blessed with the addition to the family. It was 2:00 A.M. on June 18, 1944, that I took her to the hospital in Highland Park, and, at 8:05 A.M. we were the parents of a fine baby girl. We had had the name selected for a long time, and so we lost no time affixing the title of "Nancy Beth." She weighed in at 6 lbs., 15 1/2 oz. Everything went along fine, and, at the end of the usual hospitalization period, my wife returned home with the little "queen" and we were on our own again." | Florence and Lloyd with Nancy Four Generations: Nancy, Beth, Florence, and Eda; Mother's Day, May 13, 1945

36: Nancy, Beth, Earl, Bessie, Jack, Fred, Lloyd, Eda, and Mildred - May 13, 1945 | Ida, Floyd, George, Nancy, and Earl, 1946 | Ida with Nancy, Age 2

37: Standing: Ralph, Thelma, Beth, Earl, Lloyd, Florence, and Ray Seated or Kneeling: Ralph Jr., Nancy, Jack, Eda, Mildred, and Bessie, 1946 | Fred Barnum and Lloyd Schillinger | George (left, with Jeff), Earl (right, also with Jeff), and Floyd enjoyed rabbit hunting.

38: After Earl's discharge from the Army, he could not return to work immediately because a General Motors strike had closed the plants. In the latter part of March, 1946, the strike ended, and he went back to his previous job. He remained in the Metallurgical Laboratory until his retirement in 1979. | Earl loved to play softball. | Earl and Al, 1946 | Beth, 1946 | Earl and Nancy, Age 2

39: A severe housing shortage had resulted from a lack of construction during World War II, so Earl, Beth, and Nancy moved into the family home with George and Ida until they could purchase property to build their own home. | George, 1946 | Earl and Nancy, Age 2 | Nancy, Age 2 | The Schillinger Farm

40: Nancy "Building" | Floyd and George

41: "We looked at several pieces of land on which to build a house, but it was not until early in 1947 that we finally bought a one and one-half acre lot from John and Emma Williams at what became 11147 Fenton Road for $650.00. We hired Earl's dad and brother, Floyd, to build the house, which allowed Earl to do as much work as he could himself. The house was not completely finished, but it was close enough so we moved into it on Labor Day, 1947. We had saved enough money to bring it to that point, and we completed it as the Lord provided the finances." | Floyd with Earl and Beth's Dining Room Table

42: Melba Jean Alberts | Born July 9, 1947, to Earl and Beth Alberts | Eda holding Melba, with Nancy, Sandra, and Ralph Jr. | Nancy, Age 4, and Melba, Age 1 | Beth and Melba, 6 Months | Taken in Traverse City

43: "Two months before we moved into our new | home, the Lord blessed us with our second | daughter. Melba Jean was born on July 9, | 1947, at St. Joseph Hospital in Flint. She | became our tomboy until we finally had a | son in 1954." | Ralph Schillinger with Sandra (Age 2) and Ralph Jr. (Age 5), Earl Alberts with Nancy (Age 4) and Melba (Age 1) | Melba and Nancy, June, 1949 | Beth with Melba and Nancy, 1949

44: Norma Kay Alberts Born March 31, 1950, to Earl and Beth Alberts | Nancy, Age 6, Melba, Age 3, and Norma, 3 Months | 3 Months | 2 Months | 4 Months

45: "The decade of the 1950's began with the birth of our third daughter, Norma Kay, on March 31, 1950, at Flint Osteopathic Hospital, which was located on Third Avenue in Flint at that time."

47: Far Left: Beth and Earl with their girls and Suzie in 1951: Nancy, Age 7, Melba, Age 4, and Norma, 16 Months Left: Norma's 2nd Birthday, March 31, 1952 This Page: Melba, Age 5, and Norma, Age 2, Easter (April) 1952. Beth helped the girls build the snow bunny.

