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Family History

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Family History - Page Text Content

S: The Ritter Family 2012

BC: A family is a gift that lasts forever..... 2012

FC: The Ritter Family

1: Ann Elizabeth Jarmin Born: September 1, 1842 Married John in Flushing, New York | John Nicholas Ritter Born: 1835 Immigrated from Germany as a young boy His parents and a sister died on the journey. Worked as a carpenter apprentice. | The Beginnings of our Family....

2: First Row: Sarah - John Nicholas-Ann Elizabeth - John Fernando - Mary Ann Middle Row: Lily - Daisy - Catherine Ann (Kate) - Lottie Top Row: Francis Benjamin - Charlie August - Bradford Lebaron | John Nicholas and Ann Elizabeth Ritter Family

3: John Nicholas and Ann Elizabeth had 3 other children that are not pictured. Willie Ernest died October 8, 1870 at the age of 9 months Barney Elmer died in November, 1881 Ann Bell died on July 5, 1884 at the age of 9 months | Notes on siblings: Charlie August moved to Wyoming. He had no children Bradford Lebaron moved to Veteran, Wyoming. Bradford had 4 children: Lester, Marjorie, Ellen and Walter

4: From the Evening Bee, Omaha, Nebraska October 23, 1923 Near Omaha lives the man who was sheriff of New York City during the stormy days of the Civil War. Because of his vigorous enforcement of the war draft, he was the target of irate mothers and fathers whose sons were drawn to the service. The sheriff was the principal of attempted lynching parties on numerous occasions, he says, and several times the rope was placed around his neck and he was led to a lamp post only to be rescued by police. This former sheriff is John Ritter, 88, who now lives on a farm north of Florence. Last year his wife and constant companion for 66 years died. Tears trickled down his cheeks as he related reminiscences of his younger days in the big city. Neat year Ritter plans to visit his old stomping grounds in Gotham. It has been almost 50 years since he left, he says. Before getting into the political arena, Ritter was a building contractor. He was considered rich, but the panic came and he was one of the many in financial predicament, with nine children. His best friends, those that stood by him during his many campaigns, were in the same plight. By trade, Ritter was a building contractor. His first thought was of his humble family, next of the opportunities that were offered in the west. Arriving in Omaha, Ritter started to build stores and homes. Omaha was then only a frontier town. Ritter says he constructed more homes than all the other contractors. The Millard Hotel was one of his buildings. He bought a 25-acre tract, the place where he now lives, from a preacher who told him that the place was the oldest in the state. It is on the old trail of old Fort Calhoun, where many soldiers were quartered. He built a log cabin which still stands as his first "good home" for his large family. Later he erected a large house. When not in the garden or cutting cord wood or doing other necessary farm work, Ritter can always be found in this cabin tinkering around some tools that he has owned for 65 years. There are two things, Ritter boasts of. One is that he has never had a sick day and has no use for doctors. The other is the big vote he polled for sheriff. The aged man served on the old volunteer New York Fire Department and Militia.

5: From the Benson Sun January 10, 1963

6: Probably John Nicholas' first home north of Omaha The home later burned | Sarah Miller and family (daughter of John Nicholas and Ann Elizabeth)

7: John Nicholas and wife Ann Elizabeth with son, John Fernando

8: Francis Benjamin, Mary, Daisy and John Daisy lived in Portland, Oregon in later years John did not marry. He lived on the home place and died in October, 1957 at the age of 90 | Francis Benjamin and John Fernando Ritter | Some of the siblings....

9: Bradford Lebaron and his wife, Christie Engleke Ritter from Modale, Iowa They later settled in Veteran, Wyoming | Bradford , daughter Ellen, wife Christie and son Lester Other children were Walter, who lived in Burley, Utah and Marge Ritter Brandenburg who lives in Bountiful, Utah. Walter died on March 20, 1990. He had 4 sons and 1 daughter. Marge has 2 sons. Lester died as a young man in an accidental drowning.

10: Francis Benjamin (born in New York) and Ann Bess Mason (born in Iowa) Ann's parents were father, Dell Mason and mother, Annie Williams Francis and Ann were married on September 21, 1901 (License #10697) by Campbell Fair, Dean of Trinity Cathedral Witnesses were Charles Ritter and Freda Carstensen of Florence, NE Three children were born: John H - June 22, 1902 (lived for 7 days and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery) Daisy Mae - June 23, 1903 John Nicholas - July 17, 1905 (died November 30, 1987)

11: Ann Bess Mason Ritter remarried and became a Hathaway To this union one daughter was born, Vera. Vera married Rudy Hess and they resided in San Marcos, California Vera died on November 20, 1967 Vera had two sisters in Idaho Ann Bess Hathaway is buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Omaha near Francis Benjamin | Francis and Ann were divorced around 1908 Francis raised Daisy and John on an acreage close to their grandparents.

