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Family History

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FC: The Pittenger | to Troy 'how you got here from here. | Family History

1: Troy, I wanted to put together an album to introduce you to the Pittengers. It's not very complete, not meant to be historic, but just a little book which may inspire you to seek more information about our family. I started with Jashua Pittenger because during the Civil War he was stationed in Virginia. I thought it was interesting that from Jashua in Virgina, it took 150 years and a journey all the way to the west coast and a few places in between for the Pittenger's to make it back. | We always felt like we missed out by not being around as you were growing up. Your mom and dad always tried to make | us feel close by keeping us up on everything you guys did, but it wasn't the same as being there. | So please accept this | as the only thing your ol' uncle Paul | can give you that is of value. Even though it is not money, it has no resale value, it can only be of value to you. It may not seem like much now, but you'll find that your priorities change the older you get, and you'll probably want to know the history of the musket you have that bares the name of your great, great, great, great grand father. So here goes...

2: I know that this can get confusing, so I'll graph out what I'm attempting to show you. | Your dad and mom are | Your grandparents are | Troy Lee Pittenger and _____________ | Your great grand parents are | Your great, great grandparents are | Your great, great, great grandparents are | Your great, great, great, great grandparents are | I could keep going, but I'm getting dizzy... | You are here!

3: Albert Coit Pittenger and Grace | Gerre Lee Pittenger Jr. and Denise | Gerre Lee Pittenger Sr. and Rachel | Lloyd Albert Pittenger and Nellie Louise | (You can fill in the blank later) | Frank Henry Pittenger and Joan | Capt. Joshua S. Pittenger And Sarah | I hope all this helps to keep track of everybody. | Official map of the Pittenger Family Tree

4: Capt. Jashua S. Pittenger & Sarah are your fourth great grand parents. Jashua was quite an accomplished man. He was a gunsmith in New York, he assembled a group of volunteers to fight in the Civil war, he was an officer in the Army, and he wrote to his loving wife almost every day. Some of the letters can be viewed on line. These letter's make for interesting reading, not only for the historic value, but also because of it's personal value to you because they are your ancestors. | Frank Henry | Sarah | Joan

5: Albert Coit | Joshua | Frank Henry | Joan | Joan | Lloyd Albert | Frank Henry | Dorothy | Joe

6: Frank Henry Pittenger and Joan are your Third Great Grandparents. Frank was a conductor on the railroad. We believe that this was his train crew. | Both of these pictures have three generations of Pittenger men.

7: The thing about Albert Coit Pittenger, is that he wouldn't have made a good criminal, you could easily identify him in a line-up!

8: We try to deduce who's who from the pictures that we have. One drawback is that the only personal info we have is from grandma Louise. She loved everybody, so she referred to everyone by pet-names. Ma, pop, dad, mother, geg, nano. Although it was endearing, it's not very helpful trying to understand who she was talking about! We've been able to do a pretty good job identifying most, do in large part to your great aunt Susan.

9: The oldest boy here is Lloyd Albert Pittenger. He is Albert Coit and Grace's son. Seen with his brother Joseph, and sister Dorothea. We don't have very many pictures of your great grandpa. He looked so serious all the time, but he had a great sense of humor. I can tell you from personal experience that he was a great grandfather to have. | He was a man of rituals. Every night for dinner, he wanted to have potatoes. Cooked every way possible, but everyday,... potatoes. And everyday after dinner, his cup of coffee, two or three cookies for himself, and one for Johny dog. Of course, from the looks of it, Johny probably had more than one.

10: Lloyd met Nellie on a blind date, but didn't hit it off right away. Obviously, he must have done something right, because if you knew Nellie, you would know that is a smile of content on her face. | Ironically, Neither one of your great grandparents wanted to be called by their first name. Lloyd wanted to be called Bert, short for Albert, his middle name, and Nellie wanted to be called Louise, her middle name.

11: T | Little lady Louise, the desire of many | suiters, | but only one would be the right choice.