48: Norma, Age 2 | Nancy, Age 8, Melba, Age 5, and Norma, Age 3 | Norma, Age 3, with her cousins Randy, Age 4, and Steven, Age 3 | The Campground at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, 1952: Nancy, Age 8, Norma, Age 2, and Melba, Age 5 | Norma, Age 2; Taken in Ohio on the way home from Kentucky

49: Dianne, 21 Months | Dianne, 18 Months | Dianne Lynn Alberts Born December 11, 1952, to Earl and Beth Alberts | "On December 11, 1952, the Lord blessed us with a fourth daughter. She was also born at Flint Osteopathic Hospital.We named her Dianne Lynn." | Detroit Zoo, 1953 Nancy, Age 8, Melba, Age 5, Norma, Age 3, and Dianne, 7 Months

50: Dianne, 20 Months, Norma, Age 4, and Melba, Age 7, August, 1954 | Lloyd and Florence Schillinger's new house | Lloyd and Mickey at the Schillinger Farm, 1954

51: Christmas, 1954, with Grandpa George | "On July 25, 1954, we finally had our first son. Mark Earl was also born at Flint Osteopathic Hospital. Dr. Frederick Bostick had delivered our last three children there." | 1954, near Turkey Run State Park, Indiana | 5 Months | Mark Earl Alberts Born July 25, 1954, to Earl and Beth Alberts

52: Norma, Age 4, Christmas, 1954 | Christmas, 1954, at Ralph and Thelma Schillinger's Home Back Row: Nancy, Age 10, Sandra, Age 9, Melba, Age 7, Ralph Jr., Age 11, and Steven, Age 4 Front Row: Norma, Age 4, Randall, Age 5, Mark, Age 1, and Dianne, Age 2 | Nancy, Age 10, Melba, Age 7, Norma, Age 4, and Dianne, Age 2, Christmas, 1954

53: Nancy, Age 10 Melba, Age 7 Norma, Age 5, and Dianne, Age 2, April, 1955 | Norma and Dianne, April, 1955 | Nancy, Age 11 Melba, Age 8 Norma, Age 5 Dianne, Age 2, and Mark, Age 1, August, 1955, at Pillow's Cabins

54: Florence Barnum Schillinger, Eda Christian Barnum, Fred Barnum, and Mildred Barnum, Christmas, 1955 | Florence and Lloyd Schillinger, Christmas, 1955 | Christmas, 1955 Eda with her Great-Grandchildren: Nancy, Norma, Mark, Dianne, and Melba Cousins: Ralph Jr., Mark, Steven, Randy, Dianne, Sandra, Norma, and Nancy

55: Christmas, 1955 Norma, Age 5, Melba, Age 8, Dianne, Age 3, Nancy, Age 11, and Mark, 18 Months | "In the mid-1950's, Beth became involved with Child Evangelism Fellowship by hosting a 5-Day Club for the neighborhood children. This then developed into a Good News Club in the fall. As a result of this, in 1956, Earl was invited to serve on the CEF Committee for Genesee County. In addition to the local organization, Earl also served on the Board of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Michigan for 21 years." | Mark, Age 2, and Dianne, Age 3 August, 1956

56: "Our recreational activities in the 1950's largely involved camping. Most of our camping was in Michigan at State Parks and Forest Campgrounds. We combined this with swimming, fishing, hiking, etc., to involve the whole family." | Earl, Beth, Melba, and Norma Copper Harbor, August, 1956 | Melba and Norma Porcupine Mountains, August, 1956 | Melba, Age 9, and Norma, Age 6 Lake Gogebic, August, 1956 | Norma, Melba, and Beth August, 1956

57: "We did make a couple of out-of-state trips and also spent some time in "Grandpa Gordon's" cabins on Long Lake near Hale, Michigan, either rabbit hunting or fishing." | Earl, Melba, and Norma Porcupine Mountains, 1956 | Nancy, Melba, Norma, and Dianne Lumberman's Monument, 1956 | Mark, Age 2 | Mark and Dianne, 1956