12: John Nicholas Ritter Daisy Ritter

13: Francis Benjamin Ritter John and Daisy

14: Francis Benjamin Ritter hauling wood

15: John Nicholas Ritter | John Ritter Harvey Brock John Henry

16: Louise Ritter, Vera Hess, Rudy Hess, John Ritter John met his half sister Vera for the first time in Las Vegas Vera had one daughter who lived in Watertown, South Dakota | Maxine and George RIch George's mother died and he lived with Francis before high school The RIch's lived in Aberdeen, South Dakota and had two daughters and one son.

17: Back row: Warren, Earl, Bart, Earl Jr. Front row: Jeanette, Daisy , Betty, Mary Helen | Earl, Jeanette, Daisy 50th Wedding Anniversary 1981 | Daisy married Earl J. Brown in Omaha, NE in 1931 They had 3 children: Jeanette Arlene, Betty Jane and Earl J. Jr.

18: Jeanette, Earl, Betty | Jeanette as a young mother with daughter Lavonne | Jeanette and husband, Warren Waller They had three children: Linda Jeanene and John

19: Jeanette and Warren's daughter Jeanene married Tom Franco The Franco's have three children Daughter, Yvette lives in Gretna, NE and has four children The Franco's other daughter lives near them in Florida and their son lives in Oklahoma Tom is retired from the military | Betty Jane married Richard Chester Meck They had three children: Richard Bret and Todd Betty's husband, Richard, passed away in 1967 | Bret, Dick , Betty, Todd and Dick

20: The Meck Boys | RIchard (Dick) | Bret | Todd

21: Betty Meck married Bartholomew (Bart) O'Neill in October, 1969 | The Meck /O'Neill Clan - 1978

22: Dick Meck has four children: Mandy, Stacy, Richard (RIck) and Randall (Randy) | Bret, Todd, Betty, Dick and Bart with Daisy (1993) | Carol, Dick, Jareth, Susanne, Katie, Todd, Betty, Bret and Sandy | Randy, Mandy, Stacy, RIck | The Meck Clan on Bart's 80th Birthday

23: Terrence, Todd, and Blaire | Terrence, Todd Betty, Blaire Meck Milanese and Ella (2/14/11) | Bret Meck has two children: Stephanie and Katherine (Kate) | Todd Meck has two children: Terrence and Blaire | Kate, Betty Bret, Carol and Dick | The Meck Clan on Betty's 80th Birthday

24: Earl and Mary Helen's 25th Wedding Anniversary May, 1972 | Bart, Betty, Mary Helen, Earl | Jeanette Brown Waller and Louise Ritter Jeanette died in 1984 Louise died in 1987 | Mary Helen died in 1987

25: Warren and Jean Waller were married in 1991 | Earl at his home in San Francisco - 1987 | Earl Sr. and Daisy Brown Earl died on October 27, 1986

26: Jim and Barbara Dunn in Loveland, Colorado | Earl and Mary Helen Peterson Brown had 2 daughters: Barbara and Jolene | Grandpa Earl, Jamie, Jim Barbara now lives in Red Feather, CO | Jim creating wood projects Earl with the finished product at a shop in Estes Park, Colorado

27: Good Times in Dallas | John and Louise RItter Earl and Daisy Brown | John, Francis and Louise RItter - 1981 | Earl, John, Louise, Janet, Darlene, Francis Ed (kneeling)

28: Pictures from the past.... | Bart and Betty | Bret, Todd, Dick (earlier than 1952) | Bart and Betty with grandchildren Rick and Randy | Todd 1952 in Lincoln

29: Louise Ritter and Daisy Brown Sister-in-laws and Best Friends | Francis, Earl and Daisy Celebrating | Ed, Earl, Mary Helen and Bart in California

30: Top row: Jim, Dick, Bret Bottom row: John, Peggy, Todd 4th of July, 1953 | Betty and Darlene at Earl's home in Dallas March, 1988 | Earl Brown (born 1/1/28) and Janet Ritter (born 10/11/27) around 1931

31: Francis Ritter Janet RItter Guthrie Earl Brown 1983 | Lobster Fest at Betty and Bart's home in Cape Cod Betty and Francis Janet and Francis | Francis enjoying the feast

32: Daisy Darlene and Betty in Dallas March, 1988 with "Old Blue" | Ed at the Boston Harbor 1983 | Cousins Francis and Betty in Nantucket | Francis, Ed, and Bart The TIde is coming!

