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Family History

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FC: Scout's Scrapbook | To Kill a Mockingbird By: Ellery Denny

1: My name is Jean Louise Finch but I go by Scout. I live with my brother, dad, and my maid, Calpurnia. We live in Maycomb, Alabama which is a small, quiet town. I am in first grade and I like to play with Dill and Jem.

2: This is my brother Jeremy Atticus Finch, Jem for short. He's 4 years older than me but we have a pretty good relationship. He's really into football and hopes to make the team someday. He likes to play and act with Dill and I. He looks out for me and I can trust him (most of the time).

3: This my bestfriend Charles Baker Harris aka Dill. He lives in Meridian, Mississippi but visits Maycomb every summer with his Aunt Rachel. He is very fascinated with Boo Radley and would love to see him. Oh, Dill is also my future husband.

4: This is my dad, Atticus Finch. He is a lawyer in Maycomb County. He is a very cool and collected man. Also, he's the best dad any kid could have and he's the one and only "One Shot Finch".

5: This is Calpurnia. She cooks and helps clean for us. We consider her family and she's always looking out for Jem and I. She took us to her church once and I'd love to go to her house sometime. She also taught me how to read.

6: This is Miss Maudie Atkinson. She's one of the most open minded citizens in Maycomb. She loves to garden and she likes to spend time talking with Jem, Dill, and I helping us understand more about Atticus' role in the community.

7: One night Miss Maudie's house caught on fire because she tried to keep her plants warm in the house. Everyone in t own was out watching or helping. her house burnt to the ground but she was surprisingly happy because she "hated her old house and wants to build a smaller one with a larger garden." | That night someone draped a blanket over Jem and I while we watched the fire. Jem later realizes that it was Boo Radley who did. Atticus told us to keep that to ourselves.

8: This is my Aunt Alexandra. She moves in to give Jem and I a "feminine influence". She's always trying to make me more ladylike. She gossips a lot and she's also very proud to be a Finch.

9: This is the sheriff of Maycomb County, Heck Tate. He was a major witness at Tom Robinson's trial. He's a decent man who tries to protect the innocent from danger. (Boo)

10: This is Tom Robinson, who Atticus was assigned to represent when he was accused of raping Mayella Ewell. He lived in the woods with other Negroes. He was married with children and an honest and open man.

11: There are 8 Ewell children but this is Mayella (the oldest) and Bob (the father). Bob is an alcholic who spends his relief checks on whiskey. They are the lowest white class in the town. People refer to them as "poor white trash". | Mayella is 19 who lives a miserable and lonely life. She is despised by whites and prohibited to interact with blacks. She tries to stay clean and well kept even though she lives in a dump. She keeps red geraniums in jars in her yard. She and her dad were the ones who accuses Tom of raping her

12: The Trial | This is the trial of Tom being accused of raping Mayella. Jem, Dill, and I weren't allowed to go to the trial but we went anyway and sat in the black balcony. The first to testify was Heck Tate the sheriff. he said Bob had fetched him saying someone had raped Mayella. When he went over there Mayella was bruised and her right eye was black. | Bob confirms that story. Atticus asks him to write his name on a piece of paper. He is left-handed. I then noticed Tom's left arm is handicapped from a cotton gin accident.

13: Mayella testifies and says she asked Tom Robinson to "bust up a chiffarobe" for her, when she went inside to get him a nickel, he came up behind her, beat her, and raped her. While telling her side she keeps looking at her dad. | Finally, Tom testifies. His side of the story was he came inside because Mayella had asked him to fix a doorhinge, she then took advantage of him and he couldn't fight back because that would be striking a white woman. He ran off when Mr. Ewell came because it would have looked like something it wasn't, like it did.

14: Even though the evidence is obvious and everyone knew Bob is actually the one who beat Mayella, the jury convicted Tom guilty because he was black. | When we returned, Atticus then made a big speech about how all men are created equal and it shouldn't matter what color you are. Justice needs to be served and everyone knows Tom isn't guilty. | Dill gets "sick" when he sees how Mr. Gilmer treats Tom. I took him out of the courtroom so he could calm down.

15: After the trial Bob seeks revenge because he said Atticus ruined any credibility he had. Meanwhile, Tom Robinson has been sent to another jail seventy miles away while his appeal goes through the court system. Atticus feels that Tom had a good chance of being pardoned. After a few weeks of being in jail, Tom tries to escape and is shot 17 times by the guards.

16: After Tom's death, Bob Ewell said "One down, two to go". That really scared me and Jem but Atticus assured everything was ok. He even let Jem take me to my Halloween pageant by ourselves. When we were walking home we heard corduroys slashing behind us. Jem told me it was just the wind. Before we knew it we were attacked. | I thought Jem was the one who saved me from Bob but it was actually Boo. He didn't only save us but he killed Bob in the process.

17: This is Boo Radley. He is a very quiet and mysterious person. Everyone in town thinks he's crazy and a horrible person but really, he's not. He has always looked out and protected Jem and I. He has left us gifts, kept us warm one night, and saved our lives. | GUM

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