58: Nancy | Melba | Norma | Dianne | Riding "Gypsy," 1956 | "The people at Fenton Bible Church had been an encouragement to us almost from the time of our salvation. This church became our place of worship, fellowship and service. Our church was invited to conduct a service at the Flint Rescue Mission monthly. Our first service was in November of 1950. Since we had not yet called our first pastor, Earl did the preaching and others from the church led the singing, had special music, etc. After we called a pastor, he and Earl would alternate in the preaching responsibilities. Earl also sometimes filled in for the Director on Sunday evenings when he had to be absent. Late in the 1950's, we took over the sponsorship of the youth group at Fenton Bible Church. They adopted the name, 'Christ's-Teens,' and we had the privilege of serving in this ministry for about 10 years. It was probably one of the most profitable works we have done for the Lord."

59: "The 1950's also marked the beginning of school for the children. Nancy began kindergarten in 1949 at Linden, where Lake Fenton was sending their students on a tuition basis. The rest started kindergarten at Lake Fenton: Melba in 1952, Norma in 1955, Dianne in 1958 and Mark in 1959." | Nancy, Kindergarten | Melba, Kindergarten | Mark, Kindergarten | Dianne, Kindergarten | Norma, Kindergarten

60: (Clockwise from Left): Earl, Randy, Steven, Ralph, Lloyd, Florence, Thelma, Dianne, and Mark, New Year's, 1957 | Dianne, Mark, Melba, Norma, and George, Christmas, 1956 | (Clockwise from Left): Sandra, Melba, Nancy, Ralph Jr., and Norma, New Year's, 1957

61: Easter Sunday, April, 1957 Back Row: Florence, Lloyd, Fred, Ralph, Eda, Nancy (Age 12), Mildred, and Ralph Jr. (Age 13) 2nd Row: Thelma holding Becky (5 months), Melba (Age 9), and Sandra (Age 10) Front: Steven (Age 6), Randy (Age 8), Dianne (Age 4), Norma (Age 7), and Mark (Age 2) | Norma, Second Grade, 1957 | Mark, Age 2, Dianne, Age 4, and Norma, Age 7

62: Summer Vacation, July/August, 1957 Nancy, Age 13, Melba, Age 10, Norma, Age 7, Dianne, Age 4, and Mark, Age 3 | Earl cleaning fish at Wilson State Park | Hartwick Pines State Park | Melba and Norma at the Chapel in the Pines, Hartwick Pines State Park | 1st Camp: Wilson State Park, Harrison, Michigan

63: 2nd Camp: Higgins Lake State Park | 3rd Camp: Onaway State Park | Norma and Melba swimming in Black Lake at Onaway State Park | 4th Camp: Twin Lakes State Forest Campground (Melba, Dianne, and Norma)

64: Floyd and George, April, 1958 | Melba, Age 11, Mark, Age 4, Dianne, Age 6, Nancy, Age 14, and Norma, Age 8, Christmas, 1958 | Nancy, Age 13, Mark, Age 3, Melba, Age 10, Norma, Age 7, Dianne, Age 5 and Queenie, 5 Months, Christmas, 1957 | Dianne, Age 5, Melba, Age 11, Mark, Age 4, and Norma, Age 8 at Lower Tahquamenon Falls, August, 1958 | Melba, Age 11, Beth, and Norma, Age 8 at Onaway State Park, August, 1958

65: Dianne, Age 6, Mark, Age 5, Melba, Age 12, Norma, Age 9, Earl, and Nancy, Age 15, August, 1959 | Nancy, Age 15, Melba, Age 11, Norma, Age 9, Dianne, Age 6, and Mark, Age 4, June, 1959 | Climbing Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, August, 1959 | Nancy, Age 15, June, 1959 Taken when she graduated from the 9th grade at Lake Fenton School | Melba, Age 11, June, 1959