12: Gram gone wild with a wig. | It would be so difficult to describe Louise with words, but our pictures .say it all. She was full of life, | photographer, so she was in front of the lens most of her life | Her father was a | Brought up on the farm, she wasn't intimidated by this large race horse.

13: Always the height of fashion, you can be sure that it was just a matter of time before the two got married. | As you can see, Burt not only had a great sense of humor, he was also very intelligent. He had to have been to marry Louise.

14: Grandpa | Ever since grandpa was a young boy, he loved cars. | then there was | The dog to the right used to bite grandpa's pant leg and pull him back if he tried to leave the yard. Grandpa used to get so mad at him.

15: First the walkabout, then working on the wagon, then driving his own stock car. (He didn't actually drive this car, but you can tell he wants | Your great grandfather loved children. And children loved him. Your grandfather had so much respect for his father, that when he did something wrong, all | his father had to do was give him a look of disappointment. That was tough enough punishment for grandpa to bare | to!)

16: Always athletic, Grandpa Gerre loved the water, lettered in track, and went on to hunting and fishing as an adult.

18: After high school, he moved to California. He and great grandma and grandpa literally lived right on the beach. | He worked on the railroad, and commuted between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. | After a short time in Vegas, he ran across something that almost killed him! | He became best friends with Pete Kuvelis in Las Vegas.

19: Technically, if your heart skips a beat, | When he first saw Pete's sister, Rachel, his heart skipped a beat! She was a switchboard operator for the railroad. It was love at first sight for grandpa. It didn't take long for him to ask her out on a date, and try to sweep her off her feet. | it could be lethal! | They were a good looking couple. | naturally, a good looking couple produce...

20: good looking offspring!

21: It always amazes me, that every other day of the year, it's almost impossible to get your dad to wake up. But every Christmas, he's always the first up, waking every one else up.

22: Life in our house was good! | Young together | Old(er) together

23: New house | new bikes | Plenty of room | to ride them. | dog | cat | New Year's Eve

24: Mom always wanted more children, so the folks started to take on foster children. | The taller boy above used to ran away from foster homes in the past, but never ran away again after mom told him that he would always have a home with us. The other two boys are pictured above as adults. A short time after we fostered them, they were adopted. So influential was our parents on them, that they . | To the left is our family in Mexico. Dad knew that our grandmother was missing them, so he got us all packed and ready, then called her and told her to pack her bags, that we are picking her up in an hour. He knew that if he gave her any more time, she would back out. She was so angry when we got there, but one block away from her home, she was smiling from ear to ear and humming. | Grandma Maria taught us our faith as practiced by the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Had it not been for her, mom may not be a saint in heaven today, and Pete may not have been saved. One week before Pete was murdered, he started to prepare himself for death by repenting, praying penitential prayers, and going to church. | wanted to get reacquainted after they grew up.

25: Your grandparents always loved to entertain. | The Thanksgiving below was one of the last times we would see Pete alive. Here pictured with his granddaughter, Rachel, we've never seen him so peaceful.

26: Tradition #1 | Celebrate birthdays. It's the only party that's just for you. | Afternoon nap. This routine stems from the result of a hard day's work. Unusually, no one ever took a picture of me taking an afternoon nap.!? | Tradition #2 | Tradition #3 Dogs,dogs,dogs. and sometimes cats. | These are the things that will make your life joyful. Enjoy.

27: Your father joined the Air Force at a very young age. Here he is returning from a top secret mission. Below you see him practicing his flight plan. | It was such a rare occurrence for your dad to be seen studying, that the teacher took a picture because no one believed it.

28: Your father always liked to work

29: with his hands | Notice the older he got, the shorter the hair.

30: That's it! You know the rest. I hope this has meaning to you, if not now, maybe in the future.

31: Love from your ol' Uncle Paul | even though we lived many miles away, your folks made sure that we were always a part of your life. I was glad to see you grow up.

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