33: John Nicolas Ritter (7/17/1905 - 11/30/1987) married Louise Irene Masloskie (8/16/1910 - 11/8/1987) on December 24, 1926 in Council Bluffs, Iowa Rev. Henry Delong officiating They had two children: Janet Louise (born 10/11/27) and Francis John (born 5/15/32) | John and Louise Ritter celebrating 25 years of marriage

34: The Ritter Family Janet Louise John Nicholas Louise Irene Francis John | John and Louise Ritter

35: John and Louise loved their family, loved to have a good time, loved their bingo and loved winning at cards!

36: Janet Louise Ritter married Edward Kenneth Guthrie on April, 10, 1948

37: Ed and Janet's 64th Wedding Anniversary April, 2012

38: Ed and Janet Guthrie had three children: James (born 7/26/45) John (born 2/25/49) and Peggy (born 11/2/50) | The Jim Guthrie Clan, 2005 Jim died in February, 2006 | John, Peggy, Ed, Janet, Jim | Jim, Peggy, John Ed and Janet

39: James Guthrie married Karen Bylund They have two children: Kristina and Kara | Kristina Guthrie married Adam Staebell They have two children: Austin and Andrew | Adam, Andrew, Kristina, Austin | Kara Guthrie married Alan Winkelbauer They have three children: Kyla, Landen and Gavin | Alan, Gavin, Kyla, Kara, Landen

40: John Guthrie married Nancy Reiter They have two children: Rachel and Ryan | Rachel, Nancy, John, Ryan | Rachel Guthrie has one child: Piper (3/25/11)

41: Peggy Guthrie married Paul Murphy They have two children: Talia and Aaron Maurice | Peg, Aaron, Talia, Paul | Talia Maurice married Jeff Swanson

42: The Guthrie Clan on a Caribbean Cruise for Ed and Janet's 60th Wedding Anniversary 2008 | The Guthrie Clan at Jeff and Talia's Wedding October, 2011

43: Francis J. Ritter married Darlene Marie Sheehan on May 17, 1952 They had three children: Kenneth Duane and Todd | Francis and Darlene celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary May, 2002

44: Francis and Darlene Ritter Darlene died in 2008 | Ken, Duane, Todd, Francis | Ed, Todd, Francis, Duane, Dick Meck | R | R

45: Kenneth Ritter married Leslie Chapin They have two children: Matthew and Alex | Todd, Duane, Rachel, Alex, Francis, Leslie, Ken, Matt at Matt's Wedding 2012 | Matt and Rachel Ritter | R

46: Duane Ritter married Rose Grube They have two children: Samantha and Benjamin | Todd Ritter married Shelley They have four children: Seth, Nicholas, Ashley, and Paige | Paige, Ashley, Shelley, Todd, Nicholas, Seth | Duane, Ben, Samantha, Rose

47: From those women and men of great spirit, intelligence, and strength who came before us and said 'yes' to life, may we embody the best of their qualities. In gratitude for their lives lived, let us now continue to build a world based on love, and on our inherited wisdom about the oneness of the Creator and of the Creation in all its fabulous diversity of nations, races, religions and species. As sure as the Ritters and families like them were pioneer people with vision and courage in changing times, so can we follow in their footsteps, living our lives in awe of all that has come before us, and in devotion to each other and our precious global living community, knowing who we are.

49: The Ritter Family

51: Living Life Life is not a race - but indeed a journey. Be honest. Work hard. Be choosy. Say "thank you", I love you", and "great job" to someone each day. Go to church, take time for prayer. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh. Let your handshake mean more than pen and paper. Love your life and what you've been given, it is not accidental - search for your purpose and do it as best you can. Dreaming does matter. It allows you to become that which you aspire to be. Laugh often. Appreciate the little things in life and enjoy them. Some of the best things really are free. Do not worry, less wrinkles are more becoming. Forgive, it frees the soul. Take time for yourself - plan for longevity. Recognize the special people you've been blessed to know. Live for today, enjoy the moment. Bonnie Mohr

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