66: Back Row: Earl, Beth, Florence, Lloyd, Ralph Jr., Ralph Sr., and Thelma; Middle: Nancy, Melba, Eda, Sandra, and Becky; Front: Mark, Norma, Dianne, Randy, and Steven, Christmas, 1959 | Eda with her Great-Grandchildren: Melba, Norma, Ralph Jr., Nancy, Sandy, Randy, Mark, Dianne, Becky, and Steven | Nancy, Age 15, Melba, Age 12, Norma, Age 9, Dianne, Age 7, and Mark, Age 5, Christmas, 1959 | Melba, Norma, Dianne, and Mark, January, 1960

67: Camping at Long Lake (Norma washing dishes), August, 1960 | Norma (on the right) with Carolyn and Ruth Knapp at Gull Lake, August, 1960 | Melba, Age 13, Norma, Age 11, Dianne, Age 8, and Mark, Age 6, June, 1961 | Norma, Age 11, June, 1961

68: July-August, 1961 Vacation

69: Lake of the Clouds, Porcupine Mountains | Sunday, August 6, 1961

70: Norma, Age 12, 1962 | Norma, Sandy Schillinger, Carolyn Knapp, Melba, and Dianne, 1962 | Hazel, George, and Floyd, 1961 | Floyd and George | "We continued to enjoy camping with our family during the 1960's, but we expanded our trips to include more out-of-state journeys. We visited the Smokies in the south, Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone National Park in the west, and Washington, D.C. in the east."

71: "We also expanded into Canada, going up the St. Lawrence Seaway to Montreal and Quebec. We did it all with a tent." | Norma, Mark, Melba, and Dianne Lumberman's Monument, 1962 | Earl and Melba, Summer, 1962 | Earl and Beth Lumberman's Monument, 1962 | Dianne, Melba, Earl, Mark, and Norma, 1962

72: Fort Mackinac on Mackinac Island Summer, 1962 | Fort Michilimackinac, Summer, 1962 Earl, Beth, Melba, Age 15, Norma, Age 12, Dianne, Age 9, and Mark, Age 8 | Norma

73: Nancy had met James Olah while she was working at GRSBM. Following Jim's graduation from GRSBM, they were married on June 28, 1968, at Fenton Bible Church. | Nancy graduated from Ainsworth High School in 1962. She felt led of the Lord to go to Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music, where she enrolled in the fall. She was graduated from GRSBM in 1965. She worked part-time in the office at GRSBM while attending, and continued full-time after graduation until she was married in 1968.

74: Norma graduated from Lake Fenton High School in 1968, as valedictorian of her class. She, too, chose to attend GRSBM, beginning that fall. She worked part-time in the printing department at the school. She completed two years of training. | Melba graduated from Lake Fenton High School in 1965. She was accepted in the Nursing School at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and began her training there in the fall. She graduated in 1968, and took her Michigan exams, becoming a registered nurse. She went to work at Henry Ford Hospital after graduation. She and Robert Zbik were married on October 18, 1969. | While there, she met Donald Kirkland, and she left school when he graduated in 1970 so they could be married and begin their ministry in the pastorate. They were married October 3, 1970.

75: Mark graduated from Lake Fenton High School in 1972. He also continued his education at GRSBM, working in the kitchen at the school on a part-time basis. He graduated from GRSBM in 1975. In the fall of 1977, he began at Bryan College and graduated in the spring of 1979. He met Cynthia Evans while serving as Youth Pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Mt. Morris. He was ordained on February 1, 1980, and they were married on March 1, 1980. | Dianne graduated from Lake Fenton High School in 1971. She, too, elected to continue her education at GRSBM, from which she was graduated in 1974. She worked part-time at Zondervan Publishing Co. After graduation, she worked briefly for Genesee County Child Evangelism Fellowship. She resigned from that position in anticipation of working in the day-care section of the new Genesee Christian School. However, the school was unable to get their state approval at that time, so her job did not develop. She then went to work at Taylor Hardware in Fenton.

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